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  1. hey cassey, where did you get the matcha powder, I can’t find it expect on amazon, how many oz should I buy and which brand? I heard they can vary in quality and taste so just asking XD

  2. where did you get the dress you wore in no-bake vegan key lime pie
    its stunning
    btw i love your videos you are so motivational <3

  3. Today I’ve done the 2 ingredients pancakes but with a little modification, I put 1 and a half bananas and just one egg and they were delicious, maybe this happens becuse mexican bananas are smaller than the ones saled on unated states… however, this were incredible sweet and fluffy. Thanks Cassie!

  4. Hey, Cassie! I really love all your videos! and I love you even when I’m doing your cardio rutines ._. jeje, I just have a question, Could I do some pancakes with the same batter you use to this crepes? (: Thanks!

  5. Hey Cassey-you are awesome! I Love you! I can’t Wait to try this recipe!!! I’ve really enjoyed all the others I’ve tried already. FYI the easiest way I know of to pit an avocado (I used to cut myself or lose 1/2 the avocado when it stuck to the pit) is to, once you’ve beautiously cut the avocado in half as you did here, whack the pit with a big knife. The knife will stick and you can twist to pull the pit out. Then to remove safely from the knife (don’t grab and pull the slippery little devil!) simply bang the knife on the edge of the trash can and it’ll fall right in. :) Thanks for everything you do! I’m now on week 2 of following one of your workout calendars and I am totally love/hate/loving it! :)

  6. So today i did flourless Pizza…it was so good i could not believe it! Im not much of a cocker so i did something wrong.
    My pizza kind of got burned by the sides and totaly fall apart when i took it out….but it was still so good.
    I used all the ingredients but still something went wrong. Can u help me? :)

  7. You should totally do a section of paleo Christmas recipes for the holidays! :)

  8. Cassey you should do a video on a baked banana recipe!
    I think it’d be a delicious idea :D


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