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  1. What happened to Legs for Days Cardio Ballet Challenge? O.o It’s not working!!!!!

  2. What happened to Legs for Days Cardio Ballet Challenge? O.o it’s not working!!!

  3. I wish you have a fat-burning calendar xD I love your cardio videos!

  4. I love your pop cadio dance! it makes exercising much more enjoyable!!! THX!

  5. Hello, I really love the second song played in the fat destroyer video, can anyone tell me who it is sung by or the artist please, would mean a lot x

  6. Wellesley says:

    Does anyone else get headaches and dizzy when you do intense cardio? It makes me feel like I should stop. The other day I pushed through it for a while and then afterwards I had to lie on the ground for at least ten minutes before I could get up and feel ok.

    • I use to get dizzy too, when I first started. Now I dont get dizzy, soon your body will adjust to hard workouts. Just take it easy, take breaks and drink lots of water! keep going! :)

  7. Hey Cassey,

    I hope you’re having an excellent day. Just thought I’d let you know these links to the cardio vids are still unresponsive.

    I still love you :) haha I’ll just search them on the tube for now I guess!



  8. um.. every single time i click the name of the video i wanna do, the link doesn’t open the video up.. is this meant to happen? help please

  9. Can anyone recommend a cardio video for someone with bad knees? I noticed most of these involve squats or lunges. Those moves put way too much strain on my knees and do more damage than good. I know I could just skip them, but it seems like almost all cadio moves involve stressing the knee.

    Any help is appreciated!

    • Nicole1 says:

      Hi Kate,

      I’m new to blogilates and I can at times relate to your situation. I follow a variety of instructors on Youtube and specifically Jessica Smith. She has a lot of low-impact cardio that doesn’t involve a lot of jumping around, I strongly recommend her :) I wish you well!


  11. OMG the hearts on fire pop cardio video is insane. I thought it looked good because it was short. I am huffing and puffing! I just started the beginner workout and my abs have been sore everyday.

    Short + effective = routine! Thanks so much Cassey! You really have no idea how much I love your videos. The personality you inject into each workout literally gets me though it every time – I hate when people pretend this stuff is easy! I like how you suffer with us and remind us that pain brings results!!

    Thank you so much for being you!


    PS: are there any dance workouts that you REALLY slow down? I tried keeping up with you, but I am so uncoordinated that I often pause videos just to get my posturing correct!

  12. Chrisie911 says:

    i’m only in my early teens, but I did it!

  13. The Heart on Fire Cardio video was amazing! What I would like is if maybe you could put the music to that level in all of your videos because i can still here you but i also have a bit of music to keep my mind off the pain! Just asking because that was extremely helpful and it got me pumped up! Your great Cassey!

  14. The videos are back up!!!!!!!

  15. i don’t know if it’s just me, but non of the videos are popping up at the top of the page. when ever i go to a different video category none of them work :(

  16. This video won’t open for me:/ it keeps saying this

    “[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLSCcAGyv98ifqvxq8Xtb0gs4X0K2erfsT”]

  17. I did the 100 burpees!! whoho swetting like a pig.

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  19. Queenhedgie says:

    Cassey is there some more of these apartment cardio workouts?! I would love to use another one…my downstairs neighbor is so sensitive to noise so it’s hard to work out when jumps and kicks are required!

    • Good call!
      I would def be interested as well!
      It’s also great for people who have to deal with winter :/ I cannot just go out for a run or other cardio exercise, so some more apartment-friendly workouts would be sooooo great! <3

  20. Cassey! This was the first time I did this entire workout without stopping!!! Little steps!

  21. stephanie says:

    OMG!!! Gangnam Style was so funnn lol ^^ i didn’t sweat but i am soooo out of breath :D that felt great <3

  22. Does anyone else have trouble doing lunges? I just can’t keep my balance when I’m doing them! Any form suggestions?

    • Be sure to keep your head looking forward and keep your gaze on one still spot; keep your core tight also as that is where your balance comes from.

  23. I discovered I had triceps this morning. I had a bulge in my arm somewhere I’d never seen a bulge before :D Thanks to you Cassey!

  24. Heartrate is up… and my BUTT HURTS! Like… seriously!

  25. Hey let me just say you are amazing!I was just wondering if you could share your gym workouts/training schedule? how many upper/lower/fullbody days etc do you do? thanks :) xx

    Had to take a break to laugh, haha.

    Love it :D

  27. OMG that was sooo much fun! I think I’m getting addicted to Blogilates, thank you Cassey! #ABTOBERFEST

  28. Cassey, can you please do a pop cardio video to Applause by Lady Gaga? That song is awesome and so upbeat, I thought it would make a great cardio workout! Thanks so much, love ya!

  29. Nhi Trang says:

    I lLOVE THIS VID! ive done it twice already! its so funny when jacklyn was like NOW KNEE KNEE KNEE KNEE and my name is Nhi (pronounced Knee) so i felt like she was encouraging me ^^ ahahha weird name i have

  30. This is so hilarious and adorable.

  31. MissDraper says:

    I have NEVER felt like I actually got a workout from doing a video at home, but Pop Cardio did the trick!! Thanks, Cassy! These short workouts are intense and great for a busy schedule!! And your awesome attitude keeps me motivated!

  32. You are a star! Thank you :*

  33. Hey!
    This is a question for everyone but I want to lose quite a bit of fat and seen as there are lots of cardio videos, I want to know which one is the most challenging and effective. Can you also tell me how often I should do it and also whether HIIT is better! Thanks!

  34. Loved this cardio video! Wish it was longer, though

  35. Love the gangman style dance cardio!! Had fun and am breathing hard lol thank you so much

  36. Hey Cassey!
    First of all, I really love your videos. I included your videos in my training 3 weeks ago and I really do feel the difference. Now I have a (stupid?) question. What exactly is the difference between your HIIT training and cardio? Which one is better to lose fat?

    You are great!!

  37. Hi there! I LOVE your videos just finished this one after the POP Pilates for Beginners total body workout! I had my daughter last year and I am trying desperately to burn off the last of the baby fat…I always hear that it is better to work your inner abdominal muscles because those are stretched out after having a baby, what videos do you suggest to help get a flat belly again AFTER baby?!

    thank you!!!

  38. Lilli Dowell says:

    I decided to do this after the Victoria Secret Leg workout and before we started my legs were shaking

  39. Hey Cassey,
    Ive been following your workout routines and been doing HIIT-using a jump rope for 20 mins daily.
    I wanted to know as to how much cardio do i need to incorporate in my daily routine to shed the weight fast? And is doing the same type of cardio ( 20 mins rope jumping ) ok? like will it help me shed away those extra pounds or should i do it on alternate days and mix up your cardio routines wid it?

  40. Lisa McGrew says:

    Anyone have a deodorant that ACTUALLY works…..but is aluminum free, and is not an anti-perspirant? I feel like I have tried them all! And nothing works but the aluminum-laden ones!

    • YES there is! Try Crystal Body Deodorant. check that out. its aluminum free, it works, it does not leave any stain on your shirt, its PERFECT!!! it comes in a roll on type & stick. it lasts long. it works like magic. :) hope this helps.

  41. Hi Cassey! I absolutely love your videos. They are sooo much fun and make me sweat like crazzyy. I was wondering if maybe you could start doing a series of dance cardio videos. Cardio is one of my most dreaded workouts and doing it with dance makes it so much more fun. I especially loved your Gangham Style dance routine. It kicked my butt!!

  42. every time after i do the 100 burpee burnout i get this surge of emotion and go on the verge of tears because im so happy its over and because im so happy i made it thru the entire video. ahhh it hurts so goooood!

  43. Hey Cassey,
    I love you so much! You’re so inspiring. I just started the 90 Day Challenge today. I’m really trying to eat clean as well as do the 50 minutes each day. I love your workouts so much! You’re pep for exercising really keeps me motivated. My fav workout has to be the Flapper Dance Practice, paired with Daisy’s Great Gatsby Cardio. It’s so fun! I’ve already done it more than once! Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of the 20’s and flappers, so it’s a great workout for me. Thanks for getting me moving Cassey!
    <3 Riley

  44. michelle says:

    hey cassey i love your videos so much :) i find you push me to work out hard so i can achieve my goal of losing weight and being healthier in life. Spring Fling 2: FAT LOSS Cardio Workout is my favourite of all your videos as after 3:36 into it im already feeling the burn hehe xx

    so thank you and keep making more videos :) xxx

  45. Chantel Welsh says:

    Hi Cassey!!!
    Could you possibly make some chair cardio videos?? I love your exercises (my abs are still sore from the beginner series!; I had to alternate them to fit my situation.) I injured my knee two months ago and might be a while before I get tests finished. I gained 15 pounds already! :(

    • Andrea EM says:

      hey chantel, i also have a knee problem since a year ago and 6 months ago i stopped doing exercise and i gained alot, i was size 2 and now im size 4, do you know how can i do l¿some exercises without damaging my knees more? thanks:3

  46. Hey I’m having some trouble with the site, whenever I try to click on a new workout it won’t change the video at the top and only plays the newest video…. is this just me?

  47. I’m dead. :O

  48. Just ran 2.5 miles and did part one and two of your spring fling!! I am absolutely loving your workouts! I have been working out hard for years, but these routines really push me!! Im so glad I found you on youtube while looking for zumba workouts;)))))

  49. I did part 2 of the spring fling and barely half of part 1 and I was sore! I didn’t think I did that much, but man! I was hurting for a few days! Thank you!

  50. How tall are your heels??


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