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  • Francisca

    Hi Casey! I wanna know if like Thor bikini blaster #1 i need to do this series four times too. I hipe you say no but i thiink you are going to say yes.

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  • Lee

    Hey!! I love these workouts definitely feel the burn, I was wondering if there was a schedule for them tho? Like which ones I group together or which other blogilates workouts I add in?

  • Krystyna

    I can’t to the last move Cassy my boobs are too big!!! My elbows keep getting separated by my boobs! XD

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  • Lynsey

    Hi Cassey,

    how about, instead of holding a passport for the chest press pulses, you should hold a picture of your former fat/unfit self. That should keep you motivated don’t you think.
    I know it will work for me. Thanks for all the great workout videos. I’m hurting in places I did not even know i had muscles. Love working out with you.
    Love from the Netherlands,

  • caitlin

    Oh, my gosh… I can’t even type right now!!!!!
    Thank you, Cassey, for pushing me to my limits. I love you sooooooo much!!!!!
    Love <3
    Caitlin Mitcham

  • Allison

    Can anyone tell me how many times I should do per video? Cause 20 ,minutes per day is quite little ;) and can I add my other own workout at the gym? Thankssssss love you

    • twinkle

      you pair them with her other videos. she releases monthly calenders with day wise video lists. subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get the secret password to the calender which is released every month. :)

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  • Paulina

    Hi Cassey!
    I wanted to know how this Bikini Blaster serie works, like how many times do I have to repeat the workout and when do I change to the second workout video.

    • Caitlin

      I agree! I’d love to know how many times to do each workout and when to switch to the next! I know Bikini Blaster 1 said to do it 4 times, so does that apply to all of them? Thanks! <3 :)

    • Natalia

      Yes, please explain if every video is just for 1 day and how many times I should repeat each video except 1?

      15-20 min every day is too little I think….

    • Stephanie

      She suggests you do the HIIT workout multiple times in order for you to get your cardio in for the day. If you do the HIIT workout 4 times then you shouldn’t have to do any other workouts for the day. On the other hand, If you’d like to do the other Bikini vids to build strength, it wouldn’t hurt adding in the HIIT once to get in some cardio. Working out for an hour a day is really all you need.

  • sylvia

    Hi Cassey, I was wondering if you can put up a calendar that focus on working toward a bikini body?

    • Kyra

      Yeah!!!! I agree that would be so amazing! Seeing as summer is just around the corner, it would be great to have a whole month dedicated to getting a bikini body :)

      • Shea

        totally agree

  • Sarah

    Hey does anyone know where I can find the 6th bikini blaster??

  • Jaanaaa

    Hey! I just completed this workout. I thought about just doing it once through, but then I did the whole workout instead :) You are so encouraging!

    • Jaanaaa

      (that was bikini blaster 1)

  • Ej

    Hi Cassey, today a completed the day 8 of the beginners calendar and I have done the first video of bikini blaster and.. I’m dying! But I LOVE IT!! Love you Cassey :*

  • Tamara

    Hi there Cassey, Bikini Blaster nr 6 is still blocked, could you maybe rename and repost it?

    Thanks Tamara

  • KatieD

    Hi Cassie – love your personality and your videos. May I just suggest two things:

    Watch the volume!! Sometimes (often…) you yell WOOO and it’s SOO loud! Ouch!

    Also sometimes the reps per side are off…

    Other than that you are super motivating and I do your videos daily! They never get old and your moves are so unique, it makes exercising fun!

  • I was wondering if this workout will help melt belly fat, I’ve struggled with belly fat all of highschool and i really need to get rid of it especially because i am entering my senior year and of course i need to have a nice body for prom. So if you could please answer back soon thank you :)

  • alycia aditya

    can u please use 5sos- out of my limit or any of 5sos songs! pretty please!xx



    • Emily

      Ugh I know JUST how you feel, this wont MELT belly fat, but any type of exercising will help :)

  • Michelle

    Hey, is this Bikini Blast Series known to really work? How long before I start seeing results? Thanks for all you do! :)

  • Hey guys! I don’t see this on the July Calendar so is this something extra I should be doing?

    • Hey, that post leaves me feeling foilhso. Kudos to you!

  • Megan

    Whaaaatttt happened to Bikini Blaster 6????? One of my favorites. If possible, please bring it back!

  • Nicole

    please bring out another bikini body blast with printable check lists! i don’t have enough room in my tiny apartment to do your workouts so i sweat it out at the gym :)

  • Noemi

    Ohmygosh you seriously make my workouts sooooo much fun! Every time I feel like giving up you say something motivating that makes me laugh! I like these workouts waaaaay better than Insanity workouts. Your workouts make me SO sore! Insanity never did that for me.

  • Nima

    Hi Cassey! When you do the candlestick move is it alright to keep your hands at chest level instead of above your head in the charlie’s angel stance? I feel like there is a lot of pressure in my upper neck area and it starts to hurt after a while!
    Thank you! :)

  • Victoria

    Cassy is there anyway you can show us some ab workout with out arms?I Iove your work outs but when I do your ab work out most of the time I do not even feel my abs all I am working is my legs and my arms and it is frustrating because I can’t even do my ab work out to the best potential because it is all too much on my arms and almost nothing on my abs and I have correct form I have been an athlete almost my whole life so I am sure of that. Please when I am doing ab work outs I want to be working out my abs not everything else!

  • Hailey

    Medicine Balls!!!!! we should totally do that and one with the big huge ball!! :)

  • Sara

    How many times do we do the bikini blaster 2 I know there are two parts to it so I is it just once or how many times ?

  • Claudia

    Hi Cassie!

    I’m confused on what the spacing is supposed to be. Do you do 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, etc… Or 1 on week one, 2 on week 2?
    Please reply!


  • Mari

    Hey Cassey!
    Love your videos so much but I keep getting pain in my hip when I do the candlestick dippers and the side plank jack knife in BB5. I think I might be doing them wrong. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

  • Sarah

    Hey Cassy!
    You did a workout in your new apartment when you’d just moved to the East Coast and you mentioned a German (?) DJ, and your workout was to an awesome pop mashup!
    Can you recommend an albulm with this sort of music on it?

    • AliceAires

      Hi Sarah!
      Guess i know the DJ you mean, its MashUpGermany. Just search for him on youtube or something- he does great stuffthrough all genres of music and as far as i know you can download his mashup-albums on his website, too :)

  • Sarah

    Hey Cassey!
    So I plan on starting this Bikini Blaster Series ASAP, but I’m confused on the spacing/days of this workout series.

    This is a 7 video series, so is each video for a certain day? Was it made so that video 1 is to be completed on Monday, video 2 on Tuesday, etc? Or am I supposed to more than the “Bikini Blaster 1! HIIT IT HARD” video on day 1?

    Please reply as soon as possible. I want to get started with this, but I’d like to know the intention first!
    Thanks <3

  • brittney jean

    Hey Cassey, everytime I click on a video on the blogilates website other than the one thats featured, it wont load. Its been doing this for a month :(

    I know I can find them on youtube, but sometimes I have a hard time finding my favorites on there and I really prefer the site! pleeeeease please please fix it! I miss the sites videos!

  • Lara

    hi Cassey, i want ot ask, i do total body workout 5 day a week, i want to begin bikini blaster, how much times a week i have to training, to achieve best result?

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  • Cristina

    mmm I’m getting Victori Secret’s videos… not the Bikini Blasters :(

  • Lea

    I cant get any of the videos to load except for video 7…. I really want to do this whole series…. HELP!

    • Samantha

      ME TOO!! so annoying!!!

      • Courtney

        When I can’t get them to load from the site I just find them on youtube, and so far that’s always worked (:

    • brittney jean

      :( its still not working. I will go to youtube

    • Sara

      Go on youtube