pop hiit 2 pop hiit 3
pop hiit 4 pop hiit 5 pop hiit 6
pop hiit 7 pop hiit 8 pop hiit 9


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  • MaJo

    Pleeease try to do one with Waiting for love, or The Days, or The Nights, or simply ANY Avicii song!
    Lots of love! You’re such a huge inspiration and you’re style and workouts are SO MUCH fun!! <3

  • Dayana

    For those who don’t know how often to do these pop hiits, it’s every THREE days i think, because Cassey uploaded the printables and videos every three days for a month, so if you start on the first day of the month you would end on the 3×9 27th

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  • Haley

    Hi Cassey!!!!! I love these so much and i was wondering if you could do one ot Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony? Thanks so much!

  • Ida

    Hi Cassey! <3

    i just wonder if you could listed to the songs ''drinking from the bottle – calvin harris'' or ''starships – nicki Minaj'' you probebley already heard them, but these song never get boring listed to, i know that hey are old, but they aren't boring so they make me fell like i really wanna give it all on the workouts
    it would mean the world to me if you made a choreography to one of these songs. I love you! <3 :)

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  • I really enjoyed these and id like you to do some more to get me moving!

  • Laura

    My favorite singer is Natasha Bedingfield, I was hoping you could make a pop workout with iether

    “These Words” “Single” “Peace of me” (it takes a while for the tempo to kick in)

    “Size matters” or “If you’re gonna…” if you have the time ;)

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much for these Cassey! But just wondering… There are so many pop HIIT workouts to choose from.. Should i do a different one each time i go to the gym? Or stick to one pop HIIT for a month and switch over..? How does this work? Your reply would be greatly appreciated :) thank you!!

  • Taneeya

    hey..i have a question..i started doing blogialtes from the beginning of march and i actually have stuck to it for the past 1 or 2 weeks… i notice my shorts are loser but my legs look bigger! ik its not possible to gain that MUCH Muscle but even my mom sais my legs look bigger..i dun want that >< i want toned thighs but I don't want them to be big and my thighs were always slim but never toned..help me!!

    • Victoria

      I know stretching helps create long muscles instead of bulky ones :)

  • Civ

    I don’t entirely understand – are you supposed to listen to the corresponding songs and do the moves according to the rhythm? I’m a beginner and would love to do those!

    • Sonia

      She has videos on these on her youtube channel (Blogilates) watch the videos then do the sets/moves for the given amounts. Enjoy your work out! :)

  • Mary

    I find that doing HIIT on my own gets boring. Plus, I never push myself as hard as I do when I’m using this killer coached HIIT album I found on iTunes: http://bit.ly/HIIT_Mix_iTunes.

  • Juliann

    That was a dark month of every week being a POP HIIT lol.
    But wow looking back at these workouts and seeing my improved self now, I realized these aren’t as hard and emotional as they used to be haha! I realized how much stronger I’ve gotten through these past months and Cassey really does train us hard and improves our mental way of thinking. I never noticed how much I’ve changed since then.
    Seriously I love you so much Cassey, I haven’t even noticed till now but you really have made a HUGE difference in my life looking at these POP HIIT’s almost makes me want to cry :’) haha. You’re like my motivational big sister! Thank you for always believing in us POPsters! I can’t even imagine what my life would turn out to be at this point without my beginning with Blogilates, just thinking about it is crazy.

  • Cvetalina

    Thank you dear Cassey! :)

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  • I loove this! Thank you very much!

    Iulia | London Beauty Blog

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  • Nicole

    Im interated in trying these workouts but I don’t really understand how these work… Anyone know? Like do what it says down the list on each page everyday? Or..? Perhaps I’m just over thinking.

    • Rosa

      When you click on a pop hiits there is a small video below that Cassey made explaining each move and how to do them, you go down the list completing the amount it shows beside it, rest for a minute and do it two more times so a total of 3 rounds then you end with the cardio blast, hope I helped

  • Maria

    So are these supposed to take up a daily workout? Would I substitute a workout with one of the pop hiits for a day?

    • Rosa

      Hi Maria yes this would take a days workout because you do 3 rounds of all the moves (I explained to the person above) and it takes almost an hour so you wouldn’t need to do anymore for the day so if you chose a pop hiits just do the printout workout and if you finish fast then maybe add one more video to complete your hour

  • Sophie

    Please make more pop HIITs please!

    • Ida

      Omg yes that could be awesome!

  • Doireann

    I’ve never tryed this before so I
    Am going to give it a go
    So wish me luck.
    Much luv xxx

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  • Cheri

    Can you make a printable version of the Shuffle-A-Truffle Treadmill Trim Down.

  • Karisa


  • tary


  • Emma

    Hi Cassey!
    I don´t know if it´s just me but when I print the Pop Hiits 6-8 the pic is to big for the paper :( All the other ones are ok
    I have never tried these so it´s going to be fun :)

    • Carole-Anne

      I may have a solution for this because I’ve had the same problem :). If you are using Windows, try saving the file on your computer and opening it with Windows Photo Viewer. Click on Print located on the upper left corner of the screen, and then play around with the options at your convenience. I hope this helps!

  • Danny

    I love it Cassey!!! :))

  • I am printing them out right now!!! Thank you Cassey!