Song Challenges


  1. Hey Cassie :)
    Do you think you can make a workout to songs from Taylor Swift’s new album 1989? That would we SOOO AWESOME :D

  2. YES!!! Please!!! That would be sooo much fun :D

  3. You really rock! I am following you from Italy…
    I am looking forward your new videos ;-)

  4. i could really feel my obliques in that workou!!

  5. I suggest you do one to Taylor Swift’s new Shake it Off. I think you should do thighs, since that’s what me and a lot of my friends are most conscious of, especially with the still-going thigh gap trend. I don’t want a gap, I just want to feel more confident about that area.

  6. Hey cassie? Do you think you could do a workout to FANTASTIC BABY by BIGBANG? They are really good and its a very upbeat song. Its ib Kirean…but good just the same! :)

  7. hey cassey,

    would u be able to make a workout calendar based off the songs. like a song a day or two songs a day if u get wat i mean. thanks


  8. Olivia Albrecht says:

    Cassey, can you film a Pop challenge to Katy Perry’s song, “Dark Horse”, please?

  9. Hey Sara, saw this on Facebook! such a good and fun idea I think starting off once a week is a good start to get a good rhhtym of how you vlog and how your content flows etc. Keep us posted on everything and if you ever wanna talk nerd about youtube / video things etc. This type of stuff is defiantly an interest of mine and I have a close friend who’s also thinking of getting into the youtube business so always interested in the back stories and thinking.Hope all is well and this wasn’t too random!Cheers,Andy

  10. omg yesssss!!!!

  11. Hey Cassey I love all your videos and I think it would be cool if you did one to Christina Aguilara’s song “Dirty”!!!!:)

  12. Krystal Shea says:

    please make a song challenge to Timber: Pitbull feat. Ke$ha :)

  13. Working Soul says:

    Can you make a Blogilates Song Challenge for Call on Me by Eric Prydz or Maneater by Nelly Furtado?

  14. looove the roll on waist slimming workout! and wings is one of my favorite songs too

  15. Love it!! I can’t keep my arm up the whole time so about half way through I put my hands on my head during the triple cha-cha’s. I’ll get it next time HAHA!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the modification box, Cassy! <3

  17. Chrisie911 says:

    R.I.P. legs

  18. Brittany says:

    Hi Cassey, thanks for all the great workouts! I started doing blogilates after school let out and I’ve already lost a little over five pounds! I’m so exited about the new body I’ll have for college! Anyway, I would love to see a song challenge to a heavy metal song. One song that really gets me going on a tough workout or if I’m running on the treadmill right now is Burning Ambition by Iron Maiden. I would completely understand if you didn’t make a video to it, it is POP pilates after all. I just think it would be really awesome!

  19. Shi Jie says:

    Hi Cassey, thanks sooooo much! My legs are BURNING after that ‘gangnam style call me maybe’ workout. Ahhhhhhh!!!

  20. Chrisie911 says:

    I love song challenges bc they only consist of 1 or 2 moves, and they’re short!!!

  21. Aleigha says:

    I really want a workout (preferably abs) to Trap by Henry. Yes, it is Kpop but, it has such a great beat to it and it makes me want to move around and be happy when I listen to it. So, if you want Cassy, Please?

  22. Ashleigh says:

    Hey I just discovered how awesome your videos are! I’m doing your beginners monthly workout and already feel a difference! Anyway I was listening to the radio and the song “Play Hard” by David Guetta came on. I thought how this would be an awesome song challenge since it has a great upbeat rhythm! Could you do a challenge to this?

  23. I LOVE these videos! I have been searching for challenging but fun and upbeat videos that aren’t you typical cardio videos and these are definitely them! Thanks for posting these to help people achieve their fitness and health goals.

  24. I agree, I love those songs and would LOVE to workout to them with you Cassey <3 :)

  25. Melissa says:

    Just wondering how many calories do you burn doing the what makes you bootyful challenge? Just curious cos i do it all the time!! Xx

  26. Yes! Girl’s Generation songs please!!!!
    K-pop + Cassey’s workouts= Best combination!!!

  27. Yesenia says:

    Hi!!! Love your videos and so does my lil 3yr old lol I would love to see a song challenge with any of these songs: G-Dragon’s Crayon (what song can be more energetic than that), Bigbang’s fantastic baby or 2pm’s hands up. You are very motivating. I will try my best to do this month’s calendar. I always want to do something and then somehow sabotage myself and I want to stop doing that. I want to be able to have the energy to run after my little monster and I’m so happy I found your videos. I think they will help me a lot. Keep up the great work!


  29. Cassie! You should for sure do a crunch challenge! That would be awesome:) oh also can you make the call me maybe squat challenge available on mobiles? Lots of love xxx

  30. Christine says:


  31. Yes, please! I would love for her to do a K-pop Dance Kardio workout. “The Boys” would be fun, but I’d prefer “Paparazzi” (also by Girl’s Generation).

  32. Love the modification box!

    Congrats on spreading the cuteness in fitness apparel!

  33. try by pink


  34. This is gonna give me a thigh gap like Eleanor calders right?

    And I am lucky I’m barely 11 I mostly have all my life to get in shape

  35. I agree, you should totally do what about us by the Saturdays!

  36. Hey Cassey! I would really LOVE to hear radioactive by imagine dragons in your videos, could you please do a video with it? Song challenge would be awessome! Love you, you’re the best <3

  37. Michelle says:

    Song request: anything by The Saturdays :) I love working out to their more upbeat songs like Higher or even their newest song What About Us

  38. Hey Cassey, I just started doing the April wo Calendar and it’s kinda hard&sad because my Android phone won’t play some of your videos and it’s just frustrating.What should I do?

  39. this video meaning the Glad You Came Calves!!!

  40. Hey Cassey!
    I just recently started doing your workout calendar as sadly I only found out about Blogilates’ existence lately, and I LOVE it! I am a dance student, so I considered my calves to be quite strong from pointe work, but I couln’t even go through this video without weights?!?! You’re really working it and kind of working me for that matter, haha! ;) love your energy and positive attitude, please go on helping me and all the other POPsters become fit and healthy!
    All the best xxx

  41. No…for the love of god please don’t

  42. Sunshine says:

    You need to do a spice girls song challenge or a mash up of spice girls, nsync, and bsb. Love your videos!

  43. I can’t either. I emailed her.

  44. I’m not able to view any of the other videos besides the first one. Am I doing something wrong?

  45. Loveeeee your song challenge workouts!
    I know its kind of an old song, but can you do a workout to Firework by Katy Perry??

  46. Hey, could you a lower ab workout (the dreaded stomach pooch) with music by mumford and sons, imagine dragons, or some band like that? I would love to flatten that out and those are great bands, you should check them out :).

  47. Olivia pau says:


  48. *your shirt in the “Want U Back” by Cher Triceps video

  49. I love your shirt in this video!!
    Oh and you should do lower abs and your back muscles and incorporate some Dubstep!!

  50. I love your workouts but the website seems to be acting up so I have to switch between youtube and pinterest.

  51. I agree. The vids are sooo nice for my back as well.

  52. Ola! Blogilates,
    Very interesting, My family asked me to sing a song at my Grandma’s funeral, she passed away only yesterday. She loved country music, so I would like to sing that. I don’t have a very high range, I am a mezzo soprano. I can do Carrie Underwood’s Temporary Home, but that’s the highest I can go. I was just looking for other suggestions. But I want the song to be special and show the love I have for my Grandma. Any help would be great.
    Kindest Regards

  53. Ivannie Rodriguez says:

    Hi Cassey I’m loving your vids I started doing them because I’m a dancer and got injured I have a stress fracture on my right foot metatarsal so can’t dance and haven’t been able to do your cardios but have been doing your strengthening vids and love them I would love to strengthen my lower back and shoulders what can I do for this songs I would like Gunpowder and Lead but look for it on itunes by Skylar Laine or Big Brat by Phantom Planet ok well Happy Holly days and thanks for your vids

  54. Please do one life by Hedley! I think it’s perfect cuz lyrics “it’s time to get loud” and “you have one life, don’t stop LIVING up” :)

  55. “What Makes You Bootyful” was challenging, but doable and fun! My glutes are tired, but I know they’re on their way to looking bootyful! <3

  56. Hi, i’m such a fan, thanks so much for all you do!! You’re amazing!

    Song request? Titanium by David Guetta. It’s a little overplayed at the moment, but i still love it :D We all need muscles of titanium haha…

  57. Elizabeth says:

    My fav Cassey line “alright last one!!!!!… this pace” why Cassey why!?!? :)
    Love ur vids!!! <3

  58. The Lady Gaga “Judas” workout was so much fun! I felt like a popstar, working out in my fishnets and heels ;) The best part was that I was able to do this workout, and I really felt my glutes, calves, and abs working!

  59. Mermaid by train for the next song! it’s so much fun and I think it would make a great leg workout!

  60. judy newman says:

    quads are killing me, but great work out, i wouldn’t be into to the pelvis thrusts etc, but great work out!!

  61. I know I asked this before in your splits workout video but please do a workout song challenge to the boys by girls generation or volume up by 4minute or both!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Also love your pop song challenges they are very fun and challenging my favorites are brokenhearted, long as you love me and drive by

  62. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    I lovedddd, its my third workout today, and I just finished!!
    It hurts, but its awesome!
    Thank you


  63. Yes! I agree! Please to a dubstep track. Like Skrillex “Bangarang” Or Nero “must be the Feeling” ! I’d be so motivated!

  64. Christiana says:


  65. Rosario says:

    I exercise with my daughter every night, and they would like to work out. To boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Congratulations it’s so much fun!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  66. connection time out..and I can’t find it on youtube eitehr. Could you be so nice and post a link to the beginner videos?? I need to get in shape for the summer figure and I’d love to do it with your videos!! I really love your energy!!So please help me ;-)Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  67. omg ! why didnt people think of that before?! working out to a beat of music (besides dancing). Love it!!

  68. Brittany C. says:

    put my heels on and did this just for you cassey!!

  69. Love the song work outs, so motivating. Would love to see more!! Thank you!!

  70. Tekona Henry says:

    I been struggling with weight loss for 2 years now and my biggest problem is finding something that keeps my interest. I find your POP pilates to be challenging, but your enthusiastic personality helps motivate me. I’ve been testing it out occasionally and I am impressed; I plan on following your blogilates weekly workout plan religiously. KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING!!!!!

  71. Hey! Just wanted to drop in and say how much I appreciate the videos you do. I recently tried a different user’s standing Pilates workout on youtube and found myself struggling to keep up with them – thanks for always making yours easy to follow and clearly stating ways to modify things for beginners or more advanced watchers. Can’t wait to see more!

  72. I wish you could make more videos like this. They’re really fun :)

    P.S. Don’t forget those jazz hands :D

  73. Omg would love love LOVE ! to see a worrkout made to a dubstep soundtrack!!!!!!

  74. Omg I would love love LOVE ! to see a workout made to a dubstep set!!!!!!!

  75. Casey, this is so much fun! I hope you can upload more song speical videos like this!

  76. So much fun !
    Thanks from Riyadh ;)

  77. Hey Cassey! Just started doing some of your workouts this week and I love ‘em! I was always scared to try your workout videos because I have a hard time balancing with my injured knee and wasn’t sure how I would do but I think I’m doing okay so far! Hopefully I can practice to be more flexible and steady.

    Anyways, thanks for this video! I’m busy studying and have no time to go to the gym. Love your quick and effective workouts!

    – kat

  78. Just did the Lady Gaga workout video. It was great fun! Thanks Cassey!! (:


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