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  1. Hey Cassey– I love soup, have any good soup recipes? I know I saw in a food haul that you were going to make cabbage soup. I would love to see some soup, stew, chili recipes because they usually go a long way too!

  2. Its very yummy recipe………looks gorgeous…….I love to make these recipes……..Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Heyyyy :)
    I’m also new here and a German POPster and eat only BIO(yayyy)^^
    But my question is:
    I love to eat muesli (cereal???) in the morning/for breakfast,
    is that healthy?! I think yes. Should I mix it with fruids? Ohhhh i have an idea!
    Cassey?…could you make a muesli video?♥ maybe with natural yoghurt? And so on…
    Hmmm…yes that would be so nicccee
    Byyyeeee Geena :D

    Bye bye

    • Hey I am also a Big Fan of Müsli but most ones aren’t healthy but you can make it that way ;) whole grain oatmeal (which you can buy in Germany as a BIO product in Dm) will keep you full and it contains about 13g of protein/100g!Yay! You can add lots of stuff to make it more interesting like raisins or nuts for Omega3 and delicious sweet fruits like Apples, Strawberries etc.
      If you don’t want Milk everyday try greek joghurt or freshly pressed orange Juice with it :) habe fun! -Cassy

  4. Hi guys! I’m new here and I’m a Swedish POPster. I’m dying to try out Cassey’s recipies, but I have one problem with the oven. When Cassey writes how much heat the oven should be on, does she mean it in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

  5. Hey guys, I’m fairly new to blogilates. Does Cassey have any recipes for non-refrigerated lunches? I’m on my universities campus for six hours sometimes and I still want to stay on her plans during school. Thanks! :)

  6. I’ve tried some of these over the past week, and I’m so in love! I think my mother is too. I’ve made her eat some of every one of these recipes, and so far I’ve mesmerized her with the minute muffin and pumpkin pie smoothies. My aunt made me give her the recipe for the smoothies she was so addicted :) Tomorrow we’re trying the banana pancakes!

  7. These are so amazing! I’ve started to workout more and eat healthy and to have this page is SUPER COOL! Also for the others saying the page is broken or the links aren’t working, they’re working fine although I have noticed that some of your newer videos aren’t here :( But other than it’s amazing!

  8. More recipes for healthy salsas dips and sauces please!

  9. I can’t get ur recipes to open

  10. Tosin Onaolapo says:

    All the links on this page are broken! I know you can access them using the drop down menu, but this page is so convenient as all the links are here, but the convenience ends when you have to search for the food anyways since the link is broken ): And it hasn’t been updated in a long while either. . Cassey’s newer videos aren’t here ): Please fix! (or remove this page?)

  11. I am 16 and was wondering if you could make a meal plan specifically for teenagers. I don’t want to go vegan or anything just eat a little healthier. It would mean so much.


  12. Elizabeth says:

    Anyone else want to see clean eats waffles????

  13. Hi guys! So I did the beginners calendar last month and I’m onto the regular advanced calendar and I was wondering if I need to do the meal plans with the workouts? Its not that I don’t want to its that I don’t know how I’d go about it because I’m only 16 and the majority of these ingredients aren’t at my home because my family eats fairly unhealthy and I would like to try to eat healthier but I’m not really sure how! Like is there things i can eat with my meals to make them healthier? Like we eat a lot of pastas as main courses so I’m not sure how to make them healthier except to eat salad with it… Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Whitney, I am 16 too and my family also eats unhealthy. I was thinking she should do a meal plan specifically for teenagers.

      • I am a teenager who is trying to eat healthy, too, and I also think a meal plan specifically for teens would be awesome. Pretty pretty please with (artificial) sugar on top!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Can you please make more of smoothies recipe? <3

  15. This recipe is delicious! I can’t believe it’s low fat!! I added:
    1 tsp of vanilla extract, 1tsp cinnamon, i pinch salt and some coconut oil and they were delicious! I ate them plain – you didn’t even need an extra sweetener – Tip: Make sure the banana is really ripe and then it’s more than sweet enough

  16. [email protected] says:

    Hey Cassie! I have a friend who goes to a boarding school who wanted a healthy beefaroni recipe that they could make. Since I love your workouts and everything I immediately thought that you would be the perfect person to ask. Thanks! <3

  17. hey Cassie! i just wanted to let you know your a great inspiration and motivator:) i started using your videos to gain some strength and tone my body a little better and i like how its going so far. ialso wanted to also tell you a recipe my mom makes thats really yummy. angel hair pasta with broccoli and pine nuts and she puts a little goat cheese on top. you should try it! and also i have a question. considering im living with my parents cause im only 17 lol , we dont eat the healthiest dinners most of the time. i do eat a good breakfast and lunch most days though. do you have any suggestions on making not so healthy dinners (hamburgers, ho dogs,ribs,ect) more healthy without making my mom go out of her way to make my dinner special? thanks a ton<333

  18. I bought the miracle noodles, so far I have tried the ziti noodles in the skinny mac & cheese recipe and the noodles were so squishy feeling I couldn’t eat it. Is there a way to make them less squishy??

  19. Can you make some crock pot recipes for the busy bee too busy to easy healthy?

  20. Drelynn Thompson says:

    Can you please make an app for BlackBerry!!! Please please please!!! <3

  21. Please make an app for windows phone!! Pretty sexy please with cherries on top! :3

  22. Oh oh oh you should totally make your version of chickpea pizza! OMG CASSEY IT’S UH-MAZING. You make the base with chick pea flour or ground, pre-boiled chickpeas which is made into a dough with some water, 1 tbsp olive oil and some water. You can use anything you like for toppings, I make my own sauce with cherry tomatoes. Green peas, chicken and capsicum taste good with the chickpea base too

  23. I have this HUGE problem. When I wake up, my tummy is always a little flat (ish) but right when I eat, even if it’s just a salad – it becomes huge! Anybody else has the same problem?

    Oh and I have just started eating clean and exercising – it’s been a couple of weeks. I exercise regularly and use Cassey’s awesomtastic workout videos, particularly targeting my belly because it’s my trouble-spot. Like I have tummy rolls, with red lines on the bending areas n everything! Can you get rid of this? It looks so permanent and despite how much my tummy size decreases, the rolls are still there when i sit D;

    • Hi, Sushi~!
      Yeah, we have the same problem. and that is BLOATING. sometimes, some healthy food not for us. but it doesn’t mean we need to exclude it. You should identify what food that causing your bloating. some is cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, apple, watermelon, beans, dairy product like milk and mostly fruits and vege that high in fiber.
      maybe you can try a Low FODMAP, aka Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polylos diet.
      Here a link that I think might answers your questions! ;)

  24. Hi Cassey! I was wondering if you have ever thought of making your own almond milk…or if you have made it, how did it come out?

  25. I feel like limiting myself from items like sweets will just make me desire to binge. The single thing I almost completely kicked is my diet pop habit, however I do let myself have 16 oz. 1-2 times a week, but I used to drink it like h2o. I’m losing a few pounds and I am taking my multivitamin pill, but is this sufficiently good.

  26. ***cassey

  27. Cassie I love all your food! Can you please do one on eggplant pizzas .??????

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  29. Mariah Ross says:

    what are the nutrition facts for the healthy birthday cake in food bites? it never said. if anyone could answer that it would be great.

  30. Where is the recipe for the Peanut Miso Kelp dish that’s in the December calendar??

  31. Another quick easy home made dressing I do all the time is 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup white wine vinegar 1 ta1/2 to 1 tablespoon Clover honey 1 tablespoon dijon mustard then whisk together it’s especially good on kale!

  32. Thanksgiving is around the corner, do you have healthier alternatives for the staple dishes such as pumpkin pie? Or stuffing? Also I’m planning on traveling soon how do you maintain your clean eating while on the road? Any feedback or ideas will be appreciated, happy holidays fellow popsters!

  33. I tried the miracle noodles last night but couldn’t eat them. :(
    They taste fine, but the texture is horrible for me. It’s like rubbery and reminds me of eating worms.
    Tonight I’m trying quinoa for the first time!

  34. Savanna Stiefel says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Make an app for androids please!!!

  35. hi Cassey! I’ve been doing your workouts for a couple weeks now, And i’m feeling great! I’ve known about you before, but i was just too lazy to get up and move. I just took a look at your recipes and i can’t believe how stupid i was to not go trough them before! I don’t know how to cook, I’m still really young and you have really cool stuff that i’m already dying to try! Thanks for all the help Cassey, I’m so happy i got to follow your calendars and work out with you! xx

  36. White that is! ?.sorry , new to this!

  37. Question for anyone out there….does clean eating mean no flour products….wheat that is….thanks!

  38. Alexandra Montanez says:

    I love eating your foods a lot! On my birthday my mom is going to make a lemon cake with the ingrediants you have. Can’t wait to try it.


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