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  1. Tia Bridges says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I’m doing the 8 week hot body and I have a few questions about the meal plan :)
    1) How far can you go when substituting? I don’t enjoy fish and some other components and so should I just use my judgment, or are the meals made up to have specific nutritions?
    2) I don’t like hummus either, is it ok if I just eat chickpeas?

    Thanks so much! :)

  2. Are garcinia and coffee bean pills actually worth all the hype? O;

  3. I have a question on breads? I have read a lot of articles about it, but the thing I don’t get is why is whole grain bread considered bad? Cause some people say that is.

  4. Jaclyn Hosier says:

    Your Clean Eating Recipes look AMAZING and I’d really love to try them out, but I just want to clarify a couple of things before I get started.
    When you use Almond milk do you use unsweetened?
    When you use Greek Yogurt, is it plain, or do you use the Vanilla flavored?
    Does everything _have_ to be organic, or can they be “normal” brands?

    Thanks for all the help!

  5. Where is today’s new video?

  6. Hey, I heard on the video of ‘nutrition is not a religion’ that Cassie doesn’t eat dairy because of acne. I have a problem. My dietician says that I need to eat more dairy products, because I have a shortage. However, I also have a problem with acne, and my beautician says I need to eat less dairy products. What do I have to do?

    • Dairy causes a digestive reaction of more inflammation in the body in most people. Inflammation may be show itself on the dermis/ skin ie. acne, eczema; or gastrointestinal tract/ gut issues ie. gas, bloating, abdominal symptoms. I got my dairy issues confirmed with a blood test (NOT a prick test) that was done at Meridian Valley Lab. There are also many other ones in the States that help with this ie Cyrex Labs, also. Since going dairy free and gluten free, my skin has been at its best yet.

  7. Hey I bought the fit journal but I accidently deleted the email :( is there anyway I can get it again?

  8. hey do i have to do any additional cardio on top of the monthly calendar? thanks in advance!

  9. hey, do i have to do any additional cardio on top of the monthly calendar?

  10. Can anyone tell me is bridge pulses the same as pelvic thrust and what is a teaser? I am new to this so it would be great if anybody can help me.

    Thank You ^___^

  11. Hi ! I do the movember calender and i mess up one day . I wanted to know are they need to do in otherday or not . If need in which day i need to workout

  12. Hey guys!
    So I ordered the fit journal and the meal plan for the 8 week challenge. However, when I received my journal in the mail, I never received the meal plan in the mail OR in my email. I emailed the ogorgeous help team, but have not received a response yet. Does anyone know another way that I would be able to access it?

    Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Cassie! I like all your videos! You do well that help people who do not have time to go to the gym. You’re cool thank you :)I have a question. What can you advise for inner thighs to remove fat from there? And when we will see the result? Help me please ;) Thankyou

  14. On the workout calendars there are like multiple videos for each day, for that day’s workout are you supposed to do all the videos or do you choose one or two?

    • I think you are supposed to do all of them. Starting out with a cardio workout/warm up gets your heart beating and then the rest of the exercises will make you sweat a hella lot. Good luck :)

  15. Hey Cassie! I love your videos and I’m keeping track of what I eat and how I work out. Is there any way to find out how many calories I burn while working out to some of your videos? It would really help to know! thanks!

  16. i love blogilates. however my elbows are very sensitive to excessive impact during many of the exercises. are there any replacement exercises that require less impact to the elbows?

  17. Hi I ordered one of your blogilates fit journal and was promised to get a free pen with it – but when I got my journal I did not recive a pen :/ Hope you can help me understand why?

  18. Hello,

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this whole “new video on YouTube” thing is kinda confusing. I’m not sure where to start looking.

    Please help :)

    Thanks for your time.

  19. Hi! So i tried the total bdy workout and i keep trying to do the pilates stance, but i can’t do it because it was difficult for me so i sorta gave up. Do you have any tips?? :) i really wanna do it!!

  20. Hey!

    I’m curious if poppilates will ever have a certification class around wv such as Pittsburgh pa? I’m about to graduate with an exercise science degree and am looking foward to teaching my own classes and no poppilates are around here that I know of. Would love to get certified and be able to spread the awesome on the east cost!!!!


  21. Hey everyone!

    I can’t get this month’s exclusive video to work — even though I’m subscribed to the calendar. The playlists work, the Movember calendar shows up, but the video just isn’t there. :( I tried to log in with Twitter and update my app (it’s up to date), and nothing. Any ideas?

  22. Hi,
    So I just started the POP Pilates for beginners calendar and my lower back is KILLING me. Tbh, just doing the hundred made my lower back hurt so much. I usually do cardio (never tried pilates or any other workout before) because my lower back always hurts so much. It feels like all of the pressure is on one part of my spine, that’s the best I can explain it. I flattened my back as best I could because I thought that was the problem, but it just doesn’t take the pain away. :( Is there anyway for me to do this without killing my back? Any suggestions would help, thanks so much.

    • Hey Maddie,
      I’ve always had trouble with my lower back too. Not sure if we have the same problem but I find that pilates almost soothes my back so it could be that you aren’t quite doing it right. With pilates, your core must always be turned on so that you work your core rather than your back. (your core supports your back). Don’t do the moves that hurt your lower back. I always do push ups and planks on my knees because this takes away the pressure from by back. I also avoid double leg lifts and other things that really pressure the back. Email me if I can help any further. (I’m not a professional or anything but I would love to help you because I’ve had the same problems!!)
      Miranda xx

  23. Hello!
    I’m very interested in purchasing the vegan 8 week meal plan. Unfortunately, I CAN’T STAND tofu, tempeh, TVP, or really any meat substitute. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a child, and I have definitely tried many meat substitutions, both by force and by choice. Are there any other vegetarians or vegans out there who have recommendations on how to use these meal plans that rely heavily on these substitutions ?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,
      I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years and I used to hate tofu as well. I used to hate the taste (though people always told me it doesn’t have a taste…I totally think it does.) I cannot eat “fake meat”, the stuff that is in the freezer aisle. Your best bet for tofu and tempeh is to marinate it. The stuff totally takes on the flavors of the spices you use. I really like any buffalo style tofu. Also, you can try to incorporate smooth tofu into smoothies. If it’s the texture rather than the taste that you hate, try preparing it different ways (like baked vs. stove top). If you really hate the stuff, it’s replaceable with beans, lentils, and legumes (because at the end of the day, all of these are good sources of protein). Some whole grains also have a lot of protein. Hope that helps a little! Best of luck!

  24. Hi Cassey! I want to start exercising but was wondering if you have any recipes to go along with the beginners calendar. Going to startvit tomorrow godswilling. Wish me luck. Will send my before and after pic in instagram when im done. Have been looking for programs like forever.. thanks soooo much.

  25. Hi! So I downloaded the app and bought the calendars but then realised its not as practical to watch the videos on my phone, so deleted the app. However i still get charged monthly (money is taken out of my apple account). How can I stop this?????

  26. So I have the exact same question that is used as an example at the end of the POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout video. My neck hurts when I hold the pilates stance. Last week was my first week doing the beginner’s calendar. I have neck and shoulder issues to begin with and they were WAY worse last week. My neck was tense and painful every day, even more so than it usually is (which means it was HORRIBLE). What can I do to make my neck muscles stronger? Is there any way I can take the strain off them? I don’t know if I can keep up with this whole pilates thing if it’s just going to make my neck that much worse. :(

  27. hey girls.
    i need help.. i just pruchased the 8 week hot body plan but i don’t know how to join the community…
    do you know what I have to do?

  28. Hi! :)

    I’m so excited to try the 8 Meal Plan, the only thing is I’m allergic to all types of fish & I noticed some of the recipes include fish. What could I use instead?

    Thank you.

  29. Hi,
    I’m trying to workout according to the workout calendar but do we do all the workouts listed in the calendar? Or choose just one or do several of them?

  30. Hi! I never tried whey protein, and I saw you put it on the 8week meal plan, so I was wondering which brand do you recommend? Thanks <3

  31. Hi!
    Super excited about the 8-week challenge!!! I really would like to join in the meal plan, but I’m sadly allergic to avocados and I’m worried that the vegan meal plan (which I would get) contains a lot of avocado recipes, as most vegan meal plans do since they are amazing. I don’t know of any avocado substitutes. What should I do?? Maybe I’m worried for no reason? =/

    • Avocados are usually used in recipes because they are creamy due to their high fat content. If the recipe calls for them in smoothies I would use a banana instead (especially frozen bananas) because they create the same ‘milky’ result. I know a lot of recipes though are just to have avocado on toast or as part of a salad, in which case you could definitely switch it for some nuts (e.g. cashews), or nut butters, as avocados are often part of vegan recipes to ‘bulk it up’ because they are filling and high in calories – something that you can replace by using nut butters. Hope that helps! :)

  32. Hi guys!

    So you have to buy the fit journal to do the new 8 week hot body challenge right?
    I want to do it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to purchase a book. It’s so disappointing :(

  33. Hi.
    I want to start working out. I’ve been having a lot of fat deposit under my bum and all over my thighs. especially the glute area which is making my bum lose shape. its like my butt is weighing itself down.
    How do i start? Which exercises do i do?
    Thanks so much.

  34. Hey Cassie,

    I’m just getting back into working out so I want to do your Beginner’s Calendar.
    Do you have a place where all the videos are together? I’m looking on YouTube and can’t find anything.


  35. Nicole Bernard says:

    Hey Cassey! I can’t do the jumping moves like the burpees and star jumps. I live in a trailer and..well, you can see my predicament lol. Are there any alternative moves I can do?

  36. I was trying to open the Week 1 of the 12 week challenge with the password beastm0de and it will not open:(

  37. Farabella says:

    Hey cassey and POPsters I started on 1st of october with the rocktober calendar and am on week 3 of the new body make over plan and first my weigh was 48 kg now I’m at 50 kg I don’t know if this are the muscles that I’m already feeling or if I’m getting fat because I don’t feel skinny since I started… should I stop the body makeover with all this protein and get back to my normal routine but also doing the workout calendar?

  38. They are on YouTube

  39. hi, i wanna try blogilates but i dont know how to do the exercises.
    i mean i’ve got the calender and the names of the exercises but how do i find the videos?

    • Hi Nura!
      The calendar contains the exact names of the videos on Youtube. Type in exactly what the calendar says and “Pop Pilates” and you will find what you need. For example, “5 Minutes Ab express Pop Pilates.”

    • Hi Nura

      I’ve just started this a few days ago – actually did Day 4 today :) If you’re following the beginner’s calander like I am just scroll down from the calandar and the links for all the clips for each day are right there … you used to have to go searching YouTube for them, but now much easier.

      Good luck!!!

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