1. Kayla James says:

    I am going to start Pop Pilates today, I hope. I am going to start the Beginners Total Body workout video and I think I have the Beginner calendar. Can someone else help me figure out what else to do? I am blind, so please do not send pictures. I tried to get the app, but it would not work on my iPod. Thanks for helping me; I won’t to get in shape and be healthy. Are there any books that can help to?

    • Start with the beginner calendar and add a little cardio in at a time. I tend to do cardio 3-4 days a week the first week and then add more time and maybe days from there.

  2. Hey Cassey! I’m looking to lose a decent amount of weight abd get fit in the process. would you recommend to start with beginner calender if the monthly ones are too tough? or maybe I would get better results if I just push it and do what I can??

    • Hi Jessica!

      I would recommend starting with the beginner workout– especially if you aren’t incredibly well versed in pilates because form is SO important and will really help you in the long run. I would definitely do the beginner workouts until they become fully doable for you, because they are not *THAT* easy and it is much better to be exerting yourself than doing something too hard and only doing a few reps and then simply watching 75% of a video. I think you will be surprised how quickly your body will adapt to being able to do everything.

      Hope this helps!!

  3. Rory menindee says:

    Hi Cassey,
    So I am trying to be fit because my basketball coach has become really serious about my weight but whenever I rotate my knees in an exercise like The Corkscrew, a bone underneath my hip that connects the thigh clicks on both sides. This really hurts and I have to stop that exercise. Is there something wrong or am I doing the exercises incorrectly. Please let me know.

  4. Hi¡ do you have routine for pregnancy ?

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  6. How long does it take to start seen results?

  7. Just started the beginner’s series today…I really had a rude awakening to just how out of shape I am! Thanks for creating such a great series/calendar for us beginners. Can’t wait to see the changes after 30, 60 and 90 days! Let the bridesmaid boot camp begin!

  8. Hello Popsters!
    I have a question. In 2 days I’ll be done with the beginners calendar and I’m wondering which calendar to start next. Could somebody help?

    • Well since you’re finished it now, you could start the monthly calendars Cassey sends! The SepTONEber one was just released!

  9. Hi Cassey, Here is a suggestion:
    Thank you for your terrific workouts! I really appreciate and wish you great success. you deserve it!
    You know when you lying flat on your belly and you still need to tense up your abs? Well my former pilates teacher gave me this nice image that helps me do this. Imagine an ice cube or very cold running water under your abs! They will tighten up immediately and help protect the lower back! If you like it try it in one of your videos. I hope this will help your students
    All my best!

  10. Katheryn says:

    Please fix the beginners full body. It keeps stopping. It’s not my computer. I’ve checked it on two different computers. It’s very disconcerting. I just get going good and then the program stalls. I have to look elsewhere. I hate interrupted work outs.

    • Hi Katheryn,

      I think a little bit more respect here would not hurt. Cassey Ho releases free videos and works like mad for us to have a completely FREE workout every single day. Your tone is quite harsh and our community should be happy and respectful :)

      Thank you.


  11. hi Cassey Ho, i love all your meal plans + all of your work out videos. but there is this one month where i have to do fasting for the whole 30 days. we usually start meal at 3.40-4.30 AM then no more drinks and meals through out the day untill 6PM. I’m confused how to follow your meal plan with this fasting month.
    do you have recipes for people who do fasting? if you do please share it on your blog, please help me :) because i also want to lose weight and keep in shape.. thanks a million Cassey!

    love from indonesia

    • I’m fasting too. All I do is watch what I eat and my portion sizes when breaking fast and before prayer. I do the exercises from the beginner calender as early as I can so I do not exhaust myself. I guess you can use her recipes, the only thing is that you might have to prepare it in advance for the morning. Also keep hydrated after you break fast. And even during your morning meal to ensure that you do not get dehydrated. We can do the same things like others on the site, except we have to be diligent and cautious in order not to harm ourselves. In the end, just use her breakfast and dinner recipes and stay hydrated after breaking fast.

      Good luck!

  12. Gillian says:

    So I have a question for anyone willing to help me out :)

    I’m not new to fitness, I dance almost 20 hours a week and do hiit training but ive never done pilates before. Dance is done for the summer, so I’m looking for a way to stay in shape until september. Will the beginners calendar be enough or should i jump right in to reJUNEvinate? thanks!!

    • Jasmine says:

      I am also a dancer. I do pole dancing for fitness, and I do it close to 15 hours a week.
      I tried to skip the beginners Calender and go straight to the ‘March Mayhem’ Calender (I think it was called) and didn’t I get a rude shock!! I couldn’t do it.
      So I began the beginners Calender and found that each video left me breathless and exhausted.
      Moral of the story – If you are a beginner in Pilates, do the beginners Calender!!

  13. ohmygod I just started and I feel amazing!
    Hopefully after this I’ll be more fit for summer :D
    can’t wait til tomorrow

  14. Just finished Day 1 of the beginners calender. I’ve never been into exercise and 30 minute workouts seem never ending. POP pilates for beginners- Total body workout is just about half an hour and it flew by!!! Soooo excited to continue on this journey.

  15. Brittany says:

    Oh man, I just started today. Great workout! I can’t wait to see the results.

    On another note, anyone need a workout buddy? I don’ t know if I have the self discipline to do this by myself every day…

    • Hi Brittany! I am starting the work outs as soon as I get home from work. I always start strong but lose motivation even when I start seeing results. I would love to have an accountablility buddy! Feel free to email me…maybe we can exchange numbers too! I’m in San Diego, where are you???

      • Brittany says:

        I’m in San Diego (Imperial Beach) too, Annie! :)

        I did the abs workout today, but I could only manage one video before my body decided I was done. I seriously need more motivation!

    • Kirstine says:

      I just started today! – Being doing Cassies videos for some weeks, and i just loooove them! I would love to be your workout buddy! My problem is too the self discipline :3

      • Lindsay says:

        I am starting them tonight after work. I have a very bad self discipline problem as well and if I can find a reason to not work (no matter how small) I tend to go with the reasoning. I could definitely do with someone to help me be more accountable!

  16. Hi Cassie!

    I just finished my first workout with this video. I can’t do the down down up up, because my knees are damaged and it hurts very bad when I am on my knee caps like this. Is there any modification? Like doing usual pushups (which I can’t manage because my arms are too weak right now xD)

    I also want to say your vidsa are very inspiring and also motivating when you say “good job!” and stuff, even if you can’t see us. It made me to go on, even if my legs felt like burning during those tiny circle moves ^^

    Do you think, your videos can go with eating following the weight watchers program? Like… I could combine your meal plans and counting the points, right? ^^

    Sarah from Germany

  17. Melissa says:

    I’ve been doing Cassey’s videos on and off when I wanted to get a good workout in, and decided to today to start with the beginners calendar and follow her plan for real and get in shape. I played sports all through out grade school and high school and had so bad injuries from it and back problems. Now whenever we do something on our backs or our sides it hurts because it feels like my bones are digging into the floor and then my hips start to pop. Is it something I’m doing wrong or should I just push through it and as I get stronger that will stop??

    • I have problems to but I got a thick Pilates mat from amazon that was around $15. I think it’s a 1/2 inch thickness! It keeps my everything from digging into the floor. I have horrible hips and using this mat keeps them from feeling like they are going to pop out of place!

  18. Marie-Pier says:

    Starting with Cassey, hoping to stick with it and lose some weight, foremost : Get in my best shape!!!

    :) This video was totally nice, my butt is hurting A LOT!!!

    Thanks Cassey

  19. FInished day 2- and it was sooo good!

  20. I just finished Day One of the Beginners Calender which is POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout! It was great! A little difficult since I have never done Pilates in my life and the experience I have is more in a gym environment or following Insanity videos. But I loved it! And I look forward to continuing on.

    Thank You Cassie!

  21. the grashopper kills my lower back.. is that normal?

  22. Week 1 Day 1 of the Beginners Calendar complete! So hyped I found you miss Cassey Ho! Thanks for the motivation, calendar, videos, food plans, etc.. :D!

  23. I was wondering how much calories this video burns. I would like to log it in my weight loss tracker app but since this isnt able to log videos just calories/work outs

  24. Hi Cassie,

    I was just checking out your website, it looks awesome! I used to work out 4-5 times per week and ended up with a permanent work related back injury. After my injury, I was using Carnegie Fitness Ultimate Toning video, I still cannot do some of the exercises. Anyway, my son recently confiscated my dvd/video player and so, I was looking online for something comparable. I was disappointed when I found out that your site does not have a video specified for gentle back strengthening and core for someone like me to start out with. (your videos are geared a little more towards an aerobic aspect) I need something a slower, more concentrated that I can build up from.

  25. day one done! I have a hard time sucking in my stomach when doing the exercises, I hope practice helps with that. during the legs my whole top of the thigh hurt and was cursing at you, I cant tel if its burn pain or i’m doing it wrong pain. hopefully practice will help and i’m just shocking my body. i’m anxious about doing different workouts until i get this one down but hopefully she still explains things in the other beginners workouts as well. i’m excited and beingpositive i’ll figure it out!

  26. Kat Osborne says:

    I can already tell that these videos are going to change my life. Thank you so much!

  27. Hi Cassie,
    I am a beginner and the roll-ups are too hard for me. I know I can work up to them, but is there a way to modify the move so I can work up to a complete roll-up instead of just skipping it?

  28. Hey Cassie! love your website! im 17 and i have been trying to lose 5 extra kilograms for a long time…i hope that with your help and your great videos , I will finally lose them .
    sendng my love from Israel :D

  29. Hi there, after reading this amazing article i am too happy to share my experience here with colleagues.

  30. Hello there, I found out about blogilates, I want to give it a try but the videos dont open, im in China, any one knows how can i solve this problem

    • Videos are on Youtube which is blocked in China, go search on Youku or Tudou to see if someone has uploaded them up there.

    • You can download Hotspot shield if you want. :) It’s something that make your computer “think” you’re in America:) that way you can watch videos that aren’t watchable in your country. :) I use it sometimes since I’m live in France. here I made a post (a long time ago) on my tumblr if you wanna how it works :) —> (ps: I promise it works! I use it when I wanna watch Glee Live or something like that, no virus as well don’t worry :) ) Hope it helped you!

  31. Hi there ❤ so I need some help! I had my litte girl 4 weeks ago. And that ended up being a c-. I really need help and getting my low body back! I tryed some of your videos and was so sad that I barely do it. When before I could .

    • Don’t worry! A C-section is major abdominal surgery, you’ll get your strength back. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and am just now starting to be able to work out again and I had a vaginal delivery.

  32. Hey Cassie! Okay, so I’m new to the website and was just wondering if it would be better to start out with the beginners calendar or dive right into the soon to come out October calendar? The past couple of day I have been doing the Victoria Secret series, should I try something a little easier first? And how long should I wait before I pull out the measuring tape? Well I hope that you will get back to me, I love your vids!

  33. Hey, Cassie~
    First of all, I love you videos! They’re an amazing workout and incredibly motivating but I’m a little concerned with a small problem as of late.
    To start, I’m fifteen and not really overweight (Just barely in my healthy weight range for my height/age range on the hefty side) and I’ve been doing your videos for about 3-4 days and I only recently found out about the beginner’s calendar.
    So I started out on this the full body beginners workout yesterday/today (I tried yesterday too) but every time I try to do the leg lifts/circles/triangles on my side, I never feel my glutes/ thighs working yet this awful, shooting pain goes through the left side of my calf on my left leg and the right side of my calf on the right leg.
    I think the muscle I’m talking about is the Plexor Digitorum Longus in my calves.
    But it usually happens after about 30 seconds of doing the exercise and it’s bad enough that I cannot finish the work out involving my legs.
    It also happens when I flex my feet like in the video.
    I really can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or maybe I pulled something a while ago, but if you or anyone else could give me information, that would be great!
    Thank you!

    • Hey Gabby, I have a quite similar feeling at this exercise. I think it has a lot to do with that we are not as used to pilates as she is. It gets better the more you do it and follow the calender. “We are all at different levels” is something Cassie says all the time – I for instance have major problems with my abs, they hurt incredibly and I shake all the time while being in pilates stance, it’s getting better the more I work out. BUT if it doesn’t you should probably see a doctor about that just to check if everything is okay. Best wishes and keep on pushing :)

  34. Hey Cassey,
    I would always dream about the perfect body ,due to work pressure & lack of time i completely forgot about my body .I am very happy to see your videos it is quite inspiring after reading Natasha story .I would love to know more about the basic pilates video’s .I would like to know the timings that is required for every movement ,waiting for more video’s from your end.

    Love ya

  35. Gettingfit! says:

    Cassie! Hey, I just started the August workout a few days ago, and I’m confused. Do I need to do the total body workout everyday along with the daily workouts? Thanks! :)

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  37. Ashton-Kate says:

    Cassie!! I have a toning question that I really hope that you will have a answer for! It is pretty embarrassing but I am going to put it out there because I am sure that I am not the only one with the issue! I have went thru three pregnancies and even though with hardwork I have made it back to my prebaby weight of 120 pounds. My tummy looks and feels like mush! There is no substance to it and even though I have been working it like crazy my lower tummy just giggles and makes me feel very self conscious to even wear a shirt that hugs that area. I need help! Do you have any suggestions to really shock my stomach back into the shape that it needs to be in?

  38. I love Ryan higga! The song is As Long as You Love me by Justin Beiber. :)

  39. Love this video. One question… Where can I find all those adorable tanks on the wall?!

  40. Hi Cassey,

    I discovered your website in late May while looking for routines that I can do to get fit as a beginner and I immediately fell for your cheerful spirit and user friendly site. I tried working out but I’m at the stage where it’s very easy to find an excuse not to do it because, well, I can’t do anything to begin with. I’m okay with your beginner videos but there aren’t that many of them and I like variety, so I try and push myself by modifying regular videos; however, I’ve encountered a few problems.

    1. I have no upper body strength. I mean zero. I can’t even do 1 push up (I think knee push ups are even harder – they are really hard on the knee caps).
    2. I have no balance so I keep tipping over and can’t bend as far as I would like to or hold certain positions.
    3. Am I crazy or do other people have issues with their tailbone while exercising? I find myself in quite a bit of discomfort, sometimes even pain, if I am, say, holding out my feet and bending backwards because the pressure is on the butt and basically my tailbone gets in the way. If I wiggle to either left or right I am no longer in the proper position to do the exercise.

    I know you have an entire beginner workout calendar but I’d really appreciate it if you incorporated these concerns into your future videos. I’d like to see modifications more often and I’d really like to see a beginner arm workout.

    Otherwise, I love your spirit and keep up the great work! Eventually I will try some of your recipes too but at this point I am not ready to modify my diet :)

    • OMG I thought I was alone in this. I can’t do anything either. I try and try but I just can’t and it’s so frustrating. I am not overweight but I am just not fit and incredibly weak. I want to get toned and strong but it’s so hard and demotivating when you can’t do a single move correctly. I feel ya bro.

      • Hello Cassey,

        I love love ur total body workout Pilates for beginners, do u have any DVDs available for beginners that I can purchase?

        • Hello Cassey,

          I love love ur total body workout Pilates for beginners, do u have any DVDs available for beginners that I can purchase?

    • Natasa,

      Use two mats and/or a thicker one to help with your tailbone. Also you can fold your mat so that it is thicker and place under your knees when doing the push-ups.

      I hope that helps!


  41. BlogilatesFan says:

    I’m in love with these videos I can’t get enough of them! I’ve been using the workout calendar for 2 weeks and I can see a clear change with my muscles and abs!

  42. Christie says:

    Hi Cassie, I saw an instagram pic of blogilates and went on your site. I decided it sounded like a great idea to start exercising. I haven’t exercised in years although most of my life I was an athlete. I just did the beginners total body workout and thought it was great; short, but effective videos. I have a problem touching my lower back on the mat as I have some booty and my back has a normal arch. What can I do to get my back flat? Also, I can’t keep up with the breathing, I breath slowly and tend not to fall on synch with the movements. What do you suggest I do to help get that on track?


  43. Omg feel so good just did the Pilates for beginners total body work out thank u soooooo much

  44. Thanks for these, Cassey! I tried to start the regular June on Fire challenge, but I found that half of them I just couldn’t keep up with (I’m horribly competitive with myself). So, I’ve decided to backtrack a little and start these for a week or two, then see if I can possibly keep up with July’s challenge! :D

  45. Araiguma says:

    I just started your Beginners Workout calendar a few days ago and i fell in love with your workouts. I was never sporty but since I do these workouts I look forward every morning to do your videos.

    Thanks for your work!

  46. jujubee says:

    My friend told me about you and your youtube channel. I fell in love with your passion and workouts! But after I moved out of my parents house cuz of my new job.. I DIDN’T WORK OUT FOR 6 MONTHS!!!! During those past months I had a deep relationship with chips, fastfood, TV and my bed.

    I went to the pool yesterday and there I was. Well, there they were my jiggly thighs and ass. The cellulite had crawled its way(ate its way) back into my butt. So I got off that sweet bed of mine and finally did my first beginners work out! It’s day one and I sure am proud of myself ! :) yay!
    As we Koreans say to cheer up others, “Fighting everyone!” :)

  47. Stephanie says:

    Just finished the Total Body Workout, even though this is for beginners, it was hard to keep up sometimes. My chin hurt really bad as I was doing the circles and so I had to stop, what can I do to help this? I definitely need to strengthen my legs. Can’t wait to do AB time and ABC abs tomorrow! Thanks Cassey!

  48. Love your videos keep them coming! I appreciate your reminder to suck in the belly. Also what do you say if your shoulders hurt while your doing the workout, should I do additional stretching?


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