Hear all the songs featured in my videos and some songs that aren’t YET! Comment with any song requests.


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  1. @blogilates , can you please insert the songs used in the videos again??
    You stopped so soon :'(

  2. Try Shazam to identify the song. Like hold up your phone to the speaker of where the music is.

  3. I NEED THAT SONG ON MY PHONE but yeah same, can’t find it. Dang it Cassey

  4. I would like you know the name or artist of the second song? It kept motivating me to finish the workout!

    Thank you!

  5. what is the name or artist of the first song?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi~! Does anyone know the last song played in the 10min Blast Belly Fat video ( The one from 8:18 onward? I’ve tried everything but still can’t find it…

  7. do you mean this song (feels like home):

  8. Can you use the song “Perfect Day” by Hoku in one of your next videos? :-)

  9. Yaaaaaaaaaaas!! I’m a big Directioner and I do the “Abs all night” video almost everyday! It motivates me a lot #GermanChick #BadEnglish #SorryNotSorry #LoveYouALotCasey ♥♥

  10. I am looking for those two songs as well. It seems that nobody knows anything and the poster does not answer the question :(

  11. What is the last song played in the “6 Min to Sexy Thighs” video?

  12. I’m looking for that song too! Did you find it?

  13. musiclove says:

    Hi i need the song played behind 6 mint to sexy thigh work out .. something like (you queens kings and eveything … ive been wondering in the dark where the cynical faith is hard) … please help me find it … please please

  14. angelcharm says:

    hey does anyone found out what song is in 6 mins to a sexy booty video, it is killing me…

  15. PLEAAAAAASSEEEEEE HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been trying all day trying to find the name to a song in Casseys 10 min ab sculpting video >>> Please skin to 5:30!
    If you know the name of the song please let me know because it’s starting to drive me crazy.. I tried Shazam .. I tried figuring out the lyrics but nothing

  16. YESSSS Pleaseee Cassey PLeassseee!!!!
    Oh my Gosh THAT post

  17. Lately I’ve been crushin on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. It’s fun and energetic. Maybe you can use it in a workout video? :D

  18. hey Yvonne,

    did u find the song?? m facing the same prblm :( i loved it and also cant find the song c played for killer legs workout…do u know that??

  19. Walk the Moon has an awesome new album called Talking is Hard with some great upbeat music! Shut Up and Dance and Work This Body would be great songs for a blogilates video :)

  20. what are the two songs in the 6mins to a sexy booty you use i cant find them and i really like them

  21. Hi Casey,

    Can you tell me the two songs in the pumped up cardio warm-up video? I really love the songs and can’t use Shazam to figure song titles!

  22. “Ricochet” by Martel

  23. Anyone know what the song that plays in (5:34 – 7:30) is? Tried googling the lyrics but couldn’t find it. Or is there any up-to-date list of what songs Cassey is using?

  24. Hi,
    I don’t know if you have done a routine for this song yet but i was wandering if you could? The song is ***Flawless by Beyonce that is amazing or the Flawless Remix ft Nicki Minaj omg those songs are so upbeat and great because they get you pumped up and make you want to dance crazy.

  25. Sharon huang says:

    YES OMG PLEASE DO KPOP CASSIE! I WOULD RECOMMEND BTS AND BAP!!! they are sooooo inspiring and have great songs for working out!! please cassie i would be doing the whole workout with even more determination!!!

  26. Sharon huang says:

    YES OMG PLEASE DO KPOP CASSIE! I WOULD RECOMMEND BTS AND BAP!!! they are sooooo inspiring and have great songs for working out!! please cassie i would be doing the whole workout with even more determination!!!

  27. Hey Cassey!!
    have you heard “the game of love” by Helena Paparizou? Also, try “Hideaway” by Kieza and
    “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX. These are pretty fun songs. I hope you like them!

  28. Please please tell us what background song you use in your vlog for juicing!! thank you! :)

  29. So is there a more up to date playlist you are using like a summer / fall 2014 list

  30. My new favorite workout song is OneRepublic’s Love Runs Out. I’ve created my own arms “song challenge” to it. Love love love!

  31. How about “Firework” by Katy Perry
    “Dynomite” by Tylo Cruise?

  32. Cassie!!!

    Try “So wake me up” by Avvici
    It’s awesome!

  33. For the One Directioners out there-how about “Kiss You”? It’s a great work out song

  34. Yes!

  35. Tania Breckenhall says:

    Dear lord yes. This post, YES. DO IT NOW.

  36. Prerna Singh says:

    Please do a workout with Michael Jackson’s songs !!! :D

  37. I agree, I would love that!

  38. You should do a song challenge featuring “Happy” Pharrell Williams. You can’t help but move to that one!

  39. Could you do something with “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc?

  40. Hey Cassey, you should do a video with backstreet boys song Everybody, it just makes you feel like you want to get up and dance, I know its a bit of an older one, but there usually the best, and I know you could create a fantastic and fun workout out of it! <3 absolutely love all your videos by the way, that are just so effective! <3

  41. You should try doing workouts with Kat Deluna songs! They are very energetic fun dancing songs!!

  42. I really like to listen to more aggressive KPop when I work out- I really really like Warrior, No Mercy and One Shot by B.A.P :D Boy In Luv by BTS is good too, and 2ne1’s new album give me life during workouts xD

  43. I love K-Pop as well! Some of the songs I work out to are:
    Fantastic Baby – Big Bang
    Gee – SNSD
    The Boys – SNSD
    Clap Your Hands – 2NE1
    I Am The Best – 2NE1
    Crayon – G Dragon
    What’s Happening – B1A4
    Mama – EXO
    Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop
    Pretty Pretty – Ladie’s Code
    Girls Girls Girls – GOT7
    Very Good – Block B
    I Yah – Boyfriend
    What’s Your Name? – 4Minute
    Is It Poppin’? – 4Minute
    Bubble Pop – Hyuna
    Ice Cream – Hyuna
    Change – Hyuna
    24/7 – 2Yoon
    Rock Ur Body – VIXX
    Voodoo Doll – VIXX
    BBB – Dal Shabet
    Lucifer – SHINee
    Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
    Like This – Wonder Girls
    Sexy Love – T-ARA
    Damaged Lady – KARA
    Lovey Dovey – T-ARA
    Rocking – Teen Top
    History – EXO
    Give It To Me – SISTAR
    Galaxy Supernova – SNSD
    Love and Girls – SNSD
    I Got A Boy – SNSD
    One Of A Kind – G Dragon
    Rum Pum Pum – F(x)
    Dance Dance Dance – Boyfriend
    Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls
    Female President – Girl’s Day
    Oh My God – Girl’s Day

    Sorry for the looong list! There are way more songs I listen to though haha

  44. Would really love to hear “Me Without You” by tobymac

  45. OMGoodness! Me too! I’d REALLY love to hear that one on one of your workouts Cassey! PLEASE PLEASE DO IT!!!!

  46. omg i LOVE KPOP TOO OMFG i listen to it too while i work out lol

  47. nadialittrell says:

    Me too…I been doing cassey cardio with Kpop songs :) especially EXO songs…but only the beat up song ^__^

  48. Paulina Rojas says:

    I love working out while listening to Kpop too!
    1. I got a boy by SNSD
    2. Electric Shock by F(x)
    3. I am the best by 2ne1.

  49. Clydiejane says:

    I like K-POP too! Your two suggestions are both awesome songs! :) I also like to dance to:

    Mr Simple- Super Junior
    A- Rainbow
    Crayon- G-Dragon
    Sorry Sorry- Super Junior

  50. Does anyone like K-pop here?
    1. Very Good – Block B
    2. fantastic baby – BigBang
    when i listen to these songs I dance like crazy :P

  51. I would like to see something done with cotton eyed joe!!! I really like the dance but it is way to simple!!

  52. Hey Cassey!
    I’d love to see a workout of yours that features “Stamp on the ground”, “Radio Hardcore” or “My Life is a Party” (all “Italobrothers”-songs).

  53. What about Brave by Katy Perry?

  54. Hey Cassey,

    I think ‘Forgot You’ by Bella Ferraroau (feat. Will Singe) would be great! It’s slow-ish but I think you could work it!

  55. Move by Little Mix would be a really good one! :)

  56. What about Marathon, by Tennis??

  57. Cassey we need an update on this girl! I did it for 100 day today, so its great for that!

  58. Hey Cassey!
    Can you do a workout video with the Brave by Sara Bareilles? I really love that song and it has a good beat.

  59. AGREE

  60. Hey Cassey,

    I was hoping you could do a workout video to Radioactive ~ By: Imagine Dragons <3 (best band/song EVER!) Since it's so upbeat and loud, I was thinking: HIITilates or POP Cardio would probably go best with it. Even though I hate doing cardio DX BUT If this was the song you used, then i'd HAVE to do it because it's my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER!

    Thanks for reading! Love ya so much!

    ~ Rylie

  61. I would like to know the songs that were played in the pilates bootcamp videos

  62. Cassey you should try fall out boy the take over the breaks over really helps me work out

  63. Hello! Suggestion: Andrew W.K. I want to see you go Wild… Or/and Cherie Lily Werk. I love both these people’s and their insane energy! Would be great to sweat to.

  64. cassey can you please do a workout to an avril lavigne song ? :D i think “here’s to never growing” up or her new song “rock n roll” are great for that :D
    and i loove your videos you helped me so much to get a healthier lifestyle and to feel comfortable in my own body (: thank u soo much <3

  65. You should make a Spotify and/or Pandora Station! Instrumental would be nice too if you’re able to find the songs!

  66. you should try “my song know what you did in the dark” by fall out boy , it’s amazing , it always help me in my workouts ♥

  67. Agree!

  68. Cassey, you should do a video with Lady Gaga’s new song Applause! It’s so catchy.
    I <3 ur videos Cassey :)

  69. Did you already do a workout to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons? If not I’d love to see it :)

  70. Hey Cassey!

    I’d love to do a workout to an Emblem3 song! They have a new album out and their new single is “Chloe (You’re The One I Want)” :)

  71. Hey Cassey – would love it if we could workout to Daft Punk’s – “Get Lucky”

  72. Daniela says:

    I VOTE FOR KPOP!!! It’s fun and energetic and addicting and I don’t care if I’m missing a few commas, but YES!! Kpop! I listen to Super Junior’s Feels Good everyday after my workout! It’s like my mantra!!!

  73. In the muffin top meltdown workout she uses this song (:

  74. Hey Cassey! I think it would be amazing if you did a workout to Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan. It has an awesome beat so I think it would suit :)

    Thank youuuu! <33

  75. It would be absolutely AMAZING if you did a POP PUNK Pilates. Bands like Man Overboard, Blink 182, The wonder Years, All Time Low, ect. IT WOULD BE AMAZING

  76. Marjolein says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I absolutely love your videos and how you help people like me. Maybe you could use an All Time Low song like Backstreet Serenade or Weightless, it would absolutely work as workout music! And btw thanks for the things although you probably won’t notice but still…

  77. I Agree too!!! Most of the K-pop songs are great for doing workouts since they are energetic!!!
    And I know many people who would want that too!

  78. Hey Cassey!!! I’m new to your videos and I’ve been spending the last few hours watching them and I absolutely love them!!!!
    Could you please do some videos with K-Pop songs like “Gee” from Girl’s Generation (which is famous for its crab leg dance! So I thought u could use this move in one of your videos ^^) and also “I Got A Boy” or “Genie” from the same singers.
    K-pop songs are very energetic so it may be suitable for workouts!!!
    Here are the links:

    Thank you Cassey! <3
    Hope that you'll consider my request!

  79. Colleen says:

    Hey Cassey!

    You should check out The Wanted’s new single. Its called Walks Like Rihanna and its a really upbeat fun song that would be great for a workout (maybe legs?).

    Also another new band called Union J (ANOTHER BOYBAND!) have a great, inspirational song called Carry You which maybe you can incorporate into a workout too (they have dancey remixes of it too if it helps)!


  80. Hi Cassey,

    First, I want to thank you for your terrific, easy to follow and challenging workouts. The “Sleek and Sexy Arms for Beginners” is the bomb! My arms have never looked so good… still trying to get through the whole video without a break ;). What is the last song in the play list of that video? Love the beat! Thx!

  81. OMG!! I have never been athletic or excited about exercising. I have only been doing POP Pilates for about a week and I am originally a size 9 and I am now an 7/8. You should make a video for couples ;) My BF and I love to work out together, but I want to surprise him with something that is a little sexier than going out for a run.

  82. Hey Cassy!

    First of all: thank you for helping me changing my life <3

    I wanted to ask you if maybe you could do a stretch video with to Read aal about it by Emeli Sandé?

    Thank you so much for even reading this.

    xx much love.

  83. Could you include songs by The Script in a future video? :)

  84. jennifer mcmullen says:

    how about some Paliament Funkadelic ;) Earth wind and fire maybe? ;) I know they are not ‘poppy’ bands – but they sure are pretty groovy and they command your body to move and groove like no other!

  85. yeaaah!!

  86. “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato would be great for a cardio workout that gets your heart racing! Anything by Imagine Dragons would be really fun and upbeat as well :) Keep the awesome videos coming! The Great Gatsby dance was amazing ;D

  87. Bye Bye Love by Backstreet Boys & (Drop Dead) Beautiful and Trip to your heart by Britney Spears are three songs I think would be great for POP Pilates!

  88. I was wondering if you could do a thigh exercise to ANY <3 Imagine Dragon <3 song for example its time, radioactive, demons, on top of the world, round and round, my fault, tip toe, hear me, underdog, bleeding out, etc etc any song from imagine dragons would be awesome! thank you for the motivation!

  89. Hi there, I desire to subscribe for this webpage to take
    hottest updates, therefore where can i do it
    please help.

  90. Hey Cassey,
    I love all of your videos and your optimistic, funny attitude! So motivating :D I know you feature alot of mainstream pop music in your videos, I would love to hear something by Muse or other British bands. The Killers would be upbeat too. Panic! At the Disco (Time To Dance). Or… DISNEY MUSIC!!

  91. Jessica says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    Started doing your workouts a few days ago and I’m enjoying all of them. I find them to be so much fun :D

    There’s a song by Bruno Mars called Treasure and I think you could use it for one of your next videos.

  92. Hi Cassey

    love all ur work out vids. was wondering if u cld do a video with this song “Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom”. as much as i hate this song lol but i think its a great one for exercise

    thanx a lot for ur vids :D

  93. Hi Cassey!! I love your workouts! Maybe you can use the song one more by superchick in one of your videos! :D

  94. you HAVE to do a video with “bubble pop!” by hyuna
    here’s a link if you want to check it out:
    i bet it would be REALLY fun to do :D
    love your videos and thanks for the great effort
    greetings from germany <3

  95. How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds! :)

  96. Me tooooo plz cassy do for one. Way or another it is so cooi

  97. She already did one !!! And it is amazing for iner thighs. Omg it is very hard

  98. BINthere says:

    Alright I have a few. Let’s get it started by black eyed peas. According to you by orianthi. And the middle by jimmy eat world.

  99. Please do a One Direction song!!! Maybe do ‘Live While We’re Young’ . That one is awesome. Very upbeat and a good song to dance to! <3

  100. Elissa Shahirah says:

    I think DNA by Little Mix is a very energetic song fr workouts. If it doesn’t bothers you, pls make a video -x- I love your workouts it just inspire me!

  101. Jessalot says:

    Yesss! I agree x) I would love to see her using Kpop/Jpop songs :P

  102. cassey, what was the title of the songs you used in your victorias secret model arm workout..i couldnt find it here..i want to know the last one..please..thank u

  103. Cassey, I think you might like using kpop in your videos. I absolutely LOVE k-pop. There are a great deal of peppy, cheery, energetic songs.

  104. OMG YES!! I love IM5 band!!<3

  105. Honestly, I LOVE doing your workouts, BUT..I’m not a big fan of today’s modern pop music. I respect you and your choices of music in these workout videos, I still do the workouts even though I’m not into the music. HOWEVER, I LOVE 80s pop music! It would be so awesome if you did a video with some fun 80s pop songs! Can you please please PLEASE do a video with some 80s?! I want to know what are your favorite 80s songs you like to workout to! ;)

  106. Breanna maurer says:

    Can you do a One Direction song??? I love them!!!

  107. Anoneemouse says:

    Hey what’s the first song that plays in your Sleek and Sexy Arms for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho video?

  108. Anonymous says:

    You should do the song “Everything About U” by IM5!

  109. Anonymous says:

    For one of the videos, you should do the song “Everything About U” by IM5! Love your videos!!!

  110. Hi Cassey, I’m kind of an “old school” girl, but I think it would be really cool if you used “Hey Ya!” by Outkast in one of your vids. :) I can’t help but want to dance whenever I hear the song lol :D
    Btw, I really appreciate all of the work you’ve been doing to help people get fit and healthy. I really enjoy your vids, well I kind of have a ”love/hate” relationship with them. lol
    Best wishes to you in all that you do :)

  111. Dani Zumpano says:

    Hi Cassey! :) can you use “Lightning Bolt” by Jake Bugg in one of your videos? :D pleaseeee would be cool!! :D hehe. greetings from Mexico btw! ;) x

  112. Christine says:

    ‘Can’t Hold Us’ and ‘Castle’ by Macklemore would be really great for some heart pumping cardio videos!

  113. Hi Cassey! For one of your videos you should play sticking with you by Addison Road, or i think that is how you spell her name hahaha.

  114. Hola! My friend just introduced me to your website and I am lovin’ it. If you’re lookin’ for some good tunes, I highly suggest “It’s you, it’s me” by Kaskade. It’s a lighter, more house type of music but a definite “feel good” type of song.

    Oooh, or somethin’ by Missy Elliot.

    Lookin’ forward to gettin’ my butt kicked… again.


  115. Hi Cassey! Can you do a video with All about tonight by Pixie Lott? I really love that song. Thank you! I really love your workouts.

  116. Hey Cassey! can you play the song ‘Troublemaker’ by Olly Murs in one of your videos? Thanks, keep doing what your doing! <3

  117. a song that’s really suprisingly motavational is “i’ll make a man out of you” in Mulan!! it really makes you wanna try harder, well for me at least.Plus, it’s fun!!!

  118. Push Rewind by Chris Wallace!!!!

  119. Can you use Die young by Ke$ha in your next video?!!!

    Also I luv this website, keep it up!!!

  120. this is one of mf my fav. songs to work out to hope you enjoy it as much as i do ^_^
    01 Andain – Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Remix

  121. Hi Cassey! I don’t know if this song has enough beat to do a workout vid with but check out Bright Lights by a youtuber named Alex Goot! Here’s the link:

    Hope you like it :):)

  122. You should have one life by Hedley simply because the lyrics “can’t be messing with fate, it’s time to get it loud” and ” you have one life don’t stop living up”

  123. ooohhhh totally one of those short workouts like what makes u bootyful to superbass!!!!! make it a waist and obliques workout so we can get curves like nicki minaj. just a suggestion. or a cardio one because of the lyrics, “you’ve got my heartbeart running away”.

    ciao luv u cassey!

  124. Hi Cassey! I just discovered 22 by Taylor Swift and it’s super fun! Can you use that song in the future? Thank youu <3

  125. Hey Cassey! Can you do a video with Live While Were Young by One Direction, that someone could do in a couple of minutes without warming up?

  126. I love your website, love your videos!!!!!!!! I just spent 2 hours on your website….

    Keep it up

  127. c an you please do something to ‘Try’ by p!nk please :)

  128. hey cass… im in love with u i think ur amazing and i have every single workout video in my favorites on youtube, i just had a question can anything be shipped to Canada?
    love u!

  129. One Thing by One Direction
    Too Close by Alex Clare
    Beautiful by Carly Rae Jepson & Justin Bieber
    Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
    Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

  130. Boys of Summer by The Ataris!!

  131. can you please do a dance workout to 1.fantastic baby by big bang what by pink
    3.blow me one last kiss also by pink
    please please do one of them:)

  132. Can you PLEASE do a booty challenge with donkey kicks, squats and pelvic thrusts to Tim Wilson’s ‘Booty Man’

  133. I don’t if you have done one yet, but Good Time by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson has been my pump up song the entire summer! Thought it could serve well in one of your videos (: What you do is amazing! Thanks for all that you do to inspire so many of us. <3 Much love!

  134. hey Cass!!..i’m such a big fan of yours…i have some songs that i want to suggest for your next videos..
    1. Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian
    2. Hall of Fame by The Script ft, Will.I.Am

    hope you could play these in one of your videos..
    God Bless!

  135. yes for sure!

  136. Elmira AYDIN says:

    Hi Cassey! Quick question, I really love your yoga bags and want to buy one reaaaalllyyyyy badly, so the question is, can it be shipped to Turkey?

  137. christina aguilera-keeps getting better ,I think it’s a very motivating song :)

  138. Can you please do an abs challenge to Kickstarts by Example? At the end of my yoga class every other day, we do abs to that song. Even hearing the song makes my abs sore!
    Thanks. :)

  139. Liza Aberkane says:

    Hi cassey, like alwaays i LOVE ur workouts and i just wanted to thank you for putting so much effort in something that u dont have to do and also giving it to us for free. could u do a workout with cimorelli million bucks

    Thanx again Love uuuuu sooooo much <3 xx

  140. put your hearts up by ariana grande

  141. starships by nicki minaj

  142. blow me (one last kiss) by p!nk :D

  143. Starships from nicki manaj for a big booty workout!

  144. I would love to do a workout to “Blown Away” by carrie Underwood. I love that song and it also has a constant beat that would be easy to workout to!<3

  145. I would love to have more workouts to Beyonce!! Her songs usually have a consistant beat and can be really uplifting and empowering :)

  146. Oh, or anything country :P

    Do have any advice for someone with insulin resistance trying to lose weight?

  147. Hey! I love love your workouts! Can you pleaseeeee Do a Skillet song? They are so intense and awesome!

  148. Amanda M says:

    Switch it up and do ‘Listening’ by Tonight Alive!! I think u will like it :) xo

  149. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons; my energizing song! I would LOVE to hear it in a workout!

  150. Hey!!

    I was browsing through YouTube the other day and came across Katy Perry’s, “Dressin Up.” Have you heard of it? I find it sooo sexy and fun to run to because it motivates me to work hard to get a HOT BOD.
    I’m not sure what part of the body one could play this, too. But it would be awesome if you could use it in one of your work outs!


  151. Hi cassey
    have you ever considered korean music
    check out some 2ne1 songs

  152. I absolutely love your videos. Helping me so so much <3 What about the song Wonderland by Natalia Kills and Laserlight by Jessie J?

  153. Annah Rivera says:

    You Should Do A Woukout To “Boyfriend” By Justin Bieber(:

  154. Turn it up || Chris Brown
    I need This || Jessie J

  155. also, what makes you beautiful! and maybe a cardio workout with turn up the music remix chris brown ft rihanna :)

  156. Hey cassey, i’m obsessed with your videos and one direction so i was wondering if you could do a video, maybe an ab workout with one thing ! :) <3
    Thanks 4 being an inspiration!

  157. I love your blog so much! But if your looking for good indie songs then you should check out the fratellis :)

  158. what makes you beautiful! – one direction
    one thing – one direction

  159. Nafsika M says:

    Talk That Talk (feat. JAY Z) – Rihanna!

  160. Cassey, I just found your website and love it so much! You are so inspiring. I was just following your video here and was wondering what songs you used in that? Thanks!

  161. Indie music that is good (a few suggestions): FUN “We are Young”, Foster the People “Helena Beat” (Warning: video is weird, very weird) and “Pumped Up Kids”, Peter, Bjorn & John “Young Folks”, MGMT “Time to Pretend”.

  162. I love all your workout music!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  163. turn up the music chris brown
    good feeling flo rida
    tonight is the night
    my first kiss!

  164. Personally when im doing yoga I love absolutely love to listen to Andrew Bird, not only is he amazing, but all of his songs are soo relaxing!

  165. Working out with your videos is great! And lately one song came into my mind, which I adore, so, if you like it, maybe you can use it in one of your videos! It’s “In for the kill” by La Roux!

    Thanks a lot for your entire blog! I love it and everyday I can’t wait for that time of the day for working out!

  166. Is there a way to download your music? or maybe send it to my phone?

  167. milka ortiz says:

    I exercise with Inna – Hot, just absolute sweetness

  168. You should give the song Keep Up by Hyper Crush a listen! Its a great song to do cardio to!!

  169. needs more r&b and hip hop!

    baby bash feat. miguel – slide over
    red cafe, ryan leslie, & rick ross – fly together

  170. “Don’t Move” – Phantogram
    “Shuffle” – Bombay Bicycle Club
    “Love U More (RAC Mix)” – Sunday Girl

    These should be added to the Indie playlist :)

  171. Fun playlists! Just a suggestion: a couple of songs I really like to workout to are Nemo and Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish, and Haunted by Taylor Swift. :)

  172. Angelina Dezubiria says:

    Listen to “Last Flight” by Fabian. I promise you’ll love it! :)

  173. Play My body by Young the Giant. One of my favorite songs to work out to…. such a great song.

  174. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem, Black Eye Peas – I Gotta Feelin, Dev- In the Dark and Nickelback :)

  175. Admiral P – Snakke litt, for that last energyboost!

  176. oh whoops, you already did Mr.Saxobeat :P Good choice!

  177. Two really great work out songs are ” The Sun is Up” by Inna, and ” Mr.Saxobeat” Great for cardio :)

  178. Thanks! Awesome playlists :)

  179. It looooks fab! ♥ it, ♥, ♥ it…. God Bless you and more power! :) xoxo

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