Rachel C.

I want to say thank you more than anything, but here’s my story to explain why. I’m hoping to make it to the inspirational stories page, but in all honesty it would mean the world to me if all you do is read it :)

I’m Rachel, 20 and a sociology major. I’d say my story starts around the age of 8 when I began voicing some dissatisfaction with my body. I was an active kid, in gymnastics and the local soccer league, but always chubbier than most girls, which gave me a lot of anxiety. It was around that time that I started snacking too much, but my mom made a few negative comments, so I stopped for a while. When I hit puberty, however, things really took a turn for the worse. Bipolar II disorder and OCD run in my family, and by 13 I was starting to restrict my calories. When mood swings hit, I would panic and grasp for something I could make my own, make orderly and safe. It’s cliche of course, but not eating gave me that control, or what I know now to be a false sense of it. Then when I was 14 I purged for the first time. From that day on it was a downward spiral. There were happy times, sure, but it was overall the most painful time of my life. I was so withdrawn from my family, my field hockey team and other friends, so underweight and even after a couple hospitalizations, I purged for 2 more years. To this day I’m not sure what made me stop, but I switched from one unhealthy lifestyle to another, and went from 95 lbs to a 185 in 3 years. I just didn’t want to try anymore. This past January, at 19, I relapsed with bulimia. And…then came March. I started researching types of exercises I hadn’t given a shot yet, and when I found some POP Pilates videos, I don’t know, something about Cassey’s positive attitude, smile and determination was contagious. I felt this need to start immediately, and I did! After two weeks, I was working out for 40 minutes per day, doing a couple videos and running on the treadmill. From March to now in October, I’ve gone from 185 lbs to 140. The best, most life changing part though was my improved mood and energy. I had the natural endorphin boost as well as a lasting sense of accomplishment… I cannot even convey to anyone how much that has done for me, because without it I know I would have kept purging. I came clean to my therapist in April, who has been astonished at my progress. I eat so much healthier now and between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. Sometimes things still get very difficult. I have intense mood swings from time to time, and thoughts about purging, but I am now confident enough in my strength to keep going. I’m learning to take good care of my body and one day I know I will love it. Thank you Cassey for showing me how to believe in myself.

Vanessa H.

Im 19 years old from san jose,california I am 5’3″ and have always been an active person, played soccer when i was younger (wish i did dance instead). I currently weigh 115 but two years ago i weighed 125 i honestly thought i was in good shape, boy i was wrong. Once i graduated high school i became more health cautious, blogilates has helped with that…all those yummy recipes.  Because of cassey i am more determined then ever to help spread the word about being a healthy person overall. For example my parents (love them) but honestly ate like sh*t, finally im able to get them to eat healthier, by more fruits and veggies and wheat pastas/bread. its crazy but cassey has helped me this journey of becoming healthy. I cant thank her enough.

Anyways I have always hated my body and tried to find workout videos i could do on a daily basis and not get tired of. Thank god I found her on youtube, without her I would be lost in useless workout videos. Ive worked out to the videos so much i know what she is going to say and each workout that is coming up. Ive been with blogilates since 1,000 fans, man it has grown so fast. Cassey is a wonderful person. With the help of her and insanity i’m finally starting to be happy with myself. Ive never felt that way before. Cassey you are an inspiration and this is my thank you to you

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Joan V.

I’ve always been slim without really trying to. My house is the one where the skinny ones are the center of the “good hearted” jokes. See, my family has never been fitness conscious at all, and I’ve seen first-hand how their weight has skyrocketed through the years.

After some complications with my digestive system, I decided to make small changes in my diet and to start being active. I have exercised before, but never to the point where I made a habit or a priority out of it. I didn’t think this time was going to be any different. I found Pop Pilates and saw it as a stroke of luck. “Hey, free workouts that I can do at home!”

I guess it was weird for all of us to see me working out. At least, that’s how I felt. I was very shy about it. It was in the back of my mind that I was probably the one that didn’t actually need it, yet I was the one doing it. I went to my room, closed the door (a must then) and it was just Cassey and me, screaming at the monitor (haha!). This was the thing: I didn’t want to be the skinny one anymore; I wanted to be FIT one.

Is there such thing as having “skinny guilt”? ‘Cause I think I had a bit of that. Sometimes it’s hard when people fail to understand the concept of body types, and that slim people also have to deal with the comments of people telling to eat something (which I do, thank you) or what not. Some others fail to understand that skinny and fit are two different concepts.

I can say Pop Pilates has helped me embrace my body. Cassey was my way of getting the reinforcement I needed to take me to the next level. I’m proud of the decisions I’ve make to ensure I’m have a healthier lifestyle. I’ve never felt stronger! My family is supportive of it, and now I’m able to give them more guidance. I try to sneak my diet into theirs. Some listen to me, some don’t (of course), but I don’t feel I’ve to be coy about my own fitness journey. And even they can see my little muscles! *holds front, double biceps pose*. So I’m thankful for Cassey and all that she does. I’ll never have the curves, but now I can kick butt regardless!

Becky H.

So my story is less a “weight loss journey” and more of a “health journey”. I was a very active (and a little chubby) child. Being outside and running around with friends, riding my bike, spending the entire day at the community pool, those things were normal for me. I got my scuba license at 12 years old and was dragging the instructor all over the reef. But that same year I developed Crohn’s Disease, and long story short, over the next 10 years had lots of flares and was allergic to all the of the medications used to control them. My life changed dramatically. I no longer had the energy to clean my room, let alone to head out on my bike. Things got better after I got married. I had insurance, and new medications had been developed. It took a couple years, some trial and error, but I was finally stable again. Cassey posted recently about healthiness leading to happiness, and that’s absolutely right. So my health was finally stable, I was able to hold down a part time job. That just left my pathetic muscles to be reckoned with. My husband and I joke that I’m “strong like kitten”, but that needed to change. Even though I wasn’t overweight, I was really flabby, jiggly. The day I found Cassey on youtube changed all that. It was a very uphill battle, but slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m still working on my body, but I no longer have to stretch my t-shirts before I put them on, my chicken wings are disappearing, and I’m more confident/less self-conscious than I was a year ago (or ever in my life, when it comes down to it). I know I have a long way to go to get anywhere near Cassey’s level, but I’m so excited to be on that path. Thank you Cassey, for making working out fun, interesting, and downright addicting! And (as funny as it sounds) for your facebook page. I’ve met some funny, beautiful, supportive, amazing women, and none of us would know the others even exist without your help  :-)  Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to meet you someday!

Love, Becky

Sara S.

I have always been chubby. I was a chubby baby, a chubby little girl. Then when I was 10, I got Mono and was home sick for weeks. I slept all the time, didn’t eat a lot and lost weight. A couple years later, when puberty kicked in, everything began to grow and I began gaining weight. I’m from Miami where everyone looks like a model. I felt like I didn’t fit in, I wasn’t ever going to look like those women on South Beach. I began to panic (yes at 13 years old, I was already weight conscious). There was a dark period where I did a lot of stupid things to try and lose weight, the worst being a flirtation with throwing up after meals. Yeah, not only is it a horrible feeling but you don’t feel any better. You feel even worse. So I gave up and gave in.

I decided I would just have to accept the body I was in. I was never going to be a size 2, I would never be 120 lbs. This attitude worked until I moved to Germany.You don’t see a lot of big women here. They tend to all be very slim, very health conscious. Here I was, the jolly, big American. And for a while, I did my best to accept that. My boyfriend loved me, my friends here loved me, size doesn’t matter, right?

Until one day in January of this year I was late for work. I saw my bus arriving at the bus stop and I thought, ok I’ll run for it. I ran as fast as I could and made it…and got into the bus a panting, wheezing, hot mess. I had barely run for more than 10 seconds. It was my lightbulb moment. I knew I had to do something. I may have been able to accept being bigger, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was unhealthy and weak.

We converted a room in our apartment into a work out room (the whole floor is covered in mats) and bought an elliptical machine. I didn’t want to spend a lot money on a gym membership and my fiancé, who did ju jitsu for a long time, was always talking about how you can use your own body to work out, no machines or weights necessary. So I did research, decided I wanted to try Pilates since I didn’t need anything but a mat and determination. And then I stumbled across Cassey on Youtube….

I’ve been doing POP Pilates regularly since April 15 (surgery made me miss Feb and March). I’ve lost 10 kilos (circa 20 lbs!), built stomach/back muscles that I’ve never had. Cassey makes me feel that even though I’m still new to excercising, even though there are still bad days where I get down on myself, I know it’s temporary and I CAN do this.

As most of you know, I’m getting married this September. When I tried my dress on for the first time, I almost cried. Not just because of the changes in my figure, but because I actually felt beautiful and confident, for the first time in a long, long time.

Thank you Cassey. You’ve changed my life, are still helping me continue to grow on my fitness journey and I am so thankful I found you!

Olivia D.

With 3 brothers who are all like string beans I always felt that I was bigger than everybody but instead of helping my body I gradually gained weight, turning to food (and it was greasy spoon food) as my comfort. However, I soon had to pay the price for the ridiculously unhealthy lifestyle I was leading.

I was overweight, unhealthy and had breathing difficulties as well as being warned that if I continued this way of life I would end up a chronic diabetic. I could hardly walk on the treadmill in the health centre and I felt that the whole world was looking at me because I felth that I was so fat and ugly. I realised that only one person could change this- myself. It was a journey I felt that I had to take alone…

I was completely wrong! Browsing youtube looking for some health and fitness videos I stumbled upon POP Pilates Crazy Core Workout and I knew that I had found someone to help and inspire my fitness journey. I became addicted and along with reading up on proper nutrition, losing refined sugar from my diet and eating three well balanced square meals a day I gradually became the fit and happy person that I am today! I workout every day now, jogging when I get up, going to the gym for 40 minutes after work or college and even helping out in the yoga and pilates classes held every Thursday. If you had told me that in two years time I would be doing this back in the dark days I would have found it difficult to believe! I feel now that I am living proof that anyone can change their lives for the better. I am not the same person I was 3 years ago.I would just like to thank Cassey for being such an inspiration. Without her and the Blogilates community I would have felt completely alone but she has helped me to step out of the darkness and accompanied me onto the path of health and wellness, so Thank you so much. oxoxox

Kajsa Ö.

I live in Sweden, in Härnösand. I’m 15 years old, I’m 5,4 and well, my weight.. Let’s just say it’s been a struggle.

All my life, I’ve been “chubby”, and I hated it! It was soo iritating when people said I was chubby. I’ve always been aware of my weight, but haven’t really done anything about it.

As I said in my video to you, I started a cheerleadingteam when I had just turned 13. It was soooo much fun, lifting people, doing stunts and gymnastics. I LOVED IT!So I started to slim down, and quite much actually. I loved being active, and started to realize that I loved to move around and being active.So, after like 2 years, we were about to enter our FIRST competition as a team. This was this year. March 6:th it was time! We WON!! Omg, we were sooo happy and thrilled. Yeah.

Then we competed again in June 6:th. It went ok, but we were so proud of our self. I loved the feeling of a team.At the same time as this was going on, my mother had gotten a job in an other city. I was excited, but so sad and defeeted (? spelling? ) and my team was my “base”! ;) Then, before we moved, I found you on youtube, it was totally random. I was watching a ton of fitnessvideos, and then I saw u in a diet.com-video. You were so amazing, fun, inspiring and motivational, I culdn’t belive it!! I told ALL of my friend about this new fenomenon, haha, they were almost tired of hearing me speak about it :)And then, when we had to leave, and I had to leave my team (not forever), I had a new “base”. And that was you and POP Pilates. I found a new spark in my life, and totally went nuts :)My mother was worried because I worked out so much, and because I didn’t eat so much pasta and stuff anymore.

To make a long story a LITTLE bit shorter. I love what you are doing! We all love YOU! You can NEVER EVER stop making these videos. I sooo want to meet you some day, and get tips. Beacouse I want to have a job like yours, in the health departement.  ;) I love being healthy, and I think it’s the best choice I’ve ever made!

So THANK YOU Cassey, for reals. I love you so much. THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3 <3I’ve found a new base, and I love it.XOXO/Kajsa <3

Renate H.M.

I just have to start with commenting on you Kajsa.. I am so proud of you! You have no idea. To be 15 years old and taken charge of your life, your body and your health at such a young age. That is truly an inspiration. I wish I had the same courage and the same attitude when i was at your age to do the same. But instead I did the complete oposite-

I am a whopping 150 cm, that is barely 5 feet tall and 3 years ago I was 80 kg.. about 176.3 lbs. So to say the least I was way way way over weighed. I was miserable and clueless on how to get a better lifestyle. But my parents helped me financial and I joined ahealthcare centre and managed to lose 30 kg. I started a new trend and a new lifestyle and was active. I got a tummy tuck after a year as a “reward” for my new me and had some excessive skin removed (4lbs).

But after the surgery I was still in my same old job, with my same boyfriend who was still eating like I used to and refused to take any advice from me or even try. And I slowly got bored of the different activities I was using cause it just became the same old boring routine. So I slowly started to gain weigh again. Not alot, I gained 6 kg or aroud 12 lbs before I decided I had to take some action and I refused to go down that road again.

So I looked on youtube after Winsor Pilates after seeing an add on the TV Shop channel ( yeah I know.. :P ) and there she was, riding on a white horse with angel wings pilatesing in her appartment. Her first video and only video at the time and I was immediately hooked. And she released a few more videos, and I wrote her a message on Youtube thanking her for her videos and she responded instantly. And she was so grateful for the message and because of her down to earth and humble being, I just fell in love instantly. And I have kept following her on youtube and on her blog ever since and now on Facebook. And I am so inspired and motivated by not just her, but everyone on the Blogilates community. And Being healthy and fit and active is no longer a chore. It has become a true passion, and having a rolemodel like Cassey just helps so much. I am addicted to Pilates and working out. I have never been more fit, or proud of myself or looked better.

I used to be the ugly duckling in my pack of friends, but now I feel like I am the prettiest one and they all keep commenting on my new look and ask me for advide for food and workouts and they envy my body <3 How awesome is that?

I also dumped my man who I had been with for 7 years and I have never had more fun being single with all the attention I am getting and life is friggin amazing now!

Thanks Cassey for all your hard work and the encouragement! I am in debt to you always <3

Teodora A.

My story is.. I was born and raised in Sweden, I was ultra skinny growing up, they used to call me a twig. I struggled with some food problems in my very early teens, refused to eat somedays which made me stop growing (5’1 the doctor said I was supposed to be a few inches taller.) Then weirdly I started gaining weight very fast even tho I hadn’t changed the way I ate.. I grew up eaten mediterian food, seafood, salad was a huge part of my diet but then I found out I had rheumatoid arthritis and PCOS (makes you gain weight) I got super sick and was in bed for weeks and ever since then my weight went from 99 lbs in high school to 170 lbs I am now. It didn’t make it better that I recently moved to USA and I live in an area I can’t walk anywhere surrounded by freeways, I don’t even have a drivers license, I was stuck at home, unemployed but one day I typed in pilates on YouTube and there she was… Our savior haha, Cassey. I found her style fun and it felt like I was working out with a friend who gave me the extra push I needed. Some things I can’t do in the workouts when you lean on your arms I just do sit ups instead but I also like that even tho Cassey is very skinny co pared to me I don’t feel ashamed of my body she kinda makes me like it more. :) And sometimes when I wanna eat junk I think “What would Cassey do.” that needs to be put on a thank top by the way. Much love to my inspiration all of you here and Cassey!

Katelyn M.

Hi! I am a 19 year old college sophomore from Philadelphia. I have always been the tall girl with the strawberry blonde hair. I was picked on a lot growing up for always being taller than every one else in my class. I learned to love my height when it helped me become an awesome back spot in cheerleading. With my height, came my bone straight body. I never had any curves at all!! I have been working out consistently (it is important to weight train and do cardio in cheerleading) since I was about 9. Before I was a cheerleader, I was a ballerina. So working out was pretty much second nature to me. As I hit high school and there were more demands in my daily schedules, I relied on cheerleading only to get me by at times. Everything was great, until I tore my bicep and strained my tricep. I was always weaker on top than bottom, so the physical therapy was GRUELING.

Anyway, I found pop pilates on you tube and began working out consistently with Cassey. It was an awesome and easy way to squeeze in a workout in my dorm room last fall. Although I now commute to college, I always have time for a quick video in my room, which enables me to workout more often! I cancelled my gym membership this past February and rely on walking my dogs, swimming, cleaning!, and doing pop pilates videos to stay in shape. Did I mention my dogs love to RUN uphill!?

As for my diet, I never make rules for myself! I read up on nutrition sometimes and keep up with what is healthy. I eat what I like, multiple times a day and if I want a cupcake or a cookie, I have ONE. I eat it as slowly as I can and enjoy all the flavors. My favorite things to eat are greek yogurt with granola, eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, salmon, grilled chicken, black olives, broccoli, and icecream! I only eat fruit in a smoothie. And I always drink water.

College can be so very stressful, but I maintain peace by eating often, sleeping a lot!, exercising and stretching.

My parents and brother are always health food junkies and love to exercise.. Guess I can blame good genes!

Amber W.

I have always been relatively fit my whole life. Through high school, I relied on dance team and tennis while being just plain busy with theatre and school work. In college I had theatre classes, and always busy working on this or that. Never anytime to work out. I had my dance classes, and movement classes, and that’s what I relied on for activity. And it was fine; thank you high metabolism.

But after graduation, I didn’t have those classes to rely on, and I could feel myself losing muscle, definition, stamina (after only a few months). Around February of this year, I watched the documentary “Circus”, and became re-interested and motivated to get into physical theatre, clowning, acrobatics. I wanted to start taking classes, but first wanted to gain some muscle strength before doing so. And that’s when I came across pop pilates. I knew pilates works well with dance and pilates came up in my search for acrobatic work outs. Type in pilates, you get: POPPilates

At first I hardly did them, maybe once a week, trying to fit it in my schedule and be motivated enough. It wasn’t until the last couple of months (when I started working at a renaissance faire in a role that’s very physical theatre) that I made goals for myself over the summer. I got more serious. The videos and blog became catered more to recipe and cardio ideas – which got me thinking more about what I’m eating and focusing on cardio. Even though I’m still fit, Cassey’s videos have pointed out the places I need to focus on within my body (lower belly and thigh definition) and daily habits (eating right, drinking more water) – as well as working toward my goals. I’m loving the revealing of my arm muscles, abs are beginning to show (and not just the first two!), and strength becoming more apparent. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to feel strong enough I can go take an acrobatics class. Being able to do all this from home is great, and I’m so grateful for the amount of work Cassey does with her videos and this community.

Go US!!

Heleen E.

I’m from Belgium (Flanders), and grew up as an only child in a food loving but food concious family. Lots of good old fashioned meals: meat/fish – potatoes – veg, soup every day about half an hour before a meal, sometimes a small desert in front of the TV (all other eating was done at the table). I inherited some curves here and there, but all in all I developed into a fairly slim pearshaped girl. I did ballet (still do!) from the age of 6 and in summer I went to sports camps.

Then came university, a boyfriend with very unhealthy eating habits (at least 1 x fries a week, what??) – oh, and sorry if you’re reading this darling), and lots and lots of going to the movies at eleven at night. Discovered nachos ‘n cheese, potato chips (okay I knew those existed but mum never had them in the house) and soft drinks, daily. And then, donuts and muffins from a bakery on the way to morning classes, and a fuck-it’s-late-but-I’m-so-hungry hamburger after theatre classes in the middle of the night. And beer (hey, come one, it’s Belgium college live I’m talking about here), sangria parties at my best friend’s dorm, … you get the point.

So, in about 5 or 6 years I gained about 15 kilos (30 pounds). Only just within the “normal” BMI range, as it turned out. All because of bad eating habits – I know for some women a BMI of around 25 is perfectly healthy. Eating fast food at least two times a week and very late at night, just out of boredom, is definitely not. So last year I started watching my food, cooking with loads of fresh ingredients, banishing all microwave-ready dishes that come in plastic boxes. Eating a healthy breakfast! And, on top of the ballet and some extra dancing classes, I took up pilates. First through a very experienced tutor at a dance festival in Antwerp, then in classes by my ballet classmate and now professional dance instructor, and additionally through POPPilates!

After losing a good 5 kilos after watching my food and working out 2 to 3 times a week, I took it up a notch to get ready for summer, workout out every day, started counting calories every now and then to check up on myself, and lost an additional 5. Now, with a BMI (I know it’s not THE ultimate truth but it’s something everyone knows about) of 20 I’m a slim AND fit young woman ready to hit her thirties … in fewer years than I’d like to imagine, exactly the way she’s living and eating now. Hope I can keep it up!!

Thanks Cas!

Jenn D.K.

I was that lucky girl in high school who could eat whatever and never gain a pound. Then my 20s hit and suddenly so did my curves. While I liked not being rail thin anymore I wasn’t totally sure what to do with them. Around the same time I was diagnosed with severe depression and was put on medication that made me want to eat and eat and eat. I gained over 30 lbs and was really unhappy with the way I looked. I started doing yoga which I loved and joined one of those fitness in 30 minutes places which helped a lot. I dropped 20 of the 30 and then just sort of resigned myself to the way my body was going to look going forward. I went back and forth gaining weight and loosing weight for the next 10 years. It sort of went like this, “Oh I’m getting married, I should try and get in shape. OK that’s done, no need to keep this up.” My husband, who is an athlete, always encouraged me to exercise but was never pushy about it so like I said, never lost all the weight but never put it all back on. I would get into a routine of exercising then just get bored and stop. Then I got pregnant. Of course you’re supposed to gain weight when you’re pregnant but I gained A LOT, over 60lbs. It didn’t help that halfway through my pregnancy I was put on “restricted movement.” aka I could walk but no other forms of exercise. Once my son was born I dropped most of the baby weight quickly thanks to a Mommy and Me pilates class. It was my first introduction to pilates and I really enjoyed it. But, I still had that extra 20 lbs hanging on. I made new excuses like I didn’t have time because of the baby. Then this January I decided to claim nap time for me and I started exercising again. I set up my bike inside and would ride for 30 minutes then do some yoga or the pilates I remembered.

So where does Cassey figure in to all this? Well this June when I was on vacation I was looking around YouTube for a pilates video and there she was! Someone new and different with a great attitude to help me stay focused on my body shaping journey. Since June the inches have melted off my body. I can’t remember the last time I felt so confident at the beach! Most importantly I always feel like I have time to do a video. Even if I just get one in it is something. My son loves them too, the other day he grabbed my mat, unrolled it and laid down with his legs in the air saying, “I’m doing pilates!” It is great to be teaching him that being healthy is fun and doesn’t have to be a chore.
Thanks Cassey for making fitness fun again!

Sarah S.B.

Here’s my story, I was always thin from childhood on, never had to work at it my body always just stayed in shape and I always was able to eat anything I wanted to and not have to worry what so ever! Well at the age of 25 I became pregnant with my first girl I weighed 110 oh and I am short like 5’2. At the end of my pregnancy I was 150 well the weight pretty much came off without trying, I again didn’t really do much of anything to get my weight off. I was 28 when my second girl came along and at the start of her pregnancy I weighed about 117, well with her I gained soooo much weight I wound up being 170 I think so I was real scared about wether or not my weight would just come off or what? Well I noticed it wasn’t so easy this time around to get the weight off so I would try to workout when I had the time for it, I dabbled in hip hop abs for a little bit it took some weight off brought me down to like 140 maybe. Well I stopped doing that and would just get so upset and depressed that my weight wasn’t just coming off and started thinking I would have to become comfortable some how in this new body. Well months went by and I couldn’t get comfortable or feel good at all about seeing myself in the mirror so I typed in ab workouts in the youtube search and found Cassey’s 10 min intense ab workout and loved that it made me sore and was really hard. So I started doing that once in awhile not all the time and at this point was not really watching what I ate either. Well it was probably like a month ago when I started getting really upset and sad to even look at myself and thought a lot about the health issues the woman on my mothers side of the family had and realized I want to be around to watch my kids grow and I want to be a good example for them as well. So I started doing pop pilates all the time and found Cassey’s website and decided to take the extra step and eat better as well, well I gotta tell you for the first time since my 2nd daughter was born ( she will be 2 in Feb. and my other one will be 5 in march) I am so thrilled to see results and that is what keeps me going is seeing the results I get. I am now 120 and will continue to work real hard for what I want and also continue to eat right and pass it along to my kids as well! Thank you so much Cassey for helping me feel beautiful again! I cant tell you how that makes me feel! Lots of love to you girl! xoxoxo

Jenny S.

Another girl who was a skinny teen here :)

I never really liked sport as a kid and I get too anxious and nervous to exercise in public or play team sports because I’m so unfit (its a vicious cycle!). However, I was/am slim and could eat whatever I liked without putting on weight so it didn’t really bother me. When I got married at 18 I found it annoying that UK size 6 (US zero) wedding dress had to be taken in by 1 cm (I’m 5’4 and at the time weighed 105lb now 132lbs so Cassey’s comment about overeating by 100cal a day is about right!!!). It might sound crazy but I wanted to be a bit bigger to be able to have some curves be able to wear, not be so weak and to hide/blend into the background. So for a long time over ate a little and baked too many cakes and just felt very relaxed and good to be getting a bit bigger. I’m now 28 and in the last 12 months have been under a lot of stress studying for a PhD and have gained an extra 10cm of belly pooch from comfort eating. My jeans don’t fit :'(

About 4 weeks ago I decided to clean up my diet for the last few months of my studies and was looking online for some good videos to help me exercise at home and stumbled across POPilates on youtube. For the first time ever didn’t feel depressed or anxious about exercising! At first I couldn’t do any of the moves put just fell about sweating, laughing and cursing how many reps there are. Cassey is just so amazingly encouraging I thought “hell it doesn’t matter I’ll try as long as it takes!”. So far I feel a lot stronger, even if I still can’t make it all the way through all the reps. Its great to take pilates breaks from working instead of biscuit breaks :) and being more active seems to have an incredibly effect on the negative mood that can build up when research isn’t going well. After just three weeks I can see a difference in the way the extra weight hangs – there IS a tiny bit of muscle under there :) My goal is to be stronger and to turn a few lbs of the fat I’ve put on into muscle. Unfortunately it will take a while as I can’t jog/do cardio at the moment for more than about 15 minutes (abnormally fast heart rate) but with Cassey’s encouragement who knows… :) Certainly if it wasn’t for Cassey might never have started to exercise at all.

THANK YOU!! ♥ from the UK ♥

PS: Not going to re-try the jeans for another 4 weeks but will let you know ;P

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  • shvn

    I’m 162cm tall and weigh 65 kg (162.5 pounds). not only do i wanna lose a good 10kgs (25 pounds) but i want to lose around 6 inches off my waist and thighs and 2-4 inches from my arms and back. the problem is all my weight is concentrated only in terms of fat and the doctors have warned me that this is simply not a good sign and this could mean that my health could be in real danger real soon if i dont shed that extra weight. Is it possible to lose 10 kgs and 6 inches in about 3 months? and could u tell me the exact workout routine I’d need to follow to do that? i can see that blogilates is a huge success and reading all the comments has really motivated me and watching all the videos, i can see that u, cassey, are so warm and postive. i really hope u can help me!

  • Shela

    I am 13 years old. I have been dancing ever since I was about three and I quit when I was 12 because for some reason why, my ankle was very weak. I did not have that much fat until I hit puberty at age 13. I began to get a little chubbier but not to chubby. even though I was a little chubbier, it annoys me because in my class, most of the girls are skinny, except a few people, including me. My height, apparently, is 4 feet 11 and a half inches. People always tell me that I am not fat at all and that I am still growing. I don’t like my body though. I have tried to find ways to trim my belly but the exercises did not have great examples. I needed to trim my stomach before my 8th grade graduation comes up in May and before I can wear my cute bikini that I bought not to long ago. So I searched up exercises for prom dress. When i searched, I happened to find Blogilates’s prom dress workout and started to do it. Later on, as I browse the website, I found the free workout calendar and saw what exercises they did and it turns out, it was almost like dance. I joined in and I am still doing it to this day. It was more fun and the workouts were more clear than if I went online to a different website. Sometimes, i slack off and don’t want to do it but then I thought of the new body i will have if I workout, especially before High School starts.

    • Shela

      Also, thank you Cassey for coming up with Blogilates and helping us achieve our goals. You are our inpiration to achieve our goals. We <3 you Cassey

      • Mina

        Are there any results as of now?! Please reply, we r probably the same age, and i feel the same way as you.

  • Ty

    Oh and to follow along with my last comment, I have been skinny my entire life (except chubby when I was 2yrs old but that was it) and I had this random HUGE growth spurt once I hit 18…. Which I find really odd since I’ve always ate healthy

  • Ty

    I kind of came here to see weight loss stories because I love cassey and do Pilates but all I see are insecure preteens and women talking about irrelevant stories that have nothing to do with Pilates or weight loss. I just don’t understand. We’ll I’m going to continue blogilates but I just wanted to let people know don’t waste your time reading this and just go straight to Cassey’s before and after link! Btw I see girls saying they’re 5’1ish weight around 125 we’ll I’m 18, gone from a size 2 to 5 and 102lbs to 150lbs. I eat healthy and exercise 30minutes to sometimes 3 hours a day and nothing is working so honestly I think I have some thyroid problems being my only conclusion. … But you never know ? Any advice people ? Btw I only eat vegetables, tofu, I drink strictly water and green tea and I don’t eat sweets or anything containing too much sodium.. Also I don’t eat 6 times a day but I divide my food. For example I never finish my food so if I have a regular serving I divide that in half and use the other half as a snack if you get what I mean … My only health issues recently was that I’m anemic but nothing that I know ATM So if anyone could help me figure out what I’m doing wrong please reply ???

    • Ielle

      This might be too late but you could go to a doctor and have him check your dosage (if you do have throid problems). If you have hypothyroidism, your body’s metabolism doesn’t function well so you need medicine to control the release of hormones in your body.

  • Cerys

    I wouldn’t call myself inspirational at all. I’m just sharing my personal situation while I’m following Cassey’s workout calendar etc. I’m 17, I’ll admit I’m not ‘fat’ – I hate that word. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. I’m about 8 and a half stone but I don’t weigh myself, that was just the last time I checked. I guess I could be in worse shape but to me, I don’t like the way I look which is why I’m so glad I came across Cassey’s YouTube channel! I don’t think there’s a single thing I like about myself at all and I am trying really hard to just tone up my podgy belly and the flabby areas around my arms and legs. HOWEVER, i find it really hard to work out. Don’t get me wrong I put 100% effort into the videos on the workout calendar but I have really bad joint problems in my whole body. My knees pop out randomly when I walk or even just stand and they could go at anytime. It makes me fall to the floor because it feels like my leg isn’t even there anymore. My knees are the worst which is why I can’t really do anything in a plank position for more than 30’seconds as my knees can’t hack it. My wrists are bad too, and they ache terribly. I’m not writing this for attention, it’s my story. And I’m proud of myself for pushing through these videos even though I’m risking damaging them more. The doctors don’t even know what’s wrong with my joints, we’re still going to hospitals trying to find out after 5 years. It’s pretty tough I guess, because some days I just feel like going on a run but I’m not allowed, under strict instructions so that I don’t make my knees any worse. I’m not really supposed to be doing these workouts as much as I do, but I am so determined to get the body I want! If I ache a little, I have a few seconds rest and start up again! I just hope I can motivate a few people by this, please don’t take your healthy body for granted :) and Cassey, thank you. X

  • Brittany

    Hello Everyone,

    My Name is Brittany and I am a month shy of 20. I am a type 1 diabetic for 4.5 years, and just got an insulin pump on January 13, 2014. My life wasn’t clean, it wasn’t healthy, and it wasn’t by any means active for a long time. Needless to say, my diabetes wasn’t under control, and I wasn’t feeling good.
    At the beginning of December I ended up in the hospital with DKA (Diabetic Keytone Acidosis). I was asked by both doctors, “Why and How are you still alive?” I was so dehydrated, and all my levels were near zero, and my blood had basically turned into acid. THAT is when I made the decision to start changing my life around!

    I wear an insulin pump (which isn’t exactly small), and work out almost everyday, eat healthy, and work a rotating schedule. I hope my story will help inspire you to get healthy and realize how important your well being is!

    Good luck to all of you weather your male or female. We are strong, empowered, beautiful people!

    • LS

      Hey! It’s good to see another pump wearing diabetic on here! I’m 17, and I know how plain awful it all can be. I have never had DKA, but my sugars do get messed up every now and then, and they haven’t been pretty in a while. You’ve reminded me that I should probably balance those out, while taking care of the rest of my health, too. Good luck with the pump and your new lifestyle:)

      • MiinaMarie

        wow, that’s amazing you two!
        i know it must be tough sometimes when there’s more than one health-wise thing to focus on :( I just wanted to say that actually a few years ago at a weight watchers meeting of mine, there was one older(ish) girl there who had diabetes and as she lost more weight (ate healthier and incorporated exercise) if I remember correctly, the severity of it went down and I believe she either got to go off medication, or change to a much lower dosage. That in itself is a massive accomplishment! I wanted to share with you guys, maybe it’ll help or inspire you in some way :D

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  • Kelsey

    My story started this last summer (2013). Sure I’d done Pilates off and on before then when I’d found it about a year or two ago but I was never serious. See, alot, and by alot I mean most of, my family members are overweight. They don’t eat healthily, they don’t exercise, and they think making fun of everyone else’s weight is okay even though they’re the same if not worse off.
    So back to this summer: I had to do a summer gym class for school, I’m an 11th grader now, and it lasted 2 weeks. At that time I was 16 years old, 5’3”, and weighed 215 lbs. I tried to make myself think I was okay with it, just to avoid any bullying which, luckily, doesn’t happen at my school at least to the person’s face.
    But see, I had trouble through everything we did. I couldn’t play, lift, or run like the others, although there were some other girls that were overweight like me that I could try running with but they didn’t want to try and I did. And that was when it hit me. I wanted to try. I wanted to lose weight. I couldn’t stand being the fat friend that just hung around when we shopped cause I couldn’t fit anything in the stores. I was tired of just being ashamed to eat in public cause I felt like everyone was judging what I ate and just plain judging everything about me just because I was overweight.
    It wasn’t easy. It has only been 5 months since then and it’s still not easy. I’d try to eat healthy but then we’d have no groceries and my family would go out to eat every night. I’d workout for a week, see change, but stop for a month. But starting last month, I started really working on everything that made my life unhealthy. Not all at once. But I joined my school’s bowling team, a sport that is low key enough for me to be active and still about to do. I eat clean as often as I can, even causing some people around me to change their eating habits, got my best friend to stop drinking pop with me. In these past 5 months of on and off craziness I’ve lost 15 lbs. Which is awesome, trust me. But I’m just starting to realize this month that if I can do that hardly trying for 5 months, how can I change my body by really trying to become healthier. So I wouldn’t say this is my super inspirational story conclusion or anything. In fact, I’d say I’ve just started writing my inspirational story. It’s now or never popsters because tomorrow is just one day you’re going to regret not making the fullest. I regret not taking it seriously those months. But I’ve actually come to enjoy the feeling after a workout, the feeling of pain not so much but I can get through it, lol.
    So this is me, age 16, height 5’3”, weight 200 lbs, dedicating to never get like this again. To never feel like I hate myself because of how I look because I’m going to change myself for the better. I’m dedicating myself to becoming fit. It’s funny to me, like writing this out makes it more final to me. This community, even if I’m only a teenager, has been so inspirational and I’m just truly so happy that I found out about this place before I got any bigger or unhealthier. Before any habits became permanent. Just. . . . I really love working out now thanks to Cassey and everything that is pop Pilates.

    • MiinaMarie

      high-five friend! you’ve got my support :D I’m 26 and let me tell you, when you are 26..or however old, you will have a never-ending feeling of pride that you did something about it when you did! Congrats and good luck!!

  • Karisah

    Im 15, a little over 5’0, and 84 pounds. I’m very petite and I’ve never really worried about my weight. I have always just been able to eat whatever I want and still stay skinny. Kids in my school always complemented me on my weight and said I was so lucky to be so skinny. However, although I enjoyed being petite, I wanted to be FIT.
    I found you on utube about a month ago and have doing ur exercises daily. I’ll admit it…It’s a bit hard for me to exercise every day because I’m really stressed about school. I’m trying hard to keep my 4.0 with advanced classes. However, Blogilates has helped me look forward to working out. It’s actually fun! Im so thankful for you! I truly believe that God has blessed me with ur positive attitude and healthy eating habbits. U r truly a role model!

  • Julia

    My story isn’t really a weight loss story as much as one of learning what a truly happy and healthy lifestyle looks like. I’m currently 22, a senior in college. I used to work out in high school; I ran track, figure skated, worked at a gym. And then I pursued a degree in engineering, joined a sorority, and got a boyfriend in college. Suddenly all my energy went into those things rather than my health.
    I have a long family history full of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I’ve kind of realized how irresponsibly I’d been living given those things. I never watched what I ate, I drank too much, and I didn’t sleep.
    But what really pushed me to look up pilates videos didn’t happen until this past year. I was dumped… and by dumped I mean cry all night, all day, for months dumped. It was a terribly messy break up and I have never felt more miserable. I had put so much of myself into the relationship for years and the break up sucked the life out of me. I just wanted to do something to make me feel better. That’s when I discovered Cassey’s videos.
    I have never struggled with my weight, but I can say that I look and feel better ever since I started doing her videos. It started out that anytime I felt angry or sad about my ex, I would start doing her videos until I felt better. Now I just do it for ME. Because it makes ME happy. That’s whats so great about Cassey. She has a contagious kind of happiness, and she motivates me to be as healthy and as happy as I can be. For the first time in years, I feel like I’M the one in control of my own happiness. And you simply cannot put a price on that.
    Thank you Cassey, for helping me become the best version of me I can be :) <3

  • Kiara G

    I’m going to be honest. I’m 14, and i have a twin sister. She was the one who introduced me to Cassey. I honestly have tried to loose weight a million times, was succesful once. I traveled to the states, and i missed the fast food, therefore my weight loss was short-term. I’m currently obese. I weigh 175, and my height is 5’7. I’m not ashame of my body. It’s just how unhealthy i am that bothers me. My sister She has lost weight, she’s happy with her success. It’s hard to loose weight. But Cassey, And all of your stories make me hope i can. I struggle with some nasty comments people i know make, i HATE feeling use less, i absolutely struggle with leaving certain food behind. Yes, i am young. Yes, i know I’m not in a healthy state. But thanks to Cassey and all You popsters, i WILL change. And i hope that we all do, that we all acomplish our gols of getting lean, loose weight, be healthier, be fit. If You actually read this, then Thank You for reading. :)

    • MiinaMarie

      you’re welcome for reading. (also awesome – Twins!!)
      dont fret, friend :)
      it isn’t easy to leave those foods behind…and you know you dont have to…if you find that that’s one of the hardest things…then just enjoy them in smaller quantities and not all the time – you’re still living, you’re still young – the first step is realizing theres an issue and the next step is finding out what to do about it – and you’ve done that so that’s half the battle. I’m sure your sister will be of great support and possibly have some great advice. You may not realize it just yet, but it helps when you have someone there who’s been through it and can support you. you’re not useless, and people are jerks – if their comments bother you, you have the right to ignore them :)

  • Samantha

    Hello! I am 13 almost 14. I’ve always kinda been insecure about my body. Even when I was younger if look in the mirror and grab the fat on my stomach. I’ve always been the chubbier one in my group of friends… I’m fairly active. Right now I currently play soccer and volleyball. I’ve done dance, gymnastics/tumbling, basketball, tennis, karate etc… I’m about 5’2 and 125ish. I hate my body. I don’t like my legs, stomach, arms, back, face acne almost everything. But I am very grateful though for my life and stuff… Anyways I darted being self conscious about my body in about 5th grade I would say… So 10-11years old. I decided I wouldn’t eat a lot. So I wouldn’t eat breakfast or lunch and only eat a small part of the dinner. It’s hard to always worry about how you look or if you fit in. Tumblr with all the pictures of thigh gaps, skinny girls etc makes me even more self conscious about my body. It’s hard for my not to judge myself, compare my self. I always notice how skinny other girls are. It’s like it’s become a habit. I will look at other girls and say to my self ‘I wish I had her legs’ or ‘I wish I had her stomach’ stuff like that. It’s hard to stop after you’ve done it for so many years. In about august I found out about blogilates and I’ve been watching Casseys videos and it’s somewhat inspired me to start changing my body, become happier and healthier. Cassey is so inspirational to me and helps me to not give up. All the inspiration during the workouts really helps me to not give up. I recently just started doing the videos but I just want to say thank you cassey you are amazing and if I saw you in real life I would run up to you, give you a biggg hug, then tell you that you saved me. Thank you so so much xoxo

    • MiinaMarie

      Hi Samantha.
      I hope it’s ok that I comment.
      I remember feeling like that when I was your age too. Being older and having experienced, or having learned different/new things made me realize a little bit more about some of those thoughts. For example, I was a little confused at why I looked different than some other girls. One thing that I learned was that I developed before a lot of other girls (I got my period earlier and so my body started changing before theirs, etc…my chest was growing past the awkward ‘budding stage’, all that stuff) Also I grew up with very little female influence, so I was surrounded by boys, and my Dad provided our meals/nutrition (again which I didn’t really know much about) It’s so important for young teens (or girls in general) to know why you don’t look like ‘that girl in a magazine’ or something similar…I wondered too…let me tell you it’s because you are young, you’re still growing, your body is still forming itself – that’s so important! Even if you’re not getting any taller or anything. You’ll likely notice a lot of ‘those girls’ are in their 20s and even 30s or more…and yes everyone’s body is different, but it’s unfair to yourself if you’re wondering why you don’t look like them. Possibly in time, with that, it’s important to acknowledge what you said about online pictures (facebook, pinterest, instagram – all of that) people post those things possibly for inspiration, however please also know that when people put any sort of picture up on any public social network, its always a picture of something good (very rarely do we ever want a picture to remember the bad times, right?) so it’s someones vacation, or someone in a dress or a large friend-group-shot or something, it’s not someone slaving at school or work or a sad puppy or a burning building…it’s a skewed image and their only showing what they want others to see. And lastly, because I know this is long – something that I’ve thought about, is sometimes you don’t know what that “beautiful skinny girl” is going through… she may have an agent who deprives her of meals, a really unfulfilled life because she feels the need to do 50 laps around a track before she’s aloud to go out to see her friends, or any other issue…it’s not all glam or real or even realistic…it’s a lot of lighting, airbrushing (or photoshop) and oftentimes a lot of heartache – in most of these cases a lot has to be given up by that person.
      So try to love yourself, know that you’re real and you’re capable and in control good luck :)

  • Samantha

    ok l’m just gonna start out by saying thank you this means a lot to me because l most definitely am not the prettiest or smartest girl. l’m 13 and i just wanna be skinny. i am not fat fat but a have this tiniest belly out the front i want to get rid of it and have abs, Cassey your workouts have helped so much i really enjoyed the roar challenge that i did today, 12th of october on the calendar. Thank you so much for making me stronger everyday x. i get bullied at school an when i get home i normally do my homework and then blogilates. i love an enjoy it so much, thank you again for everything. -Samantha

    • Inesa

      Hey I’m 13 too wow great job and don’t think about those bullies! I want to loose my belly fat too and well I wasn’t bullied but I don’t feel comfortable so doing for myself. And great job! Keep it going!

  • Corina

    I’m 15, and though I’ve never technically been overweight, I’ve felt that way compared to my height. I’m not even 5 feet tall. My growth was completely stunted when I was a little girl, going from an estimate of 6′ 4” and being so underweight I had to be put on a diet plan to regain weight. In fourth grade I weighed maybe 50, 60 pounds. I had a slew of digestive problems throughout my life, first being tested multiple times for Crohn’s, then being so sick that I naturally vomited my food up, and had everything short of endoscopy done. I discovered I was lactose intolerant in first grade and that only limits my food choices.

    I had been dancing since I was 2 or 3 years old, and it wasn’t a really intense workout for me. I was very proficient in completing the steps and I wasn’t dancing competitively. It never toned my body aside from blowing up my thighs and calves and actually gave me severe ankle damage. I quit after I found out because I was miserable most days, just lying in bed with my ankles throbbing. I stayed away from other sports because of a complex schedule aside from some cross country. Running in gym class about three years ago, my legs gave out. I pulled myself up and tried to finish my last lap, but instead collapsed again, unable to breathe for the next 3 hours and visiting urgent care. I had exercise-induced asthma apparently. Cardio of any type makes me feel weak fairly quickly, and I’ve vomited after running about 500 yards. So I’ve tried to stay away from that or do lighter cardio for the most part.

    Last October I just felt disgusted with myself. I dropped my calorie intake to 1200 (I’m so short and small that it wasn’t much of a difference in calorie intake for me) and went through a rough first few weeks. I saw small results in my body, but wasn’t losing any weight. It looked as if I had lost some though, so I’ve kept up. It’s fairly easy and though I don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, I only ever drink water and mainly eat lean proteins and grains (whole wheats when I can). If I messed up a week, I just continued the next week and didn’t stress. When summer rolled around this year, I hadn’t seen visible results in months so I planned to exercise. That didn’t really happen except for the occasional brisk walk up to the store (I am not allowed to walk on my own excluding to the market since a recent abduction attempt). I’d heard of blogilates on tumblr and decided to try it. The first video I watched hooked me in. Cassey is so happy and encouraging, that I look forward to working out now, though it’s hard with school back in the mix. And I’m finally seeing thinner calves, more definition on my stomach and arms.

    I come from a family where I have a vegan older brother who’s pure lean muscle, despite his taco bell days back in high school, and an older brother with biceps the size of both my fists, and a little brother who’s a good foot and a half taller and thin as a rail, though he’s at an awkward stage in puberty where he is severely underweight—BMI reaching below 18.0. I’m hoping to be very lean with smoother muscles, but what I’m really after are defined abs and very slim hips. I haven’t lost weight, but you can tell I’ve lost fat.

    Thanks for such wonderful videos and keeping me inspired! ~Corina

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  • Anna

    I’m a 14 year old girl from Denmark, and I’ve never been fit. Quite the opposite, I’ve always hated sports! I don’t know how, but some day I just stumbled across one of your videos, and since then I’ve been doing my best.
    I’ve begun eating a lot less fatty food, and don’t stuff myself as much. The biggest change still is that I’ve begun working out, even when I’m bored. I love your videos, Cassie, and I want to thank you so so much!
    I’ve seen a lot of changes, and it’s really nice not being called last in gym and actually be able to run without a pause.
    You are amazing, thank you so so much!

  • Acacia S.

    Hi I’m 17 years old and 6’ft tall and have always been a little bit on the chubby side. I believe it was at the beginning of April when I was almost near 300 lbs, i was around 221 lbs. And I’ve always wanted to lose weight not just because of how models looked on TV, or just to get some guys attention. I wanted to lose weight so that i can feel good about myself, and i wanted to thank you for posting these videos and healthy food videos. Ever since I started watching them i became more active, I’ve been slowly cutting out junk food and sodas from my lifestyle. I even join my schools color guard to become more active :) I even jog around my neighborhood if I cant afford to go to a gym. Previously when i weighed in I was shocked to see that I was slowly losing weight, as of today i have lost 11 pounds. I now weigh 210 lbs my goal weight is to weigh between 144-176 lbs. three to four times a week i watch your video, again i just wanted to say thank you. :)

  • Sara C

    Wow, reading all these inspirational stories has given me the courage to tell my story. I was born premature and sickly, as a result I was always very tiny and thin(at two years old I still looked like a infant) at first this wasn’t a problem and my tiny stature, fair skin, and big green eyes earned me the nickname “China Doll” at my ballet studio where I began to dance at the age of three. Although my father sister and I traveled all over the world when I was young I always found a place to dance, it was my calling. I was fantastic and truly believed I’d be doing this forever. Then six months before I turned ten I was involved in a car accident. My back was fractured right between my shoulder blades and my sister was left completely deaf from brain damage. my father was unable to care for my injury due to the nature of his job so I moved in with mother who had just been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome as a result of exposure to chemical agents during her service in the Gulf War. Although I had made almost a full recovery within the year I was never able to go back to dance because of having to care for my mom and young brother. I suddenly found myself totaly inactive after years of ballet for 40 hours+ a week and the pounds started to pack on. suddenly my tiny frame was my worst enemy. To make matters worse I also learned that I had a heart and lung problem stemming from my being premature. then just when I was getting my health under control I began to have mental/emotional problems caused by years of abuse at the hands of my father. I was spiraling out of control fast, depression set in with a vengeance, I was totally anti social, and I was overweight. I hit a growth spurt around age 12 and it evened out my weight as I went from 4 foot 3 inches to 5 feet and 2 inches. Then puberty hit and the weight came back. By the start of junior high when I was 13 I had hit rock bottom, I tried everything from crash diets to not eating at all but nothing worked. After a brief bout of rebellion(sneaking out and getting wasted) I realized that I didn’t want that for my life and as unhappy as I was that wasn’t the way to go. I threw myself into my schoolwork and was completely snit social until one day about six months ago I started taking an online class through my high school, our first assignment was to make an about me page and make a post to introduce the class to our assigned partner based on their page . God blessed me the day the teacher assigned me to Emma, she told me about Blogilates after we’d chatted a bit and I checked it out within the hour. It was the start of both a physical and emotional transformation. I’m still on my journey but I’m proud to have achieved my goal of being back to a healthy weight by my 17th birthday two weeks from now and I’m officially off of my depression medication. I have joined several extracurriculars and made some fantastic friends. I am so much healthier and happier today and it’s all thanks to Cassey:) Thanks and love!

  • Alann Grier

    I was just like to give a huge shout out to Cassey; you are an amazing and dedicated person who is admired by many, including myself. You are one of the main reasons I am so dedicated to what I do and how I will continue my life outside of high school.
    I am 16 years old, from Ontario Canada. I currently weight 161lbs and you know what, that is all muscle and I am proud of it. Cassey has taught me that its not the number that matters. Instead pick up a measuring tape and to me thats the number that matters. My stomach has gotten smaller, my waist as be defined and my arms are building the muscle I wish I always had. I can see my collar bone , which to me isnt a big deal it’s just something I’ve noticed.
    My friends aren’t very supportive of my new way of life, but you know what… This is the best thing I have ever done for me. I’m so proud of my accomplishments and I hope my friends will follow in my footsteps one day. Next year am spending the first semester at a local gym teaching and learning from the best. I know this will be a big step for me, leaving behind things i use to do, but this is amazing, I love who I am becoming and no one, not even my friends can make me sad.
    Cassey, you have taught me that I CAN.
    thank you for everything you are teaching with the workouts and with the healthy eating. You are amazing and you are my role model.

    • Alanna

      Alanna G. *

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  • Mackenzie H.

    As a young kid i was always overweight but i was active in gymnastics and dancing. My weight took a turn for the worst when i hurt my back and had to be taken out of gymnastics. I began gaining weight and i hit 150 pounds and 5 feet tall in the sixth grade. I was very angry at myself and asked my parents if i could go on a diet. They agreed and over the next year i lost almost 30 pounds and grew 4 inches with Cassey’s workouts and eating healthy food. I am now pretty happy with myself and i only want to lose another five pounds. I have kept the weight off over the past two years and couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much Cassey!!

  • Hannah

    Hi Cassey, I’m 15 and during middle school I was really overweight (like 160 lbs). I am 5’7″ and have lost close to 20 lbs from healthy eating and exercise. I started playing soccer 2 years ago and I tried dance team for a season this year. Being active has really become part of my lifestyle and I appreciate that here are people like you out there who are so inspirational, helpful, and kind. I just found your website here and already I love it! I did one of your videos earlier and my legs and arms are so soar! I am going to start the May calender (even if the month is over half-way done :p) and my goal is to get toned. Thank you so much for everything you do! You are amazing :)


    I’m 16, 166cm (5’5), and I started these workouts because I wanted to be healthy – I know I might be young xD; but I’m trying to improve myself. I find it annoying when I just sit there doing nothing and snacking, and recently i love being active – You’ve really helped me feel better, and also encourage me to lead a better lifestyle .

    It’d be awesome if I could continue this over the years – when I did Yoga before, I lost a lot of thigh fat, but I was motivated to continue. Once I stopped, I gained it back like crazy .


  • Maisie

    I’m 16 and I’m 5″4. I weigh about 127 pounds, I suppose some people wouldn’t consider this too bad but there you go. So I recently found Cassey, and I was surprised how exciting I found the workouts! I’ve started the 90 day challenge from the beginning as I wasn’t around at the beginning of the month, and hopefully I’ll be able to get to 115 pounds in time for my prom in June. :D

  • Maisie

    I’m 16 and I’m 5″4. I weigh about 127 pounds, I suppose some people wouldn’t consider this too bad but there you go. So I recently found Cassey, and I was surprised how exciting I found the workouts! I’ve started the 90 day challenge from the beginning as I wasn’t around at the beginning of the month, and hopefully I’ll be able to get to 155 pounds in time for my prom in June. :D

  • I grew up in a family who all had big appetites for all sorts of food. I was a pretty chubby kid, but I was happy with myself and my life. My weight wasn’t really a concern to me growing up. When I got to high school, it all changed. I went through a point where I felt so alone and sad. I didn’t eat, and I wasn’t myself anymore…all my friends and my family noticed. They kept saying, “Where’s the old Trisha?” My brother said for a 14 year old who should be enjoying life, I looked like a walking corpse. I guess I wanted to be like the “rest of them.” They were so beautiful, skinny, and I was not happy with myself. I was not much of an athletic person, although I loved to dance. I was five foot one weighing at 107 pounds…then suddenly dropped to 76 pounds in less than 2 months.
    One night I was helplessly crying over a stupid group project when suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was almost gonna die. My parents said I HAD to start eating and getting my self back to normal. From then on I tried my hardest to gain the weight back healthily. Working out and eating healthy foods. I followed Cassey and was able to slowly get my body back, but in a greater shape. To this day at 15 I still feel conscious about how I look and still struggle a little with my eating habits, but I can definitely say that I feel much better!

  • monika

    i’m 16 (soon 17) and i’ve been doing your exercises for 11 months now i think. in may last year i had 64kg, and now with help of your videos i lost 6kg, i now have 58kg and more ”formed” body. i’m not just skinny i also have muscles and i love it! so,thank you cassey to be my sunshine when i’m about to quit! i love you soooo much :)))

  • Ashley

    First of all, I just wanted to say how awesome you are Cassie. You really get me motivated and make me feel good about myself when I’m working out :) lol At first I thought it was a little silly how you would encourage me to work harder in the videos but then it became more and more helpful! You helped me hold my poses longer and make me feel awesome! I now have abs! (Well, they are forming hehe love handles are gone!) I have also started taking pole dancing classes and despite a few bruises, it’s totally worth it. I love having muscles :D

    Keep on being the happy bubbly person you are we love you so much for it!

  • PA

    Hi guys!
    I’m currently 15 years old, and my birthday is in a couple days…
    I’ve always been at an okay weight. Not too fat, not too thin. Despite all the compliments I got from everyone, I always felt fat because of the bullying at school. I was called fat, overweight, ugly and even more nasty things I don’t have the guts to say on here. I would go home and cry everyday, and turn to food for comfort, which just added to my struggle.

    I struggled with my weight for almost 2 years, until I heard of the Call Me Maybe squats. I hesitantly typed it into Youtube, thinking it was probably another “toning down” that never ever worked. The minute I saw Cassey smiling, and being so determined and supporting, I knew I could finally reach my goal. I started doing it, and quit after a month, which I now regret. It went on like that for almost 6 months, and then I finally realized that for my grade 12 graduation, I want to be able to wear the dress I want, and be able to CONFIDENT in it. I have now promised myself to start working out again, because my goal to be my dream weight for my 16th birthday won’t come true, but I can definitely start for my grad goal. Cassey, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH…you’ve helped me so much, and given me more hope than anyone ever has…I really admire you.
    Thank you! <3

  • Teresa A

    im 13. just like alot of others, i have always been a chubby child, at least, in my eyes. i have always had a struggle with self esteem and confidence. everyone in school would say “tee youre so skinny!” but to be honest, i was always insecure about my stomach and thighs. when it comes to my body, im a perfectionist. my stomach has to be flat, and i have to have space between my legs. ive tried being anorexic but that never worked out with me being a type 1 diabetic, needing to eat enough carbs and having to take medication. im starting now to eat better and to work out with your videos to become healthier and thinner because i am not confident at all and i feel that this will help. thank you Cassey!

  • Catherine

    My name is Catherine. I am 5’7 and at my highest weight in high school I weighed 230 lbs. In college I finally started realizing the importance of being healthy and exercising. With Cassey’s help with summer until now I have lost 30 lbs and am only 10 pounds away from my goal weight. Cassey I love your workouts! I have never looked forward to working out and waking up at 4:45am every day like I do now. Thank you so much for your time and effort it is truly life changing!

  • Demi

    im 13. i was a dancer when i was little so i always kind worked out so i was pretty slim back then. i gave up dancing when i was 7 and after that i kept gaining weight more and more… ever since i turned 11 almost 12 i wanted desperately to lose weight cause i was basically desperate at the time; when i heard my cousin was going to get married i said this time im going to lose weight for real i got a meal plan and exercise dvd’s and a wii fit so i started pretty good and i lost about 3 pounds not much… i only did exercise for a week and then i gave up on it… anyways on winter i took a trip to new york and when i came back i weigh 6 kilos more (12lbs) i was completely devastated i was so devastated that i said im never going to do it so i just stopped… later in summer i said okay next year im a freshmen im going to graduate and i haven’t worn a bikini in like 6 years… i said summer lets start never did but i never actually gained more weight i remained the same

    now im taking this seriously right now im 5’3 i weigh 161lbs. haven’t lost anything but im with cassey, using the workout calendar and adding hiit and cardio vids. to melt fat faster and my goal which im going to reach is to weigh 120 by summer or next year!!!!

    cassey does work don’t think it just do it and you’ll commit to it!
    Good Luck to everyone who keeps trying!

  • melinda

    i’m 15 and i weight 77.6kg and i’m short (which doesn’t help) when i was little i was a good size but since about 10 I’ve put on a lot of weight and my parents keep telling me i need to lose weight and it was annoying me and i want to look really nice and lose at least 10kg, I’ve tried a lot of things but givin up shortly after starting :( but yesterday i found one of the videos on youtube and had a go and it was a heap of fun so im going to stay at it hopefully. i also love how Cassey is so energetic she makes me feel like getting up and trying my hardest!
    so keep making videos Cassey ill be right here to watch and join in with them!!! :D thanks

  • Leigh Anne

    For those of you who have seen results, how many of the workouts do you do per day, and for how long? Also, what kind of diet do you follow? Do you eat clean like Cassey? Any information anyone could give me is greatly appreciated. I find it hard to get good workout advise. I just started doing pop pilates, but maybe I’m not as dedicated to it as I need to be.

  • Cassey,
    You have changed my life. I’ve always been a chubby child since I was younger, and I always thought I was so fat. Looking back, I was chubby, not FAT. But still, I wanted that to change. I started barely eating and exercising like crazy, and I lost a lot of weight but that was a miserable time for me. So instead, I looked up some videos on youtube, but none of them were fun to me. Until I found your videos. Your videos and website have absolutely changed my life, although I still don’t love my body, I know that I’m fit and in shape. I’m in the 25% in height and weight and as much as I don’t like my body, I don’t feel fat or chubby anymore. You’re my goal, I want to look just like you Cassey.

  • rose

    Hi Cassey,
    Im 22 years old and I weight about 126lbs and my height is 4’11 . I was wondering how much should I lose. I wanna lose 26 lbs in two months is that possible.. If I follow through with your work out. I want to be a model someday but I know with my height is very impossible.. All im trying to say is that, I want to prove everybody that i can be fit and sexy like you of course.. lol and I’ve been doing your videos for almost a week now.

    Thank you for this great opportunity!!
    Love Lotss!!!!

  • Nadja

    Hey, i´m 16 years old and i´m from germany..
    I´ve searched for years an inspirational web-site about health, fitness and something else. here in germany you can´t find a website like these.
    So i´ve found blogilates and started to train and shaping my body.
    i feel beauty and confident, training is hard, but cassey motivated me every day, not to ends up my challenge with me..
    very much guy´s tell me that i have amazing and prettey legs and asked how i get them.. I will show german people this website..
    thanky you cassey.

  • Margo

    Cassey you are so amazing and inspirational. I hate following workout videos and the instructor being dull and boring. You are fun and energetic and make my workouts so much more enjoyable. Im 5’9 and play soccer, and im not heavy, i just dont have a lot of muscle definition. After only a week i am starting to see changes in my body. If i see a place in my body that needs a workout, you are bound to have a video on it which is so amazing. Thank you!

  • shaii

    Its only been a month since ive discovered cassey. I ve lost only a kilo. but the decrese in inches has been huge. ive lost 2 inches from my belly!!! my body language has changed. i feel confident and strong ;). I feel like now i wouldn’t shy away seeing my ex because i feel inadequete. I dont even miss him now. :P

  • Grazia

    When I was younger, I was small, to chubby, to small. I was always taller than everybody else, always younger than everyone else. I never had any issues with my eating, I just wasn’t always that active. To put it bluntly, I had an excuse not to get up and run around like a chicken with her head cut off. When I was five, I was diagnosed with asthma. I would run out of breath fairly easily, and I hated the feeling I got when that happened. When I got into middle school, I wanted to change. I didn’t want to be out of shape. I didn’t want to be the last one in gym, still running. But that was the case. I got so angry with myself! Most of the girls in my gym class were active and totally obnoxious. When summer came, I’d eat. I’d eat when I was bored, when I was “hungry”, I’d eat just to chew on something while watching TV. Then I got a little belly. I hated it. I hated being flabby instead of muscular.
    This summer, I decided to change. I decided to get fit. My legs were already awesome, so why not get everything to match? I started doing jumping jacks whenever I got bored, and I would wake up at 7:00 every morning to go out and dribble a basketball. Then I found your videos. I started doing them, and I saw results soooo fast!! I was so proud of myself, not because I was loosing inches, but because I could actually do the videos with you, and even continue to do them while the video buffered! Cassey, I don’t think I could thank you enough. It’s like you read my mind; As soon as I start to give up, you push me to be better. Thank you.


  • Dominique B.

    Well, I’m brand spankin’ new to Blogilates and Pop Pilates, but all the comments I’ve seen on this website and on your Youtube page, Cassey, are really inspiring me.My pastor was just preaching a couple of Sundays ago about how we all need to get ourselves together spiritually (not dissing anyone’s religion or beliefs), financially, and physically and I absolutely agree. I am 17 years old and have 12 more months before I got to college. I am trying to start to set good habits for when I head off to UNR. Your work out videos are amazing, but I love the fact that you try and help us set achievable goals along with teaching us how to stay motivated. I am really grateful for your videos.
    Right now my goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks, and I now know that with your help I am going to achieve that goal.

  • Emily

    I’m thirteen and 5’5. When I was like eleven I started gaining a lot of weight. I never cared about what food I ate, I was always skinny and I had no muscle. At 100 pounds I started to get worried because I had never weighed over 100. Me, being stupid, stopped eating. I didn’t want to deal with being overweight. I saw my sister struggling with it and being stressed out and all that bad stuff. Anyways, I was really skinny and my eyes were sunken. I didn’t feel any better at all, I just wanted to die. So I started researching fitness and diets. I came across a POP Pilates video and I was shocked with how good I felt. Cassey’s attitude and how happy and healthy she looked put my spirits up. I looked around her site and began to start eating again. Now I am vegetarian, eat healthy, and I work out over an hour every day. Thank you so much Cassey!

    • Reading these comments, im relieved im not the only 13 year old trying to get healthy! Its hard to be this young and constantly worry about what you look like and people dont take you serious enough when it comes to losing weight, but im not giving up and Cassey and you guys are so helpful :)

      • Denysse

        I am also a 13 yr old and it makes me feel better that I know there are other people my age trying either to get healthy or lose weight, I hope we can do this:D

        • Alisom

          Same here! I’m 13 and trying to get fit with cassey and she’s a miracle worker

          • Issie

            I’m 14 and am trying to get healthy too! Cassey; your videos are great and are so motivating to people of all ages! It really encourages me to take care of myself and stay fit and healthy!

          • im 9 but am about 26 pounds over weight cassey is helping cause she has a fun inspirational voise

    • Emma Wu

      OMG, I’m thirteen too! I’ve actually been skinny all my life until I hit puberty at 12. Then I started getting chubby and seeing all the skinny girls in my class, I wanted to be and look like them. I was no longer fitting in my size 2 jeans and I was at the height of my weight 115 at 5’2. Then, I too, went on a strict lower than 1200 cal. intake. I know, dumb right. I drop the the extremity of 93 pounds. I was bone thin and had no energy. Then I saw Cassey and I saw how fit and happy she was that was when I made a choice of being healthy not bone thin. Now I’m happy at my weight of 102.5 and I’m still on my goal of 108. I want to me more fit and muscular and Cassey has helped me develop muscles I never thought I could get. Thank you so much Cassey!!!

  • scrarlett

    I am 13.I was always preety chubby..not even chubby just.. people would say “if she lost the little belly she would be perfect”.You can say i was “aware” of my weight,but i never did anything about it.This year it started bothering me.I wasen’t tiny or super skinny.I never just stopped eating i was very consious of anorexia and bulimia and i tried to lose weight the healthy way.I was on tumblr all the time finding trickes and tips on how to lose weight the healthy way.I made a lose it account.I stayed under the 1200 cal a day and soon inuf i started having mood swings.I was not eating inuf.I could not take it anymore and i just binged when ever i wasn’t eating at home.I felt like a failure,why couldn’t i control my weight?why? but then it hit me. this was not the “healthy way”.This was the stressful way.I started over.All clean.I started following my mom’s diet and lost like 4 kg.It was amazing.This week my parents said i have to stop my diet and start eating normally to not cause myself harm.I started crying,how am i supposed to lose weight like that?eating normally?but then i remembred all the blogilates videos i watched,all the healthy recipes cassey showed and i am ready to this time lose the weight healthy.I have been doing your HIIT full bodyworkout (the one with the billes,billes,billes by glee at the beginging)and it is getting easier and easier for me.You made me want to eat fun things i like to eat just in a healthier version.YOU ARE AMAZING!i have growen up so so so much these past few monthes and everybody notices it.My body does not control me,i control it.Thank you cassey for helping me grow as a person and have fun staying active while eating healthy and normally.You helped me get the control i have been looking for so long.I am now at eight grade and i feel all growen up haha (gonna remember this and laugh whan i am older).I am gonna try going to sleep earlier to wake up 10 min earlier tommorow and do your streching video it will help me have a good mood :) Thank you cassey for a smile,an amazing additude and just you bieng awsome.xoxo :D
    btw:after i did my HIIT workout today i ate a muffin i made with my mom earlier today it was a “low cal” muffin and it was filled with fruit. I loved it!! i would normally feel so guilty but i deserve that treat and it has really low fat and low cal so yay :D

    • Thank you for this video. I just did one work out and I feel so good already. Will do this every night now. I did 30 ppuhsus before this with 3 sets of 10. I took a 2 minute break inbetween each set. Thanks again.