1. I also have arthritis and osteoporosis at a younger age than I should have. When my wrists hurt I ball them into fists and lean on those instead of bending my wrists. Its something a physical therapist suggested once and luckily my arthritis will allow this. I don’t know if that’s what Cassey would suggest, but its what I have done to compensate.

  2. Annaliese Nixon says:

    You are so sweet, you make me feel like s princess when I work out :) but a really hardcore one

  3. nima lezzar says:

    Hi Cassey! I just want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE you and all of the things you help me do. BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM,….i am 16 years old and I have osteoperosis AND arthritis (i know ..im basically a grandma! LOL) and i have really BAD wrist problems and the workouts for arms and thighs included using the wrists. How can i adjust the workouts and it be still effective . THANKS SO MUCH CASS LOVE YOU GIRL ………………btw I LOVE YOUR APP! :)

  4. I am sooo sore. I did the 10 minute butt lift. You pushed me to keep going. I wanted to quit, but I did not. I also just did the a Beach Ready Butt Workout. The only problem with that is when I cross my knees, my knee gets stuck on my foot. They hit each other. :( How can I fix it?

  5. Hey Cassie! First of all I love you! Your workouts are the only ones I have been able to keep up with and love to do! :) I have a lot of weight between my hips and my knees. It’s mostly the outside of my hip I’m talking about. The skin just sags! there is no toned muscle. I have already gone through once your beginner calendar 2.0 I have started to go for a second round. I didn’t know if you could give me some advice of what else I can do to fix it? thanks!!

  6. Cassey!!! My booty is hurting!! And I want more!! You are a fantastic, fun, energetic and a simply great instructor!!
    I’m doing this with my little daughter! lots of fun!

    Thanks :))

  7. I loved this video! The 30 day butt challenge will be awesome for me so I can wear my jean booty shorts on Saturday. My boyfriend and I are going to a monster truck rally! I am so pumped. Thanks Cassey!

  8. Loved this one :)

  9. This video is fantastic! Ro is so awesome, it was really awesome to see someone do the beginners move with me :) she is really inspiring!! I felt like it was a hard video and it was cool to see someone (Who seems to be on my same workout level) finish it!
    I absolutely love baking homemade granola bars in my free time, since they are the perfect snack to grab on the run and are way cheaper than buying a box!
    All the best, and happy new years!!!

  10. I have been doing your workouts for about a year due to my “healthy 18 year old” daughter who showed me your videos! Absolutely loved your workout friend and loved workout out while seeing both of you!
    Would love to win any of those prizes for my daughter. She is a freshman in college and does the workouts in her little dorm! LOL
    Please tell Roe (?) that I love to make pies (recipes from Grandmother) and everyone says I should open a pie store!! I am 53 and maybe I should do that! You guys have inspired me!
    Happy New Year!!
    Sandy M.

  11. Oh boy am I pooped! First, I did 6 Min to Sexy Arms, then 4 Minutes to Flat Abs and Toned Thighs, and ended with this video and I feel glorious! Great workouts :)

  12. can somebody please tell me the name of the second song?

  13. Hi Cassey!!!
    I would like to know which Butt workout video I should do to focus on my Horizontal gluteal fold. I’m doing your other butt videos but notice I can get that exact area. Hope you can make a new viedo help me choose the best one. Thanks!! Hope you reply soon! Xo


  14. I love your videos! It’s wonderful that you post them free. You should make a butt video to All About the Bass :)

  15. Hi Casey,
    Your videos are awesome, but I would like to make some exercises for cellulite. Could you recommend me something? Thanks

  16. Hey Cass,
    Just wondering, your butt workouts, do they make your thigh’s larger as well? I’ve been doing mainly cardio, but also want to get a larger butt, without increasing my thigh size.



  17. I have the same problem! The first video on the page is the only one that I’m able to watch.

  18. They are on my.blogilates.com and in the app!

  19. Courtney says:

    Hey Cassey,
    You used to have a link with all the videos for every day of the monthly workout calendars and now I can’t find the link on your website anymore. I have to individually search for each video and usually the video won’t allow me to click on it to view it. It is very frustrating. I’m hoping you will return the links to the page.

  20. Atlanta says:


  21. I love your workouts however your videos wont play anymore. I can usually watch one video and the rest wont play at all. I think something is wrong with the site.

  22. Anyone know what song is playing in the back? I love it!

  23. I’m absolutely in love with this new work out <3

    Thanks Cassey :)

  24. Hey Cassie,
    Great Video. Thanks for sharing!
    You asked about a good nail polish brand. I am not sure if you’re still looking for one, but I thought I’d recommend the ‘Zoya’ brand. They have recently become my new favorite brand ever. They have really good ingredients, unlike most brands do, and it spreads on your nail like a dream… not to mention that is lasts a LONG time, too. I find I’ve grown to like it far better than the ‘Opi’ brand. I would highly recommend it. For Christmas, I got lovely Sage-green color, but I checked online and they do have really nice shades and variations of lime greens as well. Hope this helps.
    Thanks again for the vid.

  25. Hey Casey
    U r a fab..!!! I admire u for being such a wonderful human n for helping each one of us women to look beautiful..! Thank you so much as u have helped me look pretty n in shape even after a C section. U r my role model.:)

  26. maria jose says:

    hi cassey I can’t do the grasshoppers because my hip bones hurt, which move should I do?

  27. Cassandra Flynn says:

    I live this work out …. So did my husband, watching me that is

  28. I shit myself :D


  30. Cassie this sounds like grandma music! Will you please use more fun upbeat pop and hip hop songs for future videos? Its just not Pop Pilates without them

  31. Oh my God, for the first time i was able to do this workout completely(well almost), i took a 3 second break in each one.

  32. BittyBallOfCurly says:

    Hey everyone! I did the bubble butt workout for the first time, and while my gluts felt sore for a little while after the workout, the next day, only my back felt sore…Anyone know what I did wrong?

  33. Just love it, when you share Ruth with us. Wish this lovely lady, had a blog of her own. Perhaps you could sgugest this, to her? Perhaps…? Please…?Gentle hugs,”To be admitted to Nature’s hearth costs nothing. None is excluded, but excludes himself. You have only to push aside the curtain.” ~Henry David Thoreau

  34. OMG only three minutes to a better booty?!? I tried this quickie for the first time today and I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! A great routine to do while catching up on all my guilty pleasure TV lol!!

  35. I just did this workout for the first time today, and it is KILLER!! I was dying by the end and sweating a whole lot. Love this one!! Def going on the repeat list ;) Thank you Cassey!!

  36. Hi there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the excellent work!

  37. Hello cassie,

    Thank you so much for putting efforts in your wonderful videos. I’m currently working on the obliques..I have another concern and its about my uneven butt..Like..the right side is bigger because I do much things on my right. Whenever I stand and place my weight on my left,there’s always this obvious line on my right buttcheek going down center which look like adipose fats stored in there…Which vid could work on my right butt?

    Hoping to hear of you soon!TC.

  38. This was a great one! Really motivational that you were on the beach! Where I am it is all grey clouds and no sun. =( Thanks for this! Definitely felt the burn with the fire hydrant!! Whoo! Looking forward to the next one!! Thank you Cassey!

  39. Cally Marie says:

    i love all of your workouts like i live by them! but this one didnt burn at all!!!!!! Do you think i could have done the moves wrong?

  40. Hey Cassie,

    Just wanted to say thank you for making such high quality (in every aspect) workout video’s. They are such a wonderful resource and a great way to shake up a workout :)

  41. I don’t know if it’s my phone, but the “butt” section in the app doesn’t update. This butt lift video does not show up and I love this one so much, but I need to keep searching for it haha.. Just wondering. Love all your workouts they kill me but I feel so amazing every time, even when I don’t feel like working out. Afterwards I am always so glad I did, you’re such a motivation.

  42. My butt hurts

  43. Where can I buy a power ring in Canada?

  44. This better help because it huuuuurts !!

  45. Hi Pilates People!

    I have a question maybe some of you who have been doing this for awhile can answer for me.
    After doing pilates regularly, did you get more curvy/toned, or just lose a ton (maybe too much) of fat?

    I looked in the mirror today and I was pretty shocked- IMO I look way too thin and I find it rlly unattractive, and I wasn’t this way before I did pilates. I love pilates and I’m not going to stop because its great for me mentally and physically, I just don’t like how I LOOK. I eat a lot, look like a balanchine ballerina just no fat- not cute?

    I have a pilates teacher who is GORGEOUS very toned and curvy butt/ lower body, flat tummy, but not too flat, small chest so more pear shaped- that I so wish I could get! I guess if you look at her vs me it’s like runway model (too skinny IMO) vs. Maxim model- thin/muscular/leanish- but also sexy and curvy as hell. And no I’m not talking about VS models I think they are not attractive and would not want to be that thin- I think I am around that.

    I am doing something wrong?

    I didn’t expect this change- I expected to tone, not get emaciated. I still have tons of energy, eat a lot, love pilates- but c’mon.

    How did ya’lls bodies change? More tone? More curvy lower body? Way less fat to the point where it’s not attractive.

    Thank you!

  46. OMG I noticed cellulite on my butt recently!

    This is mortifying, I need to do more butt workouts!

    I’m hoping to get a bubbly butt since I don’t have much of one… A sad flappy tiny butt…. Sight!

    I’m on it girl, wish me courage!

  47. Can you add more cardio workouts please

  48. Sophia Wrightson says:

    Loved that video Cassie! Do you have any videos made directly for reducing cellulite! big problem coming into summer!!

  49. My thigh muscles always cramp up when I do butt lifts, especially when I lift one leg. It’s so painful that I can’t continue.

  50. Me too, with most butt work-outs. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Anyone have any help?

  51. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve consider your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely great.
    I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what
    you are saying and the way wherein you say it. You’re making it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart.
    I can’t wait to read much more from you. This is really a tremendous web

  52. Does anyone else have like a pulling pain in their thighs when doing the first move on theVS butt workout. One side is fine but the other is really painful!

  53. Does anyone else just feel like the circles hurt your hips? I don’t feel it in my butt at all…..just hips….and its not a workout burn, more like an actual ache.

  54. Hi cassey thank u soo much … I always liked working out especially after having two kids but i always quit for some odd reason lol.. but i found your videos on youtube n i felled in love with them havent stopped doing your videos since day 1 .. and now going on day 13 n not stopping lol. kep doing them and im gonna keep doing em ..

  55. Holy crap, I LOVE BUBBLE POP! :)

  56. Hi Cassey, there’s this kpop song I know called Bubble Pop (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw9CALKOvAI). Would you consider doing another bubble butt workout with it? Thanks, and I love your workouts!

  57. use treasure by bruno mars with abs & booty please. your excersizes really help painful but they help a lot.

  58. And now i’m walking with my legs like 1m apart after the What Makes you Bootyful workout. arghhh!

  59. Wall sits help alot as well :) but with both squats and wall-sits you should see a change :) xx

  60. I’m reading a book, because I’m brainy. No, it is a book – if you don’t know, it is like a blog except bigger.

  61. Wow Cassey, I am so excited that I found your website!! Working out has never been fun for me, and I loathe going to the gym!! Your videos made it possible for me to work out at my home and FEEL THE BURN in a fun, positive way! I used to feel miserable while working out, but now I feel pumped up and inspired with you there, talking and pushing me not to give up. Thanks so much for being a great work out inspiration, and keep up with the awesome videos!

  62. It’s going to be finish of mine day, but before end I am reading this fantastic article to improve my knowledge.

  63. Hiiiiiiii!! I want to thank you soooo much Cassey. A few weeks ago I started with your workout videos, especially for my butt and my abs. And now I already feel a big ifference in my butt!! Im soooo happy that my butt has grown/lifted a little bit more. Im also bussy with my as, i want a flat stomach but during the workout it hurts soo much that i have the feeling i cant breath and that makes me stop the whooole tim. Can you help me with that? Already a massive thank you for your workout videos, theyre sooo good and help me, and others, to get their dream body.

    Love you soo much xxxxxxx

  64. SAME!!!! it turned more into pulsing because my circles started to fail

  65. chelsea says:

    thankyou so much, you did help.It’s very easy to get the wrong idea about calories and just today I have realised I need to stop my bulimia (it’s not very bad) but its taking a toll on my body and there is no way I would achieve a bigger butt if I kept doing it. I am also a dancer but I do contenporary and hip hop so they kind of help. I guess the main thing is motivation and believing in myself which is very hard to do. thankyou for your support I appreciate it :) and if there is any other workout recommendations I would appreciate that aswell.

  66. I love the fact that after about 30 seconds (naybe less?) my mini circles degenerate into random squiggles.

  67. The Mini Circle Maniacs are killer! :D Definitely felt the burn!

  68. This is my FAVORITE booty video!!!!!!!!! Woooohooo I feel that burn!

  69. Hey Chelsea:)
    I have the exact opposite concern lol, I feel like my butt is too big, and I get upset about it a lot! It’s what motivates me to do cardio! I totally understand the need to feel motivated, its so hard to work for something but still not have the body you want. I never really tried to get a big butt, its just happened so I can try to give you some help :) When I had a bigger but (its SLOWLY shrinking) I would eat a lot of calories, but all clean food. Don’t restrict calories because that has the opposite effect, just eat clean so that you stay toned. I also did a lot of ballet, and in ballet you are almost constantly clenching your glute muscles, a lot of my ballerina friends also have large, strong behinds. Anything that involves clenching, or squeezing these muscles will build the area, and should help a lot! I hope that I helped, good luck:)

  70. hi, I have been trying to get a big butt for a little while now, there was a time when I did this workout for my butt everyday, I did see results but it has just toned my thighs and toned my butt. I want a big round butt and I often get really upset that I don’t have one. is there anything I could do? I do squats now and again but it’s hard when you get upset with your body to feel motivated. can anyone help or give feedback? it would be much appreciated

  71. Yup so after all those circles I collapsed trying to stretch hahaha!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Can you post exercises that will tone the muscles on the side of the butt?

  73. Hi Cassey!
    I really love your videos!!!! I was wondering how long it would take (how many days i would have to do this workout per week) for results to show in my body for this specific video, the (Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt Workout)? Also I started to shake a lot while doing this exercise, is that normal?

  74. Cassey! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and your dedication to this website! I am so thankful that I have access to your amazing workouts. I have been having troubles working out for years, and have had major self-esteem issues for the past seven years. Your positive attitude and encouragement makes me WANT to work out, makes me feel better about myself, and brings out the positive energy in me. You are so beautiful inside and out and you are an incredible role model — I seriously look up to you. You’re truly incredible. Thank you so much!

    Love, Paige <3

  75. Lindsey says:

    You are amazing. You make me want to work out every day just to hang out with you! You keep it fun and interesting, especially since there are so many different videos; it’s never boring!
    I have a couple of questions for you. One, during the “What Makes You Bootyful” workout, my lower back KILLS. What am I doing wrong?
    Also, a workout that is focused on toning up the back of the thighs and getting rid of the cellulite would be amaaazzzinggg.

  76. Hi Cassey,

    Can u please post exercise videos for Hips?

  77. Hi Cassy,

    thank you for all great pilates video. You are Awesome.. you are inspiration to me.. I love all.

    May I ask about your shorts which you are wearing in this video (Bikini Blaster 6 Booty Booty Booty). Is that from your shop ? if yes, please advise which item ? as i went to your shop online, but could not find this one. thank you very much..


  78. Brittany says:

    Hi, I was wondering what the best videos would be for me, I want a bigger rounder butt and my inner thighs are super jiggly, I have this bulge on the insides of both of my legs and i don’t know how to get them flat like the rest of my leg please help!!!

  79. I LOVE BLOGILATES!!! I am new to the site and it’s a great change. Plus, having such a motivated instructor really keeps me motivated, even if I can’t work out every day! Oh, and I feel FANTASTIC! Thanks Cassie!

  80. Hi Cassey,
    I always get strange knee pain after doing the ‘What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge’. Is there any way I can avoid this, other than not doing the exercise, because I really love it and I get fast results with this move.


  81. Try filling large water bottles

  82. Hey, is there anything else I can use if I don’t have dumbbells? Something that’s just as heavy?

  83. Any chance of getting a printable of this workout?

  84. I do squeeze my butt so maybe I’m just not doing it slow enough.. thanks though!

  85. Maybe the targeted area of your butt is already strong. Try switching up moves so you’re not targeting the same area. Or make sure you are squeezing your butt as you do the moves.
    One more thing to check is that you aren’t cheating and putting too much weight on your leg that is down. Keep the weight even/don’t lean too far. and be sure to do the moves slowly!

    I know I’m not Cassey, but this helped me when I didn’t feel it! I realized I was relying on the side that was down to hold all my weight.

  86. If you’re just doing it on your own and not following the calendar, then you should try to do the butt workouts every other day. But don’t work your butt if it’s still sore from the last workout (you’ll get better and faster results if you let your muscles fully recover in between workouts).

  87. About 4 weeks.

  88. when will i start seeing results?? i mean i’ve only been doing this for a week i dont expect it yet but i’m just wondering around what time frame

  89. is it normal that never feel burning in my butt after my work out? I mean, I feel it during but not after..will I still get results or am I doing something wrong?

  90. I agree with what she said, also make sure you’re actively squeezing your butt the whole time!

  91. I have the same problem, my butt is a little too large for the rest of my body. Here is my personal experience, this may be slightly different for you…
    No, these exercises will not reduce the size of your butt. To do that, you have to lose weight and fat by watching your diet and cardio (I recommend running, it has helped me the most). Even doing that, if it is your body type to have a bigger butt, you will still have a bigger butt. I always lose weight from my stomach first, and I already have skinny arms, and butt/legs are always the last to reduce. Stick with it, be healthy, and it will happen, but it will probably always be bigger in proportion to the rest of your body.
    That being said… having a big butt makes it that much more likely to sag and have an unattractive mesh between the upper thighs and lower butt. That’s why I always recommend that girls with big butts still do toning exercises! It creates lift and tightens it. The way I look at it, the butt will always be big in clothes, but at least this way it’ll look awesome in a bikini. Plus, these exercises help the jiggle.
    It’s also not a bad thing to have a butt! Just keep it in shape and embrace it!
    Good luck :)

  92. Make sure your knees aren’t going over toes! You should be able to wiggle those toes when you’re in a squat position. Also, when you’re coming up from a squat, make sure you’re driving up with your heels, and that should activate your glutes/butt :)

  93. I NEED A BUBBLE BUTT!! says:

    I have one concern with doing squats…they don’t benefit my butt at all! the only burn I feel once I’m done is in my thighs…am I doing them wrong? :\

  94. haha great workout the song by Justin Bieber is As Long As You Love Me. Thanks so much! xx

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  96. Hi cassey,

    I m practising your workouts and i have found great results, but i wanted to know wheather these butt workouts really reduce the butt or do they provide a better shape. Because i am a pear shaped girl and i have huge butt n i want to reduce them, so do i have to follow these workouts to reduce fat from butt or are there any other exercises.

    please reply me.
    thank u.

  97. Hi,
    I start by practicing your videos and I want to focus on firming the buttocks. I want to ask if when I daily or every other day training videos focused on the buttocks of at least 20 to 40 minutes, at which time the result will come?

    Thank you and have a nice rest of the day.

  98. générose musemena says:

    hi cassey just wanted to thanks you for all the work you do. I live in Belgium and I just found your website, it has really helped me in living a much more healthy life.

  99. Stephanie says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I just did some of your workouts for the first time, and hope I can stay motivated and keep with it because they felt awesome! One way I stay pretty motivated through a workout is just with a really fun song so I have some suggestions for your videos…Any Brittney Spears songs, “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, “Sexy Chic” by David Guetta, and “Shake Senora” by Pitbull is probably my favorite workout song!

  100. Cassey, i was wondering where is a Butt Builder Starmaster workout that you mentioned in JaNEWary calendar?

  101. Hi Cassey,
    It’s been 20 minutes since I finished working out to your video and my butt is still burning! I love all that you do to keep us motivated to reach our goals. Thank you for your fun, honest and energetic workouts!

  102. oh my gosh. the butt bluster kills my butt :D love this vid :) nice work <3

  103. The celebrity butt I most admire is Noomi Rapace’s. She’s not extremely, super-duper famous, but she starred in some really cool movies like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Prometheus. In both films she does some risque scenes that really show off her body, and it’s actually what motivated me to start working out every day in the first place! She just has what I think is a very strong, sexy shape, and I personally want to achieve that level of muscle definition. But here’s the thing – my butt is pretty huge, whereas hers seems to be naturally lean, so we definitely don’t have the same body type – due to genetics, I have a prominent hourglass shape but little muscle mass. Regardless, she has inspired me to get in shape and I’d like more people to know about her. :)
    This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been working out with you (in secret) for a couple weeks now, and I love it! When you talk about things at length it really inspires me, and the little motivational phrases you say really give me that extra push. I can honestly say that I’ve never yelled anything at you through my computer screen, but today, I did cry a little. :P

    Thank you for being awesome~

  104. Elizabeth says:

    I’m honestly on blogilates.com more than I’m on Facebook. Which is quite a lot for a 15 year old! I looooooove love love ur vids and recipes and can always count on you to keep me in shape! I especially love how you do all the workouts right along with me! It’s a great feeling to know someone is sweating is much as I am! :) thanks Cassey!!!!

  105. Wow! I could only do like 50% of that Bikini Booty Thong Workout >.< This is the first time I did it and throughout the workout my butt was hurting! I wonder if it's ok for a beginner..

  106. Kiara Single says:

    I really like this workout, but my knees always hurt after i do it. are they supposed to hurt, or, not… I don’t know :) I love your site sooooo much!!!!

  107. Oh forgot to say this but I love your pippa butt workout it is intense!!!! U never lose the intensity in your workouts and i love it !!!!!!! Btw i love you so so soso sosososososo much!!!!!!!!!!/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  108. I don’t usually do butt workouts because I feel I don’t need it or that it is not as harsh so I thought that I could burn it through cardio I was wrong. Even toning your butt can be hard!!! Ok….. that sounds weird but thanks Cassey for your harsh workouts and plz plz plz I won’t say it enough plz do a song workout to the boys by girls generation you know something like abs for the boys that targets your transverse abdominals or every part of the core. Thx /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  109. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    Oh myyy, I can do this workout over and over and over againnnn, it is so good, killer…thank you Cassey!!!
    Have a great day!!

  110. Desiree Robinson says:

    Miranda Kerr!

  111. Hello Jessica~! I was just wondering, after you run/jog, how many minutes are you going to workout using the videos? And do you use the same video a day or you mix it? I’m really inspired right now, 3 days and you lost that much?? Thats incredible! XD

  112. The Pippa’s Butt Workout is awsome.My butt hurts but it feels great!
    Also at 2:55 in the video in the background you can see 2 double deckers;on the first one is a comercial with Ted.You should watch this movie(comedy).It’s really funny;))

  113. Dominique Munsie says:

    Where are you leggings and workout tank from? I love them. And my butt is killing me now!!!

  114. How have I never done the Insane 8 min Butt Workout before!!?? DaveyWavey – so cute. “You can bounce a dime off this shit – awesome way to end my hour of pilates!

  115. Thanks Cassey, great workout – just finished this after a 5 mile run! My legs and butt will be dead tomorrow. :)

  116. i want to say thank you. Please at a tribute button so we can tribute you a cup of coffee or whatever. You exercises have helped me lose weight so fast. im on my 3rd day and lost 7 lbs. I incorporate a 20 min beginer running program with 1 min of running at 65% capacity and than 2 minutes of fast pace walking.

    I have tried other programs on youtube and because of my body built, im mesomorph female body ( more muscular, broad shoulders) and I was never able to find a workout to help my tone out my body instead of bulking. Your program works.

    Thank you, thank you thank. I now Love to workout. I use to hate to but now you have me loving it.

    The reason I love your workouts is your positive attitude. It keeps me going and positive. My goal is to lose 50lbs and I already lost 7 lbs. Thanks so much.

    -Jessica in southern cali :D

  117. Just did the for the first time and my ass is absolutely KILLING ME but I love this workout so much. Have the smallest flattest ass so this will help so much! Thank you :)

  118. Weronika says:

    Yeah, that’s right!!! Bey runs the world!!!

  119. My favorite butt is from Rihanna<3

  120. I think GAGA has the best bootay! But no one notices because she’s so crazzzzzzzy with all her outfits, hair, makeup,… etc! no one notices! But(t) it’s perky and round and I’m envious!


  122. Barbara says:

    My favourite celb butt is from Kristen Stewart)

  123. My favorite butt is from Jennifer Lopez.

  124. Hey Cassey,
    Today I did the Beyonce bootylicious bum butt badonkadonk bonanza and it kicked my butt. I was crying by the end of it and not so much because of the pain but because of how badly I want to prove to myself I can work out and have my dream body. Today was tough for me but I am determined to stick to the workouts. A little bit everyday is better than nothing at all. So I just want to say thanks for helping me to stay committed to myself :) You’re the best!

  125. I love this workout, I’ve been doing it since April and absolutely love the results! Its the only workout I was able to stick with and I now have a 40 min routine that I do at least 4x/week. I love your videos and the intensity that youu work at, it keeps it much more interesting
    Keep up the great work!

  126. Jennifer W. says:

    I just found your blog the other day & I love it!

    I was wondering if there were any good exercises for the hips? Or would these butt exercises help with that area also? My one big problem area is definitely my hips & it’s hard to find good exercises that target that area.

  127. Donetta Tarpley says:

    Hi:) My favorite celebrity butt is Jennifer Aniston.

  128. Allie Warren says:

    My favorite celeb butt is Christina Aguilera’s! Her butt is bootylicious.

  129. Hey! I came across your vieods on YouTube a few days ago, and they are amazing! Im going on vacation April 8th, and I was wondering, how much weight is it possible to lose in about 6 weeks (from now to my trip)? I weigh 140, but I am 5’7 and a dancer, so I am moderately active. I’m 13 by the way haha. But, I just want to tone up and slim down before summmmer time! My tummy is tight and is defined, and my quads are very muscular, but I don’t want them to get bigger. Is running going to make my thighs and butt bigger? Or will it get rid of fat and tone my muscles to make me thinner? Thank you!

  130. My butt feels soooo good (: Thankyou for the amazing workouts and inspiration! My favorite celebrity butt is DEMI LOVATO!!! Its sexy, and natural ;)

  131. I decided to add some of your work to my routine. I’ve done those squats, I like it, it’s short and effective, perfect to give some energy in the morning before going to work!

  132. wow, great workouts, my butt hurts already, thanks for your great Pilates! greatings from Belgium

  133. Kristina Mitusova says:

    Celebrity butt game : i think that Candice Swanepoel has the best butt ever, and just want mine to look like that, so thats why i do leg and butt exercises an hour a day..I will now start watching and doing your eercises – they look really fun, and I’ve done the Mighty squat challenge which is sooo good, i feeel the bum bum! x

  134. oh and btw this IS for the thong competition :D
    this might be my first thong (ikr i’m like 17 but still.. lol)

  135. Hii! My fav butt definitely is Izabel Goulart’s. She’s so freakin hot and toned! :)

  136. Madelyn says:

    I will play your celebrity butt game and say Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston. Toned and compact. Not a big Kim K. fan. I can’t believe this is all we have to do to win a thong. Also, YOU’RE THE BEST CASSEY!

  137. Watching over these videos berfoe actually doing them results in a “good hurt.” You make it look so easy! These 10 minute bursts of intensity are killer. Can’t wait for my next 10 minute break to do another!

  138. Hey Cassey, I’ve been doing your workouts laltey but because you post up so many different videos for different purposes (body slimming, bikini bod, muffin top etc), I’m not sure what combination and frequency I should be doing them? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  139. Paudrey38 / Thank you Sarah And Cassey! That was a great workout! All tguhoh it did hurt a little bit feeling the burn! Hahaha Add me. Also I would be glad if you could talk to be through youtube mail! We could talk about some good excersizes to have a healthy body!

  140. hi Cassey! THANKS for this video! its killing my butt every time I do it! :)
    (wrong link previously)

  141. hi Cassey! THANKS for this video! its killing my butt every time I do it! :)

  142. Sam Clark says:

    How bad is it to not eat right after a workout because you’ve already eaten your limit for the day?? Please reply if you can

  143. That butt killer killed my but!
    Thank you! ;-)

  144. Hi Cassey,
    Just wanted to thank you for a great work out! I found your site this week through pinterest and I’ve done three home work outs already. Your core and lower body work outs are great to supplement my upper body weight training at the gym. Thanks for making me better!

  145. LOVE the butt blaster – can’t wait not to be able to move tomorrow:)

  146. yes please avoid anything that hurts you in that way! those moves are related to your low back.

  147. Hey cassy,, i love this butt dancer’s sweet work out. Thanks a lot
    I am able to do most of your workouts now,, started 2 months ago with the beginners workout :)
    however,, when I do the grass hopper and the heel clicking my lower back (my spine) hurts.

    Do you have any ideas?

    P.S. I fell from a tree and hurt my back 3 months ago, but it wasn’t a serious injury, do you think I should avoid these two workouts?

  148. ok,sorry,i’ve watched your video and there was the answer:) then another question – what should i eat plus to these workouts to make butt bigger?thanks:)

  149. HI! thank you soooo much for these videos! I have one question – which video exactly should I do and how many times a week to make my butt bigger and round (it is rather flat), or maybe several videos? I am actually don’t want to loose weight at all, but to have bigger feminine butt.. and I am afraid that some workouts may be focused on loosing weight. thanks a lot:)

  150. hey cassey,
    im a such a big fan i love all of youre videos any i enjoy doing them everyday!!!! especially youre butt workouts. i was just wondering if you could plzz plzz make a bigger butt workout i would love that
    THX love yahh

  151. Emma! I’m going to be in Sydney in Feb and may have a meetup. Think u can come?

  152. Hey Cassey, all the way from Sydney, Australia.
    Thank you soooo much for this workout. I just did it with my sis and my mate and we loooooved it sooo much. Definitely coming back for more until I can do it as effortlessly as you can.
    Keep smiling :)

  153. Your videos are awesome! You’re a great motivator! I just completed the butt workout and am already feeling it. Thank you so much for posting these. Now, on to the next video!

  154. Hey Cassey! I just like to say that I (mentally) love you workouts. It’ll be a while before my body agrees though. Anyway, I don’t have the time or the financial ability to follow the diet plan that you laid out so are there other plans that can help me eat healthier but are cheaper and much easier to fit in a busy schedule?

  155. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for the great workouts! You’re beautiful and your blog is awesome xx

  156. Hahaha

  157. I just love these videos, I did the beginners one last week and the next day my whole body was aching, even my chin. I think it was because I had to keep my head off the ground the whole time. They are so great I finally look forward to my next workout!

    Thank you!

  158. I love this video!!! it’s great.
    my butt hurts, but it doesn’t matter ;D
    thank you for those great work-outs for our whole bodys ;)

  159. You are awesome Cassey!!!! I love your videos!!!!!

  160. yay!!!

  161. My friend and I are seniors in college and have been looking for challenging workouts to do indoors during winter and we love your videos!! Thank you so much and keep them coming!

  162. plz make a bigger butt workout thx

  163. I love to do this exercise, I try to do it as many times as possible. It is getting better and better. Love it!
    You are a funny, nice and awesome person, just so you know it.
    I train Pilates 5 times at week, and i just love it. I always train to your videos, awesome hu? :)
    I hope you understand my english, becuse I am from Sweden. I hope my english is readable.
    / Nora from Sweden!

  164. wonderful , it was , tried first time , 2 mch sweat in ths n pop hints as well, u r angel for us cassey. in this video the start was difficult for me i can not bear to hold my weght

  165. Look at my grocery list in “Cassey’s Corner”. That’s a good idea of what clean foods are. Also, even if you’re not eating bad food, you may be eating TOO MUCH or TOO MANY CALORIES of good food. This will hinder your weight loss efforts.

  166. Hi Cassey!I really love your Pop Pilates.But I am so sad.I started doing your butt routine on 1 st day of september(2011) and in the same time doing cardio(about 40 minutes of tae bo cardio).Ok,maybe not every single day but at least 4-5 times a week!Before doing this,I was a very lazy person and I had 62 kg and 160 cm:(( Now I have 64 kg:((.Ok I know that I am building muscular mass and the muscles are heavier but I am not losing weight at all.Maybe my eating habbits are a little bit chaotic.I mean I eat chocolate sometimes(2-3 times a week because I really love it) but I don’t eat chips,fast food or drink soda.I eat soups,milk with cereals,eggs,cheese or meat(but I don’t consider this a diet because as much as I love to workout I really hate diets).Also I tried other routines(total body banging workout,inner thigh insanity etc) and no results at all.I mean yes I see some cute curves(small ones) on my legs but that’s it(and the cellulite is still there:(( and I still have belly fat) Can you tell me the reason why I can’t see any results?(maybe because I can’t keep a diet?)Thank you very much!:*

  167. Wow, did 2 of your workouts today a total body one and a butt one and am I sweating. I am new to pilates and really wanted to try something different. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to do more videos.

  168. THIS PLACE, my favorite place in the entire site. I’m at home right here.


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