Hear all the songs featured in my videos and some songs that aren’t YET! Comment with any song requests.


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  1. What’s the first song in that 6 minute sexy arms video???????

  2. Mintchoco Tofu says:

    What are the first two songs in 6 Minutes to a Sexy Little Waist? <3

  3. I really want to know the name of the first song in this workout! D:

    Please help!

  4. @blogilates , can you please insert the songs used in the videos again??
    You stopped so soon :'(

  5. I would like you know the name or artist of the second song? It kept motivating me to finish the workout!

    Thank you!

  6. what is the name or artist of the first song?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi~! Does anyone know the last song played in the 10min Blast Belly Fat video ( The one from 8:18 onward? I’ve tried everything but still can’t find it…

  8. Can you use the song “Perfect Day” by Hoku in one of your next videos? :-)

  9. What is the last song played in the “6 Min to Sexy Thighs” video?

  10. musiclove says:

    Hi i need the song played behind 6 mint to sexy thigh work out .. something like (you queens kings and eveything … ive been wondering in the dark where the cynical faith is hard) … please help me find it … please please

  11. PLEAAAAAASSEEEEEE HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been trying all day trying to find the name to a song in Casseys 10 min ab sculpting video >>> Please skin to 5:30!
    If you know the name of the song please let me know because it’s starting to drive me crazy.. I tried Shazam .. I tried figuring out the lyrics but nothing

  12. Lately I’ve been crushin on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. It’s fun and energetic. Maybe you can use it in a workout video? :D

  13. Walk the Moon has an awesome new album called Talking is Hard with some great upbeat music! Shut Up and Dance and Work This Body would be great songs for a blogilates video :)

  14. what are the two songs in the 6mins to a sexy booty you use i cant find them and i really like them

    • angelcharm says:

      hey does anyone found out what song is in 6 mins to a sexy booty video, it is killing me…

    • I am looking for those two songs as well. It seems that nobody knows anything and the poster does not answer the question :(

      • The first song is ‘Feels Like Home’ by Paulina Froling :) I don’t know the second one though, sorry

  15. Hi Casey,

    Can you tell me the two songs in the pumped up cardio warm-up video? I really love the songs and can’t use Shazam to figure song titles!

    • hey Yvonne,

      did u find the song?? m facing the same prblm :( i loved it and also cant find the song c played for killer legs workout…do u know that??

  16. Anyone know what the song that plays in (5:34 – 7:30) is? Tried googling the lyrics but couldn’t find it. Or is there any up-to-date list of what songs Cassey is using?

  17. Hi,
    I don’t know if you have done a routine for this song yet but i was wandering if you could? The song is ***Flawless by Beyonce that is amazing or the Flawless Remix ft Nicki Minaj omg those songs are so upbeat and great because they get you pumped up and make you want to dance crazy.

  18. Hey Cassey!!
    have you heard “the game of love” by Helena Paparizou? Also, try “Hideaway” by Kieza and
    “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX. These are pretty fun songs. I hope you like them!

  19. Please please tell us what background song you use in your vlog for juicing!! thank you! :)

  20. So is there a more up to date playlist you are using like a summer / fall 2014 list

  21. My new favorite workout song is OneRepublic’s Love Runs Out. I’ve created my own arms “song challenge” to it. Love love love!

  22. How about “Firework” by Katy Perry
    “Dynomite” by Tylo Cruise?

  23. Cassie!!!

    Try “So wake me up” by Avvici
    It’s awesome!

  24. For the One Directioners out there-how about “Kiss You”? It’s a great work out song

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaas!! I’m a big Directioner and I do the “Abs all night” video almost everyday! It motivates me a lot #GermanChick #BadEnglish #SorryNotSorry #LoveYouALotCasey ♥♥

  25. Prerna Singh says:

    Please do a workout with Michael Jackson’s songs !!! :D

  26. You should do a song challenge featuring “Happy” Pharrell Williams. You can’t help but move to that one!

  27. Could you do something with “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc?

  28. Hey Cassey, you should do a video with backstreet boys song Everybody, it just makes you feel like you want to get up and dance, I know its a bit of an older one, but there usually the best, and I know you could create a fantastic and fun workout out of it! <3 absolutely love all your videos by the way, that are just so effective! <3

  29. You should try doing workouts with Kat Deluna songs! They are very energetic fun dancing songs!!

  30. Would really love to hear “Me Without You” by tobymac

  31. OMGoodness! Me too! I’d REALLY love to hear that one on one of your workouts Cassey! PLEASE PLEASE DO IT!!!!

  32. Does anyone like K-pop here?
    1. Very Good – Block B
    2. fantastic baby – BigBang
    when i listen to these songs I dance like crazy :P

    • Clydiejane says:

      I like K-POP too! Your two suggestions are both awesome songs! :) I also like to dance to:

      Mr Simple- Super Junior
      A- Rainbow
      Crayon- G-Dragon
      Sorry Sorry- Super Junior

      • Paulina Rojas says:

        I love working out while listening to Kpop too!
        1. I got a boy by SNSD
        2. Electric Shock by F(x)
        3. I am the best by 2ne1.

        • nadialittrell says:

          Me too…I been doing cassey cardio with Kpop songs :) especially EXO songs…but only the beat up song ^__^

      • Sharon huang says:

        YES OMG PLEASE DO KPOP CASSIE! I WOULD RECOMMEND BTS AND BAP!!! they are sooooo inspiring and have great songs for working out!! please cassie i would be doing the whole workout with even more determination!!!

    • omg i LOVE KPOP TOO OMFG i listen to it too while i work out lol

      • I love K-Pop as well! Some of the songs I work out to are:
        Fantastic Baby – Big Bang
        Gee – SNSD
        The Boys – SNSD
        Clap Your Hands – 2NE1
        I Am The Best – 2NE1
        Crayon – G Dragon
        What’s Happening – B1A4
        Mama – EXO
        Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop
        Pretty Pretty – Ladie’s Code
        Girls Girls Girls – GOT7
        Very Good – Block B
        I Yah – Boyfriend
        What’s Your Name? – 4Minute
        Is It Poppin’? – 4Minute
        Bubble Pop – Hyuna
        Ice Cream – Hyuna
        Change – Hyuna
        24/7 – 2Yoon
        Rock Ur Body – VIXX
        Voodoo Doll – VIXX
        BBB – Dal Shabet
        Lucifer – SHINee
        Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
        Like This – Wonder Girls
        Sexy Love – T-ARA
        Damaged Lady – KARA
        Lovey Dovey – T-ARA
        Rocking – Teen Top
        History – EXO
        Give It To Me – SISTAR
        Galaxy Supernova – SNSD
        Love and Girls – SNSD
        I Got A Boy – SNSD
        One Of A Kind – G Dragon
        Rum Pum Pum – F(x)
        Dance Dance Dance – Boyfriend
        Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls
        Female President – Girl’s Day
        Oh My God – Girl’s Day

        Sorry for the looong list! There are way more songs I listen to though haha

        • I really like to listen to more aggressive KPop when I work out- I really really like Warrior, No Mercy and One Shot by B.A.P :D Boy In Luv by BTS is good too, and 2ne1’s new album give me life during workouts xD

    • Sharon huang says:

      YES OMG PLEASE DO KPOP CASSIE! I WOULD RECOMMEND BTS AND BAP!!! they are sooooo inspiring and have great songs for working out!! please cassie i would be doing the whole workout with even more determination!!!

      • Omg I would be so happy if she uploads a video on Thrusday with Bts playing in the background -gets ready to sweat- :D

  33. I would like to see something done with cotton eyed joe!!! I really like the dance but it is way to simple!!

  34. Hey Cassey!
    I’d love to see a workout of yours that features “Stamp on the ground”, “Radio Hardcore” or “My Life is a Party” (all “Italobrothers”-songs).

  35. What about Brave by Katy Perry?

  36. Hey Cassey,

    I think ‘Forgot You’ by Bella Ferraroau (feat. Will Singe) would be great! It’s slow-ish but I think you could work it!

  37. Move by Little Mix would be a really good one! :)

  38. What about Marathon, by Tennis??

  39. Cassey we need an update on this girl! I did it for 100 day today, so its great for that!

  40. Hey Cassey!
    Can you do a workout video with the Brave by Sara Bareilles? I really love that song and it has a good beat.

  41. Hey Cassey,

    I was hoping you could do a workout video to Radioactive ~ By: Imagine Dragons <3 (best band/song EVER!) Since it's so upbeat and loud, I was thinking: HIITilates or POP Cardio would probably go best with it. Even though I hate doing cardio DX BUT If this was the song you used, then i'd HAVE to do it because it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER!

    Thanks for reading! Love ya so much!

    ~ Rylie

  42. I would like to know the songs that were played in the pilates bootcamp videos

  43. Cassey you should try fall out boy the take over the breaks over really helps me work out

  44. Hello! Suggestion: Andrew W.K. I want to see you go Wild… Or/and Cherie Lily Werk. I love both these people’s and their insane energy! Would be great to sweat to.

  45. cassey can you please do a workout to an avril lavigne song ? :D i think “here’s to never growing” up or her new song “rock n roll” are great for that :D
    and i loove your videos you helped me so much to get a healthier lifestyle and to feel comfortable in my own body (: thank u soo much <3

  46. You should make a Spotify and/or Pandora Station! Instrumental would be nice too if you’re able to find the songs!

  47. you should try “my song know what you did in the dark” by fall out boy , it’s amazing , it always help me in my workouts ♥

  48. Cassey, you should do a video with Lady Gaga’s new song Applause! It’s so catchy.
    I <3 ur videos Cassey :)

  49. Did you already do a workout to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons? If not I’d love to see it :)

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