Printable Workouts

ThighTrimmer super-shaper-printable-smaller 5 Min Ab Express
flat belly fat burner butt on fire legs on fire smaller
arms on fire absonfire  sailor moon printable workout


  1. Hi, could you have the 8 week bikini plan workout here too?

  2. Would like to get a copy of the printable for the 6 min. sexy booty, but I can’t print from facebook. Can you put in on your website?


  3. oh great i just want to start

  4. I travel a lot to places where internet access is < 3G. While traveling, I don't have a mat and I'm often outside. A printable or downloadable video of standing exercises/stretches would be so helpful.

  5. Totally agree with Tatum and Marlene. A stretching printable would be sooo helpful!! (:

  6. A Stretching for Flexibility printable would be FABULOUS!!!

  7. Marlene says:

    I would love a stretching printable, please please please! ;-)
    That way, I could could do some stretches several times during the day without having to watch a video.
    A warm-up printable would be great as well.

  8. cassey …. If I want to ask U something what should I do? I face a lot of problems while my long fitness journey

  9. Ruth Alice says:

    Hey, Cassey! Did you delete a lot of your other printables? I miss ’em, they were really nice to have!

  10. Andi Kttn says:
  11. Andi Kttn says:
  12. Hi Cassey,

    Love your printables. It is so nice and colorful. I could not find the printable copy for Bikini Blast 7. Could you send me the link? Thanks:)

    Men Dee

  13. Heyyy Cassey, I really love your videos, Im following u for almost 2 yrs now

    1 request could u please get printables for all your videos its so much easy to use, just have to put in the cell phone and u can workout anywhere
    waiting for your response


  14. Hi Cassey,
    love your program..,I have a problem with the printout “legs on fire”.
    Everytime when I klick on “legs on fire” the link opens “butt on fire”.


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