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I am new – how should I pair your videos for the most effective workout?

Follow my Beginner’s workout calendar!

Do you have a DVD or is there anyway to download your videos?

Yes! My first DVD was released in January 2013! Check it out HERE!


How many calories do I burn when doing your workouts?

I advise going to sites such as Weighttraining.com, MyFitnessPal.com, LoseIt.com, or MyNetDiary.com to track your calorie burn. Enter your age, gender, intensity level, and type of activity exercised. You can choose “calisthenics” or “advanced Pilates” for POP Pilates and “circuit” for any HIIT videos. You can equate my cardio videos to “aerobics”. The reason why I cannot give you exact calorie counts is because everyone is different and will burn calories differently.

How many times should I workout a week?

Try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. If you’re doing my workouts and are trying to lose weight and tone up, I suggest doing Pilates at least 3x a week an hour at a time. Pair with a quick 10 minute cardio blast after each session. That’s just a sample routine. Of course you can workout everyday if you want, as long as you are able to keep proper form a.k.a. you are not too sore to function. I workout 5-6x a week, but that’s because it’s my job and I like it.

How do I get flat abs? A 6-pack? The V? The vertical line down the middle like a Victoria Secret model.

These are all features of someone who has little fat covering their abs and strong core muscles. To get nice abs you’ll need to pair any of my POP Pilates ab videos with a clean diet and some cardio. Cardio will help melt the fat covering your muscles and the diet will help make the process a lot quicker. The more fat you lose, the more of the above features you will see. According to Tosca Reno, author of “The Eat Clean Diet“, your physique is a result of 80% diet, 10% workout, and 10% genetics.

How do I lose weight?

The simplest answer is to consume less calories than you burn. You can figure out how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight by using tools such as LoseIt, MyNetDiary, or MyFitnessPal. These daily calorie intake numbers are determined by things like your age, gender, height, and activity level. In general, no healthy diet will tell you to eat less than 1,200 calories. Doing so may put your body in “starvation mode” which will then in turn backfire and make you hold onto fat.

To lose 1lb a week, you will need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. If you eat 250 calories less a day and also work off an extra 250 calories a day through exercise, you will create a deficit of 500 calories a day. Do that for 7 days and you will create a grand deficit of 3,500 calories. This is how you can lose 1 lb! It is safest to lose up to 2lbs a week for consistent weight loss.

Tricks than can help you stay full on fewer calories include replacing all of your refined carbs with veggies and whole grains. Instead of sweets, have fruits. Try to eat lean meats, egg whites, or tofu for protein. Cut out all sugary drinks and fried things. Doing this is called “eating clean” and will for sure help you transform your body. One of my fave health & fitness gurus, Tosca Reno says that your physique is based on 80% diet, 10% workout, and 10% genetics. I believe it.

The best exercise combo will be anything that keeps you motivated to workout. I like Pilates, weight lifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and running. The exercises that will give you the QUICKEST results are probably weight lifting and HIIT.

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

NO! Especially not for women – unless you are taking TONS of supplements and training with ultra heavy weights for hours a day.

How do I get rid of cellulite?

“Cellulite occurs when fat levels get too high in a particular area; thus, the most effective way to eliminate cellulite is to lose body fat.” [Livestrong.com] So this is what I am going to tell you. More cardio, strength train, and eat clean. It is the same formula for all fat loss. I don’t believe in creams. You need to treat from the inside, not mask from the outside.

How can I get slimmer calves? Mine are too bulky.

You’d be surprised how many emails I get a day about this! I just want to say that if your calves are bulky because they are muscular, don’t be so self-conscious! That’s more muscle to help burn fat! Embrace your strong calves!

HOWEVER, if you really want to make them less prominent, the truth is, you need to stop working them out. Unfortunately this means to stop doing any exercise that targets the muscle. No more calf raises. Lunges. Stretching the leg will help…very slightly.

Now if your calves are bulky because they are covered with a layer fat, the solution is just like any other solution for melting fat and building muscle. More cardio, eat clean, and continue to spot tone the area while strength training overall. Try my POP Pilates for Slimmer Inner Thighs and Runner’s Calves video. Click HERE to watch.

How do I make my face skinnier?

You cannot target fat loss. If you want to lose fat in your face you will have to lose fat overall. This means more cardio, eating clean, and strength training! You’re on your way to a toned face in no time.

Cardio before or after Pilates?

Doesn’t matter! If what you’re really asking is which order actually burns the most calories, then my answer is the order that will make you workout harder for longer. For example, if you are stronger at Pilates than running, I’d run first, use up my fresh energy and go ALL OUT. Then when I hit the mat, it’d be challenging but I’d be able to get through it with good form because I’m experienced in Pilates. Personally, I like cardio before Pilates because it gets me warmed up. You need to find what works for you.

What does suck your belly button in mean?

You will frequently hear me say this because it helps you engage your core. It makes all the Pilates moves a lot more effective.  Squeezing your abs is also a great way to do a crunch without doing a crunch. You can even walk around all day long with your belly button sucked in – not only will no one know you’re working your abs, you’ll also look slimmer and taller!

What does “Eat Clean” mean?

Eating clean means to eat whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods that are good for your body. This means cutting out anything fried and sugary. Also cut out any refined carbs like white breads, regular pasta and white rice. Stay AWAY from soda and be careful with fruit juices. They contain a lot of sugar. Instead opt for steamed veggies, whole grains, lean meats like chicken breast, and lots of water. You can find what clean foods I recommend eating in “My Grocery Shopping List“.

What should I eat before and after a workout? And when?

PRE-WORKOUT: The farther away you are from working out, the more you can eat. If you’re about an hour away, a handful of fruits and nuts are great. MAKE SURE YOU ARE HYDRATED! That is most important. However, it is important to note that YOU CAN workout without eating if you feel energetic enough. Technically, you should be able to work out for about 60 min using reserves from yesterday’s meals. Then again, that is very dependent on how you feel. Every one is different, so take some time to see if you workout harder with food in your stomach or if you like feeling “light” as you sweat it out.

POST-WORKOUT: If you just strength trained, I love eating something with high protein and a bit of carbs. The protein helps rebuild muscles (if you’re looking to get “toned” this is what you want to eat) and the carbs help restore glycogen stores for the next day’s workout. Try to eat within 30-60 min after a workout. THIS IS VERY important for optimal absorption of nutrients.

What protein powder do you use?

The only kind of protein I’ve tried are vanilla flavored ones. I like Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. GREAT for protein pancakes and drinks. You can read more about these in My Fave Things section.

I hear clicking in my hips!

This is a common complaint that I hear from people new to Pilates. You are probably hearing hip clicking noises as you’re performing the Leg Circles while lying on your back. If it does not hurt, you are okay. Until you can gain more pelvic stability and flexibility in your lower body you can do these things in the mean time:

1. Make your circles smaller

2. Bend your knee slightly

3. Use a strap or your arms to hold up your leg

You will get stronger. Promise :)

My back really hurts during Pilates, what should I do?

What this probably means is that you are over-arching your back as you are performing moves involving your legs and lower abs like the Double Leg Lift. Try to eliminate that arch by curving in the opposite direction. Pull your belly button to your spine and press your low back into the mat. If you still cannot avoid the arch,  place your hands together underneath your tailbone. You could also place a rolled towel or small pillow beneath your tailbone to give you support until your abs are strong enough to pull themselves to the floor. This will take time.

If your spine hurts as you are performing moves such as Rolling Like a Ball, simply grab a thicker mat with more cushioning. If all else fails and it excruciatingly painful, STOP! You do not want to hurt yourself. The move may not be for you! There are other exercises you can try that won’t put as much pressure on your back.

Is it normal to be so sore after a workout?

Yes! Especially if it is your first time doing a workout with me. This is VERY COMMON with my classes.  I like to do the moves in my exercise videos in high reps so that you can “feel it” the next day. All this means is that you’ve worked muscles you haven’t used in a while. Personally, I like the sore feeling. You can still workout if you are sore, but try to train another part of your body and give your sore muscles a rest.

How do you stay motivated?

You need to have a clear vision of what your goals are. You need to think about it everyday and you need to see it. Print out a picture of an inspirational person and role model who has achieved what you want to achieve. Paste a collage on your wall. You don’t have to do this, but it makes the goal a lot more tangible and real. It will keep you focused. Every time you feel like you don’t want to workout and instead eat mindlessly, look at the picture and ask yourself what it takes to get there. Of course some “cheat days” are healthy for your sanity, but if you constantly feel lazy and unmotivated, you need to make the change for yourself. From within. Only YOU can take control. You have all the power. So what’s stopping you? Go do it! Now!

Who films you?

Sometimes me, sometimes my sister, and sometimes whoever is around the house.


  1. Can anyone see the work out calendars? It says I have to put a password in but nothing works. I have subscribed so I’m not really sure why I can’t see them? :( xx

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hi Cassey,
    You know that bulge at the bottom of your stomach that most people have? I have that, but people have told me I will never get a flat stomach because that bulge doesn’t go away once you have it. Is this true? Is there a way to get a flat stomach if I have that bulge?
    And also thanks so much for doing what you do. It has really motivated me to eat healthy and be healthier overall. I do these workouts with my sister all the time and I love them! Thanks so much! I can tell you have great things coming up in your life!

  3. Hiii Cassey!
    First of all, I LOVE YOU. <3
    Second, I'm wondering if you know anything about green coffee bean extract. My friend is taking that supplement and is telling me to do so also. There isn't too much information about it, so I'm kind of hesitant to try. Hope you know something about it, I'm curious to know if it actually works to help weight loss. My friend says she feels extremely warm after taking it. I don't know if it is safe.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Hey Cassie and Popsters!
    I wanted to know if 15 minutes (or longer) of walking in a very steep area (It’s really like one steep hill!) is sufficient as cardio exercise. Cause I know I’m not able to run (yet) for a longer period but I want to start with something. My goal is also not to lose weight. I just want to work on a healthy lifestyle and tone up.
    If anyone could answer this question for me it would be a huge help. Also how long you’d recommend walking to make it effective before pilates.
    Thank you already!
    And thank you Cassie for finally motivating me to make some changes in my life. :)

  5. What are the benefits of pilates versus yoga?

  6. Where can i find a really good mat? i have tile and hard wood for floor. I want a mat that is squishy but a mat that can hold its shape when i do your pilates videos. Please answer when you have a free time and thanks for helping me for getting into a better shape than i was before like ive done cheer and now dance. I feel myself stronger and having the dream body.

  7. Hello, Cassey! I just wanted to say thanks for all the work that you do. I love you energy and you’re super encouraging. I also had a question. I’ve been doing your videos for a while and I love them, but I wanted to know which would be better between doing the 90 day challenge or just following the monthly workout calender in order to lose a little bit of weight and tone up. Thank you!

  8. Hey Cassey!
    im 15 from Australia and i LOVE doing your workout videos! you have inspired me so much for the past 2 years and have defiantly started looking after my body now since finding you on YouTube. anyway, i am now going to start my own vlog on YouTube with like make up tutorials and clothes hauls and things like that but i was just wondering what you use to edit your videos because you always have really cool fancy titles and sparkly things and pop ups and it just makes everything more inviting and i would love to be able to do that if possible!
    thanks for everyone, lots of love from a fellow popstar! Danah xx

  9. Hey Cassey! I was just wondering how often should an average 16 year old like me workout every week to get toned?

  10. why can’t i see the workout calender for january!??! it says its password protected….

  11. hey cassey! Can I do Pilates more than 3x a week but make it less than one hour? or does it have to be a certain time frame? And do I target a certain area on one day or do a total body workout thing?

    And can I just run for 10 minutes instead of doing the pop cardio?

    Thanks! xx

  12. Hey Cassey!

    Quick question, assuming I eat clean and also do 50 minutes of your pilates videos everyday, is 15 minutes of HIIT cardio everyday enough to lose weight? Or should I do more cardio? Thank you!!<33

    • That seems quite reasonable, actually. If you’re eating at enough of a calorie deficit, though, the cardio might even be unnecessary. But if you have the time for it, certainly do the 15 minutes HIIT cardio too. (<- the exercise itself will only burn about 150 calories, but it also increases the amount of calories you burn for the next 24 hours).

  13. I really don’t think I am getting the password when I sign up for the newsletter. Please help I am ready to follow the plan! :) Thanks!

    • You are going to have to wait for the next month’s newsletter to get a password, because the password for the monthly calendar is usually in the first newsletter of the month.

  14. Hey Cassey,

    Your videos are amazing!!! I have one question. Can pilates help with running?

    • I don’t think it would help, at least not directly. I suppose pilates will make you stronger and help prevent running injury, but other than that, I don’t think pilates alone will help you become a better runner. To get better at running, your heart is what must be exercised; after that, you need to work on tweaking your form so that you can be as fast as you can. I can imagine other forms of cardio exercise helping you with running, such as swimming or jump roping, but I doubt that pilates will make you any better. To get better at running, just RUN, lol, and do HIIT.

      I’ve been running for quite some time now, but I’m not even close to being as flexible as most girls who do pilates. They both require very different sets of skills. That being said, you should do pilates; it’s also very beneficial.

  15. Hey Cassey,

    Your videos are amazing!!!!!! I just have one question, can pilates help with running?

  16. TuffCookie says:

    Hi Cassey and popsters!

    Quick question.. Am I suppose to do all listed things on the work out calender for the day? ´
    Or is it options to choose from?

    Thanks :)

  17. So a similar question has been posted on this thread, but no one responded, and I’m curious about it too. I wish to tone up, but I still would like to lose some fat (I’m a skinny-fat girl).

    Anyways, my question is two-fold:
    1) If I follow the workout calendars, and only do cardio on Saturday (as instructed in the calendar), is that, combined with a very strict diet, sufficient to see some results in a month? If not, around when do most people start seeing a difference in their body’s appearance?
    2) OR, should I pick 3 days to do the calendar workouts and do cardio the rest of the week? Or should I stick to the calendar and do cardio in addition to it?

    If you suggest me to do one or the other and you’re not Cassey (lol), please explain your suggestion.

  18. YOU HAVE A DVD NOW! You gotta change that in your FAQ section:)

  19. Constance Ruff says:

    I know your New Years popster prize calendar says to tweet you our new years resolutions but I do not have a twitter and decided I would see if youw ould count this. One of my new years resolutions is to be a better friend, family memeber, partner, and pet owner. (: Even if this doesn’t count, that is fine. I had to give it a try. I’d love a hoodie though. (: You’re the best. Very inspirational. Happy New Years.

  20. Hey! I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but I’ll ask anyway. I had bronchitis back in August for about a month, and it never fully went away. Any time I try and run or do any kind of exercise, I get a choking/coughing spasm. Is there something I can do to stop that?

  21. Hi Cassie,
    I´m a big fan of your workouts! You really know how to motivate us for training. : )
    I have a question: Me and my friends are into winter sports. Could you can make a workout for skiing/snowboarding preparation? This would be really great!
    Greetings from Germany

  22. Hey Cassey and Blogilates Community!
    I have recently started following your work outs, you keep me going and I love it! For the first few days I was so sore it hurt to move, stand up, sit down, to be hugged anything and boy was it great!! Sadly, I don’t get sore anymore, even with new moves. I don’t work out for an hour, instead I work out everyday to off that i just don’t have a whole hour everyday, is this common or is it because I am not working for a full hour and should i change this? All answers will be greatly appreciated. Also congrats on the new dvd!!

  23. Hi Cassey!
    I love your videos more than I can explain. Before this summer, I had never worked out consistently before and needed some serious courage. Your videos gave me that and helped me learn that anyone can start and lose weight the right way, regardless of experience. The two months leading up to going back to school, I lost ten pounds and felt incredible. Sadly, I lost track of my workout/diet and am now starting back up again- this time with some experience under my belt.
    My problem is that while I am beginning again, my muscles are not as strong and I am slow on some moves (which I think is okay because I will get there eventually), but I do have a rather large butt naturally and my back seems like it is ALWAYS arched during workouts. I know that I should pull in my bellybutton but that never lasts after one rep. Most of them I can still do, modifying them or whatnot, but a lot of the ab workouts that involve lifting up from laying down to seated position are SO painful. It feels like my back immediately carries the pain and I always need to pause and release those muscles. I cannot modify some of these moves to help my back out so I sometimes give up early. Please help me!

    • I’m not Cassey, BUT if you’re in pain, don’t keep going. Please. Would you rather get results slowly or end up injured?

      Are the exercises painful even with the modification? I say skip the “laying down to sitting up” workouts until you know what’s wrong with your back… go get that shiz checked out.

      Perhaps to improve on this front, try doing sit ups/crunches to get your back in shape? Do back workouts instead? Don’t lose hope! You’ll only get better as you continue to keep better track of your diet and exercise like you used to.

  24. Hi Cassey,

    I’m just wondering if you could do a cardio workout that doesn’t involve a lot of jumping. I used to be very active but I temporarily stopped doing cardio workouts because I kinda twisted my ankle. I still wanna workout. I need your help. I would appreciate it if you so some low impact cardio. Thanks :)

    Love lots,

    • These are yours alright! . We at the least must get these men and women stlanieg pictures to get started on running a blog! They almost certainly just did a picture lookup and grabbed them. They search very good even though!

  25. With your videos on YouTube are you supposed to repeat them even though you just do the workout once?

  26. Jordan Harris says:

    Hey blogilates community.. I’ve active here for about 8months or so..and just recently the palm of me hand has been hurting really bad and the pain is getting progressively worse.. Could it be due to some of the workouts ? Has anyone else had this? Should I do the modifications? Please and thank you!

    • Hey Jordan!
      I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve definitely had some issues with this when I used to do yoga a lot. Be careful that you’re not sinking all of your weight into your palm when you straighten your elbow (like when you lock your knees type thing). It can cause all of the weight that you’re holding up to put pressure on that area of your hand.

      When you are in plank, for example, try to make sure that your weight is more evenly distributed in your hand. I don’t know if you lock or straighten your elbows a lot, but if you are, try to bend them a little bit more. This will also feel a little more challenging in your arms, but it will take the strain off of your palms. Also make sure that your fingers are flat and that they have not slackened, and that there is some weight in your finger tips as they make contact with the floor!

  27. Hey Cassey!

    Ive been following your workout plan for December and I’m a little confused when it comes to cardio. Is the plan to do only what is listed and then I’m done for the day? Or is it important to get at least 30 min more of cardio? I am used to doing about 30-45 min of cardio everyday and no pilates! Please help =)
    Thank you and your great!

  28. Hi Cassey! My names Amy and I’m a sophmore. In my Health class we were assigned a project that requires us to research any health questions.My question is “How does Pilates benefit your body?” I was wondering what are some benefits of Pilates and how Pilates can improve your life/mood. I love your blog by the way, very helpful! Thanks!

  29. Hiiiii cassay …. Juhi frm India. I have been working out from quite a long time now ….running, hot yoga, with a personal trainer but u r the best. I m a fashion designing student .becoz of my school I stay very busy and i still manage to workout everyday but like most i too have problem areas.. My arms r nt that grt while rest of my body is in great shape…. But now m so glad to have found u …. It’s been 5 days that I hv been exercising with u fr arms and already seeing a difference. I have told all my friends abt u that they too r working out to ur videos… I m dropping this message only to tell u that now it feels like u r my frnd and a trainer. I really appreciate ur super work .. Thanks a lot … Love u

  30. Shannon Coombes says:

    Hi Cassie,
    i love your workouts, you are so enthusiastic, i love it!
    I was wondering when will results show based on me using your dec 2012 calendar workout? should i do more than whats writen to get quicker results?

  31. Hey Cassey,
    I’m a new POPster and I was wondering what a “YOLO Meal” is

  32. Hi Cassey
    i love your videos ! Im now trying to focus on my eating,
    Im really worried about everything i eat.
    I have been having two pieces of 9 grain bread with two eggs for breakfast (no butter)
    pre workout i have a boiled egg or banana, Post workout an egg or low fat yoghurt

    Dinner i have steamed chicken with salad.
    Water throughout the day.
    Do you think im eating enough? Im trying to loose weight everywhere but mainly my stomach! & i have been combining cardio and your videos an hour a day.
    Am i on the right track? I really like eggs and proteins in small portions throughout the day, is this the wrong thing to do? Recommendations?

  33. Hey Cassey,
    My friend showed me your videos and now I am really motivated to start working out.
    I have one question though, if I start working out for 1 hr 5-6x a week, I won’t end up looking like a bodybuilder will I? I don’t want to be too ripped-I want a body like yours and Victoria Secret models.

    • Hi Anna,
      I know I’m not Cassey, but I wanna give you some advice anyway :)
      As Cassey wrote under “Will lifting weights make me bulky?” it really requires a lot for the female body to end up looking like a bodybuilder. To be a female bodybuilder you need dedicated work, really heavy lifting, protein powder and a very strict diet. And here we’re not just talking about eating clean :)
      Even if you work out 1 hr 5-6x a week, it is going to take a while before you can really notice results (the amount of time is of course different for everybody). Just remember not to give up just because you don’t notice results immediately.
      If you want a body like Cassey’s, then following her workouts is a really good idea. Pilates is very good for ‘creating’ a slim and lean body. That said, it is still important to remember doing enough cardio. I have been following Cassey for quite a while, and so far I am very happy with my results.
      I hope this helped you, and good luck!

  34. Hello Cassey!

    I first came across your videos from a link on tumblr, it was the POP Pilates Tricep Toner (killed me, still does!), instantly loved it! I work out to your videos almost every day and you’ve inspired me to become a fitness instructor. I think it’s always been a hidden desire of mine, because I’ve always been so conscious of what I eat and wanting to stay in shape and be healthy!
    I’m sure you’ve probably explained it before, but I’d really love if you could respond to me or post a video of your journey to becoming a fitness instructor, because to be honest I’m not exactly sure where to start, but I know I love pilates and I want fitness to be a major part of my life. It keeps me happy, sane, and most importantly, healthy. (:
    But I truly want to thank you for being so motivational to the thousands of people that watch your videos, you’re the best!! And also thanks to your workouts, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. (: Stay amazing!

  35. Hi Cassey, I’m so happy to finally post to you. I’ve used your workouts for a few months now. I love them. I love you as an instructure. You always push me and encourage me even when I think you’re are totally crazy and I’m ready to give up you totally strive me to go harder. I’m still not healthy like I’d like to be, and I still live kind of a couch potato lifestyle with the exception of a 30min work out every other day. But, I’ve come across some really wonderful news in my life, however I’m not sure how to proceed with trying to keep healthy and fit. I’m pregnant you see and I’m not sure how to keep excercising. I’ve been reading and everyone just says walk. But I find that so boring, I mean that’s why I watch you and take zumba, it’s fun. What do you suggest I do for my workout routine so I can stay as healthy and safe as possible for baby. I’m only in my first trimester, btw.

  36. Hi miss Cassey :) I started watching your vids almost 2 weeks ago and I gotta say is that I wished I found you months ago. I’ve never gotten much results from the gym like I have now with pilates. Just in a short time I’m seeing amazing results defiantly in my stomach. I’m on the heavy side so its gonna take time. From all the workout vids I’ve seen on YouTube, yours stand out way better. All that energy and actually saying its gonna hurt etc lol. I’ll defiantly be putting a picture up for ya when I hit a month on this :). Keep on keeping on chica ;).

  37. Holy goodness.
    I’ve been trying to excersize for a few years now. Everything you could think of. Going to the gym, hot yoga, expensive workout videos and shakes and meal bars and….i just could NOT get motivated

    Yet when I was told about your site i clicked on the beginner’s body sculpt video and have been hooked for a few weeks now.
    No results yet but I’m looking forward to my first ever bikini body and thinner legs.

    The only problem I seem to be having is the fact that I have very limited space in order to do some of the excersizes (aka, the windmill doesn’t work for me too well xD I bump into things) and the gym doesn’t let you take in your laptop, lol!

    THANK YOU for doing all this. AND FOR FREE. omg. you’re amazing!

    -Melinda from Canada =3

  38. Hi Cassey,

    Thanks for the amazing videos!! I followed the Oct calendar and it helped me a lot. However, I have a question for you.

    Within the everyday workout challenges, some exercises are repeated in multiple videos. For e.g. Burpees, lunges, jumping jacks etc. Is it required to do all that again even when repeated in the same day’s challenge?

    I find it difficult to do those again n again. Please advise.

    Greetings from India :-)

  39. Hey Cassey! I really love your workouts! They leave me SORE ;)
    I have a question though, I have really skinny legs and I really want to make my hips a bit bigger, how can I do that? What kind of workouts do you suggest?

    Thank you soo much! :)

  40. Hi! I am new to this webpage and I haven’t looked around tooo much. I am also new to pilates as well. I am a cross country runner and was wondering if you would recommend doing pilates for cross country runners or runners in general? If so what types of pilate excercises do you recommend? My season has saddly ended:( but I am very open to new excercises and want to stay fit during my off season!

    Thank you,
    BryAna :)

  41. What are the benefits/drawbacks of eating green bananas? I prefer them to the ripened yellow ones.
    Apparently they have a different kind of starch than yellow bananas called resistant starch – but what does that mean? Does it help with fat loss?

  42. Hello Cassey, I am a Stott Pilates instructor, and was wondering what type of certification you have. :)

  43. Hello and thank you Cassey for your generosity with all the youtube clips.
    I am following the workout calendar already almost three weeks and can see changes in my body.
    My question is… do you feel like doing a Pop Pilates warm up video?



  44. Hey Cassey,
    I was wondering if it is possable to build enough muscle on your ribs to push them inward alittle more. I’m asking this because my ribs & hips are really close together, it seems that nomatter how thin I get I always look fat from the front because there is only about an inch of room in between them. Thank you.

  45. Cassey!
    I love your workouts, but I have bad knees. What can we do instead of lunges when lunges come up in your video? I still wanna work those muscles but my patella can’t take the stress!

  46. miss lisa says:

    hi cassey! i am a beginner. what do you mean by this:
    POP Cardio and POP HIIT videos should be done 4x in a row for most effective fat-burning. But they can also be used once as a good warm up or quick cardio sesh after a Pilates workout.

    does it mean that i have to do pop cardio or hiit videos 4x in a row right after doing pop pilates? or….
    i’m confuse here. >< tq!

    • What she means by this, is to get the most effective workout you should do
      1. pop cardio x4 or
      2. pop hit x4
      Then she means that you can do a pop hit x 1 before a pop pilates video OR do a pop cardio x1 after a pop pilates video.
      Hope this helps

  47. i’m a little confused over here. in the FAQs you say we should work out at least 3x a week. the october workout calendar lists workouts for six days of the week.so i was wondering, how many times a week we’re supposed to work out? is it ok to pick 3 days of the workout calendar (for each week) and do those workouts and leave out the other 3? or should i really try to workout every day? :)
    next question, in the FAQs you said HIIT videos are supposed to be done 4x in a row. this advice doesn’t apply when i’m doing the workouts as listed in the workout calendar, right? like for example today i did bikini blaster, gangnam style, lolo legs, summer sweatfest and food baby (1 x. right?). i hope i was right cuz i was basically dying while doing the workout haha
    by the way, i love your videos, i started watching blogilates only a week ago but i can already say i’m getting addicted to it :)

  48. Hi Cassey,

    i just recently visited for the first time a butt, leg and abs class and we had to do the plank and while doing this lift either one of the legs up in the air.
    During this exercise the knie of the leg on the ground really started to hurt very badly so that i had to stop in between. both knees hurted but i think the left one was worse.
    i used to play volleyball might this be the reasen why i had pain or are my muscles around the knees too weak.
    a nother question: i’ve got a really bad hollow back (i know were your butt sticks out like a duck :-S) and i regurlarly get pain in the back and my spine cracks when i bend down or my boyfried lifts me up from the ground. what can i do to get rid of this?? i want to go shopping wihtout having to stop after an hour because of my back.
    pls help me!

    Thanks :)

    Greeting from Austria

  49. Hi Cassey,

    This is Ju-hee from South Korea. :)

    I was looking for gymball exercise videos and THERE! I found YOU!!
    I LOVE all of your videos and I can feel your energy through them.

    Thank you VERY VERY much for posting the videos and nutrition information.
    I’m actually exercising at home and home to see the difference someday. :)

    I have a question about diet.
    I’m working out 3-5 days a week but I don’t see much changes in me for years. After watching ‘Pre and Post meal’ video, I realized that I may be not dieting well.

    The thing though…
    I DON’T have time to digest before my workout.
    I get up at 815 and hit the gym at 9 usually. It is totally impossible to get up earlier so I don’t know what to eat before workout.

    Right now, I’m eating home-made bluberry banana shake and maybe 100g of whole wheat breat that I bake.

    Is it possible for you to tell me if I’m eating okay or not? Or if you have any suggestion it would be WONDERFUL!!

    Good luck with your Livestrongwoman shoots and hope you to come back soon!! :)

    • OMG!! Typo!!!! :(

      I’m actually exercising at home and home to see the difference someday. :)

      I meant that I started doing POP polites at home and hope to see the difference soon! ^^;;;

  50. Hi Cassey,

    You are amazing!!! Your videos are so interesting that they keep me motivated all the time!

    Just one question here: I’m new to clean food diet but I’m a college student with meal plans so it’s quite tough for me to know what to eat and what not. Can I have your advice on this? Thank you! Love from New Zealand :)

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