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  1. Hi, I love your workouts so much!!!! but… something for pregnant woman (I’m on 30 weeks)… please!!!! thank you!!!

  2. Hi Cassey,
    I severely broke my ankle at the end of august, and my doctor has now said that I can start exercising properly. However, he said it should be low impact, so nothing that will jar my ankle. Which of your videos do you recommend (including cardio) and are there any that I should particularly avoid? I’m really looking forward to using your videos to get myself back on track after the last few months.
    Many Thanks,

  3. I have been sick as a dog with that nasty stomach flu… I was in bed all day yesterday and have been living on JellO and Sprite. Do you have any low-key workouts when you are still re-cooperating from a sickness?!

    Love your workouts!!


  4. Hi Cassey!
    I have been following your monthly workout calendars for four months now, and I have a question. In your videos you say that doing cardio is very important and we should do cardio and we should do it if we want to lose fat and see results of our workouts. My question is, are we supposed to so your daily workouts from the calendar and in addition to that, do a cardio workout? Every day? Because if that is so, it takes quite a lot of time from daily activities.


  5. Hi Cassey!
    Can you do another workout video using rubber bands? The rubber band are quite effective.
    Love your videos too they are so fun!


  6. Do you do combined postage for your gear on the blogilates website?

  7. I tried to get December calender but it said I needed a password. How do I get it?

  8. Hi Cassey!
    I have just started to work out with you (LOVE your squat challenge video!!) and I am looking at yoga mats and pilates mats. What is the difference and what would you pick for a beginner?

    Love from Sweden

  9. Hi there,
    I was looking for the app, but all I could come across was a fan app? I have a windows phone unfortunately

  10. Hi Cassie!
    My name is Liz, I live in Florida with my 5 kids and husband. I have been following you for years. You’ve inspired me to stay fit and healthy after my last 2 pregnancies. I am on a whole food and am on juice +. I love it so much I started selling it. I am taking a chance that you might see this and give it a try it has improved my energy and complexion tremendously! I would love for you to give it a try and let me know what you think! Xoxo
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!

  11. I love the “plow and squat” move from the leg workout videos! Well…at least the first part of it.. for some reason, I can’t physically keep myself in a squatting position because the fronts of my ankles/feet aren’t bendy enough. Like if I really squat, my heals are off the floor. Why is it impossible for me bend further forward in the squat while keeping my heels to the floor??

  12. Ohm help my December pasword isn’t working????? What do I do? I’m loving the beginners calendar so much and was really looking forward to moving on. Help.

  13. Hi cassey! I didn’t know how else to try to contact you but on instagram I had entered to win your 2015 fit journal but now it’s blocking my comments.

  14. Hi Cassie,
    Could you please update the page with the music you use in your videos, or credit them on youtube?
    I’m dying to find out what’s the first song is in your 6m Sexy Booty vid!


  15. So for the giveaways where do I go to check who won ??

  16. Hello there Cassey!
    I love your videos, and I think you have a wonderful, positive personality. My question is how do you recommend working out without using the calendar? I know that sounds weird, but I want to concentrate on working out certain areas of my body. Is there some kind of system? Can I do a cardio and a couple more videos that concentrate on the areas I want to work on?

  17. Hi Cassey!

    I know this is really late. I haven’t had the time to go online and try to email you. I order the fit journal with the COMBO fit menu. Am I suppose to receive TWO books? I got the fit journal, but I don’t see no menu.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi Casey!
    I love your website and workouts! You are a tremendous blessing! I follow your calendar, but was wondering why we work the same body part in each video of that particular day? I would so much appreciate it if we could work on more than just one muscle group at a time so that we don’t fatigue out on say, arms alone! I find myself mixing the calendar workout with other videos of yours in between. Is this ok.?

  19. Hello Cassey!, i just startedthe begginers calendar and I was wondering how much calories would you recomend to have with it daily?… do you have a section that goes over this? I am 5’0″ and 146lb. thank you!

  20. Hello Cassey and Popsters!

    I know this is an unusual question, but I’ll just do it anyway :) I LOVE Cassey’s videos because they are good and really helpful and there’s calendars and schedules so you know exactly what to do everyday.

    I am interested in learning a little of yoga too, so I would want to know if some of you know a Blogilates version of yoga, or some good websites to learn yoga.

    I’d be very thankful if you help me!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Hi Cassey!
    This is the first time that I’ve followed any of your workout calendars; I’m really excited! However, I had a question about the workouts listed for each day…are we supposed to do all of those, or only choose one or two?;; I want to make sure I’m doing it right! Lol
    Thank you so much~

    • You are supposed to do all of those. Usually this takes like 45minutes (it is not the actual length of all videos together, because she always talks a bit at the beginning and at the end). That’s not too long.

      Good luck!

  22. Hi Cassey!!

    I’m a huge fan of your infused water recipes and use them regularly.

    My only concern was that will the oranges and lemons I put in my water make it too acidic and damage my teeth enamel? If so, what can I do to prevent the citrus fruits from harming my teeth while I continues to drink the water?

    Looking forward to you r response,

    – Ayesha

  23. Hi Cassey!

    I started following your recipes for infused water and it’s wonderful- I love it and I consume so much more water now!

    My only concern was the lemons and oranges in the water that of course make the water more acidic. Will drinking this water do any damage to my teeth enamel? If so, any tips to prevent the damage because I really don’t want to quit drinking the infused water.

    Looking forward to your response,

    – Ayesha

  24. Helloooooo!

    I have a question: where are the videos to Decemburn? In beginner’s workout calendar videos to each day are right under the claendar and I just click and I have all of videos to this day. In Decemburn you haven’t got something like that, I have already sing up and nothing. So I have to find them myself or they are somewhere else? I’d like to start exercising with you SO MUCH, but I don’t know where are the videos. Please help me.

    See you ;*

  25. Hi Cassey!

    This is the first time that I’ve followed any of your workout calendars; I’m really excited! However, I had a question about the workouts listed for each day…are we supposed to do all of those, or only choose one or two?;; I want to make sure I’m doing it right! Lol

    Thank you so much~


  26. Hey there!
    So I started doing the NovemBURN calendar after the Beginners and now moved on to DecemBURN. Now my problem is that I have really sensitive neighbours and they complain when I do some workouts (mostly cardio, like burpees) because they can hear me jump. I know of one Quiet Cardio WO but it really doesn’t challenge me enough. Do you have any suggestions (beside running) I could do for my cardio?

  27. Hey Cassey!
    This is a greeting from Hangzhou, China. I actually just moved from Hong Kong back to China so that I lost the access to Youtube. But I need to follow your workouts calendar. I am just wondering if you can make a channel on Chinese version of Youtube, which is called Youku.com, so that I can watch your videos again!!!
    HELP! :)


  28. Umm… I cant seem to get the password. I tried popsterpresents but it did not work it just like refreshes the page or something it is weird I need. I need help lol

  29. Hello!! I was wondering if a college meal-plan could possibly be in the works? Gonna try my hardest to stay healthy and fit in college!

  30. Hey Cassey :)

    I was wondering if it’s okay if I do the bikini blaster hitt workout as my cardio? rather than running/jogging?

  31. OMG It’s SO excited to start the #DecemBURN workout calendar!
    Can’t wait to feel a brand new burning sensation! :)

    Jemma xx

  32. Hey Cassey!
    I’ve successfully completed my beginners workout calendar . And it feels wonderful!
    I Havent received my December calendar workout password . Do we have to sing up again with different Id ?
    Please help. ASAP.

    Love ,

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