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  • Jenna

    Cassey, I think that you look like Brenda Song!

  • Lady T

    Hey Cassie
    I am 48 years old and I just finished the beginners workout calendar in 3 months at a pace where I exercise two to three times slower than you. I just wanted to encourage someone to do what you can, no matter how slow you go. Just do it at a pace and capacity that allows you to do something, no matter how old or young you are. Love you Cassie – Thanks for the videos and thanks for the exercise modifications.

  • Angela Terreros

    Hey Cassey

    I am Angela from Colombia and i just finished the begginer calendar , i need to know if i should star with the january calendar or should i continue with the october calendar…

    please let me know, it means a lot for me

    thanks a lot

    Angela Terreros

    • Angela Terreros

      help me girls!!!

    • Maria

      I’ve recently finished the beginners calendar too and am just doing the October calendar from now on until November and I can do the full months calendar then.I didn’t start the October calendar from the start, I just started on the current date so that i’ll be able to start the new calendar on November 1st. I’m finding that the easiest way but it’s up to you. Congrats on finishing the beginners calendar! :)

  • Nourhan

    Wow Cassey I love reading your followers comments , even though I don’t know you on a personal level but I’m so proud of you , you are the figure of success everyone wants to be , I hope I am this successful like you in my field .

  • Sian

    As if I actually finished this calendar. So ready to start the monthly calendars. I started after being advised to do pilates by my doctor to help with my condition and wanted something a bit more fresh. This past week has been so so hard due to my over active nerves but I persevered. In total I have lost 1.5 inches around my hips (I’m tiny anyway but my hips have always been the issue) in these last 4 weeks which I am so happy about, my hips are no longer a dress size larger than my waist and my bum is more lifted and round, everything is more proportioned, and I actually have defined muscles! My sister told me I have some serious guns haha! But the biggest improvement is my confidence and ability to continue on facing this struggle I have with pain in my body, it hasn’t been easy and I know days to come are going to be just as hard, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I have to pause a video, even if it takes me twice as long to do it I’m determined to finish it. Thank you so much Cassey for giving me this new outlook on life! I am no healthier in body and mind and shall continue to grow on this!

    • Maddy

      How can I start the monthly calender ?????

  • Laura

    Done it! So proud of myself. Thank you Cassey for this beginners calendar. Can’t wait to go to regular. I’m feeling so much stronger now:D

  • Grace

    omg i finished the calendar today ^^ Thank you so much Cassey for getting me off my butt and helping me get in shape !! I think this is probably the first time i’ve ever been like- committed to something and you’ve helped me a lot ! (: thank you so much!!!

  • Grace

    omg i finished the calendar today ^^ Thank you so much Cassey for getting me off my butt and helping me get in shape !! It hunk this is probably the first time i’ve ever been like- committed to something and you’ve helped me a lot ! (: thank you so much!!!

  • Alisha

    I finished this calendar two weeks ago, and I am so proud of myself and so grateful to Cassey.

    For the first time ever, I was confident enough to buy myself a bikini!

    I was always thin, but I felt weak and bloated a lot. Nowadays, I feel much stronger and I’m not so shy anymore, either.

    I’m on the June calendar now. Thank you Cassey, and good luck to all other popsters!

  • MorganeLM

    Yeah ! I dit it ! Beginner’s calendar is done ! I can’t believe i didn’t give up. I didn’t loose weight but i am way more thin and healthy.
    Now, i’m waiting for june’s calendar !

  • Lulu

    AHH! I can’t believe I’m done with the beginner’s calendar…
    From the outside I don’t look too much different, but inside I feel stronger and more confident than before I started :) and now I actually enjoy working out- thank you Cassey!! I can wait to start the April Abs calendar… Eek! But I’m happy with my progress so far and I’m excited to see how my body comes along as I do the more advanced stuff. I’m so glad I started blogilates, it’s made me much more health conscious and happier overall :)

  • inge.V.E

    finisht the beginner work outs:) i’m so proud on myself that i did this

  • Shannon

    DONE! Didn’t skip any days, and started eating clean halfway through with my only cheat being a turkey sandwich with lots of veggies on whole wheat bread and a small latte haha! I was sooo hungry and woke up late and had to settle for a banana for breakfast, yeah no. Anyway, I have lost 6 pounds so far, but I don’t really notice any significant changes and my weight loss was at the beginning but has slowed down a lot. BUT I’m continuing to eat healthy and moving on to finish up the month with the Mighty March calendar before doing the April one, which I am so excited for! Good luck to the rest of the POPsters out there doing this calendar, you will love it! Remember to eat clean!!

  • I just signed up yesterday. Can someone tell me how to get the passwords to see the meals & recipes please and thanks.

    • Ama

      The passwords come every month (so it should come in the next few days)

  • Mandie

    so i made it through 28 days on this program and I did not give up, or give in. I stayed on top of the workouts everyday all month through, and I am so excited to be doing pop pilates. I can’t wait to get the code for February.

    • sabz

      and did you see a difference in your body after these 28 days?

  • Casandra

    Done the beginner’s calendar and i look and feel great ! I have been looking for an exercise routine that i can feel excited about for a long time now and i have finally found it ! Doing this everyday with my eating healthy i have seen great results!

    Really thankful for Blogilates !!
    Thank you Cassey!
    From Cas in Canada :D

  • Lona

    hooray I’m done the beginner calendar…..but i’m still not a pro so my plan is to repeat the month before moving on to the “real” calendar! So proud of myself for sticking with it.

    Thank you SO MUCH, Cassey for putting this calendar together. You’ve changed my whole outlook on pilates and toning muscles. I feel so much stronger. I can’t wait to jump into the December calendar now.

    • Michelle

      How much weight did u lose? I want to know so I can get motivated :)

  • I FINISHED!!! I’m so proud of myself! Taking a one day break tomorrow, and then starting the December calendar on the 1st! I know I will probably have to do mostly modified moves, but I will get stronger! I already see such a change in my body! I am READY TO DO THIS!!

  • PrinC

    done!!! I can’t believe it, even though there were break moments, I’m totally done with the Beginner’s calendar!!! YAY :P

  • Tia

    Done done done :))) 4 days late but I am done! Muhaha :D

  • Nes

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve just started the beginners calender and finished to perform the first day. I wanted to know if anyone actually a real difference (body shape speaking) at the end of the month ?
    Thx xx

    • Tia

      Yea! Do u have the app? Tons of girls blog about how much weight they lost and how much 1 month have really changed their body. I’m already thin, 00-0 in pant size and extra small in shirt sizes but I have a gut and thighs (i’ve never had a thigh gap. I Didn’t ever care about having one tho) and after the first week my stomach was soooo much smaller. My thighs are also opening up and I almost have a thigh gap! I just completed this month and i have abs! My stomach looks so good and its def smaller. My muscles are bigger and I am stronger. Since muscles weights more than fat I have actually gained weight (which in my case is a good thing!) but in other girls cases I have heard they lost 7kg and other amazing stories. One girl only did pilates for 3 months and her body was completely different. It was night and day and it was so amazing. You should def go to the app and check out these girls amazing stories. I’m not the best example becuz I am already small but I have never exercised before and so this is an amazing experience for me and it will be for you too! Just hang in there. Goodluck! :)

      • Nes

        Thank you Tia, I did downloaded the app I guess I should check the before/after stories more often. I don’t actually have weight to loose, but I want to tone up my body.

        Thank you very much for your answer :)

  • Gabby MO

    Finally yesterday I ended the day 27 (i moved the 28 to sunday, cuz I started on wednesday) I ended around 11 pm n while i got out of shower it was already midnight so I couldnt leave this message, :) I’m “in pain” and so tired as I hadn’t been in years but also so glad. I’m moving to the monthly calendar today so I hope I’ll do it fine. I had a hard time doing the last week specially but I pushed my self through it and I managed to do it, not as graceful or smiley like Cassey of course, but I didn’t stop moving a second while doing the daily playlist. Thank you so much for everything Cassey :)

  • There’s no cokie recipe, could you re-link it please?

  • DONE!

    Now to start the regular monthly calendars…oh lord help me.

  • Gizem

    I wonder what we do after beginner’s calender. What should we do?

  • Cassey!

    I absolutely love you and your workouts, i’m addicted! You are a fantastic instructor, incredibly motivational and your fun approach to fitness and wellbeing is something to be truly admired.

    For quite some time I was seeking guidance on the path to good health and wellbeing and once finding you on youtube through bubzbeauty I can honestly say you have been a leader and role model for me.

    Thank you for all you do and everything you put into creating your blog posts and workouts, you are an inspiration.



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