Blogilates 90 Day Challenge: Meal Plan & Workout Calendar

The challenge is to eat clean and be active for the next 12 weeks. Are you in?


1. You must drink 3-4L of water EVERY DAY.

2. You will eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

3. You will workout 1 hr a day 5-6x a week for quickest results. Follow the monthly workout calendar!

4. Print the meal plan out and stick it on your fridge as a constant reminder to stay on track.

5. Do not stray from the foods!

6. Create a Tumblr blog and track your progress, thoughts, and meals! Follow and support your fellow POPsters on their journey too.

7. Sign up for the Blogilates newsletter to receive meal plan updates and the latest workout challenges.


Regular, vegetarian, and vegan are available.



Monday: Total Body. 

Begin the week with an awesome full body routine! (If there’s a new vid, do that first though!) Pick 50 minutes worth of POP Pilates Total Body videos to sculpt and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS to melt fat.

Tuesday: Upper Body & Back. 

Focus on your arms, chest, and back. Pick 50 minutes worth of POP Pilates Arm & Upper Body and POP Pilates Back videos and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS to let those guns out!

Wednesday: Abs & Obliques!

Perfect mid week pick-me-up with core strengthening moves! Pick 50 minutes of POP Pilates Abs and POP Pilates Oblique & Muffintop videos to flatten that belly and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS  to let those defined abs of yours peak through.

Thursday: Lower Body.

Time to tighten the legs and tone up your booty! Pick 50 minutes of POP Pilates Legs & Thighs and POP Pilates Butt videos for an amazing lower body shaper and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS  to get those sexy runner’s legs.

Friday: Mix it up!

POPster’s choice. Pick 1 hour of anything POP. Try looking under POP Pilates with Equipment and Song Workouts.


Fun cardio day! Give me 1 hr of running, swimming, kickboxing, or salsa dancing! If you can’t decide, doing 4 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS is fine by me.


Rest! Spend time with friends and fam and get your meals ready for the week.

Note: You may also use the POP Pilates Printables for workouts too!


  1. Hey Cassey how are you ? I hope you are fine.
    I know that you were busy in these past few months and still are but I really want a favor from you..i really want you to make a meal plan for teenage girls that is not too hard and can affect my body when I look at the previous meal plans that you’ve made I really wish that I can stick with them but I know myself and I know that it won’t suit my lifestyle since I go to school (unfortunately) .
    please answer this request of mine .
    ps; I really really love you and wish you the best .

  2. Saritah Helms says:

    Jona, consult a physician. There could be deeper health issues plaguing you and you don’t want to leave your health to the chance of the internet. Good luck!!!

  3. Saritah Helms says:

    Is there a shopping list associated with this? It would be super helpful!

  4. I’ve been following the monthly calendar, but 2 weeks prior I was doing the beginner’s calendar. I’m eating decently clean (the only sugar I eat is from either maple syrup or honey [minimal] or fruits). I haven’t weighed myself, but I have noticed my stomach looks larger from when I had began. I know I’m gaining some sort of strength b/c I’ve felt a lot more energy and I can actually walk up 3 floors [6 flights] of stairs without being red in the face.
    But I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong… I’m eating a bit more, but I’m nearly positive that isn’t the case.

    If you have advice I’d appreciate hearing it, thanks.

  5. I love all your work out videos… I hope you can make a few that can be done by pregnant women

  6. Michaela says:

    This is definitely for the 90 days. I was reading the intro of the spreadsheet this morning. The notes categories give you options to switch it up a bit though.

    I’m starting it tomorrow

  7. I think there are only the plans for the first week?I really want to try the plan but I don’t think that I have to eat this 2 meals for 90 days right ? Where are the other meals ???

  8. I’m in school and face the same issue. Try to eat right before you leave for school as Meal 1. Squeeze in the second meal maybe between your 3rd and 4th. I have gym 4th so I eat right before we get started. Just bring the small second meal and try to squeeze it in anywhere around there. Then the 3rd is lunch. The 4th one can be after you get home/workout. The 5th is dinner and the 6th is 2 hours after. I hope that helped. E-mail me for any questions. Happy dieting!!!

  9. What aboutbif you have school and cant eat every 2-3 hours?

  10. Hi, Jona. I think focusing on weightlifting and incorporating lots of healthy sources of protein, fats, and carbs would be really beneficial in your situation!

  11. Greetings fellow Popsters, my name is Fatima and I’m French.
    I just started the 90 day Challenge today, bought all the groceries and cooked for a few hours so I could pack everything for the whole week. I’m a student so I don’t have much time to cook during the week. I paired this with Shaun T’s Focus T25 and hope it will get me the results I’m looking for.
    Just wanted to wish you all good luck in your fitness/ healthy journey!

  12. Hi Emma – Your comment sounds inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience. Makes me motivated to start this too! Cheers! All the best!

  13. I just checked my BMI and found out that I’m underweight. I’m 21, 5’3″ and 97 lbs. I eat a lot. You know, the YOLO kind of eating and I don’t exercise. I don’t know what meal plan or workout to follow so I can at least gain some weight. Can you guys help me? I’m thinking of doing the beginner workout challenge but I’m afraid that I’ll lose more weight if I do so.

  14. Hi all. Excited to start blogilates. Just wondering…how should I start it?!.. my intention is to aim to tone my body and lose all the excess fat (not saying I am fat but I definitely am chubby).
    Please and thank you.

    PS: I also want to fix my diet.

  15. Isha Pradhan says:

    Hey cassey! I’m from Nepal so the ingredients from your meal plan is quite not applicable as many of those aren’t available here. So any substitutes?

  16. Am I able to sub greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese? I really cannot stand the taste/texture of cottage cheese.

  17. Hi Brittany!

    I’ve used Blogilates for years as my go-to for planning my workouts and last year I started using Cassey’s meal plans combined with her workout calendars – all I can say is WOW. After just a few weeks of following both plans pretty strictly I lost 10 pounds very fast. After that, I progressively lost more inches but was also seeing a lot of toning and definition in my muscles! If you follow Cassey’s plan and are also careful to be honest with yourself about how your body is responding to the workouts and meal plans (i.e. if you feel muscle strain, or if you feel like the meal plan isn’t providing enough calories for you personally) I’m almost certain you will see the results you want. In my experience, my body has never been in better shape than when I have regular kept up with the workouts Cassey posts, and the meal plan has helped with that even MORE.

  18. well the pain is gonna be there eat some bananas this helps out also i believe glucerine also helps with the soreness sorry if i miss spelled it

  19. Hey that is so normal! The best remedy for sore muscles is to work them out some more! If you start to feel STRAIN then rest for a couple days. Workout beginners are gonna feel that muscle pain until you build up the muscle to sustain the workouts.

  20. Brittany,

    I’ve been following this meal plan more or less and I am definitely losing weight. (I am also doing her monthly workout calendar.) This is huge for me since I never lose weight–no it’s not water weight.

    With that said, after awhile, the meals become monotonous, so I’ve been a little less successful at sticking to the meal plan as of late.

  21. I did a few of your exercise in the morning for 2 to 3 days…and since the day 2….when i wake up…my muscles pain like anything….is it normal????

  22. Brittany says:

    I am 16, 5’6, and about 155 pounds. I am following this plan starting tomorrow and I just wish I could find someone who has seen some results from following this plan! Please, if anyone could let me know if they have seen results from this plan or from another and where I could find it that would be great! Id’ like to lose around 20 pounds by july.

  23. Question: What you eat depends on your goals and how much you weigh, etc. What if a 110 lb girl followed this and a 225lb male followed this? Can you help me understand how this plan can be personalized depending on your weight and goals?

  24. Hello Guys!

    I want to start this meal plan, but i can´t find it, where did you get it? could you please help me?? :)

  25. Hello Guys!!

    I want to start with this meal plan, but i can´t find it, where did you get it? could you help me?? :)

  26. A cor-worker and I are also starting this next week! Can’t wait to see results!

  27. Hi! I just had a baby as well and am breastfeeding. From what I’ve read, while breastfeeding you should be eating around 500 cals extra a day to maintain. So if you are really strict about it maybe watch Cassey’s video about calculating your own calorie goals. But if you eat clean and just make sure your body is feeling satisfied it might be better for keeping up your milk supply. Also, in order for your body to produce breast milk you need to be eating carbs like fruit and things like oatmeal, which the 90 day meal plan has. I’m going to give this one a try and hopefully lose the baby weight! Not sure if that was any help. Good luck to you!:)

  28. Jessica says:

    I’m also just starting this…I’m definitely nervous about how its going to go but I’m happy others are doing it with me! Good luck everyone!!!!

  29. Chelsea says:

    Good luck! My roommate and I are attempting this diet too, and we’re starting today! It will be hard to stick to, but I know you can do it!

  30. I am starting this…I hope i can stay on it for 90 days. I guess the key is to make my means weekly…Let see how this goses

  31. JD Nabb says:

    When I first started, I thought the same thing. I worked 40 hours a week and went to school full time. Basically you have to streamline and dovetail your schedule. Since I don’t know your age, work or school status, or if you have children it’s hard to be specific. But let’s say you want to work out 5 days a week. Including getting work out clothes on, stretching, working out, cool down, you realistically need 1.5-2 hours. So coming up with 10 hours a week seems like a lot, but think about how much you surf the internet/ watch TV at home in a week. If it’s more than 20 hours, then taking 10 for working out is a no-brainer. Obviously everyone needs down time though, so other things you can do:
    Pre-plan/ cook your meals (if you cook at your house), if you have kids see if your SO, friend, neighbor or your parents could take them for a bit, find a gym buddy that way your social time is still hanging out with a friend but working out together instead of hitting the movies or bar. Hope at least one of those things is relevant/ helpful. :)

  32. Hey guys, are these exercise enough to lose weight or do i also need to do some form of cardio workouts too?

  33. I used to struggle with binge eating too. I found out that I had not been eating enough and that lead me to binge because i was hungry and emotional. Listen to your body, I know easier said than done. If you cant do that i suggest using a calorie calculator. I am seventeen and not super active about 5-6 thousand steps a day with yoga, walking, or pilates 3-4 times a week. I eat around 2200 calories. And my dietitian also told me that women tend to eat around that much a day. Everything will tell you eat 200 calories eat 1800 calories. The thing is you need to get the binging under control before you can try to lose weight. Once you stop binging you will also lose some weight.

  34. Hey Charlotte,
    there used to be a 12 different weekly plans so that you changed up the meals every week but I couldn’t find the rest. I am really upset about that. However, it says the “complete 90 day challenge” so may be I couldn’t find the rest?

    if somebody could help me (may be they have the meal plans saved?) it would be appreciated!

  35. How do you change up the meals?
    Or did you guys eat exactly what the plan says every day?

  36. How do you change up the meals? Or did you guys eat exactly what the plan says every day?

  37. Milk is actually really good for you, especially if your still growing, as it provides calcium, which makes your bones healthy strong, and gives you nice teeth and nails. If you’re worried about your weight, just try eating clean, which means avoiding processed foods whereever possible, (like sweets, cookies, and shop bought health foods) and eat more natural foods, lots of dairy (which you are doing) fresh meat and fish, if you can, and fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts. But remember, you are still allowed a little treat every now and again, and you are beautiful, no matter what weight is. Your beauty doesn’t depend on your body size. Hope this helps <3

  38. I would like to know if milk really is that bad for you?…. I amd still growing ( cause im 13) and dont know if I should stop drinking so much milk becuase my weight hasnt changed over the last 3 months i have been doing this… or should I even be eating less at 13 years old …

  39. Keep trying, prove everyone wrong. If you believe in yourself you can do it and there is no point in listening to anyone who doesn’t believe in you… Honestly xxxxx

    Just keep looking forward, I know it’s a slow process but it will never become any quicker. Just think if you start now in a years time you will have lost lots of weight but if you start in a years time then it will just mean that you have to wait two years to fell that difference.

    Also find something you love to do, and getting up and doing that ( whether it be painting, walking, cycling, singing etc.) will mean that you are more active and also distracted from food. In other words, don’t get obsessed with being healthy get obsessed with being happy and healthiness will follow.

    All of my luck to you :)

  40. that was really nice i bet i cant find any thing to help me lose weight because im really trying but my mom keeps telling my dad that im to fat to do any thing

  41. that was really nice i bet i cant find any thing to help me lose weight because im really trying but my mom keeps telling my dad that im to fat to do any thing

  42. Experiment with using pureed pumpkin or applesauce in place of bananas. This works especially well in cooked recipes, probably not as well in smoothies. Maybe try another creamy fruit in smoothies, like mango.

  43. I’m the same age as you are and I started the beginners workout calender at the beginning of this month. Before this, I didn’t do any sport at all and I would just be lazy all day long. Then one day I decided I wanted to change, so I looked up this site (a girl I know adviced it to me a long time ago) and started working out. I discovered that it’s very fun to do! I have to admit that i don’t eat very clean, but at least i’m exercising now :D
    If you don’t want to do a meal plan, try to do a calender first and eat a little less junkfood. And don’t worry if you lose self control, it’s natural (yeah i do so too) and even Cassey says it can happen. Just try to correct yourself as quickly as possible.
    Yaaay let’s work hard to lose all that belly fat :D We can do this!!
    (hope my english is allright :P)

  44. I have previously followed the week calendar and it helped me so much to lose weight!
    However since I started uni I have gained them back and I wanted to start the 12 week meal plan again.

    But it is gone!! The link only gives access to the first week meal plan why is this? where have the rest gone?

  45. Mar Aragonés says:

    Keep trying!! Camille!!

    I give you all my support to do it because YOU CAN do it! I’m sure you can!! I would recommend you to introduce small changes in your life so it may be easier!

    Good luck in your journey to a new life style!

  46. Im no expert but i would advise you to do weight lifting. I have done all kind of workouts and weight lifting is most affective to burn fat. I would recommend to do some classes, its more fun and you will push your self more with a crowd. I do crossfit 4-5 times a week, it is for everybody because you can always scale your weight. Then just water and clean eating, just try to have fun with it and don´t punish your self if you fall down. Good luck

  47. In my personal opinion, the best thing you can do is eat healthy and exercise. When you go on a diet you have the mindset of a diet, like there will be a day when its over. But when you just eat healthy it turns into a lifestyle. If that made sense? Also, everyone binge eats. Sometimes you just lose self control and that’s completely normal. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.. I started this yesterday, and I honestly already feel much better about myself. Another thing that I have personally dealt with is when you only want to lose weight because someone has insulted you, you never carry through with it.. You have to want to change for yourself, not for others. Its a process, you just have to be mindful of how you will feel after you eat junk and how it affects your mindset. Good luck. :)

  48. Hey guys, pretty new here. Do I have to pair the calendar with my own cardio or is it enough to lose weight? I’m 5’1 and 85kgs so I’m VERY obese. I wanna lose atleast 35kgs. It will take time, I know. But hopefully I can lose atleast half of it by the end of this year. I’ve lost 15kgs before (3x actually), but I would always gain it back because of stress, depression and binge eating especially. I’m turning 19 soon, I’ve been dieting since I was 7/8. I know if I keep trying I will get there someday. :D

  49. Hey guys, I was just wondering how to actually keep motivated to stick to a certain meal plan/ workout plan? I’m 14/15 and I know that most people would think that it is unhealthy to go on diets etc. at this age? but I feel really self conscious when I think about my weight etc. one of the problems I got is that I love to eat and I don’t care about how much calories there are in a certain food, but I later regret and complain about my weight. I just never seem to be able to find the motivation to cut back on junk food etc. or exercise because my parents doesn’t think of exercising to help me. I am going to try this soon because recently I found out that people who I didn’t know personally described me as flabby so I really want to change and I was wondering I can have some tips on being motivated? ^^
    btw my email is ‘[email protected]’ if you want to message (:

  50. it says ” Print blogilates meal plan here!” The link is in “here” :)

  51. You’re link for the 90 day challenge is not working

  52. Where and how do I print the 90 day challenge meal plan? I can not find the link!

  53. Alison Joyce says:

    Hi Cassey!!! My names Alison and I’m a huge fan! I love all the workouts and recipes you post. One problem I have is I love smoothies but I hate hate hate bananas. I PROMISE I have tried so hard to like them. I wish I liked them since they’re so useful in a bunch of your simple recipes like the pancakes and smoothies. Any replacement suggestions? Second, is there any way you could make a cheap clean eats video that lists all the ingridients you like to keep stocked in your house that you use a lot? Not fruit and vegetables necessarily but like Oat flour and stevia. Thanks so much!!!

  54. I have registered and confirmed by account a couple of days ago but a nothing has been sent to me. does anybody know why? what can I do?

  55. Hi Holly,
    i’m italian and i can help you. We have oatmeal. you just need to look for AVENA or FARINA D’AVENA in supermarket and you will find it.
    bye bye

  56. Hi
    I have been on the Juice Plus diet since last April and lost 3 kgs. I have stook to the plan and have ate clean the whole time, I go to the gym 3 times per week and live a pretty active lifestyle. I am a little disheartend that I only lost 3 kgs. This motivated me to look at other diets and I have found your page on the internet. I do have polycystic overies and hypoparathyroidism, which I believe is makin it harder to loose the weight. However, I thought clean eating for 1 year would help this and balance my hormones.
    I think your page is brilliant the Juice Plus has left me a little confused now as my Mother is on the Slimming World diet and is not eating clean and has lost 2 stone since October. My Mother doesn’t exercise.

    I am getting married in December this year and want to feel nice on my wedding day. can you advise on the following please

    Are your meal plans clean eating, no low fat foods like greek yogurt, hummis, cuis, cuis etc

    Looking at you meal plans this is more than what I eat at the minute, I wont put weight on will I

    Would I be best reducing my eating plan on the days that I don’t work out? I work out 4 imes per week.

  57. Haha, if you found it, can you tell me how? I can’t seem to find it either…

  58. Olivia Taylor says:

    I’ve been following this meal plan for the past 3 weeks or so and I was curious if there was another snack or meal we could eat around 4:00 or so…I wake up at 5:40 to work out and I’m at school until 7:30 and can’t eat till 8. It’s impossible to space these meals out without starving myself. Thanks!

  59. Is it possible to sub pearled barley in for the oatmeal?
    I’m studying abroad in Italy at the moment and can’t seem to find oatmeal ANYWHERE in stores, and it’s frustrating as all heck. I just want to start a meal plan so I can finally lose weight and get in the shape I want to be in!


  60. aricka mullins says:

    Hi cassey ho I never have any time to work out what do I need to do?

  61. I think you might like the Zone. I recommended it to my sister after she had my niece. You can eat normal foods but you eat a “block” of protein, carb and fat at every meal. You base the number of meals you eat a day on your activity level. On less active days you can cut out a meal without feeling deprived or hungry. She also walked 30 min a day and the fat just melted off her body. She lost 8-10lbs a month until the baby weight was gone. It is easy to do because at first you can photocopy the block lists and shove them in a purse or diaper bag. This allows to you to eat out easily. Ask for a to go box when your meal comes and make yourself a nice 2block meal and put the rest in the box for later. Once you know your blocks you Don’t have to count anything. You can have treats on this program as long as you follow the rule of protein, carb and fat so say you want ice-cream, you have some meat with no breading at dinner and some green veggie and no added fat and then right after you finish your dinner you eat your block of ice-cream. I am more restrictive and only eat my treat on Sunday. I do eat things like pancakes during the week though but opt to make my own organic ones in the right sizes and freeze them so I have a perfect block and I’m not tempted to overeat. I hope you find something that works great for you. I think the best advice I can offer is this; find a eating and workout program you can always maintain. When we try too much to fast we often break our word to ourselves leaving us feeling condemned and defeated. So find something you can really stick with and keep your joy and motivation in tact! That has helped me more than anything else because I don’t have moments of feeling like I failed or let myself down.

  62. Hi,
    Could anyone tell me what’s best diet or meal plan for a breastfeeding mom? is this 90 day challenge will works? I want to lose weight but not too intense or too strict because I still breastfeeding. Thank you :)

  63. Hey, yall…..just curious. Is it 1 hour consecutive or 20 mins here, 30 mins there, etc…..?? I’m working out between twin nap times(because they never nap at the same time lol) and 30 mins for nap time and 30 mins for bed time would work super awesome for me. Just wanted to make sure I’d still get results that way though.

  64. NicolaNinja says:

    So happy to start this

  65. Charlotte says:

    Hey! Fellow Asthmatic! I have a fairly severe case and I can do these work outs fine! Just have your inhaler near by incase it gets a lil hairy! the more you workout and lose weight the better you’ll find your asthma getting :) hope this helped!

  66. Do what Casey recommends! Drink loads of water and have small portions every 2-4 hours. It’ll boost your metabolism! Hope I helped :) also do as much exercise and try eating clean or have a balanced diet that you’re sure you can stick to

  67. Aesha Al Jowder says:

    Hey Sascha, My advice is to eat, but eat clean it makes a huge difference. Learnt from Cassy.
    good luck xx

  68. HEY! I just want to tone, not to lose weight. THIS CHALLENGE WORKS FOR ME? Cause it looks great! I’m a begginer.
    Thank you I’d really appreciate your help.

  69. Hi,
    I have always had a good figure but recently I have a sorta muffin top. I wanna loose weight but I can’t starve myself. Any advice?

  70. Hiya! i not really a a healthy person and i want to be more healthy but the only thing that holds me back is my asthma. I really want to do workouts and eat healthy and stuff but i keep having asthma attacks! so i was wondering how to still get fitter? So if anyone has any suggestions then please please let me know! :)

    PS. – does anyone know if it says on the meal plans how to make the food and what to do?


    B xx

  71. Seriously Cassey, thank you so much for doing all this for us. Since I follow your meal plan, your calendars and all your challenges, I am feeling so strong and confident, I feel powerful, I can do everything. I used to be sad all the time and depressed. I used to think I wasn’t good enough, but now I just know I can do anything if I really want to. And that’s all because of you, thank you sosososososososo much!!!! <3

  72. 3rdCultureKid26 says:

    You can substitute quinoa for oatmeal…. :]
    For bananas, you can substitute with pumpkin, avocado, mangoes…. :]

  73. Sorry, already found it!

  74. Hello!
    I’m totally in the spirit to get in shape for next summer, so I wanted to use this mealplan from Cassey, because i totally love her. But when I click on the link for the mealplan, I only get the introductions, but I can’t find the actual mealplan!
    Can somebody help me?!

  75. Hi Guys I need your help :)))

    So I just wanted to start following this meal plan but I got a problem… I have already tried some meal plans lik this but my biggest problem were the measurements…
    So I live in europe and here we use kg, g etc. So is here aswell a plan with these measurements or does someone know a good website were I can callculate it in kg etc?
    Thanks for your help :))

  76. This meal plan does have vegetarian and vegan options.

    She also has a whole vegan meal plan.

  77. Sasha Abernathy says:

    Bananas! Lots of potassium for sore muscles.

  78. Hey cassy,
    do you have a meal plan without meat, because I´m a Veggie :).
    And I would love to try one of your plans!
    (My Enlish is not so good, I´m sorry)
    I would like to tell you, that I love your blog and your Videos, and they help me sooooo much!!!
    When I finished school I want to join a Circuscollege, and I have to train my Body so much.
    I just want to say thankyou for the totaly motivated videos and Dietplans and everything.
    Love you and you´re awensome work!!!!!

  79. bananas! eat lots of bananas! also make sure you’re getting your muscles warmed up before doing a strenuous workout. and keep drinking water :)

  80. Is there anything we can substitute for oatmeal and bananas?? I absolutely cannot eat either one. and tofu…. BLEH

  81. Stretch before, after and a day after you exercise.

  82. Hi,

    Anyone have a remedy for preventing cramps? I’m really out of shape and getting back into shape now is difficult with these cramps. I tried drink water but they are pretty severe.


  83. I would just like to thank you on all the time and efforts your putting for making out lives better. I’m 14, 5’0 feet and weight 55 kgs. I’ve lost a lot weight by barely eating anything and almost developing an eating disorder. Although I really want to become 50 kgs.. I promised myself that I would never make my body go through the things I did. I would just like to thank you for always being so positive and always encouraging people. If I wouldnt have found your website while I was scrolling around the web 2 years ago.. I probably would’ve turned anorexic. I still deal with issues but your motivation keeps me going and not starving myself. THANK YOU <3

  84. when you click the link look at the bottom of the page you should see different tabs/pages. One with the meal plan for M/W/F/Sun and another for T/T/Sat. the first page contains only the welcme so just look for the other tabs

  85. Hey Cassie,

    When you the Excel page opens did you look towards the bottom? There should be different tabs down there labeled MWF, etc. Each tab should have something different on it, including the plan. I hope this works for you!

  86. Hey Cassie!

    You have to go to the bottom of the Excel sheet and you should see multiple tabs. That’s where the meals are. Hope this helps!

  87. Cassie, there are tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet that give you the meals and a recipe for banana pancakes. I thought I had the same issue, just had to explore a little.

    Hope that helps :)

  88. Hi if you just look at the bottom of the Excel page you should see WELCOME – M,W,F,SU – T,TH,SAT and TIU protein pancakes. if you click on one of theese you should see the meal plans :)
    Hope you understand me!

  89. look at the bottom of the excel page. there should be tabs on it that have the various days for the meal plans…

  90. This blog looks promising. I have two friends currently using the 90 day challenge and meal plan to get in shape for a 5k and they suggested this to me. I signed up yesterday and still haven’t received an email for the password for the calendar. Also, whenever I go to the meal plan, all that opens up is a Microsoft Excel page with words of encouragement and advice toward the meal plan on it but not the actual meal plan. It’s pretty frustrating. I don’t know if something is wrong on my end or the website’s but I sincerely wish it would get worked out. I was excited to start this and now I’m bummed out just gotta go to the boring old gym again. Thanks.

  91. CONSTANZA says:


  92. Hi! I’m thinking about starting this 90 day meal plan but I’m allergic to all types of nuts (including almonds). What can I substitute the almonds with?

  93. Hi! So i have to eat every dish in one meal or pick one? help! x

  94. I can’t find it either.. I click the link that says print meal plan, but it just opens up in like a “Page” or “Word” document with what looks like the cover page but no meal plan?

  95. Hi Irdina :)

    I’m no expert, but you don’t have to follow everything (I don’t mean eat unhealthy, I mean you don’t have to use every single recipe :D) to a T. If chicken breast or other ingredients is expensive, make a salad, wrap, anything else that you know is healthy :) Just think of it as a guideline. You should really try talking to your Mum about cooking your own food :) If you don’t think she’d let you, you’re 14, you should be able to cook a few meals for yourself now. Try asking her, and say that you want to feel independent for yourself, as well as teaching yourself. You can ask her for help, and she can possibly teach you. If she won’t let you buy food alone, you should go grocery shopping with her and suggest healthy foods :) You can show her recipes, and suggest cooking them all for the family. Best of luck xx :) (And keep working hard, I’m proud of you :D)

  96. Hi Cassey! I can’t find the meal plan, where is it??

  97. 90 day meal plan does not work. It says to click the word HERE which I did but there is nothing in the document. Please help!

  98. I’ve been doing this meal plan along with my own workout regimen and I have already lost 6 pounds! It’s only been a week and I feel fantastic!
    Need more variety though. I don’t really like fish so I replace the tilapia with chicken and canned tuna in water. Next week I’ll try the lean turkey.

  99. HI, Cassey…..I’m 14 this year n I’ve been doing ur workouts since I’m 13 n I wanna do the 90 days challenge but I don’t think my mom would let me buy or cook my own food but I do eat a lot of veggies and fruits in every meal…..So do u have any advice for my diet….btw I really love ur workout

    <3 u Cassey

  100. Ready to start the year off right- with the 90 day meal plan! Thank you so much Cassey for giving me a free meal plan! I love you<3

  101. I just started the 90 day meal plan and I tried the muscle milk.. I don’t like it. It leaves a funny after taste. Is there something I can replace it with? I’ll finish the ones I bought so my money isn’t a waste but I definitely won’t be getting it again.. What can I use as a substitute?

  102. How much does a “small” sweet potato weigh? Should I just cut a regular one (they look big!) in halfsies?

  103. Hey! I want to do that too. I could use a partner :)

  104. I’m gonna do this.

  105. lets do it

  106. Christy Cook says:

    Maybe it is a typo. I think its awesome that she took the time to make a free meal plan. I appreciate the effort.

  107. Whitney Harris says:

    I think its crap that you are saying 6 oz of chicken breast has 56 grams of protein when 4 oz only has like 23 grams. You have more than doubled the amount of protein without even doubling the amount of chicken.

  108. hi :) if we can not eat at breakfast omelette or protein pancakes is it okay if I eat greek yogurt with musli?

  109. Hi Cassey,

    one problem seem to trouble me and i want to know how you would deal with.
    i’m planning to go on the 90 days challenge with your workout calendar and mealplan, there is a day off which is sunday for the work out, but i what about the meal plan? because you know the holiday is coming and i don’t want to be difficult of not sharing food(eating out) with friends and family :S

    any suggestions?

  110. If you have access to mahi mahi, cod, or whiting those will all substitute for tilapia!

  111. I’m looking at the 90 day meal plan. What is a good substitute for the almonds. I have a tree nut allergy

  112. Click the word HERE and a Google document should open up.

  113. 90 Day Meal Pan
    Isn’t working. Doesn’t show the meal plan at all. Is there a problem with the link? Would love to get meal plan! Please help.

  114. It’s under the 7 guidelines ‘PRINT BLOGILATES MEAL PLAN HERE!’ you can click on ‘here’ :)

  115. Hi Laura, This may be a little late lol but you have to download it from your email and them print it out. I put my into a plastic pocket folder and it came out great :) hope this helps!!

  116. Hi Mikaela

    I live in NZ too! Did you find a tipalia substitute?

    Hope your journey is going well!

  117. Where is the 90 day diet plan? It doesn’t come up on the link.

  118. Hey guys, I live in NZ and starting the 90 day challenge, but we dont have access to tipalia. What is a substitute for it?

  119. Hey guys. I need help! :D :)
    Last week i bought the 8 week hot body meal plan. i know that it is an e book, but where can i get it?
    i paid for it, but i could not find where it is.

  120. Hi MJ, Nuffy and Daniela,

    I’m starting the 90 day challenge tomorrow! How have you girls been getting on?

    Any top tips?

    Keep me posted

  121. Hey girl! What so many people don’t know is that too much protein is BAD for you and puts a lot of strain on your kidneys and can lead to health problems long term. While you can lose a lot of weight on a high protein diet it’s mostly water weight and it isn’t healthy for you body (case in point: Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack). A high carb, vegan diet is actually the healthiest, most natural diet on the planet for humans. As long as you keep your fat intake very low and protein 10% of daily calories or lower as well you can essentially eat unlimited whole food carbs. Lots of info haha but seriously check out Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube, she’s amazing and so inspirational! FullyRaw Kristina, Durian Rider, Megan Elizabeth, and Rice and Raw are also great channels to get you started.

  122. a fruit and a small handful of nuts or try a dairy free yogurt such as soy or coconut!

  123. Granola can be high in fat so if you want to use it, look for one that is lower in fat or just use a tablespoon or so as sprinkles

  124. Try yogurt (I’m vegan so I’m obviously gonna suggest soy or coconut yogurt haha) with 1/4 cup of any kind of fresh fruit instead of jam. Or Cassey also said you could have a fruit and 10 almonds again instead :)

  125. TBS is Tablespoon :)

  126. Hi!! I am a vegetarian from the UK and want to give this 90 day challenge a fair shot but I have a question.

    Most of the Meal plans are straightforward and the stuff in the plan needs to be eaten just as it is without the need to cook it. However, Meal Plans 3 and 5 on Mon, Wed, Fri give a lot of raw veggies/ingredients. So does Meal Plan 3 for Tue, Thurs, Sundays. Is the idea supposed to be me just making something out of them or am I to eat them raw? I am a little lost.

    Also, at any point, can I have milk? Lastly, what does TBS mean?

    Thank you very much :)

  127. Add more calories, specifically protein. Use a macro calculator based on your body and goals to find out how many more calories and protein you need, and find foods that will fit in with this plan. In case you didn’t know, what your goal is called is ‘body recomposition’, so maybe try getting some info on that (I didn’t know what it was called for the longest time :P)

  128. I want to try this but I don’t eat anything in meal 6 (I hate cottage cheese and strawberries). Does anyone know a better substitute? Maybe yogurt with granola and some other fruit on the side?

  129. Can i get help, i am trying to open the meal plan but i can’t see it.. please help me

  130. So I did this diet for about a month and was losing a lot of weight. My goal is to maintain my weight ans build muscle. How do I still follow this diet plan but not lose weight?

  131. Don’t give up! You can be so close to losing weight and if you quit now you might just destroy that hard work you have pushed yourself to do. All that progress you have made, i’m so happy for you! Please do not give up, because everybody’s body is different. As a popster, I’m so happy that you have dedicated 5 weeks to yourself/body! KEEP GOING.

  132. If I can’t have cottage cheese, is there anything I can substitute for it?

  133. I have been on the plan for 5 weeks now and have not lost any weight. I’ve been following the plan carefully, working out 5 days a week and am getting discouraged. I was so sure this plan would work but apparently not. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  134. Hey there! I’m also starting my 90 day challenge today, hope we can get in touch and do it together :)

  135. Hi MJ,
    Hope all is well.
    I am also beginning a 90 day challenge today.

  136. Does anyone want to start with me? I’m looking for some inspiration so I can stick to the plan :)

  137. Hey, you should probably bring this up with a doctor or a real dietitian in order to get optimal results, but don’t let it hold you back!

  138. Try this website on the right side it has a calorie calculator thing to help you figure out how many calories you have burned. Hope that helps!

  139. Hello!
    Can someone please tell me how match calories do I burn when I’m doing cassys pop cardio fat melting routine. More or less please need to know thanks for the help friends :-)

  140. There are page tabs at the bottom….

  141. Laura Kristensen says:

    I want to do this so bad, but i have pku. When you have PKU, you can’t have much protein -also you are a vegetarian. The meals have very high protein of course, cause it’s good for your body. If you have any other ideas with fruit, and vegetables. I have my own bread and pasta, with high fibre….so that isn’t the problem.
    I really want to do this, so please if you see this help me!;D

  142. why i cant see this meal plan,i open site and this is not meal plan this is just text not meal plan!!

  143. Can I have like another veggies that is not steamed if I don’t want the sweet potato? Please help!!

  144. I’m starting the challenge today and going to be writing about my experience and results on

    Hopefully I see similar outcomes as many of you!

  145. Christine says:

    If you look in the Meal Plan tab under #Newbodymakover (12 weeks) that’s where you see each week of the 90 day challenge

  146. so for the 9 day challenge we are supposed to eat the same thing for 90 days or is there more than the one week of the plan? well congrats to you I am the same weight and height hope to see change soon I used to do high intensity workouts but cant anymore because I have a heel spur cant do any cardio except for swim which doesn’t fee like a workout

  147. so for the 9 day challenge we are supposed to eat the same thing for 90 days or is there more than the one week of the plan

  148. McKayla Barton says:

    Cut the portion sizes :)– Hope i helped.

  149. Hi,i need to loss weight in a month cause i have a prom night next month , can you help me??

  150. Oh.PanDuh says:

    Would be nice (helpful) to include a shopping list of items- :)
    cant wait to give this challenge a try. Mother of one- full time job- part time student

  151. Well, how much do you, at least, weigh? I am 14, 15 in a week, and around 114-115 lbs. I’d like to lose some weight too. I lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks, training regulary abd eating half of I should. But start slowly, take one week trial, so you can see what fits best to you. And in which area you would like to lose weight?

  152. The only issue about this meal plan is that it isn’t gluten free. I have a gluten sensitivity.

  153. Hi Nicole!

    To get the same protein value of cottage cheese you can substitute one cup of cottage cheese for two hard boiled eggs, six ounces of pork ham, or six slices of turkey bacon.

    Hope I helped!

  154. Hello everyone :)
    I’d like to follow the meal plan, but I’m allergic to (brace yourselves) eggs, almonds, fish, soy, sesame and every kind of seafood, nuts, peas and beans…
    I know it’s pretty bad and I wish it was a joke hehe. Any recommended substitutions ?
    Lots of love :D <3

  155. Vanathi says:

    Hi! Ok here is my problem, the diet is very hard for me to do for many reasons, 1 being I don’t know if it is safe for a 15 yr old to diet this way, second I’m Indian and vegetarian so it is very hard for me to follow that diet mainly because my grandparents live with us and my dad goes to work so my grandparents cook our lunch which is always rice. What do I do? The only time we get to really have a tasty meal is at dinner because my dad comes home at that time. Please help, is there anything else I can do with my diet which can help me lose a lot of weight(around 100 lbs) but not go on the diet plan posted?

  156. Hi im just wondering if i should finish the beginner calendar before doing this challenge? or an i just jump right in

  157. The word HERE is a link.

  158. I hate cottege cheese. Like really. If it’s secretly inside things I don’t mind but I cannot eat it solo. Is there anything at all I can substitute the cottege cheese for! :(

  159. I can’t find the meal plan. The guid say that I should print the meal plan out but I can’t find it. Please help me.

  160. 4 weeks in Portugal and cannot do any workout videos!

    Hey cassie <3
    my name is Leo, girl, 15 and I need your help: On Sunday I´ll be in Portugal for 4 weeks and I haven´t got any wifi there (in the middle of nowhere in the mountains). I´ll try my best to stay strong on my clean eating (up to now it is approx. 1 year) and to be active all day. But one thing is missing. So I mean the workouts, which I do 5 to 6 days a week.
    Are there any kind of moves which I could keep in mind and do it 5 to 6 times a week, e.g. squats and bicycles?

    thx allot for ur time to read my silly problem,
    XOXO Leo<3

  161. Can this workout calendar be used after the beginners calendar? If not, what is the best suggestion for once the four weeks of the beginner calendar is completed? Thank you!

  162. Use coconut milk or hemp milk for the milk. And use Pea or Rice protein for the proteins. Swap almonds for another nut/seed you can eat like pecans or sunflower/pumpkin seeds

  163. In the bottom left hand corner there are tabs which the meal plans are in, it took me a few times to work out where it was as well!

  164. Brittany says:

    I just started the challenge and I am finding I am having a hard time with how much food there is. I don’t usually eat this much food, and I am feeling incredibly full. I want to do my work out, but I am afraid I will throw up if I try. Any tips or advice to help me get passed this?

  165. Try and make infused water by placing sliced fruit like lemons and strawberries in your water. You can also drink unsweetned hot/iced tea (green tea helps boost metabolism) , and probably selzter.

  166. I have a soy allergy and an almond allergy. How do I substitute soy/nut products?

  167. I’m in LOVE with this site. I just wrote out my grocery list, but I was wondering what another drink option is besides water. Obviously soda is a no-go, so I was wondering so other substitutions. Thanks y’all!(:

  168. Giovanna says:

    You are lifting a lot if you’re following Cassey’s calendar. Lifting “weights” doesn’t necessarily have to be dumbells. Cassey has you holding your entire weight in a lot of her videos. :) so I mean you don’t have to take the protein powder, I don’t take it either. But that’s also for personal reasons. I would suggest you take it and follow the plan as closely as possible but if it’s a problem for you I would say don’t sweat it :) (no pun intended)

  169. Jacklyn says:

    whey protein isn’t a steroid (ie. saying it doesn’t ‘work’ is completely misinformed). Its just an easy way to get a lot of protein (you need a lot to build muscle). I’d consider her schedule as kind of body weight training, which means you will still be gaining muscle. You could find alternative protein sources, but that will probably skew the macros she has set up for this and will probably increase your caloric intake

  170. Hi guys;
    I just canot open the 90-days meal plan, I cannot.
    I’ve entered more than 20 times my e-mail and password, but it doesn’t work.
    Does someone know how to remediate?


  171. Mariangely says:

    I’m so scared but I wanna do this now!

  172. Is the 90 day challenge better than the 12 week #newbodymakeover ? I don’t know which I should do?!

  173. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    Hey guys, can you guys help me?! Today is my first day of 90 days challenge. Can I not taking whey protein powder? My family keeps telling me that protein powder only works when you lift weight. Please help me!

  174. Hello To everyone!

    Quick question for the 90 day challenge:I’ve just started and I am also following the workout calendar for beginners is seems to me though that 1400 calories and just 25min average of workout aren’t enough for a weight loss( I want to lose 20 pounds).Should I cut some stuff of the meal plan off?


  175. Hey Emily!

    I just started this plan as well! I was worried about cost- knowing that eating healthy generally is more expensive. But I looked at what I would normally eat on a weekly basis, and it turns out this plan is actually SAVING me around 50 dollars a week! Giving up alcohol and sweets- going out to eat with friends, it’s hard, but a meal going out was around 15 dollars average, while these meals are 5-10 each and are so GOOD for you and delicious!!

    You should definately go for it!! Good luck!

  176. Great job! You totally inspired me!!!

  177. Usually around in the morning or mid day. Or at least that’s what I do. It’s a good way to start off your day!

  178. mariann says:

    how would it change the results if i didnt follow the meal plan but still ate healthy and did an hour of cardio 3-4 times a week alongside the workouts on the calendar?

  179. mariann says:

    she said that you could replace cottage cheese with nonfat greek yogurt

  180. So here’s a little motivation for you guys just starting or in the middle of the 90-day challenge. I did this challenge in September of last year, and I was in the best shape of my life. I am 5’2, and weighed 135 pounds. I’m kind of upset to say that I didn’t finish the entire challenge, but at around day 30 I weighed in and I was at 121 pounds. So in a month I lost 14 pounds. And I gained muscle, felt so much more confident, and felt so much better all around. My friends and family were starting to notice. When I visited my best friend who I hadn’t seen in a year, she just looked at me and gasped because of how different I looked bc of the weight loss. It was incredible. It took some work, preparing all of the meals and always fitting in time to work out, but I found a way around it, and it was so so worth it.
    So please, don’t give up. And try this 90 day challenge because I am living proof that it DOES work!! :) Thank you sooooo much Cassey for this and for all of your workout videos and your help, I love you!
    <3 Gabby

  181. got a problem i cannot open the meal plans :o

  182. I’m doing my usual workout plan that i already have, but when should the workouts be performed?
    what time of the day is best and inbetween what meals?

  183. EITHER the calendar OR the one hour a day :)

  184. kaitlyn says:

    wait so do we workout an hour a day plus the workout on the calendar or just the calendar workout???

  185. I didn’t have sugar free jam for my cottage cheese tonight so I just used 2 frozen sweet cherries(thawed) chopped up. It was so delicious! Day 1 down. : ) I’m so proud of myself!

  186. Gaby Mend says:

    Personally, I like both, the differences I felt were that for this one I always felt full, what didn’t happen with the other (maybe because I often lost meals because I didn’t have time to prepare my snacks or meals), but there’s less variety of tastes and foods in this one that the other, or maybe the dressings and tasty meals (because you don’t really feel on a diet) are what reduce the quantities and that’s why I didn’t feel full, may be. Another thing is that for the other plan there’re many specific things you need to buy, so sometimes I couldn’t get all of my groseries in just one store, and in my case, if I hadn’t had the time to cook a meal during the week, I would end up with things in my fridge by the end of the week and get out of the plan. Plus to me it was easier to cook all my veggies in the morning and pass my meats for the next day from the freezer to the fridge every night (which is what you generally need for this plan), so I would regularly have time and no skip a single meal with this plan as it was easier to follow at less to me. Also snacks are fruits, nuts and proteín shakes which you only grab and take so it’s not time consuming, not messy in your bag if anything opens. So both are good, both are nutricious, one has more variety than the other but it’s a little bit more of time consuming. I tried both but to me and my lifestyle this one adjust better, even though is good to have the other one on hand to add variety if you start to get bored of the same tastes. Whatever plan you take I wish you best of luck!

  187. As far as I know women cannot built much muscle fast. I would think this kind of goal would at least take you 1-2 years maybe? On diet to loose weight you will not built muscle on the same time in a way that you will build that much kilos. So maybe instead of focusing on a goal like yours maybe try doing every workout on the calender and eating clean could be a good goal and then you will see the kilos drop and you can then focus on your next goal?
    Good luck!

  188. Does any of you know how much you can lose with this diet?? I want to lose about 20 kilos of fat ONLY (44 pounds) and build about 10 kilos (22 pounds) of muscle . Do you know how much time can take me?? I just want some approximate dates. I wanna look my best when I get to college but I also want to keep the weight off

  189. I really want to do this but it can be costly and difficult hope it works

  190. Hey I was just wondering which one people preferred to do this or the 12 week plan

  191. Try checking out some of Cassey’s vegan meal plan options. I am vegetarian and all of the vegan meals are very tasty! Sometimes it is hard to get used to eating things like tofu, but I swear you can eat it with anything and it’s really good.

  192. Maybe a good option would be to substitute your boarding school food for healthier options (fruits and stuff will help) and to do the Beginners Plan if you don’t have time for 1 hr. I’m in a similar situation as I’m in my last year of high school and so have to study a lot + I play violin, and that’s what I’m doing.
    Hope it helps!
    Smiles =D

  193. I’m the same way with the eggs…and seafood. I won’t eat either and every meal plan I find has lots of fish and eggs.

  194. Hi! I live in the UK so we don’t measure in cups but one cup is equal to 236ml, which you can measure in a measuring jug! I hope this helped :)

  195. I find it so hard to find meal plans for myself as I don’t eat eggs or chicken… there a chance you could do a post of alternative’s to these? please
    PS I love all your video’s all the way from Australia

  196. It’s confusing you because ounces can be used to measure volume (how much space something takes up) as well as weight. But volume ounces are different than weight ounces. For example, 4 ounces of volume make up 1/2 cup. But 4 ounces of weight might be different volumes (different sizes) for different items.

    Generally, liquids are measured by volume and dry goods are measured by weight. BUT, when it comes to cooking many recipes measure everything by volume because it’s so much easier to use a measuring cup or spoon than to use a food scale. So, it can be confusing. But as long as you remember that there are two measurements that use the term ounces then you should be able to figure it out.

    If you see it as “1/2 cup” that means VOLUME. So, stuff it into a measuring cup. You’re right, 1/2 cup of lettuce will weigh fewer ounces than 1/2 cup of mushrooms. So use the measuring cup.

    But if you see it referenced in ounces, like the chicken or fish, then that is supposed to be weighed.

    I know it’s confusing.

  197. LuLukitten says:

    Hi, guys , when I check this meal plan, it says” 1/2 cup ” . I’m wondering how do u guys calculate that 1/2 cup. I think 1/2 cup green leaf vegetables and 1/2 cup mushroom definitely are not the same weight! mushrooms are much more heavier than spinach !!! I also do research that 1/2 cup= 4 oz= 115g . So, my question is: When I calculate food, do I just fill up the cup or calculate by weight?
    thanks for helping, love all of you,

  198. Hi Nhung,

    Thank you for your advice, I started eating raw for a couple of weeks, but sometimes i’d like to eat something warm, I’m still thinking of getting a food jar, but haven’t found a good one, so for now i’ll take your advice. Thank You!

  199. You can sub many things, so use the ingredients you like ;)

  200. Hi there :)

    I do have a microwave at my workplace, but don’t like to use it at all (I don’t like waiting…)

    As an example:
    For M,W,F lunch, I put everything into a pan and cook it with balsamic vinegar and no oil, but you need the right pan, otherwise it will burn :( Afterwards I put it into my fridge at home and I microwave it in the morning until it is very warm, but not too hot. Normally, it should be at room temperature for lunch and edible as there is nothing greasy.
    When I use :
    – Chicken, I would boil it first and then put it in with the veggies
    – I take the tuna can with me unopened
    – I haven’t ever taken fish with me because I don’t like taste of cold white fish
    – I boil the eggs and take them unpeeled with me
    – I put the Tofu inside the veggies, try to cover it up with them and then let it steam

    I use the same pattern for the rest of the lunch and dinner plans

    That is how I try to eat my food without microwaving and without raw dishes (I dislike eating raw for lunch or dinner >___<)

    I'm sorry that my tips might be useless… (I can barely cook, so I do these things above)

  201. It is on the comments for the vegetarian plan

  202. Ooohh yes I would like to know this too! I workout in the morning as well (right when I wake up), but I noticed that meal for says something like “meal 4 or post workout meal”, so i’m assuming it’s okay to keep it as is?

  203. Hey guys, I’m just kinda worried because I go to a boarding school and the food there is EXTREMELY fattening. I also have a lot of curricular commitments and I don’t know if I should start with the beginners plan or not, please help :)

  204. Maricela says:

    What if you workout in the morning?? Do I switch meal 2 with meal 4?? Or is it ok to keep meals as is, and just eat meal 2 after working out? HELP!! Wanting to start tomorrow! Thnx!

  205. You have to do it with a printer…

  206. Your weight is a balancing act, but the equation is simple: If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight.

  207. Is there a meal plan for someone with nuts(every kind), sunflower seed, and soy milk allergies?

  208. Does someone knwos how to print it?

  209. Hi Zoe,
    Thank you for your detailed response it was exactly the answers I was looking for :)

  210. I also don’t have the time to eat all the meals, I have been skipping the post-workout meal and heading straight to dinner. i don’t see an issue with skipping the last meal, or perhaps adding a little to your meal 5?

  211. Hi, you need to eat all 6 meals on the days it says, but you don’t HAVE to eat the exact same ones all the time for 90 days, Cassey says you can substitute romaine lettuce for other leafy greens, protein powder for cottage cheese or Greek yogurt… And it’s fine if you change a meal, as long as it’s about the same nutritional value, and also don’t forget to have a “YOLO” or “cheat” meal every once in while (like 1x a week) for your sanity. This meal plan can be followed as written, but I think you’d be fine changing some meals, as eating the same thing for 90 days can be boring.
    For the workouts, if you’re new and never done Pilates before, I recommend the Beginners Calendar ( ) or if it seems too easy for you, start on the April calendar, if it’s too hard at first (completely normal as you’re not used to it yet ) wait until you’re stronger and stick to the beginners one. It’s very effective. I’ve seen people on the app with amazing results with it.
    Wow sorry that was so long, I hope I answered your question.

  212. Aurelia says:

    HELP! every day sweet potatoes make me gag. Do you guys think I can substitute it with brown rice????

  213. I have been looking at following the 90day meal plan, however I am slightly confused on how to follow it.
    Do you eat the 6 meals on the days that it says for the whole 90 days and that’s all you can eat? or do you have to pick and chose meals? Also what exercise routine should be followed if your a beginner and new at this.
    Please answer so I can start asap!

    Many thanks :)

  214. Help, I don’t like cottage cheese or jelly. Any recommended substitutions? Thanks!!!

  215. Hi guys,

    How can I print this meal plan? I just can’t figure out how to fit everything on one page without parts being cut off. Please help! :)

  216. Hi, thank you for your advice, i was thinking about using a flask, but haven’t found a good quality one, I’ve read about some brands like zojirushi and thermos, but still can’r decide. Thanks anyway, i’ll take into account about eating raw. :)

  217. Hey, i’m doing the 90 challenge (even though that was ages ago) and can i not have meal 6 because i don’t have enough time in the day to have the last meal??

  218. it’s linked in the word “here”. maybe you didn’t spot it out, here’s the copy of the link adress.

  219. I hope all of you are doing well in this challenge!
    Soooo eggs make me wicked gassy. Is there any kind of sub I can do a few times a week?
    Thank you! Good luck if you’re doing this!

  220. samantha says:

    i cant see any of the meal plans, can anyone tell me what the regular meal plan is

  221. how long did it take for you to lose that much?????

  222. Avocados :)
    (I think)

  223. Michelle says:

    I don’t see the vegan plan :[ does anyone else?

  224. I have that same problem with so many of these recipes! Anyone have any suggestions?

  225. Hi Star,
    I normally eat raw a few days per week, so I’ll just dice pumpkin, christophene, cucumber, tomato, carrot and lettuce and eat those with fish from a tin (either sardine or tuna). Tastes very good to me, just add some pepper on the fish. Hope this helps.

    Apart from that, why not just get a food flask to travel with your meals.

    Goodluck :)

  226. Hi cassy !

    I will try this 90 days challenge ! Hopefully i will have succes with it ! Southside festival is coming soone (20th june) and I want to feel confident in m bod :) but I still have some questions. Do I have to eat the same every week for 90 days ? And why don’t I get the e-mail with the secret password for your workout calender anymore ? :(

  227. Tatsiana says:

    I need someone to work with too! I’d be glad to be your fitness buddy!

  228. Madison Maddo says:

    I have a banana allergy. What can I use in place of bananas in these meals?

  229. Heyy! I’d love to be your fitness buddy haha, I’m looking for someone to work with. Im starting fresh so it’ll be good. What do you say?

  230. On rest day, do you just skip meal 4, the postworkout meal?

  231. On rest day, do just skip meal 4, the post workout meal?

  232. Hi.,
    Its the better idea to discuss while woking out or fitness routine. I have started a five day routine, slightly different than what is mentioned. About 70% is just well balanced diet to get much fitter body. My Monday routine is Chest and Biceps. Diet. Lemon in warm water and honey to start the day. 1.5 hrs workout. Then after 1 hrrest 1glass milk with protein powder.
    Lunch tomato zuchchini veg. 1 cup rice. Pulses and curd.
    Evening 1 glass juice. Dinner- bread and vegtable salad. Tell me how you feel on next day..

  233. Hi,
    My week working hours varies from monday through saturday, so my meal times are no usually well schedule and I don’t like eating out, so i was thinking on bringing lunch/dinner to work, but at work there is no microwave or fridge to keep things fresh. Does anyone has some advice on cold meals does that not require heating or needs to keep cold? (sorry for my english, is not my first language)

  234. Hey guys .. I need a fitness buddy. Anyone intersted?

  235. It seems hard to begin with doing the workouts but do it most days for several weeks and you’ll find that when you see yourself improving that’s motivation enough! You can do it!

  236. Hey! I understand their point of view, this program is great but might be a little bit radical! I would advice you to introduce it slowly, like keep eating with your parents and stuff but pay attention to your portions, eat like one portion of bred/pasta instead of a plate, add more veggies, snack on healthy things like cereal bars, fruits…, eat lean meat or if you see meat that seems too fat, eat less of it. You don’t need to follow this exactly to be healthy, health is an everyday work! Do the workouts as much as you can and stay hydrated at all times and you shall see progress!!!

  237. Hey guys!
    I need your help.
    I really want to do this diet, but I’m not allowed for my parents – even if I buy the food myself.
    They think i’m a soon-to-be anorexic – which I’m NOT! I love food waaaay to much! All I want is to be healthy and fit by eating clean.
    What should I do??? :(

  238. Omg so did I!!!! Thats great girl, keep on doing what you do!!! Don’t you feel awesome… of course you do. Its one of the best feelings I’ve ever had!!

  239. I do too,why not knowing eachothers?

  240. God. This is so hard, really. But I’m on my third day of the 90 days challenge now (which contains actually a 50 day hardcore focussing as I’m gonna got o CA in April and want to look GOOD!), and so far I made it all. Three liters of water (easier to drink with lemon, I just don’t make it to four liters!) and eating SUPER strict, the only time I went astry from my plan were sugarfree chewing gums.
    Though I get confronted with chocolate and other candy at work everyday (thanks to my workmates placing the stuff on my desk all the time) and have to resist.
    It’s hard but keep pushing through girls, it PAYS OFF. It will!!!

  241. can I email you too Maha Zarir?

  242. Hey! i’m 17 i need some modivator friends??

  243. use the blogilates app helps me alot +having some fitness buds w/ kik to make sure youre all staying on track

  244. RONGRONG says:

    MEAL 1 requieres oatmeal to prepare the meal, but can you use oats directly??
    Thank you.

  245. Maybe nonfat greek yogurt?

  246. oh my god . just blew my diet : ( . well going to try again tomorrow ….. . anybody have advice on how to stay motivated??

  247. oh my god . just blew my diet : ( . well going to try again tomorrow …..

  248. Maha Zarir says:

    hey i’ll join you, i actually started around march 4th but i cant keep up with the meal plans. cause i am 16 and i cant really get most of the ingredients, so its hard to make all the dishes. however i still am following her guide lines and doing her march workouts. you can email me at [email protected] (i’ll probably just send you one right now) :D it would be fun to have a workout/ healthy living buddy!!

  249. you only lose weight when calories out exceeds calories in. there is no magic pill, formula or other secret way around this. its about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can live with FOREVER. don’t be discouraged! things like this take time, its hard to change. but the first step to change is deciding that you want to, and its great that you have! download the blogilates ap if you have a smart phone cause this is your support community right here and we all know its not easy!

  250. Jasmine says:

    Can anyone help me? I keep gaining about 10 pounds every year, and I don’t get to wear the clothes I want, plus I look fat. I’m unhealthy and the doctor said so. :( I tried excercising, and eating less. But it wouldn’t work. :'( And I lost my motivation. I want to lose weight so I can stop feeling so self-conscious and be more confident about my body and myself. No one is supporting me, either. And I just feel lost. And I feel like every time I try, nothing is gonna change. :( Can someone help me.

  251. I will :D but just starting a day after you ok :D Good luck!

  252. I am! Well I’m going to try I find it hard to stick to meal plans..

  253. Yes, my blog is
    I’m not native English speaker, so forgive me some grammar mistakes.

  254. Heyy I wanna do this too! And could really use this motivation haha so maybe I could join you guys?

  255. hi im gonna start this on 1st march since i came off track alittle from my diet but yes im so motivated thanks cassie :) xxx

  256. hi guys! i just made a tumblr page, plz add me :)

  257. I am starting on March First you can follow my Tumblr I am not a model I am chubby working single momma that is making a huge lifestyle changes.


  258. I just saw this, but I totally need a motivator. Did you start yet??


  259. follow me on tumblr

  260. Is that work for breast feeding? How much Kg ithat we will loss?

  261. Hey, who wants to batlle with me from this Monday (24 Feb to May 24)? Write to my email and lets share blog addresses to keep in touch! I’m 25 yo and pretty overweight.

  262. Cassie (or anybody who can help me :)), is there any substitute for the low fat cottage cheese for the last meal of the day? (meal 6 I believe) because I couldn’t find any in my area right now..

    thank you

  263. I came across your blog today and am very impressed! ! I am going to give this a go for our workplace fitness challenge. Is there a way to send updates?? I am very exited ! Thanks CASSIE!

  264. Hi girls:
    You message here make me decide to start my journey tomorrow too!
    I also create a tumblr to keep me motivated, I hope it could help. I start follow you so that I could keep my motivation with someone that starts the journey on the same day then me, so we can keep motivated each other :D If you want to follow me too my Tymblr is

    kisses and good luck*

  265. Hi,
    You may have seen my post down below, But I’m starting 90 Day Challenge on Monday too.
    I’ll follow you, and you can follow me! :) I’m sure we will inspire each other.

    My Tumblr is
    I can’t wait :D

  266. I’m starting the challenge on Monday, and I’m really hoping to stick to it. I couldn’t manage to work out for more than five days every time I tried to lose weight, but I hope that’s gonna change! wish me luck. I have created a tumblr dedicated to my desire so if anyone else is doing this and wants company for the journey, just message me!

  267. Hi girlies :)
    I’m starting the 90 Day challenge in 6 DAYS!
    Follow my blog to see how I go. I’m going to post regularly, so you can keep up with how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. Not to mention – my amazing ”after” photo!
    Heres the link –
    Or just search blogilateschllnge

    I’m going to do this! :D

  268. hey wow congrats u lost 23kg because of this diet??? so it works /?

  269. I really believe in the calories eaten vs. calories burned idea. Although I am aware that particular foods decrease the pace of my already damaged metabolism, like dairy products and alcohol. If I only ate 1800 calories of cheese and wine daily, I’d not be losing as quickly as if I had Three or more healthy meals with fruits, veggies etc and moderate wine. Plus I’d be sick like a dog from acid reflux and other not-so-fun digestive issues! But that is me. I make allowances for things I love so that I do not feel deprived.

  270. …can I have a cheat meal once a week?

  271. Im Starting the 90 day challenge at the fourth of february because then I’ll be done on my b-day the fifth of may when i turn 17 , that is the day that i want to look my best and im so exited to go on this jerney and thank you cassey for motevating me to do this, Love you<3

  272. Hey :) I actually won’t be starting this until the 10th February now.
    I am so unorganised, seriously! I just need an extra week to prepare myself and get in the right state of mind. After all – It won’t be a walk in the park! :)

  273. Hey im turning 14 on Feb. 6 and i want to let you guys know that this plan is supposed to be for older women. as teens we need more calories because we are growing and blah blah blah i just want u to know… be smart and dont starve your body, or else you ed up losing your muscle. i know because i was anorexic so ya… i just dont want to see other girls ruining their lives like i did just eat clean and be happy :)

  274. im starting on mon 3rd feb as well :) but I’m 13 10 months im not sure if i can get my mum or myself to make all the mums usually busy so im not sure if she has time to make the meals Im not sure what to do any advice ?
    thanks xx

  275. hi jasmine im also starting on the 3 of feb. so yah i believe both of us can do this

  276. hey you, just eat clean, don’t follow any plans. i trust that you can control yourself my choosing the food you want (by eating clean ofc). and also follow her workouts

  277. Hi Everyone,

    I am starting the 90 Day Challenge on the 3rd February, 2014.
    Follow my Tumblr blog to track my progress. I wouldn’t mind a bit of support :)
    I’m already small/skinny, But I just want to feel healthy on the inside, and have muscle definition on the outside! Here’s a Link, Or Search Jazzyh19

    I’m pumped! :D

  278. Hello, I just wanted to inform everyone that while I think it’s vital to eat clean and healthy, I wanted to warn everyone that it sometimes is just not a good idea to follow these plans, as they’re extremely risky since they aren’t catered to your own physical needs. This summer I tried this diet for about two days, and since I’m a runner, I was also running about an hour every day, sometimes more than that. On day 2 of the plan, I had one of my worst runs ever, as I did not have enough energy to complete the workout. I had not eaten enough calories the day before. Always eat well, don’t eat junk food, obviously, but be smart about your calorie intake versus exercise frequency.

  279. I would recommend the #newbodymakeover meal plan!

  280. Is it okay to do this with the beginners work out calendar for the first month?

  281. I love you .Thank you cause I lost 23 kg omg

  282. I didn’t get the password ?

  283. hi, i cant really do those meal plans because im 13 however i want to follow sometihng ro keep me fit because im going onto the obese track any ideas?

  284. Also, I am suuuuuuch a picky eater. I have not yet acquired the taste for any type of fish, especially not Tilapia. And as far as veggies goes, mushrooms, pepper, and spinach are not my favorite. Any suggests to go along with which meal plan to try first, regarding substitutions?

  285. Does anyone suggest a meal plan to first start off with?

  286. It’s kind of hard to understand, but i would like to do it. How much will you lose in pounds with 90 day diet? Wish me luck…

  287. Well, what time do you go to school and eat lunch there?
    I’d eat meal 1 at 7, meal 3 ( yes i mean meal 3, which is more of a meal rather than a snack ) at 11, meal 2 right when i get home at 3, and then usually meal 4 right after i work out and meal 5 at dinnertime, which varies a bit for me. Meal 6 is meant to be eaten close to nighttime, which makes it at around 8 for me, right when i’m feeling peckish and wanting dessert.
    I know after school activities and such can make it hard, but it is possible, just not as ideal as we’d like it to be.
    Hope this is helpful! :)

  288. Really?? That has been one of my favorite meals. I have passed the recipe along for it to several people. The first time I made it, I omitted the sauce and used soy sauce instead. Maybe try isolating what you did not like about the recipe.

  289. Not everyone can like everything! Change it up to something you like instead that still is clean!

  290. So what if I really really really wanna do this but I go to school so I can’t eat all day? Can I still do this but on a regular meal schedule (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

  291. I will start on monday this plan and I’m soooo excited! But i want to know about the workouts.. is it ok if for the first month i make the beginner’s workout calendar and from the second month i start the other one??

  292. My goal before the New Year is to finish the Beginner’s Workout Calendar and start the 90 Day Challenge once I finish in January. I have total faith in all of you, let’s kill it guys! :D <3

  293. Angela, the time will depend on a lot of things, every body is unique, but I have started the beginners calendar for 2 weeks now and on week 1 I already saw results, my weight was the same, but I looked thinner. On week two I started to eat clean and I lost 0.5 lbs. I am so glad I am doing this. Hope you like it too.

  294. Eliana Anguiano says:

    I’m so excited to start this challenge in Jan 1. Its time for a change & i have never had my mind so into something :)

  295. Don’t be negative :-(
    She gave the entire meal plan to you for free, appreciate her hard work.

  296. how long does it take to see the results without following the meal plans?

  297. Looking for a new and different type of 90 Day Challenge Check out The CEO’s 90 Day Challenge (Transformation of The Three Beings)

  298. Hi Cassey but the Quinoa Edamame Salad will not be eaten again by this girl. Even my dog stuck his nose up at the leftover.

  299. Good morning,

    My question is in regards to meal 4 – post workout meal. I don’t usually workout until I’m off of work how can i incorporate the my post workout meal without throwing my whole day off while still eating in the 2-3 hour range??

  300. also walnuts are a great source of vegetarian/vegan omega 3’s.

  301. yes- salt, pepper, herbs and spices are zero calories (avoid seasoned salts though). none of her recipes included any seasoning, which would make it impossible to stick to- at least for me! i added cinnamon to the oatmeal. for the other meals, think about fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, rosemary, etc) and garlic, ginger, crushed pepper flakes, vinegars, etc all make great additions/marinades. keep the sodium low, and pile on the herbs and spices- yum!

  302. Hi Cassie!

    I was wondering if we are allowed to season with salt and pepper? The steamed chicken seems likeits going to be incredibly plain when I eat it. Also, will it make a difference if we switch meal 4 and 6 around (i only have time to workout in the evening an hour after dinner)


  303. Hey I started this around nov 1st, do you guys see a difference yet?

  304. Thanks, I do the chia seed, but ill try dandelion root tea. :)

  305. Of course you can Rachel, but we need our omegas so make sure you pick up a tub of fish or krill oil from your local chemist. :)

  306. There are tabs on the bottom left. Click those tabs to see the meal plan :)

  307. If you scroll down to the bottom of the document, there’s different pages you can view like in an Excel doc. Hope this helps!

  308. Tina McWilliams says:

    I can’t download the 90 day meal plan. I wonder if you can e-mail it to me. When I print it, just the “Welcome POPsters” intro only.

  309. I am Bulgarian and I recently embarked on the 90 day diet . I have to admit that since then I’ve not looked back. I found that it doesn’t take too much hard work to see results which has to be a good thin, don’t you agree girls?

  310. you can include 1 tablespoon of flax seed or chia seed in you diet by putting some in you tea or drink dandelion root tea . it works wonders ! hope i could help :)

  311. Hey I started this challenge nov 1st, and i have found i am having difficulty going to the bathroom with the lack of fiber besides that from the oatmeal and broccoli. Any suggestions to help make it easier or make my BM more regular during the challenge?


  313. can I sub the fish that’s used in one meal for chicken?

  314. Maybe you put all your presiure onbypur arms in stead of on your. Abs next time stay focused on your abs and tru to put as little presiure as possible on your arms or it can mayber come because you are used to the ab exersises because of a sport you play or something like. That

  315. Cassey, I need your help. After one of your abs/obliques videos, my abs/obliques don’t hurt at all, but my arms/shoulders/hips/neck are all killing. me. dead. I know I’m doing something wrong so help me out please!!!

  316. Hey all! I’m on the 4th day of the challenge and i’m going strong! If anyone else has tumblr follow me at Message me and we can discuss our progress and motivate each other!

  317. My fitness pal name is taylordmiller! Add me, I’ll support everyone! :)

  318. My myfitnesspal username is OliviaDavis15. I’m gonna add you. Lets do this!

  319. I joined!

  320. Hello, I’m hoping to follow through with this challenge and hopefully lose some serious lbs. I could use some buddies to help keep me on track, my myfitnesspal username is OkamiChan. Now let’s do this!

  321. Sorry this might sound dumb but I already have Myfitnesspal app but how do I join the group TIA :)

  322. Hey! I’m starting today too. I followed you on tumblr but for some reason I can’t inbox you. My tumblr is blodcrayon

  323. Joined :)

  324. All done – it’s called ‘Blogilates 90day Challenge’, if you search it you will hopefully find it!

  325. I have set up a group on Myfitnesspal so we can stay accountable, feel free to join! It’s called ‘Blogilates 90day Challenge’

  326. Yes maybe we should set up a group on MyFitnessPal? I will do it today (Monday blues at work, bleh!) and let you know the link, then we can post messages, etc, to stay accountable?

  327. As of tomorrow I will be starting the 90 day challenge! Would love it if people who are also doing the challenge would follow my blog as I document my progress, and also so I can be apart of your journey as well! Follow me on tumblr!

  328. Eat more than the meal plan says,i.e dont be afraid of a little more fats and carbs and portion sizes than the plan says :) I was in the underweight boat for a little so just up what your eating, but keep it to healthy foods and you should start seeing an increase in your weight, but it does take time so dont feel discouraged :)
    As far as exercise goes just try and avoid alot of cardio, smaller amounts of cardio is fine, itll help build fitness but just not so much you burn more fat away , do weights, go run, blogilates vids, anything just get moving! :D

  329. Hey I am going to do this! If any of you want to join me/talk to me/encourage each other; then follow/message me on tumblr! :)) I don’t mind, anyone.

  330. Hi POPsters!! I really want to do this meal plan too but I’m afraid of losing weight because I’m already underweight (5’9 and 120 lbs) I’m trying to gain weight but be fit and I don’t really know how to go about it.. can anyone help?

  331. Hey guys! I want to start this meal plan on Monday November 11th, to finish on February 9th (feb 7th is my birthday). I suffer from disordered and emotional eating (binging) and i have been treating my body like crap lately, as a result I have gained several pounds and i’m a very squishy 140 or so at 5’7 (two years ago I was 122 so you can imagine how horrible i feel now). I want to lose ten pounds at least and go from a size 8-10 to a size 6. I have a myfitnesspal but i dont use it anymore due to the obsession it created in me around counting calories (leading to my disordered esating tendencies). I have a tumblr where I blog about health+fitness+life and will be documenting and tracking my progress on there. I’m very active and im online everyday. My tumblr is Add me and message me about the 90 day challenge and we can motivate and help each other!

  332. Im 19 at 150 and I’m trying to get down to 120. Do you guys have a Fitness pal? My user is Sayyhayy. add me:)

  333. I am ready to start. I have been working out 4-5x a week at a gym for the past 5 months and i have seen decent results but my eating habits are soooo bad. Starting tomorrow i will be starting up this again. All of you feel free to add me on fitness pal. Hopefully we can keep each other motivates :) Fitness Pal: sayyhay

  334. YES! let’s do this! How do you guys wanna keep in touch?

  335. Hey I just joined my fitness pal, I will be any one’s buddy my username is Munchkin_CR

  336. I know I’m commenting on this way late, but I barely eat 1200 calories a day, and I have to force myself to eat that much. I exercise 5-6 times a day and feel fine, but I’m not skinny. I fact, I still need to loose at least 10 pounds. It would be nearly impossible (unless someone offered me chocolate :P) for me to 1350, let alone 1500. What’s so wrong with that?

  337. I would totally love to be in a buddy system with you guys. My weight has gone CRAZY since starting my bachelors school and I need major fitness and nutrition help. As a college student living on my own it is hard being on a strict diet that doesnt break my bank lol. I will def join Fitness Pal if thats were you guys are joining although is that our way of keeping track of the calories that are already listed on Blogilates meal plan?? This buddy system is a great chance for me to meet my beach body goal for JULY 2014. I know with buddies to work with I can be accountable too just like Beth stated above!!

  338. Hi!! I also struggle with my weight, but my biggest problem is how to keep the pounds off. I would love to have a buddy who would kick me in the ass and help me to change. If you want a support I would be here 4 you, and I would definitely need your support as well. You are not alone :)

  339. Feel free to add me too, I have just joined Myfitnesspal: bmg1412

  340. I have just joined Fitness Pal so feel free to add/message me: bmg1412.

    I’m in a similar situation to you, always struggled with food/weight/body, I had maintained a healthy weight for a while but this year I have gained 10kg, eek, mainly because of a sugar addiction I can’t seem to break. This is a great chance for me to stop replying on food for comfort and get back to healthy eating and a healthy body image!

    I definitely need a buddy to stay accountable!x

  341. i really want to follow up ur they way u eat..the ‘meal plan’ i meant. it’s really difficult to find some of the ingredient u listed in my country. oh why?? :(

  342. I’m right there with you! Freshman 15 has snuck up on me. Good luck!

  343. Okay so I have always struggled with my weight/body since overcoming a nine-year long ED. I have since gained and gained, especially since I switched over two years ago to a completely sedentary job. I weigh right now more than I have ever weighed in my entire life. Standing at 5’7.5″ I am clocking in between 200-210 and have NEVER been more unhappy, unmotivated, deenergized, or depressed. Something has to give and soon. I am more than willing to take the plunge starting tomorrow but I would love a buddy system! Let me know if you are down and I will update my myfitnesspal account straight away! Good luck all! xoxoxo

  344. I’m trying to lose around that much too! I’m 21 and 5’3″ and 150. Can I join y’all?

  345. I have a lot of weight to lose to be happy and healthy too…I’m on myfitnesspal! It’s really helpful to log what you eat every day and weigh ins and measurements! Add me if you have it – username: Telibear

  346. Hey Samantha, I’m interested. Are you on Myfitnesspal? I’m 4’11 and 161lbs. Which is clinically obese. I’m willing if you are. :-)

  347. I have alot more weight then you to lose, I’m aiming for 100+ lbs, but would love a buddy :)

  348. Yesss me too, I’m 18 as well and 143, wanting to get down to 130! Let’s do this!!

  349. Hey everyone ! I am here asking for help and support. So I am 5’1 and 170lbs .. :(. wow first time I admitted that.. I am desperate to lose weight and get healthy. But I need a buddy it’s pretty hard on my own to stay positive. anyone interested?

  350. Sure! Sounds good! I want to lose about 20 lbs as well!

  351. Hi guys I would like to try this out but I need a buddy to do this with me, to motivate each other and stuff! Im about 145 pounds would like to go down to 120 .. I’m 18 btw… anyone?

  352. Hey Cindi, I have a pretty similar schedule. The best thing to do is prep. Prep or (half prep) your meals on the weekend. I usually make a lot of chicken, make a spaghetti squash, make some egg muffins, and cut up some veggies. Ill have a protein shake or two egg muffins on my way out the door. Snack on veggies and hummus throughout the day. I put chicken and other veggies on a salad for lunch and I’ll put the same chicken on top of spaghetti squash, put a little low fat mozz on top, and heat it up. That is such a quick and easy dinner (if you prep)! For workouts, you just have to wake up earlier. It sucks but you’ll get used to it. Hope that helps! :)

  353. I would love to do this with you :) and i’m about the same weight so we can do it together <3 Samm

  354. I absolutely love this idea! I’d really like to try this except there’s one problem… I work 7a-5p and live an hour from my job (where I sit at a desk all day). It’s difficult to incorporate this into my daily routine, especially the breakfasts (the oatmeal and protein shakes would be easy though). I’ve been on workout routines on & off for the past year & had myself on a pretty strict diet while still in school, when I had a lot of free time to mess around with a variety of foods. Any suggestions for someone who barely has time for themselves on a normal day & just doesn’t have time for an hour workout, shower, and preparation & cleanup of the next days 6 meals after 10-12 hours of work?

  355. I read the meal plan(I’m using the regular meal plan) but I’m stuck on how to prepare some of the dishes! Would anyone like to share their recipes? I would greatly appericiate it! :)

  356. I need a friend that will do this with me?? (Anyone) I’m 150lb

  357. i started working out on the 15th october do u think i will lose weight at around november

  358. I too couldn’t find it I clicked on here and all there is is a empty grid !

  359. Hopefully will be starting this plan this week!!! I’m trying to get my mom on it with me who has dealt with weight issues since my brother was born 18 years ago. Wish me luck!

  360. I have made the protein pancakes ahead of time to last me a few days, so all I have to do is grab and go. Totally works :)

  361. I’m also from Chile and I’ve started the challenge! :) Good luck to you :D

  362. Do you have pintrest

  363. hey cassey! so I finnaly decided to try this. I live in Chile so it’ll help me to get fit to summer (hopefully…)
    just wanted to say thank you very much for uploading this programs and videos, I’ll do my best <3

  364. for the protein pancakes – do they need to be made fresh each morning – or could you make a batch for say 2-3 days and store in the fridge?

  365. i wanna try the Metabolic Supercharge Smoothie but i was wondering if i should replace the first meal for it? o just drink it before the first meal?? I’m a newbie :) thank you!

  366. You can make a flax egg, you can find the instructions on Google or there’s a few videos on YouTube

  367. I just discovered this today!! I am SOOO excited! And tomorrow just HAPPENS to be MONDAY!! I’m going to do it, and I’m going to kick ass!! I want to lose 30 pounds!! Is it going to be hard? Yes. Can I do it? Yes!! If anyone wants to be a fitness/weight loss buddy and is on twitter – Follow me! @TigressCass
    I would love to have some people to talk to! I’m also on Tumblr, and instagram under TigressCass! Find me! <3

  368. Just make sure to add in the calories. Maybe do another ten minutes working out or eat a teensy bit less on one of your meals. <3

  369. Hi, I am very allergic to eggs and I was wondering is there any replacement to eggs?

  370. Annesha Goswami says:

    I’m going to start this 90 day plan tomorrow :)
    Going shopping for the foods today!
    However I realize that I can’t afford this much chicken per week haha.
    Is it cool to do a mix of the vegetarian and non vegetarian plans, or will it mess things up?
    Like every Tuesday and Wednesday or something can I sub one chicken meal out for two eggs?
    Or would that mess the percentages up?
    If I can’t I’ll just be on the lookout for chicken breast sales! ^^

  371. Gina,
    Anything is possible if you stick to your goals. If you follow this meal plan/workout plan you should see results. However, it is good to have a time-frame when you want this goal to be accomplished but 80 lbs in 6 months is a lot. I would start with a small goal like 20 lbs and then add to it. I have done that before when I have lost weight. It gives you motivation once you hit that first goal, you just want to keep going after that. Do you have anyone that can follow this meal plan with you? It is always good to have a buddy to help you both stick to your goals. I’m about to start up a weight loss goal for myself if you need a friend to stay accountable with. Good luck!

  372. When you click on the regular meal plan there will be a ‘vegetarian’ category over to the right of the regular plan on the sheet :)

  373. Hey, where is the vegetarian meal plan? I can’t seem to find it…

  374. I am considering trying this plan. I use to be 140lbs, but over the last three years- I just don’t know what happen. Anyway, I want my body back. I presently weigh 240, yeah WOW right! I want to go down to 160lbs. Is this possible using this plan or should I try a different plan that is better to loose 80lb in about 6 months? If so, can someone recommend a plan to me? If this plan will work, REALLY, please let me know…
    All comments welcomed… I need to loose weight!

  375. Florencia says:

    I could open it after all, there was a problem with Google Chrome. Thanks anyway!

  376. Could one of you guys email it to me as well please? Really want to get started on it and struggling to download! x

  377. i can’ send it to you! Just give me your email!

  378. Am I also allowed to drink coffee with almond or soy milk within this plan? Or is just black coffee okay?

  379. Hey there! I really want to have a great meal plan! maybe this one could help but theres a question! i dont wanna loose any weight, I just want to exercise and eat healthy, should I do this challenge?

  380. Look after number 7 and it says PRINT BLOGILATES MEAL PLAN HERE! there you go!

  381. I can’t open the spreadsheet. Can someone send it to me?

  382. Help! I can’t find the meal plan anywhere! Can anyone help me out!!

  383. I could download the spreadsheet and I can e-mail it to you or anyone who couldn’t :)

  384. Hello!

    She once said that all her workouts can be included in intense aerobic. Hope that helps!

  385. I can’t open the spreadsheet, does anyone have the same problem as me? I get a Google error

  386. is there another link to the meal plan? I’m getting a google drive error when I try to access it.

  387. can someone mail me the food plan? everytime i try to get it i just get an error :(

  388. Hey , can someone please help me I would like te know how match calories I burn when I do cassey.’S pop cardio fat melting routine and pop cardio summer sweatfest? Please can someone tell me??

  389. Hi there :)

    Yes, the meal plan are located at the spreadsheet! you would see a tab of “welcome” at the left bottom of the screen, click the “M, W, F, Su” tab beside it, where it leads to the mealplan for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sunday. Where the next tab would be the “T, Th, Sat”, which have the mealplan for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    (sorry if my English wasn’t that fluent)
    Hope this helps, goodluck!

  390. Hi :)

    I am probably just being silly but I keep trying to find the meal plan and can’t seem to get to it!! :(
    I click on the link in the above article and then I get taken to a spread sheet – can someone please help I really want to do this challenge!! x

  391. Hi everyone,
    I’ve just discovered blogilates and absolutely loving the Beginners Workout Calendar! I’ve never actually stuck with something for this long but enjoyed it at the same time! Thank you Cassey! :)
    I’m looking at starting this 90 day challenge but I already have some protein powder and was wondering if I could use this instead of the Muscle Milk stated in the meal plan? You can see info on what I have already here –
    I also have a question about tilapia – I’m from Australia and have never heard of this fish. Can I substitute it for some other white fish that is easy for me to find? Any suggestions/recomendations would be awesome.
    Thank you everyone! Good luck and work hard! :)

  392. Hey :) I have a question so you just started this 90 day challenge right so did u just follow the plan and do the recommended workout?

  393. I really like the meal plan! I printed it about a year ago and it’s always my go-to when I fall of track or start feeling sluggish. I sub the protien shakes with greek yogurt, but I need a sub for the oatmeal (I hate oatmeal)! I don’t want to guess and ruin the whole meal plan. Thanks! !

  394. Hi

    I like this plan. I haven’t been able to lose anything no matter what I have done. And just after two days i have lost 4pounds. I also find that you eat so much that you don’t feel hungry and you fell betters


  395. Hey. I was wondering what you meant by rounds as the videos vary in length? About how much cardio should you get each day/workout/week?

  396. Hey popsters,

    I was wondering if anyone who tried this meal plan can share with all of us her experience and results of it. I plan to follow it and need a little bit of motivation.

  397. Hey! I’m trying to download the 90 day challenge calendar, but its not opening up? Is it still up there?


  398. the link for the meal plans won’t work for me :(

  399. Eating that many meals can make you tired because the body slows down all other processes to focus on digestion. Allowing the body to rest longer between meals gives it time to focus on other area, such as your immune system.

  400. Hi!
    I really like the meal plan but there are only ‘regular’ and ‘vegetarian’ options for the “Tone it up protein Pancakes”. I’m wondering if there’s a vegan option too? How can I replace the egg whites?
    Thank you so much :)

  401. I have a quick question should i still follow the meal plan if i work out in the morning? or does it change depending on my workout time?

  402. Hi Cassey!
    I’ve been loving your workout videos and want to try out your meal plan, but I’m lactose intolerant so I’d prefer not to have yoghurt/cottage cheese. Could you recommend an alternate for those please?
    Thanks so much! =)

  403. i didnt get the password :(

  404. 1500 calories is appropriate for many trying to lose weight and exercising for 1 hour per day. Depending on they type of exercise, your weight/age and your intensity you may only burn 300-600 calories per hour anyway. Most of us overestimate how many calories we burn while exercising so Lucy’s comment is not correct for many people – the idea is to have a calorie deficit. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and many of the people I see don’t need more than 1500 kcal per day with their sedentary lifestyles and what they feel exercise is.

  405. What do you do when you have dinner plans outside your own home, or when you’re going to a restaurant?

  406. You need to look at the bottom and click the different tabs.

  407. Lucy’s comment is correct. People should be eating more if they’re going to be exercising 5-6 days a week. That’s just common sense. Kristina’s, on the other hand, is just hateful and unnecessary. And lauren? Pointing out an issue with something is a crime, now? Lucy isn’t attacking anyone or being hostile. She has the right to post here just as you do.

  408. You sound angry. I think the basic idea is to burn more calories than you take in. As long as you’re eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and not running a daily marathon – you’ll be fine. If you want to eat more – eat more. If you would rather not be skinny – don’t be. Then get on Prozac, no?

  409. If you have something negative to say then don’t comment.
    Cassey has app…do you?

  410. when i clik to see the meal plan there’s nothing on :/ please helpp cause i wanna start that meal plan.

  411. Starting today. I am planning on still allowing for one Yolo Meal a week though!

  412. I have a lot of trouble fitting in small meals as well but I tend to just bring a grab and go snack and attempt to get in all the meals. If I don’t have a snack, I try not to sweat it and just add it to my next meal!

  413. Try to do the beginner calendar or split your workout through the day, for example do 2 videos n the morning and the others at night ;)

  414. How can the 90 day challenge be healthy. …you state you don’t go below 1200 calories but 1350 or 1500 isn’t much better…that would be someones basal calorie needs and your advising it with 5 or 6 days exercise…your not creating a fit or healthy trend your just going to have a followong of skinny or ill looking followers.

  415. My thoughts too. I work in a fast-paced clinical setting, and I am only allowed 30 minutes for lunch between 8:30-5:00pm.

  416. have you considered that she may have a dental issue that you’ve never heard of?

    I also think 6 meals is highly unpractical, i work very hard and some days don’t even get to stop to go to the bathroom, let alone prepare myself a snack. I also find that snacking make me very tired. any thoughts?

  417. cari garvey says:

    why would this not be good for your teeth? 6 meals is ideal for metabolic boost, brush in the morning and brush at night like your supposed to problem solved

  418. Hello,

    I really like the looks of your meal plans, and I’m keen to start a healthy, clean eating plan to go along with the beginners workout calendar, however all your meal plans have 6 small meals. This isn’t practical or good for my teeth, is there any alternatives for a 3 meal a day plan? Thanks :)

  419. You can use mango instead of a banana:)

  420. Hi Cassey
    I love your diet plans and work out challenges but I was wondering if you had any breakfast plans with out Banana that’s the one thing I can’t stand?

  421. I’m so excited to find this!! My best friend just got engaged.. her wedding in January is quickly approaching and as her MOH I need to look my best! Thank you for all that you do!

  422. This plan is absolutely fantastic! love the protein pancakes too! cant wait to try it out! thank you for sharing

  423. I´ve got the same problem :D

  424. I`m at school all day so I can´t cook meal 3. Is there anything I could do for lunch instead, something you can make at home and take to school ?

  425. Try to stay away from sugar. Use bananas, honey, stevia or something like that :)

  426. Hi Cassey can I eat my oatmeal with sugar?

  427. Hey Cassey!

    I’m wondering how to navigate the 90 day meal challenge with allergies. I’m allergic to milk, gluten, eggs, and peanuts so I basically eat vegan and gluten free, except for meat. And also, I’m a college student so I don’t have a ton of money to spend on food. Do you have any suggestions for eating clean on a budget?

  428. Agreed! It’s so hard to make sure you have enough of everything- then you start running out of stuff and stop eating healthy!

  429. Hi Cassie! Just a quick question – I’m trying to follow your workout plan but I find that after 3 videos (more or less) I’m too tired to work out properly on the remaining videos. I was wondering if that is normal? Or is it best to do a couple of workouts, rest for a while and then carry on? Thank you, you’re the best! :D

  430. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ทำ. Regards

  431. I am new to all this but very excited to give this a try…i was trying to down load the vegan challenge and it asked that i join scribd. It isn’t expensive to join but i just wanted to hear feed back on whether it was worth it since the main meal plan doesn’t require it.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

  432. I like the plan for the basics it introduced to me, such as: the amoung of calories, 6 meals a day in periods of 2-3 hours. I like the 2nd breakfast idea as well as the last meal of the day. I think it’s more a structure, which you can adapt to your own liking, as I did, because i couldn’t stand the taste of most of the meals. It was just too plain. So I adapted most of them and looked for tasty alternatives, that would be within the limit of 1400 calories a day. It took dome research, espeically since I’m vegetarian, but I’m very happy with the result and I think now I know how to better adapt healthy and skinny eating habits in day to day life :)

  433. Try a plain nonfat greek yogurt! If you don’t like plain greek yogurt, try adding a little honey.

  434. I found out another fun way to exercise and thats go to a trampoline park for an hour, sweat was pouring off me and I didn’t even realize it, and some of them even have workout classes.

  435. Choose what suits you :)
    I personally choose to do it after work in the evenings because at least I can focus on it without having to keep watch on the time, and because I really need my beauty sleep in the mornings <3

  436. Hey Cassey! I’ve been doing your videos on-and-off (in between my own gym routines, don’t worry!) for about a year, but I’ve discovered that my major blocker in living healthy is some distorted eating. I really want to commit full 100% to clean eating, but I fall back after a few days every time to bag fulls of salty snacks, binging/sustaining, and coming home from a serving job about midnight, exhausted, but haven’t eaten in 5-8 hours.

    My point here is, I am a college student living on my own, and I find it is over whelming to shop for clean foods with limited time and budget. I was wondering if there was anywhere you post a shopping list for your 90-day challenge / eating clean in general. This would help momentously! Thanks girl!

  437. Should I be taking a calcium pill while doing this challenge?

  438. Hey Everyone,

    I am a college student on a tight budget but I really love the sound of this 90 day challenge. Does anyone know a rough estimate of how much a weekly trip to the grocery store will cost on this diet? Thanks so much!!

  439. claudine says:

    First of all, change the VIEW settings to List and then once it has changed, you will see the section at the top left corner saying, M,W,F,Su or T,Th,Sat and lastly TIU Protein Pancakes!!! then you’re good to go! good luck! :)

  440. I need some substitutions!

    I have a severe oat intolerance and also can not handle dairy! What would be a good replacement for oats in the morning? I’ve heard of quinoa for breakfast? And something you can sub out for cottage cheese?

  441. What should I do for breakfast ? is meal 1 the breakfast because on thursday it is something to cook and i usually dont cook for breakfast

  442. Hey, is there any alternative for bananas in the meal plan? I absolutely hate them, the very smell makes me want to puke, so I’d be very glad if it could be substituted with anything. Thanks a lot! The plan looks great :D

  443. I’m very excited to start the 90 challenge! I’m hoping to get in shape for my wedding June 2014 and this plan is the structure I need. The only question is: what do after the 90 days? Also I’ll be doing this plan during the holidays, any suggestions on how to handle that? HELP

  444. Same here, really need a replacement for that!!

  445. When I open the document, I don’t see anything. Any help??

  446. First off, I would definitely say a college meal plan would be soo awesome!
    But secondly, i was wondering if there were any substitutions for nuts? I’m allergic, but its tough because all diets call for them and basically all health/energy bars use them!! Any ideas?

  447. Me too !

  448. Me too!!! We are only allowed a microwave and fridge in our dorms and i am freaking out i won’t be able to eat clean!

  449. Work out when you’re able to give it your whole attention. Whatever works for you. Personally, I prefer mornings. It gives you energy throughout the day and as the others said it gets you thinking healthy.

  450. Any sub for cottage cheese. I like dairy but it does not like me :(

  451. why would it be uncooked? it says to prepare with water :) also i think eating dry oats would be near impossible! haha :)

  452. I third! This would be great, as I am heading off to college soon too. :)

  453. when you have the energy to do your workout I would say

  454. Victoria says:

    I usually exercise in the morning. I just find it easier because that way I’m thinking of fitness and health the whole day instead of going the whole day, possibly snacking on something NOT healthy, NOT SUCKING MY TUMMY IN, or not drinking water.

    But everyone has their own routine. Find what suits you and try to stick with it c:

  455. I second this notion! I was just thinking about how I won’t be able to cook (and don’t want to waste my parents’ money they’ve spent on meal plans by buying groceries.)

  456. uncooked :)

  457. Hi Casey!
    I’m heading off to college in a month and I was wondering if you could try and come up with some sort of meal plan for college, while on a meal plan!

  458. When is the best time to exercise, Morning or night?

  459. Hi Cassey,
    I just started the 90 day meal challenge! I was just wondering one thing about the protein shakes. Sometimes I freeze coffee into ice cubes (that way when they melt in iced coffee it doesn’t taste watery!) Would it be okay to add a few of these to the protein shake when I blend it to get a mocha taste?

  460. Hi
    With regards to the meal plan and the oatmeal, is it 1/2 cooked oatmeal or uncooked?

  461. What’s up to every body, it’s my first go to see of this blog; this blog consists of amazing and genuinely
    fine data in favor of readers.

  462. the difference of the two yogurts is there’s more protein in non-fat greek yogurt which helps keep you full and helps to build muscle. try mixing a little honey into it to make it sweeter or you can make a shake with greek yogurt, 1/2 cup fruit and some almond milk. if you still cannot absolutely stand it, i would just get the protein powder. good luck on your fitness journey!!

  463. I wanted to know are the measurements for chicken before or after they’re cooked. 6 oz of cooked chicken vs. 6 oz of raw chicken.


  464. Armin_Genica says:

    I’m a big fan of Bubzbeauty and when she is a big fan of yours ergo I am now a fan of yours. And now that I have just decided to take on this challenge I will probably hate you soon. Haha. JK. Thank you in advance for the helpful tips and for my rocking bikini bod. ^_^

  465. Lillian says:

    8oz is a cup or use a measuring cup – cheap to buy at any supermarket :)

  466. I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with
    the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?
    Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays.

  467. hey… i wanna know how big is a cup?? i’m really confused by the size of the food, it’d be great if someone can answer my question:)

  468. I’ll be starting this Challenge – workout and food (though the meal plan is actually quite similar to what I already eat! Bye bye cheat day!) on Monday. July 29. We (hubs and I) are going to do a total body cleanse on Sunday, then he’s going to join me in the food plan (as much as he can – he’s a BB so needs a bit more!). So excited! Going to have a rockin’ bod for our next trip to Mexico!

  469. You make the oats in the microwave with water. Then, you cook the eggs separately and either add them to the oats once they’re cooked or eat them by themselves. I like to eat the egg separately but add the banana on top of the oats all sliced up.

  470. Hey everyone, Can anybody help me?
    I’ve just started thisand I’m confussed from the very beginning
    On M, W, F, Su How should I prepare the Meal 1 ??
    It’s like, making a Milkshake w/ Oatmeal, egg and banana but with water instead of milk?

  471. If you wish for to obtain a good deal from this post then you have to apply such techniques to your won web site.

  472. Laetisha says:

    i love the meal plan but is that plan the only food you would want us to eat for 3 mon? or do you have another meal calendar?

  473. This is a gross answer but it could be waste build up or release it could be water it could be you are getting muscles. Dont worry just keep going you will see improvement in the scale as long as you eat restricted – I dont like that word maybe less – calories than you normally eat and EAT CLEAN and follow the workouts it will work out. I gained 1 lb before I started losing as well by the end of the month I was 8lbs thinner. on the July calender I am now 4lbs thinner so far!

  474. Liliana Z says:

    i usualy add some honey :)

  475. Can I mix the 90 day challenge with the beginners work out calendar? If so would I just keep rotating the work outs till the 90 days are over? Thank you! :))

  476. Lemonblossom says:

    Chrisie911, Try weighing yourself once a week on the same day at the same time. Weight changes throughout the day,Also your weight may not be changing but you might be shrinking! Go by how you feel, the fit of your clothing etc. Sounds like you are working hard so YOU GOT THIS!!

  477. Chrisie911 says:

    OK. Tomorrow is the 3rd day of the 3rd week of the beginners workout calendar ( which I do in the morning at 6:30), and I’m following the 90 day challenge meal plan and workout plan, but I am not losing weight! I step on the scale and it gives me one measurement. I step on it again the next day, and I get a slightly larger one (larger by some grams- eg. 67.5 to 68.0), and the next day, a smaller one (for example: 68.0 to 67.8)!!! What can I do! I would appreciate a reply from you Cassey!! I’m freaking out because on Aug. 31, I’m going to a wedding, and I go back to school on Sept. 03, and I want to look nice!!! Help me!!

  478. I’d love to do this but I can’t sign up for your newsletter, it says that there is a mistake. Anyone can help?

  479. Why not? It’s NEVER too late to start again but remember:

    If you hate starting over, stop quitting!

    Just a little motivation for you : )


  480. Hey : )
    The fastest way is possible the 8 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan. There you eat mostly protein and nearly no carbs so it helps building muscles and muscles burn fat.
    But this is only possible with enough sport so do 3 or 4 of her videos or go swimming or running for half an hour.
    xo Alina

  481. Different between non-fat yogurt and non-fat greek yogurt? I’ve been trying to eat 1/2 cup of nonfat plain yogurt for the past… 20mins. It tastes so…. awful!! I even added 1/2 a banana in hopes of making it taste better… No luck. I also don’t like the texture of greek yogurt. Would it be ok if I had nonfat vanilla flavored yogurt? Now that’s some good stuff!

  482. So glad I came across this site!!! So.excited to get started! I am a stay at home mama of three, under three…so I have a lot of work to do to get the fat gone!!!! Does anyone know what I should start doing?! 90 day challenge? Or what workout calendar? I’m looking to melt away as much fat away as possible, as fast as possible:)

  483. That’s so cool! That totally inspired me and my friend to launch our Bikini Pow 4-Week Challenge with a printable workout calendar, a meal plan and free printable workout logs! Check it out :

  484. new york says:

    Cassey, you are such an inspiration and such an amazing person. I love how you give out free meal plans and you never ask for anything in return. I honestly don’t even know how to explain to you what a role model you are.

  485. I think the beginners workout usually takes 30 minutes each day. If you combine it with some cardio like running, swimming, biking, etc. I think it would be fine!

  486. Is it to late to start from the very beginning again ? Because I stopped doing them I think on day 5 ? Because I was busy helping my parents -.-” Then I just never had the time . Omg );

  487. Alejandra says:

    For the 90 day challenge, on M,W,F,Su for meal 5 how do you cook the tofu? Or do you just eat it like that? And for the veggies, I’m guessing you steam them?

  488. Is it ok to do the 90 day challenge with the beginners workout calender?

  489. Krystle says:

    You can order online or find a store close to you.

  490. Hi! you can go to her latest post. she gave a link for the miracle noodles :)

  491. Katie Hansen says:

    Click where it says HERE. It should take you to the google doc area!

  492. Hello Cassy, I’m from germany and I don’t know where to buy the Miracle Noodles. Do you have any idees?
    Love Jana
    PS: I love your Pilates!!! <3

  493. so are we allowed to roast the tofu, tempeh ect. ?

  494. Nasheika says:

    I’ve been having the same problem. it takes me to sign in at gmail.

  495. Katie Hansen says:

    I was wondering if durring the school year there was another meal plan that could only be three meals because my teachers dont allow snack durring class! Help please because I would still like to do this 90 day challenge on the weekends and when Im at home, and I still want the same outcome! Can you think of anything to help me?

  496. can anyone tell me how to print the 90 day challenge

  497. I am with you on this one!
    I just started and I can only do 2-3 out of the 5 videos per day right now but I will keep pushing until I’m strong enough to do them all!
    In August I’ll add the 90 day challenge (vegetarian style) and strive for a better me!

  498. I looked over this website and all the workouts and i will be doing the 90 day challenge next month [ august ] i hope i reach my goal weight !!!! All the workout look amazing

  499. hey guys….
    i am so excited to watch your video and i haven’t watch ur youtube
    before ok it great to enjoy a new websites please let me know how u will like it ok

  500. Hello, after the notes and subs on the vegetarian meal plan it will show well rather tell you how to make it vegan.


  501. Hi,

    Great site! Very interested in the 90-day challenge, but need the vegan meal plan however I can’t find it on the site. Please help if available.


  502. Carinne says:

    I am planning on starting this, how do you recommend I should cook the turkey, should it be ground or…. Also should I boil the fish? Help!

  503. Hey Ashnate,

    I’m no nutritionist or personal trainer, but I’m a fitness freak and love to do hard core workouts (mostly running and pilates) I think it’s great that you want to get healthier and fit before college. Your 80-85 pound weight loss goal is very achievable! The meal plan with definatley help, but you may he to do workouts outside of just pilates (but including pilates if you like) to hit your goal spot on. If you belong to a gym, try cardio. Cardio, which you can do in pilates, is the main factor that will bring lose pounds down to the ground!

  504. Admiring the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you provide.
    It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
    Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to
    my Google account.

  505. hey

    so I am also following the meal plan but I am really wondering what are you gonna do with the tofu, tempeh ect. ? Are we allowed to roast it in olive oil gently.. because I ate it pure and it really wasn’t that delicious

  506. Ashnate says:

    hey im 210 lbs and 5’0. i would like to lose weight before i start college in about a year. i take long term hormonal steriods because of a condition i wa born with. i would like to lose about 80-85lbs all with in a year. is this possible? will this work out and meal plan help me?

  507. What a great plan, I am taking up on it and will see if it works (I am sure that it will). Losing weight is all about eating healthy and being consistent. I often lack discipline but this diet and exercise plan is what I needed to see to get back on track, I can’t wait to start. I will keep the record of my weight loss at my website and hope to share good news in 3 months or so!

  508. I tried to open the meal plan but it gave me a network problem message, none of the other links did this to me, is there any other way to get the 90 day challenge meal plan??

  509. There are several different types of vegetarians: lacto (dairy) ; ovo (eggs); lacto-ovo; pescatarians (fish)…
    I used to be a vegetarian and regularly ate dairy & eggs.
    And vegetarian foods are most definitely not found on trees alone. There are many other sources of food for vegetarians.

  510. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than
    just your articles? I mean, what you say
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    field. Great blog!

  511. If you’re looking for the meal plan, stay on this page and when you see this:

    Regular, vegetarian, and vegan are available.”

    {you can see it under the guidelines for the challenge}

    you should click “HERE” it’s a link to the meal plan :)

  512. Eggs that are consumed have not been fertilized, and without the fertilization, there is no life. Therefore, eggs are perfectly fine for vegetarians to eat.
    And you don’t put a dash within 2 dashes, in the case that you used, it would look like “…types – with life; without life – milk…” or you could use a comma, an and, or an or instead of a dash.

  513. Fertilized eggs are the ones with life, and consequently are not the type sold for consumption.

  514. Eggs don’t grow on trees.. Anything that grows on trees are the only vegetarian products..
    Even in animal products there are two types – with life – without life — Milk has no life so vegetarians may consume it – Eggs DO have a life inside, so they cannot be considered as vegetarian product.
    Kindly, correct your knowledge base.!

  515. I can’t find the 90 day meal plan I already click this link but nothing can’t find it…PLEASE HELP :(

  516. I don’t know what i’m hoping for, but I’m going to try this and see…

  517. beginner says:

    hello everyone,PLEASE SOMEONE HELP i wanted to start the 90 day chalenge but can not find it can anyone help please,thanks have a wonderfull day:)

  518. Not true. Eggs are vegetarian, they are not vegan. Vegetarians do not consume meat but will consume other animal products. You might not eat eggs, but please do not spread around false information!

  519. Dear Cassey, Thanks for the meal plan and workout calender for beginners… It’s helping me a lot…!!!!!
    But dear, in the vegetarian meal plan you’ve included eggs.. Eggs are NOT vegetarian and I’m now finding its alternative.. Hope you can suggest something without eggs so that I don’t compromise on calorie intake… Thanks a ton.. Keep up the good work ! Love…

  520. Hey, better start the beginner workout as that prepares you well for most of the other videos on the site, which are really intense! I’m doing the beginner calendar and it is quite challenging.
    You may want to couple the beginner calendar with the 90 day meal plan, and once you’re at the end of the calendar you can start the monday – saturday workouts as advised on the 90 day challenge page.

  521. Hi darling! I think you should first do the begginers calendar, so you’ll acostumbrate to excercicing and that things. In my opinion it is better like that because once you get used to the excercises in that calendar, you’ll be able to do any other’s really good :) Hope i helped you, GOOD LUCK!

  522. I would read the packaging and check to see what ingredients it contains. You don’t want anything with added sugar, salt, oil, preservatives etc.

  523. I eat a honey and PB sandwich with only one piece of bread. It can be fattening if you eat it a lot, of course, but it is soo my favorite-and I still lose weight!

  524. Can anyone tell me if I should just start the 90 day challenge or if I should do the beginners calender first?
    I’m relatively new to this kind of work out and I really want to lose weight before my school year starts in september and I understand it won’t be dramatic results within only a couple of months but I want to at least set myself on the right path to weight loss. (I only have 10-20 pounds to shed)
    Any advice would really help me out. (:

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  526. I just discovered Cassey a few minutes ago on YouTube and I really want to start this 90 day plan! Only thing I will do is the meal plan with no work out (only my daily routine i.e parking far away, using stairs, walking). Honestly have a feeling the meal plan is what I’m going to have trouble with -_- If… scratch that… WHEN these 90 days are a success I will do another 90 with exercise :D MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION!!!! Time to go to the grocery store soooon! Definitely going to make a blog on these 90 days :D

  527. Well, I’m fairly sure that this is the case: the 8 week bikini meal plan challenge is quickest, but the 90 day challenge is probably better for long term results. The 90 day challenge will lead you to better eating habits in your every day, whereas the bikini challenge is hard and and will be tough to keep up with for a longer time.

  528. Angelly says:

    You are really young, therefore you burn more calories, you probably burn 1500 calories just breathing! It’s safe if you talk to an adult you trust or doctor, but the only changes you should really be making is eating veggies, whole grains instead of processed carbs, lean protein, eating nuts, and staying active( I think her workouts are good). Don’t worry about calories or diets you have pleenty of time to worry about that later:) Eat as much as you need to, your body needs to be fueled!

  529. Angelly says:

    H, restricting calories so severely is NOT good in the long run, it slows up your metabolism, If you are getting dizzy it’s because you’re not eating enough, that doesn’t help weight loss either, 1500 calories is for someone who is basically lying in bed all day. I suggest that you calculate your TDEE(total daily energy ependiture) before you try to go into any meal plan. It truly is the safest way.

  530. Hey! I just started the challenge recently and I was wondering if it was okay to use packaged grilled chicken breast that’s already been grilled? Like the oscar meyers brand? I dont have time to cook every day and I want to know if it will make a difference if I just use that. Thanks! :)

  531. Sabrina says:

    I’m not sure whether I should participate in this meal plan or the 8 Week Bikini Meal Plan Challenge. Which would be better for long term results? Which one is faster?

  532. Sabrina says:

    The click “here” link. It’s faint, but it’s there

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  535. Cucumber maybe? Or some yoghurt with fruits? Or a smoothie if thats allowed?

  536. Hey, sounds like low blood pressure to me. I have this and if I stand up too quickly I always go dizzy. Doctors generally have no solutions and say just to make sure you get up slowly!

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    I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

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  539. stephanie says:

    i cant stand broccoli or avocado either. and i cant eat dairy so i am trying to figure out how to do the meal plan too

  540. stephanie says:

    i was thinking the same thing. i cant do dairy

  541. Is there a good substitute for cottage cheese?

  542. I have been having a similar issue where if im out with friends getting food, i cant NOT eat! So we went to a deli the other day and i got a multi grain bread and only ate the bottom slice of bread and got oil and vinegar instead of mayo, no cheese, and loaded my sub up with veggies, you could try something like that maybe?!

  543. Thanks regarding supplying many of these substantial details.

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  545. Hey!
    So I’m on week 2 of 90 day challenge and just had dental work done and my mouth kills n I can’t eat almonds for now :( any suggestions on replacement snacks that would be equivalent? ( soft foods ) thanks dears <3

  546. Kristin says:

    When I click the link I can’t find the meal plan. How did you access it? :)

  547. Melissa says:

    This is a perfect idea! I can’t stand cottage cheese, I feel like I’m going to puke every time I attempt to eat it and TRUST me, I have attempted to eat it because I want to stay as close to the meal plan as possible. I’m going to try the soy yogurt! :)

  548. I have the same problem, Rachel and I don’t know why. I’m an RN and I can’t figure it out. I know it’s not the low carb flu in my case because it’s always been this way. For some reason burpees make me very very dizzy. Anything that is up and down like that makes my head spin. :(

  549. We can eat fat free Greek yogurt in place of a protein shake. :)
    BTW not all protein bars are actually all good for you.

  550. Victoria says:

    The calories are only about 1500/day or less if vegetarian/vegan, and teenagers need more calories than adults because they’re growing, etc. I’d say to maybe talk to your doctor/parents about it to see if it’s safe/okay, and if it seems like too little or you become really hungry/dizzy/etc., try eating more.

  551. Jubilee says:

    are we allowed to eat subway?

  552. Indikia Mckinley says:

    How do I download the meal plan?

  553. Hi Cassey!
    I want to follow your meal plan, but (and this is going to seem like a first world problem) I can not stand the taste of almonds, broccoli, or avocado. Basically the foods that matter in this plan. I just do not like veggies enough to eat them. And I don’t want to add spices or extra flavors because that might add more calories and such. Pretty much all the good stuff on the plan is either something I can’t stand, or out of the budget for a 90 day plan. Once I get back to school, I’ll probably be able to follow along easily. Currently, I’m back home and we don’t usually shop healthy, even if I ask. So… any substitutes that are still tasty and easy on the wallet?

  554. I absolutely HATE the taste of every protein powder I’ve tried! Is there anything else I can have after a workout? Is a protein bar okay, for example?

  555. Kaitlin says:

    Since you’ve cut down your carbs, you might be getting something called “low carb flu”. Basically your body is just adjusting how it gets its energy because using carbs just isn’t much of an option for it anymore!

    Some people feel like the have the full-blown flu, while others just feel low on energy and kind of icky.

    It will definitely pass. For my mom, it took less than a week. For a close friend, it unfortunately took almost a month. Just keep at it and be patient with your body. :)

  556. Is it ok to do this meal plan if you are a teenager(12-14) Im wondering if its too many calories?

  557. Is it ok to do this meal plan if you are are a teenager (12-14)?

  558. Omg Cassey I apologize my tablet keeps changing your name!!!.
    ::face palm::

  559. I am on day 5 of this and I feel wonderful! Yes, right now the food doesn’t taste the best to me but that’s also because I am not use to a healthy, clean diet yet. I feel so much more confident already and again I am only on day 5. Now I have found that I cannot quite finish the 50 minute strength/toning workout of the day but I am working on that by lifting dumbbells and working my legs whenever I have spare time. For instance while I do dishes or brush my teeth or even shower, I do toe ups and squats. Also just found out I had already lost just shy of 12 pounds so now I have that many pounds less to loose then originally planned. 168.3 pounds currently and a goal of 115 which has been my normal weight all my life up until 2010. Love Cassie and recommend her videos to anyone. Thank you Cassie so much. You have changed my life so much already!

  560. I’ve been doing this challenge for 4 days now, and I find that I get dizzy upon standing, and it keeps me from doing pilates for longer than 20 minutes. I follow the plan exactly except that I’m allergic to dairy, eggs, and tree nuts, so I replaced the egg whites with soy milk and brown rice protein, replaced the almonds with a tablespoon of unsalted pumpkin seeds, and the cottage cheese with dairy-free yogurt. I used to get 55-60% of my calories from carbs, and now I’m getting around 40%. Is this why I’m feeling dizzy, and will it pass as my body gets used to this? Or is it something else?

  561. Great, thank you! :)

  562. I will try this as well, thank you!!

  563. Perfect, thanks for the tip :)

  564. My spouse and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I may as
    well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following
    you. Look forward to exploring your web page again.

  565. I like to throw in a handful of trailmix, a cut up banana and some almonds and raisins, or fruit, yogurt and a bit of granola!

  566. hi sammy – try stevia.. it’s a natural sweetener that is 0 calories and has no sugar.

  567. I used to eat tons of brown sugar with my oatmeal too. I find that honey is a healthier, kind-of similar option! I also put cinnamon and raisins/fruit in my oatmeal :)

  568. heather says:

    blueberries? or little slices of apples and a dash of cinnamon?

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    topic, which i am going to present in institution of higher education.

  570. a tbl spoon of honey or pure maple syrup and then any of the following: berries, coconut shavings, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, a few nuts.

  571. How can i add some flavor to my oatmeal and still keep it healthy?! <3

  572. Samantha says:

    So i started the 90 day challenge today…PUMPED! Meals one and 2 down, but i have a question for anyone doing this, i love oatmeal when i can COVER it in brown sugar and i am assuming thats a no no, any healthy suggestions how to spice it up so it is not so blan??

    Thanks dears <3

  573. Hey I want to try this but I get super hungry and cant take it! Should I double the meals? Or what are good extra snacks???

  574. Alexandra says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Okay so I just got back from a year abroad in Ghana and it was the most amazing thing I have ever done BUT I legit did not work out at all for 8 months and ate such a carb-heavy diet that I lost pretty much all my muscle mass and just, jiggle everywhere that I don’t want to!! I really want to do the 90 day challenge but I have a few questions / concerns that I was wondering if you (or anyone else in a similar situation) could address? I was going to wait and start this in September when I go back to school then I was like NO THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!
    Anyways here are my questions/concerns:
    a) What happens after the 90 days? I mean I would want to keep up my shape and healthy lifestyle but would also want to to treat myself to all those yolofoods so what next?
    b) I’m living at home for the summer with my Dad, while also working at my full time job, which happens to be in a restaurant, which means that I’m surrounded by and cooking all those amazing yolofoods EVERYDAY. How could I possibly not cheat? I try chewing gum and bringing my own lunch but its so hard when its all right there at my fingertips. I thought about asking someone at work to do it with me but I don’t see any of them saying yes and them all thinking I’m crazy.
    c) Again with living at home, my dad goes grocery shopping mostly when I’m working so he (bless his heart) comes home with LOTS of snacks and bagels and amazing food that I could never waste, but I don’t know how I could explain how unhappy I am with the way I look without sounding crazy to him or hurting his feelings.

    I really want to do this, I want to be fit and healthy like I was before I went away. I’m just having a hard time getting back on the horse (or more like the mat or treadmill!!! ) Just looking for some inspiration and advice from the best fitness guru I know! (honestly I tell so many people about you and I know for a fact that some of them follow you and do your videos weekly!)
    Thanks for all you do, hope to start making big changes and to turn a new page in my life!!

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    Superb work!

  576. Angelika says:

    Hi again!!
    I’m in a bit of crisis right now… I want to eat as close to this meal plan as possible but the problem is I’m allergic to beans!! I’ve tried looking for edamame substitutes but none of them come close!!! (except for maybe the lima beans). Could anyone please recommend me substitutes for edamame and black beans??
    Thanks so much!!

  577. Christina says:

    HELP!! So, Im going to start this meal plan tomorrow(SO EXCITED!), but I have two questions. 1.Is the 1/2C edamame shelled or no? And 2. Is there a way I can use fresh spinach in the breakfast instead? Because I have so much of it and I dont want it to go to waste before I buy frozen. Thank you!

  578. Angelika says:

    Maybe try another fruit that has somewhat of the same nutritional value?? I know you won’t get the exact results, but at least your eating some other healthy food with your diet right?

  579. Angelika says:

    I can’t wait to start this challenge! I just found this community maybe last week or so and I’ve already made a BUNCH of Cassey’s recipes!! I’m so excited!! The only thing though that might restrict me from consistently eating the right foods would be school though… I’m in my second year of high school and I have to wake up at 6:30 every morning to get ready then start school at 7:50am. Then our school schedule for lunch is at 10:30am!! It’s awful! The last bell ringing for school to end is either at 2:10 or 3:30pm (depending on the day). It’s so hard because I’m ALWAYS so hungry throughout the day… Hopefully the fact that I’m gonna be eating 6 meals will help me crave my hunger along the way. Anyways, I’m SUPER excited to start this! Maybe I’ll get some of my friends to join me in the challenge…? Thanks Cassey!! <3

  580. Try making healthy desserts or sweets. Try the oatmeal cookies! They are delicious and way better than a chocolate chip cookie. I am struggling with the same sugar addiction I just drink water to keep my mind off of it. The first two weeks will be the most challenging but your taste buds will slowly change and you won’t be craving it as much or not at all. Treat yourself once a week or every two weeks to keep your sanity!

  581. Maybe you can try some 0% plain greek yogurt!

  582. Why dont you put it in the blender ? no more texture problem :D
    Or try ricotta cheese ? :D

  583. Hey! I was having the same question because cottage cheese makes me REALLY sick. If you look over to the side on the menu plan she provided, there’s a notes section that says “to make vegan…” she said we can replace the cottage cheese for soy yogurt or just scratch that whole meal and have 1/2 cup of blueberries and 10 almonds as the last meal instead.

  584. Crystal says:

    Hey guys! I don’t eat cottage cheese I can’t swallow it, it’s just really gross to me. Are there any alternatives? I really wanna do this 90 challenge!

  585. You need to sign up for the newsletter in order to get the password! :)

  586. Brittany says:

    Do you have any advice for cravings? I’d really like to follow this challenge, but 1) I have serious craving issues (I once went two months eating almost nothing but Subway) and 2) I have a horrible sugar addiction. What do you do when you just can’t stop thinking about a cookie? ^_^

  587. Brittany says:

    Hi :) I just had a cool idea for you if you want to try it. I always fill up a pitcher of water and add about four slices of lime and a whole cup of raspberries (that’s just the taste I like) but it works well with oranges and lemons too. It gives water a good taste without all the added calories of a juice! Just an idea for you!

  588. Do you have to eat the banana, because I don’t like bananas. so is there like a supsitution for it or no?

  589. What’s the password for the workout calendar?

  590. Hi Sydney!
    I’m on the 90 day challenge right now and you lose about 1-2 pounds a week! So 90 days is 12 weeks. Approximately, it’s possible to lose 24 pounds.

  591. Hi! :D

    I would just like to know how many pounds is it possible to lose by the end of this 90 day challenge?

    I appreciate anyones time for answering this question! (:

  592. Hi Alex,

    If you see above where it say Print meal plan here. Click on HERE and it should bring up in a new window. hope that helps :)

  593. Araceli says:

    Hi! It’s some hidden in the text but read slowly and you’ll find it.
    Just after the 7 steps she says “Print Blogilates Plan HERE” and clic in “HERE” text, then you have a Excel document or something like that.
    I wish you the best with the plan, it’s amazing what I’ve seen with my body in a few weeks :)

  594. Cassey,
    I just signed up for your newsletter and would love to do the 90 day challenge, but for some reason i dont see any links or anywhere to print out the meal plan?? maybe its just me, but if other people had/are having the same problem please let me know what they did to solve it! love your videos and blog and im so excited!!

  595. Hi Juliana!!

    Water is your best choice. Tea is great too. Juices are usually very high in sugar and are usually not very pure. I’d say instead of juice, just have the actual fruit!

    I drink skim milk too but usually just if I have cereal, and sometimes at dinner.

    But it’s really up to you what you drink. If you restrict yourself too much, you won’t have a fun time!

  596. Adeline says:

    Haii! Im very new in tbiscommunity, and fallin love with what cassey’s doing right away….
    Planning to start the challenge next week… Hope it can get rid of these extra fat! And live healthier…. Hopefully can get some friends to do the journey with :D
    And question: i only find a meal plan in this blog…. Are we just eating the same meal plan for 12 weeks or there areanother meal plan? Thanks for answering!

  597. Hi!!
    I am really looking forward to doing the 90 day challenge along with your MAYmuscles workout plan. I just have one question. I work part time Thursday evenings half 5 until half 8, and then Sundays half 11 until half 3. The 90 day challenge says you have to eat every 2-3 hours. This is a bit of a problem when it comes to work. I was wondering what suggestions you would give to overcome this issue.
    Thanks :)
    p.s I am sooo excited to start training like a beast and looking like a beauty :) hehe

  598. Juliana says:

    Hey! I was wondering if the ONLY thing i can drink is water?? Can I drink juices? I drink soy milk so would that be okay??

  599. Jennifer says:

    Cassey you rock! <3 xxxx

  600. Jennifer says:

    Yeah you have to do all the workouts. And in YouTube, just type the name of the video And you’ll get it. :) hope you find this useful!

  601. crystal says:

    alright! starting this 90 day meal plan with my sister! im not looking to lose weight, just to be healthy and tone up for the warmer months (: im going to start actually using my tumblr for something and track my progress there~ gotta give this my everything!!

  602. I have two questions for the more knowledgeable ladies:
    1. Flavored water- I am not the best with drinking water, and I like to have a flavored water in the morning to get me started. The water has 15 mg of sodium, but nothing else. Is this ok if I still focus on drinking more water as well?
    2. My period is more painful since I have started eating cleaner and exercising more. Has anyone else experienced this? Otherwise I have felt energized and great.

  603. Hey,
    So Yesterday I came across blogilates( and love it). I got the May calendar and my question is we do all the workouts….right?
    2nd question: is there an easy way to find the videos other than searching through them all???
    Please help!

  604. uselessme says:

    A total of how many pounds is it possible to lose doing this challenge because, I’m hoping to lose around 60-70 lbs by the end of summer.

  605. uselessme says:

    A total of how many pounds is it possible to lose doing this challenge because, I’m hoping to lose around 60-70 lbs by the end of summer.

    Also, when you say 50 minutes of a workout video and its only about 15 minutes long does that mean we’re supposed to replay the video and do the exercises until it equals a total of 50 minutes or…?

    PLEASE HELP ME! I really need this!

  606. I’m starting this in 3 weeks as I can’t fit it in my school schedule with exams coming up but I can’t wait! Really am looking foward to this! Hope to see changes and feel healthy and clean!!

  607. Phoebea says:

    Hey there :) look to the lower left side of your computer screen. Can you see the (M, W, F, Su), (T, Th, Sat) tabs? Just click them and wait for it to load :)

  608. Losing weight too rapidly can cause hair loss, as well as malnutrition. You might want to lay off the diet to be safe and go talk to your doctor first before continuing. Just to be safe.

  609. On the bottom you will see tabs that say welcome, M , W, F, SU, T, TH, SAT, and TIU Protein Pancakes. Just click on one of them and it will bring up the meal plans. Hope this helps!

  610. As far as having good food around the house, you could offer to help make meals and shop for groceries. Your parents will appreciate the help, and you will also get a say in what goes in the grocery cart. You can also explain–respectfully, of course–that there is a difference between not eating (anorexia) and trying to eat healthy foods.

  611. I’m not a fan of oatmeal either and can get that bathroom feeling as well but I’ve noticed that it’s easier to eat if you mix it with the banana. If you take more banana than oatmeal on the spoon you can’t feel that much taste of the oatmeal. I also tried this recipe which also gave a better taste. :)

    Hope this can help a little!

  612. I can’t seem to get the 90 day meal plan to load, I see the welcome message in the yellow box but everything else is just blank, can some one help?

  613. Is it normal loosing hair I mean a lot of hair while following this diet?

  614. Taylor says:

    Hey, i just wanted to say I love that you provide all of this free on your website. I cannot explain to you how much a depressant it is to your workout vibe and success when you cant find good, motivating and varying workouts online for free, with such good programs like your meal plan and mothly calendar available. THANKS! :)

  615. Click on the word “HERE” in the sentence “PRINT BLOGILATES PLAN HERE”:)I was looking for it as well.I might be blonde but I’m going to look awesome!

  616. bailey says:

    same here i really want to lose weight and be healthier but my parents just by junk food and when im hungery i just eat it then feel awful after

  617. ashley says:


  618. Hiya! im loving everything so far!….well…except breakfast….i HATE oatmeal…ive tried for a week to eat it but each time ends up with me running to the bathroom. Is there something i can sub oatmeal for. Besides the protein pancakes?


  619. I use quorn it’s a tasty product, cheaper and healthier plus the protein and fiber you need :) I would like a buddy to work out this month with me if theyd like to as I start Blogilates ? And I love the workout video’s!

  620. I so agree! I LOVE the Gangnum style workout! Half the time I do it for the fun of after or before the calendar workouts <3

  621. This is great!

    Question: you use almonds a lot. I’m allergic to almonds (as well as pecans, walnuts, cashews…basically all tree nuts), can I substitute with peanuts? Is there something better to substitute with?

  622. I started today too :)

  623. Mickis says:

    I’m the same! 5’3″ and 114lbs, and would like to lose some. I started this challenge yesterday and recorded everything on LoseIt but according to that I’m only burning 120 kcal after an hour of pilates and cardio plus half an hour of brisk walking, but I need to burn more than I consume, right? So to continue this and not get that feeling of hopelessness I bet it would help to do this together! :D

    Mail me at: [email protected]

  624. Alright then! Here is my adress email so you can write me a mail first and see how we can proceed together ([email protected]) . Or you prefer to write it down here?
    By the way, did you already start the plan? I start today ….

  625. Shelby says:

    I Would suggest her gangnam style workout and do that over and over because its a blast! But i don’t really think it matters. Whatever one works you the hardest.

  626. Me too haha! i always do it right hen I get home from school, and 2% milk is amazing for after sports. I’m a gymnast so :)

  627. I would love that!!!! I’ve tried to lose weight for the longest time and it didn’t work.. Maybe I just need someone to do it with :D

  628. Hi bella! let’s do this together, I have almost the same goal and departure weight! We can help each other to go through! What do you think?

  629. Marina says:

    Omg! I am the same way. School is getting me caught up in all my workouts and stuff. I am highly active, playing soccer after school every day, while running and hockey accumulates on the weekend. I workout in between for sports training. My mom is trying to lose weight, and my sister is a vegetarian. The thing is I am never at home, so I am always at school. I go to a independent school, so we have food provided for us. To me, it is hard to keep track of what I eat when there is many of different choices in front of you. I am always on the go with my sports, eating out at sushi and subway. Out of all of this, what time of day is the best to workout during the day? and what is the best thing to re-fuel after sports?

  630. when she says two rounds of a POP cardio, does that mean two videos of POP cardio or to do a certain video twice?

  631. Hi Cassey! I’ve been trying to eat cleaner for a couple of months… but it’s harder than it sounds! I’m in high school and live with my parents and due to my busy schedule (school, volleyball, gym etc.) I don’t really have to time to pick out what to eat so in the morning it’s a sandwich, school lunch (for example, potato and some sauce), something my parents made or Subway. And sure, I could take something from home to eat… But we don’t have anything healthy at home. My parents make chips, steak, use white pasta… and sometimes they ask do I want pizza at 9pm… And really I do try to tell them no and say that I’ll eat something else they start talking about anorexia. And it’s so amusing since I am not even skinny and I would just want to be more healthy and I practically get forced to eat something I don’t want in my body. Please someone help me, what should I do?

  632. Since you’re allergic to fruit, you should just do the 8 week bikini body challenge!

  633. Ashleigh says:

    Looking fowrd to this i really neec to tone up i have a daughter and hope that this could tighten my abs, so happy found your blog i love it. I cant seem to find the right link to the meal planner though

  634. Sherry Shin says:

    I’m allergic to fruits!! :( what can i replace the fruits with?

  635. Ashley says:

    Hey Morgan! I’m starting this too and have very similar stats as you. I’m 5’2″ and about 113lbs. I can totally relate to you… When you’re as petite as us, ANY extra weight just looks awkward. If you want an accountability partner through this, let me know :)

  636. Oceangirl says:

    yes thats a good sub!

  637. I think everyone who is saying “i don’t like this or that” should just try it. Unless you are allergic, just eat it people. I’ve heard that you have to try something 6 times before your taste buds get a taste for it. If you are serious about this then do it because omg i used to haaaate vegtables! I never ate any kind! Ever! I used to haaate broccoli and cauliflower with a passion! Even with cheese! But now i LOVE it! Once you get used to it and get all the YOLO food outta you system lol you might find you like it. If i can do it (i would eat 10 taco bell tacos in one sitting!) Then you can do it LOL :D it also depends how you season and cook it! Pinterest has been a great help! I am slolwy liking avocados now :D and i now can eat a tomato plain! Whuut!? Never woulda thought. If you’d like to try recipes i’ve found and enjoyed just lemme know because i know how it is to be like O__O i have to eat what? I found one i liked for salmon and i think salmon is gross Lol XD one thing i can NOT eat is sweet potato ive tried it so many times and cooked diff. Ways and yuck my body just does not want it XD

  638. Is it okay for me to substitute greek yogurt for the cottage cheese?

  639. I wouldn’t recommend any of the meat replacers, they are processed and generally full of nasties, your best bet is black beans chickpeas any other veggies high in protein(=

  640. Angelique says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I just went grocery shopping and picked up a bunch of CLEAN, delicious groceries that are on your meal plan. However, I wasn’t able to print it out! The Google doc is being displayed in a simple mode due to high traffic, so I was wondering if you could give us a version that’s more easily printable (a PDF doc, maybe?) Thanks in advance!


  641. I really need to lose weight! My goal is to go from 154 to 115…. It’s a bit of a jump but I don’t know what to do or what to start with…. I would like to lose MOST of it by September

  642. Morgan says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve just started this 90 day challenge and I am really hoping to lose 5-10 pounds! I am 5’1 and weigh 116. I know I am not obese but I find my body looks awkward with this extra weight. I am planning on running 6 days a week along with your monthly calendar :) Do you think it’s possible for me to lose this weight in 2 months? I am really dedicated and all I want is to feel good about myself!

  643. it means WORK OUT! :)

  644. Same here!!

  645. Hannah Coleman says:

    You can find meat replaces at any whole foods. I recommend “beyond meat”. There is also Gardein but that doesn’t taste too good. Basically any fake meat. The essential part of the meat is the protein so you could look for substitutes with a lot of protein

  646. Good-morning!

    I was wondering when the May calendar will be up? later today or not until May 1st???

  647. brittany thompson says:

    Umm hey
    I commented on one of your videos. Im 17 and i feel fine with my body. But my parents are obese. My dad doesnt even try and my mom does try but someties it doesnt stick. Ive seen your videos before and have finally subscribed. Im not doing this so i dont end up like my parents but it’ll be good for my health too. Today was the second day of me doing just one of you’re videos. I was out of breathe and aching. To be honest i wanted to cry. But that was a good thing. Never have being out of breathe and aching has felt more beautiful. Im going to continue with your videos.
    But i want to follow your meal plan but there are alot of things i dont eat. So what shold i do about that?

  648. Genevieve says:

    For the 90 day bikini challenge , what would you use as a replacement for the meat for a vegetarian version of the meal plan?

  649. Day 3, and I’ve been consistently skipping meal 3. It’s a lot of food. I think the issue is that I rarely drank water before starting this challenge, and now I’m drinking 3-4L everyday without fail and my body isn’t totally used to it yet so I am usually too full to keep up with all the meals. On day 1 I skipped all the meals minus the first one and cheated and had Thai for dinner, on day 2 (yesterday) I ate all the meals minus meal 1 and meal 3. Today (day 3), I fully intend to have all the meals… minus meal 3. I think I will eventually work up to it…. but does anyone have any tips? With breakfast and a snack in the morning I’m good to go until late afternoon for post-workout meal, dinner, and snack. No meal 3.

  650. Has anyone tried the 90 day plan? I’m 140, I already exercise regularly, and REALLY want to loose 20 pounds, how did it work for any of you? And how was the overall experience?

  651. Haha! Never mind… xD

  652. What does the “WO” mean for the Hitilates workout today?

  653. You can just eat chicken breast instead, both of those are lean and high protein. Good luck with the challenge!

  654. Gloricelly says:

    Hey she answers that questions on her FAQ site it is the 4th question here’s a link

  655. This is Day 1 of the challenge for me, and I feel like this is so much food. I was incredibly full after the first meal and it’s hard for me to swallow the fact that I have 5 more to go! Is it very important to stick to the meals and not skip? Maybe the trick is smaller portions (the oatmeal/egg whites/banana was a lot)?

  656. Mine popped up in a separate window for excel. Maybe yours did too and you didn’t notice it.

  657. Hey Kat,

    Pop my an email I will help you with the videos

  658. Hey ! Do anyone know what I can do to get a V-line?? I love it I think it looks sexy on a girl and I want one so bad please help me

  659. Just FYI, though you cannot directly download videos from youtube itself, there are additional free plugins that allow you to do so onto the desktop. Search for “programs download youtube videos” or something of the sort (that was only an example) and you should eventually come across one or two, there are a couple. With the program usually comes a set of instructions, and you should be able to download all of your desired workouts from youtube in no time:)

  660. I’m looking forward to starting this plan! However, my mom and I aren’t fish people. Is there anything I can substitute for the tilapia? Thank you! <3 xo

  661. I can’t find the meal plan anywhere and I checked some answers but I didn’t get a thing! Please help?

  662. Anonymous says:

    Gotta build and repair that muscle, keep energy up, and keep you full. =)

  663. Hiii (: So what I do is eat my breakfast at 6:30 or so and then at the school lunch time I just eat an apple and 10 almonds that I brought with me from home. And then I eat the bigger meal when I come home! It’s been working for me so far (:

  664. Hi Casey! :) I was just wondering if there was any way that we can watch these videos without having to download the youtube video everytime? Im looking foward to starting my workouts but my internet doesnt always work very well and I dont want to miss a day because of that! Are we able to download videos? :) Thankyou,

  665. I have the same question too! Can I just follow the workout plan and then formulate a meal plan that accumulates up to the required calories per day? I find it hard to eliminate rice and also find some of the food around here.

  666. Dustin Bieber says:

    Just look at the bottom to your left you will see : Welcome – M,W,F,Su – T, Th, Sat. Just click on the one of them and you will see the plan. You’re welcome.

  667. same! how’d you find the plan?

  668. Same problem here! Where did you find it, Julia?

  669. I found it!!

  670. Hello. I want to print out the regular meal plan but when I get to that section, it’s blank. It says….here is the meal plan to print…but it’s blank. How can I get to it?

  671. good luck! you got this <3

  672. Kayleigh says:

    honestly, i totally disagree with the fact that egg whites are the only healthy version of eggs. while egg yolks do have cholestrol, they actually do have really good-for-you nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. if you really hate them, try adding one yolk to two egg whites. as long as you season them, they taste really good, and you can barely tell there are more whites than yolks. <3 good luck!

  673. Samantha Mohn says:

    I’m actually doing this with the 30 day shred so hopefully both of those combined will give me amazing results and after I may do Ripped in 30.

  674. Hi I am planning to start this workout plan today and planning to until summer ends. But my question is if I need to follow the meal plan in order for me to lose weight. I am asian and I do eat a lot of rice with some side dishes. They are mainly vegetables that are cooked. But I do eat in a small amount. Will I still be able to lose fat in certain areas of my body.

  675. I have to agree!
    Everything exept the lunch works though.

  676. Hi, i have to ask. How in the world can you eat the eggwhites?
    They are DISGUSTING!

  677. Hi!! So Im 15 and very petite, but being a sophomore in highschool, these meal plans are a bit hard to follow, I cant exactly ask the cafeteria to steam me some chicken with several leaves of lettuce hahaha
    So I was wondering if Cassey or any of you popsters figured out another meal plan for teens or students thats a bit less high maintenance? Please please PLEASE help me out :/ Thank you!!

  678. I’m just wondering why the meal plan calls for so much protein everyday. Even 100g is a lot and both days average almost 200g. Thanks :)

  679. Hi!
    i am allergic to eggs, is there anything i can substitute with for meal plans?

  680. I found the CUTEST dress on Pinterest to wear to a wedding and ordered it because it was just SO DARN CUTE! I ordered a large, which is apparently a size 10. I have to drop two dress sizes by June. So I start this tomorrow. I HOPE I CAN DO IT!!

  681. Hi, everyone :)

    I hope for gaining my weight. Some people say I’m too slender. I think I’m good at working out, but they’re worried my health.
    What should I make for my meal plans ??

  682. The meal plans are in the tabs located at the bottom of the page :). It works like an excel worksheet! So just click on them and you’ll see it ^^

  683. Valentina says:

    tomorrow i will start the challenge..i can’t wait! <3

  684. I don’t like tomatos. What can I substitute it with?

  685. When I go to print out the meal plan, there’s no meal plan actually there.

  686. Allison says:

    With being only 16, it’s hard to balance workouts into my busy weekdays. But I’m going to stick to this schedule, and hopefully I can do it! But when should I do my cardio? Hard to fit everything in..

  687. Hey everyone :)
    Because of the nature of my schedule I can only work out 4 times a week. Since the meals total quite high calorie, should I cut down so I don’t gain weight because I can’t exercise 5-6 times?

    Thank you :))

  688. I have started to follow this blog and i love how good it is!!! For my senior trip we are going to the beach and i hope i will be ready for then… even though my legs and my whole body is KILLING ME from just o n e day workout hahaha wish me luck ;)

  689. i have a question about the meal plan. do i have to eat all the 6 meals in a day?

  690. I tend to go running BEFORE breakfast, that way I can get up and out first thing, before I realise I’m hungry. I then have normal breakfast.

  691. Question about the post workout meal…what if you work out first thing in the morning? Should you eat your regular breakfast or have meal 4 (post work out meal) instead?

  692. Pistachios or cashews

  693. Good Luck!

  694. I started the same day as you! Good luck! I’m loving it so far, I’m dying! Lol (: I can’t wait to follow the April calendar.

  695. I’m unfortunately allergic to almonds, are there a good alternative to these?

  696. Hey guys! From tomorrow I will start the challenge, I hope to follow and not leave, I have 16 years and weighing 65 kilos! I hope you can look for summer sexiest legs and and a good body! SORRY MY ENGLISH!! :B

  697. I’m starting this tomorrow! Would someone like to join me? xx

  698. Hi there,
    I have recently discovered blogilates and this 90 day challenge. I watched a FAQ youtube video about this and Cassey said there would be new meal plans every week or so but I have no clue how to get these since the challenge is esentially finished. I would really appreciate if someone who has these could email them to me??? [email protected]
    Please please help me, I’m sooooo keen to start this challenge!! Also if you see this Cassey, is there anything you could do?? :)

  699. Gitte Thyssen says:

    I will be starting this challenge tomorrow and I am looking forward too it. I love this page!

  700. Okay, I’ve found it! Thanks :)

  701. I click there but when it opens I can’t see the plan…

  702. Hey you guys it is actually right above the workout plan. It says print blogilates meal plan here. Just click the “here” :)

  703. Me too! Have you found it now?

  704. wow 337 to 290 is amazing! great results :)

  705. Veronique says:

    Today I’m starting this challenge! I’ve been trying to eat clean but until now it didn’t succeeded… But I’m about to change that!! It’s going to be hard, but (I hope) it’s worth it! Good luck to everyone!

  706. I ‘m also in high school and just started this challege.
    In my expirence teachers have not minded that I’m eating in class as long as it’s not a distraction, especially when they see that it’s a healthy snack. I like to cut up carrot sticks or something the night before and pack everyting up that way in the morning I can have time for nicer things . . .like sleeping ^_^ Also, I like to do the workouts right when I get home after school before homework. Good luck!!!!

  707. Well, I am in college right now and I just pack my snacks and lunches and eat them during class. (Well, I only eat snacks like the apples or bananas during class and then bigger meals when I get a break) It is working great for me so far. You also probably need to see if your parents would support you on this and maybe even help you prepare some of the meals to take with you to school. I do a lot of cooking ahead of time that way I can just grab it out of the fridge, assemble my meal and eat it or take it with me. I hope this helps, good luck!

  708. So i was looking at this. I wanted to give it a shot…
    I seriously want to lose weight to look better and feel better.
    I am about 160 pounds. I just started the workout videos and stuff.
    I was wondering how i would incorporate these meal plans when i am still in high school.
    I wouldn’t have time to eat these meals and stuff right?

  709. Hello, I’m writing from France to say thankyou Cassey for being so inspirational and sharing so much of yourself with us through your videos. Your enthousiasm always picks me up when I’m feeling down and makes me want to do so many healthy changes afterwards.
    I started the 90 day challenge today. I’m a little scared because it looks hard but I’ve never felt so confident about changing my habits before so I am going to stick to it.
    Again, thankyou for what you do !

    A bientôt ! (See you soon)

  710. there is no password for the meal plans, you just need to click on the print meal plan button.

  711. Can someone please tell me what the password is for the 90 day meal plan??

  712. Hey can someone please tell me what te password is for te 90 day meal plan???

  713. I am starting this meal plan this sunday!! I am very excited. This will be my first meal plan I have ever done. I want to loose some lbs for the summer (who doesn’t, right?!). I already lost around 13 lbs and only want to loose around 11 more lbs. I am a pretty active person. I do Cassey’s videos every morning for 45-60 minutes and then another hour to 1 1/2 hours of hot (intense) yoga 5-6 times a week. My question is: Will this meal plan really help me see results?
    I am so glad I have found this community and love that healhty eating is being encouraged!

  714. im just wondering if its ok to run everyday and then just pick and choose 2 activités on the calendar after wards is that good or bad ?

  715. Most of the cellulite “cures” require you rubbing a lotion on your thighs or butt. That’s the clincher. Cellulite is little fat bubbles (simplified) and if you, with a good moisturiser, give a good ten or fifteen minutes of massage to your problems areas, the cellulite will reduce. This is because the movement puts heat into your fat (like cardio) and the pressure of the massage disperses the cellulite. leaving a smoother area. The only down side I found is that i went through a lot of moisturiser. but healthy skin is sexy skin. You could, even get someone else to massage for you. It’s not a quick fix, but it will get results if you stick at it.

  716. Liz thank you for your help it means a lot ;)

  717. Hey Cassey just wondering what is ur most effective and has the fastest results out of all of ur inner thigh videos I’m going on vacation soon and I wanna Rick the inner thigh gap if I could tell me what video would be the best and how many times to do it that would be more than amazing thank you!!

  718. Caitlin Jimenez says:

    Will the meal plan work with hyperglycemia?

  719. There is no way to permanently cure cellulite unfortunately, I know (or im 99% sure) because I have some and i’ve done a tone of research!
    Even surgery wont get rid of it forever :l

    But you should look for lotions that have caffeine infused into it, or do a coffee rub as it can help lessen the appearance bit!

    And I recommend doing your own research as you may find home remedy’s that work better for you, or you may want to go in and have surgery done (if thats what you feel you need.)

  720. Hey cassey can you or someone please help me I am starting to get Cellulite on my legs what can I do??? So I am wondering how can I get rid of cellulite on my legs because I loVE te wear
    Shorts to show off my legs please help thank you all

  721. Same thing happened to me at first :) look at the bottom and it will say the days of the weeks as different tabs and click on them to see the meals. Hope I helped! :)

  722. Does Anyone know what 2 Rounds means for the workout Videos?Can we do the 2 rounds at the same time of day OR Separately?

  723. Hello, Brittany you can find the rest of the meal plan on the bottom portion of the program their are little tool bars click on the bar with letters representing the days of the week and the meal plansPOPS up.
    Question: is the 90 Day Meal Plan Challenge ONLY for beginners??

  724. I am starting this on Monday! My cousin and I are going to send each other pictures every Friday as a sort of before and after thing. My goal is 25-30 pounds before the start of summer and then to keep it off! Good luck to everyone! One quick thing though, when I click on the meal plan it just has a sort of motivational speech, but no food or anything. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you!

  725. Looking forward to starting this on Monday. I need to lose around 10 lbs., so I hope this will do the trick! Good luck everyone!

  726. Hey everyone :))
    I want to accept the challange but i can’t to open BLOGILATES 90 DAY CHALLENGE: MEAL PLAN. Please someone who has it, send it to me i would be very happy :)) Thanks

  727. I haven’t been doing this challenge, however I have been doing some of Caseys videos as well has some from the 30 day challenge on the lisa marie (body rock) fb page. I have also been trying to watch my diet. Not yet totally CLEAN but definitely cleaner. I have an almost 11 month old who I still nurse and I can twll you that I always feel hungry! I feel like I am pregnant all over again or in those first few weeks of nursing when you want to devour your house! Before reading your comment I completely forgot about needed extra calories for nursing!! Makes so much more sense now! Anyway, Ive seen Caseys meal plans and I think as a nursing mother you should definitely add some more calories to each meal because constantly feeling like you are starving will have you drooling over the bad foods again REAL QUICK! Take it from the mma who has had cheeseburgers these past 2 days -_-

  728. Hi! I’m starting the challenge today too! Good luck to both of us! :)

  729. I’m starting the challenge tomorrow! So excited. My objective is to lose 8kg, but if I lose more than even better :) I just hope I’m not going to get bored with the food, but I’m motivated and I really don’t want to give up. I’ll let you know on May 26th how it worked for me ;)

  730. I’m not a doctor, but I know that if your nursing you need EXTRA calories and everything you eat is what your baby is getting. This diet is low in carbs and high in protein. I don’t know how that effects breast milk, but if it were me, I would be concerned that if I did this diet while nursing, I might not be getting the essential vitamins and nutrients into the milk for the baby. Here is a link I thought you might find helpful.

    Also, your doctor might have some suggestions, or maybe you can find a site that is geared toward new moms! There are also a lot of cities that have community groups called “stroller strides” that meet at rec centers and gyms. I have a friend who started a year after her first baby and after a year and a half of stroller strides she is sooo fit and looks amazing! She ran a marathon this past summer.

    Good Luck!

  731. Does anyone know if this 90 day challenge will work for me if I am nursing? Or is it not enough calories?

  732. The only option that there isn’t is fried :P Boiling sounds like it would be DELICIOUS

  733. The pilates vids are about the strength component. I would try to do 2 each day and then skip the cardio since you’re in track. Do what doesn’t hurt you, but push yourself too.

  734. Totally depends on your starting weight. If you’re under 180, I’m not sure it’s possible.

  735. Try greek yogurt, it is SO good and really great for you. 4 hours wouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t think? It depends on how you feel too. If that’s often enough, good for you.

  736. it’s been the same stuff since the beginning. I guess she sent out recipes when it was actually live, but that’s not the case now. IMO use any recipes from her site and you’ll be fine. I did the challenge from June to September this year and had really good results (went from 337 to 290) but got bored as heck with the food (I ended up branching out after about 70 days). Good luck.

  737. If I do the 90 day meal plan, is this all I eat for all 3 months? I’m afraid I’m going to get sick of eating this stuff. Does Cassey switch it up at all? How often does it change?

  738. It’s so good to know there’s someone else following this 90 days challenge too…. :)) I need to lose a good 10 kg – 20 kg……. I started on 14th Feb… so like around mid of the May month, I should see changes…. I’m soo excited…

  739. For those that completed the challenge, how much weight did you lose? I have 70 pounds to lose and I’m going to give this plan all I got!

  740. How much ever work you’re willing to put in.

  741. <3<3<3<3i started week ago..with a different diet,i was horrified after i discovered true how much fat i am caring with me after xmas.. i am going to stick to a working out plan from tomorrow.50 minutes 5 times a week!!and eating clean.with one cheat day(i need it to stick to it)
    if someone is starting as well please let me know. according to Body Mass Check i need to loose 10-15 kilo.and about 10 cm around my waist……….. so lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

  742. Hi…..!I am starting tomorrow and I am very very very excited…!!!!Can I put olive oil in the salad????!!!!!!

  743. I was just wondering if there was a substitute for cottage cheese, otherwise I will have to miss out that meal 6 altogether as I tried it and really did not like that cottage cheese, also can I have the meals four hours apart as I only get one lunch break at work?

  744. How many pounds do u lose by doing this 90 day challenge plan??

  745. I wanna lose 15 – 20 pounds does someone kno how long it would take me by doing his 90 day challenge?

  746. any half a cup of fruit and u should be fine!

  747. I’m gearing up to start the 90 Day Challenge! Quick question, I have bad reactions to bananas. What can I substitute it with?

  748. Hi I am doing this challenge and I was wondering if I incorporate other exercise within this along with the workouts? Let me know, thanks :)

  749. Hi! I decided to try this challenge and I was wondering if it was possible if I can substitute one of the meals with a chipotle meal? And by a chipotle meal I mean just a burrito bowl with no rice. Only chicken, tomato salsa, corn salsa, lettuce, and guacamole? Please let me know if this is acceptable!

  750. eat right. work hard. thats it. good luck.

  751. If I’m doing track and it’s a 2-3hour practice will I still need to incorporate all the pilate vids? Can I just do 1-2?Esp since I don’t want to overwork my body! Thanks!

  752. It’s lovemybod

  753. Hi! I’m trying to print the February workout calendar and it won’t let me! It says I need a password and I never received it – and I checked my spam. Please help me:)

  754. I loooooooooove that there the vegan option! I will be eating a bit more than the meal plan to cater to my needs, but it looks great! Thanks so much!

  755. If you follow exactly what she ate you wouldn’t lose too much. But i agree, i was ednos and often i find it hard to keep on track. My advice to you would be don’t follow these meal plans and don’t count calories! It’s the counting that really sets things off so just eat healthy and treat yourself don’t worry about how many calories there are in things because it doesn’t matter :)

  756. No no no that’s absolutely wrong. You don’t need protein powder as long as you are getting enough protein elsewhere, you can substitute it for more meat or you can have natural unsweetened yoghurt, low fat milk, etc. However the average person needs at least 50g per day so aim above that for weight loss. You definitely need more than 15-20g! Protein builds everything in your body

  757. Is there a recommended way to prepare the chicken and tilapia? Like can I boil the chicken with fresh garlic and onions, or is the not allowed? Also does anyone know of a good tilapia recipe? I’m new to it and I don’t want the taste to be bland and then have that deter me from eating it. I’m so excited to start this challenge!! Does anyone want to start a Facebook group on our progress though the challenge? Or is there a way to do one through here? I’m new to blogilates.

  758. Losing weight will cause your boobs to become smaller but not by a whole lot. If you’re worried about having your boobs shrink, take birth control which helps boob growth.

  759. So I have a pretty quick question. When is the best time to workout? Would it be before breakfast? I’ve been told working out before eating breakfast gives the greatest results.

  760. Cassey girl I need your help big time I need to lose 5 kg in 4 months for a wedding and n need to look look hot can you plZ plZ work something out for me??? Plz I will do it just need help. Thankz I can’t wait te hear from you mwha you rock girl love you

  761. Or have you always been smaller?

  762. But did this challenge makes yours smaller?

  763. just try and get your protein from foods then. esp eggs (just the whites, 1 egg white = 4grams protein!), nuts, fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef. it really adds up, and u probably don’t need more than 15-20g a day so it really adds up. protein turns to fat if u don’t use it all anyway, hope this helps!

  764. yes losing fat can result in smaller boobs. i have small boobs already but having that awesome body makes me feel so much better than bigger boobs. hope u still do the challenge!

  765. Will this challenge make my breasts a lot smaller? I finally got up to the cup size I want and I would really rather not go back down. Please answer asa! Thank you!!

  766. Hi! Love Cassey’s meal plan, especially all the veggie options!
    Just one question: does anyone know if natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, or Truvia are permitted in the clean eating diet?

  767. I’m thinking about starting the 90 day challange but I live in South East Asia currently and cannot seem to find protien powder of any sort here. Any suggestions on what I can subsititute instead? Thanks!

  768. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see some buttons. You are now on the page “welcome”, and you can click on the “M,W,F, sunday” or the “T, TH, saturday”… But seriously, you may prefer just to eat clean and do the exercices on the calendar… this is already a great big step into healthy body! This 90 day challenge is quite restrictive…
    I’m also a college students and i’ve been following Cassey for the last few weeks. Those videos are serious stuff! Harder than what i used to do at the gym! But the results are in. Just try to do as much as you can, maybe after school, like I do. Be sure you eat pre workout snack a little while before you start and try to eat clean as much as you can! Cassey’s breakfasts are a must try. Don’t let you feel deprived; give some good fuel for that body and you”ll feel great and energized! … And look good, for sure!
    You can put some already cooked rice in the freezer so its always ready for you to put in the microwave. And cook bigger portions of vegan chili or those other healthy casseroles; put some into you lunchbags, and all the rest in the freezer, for those weeks that’ll be very busy!
    … Yeah… I’m i not doing schoolwork right now to write on Cassey’s blog!?… Ouch!
    Need to go back to work…
    Good luck, popsters

  769. Hey, guys I can’t seem to get the regular meal plan for the 90 day challenge! I click on the link above and it led me to to an Excel document (or something that looks like Excel) that has a welcome note, but when I try to download it only downloads that welcome page. HELP!! I just found this blog and would like to start the 90 day challenge today! :( HELP HELP HELP!!! Oh, and also I was looking around and noticed other meal plans that say to eat 5 meals a day…I’m a college student and my schedule is very tight. Any suggestions as to how to make it convenient for a college student?

  770. Alisha Nandi says:

    She ate like this for the bikini challenge. She probably eats more now.

  771. I love your website for encouraging a more healthy lifestyle, but I do have to say I do think this is a bit too extreme. I have been recovering from anorexia for 5 years now, and this diet isn’t really all that balanced. If I only ate like this I’d probably lose too much weight again :( Plus doing exercise on top would really make me unwell again. Is there any way I can follow this but with more calories, as I don’t want to relapse but do want to be healthy! :)

  772. Hi, I was wondering if there’s anywhere where I can see the full meal plan? I’m new but I really would love to do the challenge! I signed up for the news letter but am I too late to see the full plan?

  773. giving this a chance!! … need motivation follow on IG: @woflemarley

  774. Tracy,
    this generally isn’t a problem. It would be an issue if you were doing it the other way around (yoga first then HIIT) because over stretching before an intense workout can cause injury quite easily.
    As long as your yoga classes are after the HIIT class there is no reason for it to cause problems. Just remember to always pay attention to what your body is telling you : ).

  775. You have to click on the separate sheets that are located in the bottom left corner. They’re labeled “M W F SU” and “T TH SAT”.

  776. Do you not get any breaks while working? If so you could eat then, or are you just not allowed to eat in the building? That seems odd.

  777. I really want to try this diet, but I work full-time in the food industry and we are not allowed to eat at work so it could be 6 or 7 hours for me intbetween meals. Any suggestions? Can I double up?

  778. tried to print the meal plan but was nothing there other then the description:( i would really like to try it.

  779. I just have a general question for everyone. I have been doing HIIT exercise classes/bootcamp since August and have started to integrate hot yoga back into my routine during the week, as well. Are there any downsides to doing a HIIT class and then a hot yoga class right after? I am trying to make sure I am HELPING my body and not HURTING it. Any advice for this?

  780. Danielle B says:

    I’m starting tomorrow, too! Good luck from one Danielle to another :)

  781. Actually a cup is 250mL half a cup is 125

  782. I’m starting the food plan on Jan 7th along with the janewary calendar c:

  783. If you’re not sweating, it means you’re not hydrated. In the words of Cassey, “Drink your water!” :) Hope this helps…

  784. When you say 2 rounds… How long do you mean? LOL

  785. Hi everybody!!!!! I did 30 mins of total body workout videos and I am not sweating i’m not a very active person but i am trying to lose at least 30lb by the summer and i wanna do this. I am not sweating so what am i doing wrong? do you think i can make my own workout routine?

  786. I’m in the same boat, I’m already running but I’d love to do the program. It’s just a bit hard to fit it all in!

  787. Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat. 1lb of fat = 1 lb of lean muscle. Muscle has less volume, it takes up less space.

  788. In the morning, have oatmeal and bananas with some egg whites

    At lunch, have a salad

    For dinner, have another salad

    They have all of these things at my dining hall, but having salad each day isn’t enough for me, so I usually buy eggs and tuna and slivered almonds at the grocery store, and sneak them into the dining hall with me, so I can put what I want on my salads.
    My brother is in premed, and he didn’t think he had time to cook either, but he gained the freshmen 15 (and some) by eating at the dining hall, so he makes his own food, and it really doesn’t take up that much time either! There is ALWAYS time to be healthy. I’m not using the dining hall for the second semester because it’s unhealthy, and it’s SO expensive compared to buying your own groceries. Ditch the dining hall!

  789. No, it’s common sense.

  790. Hey there! I will be starting this challenge soon and will be documenting my experiences on my blog!!!! I am soooo excited to get back into shape. THANK YOU so much for your blog and videos, they are very inspirational! I linked your blog to the challenge so everyone can see how much fun your site is!!!

  791. can you make an adjusted version for people who go to school? im a highschool student and i really want to try it but its too hard with my schedule

  792. I’m in this same exact situation! The healthy foods my dining hall provides are only in the salad bar…everything else is like pizza, cake, and other super processed unhealthy food. I’m also a science major on the premed track so I don’t have the time to cook for myself. Any suggestions for the meal plan?

  793. Don’t worry about it! I had the same problem when I began doing these,volleyball and dance. I cried because I didn’t understand why it wasn’t working I was eating right and working out daily. But when j talked to my nutritionist she explained, muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t pay too much attention to the number because its going to be somewhat high if you’re working hard. Depending on your body type,weight and height it may take you longer to see results. Other people are going to see it faster than you will. Keep going, you got this!

  794. Um… Call me crazy but i see a hint of proana in that reply

  795. Just eat less food. It’s preferable you eat healthy, but when it’s not available you will have to substitute quality for quantity if you want to lose weight

  796. I had the same problem that you do im 14 I started to do these work outs on YouTube and she is really fun and help make it fun I have got a start of abs these really work do them you will see the result within the first two days:) good luck!!

  797. Your body is getting used to the workout, you need to change it up. Try following the workout calender Cassey posts every month. Xxx

  798. Angel De La Torre says:

    I am 10 years old and am 5’3 and I am 135 pounds. Can I get any tips? I want to lose 3 inches off my stomach, and lose thigh fat. Also lose a half inch off my arms. How to do this?
    I also want to gain a lot of muscle no abs cause theres a bunch under my fat, but arm muscle and leg muscle.
    How do I get rid of ashy legs?

  799. Hello cassey I am eating clean and going crazy with the 90 day workouts and I just don’t los weight What can do??? :(

  800. Cassey,
    I’m a freshmen in college, and right now I’m on Christmas break, but I will be going back to college quickly. I can easily follow the 90 day challenge, but not the meal plan. My college provides some healthy foods, but not a lot. What could I do, because I don’t want to starve and I cannot afford going and buying my own food.

  801. Hey Cassey,
    I just saw this challenge and i would love to do it. The problem is, I am a freshman in college and that freshman 15 myth is gaining on me. Since I live in a dorm it is difficult for me to do this challenge full force. What do you suggest?

  802. I do half an hours workout of your videos everyday, including the fat melting cardio, what makes you bootyful, inner thigh challenge, as long as you love me love handles & abs all night challenge. In the first few weeks I really noticed a difference, I felt skinnier. But now it’s been about 4-5 weeks and I feel fatter! It doesn’t seem to be working anymore? What can I do? :c

  803. hey cassey,
    I’m from Egypt and not all the food on the 90 day challenge is here so i don’t know what to do and I really need to start the challenge with ur workouts…..I really luvv ur videos and need to start losing weight….so what should I do ?!

  804. hey, in the first week i noticed a big difference but it has gone four weeks and i’m the same, sometimes i think i’m even fatter! do anyone have some idea of what’s the problem? or is it just me?

  805. Hey Cassey! I have a quick question, i remember reading somewhere on your website that you can subscribe the the calender thing on google/gmail thing for the meal plan.. (not the workout plan) unless you use the same meal plan for the next 3 month challenge? Thanks for reading this!

  806. Hey Cassey,
    Is it possible to spread the workouts throughout the day?
    Or is it than less affactive?

  807. did u open the meal plan thing where she said here? if u look on the bottom is like 4 different tabs.

  808. Hi Cassy I ‘m Noura you workout are OMG OMG amazing I really found a great difference now with my legs, thighs ,abs every thing but plz tell me how to have a flat stomach ;). Cassy. Rocks you are amazing thanx

  809. I have actually been trying your recommendation and it has been working!! Thanks so much :)

  810. I can’t find the meal plans for the 90 day challenge

  811. I’m new to pilates and have been stagnant on my weight loss journey for a few weeks, but a friend showed me one of your videos on youtube and when I found the 90-day challenge, I figured it would be just the change I needed. It’s soooo much yummy food and I’ve already dropped a TON of water weight (it’s only been three days!!!!!) and I’m not hungry AT ALL. I can’t do a full hour workout yet, but I get my cardio and push myself as far as I can go… then stretch it just a little more. Thanks for kicking my butt, Cassey! ;-)

  812. Hey, just recently started the 90 day challenge and its been four days, it is difficult but amazing, also i was wondering instead of following the meal plan can we adjust it to suit your own preferences?

  813. Hey cassey can you send me the calendar thank u I love pilates

  814. Try again in a month. One week is not a very long time, your body is still adjusting. Changes begin internally before they reflect externally. Keep up the diet, keep up the hour long workouts, but most of all keep up your head.

  815. So I have been following this meal plan now for 1 week straight, and i haven’t noticed any results yet…other than feeling super full all day long. How long are the rest of you on it before you start seeing changes in your body??

  816. Finally I got my December Calendar !! Thanks so much Cassey ! Love ya! You help me a lot ! :D

  817. Hi ananymous! This meal plan will help you lose weight, not build more muscle. There are also several fat burning/weight loss routines you can add to your workout… you can just search “blogilates fat burning”
    I hope this helps!! :)

  818. Where is the Dec calendar? I signed up for the newsletter and checked my email even spam and the password isn’t in there.

  819. hey! i’m 15 years old and i’m a little fat, so i’ve been doing exercises to lose weight but all i’ve got now is muscle. and i want to know if with this diet i will gain muscle or lose weight, because i don’t want to have big toned legs :(
    please, i really need an answer!!

  820. Hi! I just started this meal plan today! I eat really well and workout 5-6x already and just needed some structure to help me hit my goal and stay focused during the holidays. One question I have…is it ok to swap the order of some of the meals? I usually workout after work and have my post-workout shake as my dinner…so i would be swapping meal 4 & 5 and then having meal 6 last about an hour before bed.

  821. 1 Cup is 150mL, I think that is metric, I am American and it ain’t USA then it ain’t worth learning, unfortunately.

  822. Heya this may sound life a daft question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway simply because I want to try this!

    Does anyone know what a cup or 1/2 a cup is when converted into metric please? Or is there another way of converting cups for those that don’t have them/use the measurement?

    I’m British and we don’t use cups as a general rule!

    Cheers in advance <3

  823. ya, i think seeds are a good substitute, or you could try avocado :)

  824. for “fast food” i’d say subway is probably the healthiest choice! just put lost of vegetables on your sandwich and it makes a fast, delicious and healthy lunch option

  825. I totally understand how you feel! Its like you know you’re eating the food that’s bad, yet you do it anyway? The key is to remember your goal- remember why you’re doing this. Whether it be training for a comp, looking good for your boyf, or just to feel good about yourself- think how good you’re gonna feel when you reach that goal and how you’re gonna love your body. Put in the work, restrain yourself- even if its just that one item of food- it all adds up, and you will achieve the results you want (: Hope this helps x

  826. hi! I have a nut allergy, does anyone have a good replacement or the ten almonds in several of the snack in the meal plan? I was thinking possibly raw, roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds or another type of seed?

  827. I really want to know if it’s ok to have a half subway sandwich for lunch. Without souce and cheese.
    Thank you for your help.
    Greetings from Hong Kong

  828. I totally understand your busy schedule. As a recent grad with a full-time job and an even fuller schedule, finding the time to do “meal prep” can be difficult. However, if you can dedicate some time on the weekend or on a day you don’t have as much going on (I typically pick Sunday) to prep some meals it makes this plan a lot easier and cuts down on meal time prep. I make the mini egg omelets from Cassey’s recipe section that are made in a muffin pan or the protein pancakes for the whole week and just reheat them each morning. This can be done for pretty much all of the meals!

  829. hi Cassey, thank you so much for all your FREE recipes and workouts, I LOVE THEM. I would like to know, how can I make my upper body smaller, meaning my torso-breast, shoulder area? Please HELP!!!!!! and Thank you!!!

  830. You can have shake in the morning, it’s great and fast to do :) But, it’s really important that you eat protein shake after workout, too, because that’s what your body needs after your muscles have been damaged during training :)

  831. fuck

  832. hello(: i just wanna ask, for us to get a flatter stomach and smaller thighs, how long do we have to do the workout before seeing the result?

  833. If you don’t have time to make the omelettes in the morning, can you have a protein shake for breakfast instead of later on? x x

  834. Hey,
    I am a college student and my time for actually sitting down( or standing up) and actually making breakfast is limited; are there any meal plans for those on the go?

  835. could i make these for breakfast one day for the 90 challenge? or should i just stick with the breakfast given?

  836. This 90 day challenge is incredible !
    My girlfriend and I, do it since 2 months and already have amazing results … it’s so much good, that we are in the TOP100 finalist on the biggest Facebook Web Reality Health Show of the North America ! LOOK OUR TRANSFORMATION HERE :
    Sandra and Manuel ShowDown Challenge Top 10 WINNER and VOTE FOR US PLS !
    Thanks for your help and thanks to every body that love this challenge !

  837. You should do this again this year! The 24th is tomorrow :)

    I would love to partake in the challenge

  838. Hi Cassey!! :)
    College student here enjoying your workouts in the comfort of my apartment on campus:). I have been doing really well on following your workout plan on your October Calender, but sadly my meals have not been coinciding with my workouts. I have done better with the food i eat, but it is still difficult to follow one of your plans because I am a vegetarian; no meat, fish, or eggs. I also am on a college student budget. Do you have any ideas for me to keep on my healthy plan, and possibly lose my freshman 15 :p. Love your videos and spirit!! Your such an enthusiast!! :D

  839. Hey, I have a question too! I have to go to school and somehow, taking fish to school doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea. What do I do! :'(

  840. Tofu, I guess?

  841. Hey, there! For the greek yogurt situation, try adding a dash of vanilla powder and cinnamon. :) Besides water, herbal teas like green tea and chamomile tea is great!! Bake raw almonds, they’ll taste better. Oh, anyone knows how to keep motivated? I keep going off track and it gets so bad sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house because I feel disgusting and yet, all I want to seem to do is PIG out :'(

  842. For drinking something without calories, I drink green tea all the time. From what I’ve read, most plain tea doesn’t have calories, and green tea helps your metabolism!
    And as for not liking some of the foods, maybe try sprinkling some herbs (thyme oregano, or rosemary) on the egg whites, adds a little oomf. For cottage cheese and greek yogurt, try adding some cinnamon, but NO sugar; it doesn’t get rid of a funky texture, but it doesn’t taste bland.
    Hope this helps!

  843. Hey Cassey! about the 90 days meal plan, could I substitute the first meal (banana, eggs and oatmeal) for banana+yogurt+granola? thank you! x

  844. You can definitely cancel out dinner . Just don’t ever skip breakfast or you’ll be hungry at late hours and will pig out.

  845. I think I’ll just be able to do the workouts and an “inspired” version of the meal plan. I’m in college and I have a meal plan, so I can’t afford to try and cook for myself since I don’t have these sorts of options. :)

  846. woops meant Cassey (2 s’s) :-)

  847. OMGeee you are so take the time to talk me through! Thank you so much Danielle! Again, I want to cry… but this time it’s with a smile on my face! I am SO not techie! Thank you again!

    Thank you Casey for every thing awesome here, including your too cute gym bag with a bow! :-)


  848. I really would like to do this challenge but im finding a lot of the foods really gross like egg whites, edamame, almonds, cottage cheese, greek yogurt and to eat the foods without butter, salt or ranch. I want to redo the meal plan but still keep it clean and healthy. And id like to be able to drink something besides just water, something with no sugar.

  849. Danielle van der Steen says:

    Hi Tee, I hope I can help you.. Click the “HERE” button to download the meal plan, it will open in a new window. It looks like an excel sheet. When opened, you see a welcome message from Cassey in yellow. This is the front sheet from the menu. There is no need to scroll down, but look all the way down, NO SCROLLING!, there are 4 tabs; welcome, m/w/f/su, t/th/sat and protein pancakes. Click on one of them and it will open the menu from the days you picked. Now you can print all the tabs and enjoy the meal plan :)

  850. Hi Cassey ..PLease Help! I feel like crying :-( Am I the only one incapable of not only printing but viewing the Meal Plans? I love you Blog, I Love your YT I feel clueless! How do I do this??? I want to follow along with the plan and challenges and everytime I try to load the meal plan it does not work. I am only seeing a small message from you in upper left on the chart…basically saying commit and let’s do this.

    tiffany…you say its a spreadsheet. if you click on the tabs it will show you the two meal plans to follow…but what tabs are you talking about nothing is labeled where to click. Someone PLEASE help! Thank you in advance!

  851. Hey, what could I eat in place of eggs I really do not like them!

  852. I cook it in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil.. Try to not stress about these little details, a little oil won’t hurt at all! It will make a complete difference for your body if you eat healthy food every 2-2.5 hours instead of junk :)

  853. Thank you so much! Also regarding the tilapia meals, can we cook it in extra virgin oil on a pan, or does it have to be steamed/baked?

  854. Hey, Cassey always says that you can’t spot reduce :) So I think you should up your cardio, and for toning, look up Cassey’s specialised leg workouts on Youtube! Hope this helps :)

  855. I would do 8:00, 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, 6:00, 8:30.. You have to eat every 2/2.5 hours so that will work out just fine :)

  856. Help! I wake up at 8 everyday and I end up eating meal 6 like at 9 or ten sometimes. Is that bad? Can we cut out dinner or do we have to eat ALL meals.? I find it weird to eat late,

  857. For some reason I can’t get the calendar to come up so I can print it and I’ve used the password. Please help!

  858. For some reason the meal plan isn’t showing up in Excel. Any way I can access the meal plan another way? I’d love to give it a try!

  859. Mrs Dash has great seasoning that don’t increase the amount of your intake. I love it when my food is bland or for a little variety!

  860. Your body can process around 30g of protein every 4 hours right?

  861. You could probably have one serving of non-fat Greek Yogurt! Key Lime and Black Cherry Oikos are my all time favorite, but yogurt has live cultures to help with your digestion:)

  862. Yes, you eat 6meals a day (every 2 hours), and the 4 days you eat the same meal. But the other 3 days you eat the other meal.

  863. Hi Tracy! From my experience with other diets, you can sub out many of these things for items of similar nutritional value. For example, you can sub out Tilapia with another fish that you prefer, or chicken can be subbed with another lean poultry. Cassey does note this for some of the items. There are many sites out there that you can check nutritional information for food, to ensure that you are making a practical and nutritionally accurate swap. Hope that helps!

  864. I feel like this is way to repetitive. I’m on day 3 and am already seriously bored of the food options. Any ideas to change it up a bit so I stick with it?

    Also, I work full-time (8 am-5 pm) and find Meal 1 to be very difficult to bring to work with me (no time to eat before I get to work due to not being hungry and commute time). Does anyone have any suggestions that are easier for on-the-go breakfasts with the same calorie amount and meal plan guidelines in mind?

  865. ok working on it!

  866. I am also looking for the meal calendar. I tried sending an email but it does not go through.. Hey Cassie, your videos are good, but I’m not experiencing good interactivity with your website! That could use some stepping up and extra fitness – !! Luv u tho :)

  867. I’m going to as well! Do you have the meal plans downloaded? D:
    It’s not showing up for me…

  868. Please be careful when doing this challenge. The diet plan has an excessive amount of protein (50 some odd % of calories) to be eaten on a daily basis. Protein should be about 15%-20% of your calories with a MAXIMUM of 30-35% of calories otherwise you risk damaging your kidneys with the protein overload. This includes strength athletes. Please consult with a doctor/registered dietitian before you do this because this is NOT a safe diet.

  869. I don’t get the mealplan.. can anyone please help? So for example on monday wednesday,thursday and sunday it has 6 meals. are all them meals in a day? or for all days? o.o

  870. The meal calendar does not show , can anybody help ? :(

  871. Is there anything I can substitute for the cottage cheese mixture? I really don’t like it :-/

  872. I’m so excited to do this!! I started today and am actually finding out eating every 2-3 hours isn’t as hard as I thought.

    The only question I have is, for anyone who’s done this, how much weight and/or inches did you lose the first month?

  873. I have a few questions; I have muscular kind of bulky legs and a small, skinny top half, and I wanted to slim down my legs to even out my whole body. Which workout videos would you suggest for slimming?

  874. I have the same problem and it’s not in spam.

  875. Losing fat will make you lose weight. However, since blogilates is very pilates based, you will tone up! If you are on the verge of being tone already (if you don’t have a lot of fat to lose), don’t do this challenge. Just eat right, and do her workout calendars!

  876. Total!

  877. One video is a round!

  878. Just saying… I absolutely love your blog! and this calendar is so amazing! I hope you are always going to do them!

  879. A round means doing all series of all exercises.

  880. its a spreadsheet. if you click on the tabs it will show you the two meal plans to follow:)

  881. When does the new challeneg start?

  882. SORRY! Please ignore the beginning of this comment. I just realised it’s like an excel spreadsheet so I actually have to click the tabs at the bottom. My bad!

  883. Sorry, Can anyone help me with the meal plan? I am trying to download it but it’s all blank…is that right? If so, that’s cool…but what do i put on it?! Lol please help I want to get started and be bikini hot by Christmas as I am going away to a tropical place (right now, that is more scary that exciting).

  884. Hi i am trying to download the 90 day challenge meal plan and it just wont open i can not see it, could anyone help me ?? thanks in advance for any volunteers!

  885. what should do to lose weight .. I’m a beginner (actually i’ve never tried blogilates cardio/pilates before), should I do cardio and then pilates or something else?


  886. What does “a round” mean? Like when you say for Saturday, “4 rounds of cardio” what makes up a round?

  887. check spam?

  888. Hey, I would loveee to join the newsletter, but I’ve tried multiple times and I’m not getting an email with the conformation information on it. Help?

  889. When it says “50 mins of Back and Arms” does that mean 50 mins each or total?

  890. Hi, Is there a substitution I can make for almonds (walnuts won’t work either, I’m allergic)? Also, I don’t like edamama so should I always have pinto beans (I can’t have too many black beans)?

  891. Tempted to try this however i dont want to lose weight. I only want to lose fat and tone up. Im unsure if i want to try it or not. :(

  892. Desiree flores says:

    Im gna do this!!:)

  893. Hi,
    i worried about my belly the sides are different. Left one is much fatty than the right one. What can i do?

  894. I am starting this challenge as well, starting Monday Sept 10th. Follow me on Tumblr for support and to watch my progress. Good Luck!

  895. Im doing this! <3 Woohoo!

  896. Well it’s way past the actual dates for the challenge but I’m still going to take it ! :)

  897. Hey Cassey!! I’ve got to say I have found just the motivation I have been looking for! I cant seem to be able to find the meal plan though! please help! Thank you xxx

  898. I honest to god love you :)
    I want to start the 90 day challenge today but I can’t seem to get the meal plan, help?

  899. I have a question. When you say pick 50 minutes worth of blank and blank is that combine? Or 50 minutes of each?

    Thanks :)!

  900. Why is tilapia Banned there?

  901. Larissa :) says:

    hey! i suggest plain lowfat greek yogurt. If you need you could also add a little bit of flavoured protein powder for flavour

  902. Hey, I live in NZ and Tilapia (the fish for tues, wed, and sat) is banned here. Is there another type of fish or meat I could sub this for? Thanks :-)

  903. Desiree Rodriguez says:

    Hi everybody.
    Recently I have accepted the fact that I am not comfortable with my body and the only way that was gonna change was if I did something about it. I recently did a detox to get rid of my toxins, and this Monday I will begin the 90 day challenge. I can’t wait to begin my new chapter in life.
    However I have a quick question about it. I am not a great fan of cottage cheese, let alone low cottage cheese, but I would like to replace it with something that has the same effect on my body. Can anyone please help me?

  904. Katharina says:

    Hey Cassey,
    so first of all I must say: I love your videos! I started doing pilates with you about a year ago, and it made me feel so much better and stronger…every now and then I check out for some recipes and just to see what ou’re up to. You really put so much effort in this it is great. So I thought, hey, I could check out that mealplan of yours for some inspiration, maybe some new stuff to try for a change. And I must say I am a little bit concerned about the amounts of foods you suggest. From what I know, 1500 calories/day is not close to the recommended daily intake for an average height woman. Also, you seem to have many young followers who are still growing, who’s bodies are still changing and who must be very careful with dieting because it can have a serious impact on your body and also on your mind. Serious eating disorders can develop after just following an easy, but restricting meal plan. Now I know it is a plan for loosing weight, even then I think it is a fairly small calorie-intake, especially when you’re doing lots of cardio along with it. You always make a point of putting health in the cener of attenton, but wouldn’t it be much healther to be less calorie restricting, less focused on weighing every ounce of food and rather trying to listen to ones body, and trying to FEEL when it is hungry, eat then and try to FEEL when it is enough? Loosing weight slowl may not be as satisfying at first, but it sure is healthier for the body. I am not trying to say this plan is bad, it sure has it’s pros, but I think these problems must be reflected on as well, especially these days with lots of pressure on woman and young girls who’ve lost their feeling for what their body really needs over all their plans and restrictions.
    I’d be really interested in your thoughts about this issue.

  905. Any smoothie ideas? I always have one in the morning!

  906. When you open the link, look down the very bottom and she has it sectioned into 4 parts, just click on each page

  907. Samantha says:

    Do you have the meal plan, the website no longer has it.

  908. You are the one who has to establish what type of workout will serve what you want to achieve. Do develop a plan that has aerobic, strength and stretching included for overall fitness.

  909. I’m planning on starting your meal plan but have a few questions. i work from 6am to 4pm so meal 4 falls right at the end of my work day, i don’t get to the gym until about 5-530pm and then it would be time for meal 5, could this plan be spaced out to about every 4 hrs

  910. purple cake says:

    omg this message that i read from you just made me so much more happier to do this workout:0 i wanted to ask that im only 15 and i lost 35 pounds already so will this help my lose my stubbron 15 pounds:) i realy need to lose them because im going to grade ten and it gets hard for me to workout while i have homework to do:(

  911. purple cake says:

    omg i know how u feel:( im 16 nd i have lost 35 pounds so far, but lately i have been working out, but my weight wont get of! nd i am not even seeing results yet:( but i have noticed through my year of losing weight that it takes about 6-8 weeks to see a difference:0 so don’t back out nd keep trying:) i think what makes me feel so bad is when there are people out there who are so skinny nd i am not:( all my cuzins can wear anything nd it makes me discouraged but i never back out) so stay strong:) nd good luck:D

  912. Heather Huggins says:

    I am in so thankful for these awesome resources. THANK YOU!! I am a new mom, and I love all of your workouts. You are an inspiration. Also, my most favorite thing is the meal plan does not cost me a fortune. I can not say it enough… Thanks!!

  913. Hey guys! I noticed that a lot of you are looking for a grocery list for this meal plan! Well guess what….! I made one! I posted it on my blog. Here’s the link:

  914. I used to have the same problem. On top of it my dad was a trainer who loved carbs and wheat grain and protien shakes to build up muscles . He and my Three Brothers where all allot more active than I. So this is what I did and It worked for me. #1 Try to stick to your plan but perhaps eat off one of those smaller size saucer plates. Amerticans have HUGE plates anyways. this will cut down your intake to almost half without making you feel like your starving your self. #2 when your bored go to the park and swing on some swings. Do it while you talk to a friend or somthing. Try to get as high up as you can and really let your heels hit your bootay! #3 Go for walks. I was the same size as you and i got very nice and curvey doing these things plus pilates. Now im doing Cassey’s stuff and its awesome! Good luck!

  915. So, i am 15, I don’t think I will be able to follow this exactly because I can’t ask my parents to spend the extra money to buy separate foods. If I ate some veggies, meat, fruit, and grains everyday and didn’t snack, plus did some of your bikini blasters, song challenges, and a few of my own workouts how much weight could i lose? I am 5’4, and i weigh about 140. I am hoping to get down to 120 by December. I thought about doing the cabbage soup diet for a week to get some of the extra pounds off, while doing workouts everyday, it is a sustainable diet if you add meat to the soup. What are your suggestions, is my goal realistic?

  916. hi,casey. I’m interesting with your Pilates workout. Have you sell the DVD. How can i buy it.

  917. How do you get the meal plan? I don’t see it. :/

  918. I would just tell the truth! It sucks when you say yes and you get this huge piece of cake you’re trying to force down! Yuck! don’t listen to people saying you’re not fat…. you’re not fat for a reason!

  919. Lisa B. says:

    I’m starting this soon, and I am so excited!! I’ve never really exercised before, but you are a really great motivator. Thank you for everything you do! Although, maybe I won’t be saying Thank you when I’m in the middle of the exercises, lol.

  920. Alright I have a broken wrist, just got out of shoulder surgery, a wedding im attending on August 11th, and have no idea what to do. I just found your website a few days prior and am out of shape and would like to look as good as I can at the wedding. I am a vegetarian but dont have any ways to get my own healthy food because my mom only buys fatty foods. Ive talked to her about this before and she ignores me, and I dont have any friends where I live because I moved here a few months prior. Please help me :/

  921. finished my first day!

  922. Hi!
    I don’t have the right schedule to be doing the meal plan but do you think if I ate healthy and did the workouts I would get results that are almost the same? I’m 5’3 and 120 lbs. right now and only want to get down to around 115. So do you think the workout calendar or the workout for this plan would be better for me? (both along with healthy eating of course) Thanks! :)

  923. Hi Cassey,
    I have a question. How do you say “No” to unhealthy food in social situation?

    I’m not following your meal plans but trying to eat healthy. I just don’t know what’s the best way to say no to the food when there is no option.

    Ok, here’s my situation. We celebrate birthday with cakes at work every month and I need to organize and host it. But I really don’t wanna eat the cake and I stopped eating it a few months ago. I was saying “I’m still full from lunch” before but now I don’t know what to say and I just left the room after the ceremony to avoid confronting the pressure of eating it.

    I felt bad but I don’t wanna go though all the “oh you are not fat” talk… And also the cakes really don’t appetite me anymore.

    I don’t wanna sound snobby but don’t wanna eat food I don’t need either. I just am wondering how you or my fellow popsters stick with meal plan while you have to be in social situation.

  924. Stephanie says:

    Hey does anyone know if Cassey ever made a shopping list to go along with this food plan? It would be a big help to get a hold of that!! Thanks

  925. Athenais says:

    I know that this comment is a bit old, but I was doing the same too ! that is a great diet depending how you are. I have big bones too and the problem is that I am ALWAYS hungry (and not for the best things), and doing this diet we loose some weight…but a morning you can wake up and don’t want at all to eat fruits or vegetables, but real food ! pasta, brownie, cupcakes, chips… and it’s awful, the fruits are good but you need a lot of motivation. I was really motivated for 6 months but with stress and stuff, I am not enough motivated anymore…

  926. Athenais says:


  927. Athenais says:

    Hi Cassey ! a message from France !
    I’ve been able this year to follow a diet and to loose some weight (and gain muscles too, of course). I’m 123 pounds for 5’28 feet. I was only eating fruits, vegetables and meat/fish with a little twist per week. I was walking 30 minutes per day and doing twice fitness per week. However in June, having lost only 6 pounds… I can’t stand it anymore, moreover in my school (I’m seventeen), every single girl are toned and it junk food ! I have still a little tummy and curves on the legs and the arms. I am doing one hour of your exercices since three days and eating the best I can. It’s awful to see no results when we are doing the best that we can. The worst is that I’ve stop chocolate and that I just eat at meal time. HELP ME please

  928. madeline says:

    ok so im 5’1 and weigh 119 pounds and i want to get down to 105 pounds by august, what plan of yours would work best? thanks !

  929. Emmalee says:

    I am just starting the 90 day challenege and pilateswi in general in fact ! I am short but have an hourglass figure but i have a problem with hip fat and inner thigh fat will doing the above help get rid of these areas ? And tone everywhere else ? Thanks so much Cassie !

  930. OH and Jullian Hough except I cant dance….like at all

  931. Cassey I have a question. Well for starters thank you soo much you have helped me tons with everything but I want to know how I can achieve a body similar to my role model celebritys or someone. Like my role models are Alex and Nikita from the TV series Nikita, Rachel Leigh Cook, Emma Watson and you, and a couple others but they are the biggest ones. With Alex&Nikita they obviously have fight training in Krav Maga and Kali along with tumbling, parkour and other stuff which I love I just cant afford to get the lessons. So if you could tell me what I can do that would be amazing, I have looked up to these girls for a long time, with their kickass style on the show, their obvious beauty and sexyness, and the fact that they dont need a man to help them which I find very empowering so if you could do a video showing some moves, or write me out a personalized plan or something that would mean the world to me(:

  932. Hi! I’m absolutely new to working out and I was wondering when the best time is to work out? In the morning? before or after dinner? please answer! I don’t know if it doesn’t matter but I was just wondering! thank you :)

  933. sakeena says:

    How bad do you want it? =) I am 60lbs overweight, and all I can say is I did it to myself. But now I am undoing it. I have lost 9 pounds so far, and that was with minimal effort. I am doing this challenge (wk 2) and if not anything else, I am learning discipline.

  934. Hi Sarah,

    The 90 day diet is amazing. You do not have to treat it as a diet, you can eat as much fruit and vegetables as you like, you will not feel hungry if you drink a lot – mainly water, herbal tea or coffee without milk and sugar. I have been on this diet for a month and half and lost 9lbs (I am only a size 10 so it is hard for me to lose anything really), this is the only diet that worked for me thou. I can still eat pizza and cakes so and can confidently say that this diet is not too bad at all. You will not crave take-aways, cakes or chips!

    Get in touch if you need further advice



  935. I NEED MAJOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now 50lbs over weight, MAJORLY out of shape to the biggest extreme I have ever been!!!!!!!! I have ZERO motivation to do anything at all, horrible diet, vegetarian, sugary coffee addict to the extreme and I need help)':
    My whole body image has gotten my labeled clinically depressed, endless nights of crying myself to sleep and more. I am big boned (ribcage is huge and so are my thighs and hips) and I would do anything to honestly have a body like you so please )': help me?

  936. Sorry Cassey, I meant “eat better”

  937. Hi Cassey,

    I am slender so I am looking to tone and each better. I really like this challenge and started already. I am wondering if I can do these workouts at night before going to bed? Or should they be done in the morning?

  938. SO going to try this ! any tips on how to make the losing fat part go way faster? summer is almost here for us high school students! & i want the dream beach bod.

  939. Elizabeth says:

    it at the bottom left hand corner. switch the tab and you will see the different meal plans. hope this helped =]

    Good luck!

  940. Does anyone have before/after pictures they took while completing this challenge? I’d love to see how well it worked for people!

  941. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to try this challenge. My concern though is losing weight from this. Im 23, 5’6″, and 113lbs. I want to be 125, toned and more muscule than fat. Can this challenge accomplished my goal? Also, Ive tried gaining weight, and while it worked, it didnt work well, it all went into my calves. Can this challenge help to better distribute the fat and muscule I gain?
    You’re videos are extremely encouraging, vivacious, and beneficial. Thanks so much.

  942. hey cassie!
    is there anyway to get any of the meal changes that you had in the news letter? i could never sign up for it =[