The challenge is to eat clean and be active for the next 12 weeks. Are you in?


1. You must drink 3-4L of water EVERY DAY.

2. You will eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

3. You will workout 1 hr a day 5-6x a week for quickest results. Follow the monthly workout calendar!

4. Print the meal plan out and stick it on your fridge as a constant reminder to stay on track.

5. Do not stray from the foods!

6. Create a Tumblr blog and track your progress, thoughts, and meals! Follow and support your fellow POPsters on their journey too.

7. Sign up for the Blogilates newsletter to receive meal plan updates and the latest workout challenges.


Regular, vegetarian, and vegan are available.



Monday: Total Body. 

Begin the week with an awesome full body routine! (If there’s a new vid, do that first though!) Pick 50 minutes worth of POP Pilates Total Body videos to sculpt and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS to melt fat.

Tuesday: Upper Body & Back. 

Focus on your arms, chest, and back. Pick 50 minutes worth of POP Pilates Arm & Upper Body and POP Pilates Back videos and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS to let those guns out!

Wednesday: Abs & Obliques!

Perfect mid week pick-me-up with core strengthening moves! Pick 50 minutes of POP Pilates Abs and POP Pilates Oblique & Muffintop videos to flatten that belly and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS  to let those defined abs of yours peak through.

Thursday: Lower Body.

Time to tighten the legs and tone up your booty! Pick 50 minutes of POP Pilates Legs & Thighs and POP Pilates Butt videos for an amazing lower body shaper and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS  to get those sexy runner’s legs.

Friday: Mix it up!

POPster’s choice. Pick 1 hour of anything POP. Try looking under POP Pilates with Equipment and Song Workouts.


Fun cardio day! Give me 1 hr of running, swimming, kickboxing, or salsa dancing! If you can’t decide, doing 4 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS is fine by me.


Rest! Spend time with friends and fam and get your meals ready for the week.

Note: You may also use the POP Pilates Printables for workouts too!

  • Samira

    I feel like this 90 day challenge is the one.

  • fdsfdsfdesf

  • hey


    i want to stop eating rice bread want can i eat instead…please help me……………….

    • Taylor

      I just started this on Monday!!!! I am SO SO SO sore already but I am pushing through! So excited to see results!

      • Taylor

        Also, I didn’t mean to comment on this one haha :) sorry! not sure about the rice bread…

  • Katie Smith

    How have people been cooking the black beans? I got dried beans and have no idea how to cook them so they’re not plain and gross. thank you!

    • Allison

      I use canned black beans and add seasoning and vegetable broth to them and simmer this on the stove.

  • Sumbo

    Hi. This might sound silly but can I use this plan to gain weight?

    • lol rili?

      • Rachel

        Yes you can! Muscle weighs more than fat so you can certainly use this to gain muscle (aka the good weight!)

    • michelle

      No. You can’t gain weight while in a significant caloric deficit or even much of a deficit at all. You need to eat above maintenance by a couple hundred calories (200 cal, but not more than 500 cal) and lift weight. That way you will put on a bit of lean muscle mass (no need to worry about getting bulky) and you will hopefully put on a bit of healthy fat. This diet plan is highly unlikely to build muscle on anyone as building muscle requires fuel (ie enough calories) as it is an anabolic process (ie building process, cardio is a catabolic process which refers to breaking things like fat and/or muscle down). Be careful of the amount of cardio you do. If you’re an ectomorph, as I suspect, you really don’t need much cardio. Walk places for heart health but you shouldn’t need to do HIIT or long duration cardio.

  • Rebekah

    Is there something I can substitute the edamame with (I really don’t like beans)?
    Also is there a substitute for the Roma tomato?

  • Madisonn Cleary

    What is a good substitute for the oatmeal??

    • Andene

      Muesli, perhaps?

    • Sara

      cream of wheat is great!

  • ayesha

    hye, im very excited to startup this meal plan and workout. can u tell me how many calories is each meal and how much calories do u burn when workout?

    • astrid

      Hey Ayesha
      I have also just started with following the meal plan.. You can find the calories of the meals on the meal plan too, but I don’t know how many calories you burn with a workout. I’m very curious to know this too!!
      PS I’m from Belgium so sorry for my English :)

      • Nabila

        hey both of u, Im Nabila…pronunciation is Nabeela and I have just started this 90 day challenge….keep me updated with your fab results

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  • Angel

    I can’t find the meal plan got the calendar

    • Esther

      Same here, can’t find it :(

    • chingfei

      I did find it though, it’s in the excel file.
      Just click “HERE”

  • Anna

    Wait so are we supposed to eat the same meals every day? Or am I reading it wrong? Can anyone help me?
    Anna xxx

    • Nova

      you can mix an match it the way you like, but it’s easier to change it per week.
      she has a lot recipes on the site as well so i’m sure you can switch one of those in for it.

    • Logan

      just something for all your meals each day

  • Tuba Khan

    Hi Cassey.
    I Had my 3 C-sections. My youngest daughater just turned 1. And my second one is 2.5 years old.
    Now I only have to loose 8-10 lbs. I already loose 15lbs with diet. I have a big belly and lower belly too becoz of C-sections and need to work on my hips too. My cousin refer me she followed you and she has new perfect shape body now. On December I will go to back home after 5 years and I dont want them to see my unshaped body so please help me out becoz I Dont know where to start?? How to start?? What to do??
    I Am ready to accept all kind of challenges.
    One last thing as I told you I have 2 very young kids so I dont have too much time for myself.
    Thank you waiting for your quick response and supper plan.

    • Grace

      Hi Tuba.
      Have you looked at Cassey’s muffin top and obliques workouts on youtube? Also you could try her beginners 30 day workout calendar as it is shorter than her normal one. Hope this helps (:

  • Lynda

    Hi Cassey,

    I am so inspired by your pop pilates and that i really wanted to follow the challenge. Well I am bit confuse because which challenge i should follow as my aim is to loose weight without getting loose skin. I am afraid i might get loose skin because I will have to loose around 50lb. my current weight is 176Lb and 5’4ft tall where i do fall under obesity :(. Please guide me which challenge should i follow. I have also seen the all new beginner’s work out. I really need your guidance here.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon xoxo

  • MissLaloux3

    I was wondering of it would be possible to substitute the first meal with a Boost high protein shake, as they are similar in nutrients. Boost high protein rich chocolate has 240 calories, 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and only 33 carbs.

  • So I haven’t seen many reviews for this in a while, but I’m considering starting this meal plan with the September calendar next week. I was just wondering who has done it and what kind of success they had with it? I have almost completed the Beginner Calendar and honestly was hoping to see more of a difference after a month, so I was thinking maybe following a stricter meal plan would help with that.

    • Galearie

      I was thinking of doing the same thing. I’m almost done with the beginner’s calender too and haven’t seen as much of a difference as i hoped as well. I hope that starting a meal plan will help with that.

    • i’m also thinking about doing this diet with the September Calendar so maybe we could talk/work together while we do it. I really want someone to do it with so we can experience it together and encourage each other.

    • Cristina

      Hi Emily,
      When I first started exercising regularly I followed this meal plan along with the monthly workout calendar and I got fantastic results! I didn’t keep up with it after the 90 days were over unfortunately, but I’m about to start it again tomorrow and I’m really excited about it. I’d definitely give it a shot if you want better results. It isn’t so easy on your wallet though.

    • maddie

      When it came to the beginners calendar, I took part in it, but I also did the 30 day challenges (ab challenge, journey to splits) while maintaining an active job (working at a self cleaning children’s centre). I saw results because I was doing more than was given to me, so ultimately it’s about how you go about it. I was also eating healthier and making better choices which is probably why i saw results, so ultimately it’s down to how hard you work :)

  • Ellie

    Is it okay if I switch meal 2 with meal 4? I want to work out in the morning before I go to school.

  • Kornelija

    Yay the blogilates vidoes have helped me a lot! I’ve gained so much confidence and love working out with Cassey!

  • Sarang

    Since for Friday is Popster choice can we also do dance…I personaly do the latest exercise you post everyday till you post a new one and after that I dance to Kpop dance choreos ( I learn them step by step and practice them on and on for a whole day )…So is it okay if we do dances???

  • Alexa

    Hello fellow POPsters! I signed up for the newsletter, but how do you access the monthly calendar? It needs a password. Thanks!

    • Lucy

      Check your email inbox! The passwords are sent to suscribers every month :)

    • Daisy

      If you signed up for the newsletter you will get an email when each month comes to an end that contains the password for the following month. Hope that helps!

  • elizabeth

    i dont know how to do this plan. i go to school from 8am-3

    • brie

      you’re going to have to prepare food before you leave in the morning or the night before.

  • Felicia

    I LOVE CASSEY!!! I first saw a workout butt Pilates video of Cassey’s on a website and tried it out two weeks ago and I loved it so much that I swear by her workouts now! I was so happy to see that she has video for downloading and DVD’s to buy as well. I first started my healthy journey to living last March due to my doctor telling me that I was borderline pre-diabetic and if I didn’t lose weight that in 10 years I would be diabetic. I walk/jog, all different variety of dvd, cycling on my exercise bike and eventually weights will be included. I used to be a junk food junkie but I eat small portioned healthy meals each day plus my water intake. I was weighing 158lbs last March and know I am at 146 lbs. and building muscle. I know for many you think that is not a lot of weight but it is for me standing 5ft 3in. Diabetes runs in my family and I refuse to become a victim to it! So to find a cheerful instructor like Cassey Ho with a great personality(it seems) is awesome!

  • Jen

    I am severely allergic to peppers and will not be able to put them in the meals on the plan but I know that they help with losing weight , is there substitute that will accomplish the same task? or should i just make the meals that have peppers without peppers?
    Thank you!

  • I used to be suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m
    not certain whether this publish is wwritten by him as
    no one else recognise such cetain approximately my difficulty.

    You’re wonderful! Thank you!

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  • Elena

    50 min plus 2 rounds of another video is not too much ??

  • Brandy

    Hey All, I work full time, and want to start the 90 day challenge this Monday. I am having trouble with timing as we don’t get home to workout until 5:30, how do you get the protein drink, dinner and another snack before 9pm?? Any suggestions would be great!

    • Mahum

      I know this sounds like a lot but it works. If you wake up earlier and workout you will feel better in the morning; plus I get it over and done with. Then when I get home from college I do some work and pass out on the couch because of all the soreness making me sleep earlier.

  • Heather

    I think it’s time for an updated meal plan, 4 years is pretty outdated, don’t you think!

    • Alexa

      Despite how it seems, the basics of nutrition haven’t changed much in the past 5, 10 years. Don’t worry about the “Perfect” plan, tarting imperfectly now is better than starting perfectly in the future.

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  • Andrea

    I work fulltime and cant get a workout in until 6:30 PM. How could I rearrange this meal plan?

    • Kayla

      Hi Andrea,

      I’m in the same boat. For this…
      Monday and Wednesday my workouts start at 6:45pm and here is my plan for those days:
      Breakfast 8AM
      Snack 10:30AM
      Lunch 1PM
      Snack 4PM
      Workout 6:45
      Post workout shake 7:45
      Dinner 8:15ish
      I go to sleep around 10:30

      The other days of the week I workout at 6AM:
      5:45AM Snack
      6:00AM workout
      7:00AM shake
      9:30AM breakfast
      12:30PM lunch
      3:30PM snack
      6:45PM dinner

  • Callista Min

    Does “2 rounds” mean 2 videos or going through the whole playlist twice?

    • Sydney

      2 rounds just means you do the video twice.

  • Sacora

    It would be really nice if you could create a meal plan that is more affordable. Cant really afford that much protein powder and meat. Thank you!

    • SInead

      A great alternative is just to drink a glass of chocolate milk. It’s a great energy source and protein replenisher. We learned that from a nutrition class I took, hope it helps!

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  • Yan

    Hi Blogilates,

    I had started my workout plus diet plan since Jan 2015, however, until now July 2015, I loss quite a lot of weight but I found out that my calf’s fat is not reducing.

    Basically my whole body’s result seems good, only the legs and my calf is seriously like just lose a little of fats.

    can you advise me?

    Basically now what I’m doing is weekday I go to gym for cardio, weight lift, treadmill or body exercise. Weekend I go for hiking, mostly every week once. But I didn’t do much on stretching. Could this because I do too much of hiking and lack of stretching that make my calf’s fat hard to reduce?

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  • Britt

    Hi guys!
    I just started this meal plan on Monday and I already lost a good amount of weight.
    The only ‘problem’ I now have, is that I’m pretty tired of eating the same chicken and fish EVERY day!
    Can you eat any white meat/fish? eg; are prawns/turkey/chicken burgers/ … allowed?
    I was also wondering if anybody knows a good recipe for a sauce to go with the meals. I tried another diet before (it didn’t work) and there you could just add some soya cream and spices to make the dish a bit more interesting.

    There are a lot of nice recipes on the blog here, but I just want to know if the meal plan will still be effective if I included some of them! :)


    • Gabrielle Gilmore

      How much weight have you lost? Congrats btw! :) chicken burgers should be ok and as long as the turkey is extra lean, you should be perfectly fine! :) you could also try veggie burgers. I personally prefer those over regular burgers :)

  • Hi, i share one article for The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks, Good luck!!!

  • Jade

    It’s the potassium in the banana so yogurt or peanut butter will work

  • Raelee

    What calendar do I follow for the 90 day challenge??

    Thanks! So excited! :)

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  • Victoria

    In the 90 Day Challenge, you are supposed to eat bananas. I am allergic and wondering what I can eat to replace them?

    • You can eat pineapple instead, it gives you the same potassium you find in bananas. (more or less)

    • Jade

      In allergic to Bannanas too it’s the potassium in the banana so peanut butter or yogurt will work

  • Victoria

    I am allergic to bananas and was wondering what I could eat to replace them?

  • Victoria

    For the 90 Day Challenge, the meal plan includes bananas. I am allergic and wondering what can i use to replace them?

  • Kassie

    I love your workouts! I also wanted to get in the habit of eating better and was looking through some of your meal plans. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for those of us in college who are stuck with meal plans and microwaves. I don’t really have a way to cook or to get most of the ingredients.

    • Natascha

      I was wondering the same thing! I’m going back to college soon and will be living by myself. It would be really nice to have some tips on healthy eating in college.

  • Sarah

    so excited to start this plan but I’m not used to eating this many times a day! could anyone recommend what times I should eat each meal? or is it mostly whenever you’re hungry? xo

  • Bailey

    I really want to do a meal plan but sometimes I have issues because nuts are recommended to eat but I’m highly highly allergic to them. I was just wondering if there is some kind of meal plan that is for people like me who may have allergies?

  • Jacqueline

    I just started this meal plan about a week and a half ago and also exercising 5-6 times a week. I’ve been doing really well but there have been no changes to my body at all! In fact, I think my stomach looks even bigger/bloated! Any explanations?

    • Heidi

      Totally normal. If you feel bloated up your water intake a bit. I always do a bit of water retention a week or two into any new routine. Also, this is a bit personal, but depending on where you are in your monthly cycle factors into how bloated/bigger you feel.

  • MarysiaR

    Od jutra rozpoczynam odchudzanie, kto sie odchudza ze mną? Nie będzie łatwo ale trzeba się wziąć za siebie. Mam już dobry sposób na chudnięcie, wszyscy którzy są chętni proponuje zacząć od wipisania w google – xxally radzi jak szybko schudnąć

  • K

    Did anyone make a tumblr to document their journey? If so can you reply with your URL? Would love to follow others!

    • I started working out and changing my diet mid may but i just started the blog this week!

      • Deanna

        I am headed to Tumblr right now.. starting today :) joined the gym

  • Shirley

    Hey cassie so i want to start the meal plan and i am wondering if there is a substitute for the unsalted almonds and sunflower seed because i doubt if i can get those things where i am.

    • Tara

      Salt isn’t necessarily bad for you, so if you can find lightly salted nuts with not a million ingredients that are all chemicals then you should be okay. There are other good sources of protein like beans (black, white, red, chick peas…) or you can try ordering some nuts online if you are able.

  • Ally

    Can I substitute cauliflower for broccoli?