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  • Stephanie

    What about a tank that just has the pie and the latte? That way all the true punners (the funners) will know what’s going on with your shirt. That’s my favorite type of pun!

  • Valerie Hogan

    Loved this workout, did it after a short run and feel great…exhausted but great! Thanks Cassie

  • Tugba

    Thank you so much Cassie! I love your energy!

  • Celeste

    My inner tighs are diying. ^^ Thank you very much Cassey. I never hold on to sports at home that long

  • Fifiana

    Hi Cassie i think you are going to save my life !

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  • Feelin’ Down

    I feel so fat. I get discouraged seeing Cassey so skinny and flexible. I can’t reach my toes, I have a huge gut that doesn’t let me do the poses like she does. My boobs are huge, she won’t understand that they get in the way for poses like laying down for the grasshopper. My legs can’t stay straight in the air when she asks for that pose. I guess this is just an exercise for chicks with tiny boobies and skinny figures. I guess I’ll stay fat forever. :,( NOT THAT ANYBODY CARES ANYWAYS. :,(

    • Jay

      Hello there! I am also a woman that does not have the “tiny boobies and skinny figure” that you think it takes. Can she really understand what it’s like trying to do these things with all this stuff in the way? No, probably not — I doubt she’s ever had to deal with that. I’m certain she has empathy for it, but no, I doubt she could really “understand.”

      But is that any reason to feel sorry for yourself? I’ll freely admit I feel pretty rotten struggling through parts of the “beginner” video. (Beginner! I don’t want to be a *beginner!*) Trying to move tubby legs through tiny circles and feeling cross every time she says, “This ain’t nothin’!” Having to stop and take a few seconds during the leg raises and thinking to myself, “My legs are twice the size of yours, lady — gimme a break.” No, I can’t really do these things perfectly. I certainly couldn’t *talk* the entire time like she does. But the important part is to try, and to get up and do something.

      I’m not one to preach about what anyone should do with his or her body. If you’re really wanting to lose weight, when they say “weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise,” they’re quite right — getting what you eat in order (and I’m not saying “only drink kale smoothies,” just something as simple as counting calories) is way more important. Exercise is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. (Yeah, sometimes I still doubt that, too.) When you say, “I guess I’ll stay fat forever,” you sound a lot like I used to sound. Sixty pounds later (and still many, many more to go), I realize that’s pretty wrong. Maybe you need a little support! If you’re a redditor (or even if you’re not, really), https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit might help. Good luck, and you can do it!

      • Jacqueline Robinson

        I am skinny like our coach, except with a big stomach :), and I can’t do the leg circles and some of the other things without resting. So it’s not always how big you are, but about being in shape in general. So I know the feeling of being surprised that you can’t keep up and maybe a bit scared wondering how you got to where you are, but I know I need to keep pushing. I need encouragement and I want to encourage you that we can do this, if we don’t stop!

        Rooting for you!



    • Carrie

      I care :)
      Even if you don’t look like Cassey, it doesn’t matter. Just try your best :) I know it’s not always easy, but there’s a lot of people who are big and beautiful, and have made it through. You just don’t wanna give up. Often the “skinny girls” can’t even do most of the exercises when they’re not used to them. So if you can’t put your legs straight in the air now, try to stretch them as long as you can, and soon you will se that you will improve. I did too when i started out. Try the easiest sessions, don’t try the expert yet – ’cause then it’s easy to get discouraged. You don’t have to stay fat if you don’t want to. But noone has said that loosing weight is easy – That I know all about. Make yourself some goals, and tell somebody about it. Then it’s not so easy to cheat (drop training or eating) – Speaking of experience. I hope you do continue to try! You can do it! :)
      – Best regard C

    • Mel

      I completely understand how you feel. I have the the boobs, the gut, the butt, and no flexibility. Now I was never a size 1 and never want to be size 1. I do want to feel healthy and have more energy to chase my hyperactive 3 yr old around. I definitely don’t want to have health issues when I get into my 40s. I’m doing the beginner work outs and I’m sticking with them until I know my body is ready for more. Be patient is all I really can recommend the changes you want will happen but it will take time. Just remember the more you do something the better you will get at it.

    • Ana


      Picking up an excuse (like being too big or too fat) is always easier than starting! STOP feeling sorry for yourself. Today. I am big, I’m a working mom, I am 40 and I’m overweight. One day I said: THIS ENDS HERE and NOW! I’m doing the Beginner’s Calendar and I’m in day 8 by now. I can’t do all Cassey does, obviously and I don’t look as good as she does, BUT I WILL GET THERE! :D I’m already feeling stronger! Above all, stay positive. WE MAKE OUR OWN WAY. I challenge you to make this calendar with me. I know I have 8 days more then you, but I’m willing to repeat them, if that will help you. ;)

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  • I.


    Does anyone have any tips on how to keep your balance when you’re on your side?
    My hips make me keep rolling onto my back or stumach.

    Kind regards

    • Kimberly

      I have the same problem so I really just try to place a hand in front of me and that helps me keep my balance!

  • Zoe

    Hi POPsters, I subscribed to Cassie’s newsletter 2 days ago but didn’t receive a password, I’ve checked everywhere but haven’t received one. Has anyone tried to subscribe lately and had the same problem? If you have, can you tell me how to get the password

    • elisha

      Look in your spam folder

  • CK

    I’m trying to order the infuser water bottle with the times marked, but I don’t see it on the website anymore. Do you still carry it? I love that bottle!

  • 新人签到~~~~(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

  • Liz


    I have been getting into Pilates and have been loving it, especially since I can’t get outside in this cold, winter weather. However, one problem I have always have is the flat back against the mat. I literally cannot have my back flat on the mat unless my legs are lifted or bent. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions!

    • Chrissa

      Hi there,

      I have the same problem. I think we probably have some kind of lordosis (it’s when your back does this curve thingy and your butt kind of pops out). I watched a really informative video on this the other day. Basically it said that when you sit a lot, the front of your thighs tighten and the bum muscles get more loose. Also, your back muscles tighten and your belly muscles get more loose. So if you stretch the front of your thighs and exercise your bum as well as stretch your back and work on your abs, your posture will improve! :) I’m sure that pilates and yoga are really good for people like us.

      I hope this helped!

      • its because we really have a butt so the back cant be flat on the floor ! use some pillow or soft material to support. :)

  • Neika

    Hey Cassey, I’m 17 years old and I live in South Australia. I’ve just started year 12 and one of my new years resolutions was to become fit. I am classified as obese and have always been teased and picked on because of my weight, I have always felt terrible because of how I look and what people say about me, but I started your beginners calendar today. I struggled to get through each thing but every time I felt like giving up you were urging me on, so I didn’t give up. you motivate me more than any other website or YouTube blogger I’ve found and I just wanted to thank you for your amazing videos. I’m tired and sore after this workout but I know I’m going to continue on with this. Because I feel like you care about all of us who are starting out. I wont give up, and I will try my hardest with each and every work out. Thank you Cassey, you’ve made me feel better about who I am and I know I will get better and stronger and most of all fitter if I continue with your daily work out plan. so thank you Cassey for making me feel beautiful and making me realise with perseverance and positiveness I will make it and become who I am suppose to be! THANKYOU CASSEY HO.

  • jesslice89

    hey Cassey, I’m Jess(25 years old) I am a mom of a 3 year old from Ireland,iv always struggled with my weight and when it came to gym at school i always had a sick note, as not to be bullied about my weight.I have never done a proper workout, so I am a newborn beginner, i have been walking every day since december 2.5miles to 5miles daily at a 4mph speed so I’m beginning to get in cardio .I am on day 2 of the beginners calendar and am really feeling like a bit of a failure i have zero strength in my core can barely reach any of the ab exercise I am 42 lbs overweight, 0% experience of exercise and 3 years post c-section.please advise me :(

    • Gabi

      So proud that you are starting! We are all beginners once, don’t give up! I promise that at the end of this month YOU WILL notice a difference, you will be stronger, have better form and more endurance. Don’t give up! Keep going, a little bit every day is better than nothing! Youll notice you having more energy and strength as the days go by!

      The moves that you cant do, such as the first one in this video. Keep your head down or one leg down as she shows and just do the sicscors. Take as many breaks as you need. Not being able to do it all the first time is normal.

      • jesslice89

        thanks Gabi i really appreciate the feedback,Its a struggle but I’m determined ;) and even a week in I am finding that I am getting stronger

  • Simran

    Hi, I just started the Beginners 2.0 workout, and do I need to do anything along with this? Like cardio or something?

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  • Kayla James

    I am going to start Pop Pilates today, I hope. I am going to start the Beginners Total Body workout video and I think I have the Beginner calendar. Can someone else help me figure out what else to do? I am blind, so please do not send pictures. I tried to get the app, but it would not work on my iPod. Thanks for helping me; I won’t to get in shape and be healthy. Are there any books that can help to?

    • Tabitha

      Start with the beginner calendar and add a little cardio in at a time. I tend to do cardio 3-4 days a week the first week and then add more time and maybe days from there.

  • Hey Cassey! I’m looking to lose a decent amount of weight abd get fit in the process. would you recommend to start with beginner calender if the monthly ones are too tough? or maybe I would get better results if I just push it and do what I can??

    • Hayley

      Hi Jessica!

      I would recommend starting with the beginner workout– especially if you aren’t incredibly well versed in pilates because form is SO important and will really help you in the long run. I would definitely do the beginner workouts until they become fully doable for you, because they are not *THAT* easy and it is much better to be exerting yourself than doing something too hard and only doing a few reps and then simply watching 75% of a video. I think you will be surprised how quickly your body will adapt to being able to do everything.

      Hope this helps!!

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  • Rory menindee

    Hi Cassey,
    So I am trying to be fit because my basketball coach has become really serious about my weight but whenever I rotate my knees in an exercise like The Corkscrew, a bone underneath my hip that connects the thigh clicks on both sides. This really hurts and I have to stop that exercise. Is there something wrong or am I doing the exercises incorrectly. Please let me know.

  • Erika

    Hi¡ do you have routine for pregnancy ?

  • Sublime article : сontinuez de cette façοn

  • Melissa

    How long does it take to start seen results?

  • Natalie

    Just started the beginner’s series today…I really had a rude awakening to just how out of shape I am! Thanks for creating such a great series/calendar for us beginners. Can’t wait to see the changes after 30, 60 and 90 days! Let the bridesmaid boot camp begin!