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  1. Hi!
    Super excited about the 8-week challenge!!! I really would like to join in the meal plan, but I’m sadly allergic to avocados and I’m worried that the vegan meal plan (which I would get) contains a lot of avocado recipes, as most vegan meal plans do since they are amazing. I don’t know of any avocado substitutes. What should I do?? Maybe I’m worried for no reason? =/

  2. Hi guys!

    So you have to buy the fit journal to do the new 8 week hot body challenge right?
    I want to do it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to purchase a book. It’s so disappointing :(

  3. Hi.
    I want to start working out. I’ve been having a lot of fat deposit under my bum and all over my thighs. especially the glute area which is making my bum lose shape. its like my butt is weighing itself down.
    How do i start? Which exercises do i do?
    Thanks so much.

  4. Hey Cassie,

    I’m just getting back into working out so I want to do your Beginner’s Calendar.
    Do you have a place where all the videos are together? I’m looking on YouTube and can’t find anything.


  5. Nicole Bernard says:

    Hey Cassey! I can’t do the jumping moves like the burpees and star jumps. I live in a trailer and..well, you can see my predicament lol. Are there any alternative moves I can do?

  6. I was trying to open the Week 1 of the 12 week challenge with the password beastm0de and it will not open:(

  7. Farabella says:

    Hey cassey and POPsters I started on 1st of october with the rocktober calendar and am on week 3 of the new body make over plan and first my weigh was 48 kg now I’m at 50 kg I don’t know if this are the muscles that I’m already feeling or if I’m getting fat because I don’t feel skinny since I started… should I stop the body makeover with all this protein and get back to my normal routine but also doing the workout calendar?

  8. They are on YouTube

  9. hi, i wanna try blogilates but i dont know how to do the exercises.
    i mean i’ve got the calender and the names of the exercises but how do i find the videos?

    • Hi Nura!
      The calendar contains the exact names of the videos on Youtube. Type in exactly what the calendar says and “Pop Pilates” and you will find what you need. For example, “5 Minutes Ab express Pop Pilates.”

    • Hi Nura

      I’ve just started this a few days ago – actually did Day 4 today :) If you’re following the beginner’s calander like I am just scroll down from the calandar and the links for all the clips for each day are right there … you used to have to go searching YouTube for them, but now much easier.

      Good luck!!!

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