• Niki

    Good think I took dancing lesson as a child. Really reminded me of that time

  • Eli

    Everybody should do the great Gatsby workout EVERY DAY!!!!

  • Hayley

    Incredible! The second video made me jelly but it felt amazing at the same time :) Loved the other videos too!

  • Bubs

    day 20 was amazing!!!! i was having a bad day, but feel good stretches actually helped me out! second video was awesome and my butt will totally feel it tomorrow lol and i love dancing so i had so much fun with the great gatsby <3 thank you cassey!!!!

  • Emilia

    Haha that dance was really hard but I just went crazy with it and it did get my heartbeat up! :D

  • stephanie souza

    day 20 done!

  • WiWi

    The Great Gatsby workout is so hard to follow !

  • I can’t dance at all so I couldn’t do the Gatsby one. I have the worse complex about dancing so that was a no…other than that amazing

  • Greta

    Day 20 was amazing, sweating so much! loved it :D

  • Paula

    I like day 20. The second video was hard but It´s exactky what I need. Thanks Cassey, I love you and your videos :)

  • Clara

    I am so happy right now! When I started doing thus Beginner’s Calendar, I couldn’t do a roll up without grabbing my thighs for support. Today as I did the warm-up roll ups I needed no support. :) I guess no further comments are needed just keep working out! :)

  • Emmi

    Day 20 was awful for me somehow. My knees hurt so much in the first video and I don’t know why :/ and in the second one my lower back was hurting way too much during the butt lifts… and I suck at dancing and it was especially annoying to dance with my feet sticking to my mat :/ well maybe day 22 will be better!

  • Gabby

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The Gatsby Workout!!! I just finished day 22 and now i’m back to day 20 because I want to do the Gatsby work out again :P I noticed in the video that you were actually at a dance club or with other people and I was wondering if that was something you organized or something that was going on at the venue you were at? I’ve secretly always wanted to go to a dance club with a 20s theme to get dressed up and do old timey moves. I know it’s weird but dreams are dreams right? I hope you get to see this Cassey. You’ve really helped me and I think I will forever be a POPstar because of you.

    Have a wonderful day!

    – Gabby <3

  • Emily

    I actually love the feel good soul stretch, one of my favorite videos in this calender

  • Sonia

    That dance session was perfect! LOL Just what I needed for my Friday! Day 20 was a blast! No idea how to dance so I just did a silly one with lots of moving and some of the exercises I’ve learned so far thrown in there XD Did all the videos all the way through and so Proud of myself! Thanks Cassey <3 And congrats to everyone else finishing Day 20!!!!