• Khairun Quiamco

    hi .. i was about to go for a run but due to technical problem i decided to switch to Pilates which is !st time for me and here i am on my 1st day ready to roll.. :)

  • Maggie Prince

    Just started today so excited

  • Lisa Danielle

    Just completed day 1 is was hard but I did it yay!!

  • Zee

    sorry for the last comment, but I started this program bc i want to go to india this December and i want to look good and skinny( I dont know how but i am trying). Do you guys think that this will work currently I am 137.7 lbs do you think I will be able to loose a ton of fat or no? I get really shaky is that normal? When will I start to not get shaky ?

    • Vilde

      If you’re shaking it means that your muscles are working. It is very normal to shake when you’re not fit or your muscles are not used to work in that way? You can do this!

  • Zee

    Hi o

  • Megan Beaulieu

    I’m doing the beginner challenge as well and just started today! I struggled a lot when I had to do the part where i’m laying sideways and moving my legs up and down and then doing the circles. I couldn’t keep my balance. My hips kept moving. Did anyone else struggle with this? It was very frustrating. I don’t know if it’s something I’ll get eventually or if I had the wrong form.

  • Anonymous

    So excited to be getting back into the beginners calendar!! Gave up last time because of busy schedule but determined this time not to give up!! Going to do this calendar before moving onto the Beginners Calendar 2.0 and then straight into the monthly calendars!! Excited to see where this leads me, not only physically but mentally!! Good luck everyone!! x

  • Shameaka

    I can see it’s going to be a long 28 day, but it will be worth it in the end. I had planned to finish the original beginner’s calendar followed by beginner’s calendar 2.0 before moving onto PIIT28. If today is indication, I’ll be repeating the original beginner’s calendar at least once before moving onto anything. I’m excited to be getting back to me after being sidelined for years by an autoimmune disease.

  • Skye

    Just finished this one now! Woo!!! Well done to everyone who finished that, feeling pretty good but bet I’ll be sore tomorrow! At first I gave up at the abs, but then I gave it another go and I done it, well done everyone!! We’re all on the same journey, let’s do this!!

  • AJ

    I have just discovered this blog and I absolutely love it so far – have just completed day 1 and I feel amazing already and really relaxed! I am just looking to tone my muscles particularly my upper legs and butt, has anyone found that these types of exercises have helped to remove cellulite in these areas? xox

  • cissy

    Hello everyone. I just like to ask for an advice. since my aim for doing workouts is to lose weight, can you suggest what exercise/routine should i be doing? thank you in advance

    • Abbie

      Hi Cissy!
      I started doing Pop Pilates to lose weight and to tone my muscles and it definitely works! I would suggest doing the beginner’s calendar, plus some cardio a few times a week- swimming, running, biking, and even walking! The main way to lose weight is to eat healthy and to make sure you are not eating more calories than you are putting out. I use myfitnesspal app to do that, just put in your information, weight, etc and it will tell you how much you should be eating a day! Hope this helped!

  • abby

    I’m about to start the 4 week program… while i am kinda big my goal here isnt to lose weight but to bring a balance to my life and give me ME time that i dont normally give myself bc im so busy with school. wish me luck

  • Bethany

    I am starting this today. I went to the store to get an Easter dress and I had to go up not one but TWO sizes. Not good! I needed something to wake me up and that was it. It’s on.

  • Michelle

    I completed the beginner calendar 2.0 for the first time yesterday, and thought I would do this calendar before trying a real one. Day 1 complete. Also I completed the 30 day butt challenge, am starting week 4 of the ab challenge, and just started the 2nd day of the thigh 30 day challenge!

  • Christine

    Last summer I completed the who beginner calendar but once school started again (I’m a substitute teacher) I completely quit. I just can’t make myself get up extra early to do it. But I’m going to try to start doing these again even if it’s just weekends or days off and hopefully by summer I’ll be a little better off and can go all the way through!

  • Victoria

    This is the fourth time I am trying to complete the begginers calendar, last time I left it at day 12. Feeling this is the good one!

  • Ashley L

    Tried a Pilates and yoga mix video before and liked the pilates so much that i wanted to explore it more. This is Day1 and I’m recovering from a bad flu. It actually wasn’t bad at all. Not sure how I’ll feel later in the day lol. The legs portion really was the hardest for me. And I’m not sure if I’m lined up properly for the leg lifts. Maybe I just cant balance on my side very well yet. But I’m gonna stick to it and see what happens in a month. Btw, I’m in the Caribbean and this made me sweat but not drenched.

  • Maryama. A

    Just did day 1 and I’m feeling really good. Been so long since I’ve exercised but I’m trying to get use to it again. Yay Day 1!

  • Natalie

    Day 1 complete! My little guy is now 16mths old and can’t use the ‘just had a baby’ excuse much longer! Does anyone else struggle with the inhaling/exhaling timings? I also seem to be inhaling when I should be exhaling and vice versa? Or maybe it’s just down to my extreme lack of rhythm in life!

    Anyway…good luck to you all from a very snowy Highland Scotland! :) xx