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  1. Hello! I would like some help. I want to buy protein powder but I’m not sure what brand/kind to buy. More specifically what ingredients/nutrition facts to look for. If anyone can help me that would be great(: Thanks!

  2. Hi Cassey ,

    Thinking about buying the 12 weeks fit journal. Is there a workout plan with that? If no, why type of work out do you recommend, how often, how vigorous? I’m on T25 by Shaun T beta round and still have another 5 weeks to go. Thanks


  3. Hi!! I want to start the beginner calendar because im really hoping to get fit before the end of summer (im 15) and i was wondering if it really would help me lose the weight?

  4. Hi Cassey.
    Is there a possibility to get all the Workout Calendar?
    I get the newsletter but would like to have the old Calender yet.

  5. Angelia San Agustin says:

    Hey c: Im a 16 year old who has been working out for 6 years. I have struggled majorly from bad body image for exactly that long. 6 years ago when i was in grade 5 i weighed at 102-110 pounds. Now I am not going to tell my sob story over the internet, but today in grade 11 i weigh at 101 pounds. I am at a normal weight. Im not super-skinny (which is okay) but im pretty normal but with extra skin on my stomach mostly. I dont want to just be maintaining a good body weight. I want to be strong with lean muscles and defined flat abs, similar to kayla itsines i suppose c: However, i could not afford her workout guides. I have been using my own kind of workouts for years and for the past two months I’ve been doing workout plans. Unfortunately, i dont see any results. I know what i want. Its the results of kayla itsines’ clients. I hate how i would have to buy guides to get the EXACT results i want, but that i cant afford. Money is tight and i dont want to sacrifice my wanting to be happy with how i look in the mirror. Then i found your sight. I love everything and you are so inspiring ! My God i went insane and i want to have results SO BAD !! But would this give be the flat abs and lean, toned body i want ? I dont want to settle for anything less. Im still a bit confused with how i get the calendars and meal plans, also considering i don’t have a twitter :/ Please reply with advice , it would mean a lot. :) xx – lots of love <3 Im just trying to get some answers

  6. Something happened to your FAQ’s Cassie. :)

  7. Hi Cassey,
    I started doing the workouts you post on youtube and downloaded the application. I enjoy them a lot and I can feel the difference.That said, there are some areas I struggle with and nothing seems to help. can you recommend something for the anckles? is there a way to get rid of cankles or at least help improve the shape? I jump rope a lot but lately, that started to bother me though I tighten my belly muscles but I feel somuch pressure there when I jump rope. I practice yoga a lot..the other body part that doesn’t seem to improve is my arms.. I cant get rid of the giggle…and one would think all the yoga, jump rope, and your videos would bave been enough to deal with that… it’s frustrating to say the least. I would appreciate your feedback…. thank you. Rhonda

  8. Hey Cassey,

    I love your videos and have been doing your workouts for about a month now. I lost about 5 lbs over the span of the month, but suddenly gained a bit back even though I have been eating healthy and continuing to do the workouts. I did recently start to take protein shakes in the morning which could be a factor but my question is: Is it normal to gain weight back before you start to lose weight or am I doing something else wrong?

    Thank you

  9. Makayla says:

    hey, i have not long started the workout calender, this may sound stupid but i was just wondering i dont sweat while doing some of the workouts but then some days i will. Even though im not sweating does that mean the workouts are still working and i will loss stomach fat and tone up?

    thankyou :) x

  10. Sirena Rodgers says:

    My problem area is my muffin top! GRRR >:-| I started my journey at 220lbs and now down to 178. I now wear a size 10 jeans but still in size XL shirts due to my stupid muffin top! I’ve never had this issue before with weight loss. Normally everything would slim out all at once. and evenly. But after having my second child I guess that isn’t the case. I was wondering if I should strictly concentrate on Cassey’s Muffin top videos. Or should I just do the calendar as is and hope for the best. ORRRR Should I add a muffin top video to every day?? I’m so confused. I just want my body back.

  11. Vanathi says:

    Hi!! Ok so I am just going to come out and say it. I weigh 214 pounds and I’m fifteen and I am 5 ”4. I am on a path to becoming healthy, slim, and I’m trying to lose at least 90 lbs. When I just say it it doesn’t really scare me but when I stop and really think about how much I need to lose it terrifies me because I am 200% willing to lose weight, but there a few problems. First of all I don’t know if I should go on a diet because my family members say don’t go on a diet because you are still a growing child. I am a late bloomer btw sorry thats so awkward but I thought that may have a little part in the weight loss thing. I am indian and vegetarian I don’t even eat egg. In my house its me, my dad, my brother and my grandparents, and since my dad has to go to work, my grandma cooks and she cooks rice everyday for lunch there is no way around it. I don’t like rice too much but it does taste good most days, and so my three problems are that first I don’t know if i should go on a diet, second if I do I don’t know what diet to chose because none of the diets seem doable in my situation and circumstances. A lot of the time I don’t eat breakfast because I know this is bad but I wake up at 11:30 because its summer and I just I love staying up late and waking up late. So what should I do to lose all this weight? Sorry it was so long its just I have been struggling with this for a while and Ive dreamed of being slim and fit and being able to go into a clothing store and buy skirts and dress and have them look beautiful on me. I really want to lose a lot of weight what should I do about all these problems?

    • Sirena Rodgers says:

      I totally understand what your going through! I started my weight loss journey at 220lbs 5’4″ so far its been 6 months and I’ve lost 40lbs. I don’t diet at all because its not doable in my situation either. I just count calories. :) I stopped drinking soda and only drink water and some tea. But Cassey’s Videos as well as Zumba have really helped me on my journey. :) I suggest not to diet either but do your best to cut out sugars and high calorie drinks :)

    • Crishia says:

      Hi Vanathi! I know this isn’t really what you want to hear, but part of weight loss is balancing out your entire lifestyle. This means that you should really work on sleeping earlier so that you can wake up earlier. Skipping breakfast only leads to overeating later on in the day. That’s why they say it’s the most important meal! You should try to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up to jumpstart your metabolism. Also, you should try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours. Make sure you don’t drink all of your calories away and drink lots and lots of water. Personally, I just keep water by my side 24/7 and sip it constantly since you should be dirnking almost 8 glasses a day. Also, make sure that when you eat, you’re careful not to overeat. You should take your time when you eat so that you can figure out when you feel really full. With the rice, see if you can try to make your own brown rice instead. Make sure you don’t eat when you’re bored, only eat when you are actually HUNGRY. Your diet contributes a lot more to weight loss than working out does (80% food 20% workout) so you should really focus on food more than working out. WIth your veggies, try to make sure that they are cooked in sauces that are low sodium and sauces that are not cream based. Just watch what your veggies are cooked in. Also, you should increase your protein intake by eating things like different beans and legumes. I am not a certified dietician by any means, but I’m just letting you know from personal experience and from my weight loss journey. I hope this helps (:

  12. Tammy Grady says:

    I just signed up to do your pilates and received your calendar. I have never done pilates before but I really am enjoying it. But my question is should I just go by the calendar or can I do a full body workout each day?

  13. Hi Cassy !!!!

    I’ve been following your workout for about a year. I have a dilemma. So I’m not sure if this happens to everyone or just me. I only have flat abs when I suck in stomach. Is that normal? I actually have a bit of bulging stomach if I don’t suck in. Please let me know. Thanks !!!

    • I’m the same way! And same with one of my friends, and she’s really thin. We both do the workouts too, so I don’t know what’s causing it, but you’re not alone!

  14. Hi Cassey,
    My weight is 62 kgs and I am 5’4” tall and my body fat percentage is 34.6%.I am actually worried about my fat percentage…I have joined a fitness club and from today I have started following your videos and exercises as well…I dunno what I should target as in 3 months….for fat percentage?
    Could you please suggest me how much fat percentage I have to reduce and how can I do that?
    Thanks in advance !! n I also loved the tank tops you wear.. :-)

  15. Hi Cassey ! I just wanted to to say thank you. Thank you SO much for doing what you do. It still blows my mind how dedicated you are not only to being healthy and happy, but to us POPsters. I can’t thank you enough for making the videos for us it is truly amazing what you do. I hope you never stop blogilates because I love it so very much. Thank you for doing what you do and you’re truly an inspiration to keep going :)

  16. Hey Cassey,
    I think it would be a really good Idea to include a pre-workout stretching video in to the calendar each day. I know that a big partied fitness is flexibility and warm ups are crucial, but it can be easy to forget in a time crunch. I have been doing the calendars for a while and just last week I was in the emergency room with a hernia I formed doing one of the calendar videos. I work out 5 or 6 days a week so I know it wasn’t the video being too strenuous, but in order to prevent that for anyone else I suggest you include a warm up.

  17. muireann says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    What exercises do you recommend for bad arthritis in the knee area?

  18. Hi Cassie,

    Firstly, I came upon your channel whilst searching for really good exercises, and may I just say that you are my all-time FAVOURITE fitness instructor. Most of us Jamaican women have become really conscious of our bodies, particularly our booties. The thing is, though, that there’s this little hollow spot between the hip and the upper thigh that I think detracts from the overall attractiveness of one’s figure. Most persons don’t seem to mind it, but, couldn’t it be filled out? Also, observations have highlighted the fact that most persons want to LOSE weight, besides toning abs, chest, etc. My problem, however, is how to gain a bit more musculature without using weights (if that’s possible). I was never obese, but used to be much fleshier than I currently am. Now, I have this EEVIL (yes, with 2 e’s) little wad of fad just beneath my bra area, and just above my waist, that is just resistant to every exercise I’ve tried. (I’m now trying some of yours, and will tell you if they work.) Well, keep up the good work, as we’d say here in Jamaica, and it’s a pleasure working out with you.

  19. Hello,
    I work in an office over 10 hours a day and most of the time I am sitting. I am trying to stretch more often during my work hours to help my body. Do you have any workouts you can think of that I can do at work on my 5 – 10 minutes break or any time I find to move around? Thank you very much!

    • Hi! I’m not Cassie (obviously! ;), but when I read your post, I remembered this amazing blogilates workout for the lower back that I did the other day. I know how you feel; I sit at the computer a lot too! This video really helped me–hope it helps you too! If you go to YouTube and type in “lower back stretches blogilates” it should come up, but just in case it doesn’t, here’s the address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kSdDF2cRkI
      Keep on working hard!

  20. Katina Bohn says:

    I have been working out with Cassey for almost 6 months, and I have really enjoyed seeing my body transform. However, I have such a difficult time toning my thighs. Regardless of how often I work out I cannot seem to lose the fat and this is becoming very frustrating. Is there anything that someone could recommend for me to incorporate more of?

  21. Is there any other ingredient I can substitute the ground flax seed in the experimental oatmeal crust pizza? (http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2011/10/06/experimental-oatmeal-crust-pizza/)

  22. Hi there,
    I’ve been doing pilates along with some of the jillian michaels dvds and ive been excercising 5 days a week for about a year now.. ever since starting pilates i feel like im “bloated” am i building muscle that will make me look fat?

    • My first question to you is are you drinking a lot of water? If you aren’t drinking enough water then your bod will hold onto the water in order to not become dehydrated. The water retention will cause you to become bloated looking. I had that issue a lot and I recently started drinking more water and it’s like that problem just vanished! I hope this helps :)

  23. is there a option where i can delete a old question i asked that has personal information on it?

  24. Hi (:
    I need help. I can’t find the video of the rise n shine workout for today.
    Can anyone send me the link?

  25. Hi guys i just really needed your help because I want to lose weight but it’s really hard for me because I cannot stay motivated. I wonder if any of you guys can give me a few tips on how to stay motivated, also i was wondering is there a certain workout or exercise that i can do to achieve the 34-24-34 measurements. Thank you so much~

    • Write down your goals and read them every day! This has been proven to help people motivate themselves. Also, try to form a habit of working out. A good way to do this is to coincide your workouts with another habit, like waking up our showering.

  26. Hi Cassy!
    I’ve followed and tried the pilates Abs workout yesterday (The best 5 ways for abs) and today i am sore at my neck quite a lot. Do you know why? and how should i handle it? i mean is it going to pain at the neck all the time? instead of abs

  27. Hi,

    I’ve heard bout you a few times through Bubz and I finally decided to check you out.I really want to start doing some of your workouts, but I don’t know where to start. I’m overweight with a lower back problem and a bummed out right knee that I’m probably overly cautious with and scared of stressing out too much less it starts hurting again. Can you suggest any of your videos I can start with?


    • Hi! I have a friend who has the same sort of problem–bad back and knee. We’ve done blogilates together, and right now she’s starting on the beginners’s calendar. Most of the exercises on that are perfect for her; however, if you’re looking for something maybe a little bit harder, most of the stretching videos are great for that, and if they do require using your knees, there’s usually a modification that you can do. The important thing is to do what you can. :)

  28. Anastasiya says:

    Hi! I have been hearing a lot about garcinia cambogia and I am sort of sceptical about it so I was wondering what is your opinion on garcinia cambogia and does it really helps?

  29. So I guess I have always been confused percentages on now much protein, carbs, and fats I should be taking in. Does anyone know how what the numbers are for someone trying to lose weight?

  30. Annie De Lisi says:

    Does anyone know how to subscribe to the app, to get all the videos and recommendations? I have an iPhone and I hit “tap to subscribe” and I get a message saying that in-app purchases are not allowed. Is there another way to do it other than the app?

    • That message means you’ve blocked in app purchases on your iPhone settings. Just go to Settings > General > Restrictions, then enter the passcode and turn off restrictions and it should work fine:)

  31. How far apart am i supposed to eat the meals in your meal plan? Because there are 5 meals so like at what times do I eat eat one?

    • Every 3 to 4 hours is what I have read. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Sometimes I skip the morning snack, if I dont feel hungry.

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