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  • Megha Kapadia

    i m not able to see video.It shows tubepress mode.

  • Shivraj Matrid

    new workout……..

  • Lisa

    Can you make the songs louder? I still want to hear you guide me, but prefer to have the music take over. ;)

  • Lauren

    I guess I do this squat video so often, any time this song comes on anywhere my toddler starts doing squats too lol

    • Emma

      Omg lol!

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  • swiftie

    Hey Cassie :)
    Do you think you can make a workout to songs from Taylor Swift’s new album 1989? That would we SOOO AWESOME :D

  • Luisa

    You really rock! I am following you from Italy…
    I am looking forward your new videos ;-)

  • jules

    i could really feel my obliques in that workou!!

  • Erin

    I suggest you do one to Taylor Swift’s new Shake it Off. I think you should do thighs, since that’s what me and a lot of my friends are most conscious of, especially with the still-going thigh gap trend. I don’t want a gap, I just want to feel more confident about that area.

  • Laura

    Hey cassie? Do you think you could do a workout to FANTASTIC BABY by BIGBANG? They are really good and its a very upbeat song. Its ib Kirean…but good just the same! :)

    • Lauren

      YES!!! Please!!! That would be sooo much fun :D

      • Nicola

        That would be AMAZING!!

  • Alyssa

    hey cassey,

    would u be able to make a workout calendar based off the songs. like a song a day or two songs a day if u get wat i mean. thanks


  • Olivia Albrecht

    Cassey, can you film a Pop challenge to Katy Perry’s song, “Dark Horse”, please?

  • Heaven

    Hey Cassey I love all your videos and I think it would be cool if you did one to Christina Aguilara’s song “Dirty”!!!!:)

    • Nat

      omg yesssss!!!!

  • Krystal Shea

    please make a song challenge to Timber: Pitbull feat. Ke$ha :)

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  • Working Soul

    Can you make a Blogilates Song Challenge for Call on Me by Eric Prydz or Maneater by Nelly Furtado?

  • Natashya

    looove the roll on waist slimming workout! and wings is one of my favorite songs too

  • Cathy

    Love it!! I can’t keep my arm up the whole time so about half way through I put my hands on my head during the triple cha-cha’s. I’ll get it next time HAHA!

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  • Megan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the modification box, Cassy! <3

  • Chrisie911

    R.I.P. legs

  • Brittany

    Hi Cassey, thanks for all the great workouts! I started doing blogilates after school let out and I’ve already lost a little over five pounds! I’m so exited about the new body I’ll have for college! Anyway, I would love to see a song challenge to a heavy metal song. One song that really gets me going on a tough workout or if I’m running on the treadmill right now is Burning Ambition by Iron Maiden. I would completely understand if you didn’t make a video to it, it is POP pilates after all. I just think it would be really awesome!

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  • Shi Jie

    Hi Cassey, thanks sooooo much! My legs are BURNING after that ‘gangnam style call me maybe’ workout. Ahhhhhhh!!!

  • Chrisie911

    I love song challenges bc they only consist of 1 or 2 moves, and they’re short!!!

  • Aleigha

    I really want a workout (preferably abs) to Trap by Henry. Yes, it is Kpop but, it has such a great beat to it and it makes me want to move around and be happy when I listen to it. So, if you want Cassy, Please?

  • Ashleigh

    Hey I just discovered how awesome your videos are! I’m doing your beginners monthly workout and already feel a difference! Anyway I was listening to the radio and the song “Play Hard” by David Guetta came on. I thought how this would be an awesome song challenge since it has a great upbeat rhythm! Could you do a challenge to this?