1. this hurts my back… am i doing it right??

  2. I LOVED the POP Pilates: Muffintop Meltdown! It was so great! Hehe you’ve changed over the years. :)

    Love ya, and thank you.

  3. Cassie, please give me some advice. Here’s a little about myself. I am small-built (5’1″, 110 pounds). I am not looking for any weight loss, I eat healthy and get plenty of cardio. I used to do your workouts regularly, but I have health problems involving my spine and can’t do many workouts anymore because of pain. Please give me some workout advice that wouldn’t require laying on my back or putting much strain on my neck/back. My goal is to tone my body, but mostly my obliques.

  4. the muffin top attack video is awesome i was sweating all the way… it feels so good

  5. Veronique Vdr says:


    I don’t know where else to post this but can you please do more workouts with the power ring. Your video’s are truly the best! Thanks!

  6. Ok well first off, I am a guy. I have been lifting for year. I always thought Pilates was just for women. My buddies would probably think im gay if they found out that I tried this lol, but I have to say… my obliques are being tortured doing this. Im glad I came across your video! From here on out, this will forever be incorporated into my workout routine. Thank you!

  7. Do you know the songs? Who is the artist? Thanks

  8. Hi can someone please tell me the artist and the name of song no 2 in this video? I can not find it and it is quite difficult to hear the lyrics

  9. The muffin top meltdown is my favorite one!!! Love it!!!

  10. hi cassey.

    thank you for your videos!:)
    but the links do not work on your website anymore. they can’t be clicked!

  11. Hi! :)

    I cannot choose any other Videos :/ Just only the first one of the different series :/
    I have to go to Youtube to see the other videos.

    Can you fix this?

    Julia :)

  12. K.Tillmon says:

    love the app! I have no excuse exercise on the go! Thank you for being a pretty princess but a work out beast!!!

  13. I want to tone my obliques but I don’t know which video is best. Which oblique video would be best for toning obliques?

  14. this is a series of diernffet crunches u need to do atleast once u can double it and triple it for better results. but i started doing this and it works so good !first off u need cardio though, that way u lose fat and fat isnt covering the muscle.but here it is:start out with hands behind head, knees bent, while laying on the floor. then do a regular crunch on a 2 count (meaning go up slowly count to 2 and then go back down never lay completely down though) repeat the 2 count crunch for atleast 8.then go into a fast paced crunch that has a one count. so go up count to one, then come back down, etc, etc. do at least 16 of those.then as u go up in a 1 count crunch, raise your right leg and touch your knee with your right elbow at the same time your leg is up and repeat that atleast 8 times.then go into a regular crunch 8 times.next do the same thing u did earlier with your right side to your left 1 count crunch, touching your left knee to your left elbow.after that, switch back to the right side. u touch your right elbow to your right knee but then stay up there and touch your left elbow to your right knee, and then touch your right elbow to your right knee, back down. repeat that 8 times atleast all on your right knee rotating the sides u touch with 3 times before coming back down.then do the exact same only with your left knee, starting with your left elbow-then right-then left-then back down. repeat atleast 8 times.next do 8 crunches any way u like. the way i do it is put your legs in the air crossed and do crunches without ever letting my shoulders touch the groundthen after u do that, this is the last set your go up in a regular style crunch but dont come down right away. suck ur stomach in extra hard and slowly bring your knees up of the ground (with knees coming toward chest) then slowly put them back on the ground and then u put your upper body down.after that go on your hands and knees, suck in your stomach and round your shoulders slowly, back to a flat back, repeat that 5 times and then youre done!!*make sure to suck ur stomach in on all of those.*do them all at once without breaks if u canall of those at once is an AMAZING ab workout, because it works your lower abs, upper abs, and ur muscles on the side that will benefit love handles or fat on ur lower back.they give great results=]

  15. Cortney Cook says:

    Hi Cassey,

    What are some of your favourite back workouts (to get rid of that darn roll underneath the shoulder blades), that are easy on the wrists? I’ve tried some of your workouts that I can really feel target my back but I don’t think I’m working hard enough because my wrists will give out on me after a couple reps (I broke my right one when I was a kid).
    Anything would be really helpful thanks!

  16. Hey,
    I love you website and videos!! I am physician so I have a really busy schedule – could you do a good morning / wake up video which people could do while brushing teeth or preparing breakfast??
    I would LOVE wake up with a blogilates video!!!

  17. Doing your workouts make me feel lighter on my feet each day! I remember I couldn’t even do a min of this exercise! I’m so happy I found your site through BubzBeauty on YouTube. Your such a motivator and I love your clothing line!

  18. Hi Cassie! What should you do if you have terrible knees and can’t stay like that for more than 30 seconds? I’ve had knee surgeries on both my knees and it’s pretty hard for me to stay that way too long.

    Thank you!

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  20. Yes! i have been starting in September and It’s been a month of workout and trying to eat Healthy ( can’t follow 100%, but it’s a great change already for me!), seeing a difference already. I feel stronger and it has strengthened my back! I no longer have back pain! Please like logan says, Come to Toronto!! We would love to have a meet up with you in Canada!!!!

  21. Cassie!! I have been following you for almost a year now and I LOVE the food and the exercises! I have never felt so beautiful and happy with who I am! I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and get in shape but I suppose if was fait that Pilates was what did it for me :) I have lost weight, tones up and gained so much self respect and confidence !!! Your upbeat attitude has given me the opportunity to start everyday sweating with your videos and then out the door to greet the world with a huge smile on my face! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to TORONTO !! Canada LOVES you too!!! <3

  22. I love your shirt! Where is it from???
    ALSO!! YOU SHOULD COME TO CHICAGO!!! it’s pretty in the fall!
    And! I love this workout! and all of them.. :D

  23. Maureen Seel says:

    Holy crap…oh my gosh. I didn’t REALLY feel it until we hit the obliqueatories…then my rear end and thighs started screaming. I made it through the whole thing though!

    I’m coming out of the Batlimore/DC Metro area…DC in spring is GORGEOUS-all those cherry blossoms! If you ever make it down here, I’m SO THERE

  24. Hi Cassey! You are DA BEST, I swear. Ever since I have started your workouts, omg I can barely sleep bc I’m looking forward to the next day of your calendar. I have lost 5 pounds, in only 8 days!!!!! YAYYYY but I really appreciate everything you do for us. You are the reason so many people are becoming fitter, and you are helping them get healthy. I can’t even imagine how hard you have to work in order to help us out. So here’s to that beautiful, amazing life-changer that we all know as Cassey!!!! You are perfect, with the perfect body and ohmg I’m sry I just luv u so much for helping me get healthier. :)

  25. Cassie! I have a lot of fat around my calves! I gotta thin these guys down! PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance! Want ripped calves capable of fitting into boots and skinny jeans. Im a size 8, but never been able to wear either!

  26. marietta says:

    hey cassey…could you do a video with rock music??..for example bad medicine-bon jovi..

  27. Chrisie911 says:

    oh, and are the workouts that are listed on the beginners’ workout calendar all for the morning, or do you space them out throughout the day? Cuz I’m doing it all in the morning (wake up at 6:30)

  28. Chrisie911 says:

    is it realistic to lose 10kg while following the beginner’s workout calendar? I’m on day 6 (day7 tomorrow), and i’m following your meal plan (the one with lots of edamame in it).

  29. This is my favorite video of the oblique series! Great songs and great moves!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Go to myfitnesspal, and you can sign up for a free calorie/workout counter. You just enter your height and weight, and then select the excercises (her cardio vids count as cardio, her HIIT as circuit, and then Pilates as,well, Pilates =>, and stretching counts too) and it’ll tell you how many calories you burned.

  31. hey cassey!
    really loving the workouts, keep them coming!
    could u do some more oblique/ lovehandle vids?
    that would be great, thx!

  32. Hi Cassey,

    Thanks for all of the awesome videos. I just wanted to know what the best shoes are for these workouts. I’m overdue for a new shoe.

  33. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really
    well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful
    information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.

  34. I mean the ”TOUGH LOVE Handles Workout | POP Pilates” and ”POP Pilates: Muffin Top / Love Handles Exterminator!”

  35. does anyone know how many calories this workout burns?

  36. Atealnix says:

    is it bad that this hurts my lower back? Or is that where the obliques are?

  37. Yes, when I click on the bottom videos shown they won’t open.

  38. Is anyone else having trouble opening the videos? I’ve tried it on my ipad, phone, and laptop and for all of them the website is only letting me watch the “featured” video at the top of the list. When I click on the other links under the pictures nothing happens.


  39. What does PLYO Stand for? Which workout do this videos refer to?

  40. Amber Cobley says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I love your videos! But whenever I do the ‘As long as you love me love handles’ workout, I always feel a major pain in my back straight away and I can’t carry on. So I was wondering if you could do a love handle video that doesn’t involve a lot of space. Or could you give me some advice on what to do about my back for this specific workout?

    Thank you!
    I love you and your workouts!

  41. i completely agree. and maybe some caribbean/latin music?

  42. try doing your plank from your forearm instead if your wrist is sore. i dont know any strength exercises for wrists, but you could try doing a plank from your had for a short time then gradually build up to longer if it doesnt hurt..

  43. Anytime I do a move in side plank, my wrists always kill me whether my hand is palm down or in a fist. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my wrists?

  44. LOVE IT! But Does this video and the rest of them help burn fat or just build muscle or both? Im trying to burn fat in the obligues and Im just making sure this is what I should be doing. lol

  45. Okay so I am new and i downloaded the november calendar but I’m not sure which videos to use for the work outs listed on the calendar, someone help me please I am lost

  46. I differ with most people here; I found this blog post I couldn

  47. Hi Cassey, LOVE your site!! I was just wondering, with the candlestick dippers…does it matter if I can’t hold my hands above my head? I can’t get the full dip all the way down & I don’t feel like I do the exercise properly, so I have modified it to keeping my arms out at shoulder height. Will I still be getting benefit from this? Amie x

  48. can anybody plz tell me which song is playing in the background?????

  49. Hey Cassey, i was just wondering… Im already at the weight i want and i don’t really want to lose any, but i have accidentally worked the wrong muscles and thickened my waist! I have small hips and i need a small waist or my figure will be too blocky if that makes sense. Will this workout help to make my waist cinched and narrower? thanks :)x

  50. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    Hi Cassey!! I really love your videos….and I want a defined waist…what are the best exercises?? Thank You
    Have a great day :)

  51. *ever.. haha

  52. I seriously LOVE YOU!!! You are so awesome for all that you do!!
    It’s would be soo much fun if you did a Total Body WorkOut or Cardio to “Love On Top” by Beyonce’! Greatest, most funnest song every!

  53. This was AWESOME. Do you recommend doing the same video multiple times or doing a few different vids?

  54. I love the song with Rhianna and Chris Brown “Birthday Cake” the beat just keeps me charging through any work out! I would love to see a video with this song any body part even cardio. Love you Cassie! You are helping me shred my post baby pounds :) I’ve lost between one and two jean sizes each month now. Jean shopping is now a monthly occurrence if I want to wear something other than yoga pants! But my goal isn’t just to lose weight…first and foremost I want to be healthy and STRONG :)

  55. Hi I LOVE all your videos, doing the As Long As You Love Me Challenge though my hips would hurt a lot when I bent over and I had to stop multiple times and readjust because of it, I’m not sure what’s wrong or what to do =/

  56. Hi Cassey, you know I love you ANDD your workouts, its just in the POP pilates vids, I can hear you really well but can barely hear the music. Would you mind turning the music up a little? Sorry to be a bother :(. xoxo

  57. wowwww! I don’t know how you do it so easily! But I def felt the burn. I’ll be hurting tomorrow but soo worth it! Love your blog Cassey!

  58. One Direction all the way!!!! Stole My Heart/Save You Tonight/I Should Have Kissed You! Loved this challenge! Thanks Cassie!

  59. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    I love this workout…by the way it is the 4th one, I have already done 3 others today…and I am sweating a lot! Thanks :)

  60. LOL u made me laugh when u said unlucky ducky

  61. I am the unlucky ducky that just sweats everywhere. This was the first time I was able to go through one of these bikini blasters without having to stop for a minute to catch my breath! I really love all of your videos Cassey. You are very inspirational.

  62. Karista says:

    Hi Cassey! Just finished the uhoh obliques workout and LOVED it! But my muffin top hated it!

  63. I L.O.V.E your POP Pilates!! your exercises are just what i haev been looking for!!!

    Quick question! i am already slim but would like to have a more cinched in waist like yours!!!!, will this help?

  64. Brittany C. says:

    this is my favorite work out! i definitely feel my sides slimming down as I go- love it, Thanks Cassey!

  65. gah…same here…i’m not overweight or anything and my hips kill on the side…not sure if my form is right….*needs a trainer*

  66. Marylise says:

    LOVE this workout! I can really feel my muscles working in those areas! :) Thank you Cassey!!

  67. ive tried tons of workouts and nothing has seemed to target my hips until i tried the muffin top meltdown. Thank you so much!!! I cant wait to keep doing it and FINALLY see this muffin top go away!

  68. Great!! i want one ;-)

  69. Wow and ouch!! :-)

  70. working on it!

  71. Love your video’s!!! So easy that I can do a 10 minute workout or do 3 video’s and do an hour.
    What are the odds of you bringing out a Pop Pilates DVD? That would be amazing!!! I bet you would sell heaps xx

  72. cassey thanks sooo much for the videos! i’m only a beginner and i’m stilt dying to get used to the moves, but i definitely feel the burn! i have a question though: for the hip dip, i find that my shoulder joints are really hurting while i’m trying to balance myself…and i’m assuming they’re not supposed to be. any tips? : )

  73. I loved this, as I love all Popilates!
    But, when I was doing the leg lifts laying on my side, I found that my hips were kinda in the way and it was really painful, so I looked like a crazy woman groping at the floor trying to hold my balance haha.
    Love what you’re doing Cassey :)

  74. love this workout :)

  75. Muffintop is soooooo good. And you’re so inspiring! You just do it like it’s nothing! I will get there someday!

  76. Oh my goodness, Muffin Top Meltdown was amazing. It targeted my obliques sooo well. Better than any other obliques workout I’ve ever done. I will be doing this one regularly for sure! Thanks again Cassey for an amazing workout, you are my go-to workout buddy!(:

  77. Gosh you do all of these exercises with what looks like absolute ease!

    My aim is to do these exercises and make them look as effortless as you hun!

  78. Kristina Tan says:

    you are so awesome! i loved this! thank you :)

  79. Ouch, ouch and ouch, I did the muffin top meltdown yesterday and today I was dying in pain everytime I had to sneeze (allergies). But it was gooood….

  80. Ohhh, I’ve been bad and haven’t done my pop pilates in a while. Started again with Muffin Top Meltdown and I already know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Thanks Cassey!

  81. Lucie Lafont says:

    Love it!!!!!

  82. Jen Sparkle says:

    This one was a bit difficult for me because I have weak wrists, but I still broke a sweat. Thanks,

  83. OMG the muffin top work out was killer! Thanks Cassey, I loved it! So completely unrelated to abs, would you be up for making a workout for shoulders? I like to do your videos that relate to the body part I am lifting weights for that day and the only one I need is a shoulders routine! Thanks for killing me once again =)

  84. OMG the muffin top work out was killer! Thanks Cassie, I loved it! So completely unrelated to abs, would you be up for making a workout for shoulders? I like to do your videos that relate to the body part I am lifting weights for that day and the only one I need is a shoulders routine! Thanks for killing me once again =)

  85. Uh-Oh Obliques is a killer!

  86. nice


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