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  • I started on your beginners Ab Time workout last night, & just finished the Beginners Total Body Workout then. Love your blog! I am just getting back into pilates after having my baby & am so happy to have found you! I can fit in a workout while my daughter naps or even when she’s crawling around during playtime. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Angie

    Hey Cass,

    love your beginners workouts,was wondering if you can perhaps make more beginner workouts (like your beginners:ab workout)but which targets other body parts?e.g:arm,legs,etc

    will be very much appreciated:)

  • Phoebe

    I hurt so much but feel so good!! Thank you Cassie! Until tomorrow :D x

  • Mimi

    Hi Cassey!

    Love, love, love your videos! I think it would be great if you were to offer your POP pilates videos for sale on Amazon or Itunes!! I live in a rural area with spotty internet service at best so oftentimes I’m not able to watch your videos without quite a bit of lag time sometimes I’m not able to get them to play at all due to the horrible internet service. I would be more than happy to pay to download your videos so I would be able to play them from my Kindle or PC without having to be hooked up to internet. Do you think this could be an option in the future? Thanks!!

  • Viki

    I have tendonitis and can’t do a lot of cardio on my ankle and was desperate to find another workout. These beginner videos are absolutely great! I definitely feel my core improving! the roll ups are a bit hard for me! Will keep on doing them until I can fully do one! Hopefully I’ll be able to do your other videos soon! This has totally helped me!! Now I’m addicted!

  • Kate

    Do us beginners go by this workout everyday until we feel comfortable to try more advanced videos? Felt so good after doing this video, but I was really struggling throughout gah!

  • kathleen

    going to start these works out tomorrow :) as i love watching your video just need to make more room in my room lol.. but going tomorrow :)

  • Jesse

    This Video is great my arms hurt but I think I am heading back to your other beginners video for more right now!!

  • so i just did this video two times in a row and i’m a bit sore. hopefully after a week or two of the total body beginners i’ll be able to start on your other videos. this is a great way to start the day. i feel energized now. do these have printables?

  • Shazz

    I found your video on youtube by accident and I am happy I did! I tried the pop pilates for beginners and 6 words … love it! That video led me to your fb and then here. I have to say.. I am now addicted! Thanks! :)

  • Sayaka

    Oh and it would be wonderful if you can upload more beginner videos for other body parts, just like you did with the abs.

    I realize when I do videos that I am definitely beginner level when it comes to my upper body and abs/ core..I really struggle with planks…my gosh I really suck at those.

    I even find the pilates stance really hard…

  • lori gregory

    Hi, i lost 32 lbs since March 1st, and now i have lots of fat on my stomach and underarms. what do you suggest i do to make it go away? i’m not active at all. thank you, Lori

  • Carmen

    Omg! I’m so sore after just two days of working out with ur vids! I’m so glad there are other newbies here too! After having twins and all the body changes that came with it, I’m having a difficult time adjusting to my more, uhmm, hippy self lol anyway thanks so much for ur encouragement during the vids and for ur email reminders! :) much appreciated!

  • Sayaka

    I just did the total body workout for beginners. It felt amazing. I felt really good afterwards. I am new to Pilates and I already like it!
    I am very out of shape so it was hard at first but like you said, “it will become easier once the body gets stronger.”
    I feel like I could actually continue with this, and I hope to be strong, lean, and fit in the future.
    I was hoping you could make more beginner level workouts? Like beginner pop cardio or something. I am grateful to have found this website.
    Thank you so much Cassie. You are a total inspiration!

  • I love yout workouts for beginners. I tryed them yesterday and I felt great when I finished. It was a bit hard for me since I am a complete beginner but I will try to do those exercises from 4-7 times a week and I know it will gets better.

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  • Jospehina

    I believe your exercises are great. While I am not horrifically out of shape I am not happy with where I am right. While my body still looks great I feel sluggish and out of shape. I use to work out all the time and found it to be quite enjoyable and a great stress reliever. I have always been active but currently have had to tamper down on my more active lifestyle. I am currently attending graduate school, doing an internship, and still working so my time is limited. I love how accessibly of your workouts and appreciate that they can be done just about anywhere. Your videos have definitely challenged me and encouraged me thus far. Keep up the great work!

  • Angie

    I can’t see the video from my mac is there something i can do to view the video? Or does anyone else have this problem?

    • Ivet

      Hi Angie! I also have a mac and I can watch all videos, so maybe your problem is related to any extension needed to watch the videos in this website.. Anyway, you can watch the videos from Youtube directly!

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  • I love this workout. Suits me best as a beginner!

  • Erica S

    Hi Cassey! I love these beginner videos! POP Pilates is the first exercise program I’ve ever actually wanted to stick with and I think I’m doing pretty well with it. Do you have printables for the Total Body Workout and Ab Time videos? I really like them, but sometimes I have to share my computer and can’t always watch the videos.

  • Michelle

    I would love it if you could make more beginner videos. Pretty please :) :)

    • Melanie

      I totally agree!! We need more beginner videos :)

      • Rachel

        I agree, I love these beginner workouts and would enjoy one for legs or arms. I am still unsteady on the plank but have seen a major improvement from when I first started. Thank you so much Cassey!

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  • Renee

    I have been doing your Challenges for a couple of weeks and just discovered the beginner ones! They are great! I was having a hard time balancing and I realized it was because I wasn’t breathing properly. Any chance you’ll make more beginner videos? Please?

  • Vicky

    Hi sooo..
    I just discovered about this site and your youtube and I feel that I can stay healthy and fit with your workouts. I hope you can keep me motivated(;

  • Loved the abs for beginners workout – simple to follow – I can really feel it on my Obliques today, but not so much on the lower abs – I will keep at it though, I don’t think I’m doing the Corkscrew right, I have to keep lying down to do it, not because my quads are at me, more because I can’t keep the small of my back on the mat!!!!! Keep the beginners vids coming!!! Gutted I missed out on winning one the ‘ Train like a beast, look like a Beauty’ tops!!!!!

  • Johnna

    Hi everyone. As a beginner which core workout to you all use?

    Thank you. Love this site

  • Maria

    Hey Cassie.

    These two videos are perfect, but please make some more arms and abs for sure. I’m not strong enough to do your arm and abs work-outs yet, but I’d like to do more Pilates.

  • Bridget

    love, love love the work outs i am fulltime study and a single mom, these are perfect !!! thanks you

  • Jaclyn Garza

    This is the first time I have ever tried pilates and wow. I could barely get through the beginners workout. I will continue to try six days a week hopefully I will get better because today I was pathetic

    • jamie-lynn Doll

      haha, SAME HERE! iam so glad theres no one around me besides my son, whos 8months and could careless what iam doing.

  • Nadja

    just tried this pilates ab video! It was my 2nd time doing pilates (i took one class something like 2 years ago) and i looooved it! I’m gonna try soon the 1st video for a total body workout!

  • Kaitlyn

    I love your videos. My boyfriend is currently at basic training right now and I wanted to get in shape for him when he returns. Your videos are inspiring me to keep up with my goal. Thanks so much!

  • Reika

    could you please make more pop pilates beginners videos? i really love these 2 so i would like to see some more^^
    love you Cassey! <33

  • Sofia

    Wow, i really love you, but this video makes me feels like loser, i couldn’t stand 10 minutes and i had to stop. but i will keep trying, i know in the end it’s going to worth it

    • Jaclyn Garza

      I felt the same way. Doing pilates is a lot harder than it looks. I keep pushing myself because I want to get into shape

  • Di

    Cassey, I just wanted to say that I have been very very overweight for most of my life. I started eating clean a few months ago, and last week, I began doing this Pilates beginners video. It kicked my butt at first but I’m getting stronger. Today I discovered that for the first time since I was in elementary school, I can touch my toes! So I wanted to say thank you for your help! You’ve definitely changed how I think about working out! :)

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Cassey,
    I absolutely love your videos. I decided I wanted to start doing pilates so I googled “pilates for beginners” and this was the first thing that came up, and I’m really thankful for it. One quick question. When I do the point up and flex down for my right foot, I feel a sort of popping in my toes. Is this normal? It sort of feels like when you run a rubber band across your fingers and it snaps back into place (not hard or painful, just really weird). I don’t get this feeling on my left side, however. Is there any way that you can think of to prevent this?
    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work and these amazing videos!

  • Medha

    Hey Cassey! I just have a quick question. I’m new to your videos and I did the beginner ab video today for the 3rd time. I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m doing the moves wrong but in moves like the plank and the elbow to knee plank that it was my shoulder and back that were hurting and feeling strain rather than my abs. Do you know what I may be doing wrong for this to happen?
    Thanks :)

  • Samantha

    Hi Cassey – Is there any way we could get some more beginner videos? I love them!

  • Areana

    I love it please post some more vids for beginners.

  • Lauren

    Please make more beginners videos! I like to switch it up so I just put on the advanced and it’s too much for me. Please please please!

  • Sara

    Hi! First of all, I wanna say I love your website and your pilates videos. I started following the Beginners – Total Body Workout, but I have an issue. Whenever I do the side lift legs, the joints in my hip hurt me really bad. I know it’s not muscular pain, I’ve always had issues with my joints and my knees (I’m hiperflexible) so I was wondering if you had any advice for this, because I want to continue working out, but I don’t want to hurt myself in the process. Thank you very much!

  • Bek

    Can I ask for some advice? I’ve been doing these beginners workouts for a little over a month now and have found that my core/abs aren’t getting as fatigued as they initially were. Should I move on to different workouts or keep going with these ones??

    • Devin

      Hi Bek,
      When the exercises start getting easier, that is usually a good indicator that you are ready to move on to more advanced/difficult videos. Good luck and have fun! Remember to do the stretching video before and after!

  • Deanna C

    You are an inspiration! Thank you so much! I used to make excuses for myself not to workout.. But when I started watching your videos, your enthusiasm rubbed off on me. :) Now I’ve been doing the beginners videos once a day or every other day for a few weeks. And I can feel a difference in my muscles, and in my attitude.
    Thanks again! <3

  • Hanne

    Oh love your site and blogs! but would love to see some more beginner videos!

    • Deanna C

      Me too!

  • Tatiana

    hej i’m from belgium and i love your pilates workout videos, i’m gonna try to do pilates 4 times a week, i love to do it and your video’s are the best to begin and to continue with poppilates.

    Thank you!

    • dejonge

      zo leuk dat er nog mensen uit belgië zijn die deze video’s doen!
      is er zo geen forum waar je medegenoten kan vinden?

      mvg ! x

  • Micmic

    Hello! Your videos are so cool! I want to do everything so can you suggest a schedule for me to follow. Like monday i’m gonna follow this video. Please suggest something that will help me get toned easily. thanks!

    • Devin

      Hi Micmic,

      I was just reading in the blog for the 90 Day Meal plan + workout plan, Cass has a really nice workout plan set up you might like to take a look at.

  • laila

    hey i loved this begginers video but as soon as i started doing it my stomach got tighter and usually its really flabby so is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Nico

    This is amazing! I’ve only been working on this for two weeks (3x week) but I can already feel myself improving so I can move onto more advanced stuff!
    Do you have how many reps of each exercise anywhere? I’d love to have it in my head/written down somewhere for days I can’t get to youtube.

  • Natalie

    whoops sorry am excited about it bit didnt mean to spam it! :P
    (guess the computer was excited too! :P)

  • Natalie

    love these workouts – and just found this little trick to help with my hamstring flexibility i dont know why it works but a few inches gained in reach instantly (my toes are in sight hehehe)

    but thought id share the link with the girls struggling like me

    anyway great stuff!, am starting the 90 day diet next week – quite excited! :)