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  • Help!

    The content won’t load for me. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Nikita

    What is the name of the first song????

    • Fatima Irain

      did you manage to find the songs name?????????

  • Amanda

    Since I haven’t done cardio in what feels like a year, I find your videos to be so inspiring! You play catchy tunes, and talk me through the sweat and frustration. While I feel that I’m not able to last as long as you (yet), and I have to take a few water breaks in between, I’m giving it my honest try. I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with you, Cassey!

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  • Ag

    I loved the Indoor Fun POP Cardio! I had a blast!

  • Lucia

    The All about that butt video can only be accessed subscribing to the app? I live in China and vpn is only working on computers, not on smartphones at the moment, so I cannot do a lot of things in my phone. Is there a way to see the video on computer? I have searched for it on youtube but I cannot find it.

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  • Adrianne

    Cassey, I LOVE this video! I wasn’t blessed with the “dance” talent so your encouragement to “just have fun” because no one is watching… that really helped me to break out of my shell and dance in front of my own self. I usually beat myself up about how I suck at dancing, but I just followed you. Even when I got off beat, I didn’t just give up like I normally do, I forgave myself and jumped right back in. I had so much fun doing it that I had to rewind the video and do it again. This is just my first day doing POPlaties with you, but I really liked it! I hope that this is the year I can finally transform my body.

  • Sally

    OMG! My butt is trying to run away from me right now!

  • nawal

    Really we need a fat burning calander .. after the 30 days flat abs … please please please

    • Olivia

      Oh my gosh yes a fat burning calendar please!!!!!! It’s wonderful to have muscle, but fat just comes back so fast!!! Please Cassey, it would mean the world to everyone!!!!

      • I agree! It would be the best thing ever :D

        To nawal and Olivia: Try DecemBURN calender ;)

    • Sabrina

      Yesss awesome idea, please Cassey we need this :D

    • Allison

      Please, Cassey, I need a fat burning calendar!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!

  • What happened to Legs for Days Cardio Ballet Challenge? O.o It’s not working!!!!!

  • What happened to Legs for Days Cardio Ballet Challenge? O.o it’s not working!!!

  • Mippy

    I wish you have a fat-burning calendar xD I love your cardio videos!

  • Pim

    I love your pop cadio dance! it makes exercising much more enjoyable!!! THX!

  • Ruth

    Hello, I really love the second song played in the fat destroyer video, can anyone tell me who it is sung by or the artist please, would mean a lot x

    • Hannah

      Its Kiss You by One Direction!

  • Wellesley

    Does anyone else get headaches and dizzy when you do intense cardio? It makes me feel like I should stop. The other day I pushed through it for a while and then afterwards I had to lie on the ground for at least ten minutes before I could get up and feel ok.

    • Victoria

      I use to get dizzy too, when I first started. Now I dont get dizzy, soon your body will adjust to hard workouts. Just take it easy, take breaks and drink lots of water! keep going! :)

  • Angela

    Hey Cassey,

    I hope you’re having an excellent day. Just thought I’d let you know these links to the cardio vids are still unresponsive.

    I still love you :) haha I’ll just search them on the tube for now I guess!



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