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  1. Hi! My name is jasmine and I turned 12 a few months ago. I had some questions on whether or not there is a specific workout I should do or not (my family is HUGE into fitness, and Cassey is so inspirational, I just love doing her videos!) I know I shouldn’t be worried too much about how thin my thighs are or how flat my stomach is, so I wanted some advice. I want to slim my thighs because they are honestly huge. If I run my hands down them (starting from the front of my low stomach), they bulge out and stay that way until I get to my calves/knees. It’s really annoying and doesn’t look very good. What should I do? Is there a specific workout I should do? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Jasmine. You probably are disappointed that I am replying and not Cassey ^-^; . I can’t say I can help you but I will try. From what you say, I get the impression that you are trying to spot-reduce (Very sorry if I am wrong).

      Spot-reducing will not work, fat gets distributed evenly, so doing specific exercises in one area (Such as thigh exercises) will not be effective. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t do those videos, you should (Do other videos/workouts as well).

      If you are just starting out with Pilates/Blogilates, I suggest you do the Beginner Calendar Workout 2.0. Once you are comfortable with it (Finishing the month) you can go ahead and do the monthly calendars.

      Don’t push yourself too hard or until you feel very uncomfortable (Weak). Good luck on your journey! Remember, 80% is your eating habits, 10% is exercise and the remaining 10% is your genetics.

  2. Hey Everyone!!!
    I have been following the calendars religiously since last month since I’m on summer break, but since school is about to start again will i still get results if I repeat one of the shorter videos three times.

    • I wouldn’t suggest doing that. The videos given each day are targeted at different muscle groups and doing one of the videos means that your results would be very little (Or none). In my opinion, that is. Good luck on your journey!

  3. When should I get my shipment from blogilates if I live in Ohio?

  4. Isabella says:

    Hi Cassie :) I am doing the workout calendar for July, and this week i will only be able to work out 5 times. Should I do a double workout one day? xxx

  5. Hi Cassey!
    My question is about cellulite. I eat really healthy and I’m a collegiate athlete. I’m currently working out 5 times a week with a mix of cardio, weights, pilates, and yoga. Yet I STILL have cellulite all over my upper legs. What else can I do??
    Any tips you other popsters have would also be greatly appreciated :)

  6. Hi! To anyone that can answer this small question… I’m of a younger age (sophomore in hs!) and I’m planning on trying the 90 day meal plan! I have a slight problem though… I have very very very very low blood pressure and I am required (by my doctors) to have salt but the diet says to have everything unsalted. What I’m getting at basically is: is it ok to have salted things or is that a huge setback for the diet? Thank you to anyone who can help!

    • Hey I know this is a month later so you’ve probably already started it but i thought I’d drop you a message anyway. Personally I wouldn’t advice going on a diet like that if your blood pressure is dangerously low and given your age you shouldn’t be going on something so drastic when your body is still growing you could mess up your metabolism and end up putting on more weight when you stop the 90 day plan, plus you will find yourself incredibly tired as this is a calorie restricting diet. However if you are dead set with doing to diet do make sure you incorporate salt as your body clearly needs it!!

  7. Hey Cassie. I have been doing your 6 minutes to sexy challenges 3 times a week. I’m also do an hour of stationary bike cardio 5 days a week. I’m trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water. I have been doing this for over a week and i thought I might have lost a pound already but I seem to be still at the same weight. Is there anything j can do to burn the fat and get in better shape faster?

  8. Georgia says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m a size 12-14 and doing your beginners workout calendar. Will I lose any weight during this, or is it just to help me build up for your other videos?
    I also get back psin during some workouts, is that okay?

    • Melissa says:

      Hi! I’m also doing the beginners calendar workout and am wondering the same thing as Georgia. I plan to continue the monthly calendar workouts once I complete this one…what type and how much cardio is recommended in combination?

  9. Cassey, it looks like this page is broken. :o

  10. hi cassie, im currently a size 10 (uk) and i dont need to lose much weight, a bit of weight but not very much, i mainly just want to tone up in time for the summer. do you think by following your calendars and going to the gym 1/2 a week i will be toned for june?

  11. Hi Cassey! I love your workouts and I love exercising. But every time I workout I get a huge headache. Is there a reason for this and how can I prevent it? Thanks!

  12. Carrie Burt says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I started your workout calendar over a month ago, and I am not doing the month calendars. I noticed in the beginner calendar you had one rest day, why is this not so in the regular calendar? From my years of working out, and talking to trainers I have always been told in order to get results you have to give your muscle time to recover. I know this does not mean taking a week off at a time, but at least a day off after 3 straight days. Also do we need to do all of the videos from one day on that day?

    Thank you,


    • hey, carrie. actually, every calendar does have a rest day. it’s friday and on that day, the videos are stretch vids. i usually do a light yoga routine on that day just to stretch my muscles out.

      also, you’ve probably figured this out by now but yes, do all videos on that day if you can.

  13. Hi! If I paid .99 for a calendar a few months ago, is it going to keep charging me every month? Or was it just a one time thing?

    • Ilinca M says:

      From my experience it is a recurring charge. So yes, it should renew every month. I’m pretty sure you can stop it if you want to, but I’ve never tried :)

  14. Hi Cassey! Would you be able to make some more 2015 workout planners?! Thanks!

  15. Hi Cassey! I have been absolutely loving your pop Pilates videos right now! Especially Extreme Abs 2,its part of my daily routine to work out now. I just have one question: I do several pop Pilates workouts a day (I have a routine that I follow) but in order to achieve results, do I have to add cardio in as well? Please answer this soon, I love you so much!

    • Sorry to disappoint you, you wanted Cassey to answer ^-^; . Usually, Cassey adds in cardio for most of the days. Cardio is necessary for losing fat (Your fat particles will become smaller and thus, less weight). I hope I help. Good luck on your journey!

  16. Hey Cassey!

    I live across the earth away from you in Asia, therefore the time difference here is one day ahead of you. Do you think you can post the monthly calendar at least 12 hours earlier or even better a day earlier next time? Please and thank you very much!

  17. Hi Cassey

    I’ve been following your pilates videos for about a year now, I find it hard doing the videos due to back problems. I have searched online but can’t find any pilates exercises, for people with lower back problems. I’m sure there are many others out there who would love it if you could show us some workouts for people with back problems, which are low impact.

    Thanks, you are inspirational!

  18. Hi, I just subscribed in order to get the march workout calendar but I don’t know if I was doing it right because the password that I received wont work. Thank you.

  19. Daniela says:

    I subscrived the newsletters four times, but I don’t received it. Why? I even looked in the spam, but is not.


  20. will doing the 30 day thigh workout challenge make it thicker? i dont understand what it means by to “tone” i just heard toning makes their thighs thicker.. :( i want my thighs slim

    and also i wanted to do her workouts.. for like.. a year but i always stop doing them bc but im afraid it’s just going to make me muscular and thick? will it help me get slim and skinny? or should i lose weight and get skinny before doing her workouts?

  21. Cassey,
    I have tried to follow your various meal plans. However, I have found it difficult to stick with. Is there any meal plan you suggest for a person who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen?? I work and am a full time college student, so finding time to cook is hard!

  22. If I do the beginner calender, the 30 day butt challenge and the 30 day flat abs calendar will I loose weight or get a smaller stomach in a month? Please answer asap….I need to be skinner/toned in about a mo the thanks BTW love ur videos

  23. When is the best time to eat for slimming? 2 hours after workout or before workout?

  24. Hi Cassey!!
    I’ve been working out for a few years now, and started following your monthly calendar this year. Your workouts are amazing, always leaving me sore! My question is, why can’t I see my abs even though I’ve been eating clean and training hard? I get enough sleep too! I can feel muscles on my stomach but I just can’t see those lines!
    Thanks for your videos, they are amazing! Always looking forward to perform those exercises!

  25. Hi Cassey!

    I’m following your monthly calendars, but I hardly ever have aches after working out. Does that mean that I’m doing something wrong? or not as good as I could? I do strech before and after, and I also warm up before but I’ve been told that you should feel aches anyway if you really are doing a great job with your workout. Is it true?

    Thanks for your videos!


  26. hey Cassey!!

    I want to start off by saying that your videos really inspire me. The first video that I watched of yours I was hooked. I love when you say “You’re not tired, you only think you are tired!” that got me especially motivated, and you always seem to know when I need encouragement!

    My question for you, would be how to help my balance when I do moves like Hydrant and other variations. I have very weak wrists (I had tendonitis throughout High School) and even when I try to balance on fists, I topple over and don’t ever get the form correctly. It really frustrates me because this is holding me back. I have tried to balance on my elbows which works a little better, but still doesn’t feel quite right.

    Thanks for your videos and keep ’em coming!

    xoxo parker

  27. Hi dear Cassey!
    I’d like to receive some precious tips from you to fight cellulitis ( or cellulite). Thanks a lot for all your wonderful workout ;)


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