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  • Fanny

    Cassie seems so funny at the end of the Sleek & Slim turbo video when she says “now give yourself a nice little pat”! I think this part must have been my favourite part of the video!

  • Namyi

    That new move was a killer! I could perform it but waaay slower and it hurt like hell!!
    Also that last video…damn :p But I still felt rather optimistic today so I also did the bootyfull song challenge and now to do some cardio on the bike! Gotta loose those pounds so I can feel more confident <3

  • Awesome thanks…

  • Help me omg

    What’s the song in the video? Please help me ):

  • Cher

    Thank you so much! Hopefully by the end of next month I’ll be back toned up! May God bless you!

    P.S I like the timer :)

  • Gab

    Hey girl. I am a yoga teacher, I teach at least 5 classes a week. It’s mainly hot yoga. The area of my body that holds the most weight is my thighs and legs and butt. I am really struggling trying to find new ways to slim my legs. The main part that is giving me the most trouble is the area right by the knee. The inner thigh right on the inside of the knee. My legs appear so thick and I’m sure it’s from yoga and being sore. But please, help me figure out ways to slim my whole leg and not just te top but also the middle of the leg and have more toned knees

    • Irem

      Hello , I have the same problem. Which exercises have you been doing so far? and have you got any results yet?

  • Steph

    These videos are great! My only issue is I cannot perform any of the exercises where your legs are in the splits and are lowered — my hip flexors pop loudly (and painfully) whenever I attempt these. It’s a bummer because that particular move takes up a good chunk of the “5 Best Thigh Moves” workout :(

  • charlene

    thank you so much for your videos and following your calling! ever since incorporating pilates I haven’t even changed much of anything else (running and eating) and already there are some major changes in my body/more definition. :) thanks for the fun songs and just your cheeriness!!! hugs!! :)

  • jes bakee

    Is there strength training in popilates ??? Fitness pal stated older u get to keep metabolism high u need strength training. I do the pop plates work out and was wondering if included strength training. Thnks :)

    • Gaby

      Pilates actually is strength training, so all of Cassey’s POP Pilates workouts are strength training.

  • Iro

    No way l can do that.. I have a problem with my knee and it started hurting like crazy at the first exercise!!

    • Blair

      I have knee problems too, and this hurt it really bad. I wish she did workouts for people who can not do regular workouts due to past injuries, or who are trying to recover from them. my knees and shoulders are both messed up from over working out

  • Erin

    Hi Cassie,
    I’m quite new to your website and Pilates but I am loving the workouts from the beginners page. I also just received your book which I love btw! However as I’m quite new to this I would love it if you could put together videos of the workout plans set out in your book as some of the moves I don’t quite understand how they work plus I get a lot of motivation through doing the workouts with you on the screen rather than on my own.
    Again thank you for all that you do, it really is inspirational.

  • Liz

    Hey Cassey!
    I’ve been doing your workouts videos and I love your optimism and helpful “don’t stop. don’t do it.” Exactly when I need to hear it. I have a question though- whenever I do a leg workout with bridges and only one leg stays on the floor, I’m not strong enough to hold myself up. What body parts should I work on to help or what moves would be useful? Thank you so much!

    • Alice

      Hi! Um, this is just an assumption but I have the same problem and I think you’d have to work on your core and maybe the arms? The core really important for balance so idk, at least that’s what I think and try to work on… Anyway, sorry!:) (I hope this was useful)

      • Vanessa Wikel

        core and hamstrings and glutes all stabilize you in this position so if you work up to this move by doing donkey kicks, reg. bridge, basically anything with hamstring work, and core stabilizing exercises like plank, candlestick dipper you’ll not only lift and tone your butt, but get stronger core muscle in general. it’s really a combo move and not one muscle group. you just need to focus on total core strength with hamstrings :).

  • Sun-Ah

    Question =]
    Can you lose your thigh fat simply by focusing on and doing thigh workouts only??

    I hear some say yes and some say no..
    Please help.
    Thank you!

    • illectica

      From my experience, the more you work your thighs, the bulkier it will get because you’re building more thigh muscle, maybe not much on the fat burning. Like many fitness instructors say, you can’t aim where to lose your fat, it’s different for each body. Maybe an equal amount of strength training and cardio, that might help? It helps lose fat overall I guess :)