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  • joelle


  • Clandestin Sherring

    when i watch these videos.

  • Kaltrina


  • Tally

    I really love your recipes they are ridiculously amazing and easy. Thank you so much for taking your time and making these for us.
    Just a little heads up, every time you put stuff in the microwave you kill the nutrition in the food. ;) <3

  • banana and bbq. Thats definitely thinking outside the box.

  • Nicole

    I am going to look in my nearest store for these noodles. it looks good and super calorie free – a plus!! I also love Cassey’s workouts, super fun. I love getting fit

  • Lexi

    Cassey- I don’t know for sure if you will see this or not, but i just want you to know how much you have inspired me. I started doing your videos literally like 2 or 3 days ago and I am already noticing a big difference! I love that you are so funny and you talk to us during the workouts, because then it takes your mind off of whatever you’re doing and it doesn’t hurt so much! You are truly an AMAZING PERSON AND I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for helping me to start my fitness journey and helping me feel more confident.
    much love!! xoxo, Lexi, from Utah

  • Kristie

    You are hilarious and fun! Your videos brighten my day and are WAY TOUGHER to do than most out there, but I’m still smiling (some of the time). Really great stuff! Can you do a more extensive video targeting saddlebags? Thank you again!

  • Jenny

    I tried the banana pancakes with berry sauce and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So tangy and delicious. I love you Cassey! Thank you!

  • emily

    how do you feel about the “fit” peanut butter ? The powder peanut butter that you add water to ?

    • LAuren

      Hi, I use the PB2 powder, which is the “fit” peanut butter and it’s really good! I use the one with chocolate in it, add water and dip my apple slices into it. So good! Definitely recommend it because it’s really healthy and yummy. hope this helped!

  • I just made Cassy’s Vegan Quesadilla for dinner along with her stuffed snickerdoodle muffins for desert and I fell in loved with both! :)

  • cassey, do you can write the ingredients?
    for me ; )

  • Adriana

    Does she have a facebook

    • yes. she has facebook

      • does she have facebook.

        • cassey do you have facebook.

          • kristin

            I don’t know if Casey has Facebook.

    • Bayley

      It depends on what Facebook, do you mean her Facebook page because she does have a Blogilates page but she doesn’t have a personal account.

  • Cassey, I just made the chicken peanut lettuce wraps!!!! They are amazing!!! I added some fresh cut strawberries to them before I took my first bite, and it was a taste explosion!! Thank you for this wonderful quick and easy recipe! Loved it!

  • syafiqah

    omg thank you so much. this means a lot to me and its help me. i get so motivated when watching all your video

  • Lorissa

    THESE CHICKS ARE CRAAAAAAAZY!!!! LOL They look like they’re having a lot of fun though!! I hope someday I’m capable of half of this!!

  • Sabreena Unfred

    Hi cassey! So I have a almost two year old who loves chicken nuggets! And well if you look at any chicken nugget these days you can see how processed they are! And he likes some grilled “chicken nuggets” but I was wondering if you have any good ideas for clean cheap chicken nuggets that I can eat with him! Thank you!!!

    • Danica

      try the following, you’ll be needing:

      one raw chicken breast
      one beaten egg
      one cup of whole wheat flour
      one cup of rolled oats
      salt & pepper to taste
      lemon juice (optional)

      Cut the chicken into little pieces, seasoned with salt & pepper, and if you want some lemon taste, pour lemon juice and combine, then put in a pan some olive oil in medium high. Pass the chicken in whole wheat flour until covered, then pass it into the beaten egg until covered and then to rolled oats, then into the pan, cooked them both sides, and there you go! so tasty and healthy.

  • Me

    I was wondering if you could make a cheap clean eats video on monkey bread, one of my absolute favorites!

    • yes .
      you can make a cheap clean eats viedeo.

  • I have been eating these all week instead of Halloween candy.

    Peanut Butter Bean Balls
    1 can white beans (kidney, chickpea, etc.) rinsed, drained, mashed
    1 cup peanut butter or other nut butter
    1/4 cup honey
    1 cup rolled oats
    2 tsp vanilla
    Stevia to taste if not sweet enough
    dash salt

    Mix, roll into balls, eat or refrigerate and eat later.

    Very similar to flavored bean paste in mochi.

    • Lee

      I make something very similar an they r amazing, can’t wait to try this one thx!
      The one i have been making:
      Peanut better, rolled oats, honey, mini chocolate chips, almond slivers, coconut flakes, espresso protein powder and a little stevia.

  • Olivia

    I have a nut allergy and I can’t have peanuts and almonds and stuff like that. Any good substitutes for your recipes with those in them?

    • Vivian

      Soy always does wonders for me! You can get soy butter as a peanut butter substitute, and soy milk tastes even better than almond milk in my opinion :)

    • san

      Pecans butter, sunflower butter, walnut butter, macadamia nut butter

    • Sarah

      yogurt is good if it’s subbing a liquid or a food that’s not as solid. :) different types of nut-less butters work well too, depending on what’s in stores near you. I hear that Tahini is also good.

      here’s a good post about peanut allergies/substitutes from a baking site I like :)


  • Sylvia


    I loved this recipe and can’t wait to try it, but I did want to let you know something. Blue Diamond almond milk has carrageenan in it. Carrageenan is taken from seaweed and put in most natural, organic, or healthier foods, but it has some terrible side effects. It can give a person gastrointestinal disease like colon cancer. I know this sounds crazy, but research it yourself. I just want everyone to be informed in what they are consuming in their daily live. There are products that do not have carrageenan, so maybe you could try those. I hope this helps.


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  • Tara

    hey cassey, where did you get the matcha powder, I can’t find it expect on amazon, how many oz should I buy and which brand? I heard they can vary in quality and taste so just asking XD

    • blaze

      actually you can buy it as an asian supermarket like T&T, but you probably found out already

  • ashley

    where did you get the dress you wore in no-bake vegan key lime pie
    its stunning
    btw i love your videos you are so motivational <3

  • Rebe

    Today I’ve done the 2 ingredients pancakes but with a little modification, I put 1 and a half bananas and just one egg and they were delicious, maybe this happens becuse mexican bananas are smaller than the ones saled on unated states… however, this were incredible sweet and fluffy. Thanks Cassie!

  • Rebe

    Hey, Cassie! I really love all your videos! and I love you even when I’m doing your cardio rutines ._. jeje, I just have a question, Could I do some pancakes with the same batter you use to this crepes? (: Thanks!

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  • Rebecca

    Hey Cassey-you are awesome! I Love you! I can’t Wait to try this recipe!!! I’ve really enjoyed all the others I’ve tried already. FYI the easiest way I know of to pit an avocado (I used to cut myself or lose 1/2 the avocado when it stuck to the pit) is to, once you’ve beautiously cut the avocado in half as you did here, whack the pit with a big knife. The knife will stick and you can twist to pull the pit out. Then to remove safely from the knife (don’t grab and pull the slippery little devil!) simply bang the knife on the edge of the trash can and it’ll fall right in. :) Thanks for everything you do! I’m now on week 2 of following one of your workout calendars and I am totally love/hate/loving it! :)

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  • barbara

    So today i did flourless Pizza…it was so good i could not believe it! Im not much of a cocker so i did something wrong.
    My pizza kind of got burned by the sides and totaly fall apart when i took it out….but it was still so good.
    I used all the ingredients but still something went wrong. Can u help me? :)

    • cassey, do you have instagram

  • Megan

    You should totally do a section of paleo Christmas recipes for the holidays! :)

  • Monica

    Cassey you should do a video on a baked banana recipe!
    I think it’d be a delicious idea :D

  • Nina


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  • Hana

    i love the banana pancakes they taste great! be sure to let them cool though

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  • Hana

    scan you make a ceased salad ?

  • Courtney

    How did the Quessadilla turn out for everyone? Thinking about making it for my family and wanted to see.

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  • Katie

    I make the banana pancakes all the time, and put a scoop of strawberry protein powder in with it too. It’s awesome!! :D

  • Felicia

    Hi Cassey, are you going to continue your Cheap Clean Eats series?? Please do!!