Try the 2 ingredient banana pancake recipe!

Take a pic and show me @Blogilates on twitter.

  • Ibisam

    I did every single video and wake-up exercise and lost 1,2 kgs of fat and gained 1,2 kgs of muscle mass in this first week!!! These short everyday workouts are amazing!!!

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  • Melanie

    I loved the pancakes!
    Cassey, thank you SO much for giving us this beginner workout calender! I’ve been so, so sore but it’s so rewarding to feel how I’m pushing through and managing!

  • Sandra

    The pancakes were DELICIOUS!!

  • I used the ingredients and me a JUMBO waffle! It’s big enough that the waffle has 4 pieces and it’s SO good! Waffle marker rocks Ha

  • Kaitie

    the banana pancake are impossible to flip!

  • Tess

    I CANNOT believe I made it through a whole week without giving up or skipping days! :) :) <3 It's weird how natural it was to slip these workouts into my schedule, it's like brushing my teeth now.

  • Hey, is it weird that my neck hurts really bad? I’m lifting my tailbone and shoulders when she asks, but my neck is so sore today.

  • Air

    I keep getting “Page not found” when I try to click on the recipe link. Anyone else have that problem? I had to Google it and the lady credits Blogilates with the original recipe. Just 1 egg per banana?

  • No exercise day is harder than i thought.

  • Jodi

    My body has been so sore all week long and I am seeing amazing results in the first week!!!! I have also been eating a low calorie diet but I list 4.2lbs this first week!!! I’m so thrilled but more thrilled that today is a rest day! Hahaha!

  • Alex

    I feel my shoulder blades today xD

  • Alisha

    end of week one! made it, but i had a few breakdowns and humps (day 5 was terrible for me :( ). I’m feeling it though, and having some of the best progress! it’s inspiring me to eat healthier more often as well, which is a bonus :)

  • Tati

    Cardio does jack-diddly squat! It’s all about the strength training! The more you build muscle, the more your metabolism works to burn more fat. Simply running will just tear your muscle down, leaving you “skinny” but not toned.

  • Kazzie

    OH GOODNESS! I have been so sore the past couple of days but I pushed through it and made it to the end of week 1. I’m definitely excited for what the next 3 weeks have in store.

  • Ellanor

    Wow, I have been so sore this week, so happy for the day off. But I never stopped, sore or not

  • Katie

    I can’t believe I’ve stuck this whole week out! I have done different programs off and on for years, but this one is different! It inspires me and keeps me motivated! I love your enthusiasm and positive outlook its really contagious! Also having a community is awesome and inspiring! Can’t wait to see what week two bring! :)

  • Biev

    I was actually disappointed that I didn’t get to work out on day 7… it was on my mind all day! Thanks for making me like exercising, I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Vi

    Week 1 done, I feel amazing. I am so glad i didn’t stop even though I had a busy week with Exams and presentations and assignments. I’m so motivated, can’t wait to see the final results!

  • Petra

    Yeah, week 1 done! 4,4 pounds/2 kg down, about 1,5 cm minus around equatorial XD So full of energy, even during night shift week, I do feel great. Hold on, guys, I definitely will.

  • Kayla Gardunio

    Week 1 DONE! This is zoo awesome! I have not been psychically active in so many years! I can’t believe I’m actually doing every video, everyday, and I’m not taking breaks or hitting pause… I’m giving it my all and pushing myself to the end! I love how fun Casey makes it. I have actually found my self laughing right when i thought i was going to pass out. I actually look forward to each day. The banana pancakes were awesome. I only had one banana so i could only make one batch and my family tried to eat it all! lol will defiantly make that a regular breakfast! I can’t wait to see whats in store for next week!! :)

  • I don’t know what it is but if you can believe it, the girl who keeps giving up isn’t bored!! I’m actually super stoked for next week! Loving the variety in workouts day to day! I even give it my all! Whoot whoot!! You’re amazing Cassey keep ’em videos coming <3

  • Sylvia

    Week 1 is done! Yaaaay! I am so happy that I’ve stuck through the first week , I am already seeing an improvement in my core and leg strength. Thank you Cassie for being such an inspiration, and also to everyone on this site for your comments, they really help when I’m thinking about skipping a day or giving up. Also, those PANCAKES are DEEEELICIOUS!! :D Looking forward to week 2!

  • Ashley

    Best first week so far! I feel great and can’t wait for the upcoming weeks! These workouts really test every part of my body and help me in the areas I need it most! The banana pancake recipe was amazing and I cannot wait to share it with everyone!

  • hi i just wanted to say tknhas so much for doing these video’s i been overweight for my whole life and i never in my life done a cardio workout until i saw this video. your very encouraging i have been doing these exercises since the other day and i am following this video at least 2-3 times a day now. its not to hard and not to easy and i feel my body becoming more heather. tknhas again so much if you could tell me another video similar to this one i would appreciate it so much !!

  • feel so happy cause i just finished my fist week and i’m already lost 2kg OMG. its motivated me to work my ass out more hard! :)

  • Olga

    What an awesome first week! I’m so happy that I have done it! Though it’s a free day I did a stretching as flexibility is my bad side! Thank you for the reciepe of the pancakes, Cassey! It’s so easy and SO tasty! All members of my family and roommates couldn’t guess what the pancakes are made from! :D
    Thank you one more time! <3
    And Hello, the 2nd Week!

  • Felicia

    Oh my, great first week of workout!! I am so motivated right now. Also i love you :D i must say that your bubbly happy personality makes me melt in a way that does not happen very often when a fit person is trying to push me :P THANK YOU!!

  • Mandie

    I loved this first week of workouts! My butt and arms are killer today, but it was so worth it! this next week is going to be awesome! I am cleaning up my eating even more than this week, and hopefully I will see some serious weightloss results in the next coming months. I measured my waist, bust and hips and have already lost 2 1/4 inches off of my hips and waist this week, even though my weight is the same! I would much rather have those results.

  • Corinna

    I’m so happy! I finished the first week and I even added some extra workout on four days. I feel a little bit sore, especially on my abs and butt. I’m so motivated now to make myself stronger and tone my body!!

    I think, I’m what you call “skinny fat”, because with clothes I don’t look fat at all, but in fact there is a considerable layer of fat all over my body (especially lower abs, butt and thighs), which makes it look very soft. Also, I’m not very strong and don’t easily build muscles.
    Does anyone out there have similar problems? Maybe someone who has already been successful in toning their body?

    The 2 ingridient banana pancakes were so fluffy and tasty! I will try them again for sure! Just added some cinnamon.

    Wish all of you popsters out there the very best for your journey in becoming the fittest version of yourself! Keep it up!

    • claudia

      agreee! skinny fat aswell!

      • July

        mee too ^^

  • Rachel

    Oww, my shoulder hurts, I have one giant knot :(
    I haven’t really seen any difference in my appearance but I certainly feel more active and motivated to get active. How much weight can you lose by using this calendar?, I’m 58kgs at the moment and my goal is 54kgs. I would mainly like to make my thighs leaner looking… Any suggestions?

  • Tia

    I am really thin but I’m just not toned and already my body looks super different! Its only the first week and my stomach is sucked in more. My thighs look more define and I am already feeling and standing taller. I am not sore in my butt (I did the butt video twice and still felt nothing) but my back is terribly sore and so is my arms >.<. This is so exciting! i'm so proud.

    • Hannah

      Thats exactly what I said. Do the butt blaster workout and you will be crying to come back to this beginner workout

  • Rhiannon

    It hurts to sit down! But I’m so proud of myself that I made it through this first week, and it’s a GREAT kind of pain :)

  • emery

    mm this may seem like a dumb question but i just wanted to make sure, are we supposed to do the workouts on this calendar as well as regular cardio like running three-ish times a week? or do we just do the workouts on the calendar and eat clean and that’s all?

    • Nikki

      Well I still do cardio. I think it’s important to still fit that into the routine somehow. Doing the calender definitely gets you toned, but having a toned body under the layer of fat is no fun. So I suggest still doing lots of cardio along with the videos on the calender :D

      • emery

        thank you! i just went running for the first time in forever last night actually, it felt awesome!

        • Amanda

          I didn’t even think about that :O ! I should go running too!
          …..but I think Cardio is included in the normal monthly calendar!
          We should ask CASSIE!!
          (I did notice some toning already though and a better mood :) )

          • Emily

            I still do cardio several times a week (I figure skate) – about an hour to an hour and a half, five days a week, and then do Cassie’s beginner calendar. I recommend additional cardio to everyone!

    • Tanja :)

      additional cardio is good for sure :) i have dance training 4 times a week for about an hour so i got that included :D but it would also work if you add some cardio videos or running, skating, cycling whatever :D

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  • Maria

    My butt is not burning, maybe because I’m used to this kind of exercises but I still feel those back exercises. Today I’m going to the cinema and I’m not going to eat popcorns I chose healthier and I’m so proud of myself thanks for the support Cassey!!! See ya tomorrow for Day 8!!

  • Christina Marie

    Loved the workout yesterday! I have back problems that keep me from being very flexible so I’m really hoping these will least the ones I am able to do. If anyone wants to follow me on Instagram please feel free! evilangel8386

  • Lauren

    After the ‘ What Makes You Bootyful ‘ workout my butt was on FIRE!!! But guess what…… I LOVED IT! :) I just want to wish everyone a fantastic day! :D

  • Shannon

    Well thank goodness – now I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting a rest day :P But now I’ll have to make sure I get right back at it tomorrow!

  • Manuela

    Oh God my butt is burning!!! This is awesome!

    • Weirdo

      It will be baby.

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