1. That ain’t healthy

  2. For the love of god… NO

  3. I had already done my day 9 beginner calendar workout but then saw this….so hmm to motivate me I paid my 16 year old son to do this with me LOL He said MOM this is NUTS lol but we did it!

  4. when i play the video.. .the ad video plays at the same time… whenever i try to silence it… it’ll stop for a bit and then start playing again… kinda annoying… :(

  5. It is also happening to me!

  6. Hey :)

    I know that your comment was postet in May, so maybe it is not that current anymore, but nevertheless I think that you could try swimming :) It also helps burn fat and gaining stamina, just like running and HIIT does^^

    Hope I could help you :)


  7. Cassey, This is the third week I cannot click and open the videos. I can only see the ones that open automatically whe one goes to a new page. When I want to choose different video, nothing happens.

  8. Love the workout videos. Unfortunately I can’t select them through this site… I can go to videos but then it only plays the very first workout of whichever subsection I select – anyone know how I can fix this?

  9. Victoria says:

    thank you sarah

  10. Hi everyone! I’m very happy I started exercising with Cassey, (usually I choose some of these: Ultimate Hot Body Workout, 5 Best slimming thighs exercises, 5 Best exercises to latten your lower belly, 5 Minute Ab Express Workout) and I’ve been doing those for about 3 weeks now, 6 times a week and yes I see progress, but the thing is, I’d like to stard doing POP cardio or HIITilates to push myself and melt some fat, but I’m affraid I can’t because of my knees. I can’t run, I can’t do any squats or exercises where knees are important part because it’ll automatically hurt my knees. What can I do ?

  11. please no

  12. hey if i start doing the begginers workout, will it help burn fat in specific areas of my body and reshape it or is it just to help me get use to the different techniques ?

  13. Love the POP HITS videos!
    Can you make more Justin Bieber ones love love love him!

  14. Hey! You can find most of them on youtube:

  15. Jessica Erdman says:

    Same here, I have tried different computers today as well. I thought it might be our school server or something.

  16. Cassey!
    i can’t access any of your workout videos! i have tried on three different computers and nothing will load… they all just say something like this:
    [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLSCcAGyv98if2KQxjHdtBawcS5P8vLGFd”]


  17. Hello Cassey!
    i hope you read this..
    I have been working out these few days so i can look good wearing a dress.
    But my tummy has become bigger and harder :( it seems like my abs are getting covered under the fat…is there anything i can do? will this flat belly fat burner workout help? or would it make my belly look bigger?

    On the side note, Thanks for your videos! :) appreciate it!

  18. Hi Cassey!,

    Is there any substitute for the dumbells you use? Im living with my parents , I dont think they would let me buy does heavy duty ones.

  19. I don’t feel strong enough to complete one rep of these (let alone 3!) I managed to complete the work out but I won’t lie, I cheated myself a lot. I going to push forward with the December calendar and the New Body MakeOver mean plan and pray I can push myself a little harder every day!

  20. Celina Ortiz says:

    i want to lose 15 kilos in 2 months, was wondering if by doing POP HIITS would help me lose weight? if so from which video should i start and so on? thankyouuu(:

  21. I am now inspired to buy a kettle bell!!

  22. i hate burpees with a burning fiery passion, so I’m going to do jumping jacks instead >:D

  23. omg cassey i finished it and im dead! im drenched in sweat and my legs are shaky hahah it feels good though:) ill do the abs in a while

  24. Is there a printable for this one?

  25. At first I was like ‘What? 40 minutes for a few burpees?’ but then I was like ummm wait.. that are like..240 burpees…and 240 kettlebell swings .. I am dying right now.

  26. hey! i love these pop HIITs and I love going to the gym but i never knew what to when I got there! Thank you.. Please make more POP HIIT of the routines that you do at the gym, so that we can join you! maybe making the POP HIITs a regular thing :) Love you :)

  27. I don’t know if I should do this at home, or at the gym because I am going to forget how to do each workout lol but I don’t have any heavy weights

  28. Please use “Right Now – Rihanna ft. David Guetta” in a future pop hiit it’s such a good workout song! P.S Love your workouts! Thanks Cassey!

  29. I love this(:

  30. I want more pophits!!! They are my favorite!!!!!

  31. I have a tiny layer of fat over my abs. Will doing these HIIT help me get rid of it and get nice abs? And what about my back arms and thighs will this help it as well?

  32. Pooja Ahuja says:

    Can’t find Feel this moment Pop HIIT :/ Can someone post the link?

  33. Hay! I just love your POP HIIT!!! But I could only find the first two POP HIIT. Can you please tell me where are the others. Thanks!!! Love you

  34. I almost gave up twice. But I didn’t. Instead I’m sitting here, very sweaty, writing that i did it !

  35. WOW, I am in love with your workout videos. I did my first workout today, and the Primadonna Pushup challenge absolutely KILLED my arms! But I feel so accomplished that I did it and I cannot wait to be sore tomorrow and do the CAN’T HOLD US pop hit! <3 Thank you so much for doing this!

  36. Hi! I just did the 100 burpee burnout and I am just dead right now! I feel SO good though! Thank you :)

  37. Hi Cassey! I decided I would do a fun workout video this morning to start my day off…. I chose this one not knowing I was going to DIE. You were right when you said it! haha. Absolutely loved it even though it was killer! I did a couple other videos as well to get in a full hour of exercise. Love love love your videos!! It was a nice change from the gym and you’re definitely a motivator! Thanks girl!

  38. Hi Kimberly! Hopefully I can help you…
    You can get ‘toned’ (i.e. lean muscle definition) from doing strength training, such as Cassey’s pilates workouts.
    To get more slim so that you can see that muscle tone, you have to eliminate the fat on top of the muscle. In order to do that, you will want to use cardio (Cassey’s cardio, HIIT, plyo videos or cardio machine printables are excellent) and especially eating clean to eliminate the fat. You don’t want to go over one hour normally, you should be doing one hour 4-6 times a week (I do 5) for maximum results.
    Eating clean is an incredibly important aspect as well. I.e. eating lean proteins(white fish, chicken and turkey breast), lots of vegetables, some fruits, pure whole grain starches (oats, quinoa, 1 ingredient cereals, brown rice, corn tortillas), and low fat milk products (2% plain greek yogurt, 1% milk). Above all avoiding sauces, extra oils and fats, processing, added sugars and sodium, and just added ingredients. The less ingredients, the cleaner and more pure it is, and the less it will harm your body that is fueled by natural eating.

  39. Question!!
    I have heard that you are not supposed to work your core everyday but you need to give it a day in between to rest. Is this true or can I do ab workouts daily? Or would that even be affective?….
    Any responses would help
    Thank you!

  40. Is is ok if I do this morning for 30 min 5x a week? cus I don’t have much time for working out I have to go to school… Can someone give me some advice?:)

    youtube downloader

  41. Hey Steph, I dont know if Ill ever get through to Cassey so I hope you dont mind me asking you. Im 16 years old and lost 75 pounds in a year, ive started doing Casseys videos because my stomach isnt toned as i thought it would be. Ive been doing her calendars for three months now and my stomach and overall body is still not toned. I see minor results but I just wanted to know do i have to do the listed videos of the day on the calendar plus more cardio or hiit to see results? Like an hour a day of the listed videos and add more hiit to them? Because im already sore with those and dont want to hurt myself. I called a trainer and he said to change workouts cuz my body is used to it but i really enjoy casseys videos, theyre free instead of insanity for 300$ im so sorry this is so long but im so confused and this has been bothering me forever! Thank you soo soo much:)

  42. Ive been doing 1 hour 4x a week at first but as Im getting stronger Ive increased it to 5 hours a week. I always do the hardest ones first (like the HITS ) then the easier workouts ( pilates) afterwards, and finish off with some fat-melting cardio. Each day I work a different body part (yesterday I did abs, today Im doing legs)


  43. Thanks for this comment Steph! I just started doing her workouts this past week and I have a hard time getting through them! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggled at first. I’m going to keep at it though and hopefully see some progression.


  44. congrats!!! i’m just starting, but do you do this for 1 hour a day for 5 days a week?

  45. Hi, Rachel,

    In my experience, the HITS mixed with cardio and pilates are very effective for burning off fat because: The different strength exercises mixed with cardio will build muscle and also schock your body into losing the fat layer on those muscles, as they are very intensive and varied. Try doing your normal routine, but add 2 or 3 of Cassey´s HIT workouts( they may seem hard to do in the beginning, but your body will get stronger if you keep at it)
    Also, cut alcohol and processed foods that are heavy in salt, they cause water retention, which packs on the pounds, I know when I cut drinking and ate less salt the pounds flew off.
    If your looking for an overall long-term change in diet and excerise, see your doctor about it first

    Hope it helps :)

  46. Hi Cassey and popstars, I am doing the HIT workouts and I used to not be able to do even one but now Im pushing through. Ive been doing all your pilates workouts for a couple of months now but since mixing my workouts with cardio and HIT Im seeing amazing results! My waist is toned and thin and Ive finally gotten rid of that lower belly flab. My leg cellulite is on its way out too. And those bingo wings I used to freak out about are replaced with gorgeous arm muscles.

    These are great, motivating, difficult, but VERY effective workouts. Keep em´coming, Cassey!

    Steph :)

  47. maria carolina says:

    Your food baby HIIT is crazy!! Luvd it!

  48. the new bootccampt video is out yet everyone?

  49. ahhh my first time doing hiits. i feel like i just ran uphill for so long. as an ex-runner sweaty makes me feel whole again!!! i think the people who live below me in my apartment complex hate me but too bad

  50. Sarah Carlton says:

    you’re videos are so much fun :) Most YT workout videos but you’re are doable and you can feel it right away. thank you so much

  51. I want more Pop Plyo!! You and your sister are so cute, and that workout never fails to KILL me. More please! :))

  52. Hey Cassey (or whoever else in the forum can help me) I’m wondering how to get the most effective workout possible. I’ve been doing your perky butt n’ long and lean legs , your thong workout, cinch your waist ab work out , and the we are never ever ever getting back together arm workout (I like to do strength training the most if you can’t tell) and then jogging for an hour. For cardio should I do the HIITs? Is that more effective? or keep doing what I’m doing?

    I’m also trying to tone up a bit for my friend’s wedding in 4 weeks. But mostly this is a question for working out for the long term.

    I’m pretty new to working out too. I gained a lot of weight my freshman year of college. Is there any other tips you all would have?

  53. billabong!

  54. Every time I hear Gangam Style I get fired up! Your video is so much fun and such a workout. I have to know, where did you get your tye-dyed yoga pants from?! Too cute!

  55. Yes yes yes yes yes yes :D

  56. Hey Cassey,

    i have a little request for a hiit video :) could you please please create a tabata-style workout, i´ve seen and tried some, but would love one, out of your point of view !!!!!
    they are supposed to be the best workout to blast all that unwanted bodyFAT ;)

    Cheers Josie

  57. Hey what would be a good workout to slim down the claves? I am afriad all the calf raises and squats were you are on your toes will bulk up my calves. How do I just one them and slim them down? Thanks xxx

  58. Virginia Balseiro says:

    your best cardio vids are summer sweat fest, bikini blaster hiit and food baby. you need to make at least 3 more like those. i would totally love you forever.

  59. you shoul totally do a workout vid to “say something” by austin mahone!!!!!

  60. You are so adorable! I am SO glad I found you. Looking forward to trying your workouts tomorrow but really enjoyed watching a couple tonight. LOVE YOUR ENERGY!

  61. Even I have the same problem. I have knee pain for which I had to quit sports. But now after a few years, I want to get back into shape. I tried one week of high impact exercises, and my knee almost felt like it’d burst with pain. So, I researched a bit, and am going to start with Cassey’s routine. No. Pilates won’t cause lower back pain, nor knee pain. As a matter of fact it’ll improve posture, and the stretching will alleviate the pain!

  62. Alexandria says:

    Hey so should I end each bikini blaster routine with a HIIT workout or a Cardio?

  63. HI CASSEY!
    first off i love you videos, they’re really good and everyone says
    they can see the difference. Im a 114 pounds but i want to be around 104.
    so can you please tell me which of your videos i should do everyday for the fastest results? how do i combine them.
    Also i have been regulating food so all i can do now is exercise.
    I want to be nice and slim by August. PLEASE HELP? <3
    I'm 14 (: thanks <3

  64. Do you like Tabata? Could you do a Tabata workout?

  65. what song is this ? i love it . i really need this song for my playlist

  66. I think it would be really awesome if you did a 90’s inspired workout, where the music is all nineties, the outfit is all nineties, and the workouts are 90’s-esque. It would be sooo awesome!

  67. Been doing these for a week now and LUV IT!!!! Awesome Awesome work outs! Can’t for my new summ Bod! :) xxooxx

  68. Michelle says:

    I have been looking for work outs on YouTube for awhile that would be fun and give good results. I’m so glad I found your videos, they are awesome and keep me motivated. Im 18, 5’4 and around 120 lbs and im trying to get back into shape and shape up my legs and belly for summer. With your work outs i know i can in no time and have fun doing it. You do a whole work out not just little clips where I would have to buy the rest of the video like others YouTube channels. I’m definitely going to keep watching and doing your workouts.:)

  69. Hey Cassey! I found your workouts a long time ago and I did Pilates, but then I stopped for a while and now I want to do cardio and Pilates, (along with some butt and ab exercises) I’m 14, 5″2, around 98lbs and I don’t really want to lose weight I just want to get rid of my pot belly. Thing is, I don’t really know what routine to come up with out of your videos. ould you just give me a routine to do?

  70. I’m not entirely sure, but i thought it was High Intensity Interval Training? I’m sure you would have done something similar in school :)

  71. Oh! And another quick thing: Can my back get hurted with pilates? How can I avoid ‘low back’ pain?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

  72. Hey Cassey, Nice to find you on YT and now reading your blog. I became interested in pilates just today looking for some ‘low impact’ exercises due to my knees. I’ve been practicing aerobics (for about 2 weeks) but at the next day I’m dead. 10 years ago I was diagnose with degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease in my knee and i had to quit all kind of sports. With years the pain got lower and I decided again to exercise but nothing… my knees ar ehurted again so here I am with Pilates and your advice if this is good training ‘low impact’ for me.

    Best Regards.

  73. This workout rocks! My heart rate is up, broke a sweat, and I am definitely going to feel it tomorrow! Doing this every day. Changed the burpees to mountain climbers and elbow push ups to a push up pulse.
    Other than that, I LOVE THIS WORKOUT! Can’t wait to see results from making this a daily routine! Thanks Cassey!

  74. love the food baby workout! my butt is still sore!!! Thanks!

  75. I love everything about PopPilates! I espalielcy love that you, Cassey, post workout VIDEOS and DO THE WORKOUTS along side of us! It’s a fresh alternative to all the other printables and other videos out there where they just show snippits of the move(s). The way that you present the entire workout really makes me want to keep pushing with you! You are an inspiration, really!! You look amazing! Thank you for encouraging healthy living in all of us! It’s great to know that it can be done the right way.

  76. Elaine Voon says:

    Do you have a printable version of the 20/20 workout, so I don’t have to keep pausing the video. Thx.

  77. refresh

  78. love the videos, but the background on your site obscures your print & its hard to read sometimes

  79. Hi! LOVE your shorts! i might have missed it if you posted where you got them (new to site) but can you let me know where you got them or a link to the site?

  80. If u need it, yes!

  81. in your 20/20 workout are u suppost to take a 15 sec brake after every move when you´ve done 20 ?

  82. I love everything about PopPilates! I especially love that you, Cassey, post workout VIDEOS and DO THE WORKOUTS along side of us! It’s a fresh alternative to all the other printables and other videos out there where they just show snippits of the move(s). The way that you present the entire workout really makes me want to keep pushing with you! You are an inspiration, really!! You look amazing! Thank you for encouraging healthy living in all of us! It’s great to know that it can be done the right way.

  83. Took me about half an hour. i weigh 126pds. im a skinny girl with a little pot belly haha! i want to get rid of my belly and gain more wieght on my thighs calves and buttock. i love your blog i think its amazing but idk if i can get the results i want since i dont want to lose anything but my belly please help me cassey :) that will be greatly appreciated

  84. Holy Cow!! Just completed my first HIIT workout! My heart rate is still elevated 10 minutes later. Thanks for giving me a quick break away from the computer – one of the joys of working from home – I can sweat for 10 minutes and then get back to work! Looking forward to doing this many, many more times. So glad I found you!

  85. few! lol thanx!! :D :D :D

  86. thats great!

  87. i do 5x for 1hr…30min of cardio n 30min pilates…is that ok or should I be doing more? fyi i really cant handle much more cuz i work full time PLUS a 3yr old! lol

  88. soo oh em gee i just did 30min of the fairy tale workout! FEW!!!!! my swet is DRIPPPEN!!! ew rite? WRONG0!!!! thats how I kno that was a good work out!!! she did an awesome job Cassey!! i esp. loved the first move…dnt recall the name? now im bout to do a 30min workout of pilatesssss :D oober stoked!!!!

  89. Cassey, personally I like your traditional pilates-style workouts vs. your new “plyo” workouts. Back in the day I would have thought that the harder the workout, the better I am. (“no pain, no gain”) but am more content with a more moderate routine now. Request: Could you post more stretching videos, please? Thanks, you’re great. =) Please keep up the various pilates-type workouts.

  90. Hi Cassey!
    What makes a HIIT exercise a HIIT exercise? What I mean is, what makes a HIIT exercise fall into that category? Or maybe I should say what defines a HIIT exercise? Or maybe, what does a HIIT exercise compose of? IDK! I just want to know why a HIIT exercise is called a HIIT exercise! :) :) :)

    Love the vids! :)
    Keep Rockin’ Out!

  91. There is no way to describe how i anjoy the exercise it was wonderful, i would like to take the 90 days plan and i will print the menu, my only concern is that i’m breast-feed my baby she is 7 month and she eating 2 meals fruit and vegetables with chicken, i don’t know what is the menu meal that i need.
    I would like to tell you more, please if you can contact me back.


  92. strive for 2-3x a week

  93. How long should someone with average health, but overweight, do POP Pilates, including stretching?

  94. fat burning

  95. Oh my! Miriam, You literally just made me LOL!

  96. Is this mainly for burning fat or building muscle..?

  97. i luv this and it works so mush i can already feel my abbs getting bigger …. i think thats what ur suppost to say

  98. No weenie high knees – LOVE it!

  99. Swimming is fantastic!

  100. What cardio you will recommend to do for a person with knee injury before? I’m a little scared to do those jumps but I really want to burn some fat!
    Thanks and LOVE your videos!

  101. i like doing this , bcz its superb fat burning.

  102. Masha Allah

  103. Thanks!

  104. Hey Cassey,

    New “member” saw your site a few days ago and i’ve just been exploring and i LOVE it. Something that may be easier for people to do the HITT exercises is this little timer: http://gymboss.com/ its super cheap and it works AMAZING I use it all the time! And it comes in different colors (even hot pink ;))

    And i don’t know how you keep the site functional but I think if you put up the link so other followers could get it you may be able to talk to gymboss and get some money for sending people their way as a referral honestly they are an awesome little timer and one of the cheaper on the market that they are really cute :) (P.S. I know i may sound like I work for the company but I don’t I just LOVE mine :)

  105. Cassey with a smile, me with a tear going down my face. Oh… wait. That was sweat.

  106. I agree, Miriam!! I dont know how she keeps a smile throughout her workouts…

  107. tip: yelling and roaring will help get you through all 4 sets

    in fact, its next to necessary


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