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  • Anna

    What about an abs workout on the ball?? :D Would be great!

  • Teri

    I am unable to click on the titles and get the videos like I was able to before. Anyone know why?


    • Alison

      I can’t click on them either…..I have to go to youtube and find them……..wish these links worked here instead.

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  • mollie

    hey popsters!
    i just need some help really, and decided to post here? – im 14 and quite short , but have quite alot of weight on me, i want to loose alot by the summer, next year but not sure where to start, i want to focus on my legs and my stomach, please someone help me?:( <3

    • srh94

      im short too with the exact same problem, so start with her beginners calendar! I’m new to this too and its really helped me. she introduces you to how to the moves and combines cardio and toning which is what you need to look good for summer! and make sure youre eating healthily! when youre done with the beginners calendar youll be ready for the big ones! but please dont think by beginner it means easy. im dying every day and im totally sore

      good luck (:

  • Celia


    I love this blog, you are the best! I just discover that I’m pregant so I’m afraid to do some exercises that is not good for pregnant woman’s. I would be more than happy if you post videos or a calendar for this specific woman condition!!!! Maybe is asking too much but at least I leave here my suggestion ;)
    All the best.

  • georgie

    Is it more effective to do a week focusing on one part of your body and change the part of the body each week or is it more effective to do different workouts for each part of the body?

    • Maja

      Why dont you try using the calendar? I feel thats the best option

      • Mandy

        Where is the calendar for this?

  • Tammy

    Wow so hard.

  • Drew

    I thought I would be decent and would be able to last at least 3/4 of the Plank Marathon but I was wrong. Casey’s personality is contagious so you cant help but admire her strength and ability to talk whilst doing the exercises.
    Could anyone please help and tell me the best way to go about toning up using this series? Should I complete the series, one video per day, and then just repeat it all again or should I allocate days where I target specific body parts and repeat the videos weekly? I am quite limited with time since I have to travel quite far for uni, and I do cardio too, so the most effective (dont mind if itll take longer) will be best :) Thanks very much and I hope all you manage to exceed your goals :)

  • Anna

    Will these be added to the app? NEED NEED NEED.

  • jamie sharee


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  • May

    Hey! Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THESE VIDEOS! I’m trying to tone up and really get my body to be the best it can, and your videos are perfect! I love how they are nice and short and specify exactly what you’re gonna be working on so I can pair up videos depending on how I’m feeling!!

    Thank youuuuu!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    Hey Cassey! I am adding the total body toning to my workout(also doing the befit in 90 workout on day 26) just recently starting to workout and this is great! Thank you so much for doing this online college student is very happy! Iam doing the total body toning begginners and the long lean legs one for this week. Not sure what I am adding next week lol Thanks again :o)
    -from a 27 lady who just wants not to be overweight anymore!

  • Sarah

    I was doing the long lean leg Pilates bootcamp workout and my lower back started hurting. Am u doing something wrong? I want to do this video….

    • Lucie

      I think it’s happening because your belly button is not sucked in during your workouts. This is very important. Otherwise lower back hurts. You have to keep the belly button sucked in the whole time.
      Excuse my English, I’m not a native speaker :-) Lucie

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  • Sayaka

    I am in LOVE with the Total Body Toning for beginners and the Fabulous Flat Abs for beginners!!!
    Thank you Cassey for making working out fun!!!
    I am generally a lazy person, but your videos make me less of a lazy person, if that makes any sense?
    You are so bright and cheerful, it helps so much to get through the hardest parts of the workout.


  • Senilyn

    Cassey ~ how come I haven’t seen any new vids being uploaded by livestrongwoman? Is it over? Please tell me NO!

    • Sayaka

      I was thinking about the same thing.

  • christiane

    You have super intentions, and your workouts make me happy!!! THey make me laugh. You are so real, so genuine, and encouraging! You obviously love what you do! I am living in Hong KOng and there is NO TIME to go exercise anywhere!! I love having your videos to do at home anytime I have spare time! :) Thank you!

  • Andrea

    Dear Cassey,
    You are awesome. Like many other people have said before me, your workouts are so fun and engaging and I can really feel my muscles screaming at me! (Especially during those pulses, omg) I did the Fab Flat abs and the Butt Lift – I pretty much had to drag myself to bed afterwards, your workout was so great! Anyway, just wanted to leave you a comment telling you how awesome these videos are! :) My goal is to get through all of them at least once and lose 5 pounds in a month. It’s gonna be hard to follow the diet at school though, since the food is prepared and I don’t get to control what I put into them. But I’ll try my best :) Thank you thank you thank you for making these amazing videos!!!
    <3 Andrea :)

  • Nikki

    Dear Cassey,

    I love your videos. You have no idea. Your personality and encouragement make all the difference–they make your workouts very unique and so much better than any other workout videos!

    That being said, I’d love to know where you got the purple top that you wear in your Total Body Toning Livestrong video. Love it love it.

  • Audrey

    I just did this video before work and I must say i feel great! I work in a bakery so sometimes its hard not to nibble on all the sweet treats!

  • Kaitlin Lawson

    I loved the grasshopper exercise in the Total Body Toning for Beginners. I could really feel the booty burn! I have looked around at videos to do Pilates and Blogilates is the best videos I can find! I love how much of a challenge it gives me. Thanks:)

    • Sayaka

      Ohh YEAH! me too!

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  • Margot

    Really enjoy working out with you, doesn’t feel like a chore at all I am beginning to see and feel a difference. Thank you:D

  • Jackie

    I love the grasshopper. I can totally feel all my muscles in my butt working and getting tighter. Then I also really like the oil rigger move. It is amazing! =) =D

  • Olivia

    I just wanted to say, thank you so much for these videos! Hurricane Sandy is hitting NYC and my gym is closed for 3 days!! I am staying in and working out to every one of your Livestrong videos for a total crazy power hour. Thank you again Cassey for being THE BEST storm relief ever!

  • Elysse

    This is amazing! This is exactly what I need, a good work out to do in the comfort of my own home. My thighs are burning, it’s brilliant!

  • bunny

    how do i print your new charts there only printing one pic at a time in stead of the full page .this only happens on the ones the is moving how can i fix these so i can print thank you bunny eaton

  • Tracee

    Love/hate/LOVE the side plank dippers!! Whew!

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  • Jackie

    The hundred is my favorite. I really feel my core working! When I work out with you, I feel like there is a girdle around my midsection that gets tighter and tighter :)

  • Courtney

    My favorite Pilates move has to be the plank. You can feel your whole entire core working!! =D