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  • Melanie

    This workout is killing me lol !! I sure hope I get better at it. At least, I am doing better at this video today than last week. I am on my second week of the 90 day challenge. Feel the horrific burn ! I don’t look forward to this awesomeness next week.

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  • I had already done my day 9 beginner calendar workout but then saw this….so hmm to motivate me I paid my 16 year old son to do this with me LOL He said MOM this is NUTS lol but we did it!

  • deebee

    when i play the video.. .the ad video plays at the same time… whenever i try to silence it… it’ll stop for a bit and then start playing again… kinda annoying… :(

  • Caro

    Cassey, This is the third week I cannot click and open the videos. I can only see the ones that open automatically whe one goes to a new page. When I want to choose different video, nothing happens.

    • Noelia

      It is also happening to me!

  • Tess

    Love the workout videos. Unfortunately I can’t select them through this site… I can go to videos but then it only plays the very first workout of whichever subsection I select – anyone know how I can fix this?

  • Ewa

    Hi everyone! I’m very happy I started exercising with Cassey, (usually I choose some of these: Ultimate Hot Body Workout, 5 Best slimming thighs exercises, 5 Best exercises to latten your lower belly, 5 Minute Ab Express Workout) and I’ve been doing those for about 3 weeks now, 6 times a week and yes I see progress, but the thing is, I’d like to stard doing POP cardio or HIITilates to push myself and melt some fat, but I’m affraid I can’t because of my knees. I can’t run, I can’t do any squats or exercises where knees are important part because it’ll automatically hurt my knees. What can I do ?

    • Jasi

      Hey :)

      I know that your comment was postet in May, so maybe it is not that current anymore, but nevertheless I think that you could try swimming :) It also helps burn fat and gaining stamina, just like running and HIIT does^^

      Hope I could help you :)


  • Yazz

    hey if i start doing the begginers workout, will it help burn fat in specific areas of my body and reshape it or is it just to help me get use to the different techniques ?

  • Aimee

    Love the POP HITS videos!
    Can you make more Justin Bieber ones love love love him!

    • Sarah

      please no

      • Victoria

        thank you sarah

    • Hannah

      For the love of god… NO

  • Taahlia

    i can’t access any of your workout videos! i have tried on three different computers and nothing will load… they all just say something like this:
    [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLSCcAGyv98if2KQxjHdtBawcS5P8vLGFd”]


  • kawaiii

    Hello Cassey!
    i hope you read this..
    I have been working out these few days so i can look good wearing a dress.
    But my tummy has become bigger and harder :( it seems like my abs are getting covered under the fat…is there anything i can do? will this flat belly fat burner workout help? or would it make my belly look bigger?

    On the side note, Thanks for your videos! :) appreciate it!

  • Summer

    Hi Cassey!,

    Is there any substitute for the dumbells you use? Im living with my parents , I dont think they would let me buy does heavy duty ones.

  • Emily

    I don’t feel strong enough to complete one rep of these (let alone 3!) I managed to complete the work out but I won’t lie, I cheated myself a lot. I going to push forward with the December calendar and the New Body MakeOver mean plan and pray I can push myself a little harder every day!

  • Celina Ortiz

    i want to lose 15 kilos in 2 months, was wondering if by doing POP HIITS would help me lose weight? if so from which video should i start and so on? thankyouuu(:

    • Hannah

      That ain’t healthy

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  • Kelley

    I am now inspired to buy a kettle bell!!

  • kim

    i hate burpees with a burning fiery passion, so I’m going to do jumping jacks instead >:D

  • camila

    omg cassey i finished it and im dead! im drenched in sweat and my legs are shaky hahah it feels good though:) ill do the abs in a while

  • Kasse

    Is there a printable for this one?

  • neele_h

    At first I was like ‘What? 40 minutes for a few burpees?’ but then I was like ummm wait.. that are like..240 burpees…and 240 kettlebell swings .. I am dying right now.

  • Lorato

    hey! i love these pop HIITs and I love going to the gym but i never knew what to when I got there! Thank you.. Please make more POP HIIT of the routines that you do at the gym, so that we can join you! maybe making the POP HIITs a regular thing :) Love you :)

  • Blair

    I don’t know if I should do this at home, or at the gym because I am going to forget how to do each workout lol but I don’t have any heavy weights

  • Addie

    Please use “Right Now – Rihanna ft. David Guetta” in a future pop hiit it’s such a good workout song! P.S Love your workouts! Thanks Cassey!

  • I love this(:

  • Nicole

    I want more pophits!!! They are my favorite!!!!!

  • Marissa

    I have a tiny layer of fat over my abs. Will doing these HIIT help me get rid of it and get nice abs? And what about my back arms and thighs will this help it as well?

  • Pooja Ahuja

    Can’t find Feel this moment Pop HIIT :/ Can someone post the link?

  • Amulya

    Hay! I just love your POP HIIT!!! But I could only find the first two POP HIIT. Can you please tell me where are the others. Thanks!!! Love you

  • Arlene

    I almost gave up twice. But I didn’t. Instead I’m sitting here, very sweaty, writing that i did it !

  • Juliet

    WOW, I am in love with your workout videos. I did my first workout today, and the Primadonna Pushup challenge absolutely KILLED my arms! But I feel so accomplished that I did it and I cannot wait to be sore tomorrow and do the CAN’T HOLD US pop hit! <3 Thank you so much for doing this!

  • Chelsea

    Hi! I just did the 100 burpee burnout and I am just dead right now! I feel SO good though! Thank you :)

  • Hi Cassey! I decided I would do a fun workout video this morning to start my day off…. I chose this one not knowing I was going to DIE. You were right when you said it! haha. Absolutely loved it even though it was killer! I did a couple other videos as well to get in a full hour of exercise. Love love love your videos!! It was a nice change from the gym and you’re definitely a motivator! Thanks girl!

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