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  1. I’ve been doing your workouts for a while but for the first time finished the entire beginners calendar! I want to keep it up, but realistically I don’t think I can swing 60 minutes every day with my schedule. I’ve been adding cycling, spinning or running 2-3 days a week to the scheduled workouts, but most days can only do about 30 min. I also work one 12 hour shift a week, so that was usually my rest day. Do you have any tips for adapting the regular calendars to a more beginner/intermediate level? Thank you so much, I love what your workouts and clean eating tips are doing for my health and body!

  2. Hello Cassey

    Is it possible to post the youtube videos earlier? I start working out at 5.30 am in Namibia which is GMT + 2 and I’d like to follow the monthly workout calendar.

  3. Hey Cassey!
    I want to start doing your workouts in feburary.
    So my question is:
    Will there be a feburary workout calender for the whole body?
    That’s would be very nice but if not I use a other workout
    or the workout from january :)
    Yeah ;)
    Byeeeee ♡ Geena

  4. Hey there, greeting from the UK!

    I just discovered you browsing the net and have have a go at the beginners day one exercises. Great motivational site! Tough for an out of shape 45 year old! however, my question is around my shoulder….. I can’t get my left arm up straight above my head as i was struck with he mystery that is a frozen shoulder a while back. When i ‘really’ try to raise my arm my still bent elbow is level with my eyes. Neither can I rotate it outwards with elbows bent (if you imagine eyes straight ahead is 12 o’clock I can only rotate to the left to 10 o’ clock) Anyways, this inability to straighten my arm means many of the moves/positions are impossible even in the first video :( (e.g. I can’t lay on the floor on my side with my left arm supporting my head for the leg lifts and i can’t do the arm work on the floor.) How can i get around the darn shoulder issue to still do the moves as i really want to improve myself?

  5. You’re FAQs arent working anymore Cassey- same problem as Nidda!
    It is showing up as “[faq limit=”-1″]”.
    Please fix it, would love to look at this page. Thanks!

  6. You’re FAQs pages doesn’t work anymore Cassey- same problem as Nidda!
    It is showing up as “[faq limit=”-1″]”.
    Please fix it, would love to look at this page. Thank you!

  7. Hi there!

    I just wanted to thank you for ALL of this, and share that I gave a link and shout out to you in the new blog I’ve published, http://sanguineinsandiego.blogspot.com.

    You’re fab!!

  8. Hi Cassey!
    I just wanted to know if you could post a recipe of lemon cake because it is so good…but most of the time not healthy.
    I’ll unerstand if you don’t because I guess you have thousands of comments like this one.
    Thank you!

  9. Joseline Lee says:

    Hi Cassey
    I must say after a week I am happily seeing great results. I love the videos, and of course the calenders (a.k.a the most genius thing in the world) are really helping. I wanted to know if there are some exercises that help decrease my breast size. It would really help portion my body so much. I truly would appreciate a video to help decrease your breast tissue. Your really a life changer!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Cassey!!,

    Hello from the UK! I’m 26 and I want 2015 to be the year of feeling and looking like my old self! I came across your youtube page by accident but i have to say for the last 6 days of doing your exercises i already notice a difference in my thighs and abs!! I’ve never been overweight but for the last 5 years I gave up dancing, gymnastic(after 18 years of it) and going to the gym (i hurt my tail bone, and went through a bad phase after losing close ones where i wallowed into computer games) and my abs disappeared under a little case of the wobbles BUT ive always managed to feel the muscle underneath!

    My question to you is i can feel fat on my back and just under my bra line (where my ribs end) and the bit by my inner arm and boob (where it creases and you can see it especially when i wear tank tops) BUT i have no idea how to concur it!! i can actually grab it :( and its really putting me down! I dont even feel comfortable in a skinny top or in my bra infront of my husband! I’m still flexible and semi-fit, not fat just need to tone up!! Please Help and carry on doing what your doing I have faith that my abs will be back in no time thanks to you!!
    Much Love and appreciation!!

  11. Hey Cassey!
    I’ve been doing blogilaties for a few days and i’ve noticed my hip is a bit sore. Is this cause i haven’t been stretching enough? Or is it from just not being used to doing Pilaties?
    If you have any way to help that would be great!
    Love your videos so much
    Kaitlyn xxx

  12. Hey Cassey!
    I just wanted to know your thoughts on an Australian YouTuber, Freelee the Banana Girl. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of her, (or her boyfriend Harley, aka Durianrider), but basically she preaches to aim for a diet consisting of a “a baseline of 2000 calories but in order to really thrive 2500″ (direct quote from her website), aiming for this calorie intake to come from 90% carbs, 5% fats and 5% protein. Personally, from watching her videos and reading accounts from other individuals who have interacted with her or her boyfriend over the internet or taken up her dietary advice, I hold some pretty negative views towards the pair.
    She’s also done a video in response to one of your ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos, (I think that was it), and was curious on your thoughts on that too.
    I really trust your opinion and feel that you’re super well informed, well researched and just a infectiously kind and beautiful person, and would really value and love to hear any of your thoughts relating to Freelee.
    Thanks for having a read!
    -Julia :)

    P.S.; Also, obviously a huge thanks for inspiring me to be happy! Love ya!

    • This is somethings I have been waiting for as well! I have seen the way freelee eats all the time. I love fruits and all, but raw until four? I love granola, and eggs, and chicken! I think you eat perfectly Cassey! You eat all kinds of healthy foods from healthy meats to veggies! I just feel that freelee is way to strict on it, and I just wouldn’t be able to stick to it. What do you think about it? Is it healthy? I just feel she is always negative towards others.

  13. Ashley turner says:

    Hi Cassey! I have to say I love love love your website and your videos. I have done so well I’ve been able to keep up with them.. I have been doing this app ones I’m a mom of two children I have about 15 pounds left to lose to get back to my ideal weight. 10 pounds to get back to my prepregnancy weight. However I for some reason cannot seem to get rid of my belly fat. Do you have any suggestions. I can tell my cores stronger and my abs are getting stronger I just need to get rid of that layer of fat on top of my abs thank you so much

  14. Hi Cassey!

    I absolutely love your workouts it’s been so helpful in shaping and toning my body:) However I realize that most of the leg workouts are focused on toning the thighs and now in comparison my calves seem bigger cuz the thighs are losing the fats but not as much in the calves. Is there any calf workout that I can try so that I can lose some calf fat? Thank you!

  15. Hey Caseey,

    I´m 19 years old and started working out because sometimes I felt a bit skinny and bad about myself. My objective was toning in order to gain weight and look better but as I progressively do the begginers 2.0 calendar, I am feeling that maybe the objective of that program is to be slimmer and lose weight. I wanted to ask you if I can continue doing that routine or is it better for me to watch other videos of yours. Also I wanted to ask you, I have lots of localized fat in my lower belly and in my cheeks (Nothing I can do about the last one though hehe) but I really hae trouble working out that area, I feel like I´m doing it wrong or don´t do it hard enough, do you have any advice for that one?

    Thank you for all your hard work and support, what I really love about working out with your videos is that you are a genuine human being (not some unapproachable barbie) and that you really care for the people that watch your videos and encourage them to feel good about themselves no matter what. God bless you, you´re a real inspiration.

  16. Hi Cassey!
    I’m a fifteen year old and I started working out last year. I usually focus on my abs and legs, but as I progress, only the left side of my abs are toning up and my right side doesn’t look like it’s progressing. I was wondering if you could give me advice about this because I’m kinda worried of how it turns out.
    I love your videos and thanks for pushing me and other girls in achieving what we want. Thanks :)

    • i am thinking you probably have a bit of scoliosis [the curves in your spine are not quite right]. i say this because i have scoliosis, so my left side is a little nicer than my right side! you can talk to your dr and have him or her do a spinal check for you to see if your posture and alignment are off.

  17. Dear Cassey!
    I am 15 years old and I really want to lose some weight around my stomach and tummy, I quite happy with my legs and bum but my tummy gets me down all of the time!! Sometimes it really makes me upset and I just want to lose some of the weight in my tummy. I run 1.66 km 3 days a week (which isn’t a lot but its some) but anyway i was just wondering if there is any way I could lose weight around my tummy quicker? Still doing my 3 days a week run is there anything elese I can do to lose weight in my tummy, I am so sick of it getting me down! people are always telling me I am a lovely shape but I myself would like to think that. Please help thank you x

  18. Hi Miss Ho,

    I am soon 21 and I am still living with my parents. I am currently attending University and staying at home and it has its plus and down sides. I think that my parents are are finding it hard to accept that I am an adult. I have attempted to talk with them in a calm environment and they seem to compare me to my big brother who moved out at 20 and quit his place at university. I am my own person! Surely they can not compare me to my brother? Being the middle child and the only girl, I believe they are harder on me. I have thought through options but I believe moving out will only ruin my relationship with my parents. I sometimes feel mine are controlling me (for example: changing boundaries, curfew, when to use the car, house work -never good enough for them-, not engaging in conversation with me, say things they dont mean about me…)

    I’d just like to say that with your videos and motivation, I have my own hobby with pilates and occasionally running. I believe that Blogilates and occassionally running is what clears my mind and keeps me going!

    Finally, how did you manage your parents? Did you have to change the way you behaved around them and how you spoke to them before they accept you have you’re own life?

    Best wishes!

  19. Hi Cassey,

    I’m 15 year old and I once started to workout last year in late July but then I quit because I didn’t felt good, I felt dizzy and other stuff. But I want to starts to workout again, I want to start to run around my neighborhood too but I’m too embarrassed to run around the neighborhood. I really want to starts to run but I can’t, i keep thinking what if someone sees me and that would be embarrassing for me. I cant buy a treadmill either, my parents cant afford one. Today I planned to run this morning around the neighborhood at 6;50 am ish but I got embarrassed that someone will see me so I have walked instead :( I don’t have a running shoes neither work out clothes yet. I just have converse for now. Should I be worried? Should I stopped if I don’t have those things..
    I cant buy those either yet because I have used a lot of my mom’s money already this year.
    I really want to be in fit, be healthier and eat healthier too. I want to be CONFIDENT in my own body. The eating is a problem too because I normally don’t eat that healthy. Mostly my mom buys me not healthy food from outside the house like every week when I come home from school and that isn’t good for the workouts.. Because its useless if i don’t eat healthy and workout. I want to get better in PE class too. Every semester i need to run a mile or so.
    I don’t want to be lazy and lay on bed, being lazy and watch Netflix all day and sleep till 11 am in weekends.
    I want to starts something else. I either don’t want to start working out and then quit working out in like half the month because I can be really lazy and a quitter.

    Do Cassey have some motivations, tips or helps?
    Please help me Cassey!

    Sorry if my English writing is bad!

    ~~Peggy x

  20. Hi Cassey
    I want to achieve slimmer legs i have done your perfect legs workout but i was just wondering is there any other workouts or exercises to slim calves but not built a lot of muscle/

    Thanks :)

  21. HI Cassie! Lately I’ve heard that squats make your thighs bigger as well as your butt? My goal is to achieve a bigger butt with slimmer legs. How can I achieve it? What kind of workouts should I incorporate with squats so my legs won’t get too muscular?

  22. Lisa Leverseidge says:


    I’ve discovered you on youtube and am in love, so have printed the beginners printout. I just have to say, you are amazing, thankyou.

    I’m on day three and my abs and legs are KILLING me. Do I do the workout anyway or rest it off?

  23. Hi Cassey!

    l’m trying to start with the calendar but I have two main issues
    First, I hurt my knee long time ago and when I need to do a big effort it hurts really bad… I don’t know how could I switch or kind of modify the exercises
    Also, I would love to know if you have any exercises to reinforce the strength of my wrists, every time I try to do the elbow-hand push up my wrist kind of snaps

  24. Hi Cassey!
    It’s the first time that I do one of your calendars and I wanted to ask you if I have to do all the workouts togheter or if I can split them during the day.
    Thank you so much both for answering and for helping me getting fit
    Love and hugs from Italy!

  25. Kiera Hunter says:

    Have you thought of doing printables over workouts done at the gym with their equipment?

  26. Hey cassey,
    I appreciate everything and all the work you’ve put into helping us. Even though I don’t need to workout I’m already in very fit shape, I really want to start your calendars. But I can’t! There’s like 5 YouTube videos in each day, and I keep chewing through the internet costing mum a lot of money to keep buying more. This is just a suggestion but maybe for the upcoming months you could write down the moves or something so I don’t have to keep using so much internet :) I emailed you but got no reply.
    Thank you,

  27. Dear Cassey,
    I ordered a shirt, leggings and shorts today(the 11th)and was wondering when they would be arriving at my house or if there was any way to track the shipment? Thanks!

  28. Hey Cassey, what happened to the Blogilates community that you had set up? I remember there being a whole thing for us to check off the workouts we’d done and join forums and add friends and such. Did that get taken down? Thank you!!

  29. Hi Cassey,
    Do the foods on your “cheap clean eats” series count as clean food or yolo food?
    Can I eat them during the week, or do I have to wait for my YOLO meal?

  30. Sheena Dunham says:

    I don’t have the password for your January calendar or your flat abs challenge :(
    I signed up today is there a wait time?

  31. Hi Cassey,

    I have a question for you concerning the belly area when I work out. I have just completed the first week of the beginners calendar 2.0 and am on day 6 of the ab challenge and have noticed that when I am doing ab workouts or planks that my belly sticks out way more than it usually does (even when I am sucking my belly button in)! I was wondering if this is common for beginners? It actually scared me the first time I noticed it because it looked like my stomach was a basketball when i was doing a sit up…and it is more on the flat side when I am standing.

    Thank you!

  32. Hi Cassey!

    I’ve been following your monthly calendar since November 2014 and I absolutely love you and you work outs! Thank you so much!

    I’ve been noticing for me though, since I have a very boney structure, whenever it comes to abs day, I have great difficulty with performing the abs exercises that require me to lean on my tail bone, esp. the Clock Abs. I’ve tried doubling my mat but it seems like the added texture just adds more pressure to my tail bone area and it really becomes painful and impedes my ability to continue with subsequent exercises. Do you have any tips or suggestions?


  33. Hi! So I’m doing the January workout plan and if I miss one day what should I do? Should I do the next day, or should I do the day that I missed? I was super busy today so I really didn’t have the time today… So what should I do? Kindly regards, Karuna.

  34. Hi there! I just want to know if it is free to sign up to Blogilates.com? I love your workouts on YouTube and my New years resolution is to get fit and healthy.

  35. Hey Cassey!

    Approximately how to dose it take to see results from your workouts?

  36. Claire B. says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I believe I accidentally deleted the email for this month’s workout calendar password, oops! Can I get that sent to me again?


  37. Kelly Charron says:


    I downloaded your app and subscribed to the calendar. Been going great but now the videos in the calender won’t play. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded with no luck. I also contacted your developer with no reply.
    Any suggestions?

    • I have had the same problem, and I can’t find any answer. I tried opening up more space on my phone and that didn’t work. Have you had any luck?

  38. Hi Cassy!

    I love the printable s. I was wondering if your going to continue making your videos into printable for those of us who don’t have internet access at home?

  39. Hely,
    I have just started your 30 flat abs challenge which is awesome but around 14 months ago I had a c section and the double leg lifts are beginning to hurt my lower stomach muscle. Are there any other exercises I could do instead? As I really want to try and get my beech bod back

  40. Cassey,

    Do you have workouts for working out in the gym?

    I would like to have all your gym workouts in one place so I can do them while I’m out and about.


  41. Hi Cassie, Kassy here speaking :) I saw your post on instagram about tennis and i was wondering if you could make a video on how to train for the tennis season? My tennis season is coming up real soon and i really want to make this year count and be the best player i can be. Thanks! -Kassy

  42. Cassey ! This is a major SOS. I’m skinny, but I still have a lot oof localized fat , specially on my waist and hips. What kind of workouts should I do and what should I eat so I can loose the fat but gain weight ? Love and hugs from Brazil

  43. Same with me, I haven’t gotten my password yet :(

  44. Hi,

    I also am having issues with receiving the password so I may print the Jan workout!

    Please help.


  45. I was wondering if running along with doing the JanYOUary workouts would be fine? I love to run but I haven’t because I wasn’t sure wether or not combining would be okay.

  46. Hi Cassie,

    I didn’t receive the password on signing up that will allow me to look at the Jan workout calendar.
    Please help!

    Thank you!

  47. Hi Cassey!

    What should I eat, If I don’t wont to loose weight during workout? Can you pleeeease make a video or a mealplan for those who don’t wont to loose weight??



  48. You’re FAQs pages doesn’t work anymore Cassey.
    It is showing up as “[faq limit=”-1″]”.
    Please fix it. Thank you!

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