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  2. Hi there,

    I have the same problem. I think we probably have some kind of lordosis (it’s when your back does this curve thingy and your butt kind of pops out). I watched a really informative video on this the other day. Basically it said that when you sit a lot, the front of your thighs tighten and the bum muscles get more loose. Also, your back muscles tighten and your belly muscles get more loose. So if you stretch the front of your thighs and exercise your bum as well as stretch your back and work on your abs, your posture will improve! :) I’m sure that pilates and yoga are really good for people like us.

    I hope this helped!

  3. Hi!

    I have been getting into Pilates and have been loving it, especially since I can’t get outside in this cold, winter weather. However, one problem I have always have is the flat back against the mat. I literally cannot have my back flat on the mat unless my legs are lifted or bent. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions!

  4. Hey Cassey, I’m 17 years old and I live in South Australia. I’ve just started year 12 and one of my new years resolutions was to become fit. I am classified as obese and have always been teased and picked on because of my weight, I have always felt terrible because of how I look and what people say about me, but I started your beginners calendar today. I struggled to get through each thing but every time I felt like giving up you were urging me on, so I didn’t give up. you motivate me more than any other website or YouTube blogger I’ve found and I just wanted to thank you for your amazing videos. I’m tired and sore after this workout but I know I’m going to continue on with this. Because I feel like you care about all of us who are starting out. I wont give up, and I will try my hardest with each and every work out. Thank you Cassey, you’ve made me feel better about who I am and I know I will get better and stronger and most of all fitter if I continue with your daily work out plan. so thank you Cassey for making me feel beautiful and making me realise with perseverance and positiveness I will make it and become who I am suppose to be! THANKYOU CASSEY HO.

  5. jesslice89 says:

    thanks Gabi i really appreciate the feedback,Its a struggle but I’m determined ;) and even a week in I am finding that I am getting stronger

  6. So proud that you are starting! We are all beginners once, don’t give up! I promise that at the end of this month YOU WILL notice a difference, you will be stronger, have better form and more endurance. Don’t give up! Keep going, a little bit every day is better than nothing! Youll notice you having more energy and strength as the days go by!

    The moves that you cant do, such as the first one in this video. Keep your head down or one leg down as she shows and just do the sicscors. Take as many breaks as you need. Not being able to do it all the first time is normal.

  7. jesslice89 says:

    hey Cassey, I’m Jess(25 years old) I am a mom of a 3 year old from Ireland,iv always struggled with my weight and when it came to gym at school i always had a sick note, as not to be bullied about my weight.I have never done a proper workout, so I am a newborn beginner, i have been walking every day since december 2.5miles to 5miles daily at a 4mph speed so I’m beginning to get in cardio .I am on day 2 of the beginners calendar and am really feeling like a bit of a failure i have zero strength in my core can barely reach any of the ab exercise I am 42 lbs overweight, 0% experience of exercise and 3 years post c-section.please advise me :(

  8. Hi, I just started the Beginners 2.0 workout, and do I need to do anything along with this? Like cardio or something?

  9. Hi Jessica!

    I would recommend starting with the beginner workout– especially if you aren’t incredibly well versed in pilates because form is SO important and will really help you in the long run. I would definitely do the beginner workouts until they become fully doable for you, because they are not *THAT* easy and it is much better to be exerting yourself than doing something too hard and only doing a few reps and then simply watching 75% of a video. I think you will be surprised how quickly your body will adapt to being able to do everything.

    Hope this helps!!

  10. Start with the beginner calendar and add a little cardio in at a time. I tend to do cardio 3-4 days a week the first week and then add more time and maybe days from there.

  11. Stephanie says:


  12. Kayla James says:

    I am going to start Pop Pilates today, I hope. I am going to start the Beginners Total Body workout video and I think I have the Beginner calendar. Can someone else help me figure out what else to do? I am blind, so please do not send pictures. I tried to get the app, but it would not work on my iPod. Thanks for helping me; I won’t to get in shape and be healthy. Are there any books that can help to?

  13. Hey Cassey! I’m looking to lose a decent amount of weight abd get fit in the process. would you recommend to start with beginner calender if the monthly ones are too tough? or maybe I would get better results if I just push it and do what I can??

  14. Rory menindee says:

    Hi Cassey,
    So I am trying to be fit because my basketball coach has become really serious about my weight but whenever I rotate my knees in an exercise like The Corkscrew, a bone underneath my hip that connects the thigh clicks on both sides. This really hurts and I have to stop that exercise. Is there something wrong or am I doing the exercises incorrectly. Please let me know.

  15. Hi¡ do you have routine for pregnancy ?

  16. Hi Katheryn,

    I think a little bit more respect here would not hurt. Cassey Ho releases free videos and works like mad for us to have a completely FREE workout every single day. Your tone is quite harsh and our community should be happy and respectful :)

    Thank you.


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  18. Well since you’re finished it now, you could start the monthly calendars Cassey sends! The SepTONEber one was just released!

  19. How long does it take to start seen results?

  20. Just started the beginner’s series today…I really had a rude awakening to just how out of shape I am! Thanks for creating such a great series/calendar for us beginners. Can’t wait to see the changes after 30, 60 and 90 days! Let the bridesmaid boot camp begin!

  21. Hello Popsters!
    I have a question. In 2 days I’ll be done with the beginners calendar and I’m wondering which calendar to start next. Could somebody help?

  22. Hi Cassey, Here is a suggestion:
    Thank you for your terrific workouts! I really appreciate and wish you great success. you deserve it!
    You know when you lying flat on your belly and you still need to tense up your abs? Well my former pilates teacher gave me this nice image that helps me do this. Imagine an ice cube or very cold running water under your abs! They will tighten up immediately and help protect the lower back! If you like it try it in one of your videos. I hope this will help your students
    All my best!

  23. Katheryn says:

    Please fix the beginners full body. It keeps stopping. It’s not my computer. I’ve checked it on two different computers. It’s very disconcerting. I just get going good and then the program stalls. I have to look elsewhere. I hate interrupted work outs.

  24. I’m fasting too. All I do is watch what I eat and my portion sizes when breaking fast and before prayer. I do the exercises from the beginner calender as early as I can so I do not exhaust myself. I guess you can use her recipes, the only thing is that you might have to prepare it in advance for the morning. Also keep hydrated after you break fast. And even during your morning meal to ensure that you do not get dehydrated. We can do the same things like others on the site, except we have to be diligent and cautious in order not to harm ourselves. In the end, just use her breakfast and dinner recipes and stay hydrated after breaking fast.

    Good luck!

  25. hi Cassey Ho, i love all your meal plans + all of your work out videos. but there is this one month where i have to do fasting for the whole 30 days. we usually start meal at 3.40-4.30 AM then no more drinks and meals through out the day untill 6PM. I’m confused how to follow your meal plan with this fasting month.
    do you have recipes for people who do fasting? if you do please share it on your blog, please help me :) because i also want to lose weight and keep in shape.. thanks a million Cassey!

    love from indonesia

  26. Jasmine says:

    I am also a dancer. I do pole dancing for fitness, and I do it close to 15 hours a week.
    I tried to skip the beginners Calender and go straight to the ‘March Mayhem’ Calender (I think it was called) and didn’t I get a rude shock!! I couldn’t do it.
    So I began the beginners Calender and found that each video left me breathless and exhausted.
    Moral of the story – If you are a beginner in Pilates, do the beginners Calender!!

  27. Gillian says:

    So I have a question for anyone willing to help me out :)

    I’m not new to fitness, I dance almost 20 hours a week and do hiit training but ive never done pilates before. Dance is done for the summer, so I’m looking for a way to stay in shape until september. Will the beginners calendar be enough or should i jump right in to reJUNEvinate? thanks!!

  28. Hi Natalie) I’m 18 and I”ve also got extra 5kg and wanted to loose. Maybe we could motivate each other)

  29. ohmygod I just started and I feel amazing!
    Hopefully after this I’ll be more fit for summer :D
    can’t wait til tomorrow

  30. Just finished Day 1 of the beginners calender. I’ve never been into exercise and 30 minute workouts seem never ending. POP pilates for beginners- Total body workout is just about half an hour and it flew by!!! Soooo excited to continue on this journey.

  31. Lindsay says:

    I am starting them tonight after work. I have a very bad self discipline problem as well and if I can find a reason to not work (no matter how small) I tend to go with the reasoning. I could definitely do with someone to help me be more accountable!

  32. Kirstine says:

    I just started today! – Being doing Cassies videos for some weeks, and i just loooove them! I would love to be your workout buddy! My problem is too the self discipline :3

  33. Brittany says:

    I’m in San Diego (Imperial Beach) too, Annie! :)

    I did the abs workout today, but I could only manage one video before my body decided I was done. I seriously need more motivation!

  34. Hi Brittany! I am starting the work outs as soon as I get home from work. I always start strong but lose motivation even when I start seeing results. I would love to have an accountablility buddy! Feel free to email me…maybe we can exchange numbers too! I’m in San Diego, where are you???

  35. Brittany says:

    Oh man, I just started today. Great workout! I can’t wait to see the results.

    On another note, anyone need a workout buddy? I don’ t know if I have the self discipline to do this by myself every day…

  36. Hi Cassie!

    I just finished my first workout with this video. I can’t do the down down up up, because my knees are damaged and it hurts very bad when I am on my knee caps like this. Is there any modification? Like doing usual pushups (which I can’t manage because my arms are too weak right now xD)

    I also want to say your vidsa are very inspiring and also motivating when you say “good job!” and stuff, even if you can’t see us. It made me to go on, even if my legs felt like burning during those tiny circle moves ^^

    Do you think, your videos can go with eating following the weight watchers program? Like… I could combine your meal plans and counting the points, right? ^^

    Sarah from Germany

  37. I have problems to but I got a thick Pilates mat from amazon that was around $15. I think it’s a 1/2 inch thickness! It keeps my everything from digging into the floor. I have horrible hips and using this mat keeps them from feeling like they are going to pop out of place!

  38. Tanja :) says:

    you can just grap your legs with your hands and pull yourself up a little :)

  39. Melissa says:

    I’ve been doing Cassey’s videos on and off when I wanted to get a good workout in, and decided to today to start with the beginners calendar and follow her plan for real and get in shape. I played sports all through out grade school and high school and had so bad injuries from it and back problems. Now whenever we do something on our backs or our sides it hurts because it feels like my bones are digging into the floor and then my hips start to pop. Is it something I’m doing wrong or should I just push through it and as I get stronger that will stop??

  40. Marie-Pier says:

    Starting with Cassey, hoping to stick with it and lose some weight, foremost : Get in my best shape!!!

    :) This video was totally nice, my butt is hurting A LOT!!!

    Thanks Cassey

  41. FInished day 2- and it was sooo good!

  42. I just finished Day One of the Beginners Calender which is POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout! It was great! A little difficult since I have never done Pilates in my life and the experience I have is more in a gym environment or following Insanity videos. But I loved it! And I look forward to continuing on.

    Thank You Cassie!

  43. the grashopper kills my lower back.. is that normal?

  44. Week 1 Day 1 of the Beginners Calendar complete! So hyped I found you miss Cassey Ho! Thanks for the motivation, calendar, videos, food plans, etc.. :D!

  45. I was wondering how much calories this video burns. I would like to log it in my weight loss tracker app but since this isnt able to log videos just calories/work outs

  46. Hi Cassie,

    I was just checking out your website, it looks awesome! I used to work out 4-5 times per week and ended up with a permanent work related back injury. After my injury, I was using Carnegie Fitness Ultimate Toning video, I still cannot do some of the exercises. Anyway, my son recently confiscated my dvd/video player and so, I was looking online for something comparable. I was disappointed when I found out that your site does not have a video specified for gentle back strengthening and core for someone like me to start out with. (your videos are geared a little more towards an aerobic aspect) I need something a slower, more concentrated that I can build up from.

  47. day one done! I have a hard time sucking in my stomach when doing the exercises, I hope practice helps with that. during the legs my whole top of the thigh hurt and was cursing at you, I cant tel if its burn pain or i’m doing it wrong pain. hopefully practice will help and i’m just shocking my body. i’m anxious about doing different workouts until i get this one down but hopefully she still explains things in the other beginners workouts as well. i’m excited and beingpositive i’ll figure it out!

  48. Kat Osborne says:

    I can already tell that these videos are going to change my life. Thank you so much!

  49. You can download Hotspot shield if you want. :) It’s something that make your computer “think” you’re in America:) that way you can watch videos that aren’t watchable in your country. :) I use it sometimes since I’m live in France. here I made a post (a long time ago) on my tumblr if you wanna how it works :) —> (ps: I promise it works! I use it when I wanna watch Glee Live or something like that, no virus as well don’t worry :) ) Hope it helped you!

  50. Hi Cassie,
    I am a beginner and the roll-ups are too hard for me. I know I can work up to them, but is there a way to modify the move so I can work up to a complete roll-up instead of just skipping it?

  51. Videos are on Youtube which is blocked in China, go search on Youku or Tudou to see if someone has uploaded them up there.

  52. Hey Cassie! love your website! im 17 and i have been trying to lose 5 extra kilograms for a long time…i hope that with your help and your great videos , I will finally lose them .
    sendng my love from Israel :D

  53. Hi there, after reading this amazing article i am too happy to share my experience here with colleagues.

  54. Hello there, I found out about blogilates, I want to give it a try but the videos dont open, im in China, any one knows how can i solve this problem

  55. Don’t worry! A C-section is major abdominal surgery, you’ll get your strength back. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and am just now starting to be able to work out again and I had a vaginal delivery.

  56. Hi there ❤ so I need some help! I had my litte girl 4 weeks ago. And that ended up being a c-. I really need help and getting my low body back! I tryed some of your videos and was so sad that I barely do it. When before I could .

  57. I’m not Cassey, but I would recommend to start with the beginners calendar too build up some strength -;)

  58. Hey Cassie! Okay, so I’m new to the website and was just wondering if it would be better to start out with the beginners calendar or dive right into the soon to come out October calendar? The past couple of day I have been doing the Victoria Secret series, should I try something a little easier first? And how long should I wait before I pull out the measuring tape? Well I hope that you will get back to me, I love your vids!

  59. Hey Gabby, I have a quite similar feeling at this exercise. I think it has a lot to do with that we are not as used to pilates as she is. It gets better the more you do it and follow the calender. “We are all at different levels” is something Cassie says all the time – I for instance have major problems with my abs, they hurt incredibly and I shake all the time while being in pilates stance, it’s getting better the more I work out. BUT if it doesn’t you should probably see a doctor about that just to check if everything is okay. Best wishes and keep on pushing :)

  60. Hey, Cassie~
    First of all, I love you videos! They’re an amazing workout and incredibly motivating but I’m a little concerned with a small problem as of late.
    To start, I’m fifteen and not really overweight (Just barely in my healthy weight range for my height/age range on the hefty side) and I’ve been doing your videos for about 3-4 days and I only recently found out about the beginner’s calendar.
    So I started out on this the full body beginners workout yesterday/today (I tried yesterday too) but every time I try to do the leg lifts/circles/triangles on my side, I never feel my glutes/ thighs working yet this awful, shooting pain goes through the left side of my calf on my left leg and the right side of my calf on the right leg.
    I think the muscle I’m talking about is the Plexor Digitorum Longus in my calves.
    But it usually happens after about 30 seconds of doing the exercise and it’s bad enough that I cannot finish the work out involving my legs.
    It also happens when I flex my feet like in the video.
    I really can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or maybe I pulled something a while ago, but if you or anyone else could give me information, that would be great!
    Thank you!

  61. Hey Cassey,
    I would always dream about the perfect body ,due to work pressure & lack of time i completely forgot about my body .I am very happy to see your videos it is quite inspiring after reading Natasha story .I would love to know more about the basic pilates video’s .I would like to know the timings that is required for every movement ,waiting for more video’s from your end.

    Love ya

  62. Gettingfit! says:

    Cassie! Hey, I just started the August workout a few days ago, and I’m confused. Do I need to do the total body workout everyday along with the daily workouts? Thanks! :)

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  64. Ashton-Kate says:

    Cassie!! I have a toning question that I really hope that you will have a answer for! It is pretty embarrassing but I am going to put it out there because I am sure that I am not the only one with the issue! I have went thru three pregnancies and even though with hardwork I have made it back to my prebaby weight of 120 pounds. My tummy looks and feels like mush! There is no substance to it and even though I have been working it like crazy my lower tummy just giggles and makes me feel very self conscious to even wear a shirt that hugs that area. I need help! Do you have any suggestions to really shock my stomach back into the shape that it needs to be in?

  65. Natasa,

    Use two mats and/or a thicker one to help with your tailbone. Also you can fold your mat so that it is thicker and place under your knees when doing the push-ups.

    I hope that helps!


  66. I love Ryan higga! The song is As Long as You Love me by Justin Beiber. :)

  67. I’m pretty sure you can find them on (: xx

  68. Love this video. One question… Where can I find all those adorable tanks on the wall?!

  69. Hello Cassey,

    I love love ur total body workout Pilates for beginners, do u have any DVDs available for beginners that I can purchase?

  70. Hello Cassey,

    I love love ur total body workout Pilates for beginners, do u have any DVDs available for beginners that I can purchase?

  71. OMG I thought I was alone in this. I can’t do anything either. I try and try but I just can’t and it’s so frustrating. I am not overweight but I am just not fit and incredibly weak. I want to get toned and strong but it’s so hard and demotivating when you can’t do a single move correctly. I feel ya bro.

  72. Hi Cassey,

    I discovered your website in late May while looking for routines that I can do to get fit as a beginner and I immediately fell for your cheerful spirit and user friendly site. I tried working out but I’m at the stage where it’s very easy to find an excuse not to do it because, well, I can’t do anything to begin with. I’m okay with your beginner videos but there aren’t that many of them and I like variety, so I try and push myself by modifying regular videos; however, I’ve encountered a few problems.

    1. I have no upper body strength. I mean zero. I can’t even do 1 push up (I think knee push ups are even harder – they are really hard on the knee caps).
    2. I have no balance so I keep tipping over and can’t bend as far as I would like to or hold certain positions.
    3. Am I crazy or do other people have issues with their tailbone while exercising? I find myself in quite a bit of discomfort, sometimes even pain, if I am, say, holding out my feet and bending backwards because the pressure is on the butt and basically my tailbone gets in the way. If I wiggle to either left or right I am no longer in the proper position to do the exercise.

    I know you have an entire beginner workout calendar but I’d really appreciate it if you incorporated these concerns into your future videos. I’d like to see modifications more often and I’d really like to see a beginner arm workout.

    Otherwise, I love your spirit and keep up the great work! Eventually I will try some of your recipes too but at this point I am not ready to modify my diet :)

  73. BlogilatesFan says:

    I’m in love with these videos I can’t get enough of them! I’ve been using the workout calendar for 2 weeks and I can see a clear change with my muscles and abs!

  74. Christie says:

    Hi Cassie, I saw an instagram pic of blogilates and went on your site. I decided it sounded like a great idea to start exercising. I haven’t exercised in years although most of my life I was an athlete. I just did the beginners total body workout and thought it was great; short, but effective videos. I have a problem touching my lower back on the mat as I have some booty and my back has a normal arch. What can I do to get my back flat? Also, I can’t keep up with the breathing, I breath slowly and tend not to fall on synch with the movements. What do you suggest I do to help get that on track?


  75. Omg feel so good just did the Pilates for beginners total body work out thank u soooooo much

  76. Thanks for these, Cassey! I tried to start the regular June on Fire challenge, but I found that half of them I just couldn’t keep up with (I’m horribly competitive with myself). So, I’ve decided to backtrack a little and start these for a week or two, then see if I can possibly keep up with July’s challenge! :D

  77. Araiguma says:

    I just started your Beginners Workout calendar a few days ago and i fell in love with your workouts. I was never sporty but since I do these workouts I look forward every morning to do your videos.

    Thanks for your work!

  78. jujubee says:

    My friend told me about you and your youtube channel. I fell in love with your passion and workouts! But after I moved out of my parents house cuz of my new job.. I DIDN’T WORK OUT FOR 6 MONTHS!!!! During those past months I had a deep relationship with chips, fastfood, TV and my bed.

    I went to the pool yesterday and there I was. Well, there they were my jiggly thighs and ass. The cellulite had crawled its way(ate its way) back into my butt. So I got off that sweet bed of mine and finally did my first beginners work out! It’s day one and I sure am proud of myself ! :) yay!
    As we Koreans say to cheer up others, “Fighting everyone!” :)

  79. Stephanie says:

    Just finished the Total Body Workout, even though this is for beginners, it was hard to keep up sometimes. My chin hurt really bad as I was doing the circles and so I had to stop, what can I do to help this? I definitely need to strengthen my legs. Can’t wait to do AB time and ABC abs tomorrow! Thanks Cassey!

  80. Love your videos keep them coming! I appreciate your reminder to suck in the belly. Also what do you say if your shoulders hurt while your doing the workout, should I do additional stretching?

  81. You can, but you want to lose it gradually-the quicker it comes off, the quicker it goes back on. I would definitely use Blogiates to support you, and maybe a weight loss community site like , which has food and exercise trackers, or you could join the Dietbet that Cassie has set up on I defo recommend Sparkpeople to use alongside this, as it’s free and you can track the exercise you do here and get some great information on health and diet.


  82. Michelle says:

    can you lose wieght in 2 months ? please help me cassie, i wanna lose weight this summer cause i weight 225 pounds! /.\

  83. Hi Cassey! I just wanted to know what an inspiration you’ve been to me and how helpful in my quest for better health. I am in high school and not overweight but I was born 3 months premature which left me with heart and lung problems and just to make things better I suffer from severe social discomfort(severe shyness-yeah it’s a real medical condition) because I was abused as a child. I can’t go to a gym because of this debilitating shyness but my heart and lung problems require me to stay lean or risk potentially fatal side effects of my health problems and your videos have been the perfect compromise for me.

  84. Hey Casey,
    I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be doing your videos. I started yesterday with your “total body for beginners” and then today I did the “beginners labor day workout” and “beginner ab workout”… love them! I’m recovering from anorexia and just really beginning to exercise again without overdoing it. Any advice you have for me would be fabulous :)
    XOXO Kels

  85. Hi Cassey,
    Thanks for all the workouts. I really love them. I was wondering if you could do some that are ok to do in pregnancy?
    Thanks, vikki

  86. Yes please! A beginner’s calender would be great! I would really really REALLY appreciate it >_<

  87. Hi everyone!
    I have been trying to get myself into a workout routine for the past two years, but I have been unsuccessful. I’m more used to playing sports instead of working out because I enjoy it more, but I’ve moved twice in the past 2 years and I’m having difficulty finding community volleyball clubs for amateurs -_- (and I’m super shy so it’s hard for me to just walk in)… I get bored of working out because I always do the same routine and it just stops being fun :(. However, after discovering blogilates on YouTube, I actually enjoy working out with Cassey!
    Does anyone have any recommendations on starting off? I know that I will definitely be doing the beginner’s series for awhile, but I’m not sure if I should do all of the videos in one shot 3x a week or should I mix it up and spread it out throughout the week…?

  88. Szommer Dóra says:

    Agree :) It will be so great!

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  91. Barbara says:

    Great workout today–first after a brief respite, and hoping that I can gear it up to tighten up now! As always, Cassie, Thanks!

  92. Christina says:

    Is it okay that this didn’t exactly burn? I’m overweight but I used to be pretty fit so could that be why the beginner workout was sort of easy for me?

  93. I started straight with May Calendar and realized that though I was physically active the whole last month doing other workout programme, I still struggle with most of the videos. So I think I should start with beginner series instead and see how it goes : ) Good luck for me..

  94. I’m gonna start tonight after work! Lets see how it goes!
    Im a mom so i have a little belly i dont want to have! hahahah
    Im in El Salvador, so u have a new fan in this little country now.

  95. Hey!
    Is the site not working properly?
    The BODY FOCUS tab (under WORKOUT VIDEOS) is not working.
    I can’t find any of the stretching videos and I wish there were tabs for different part of the body, like a week ago.
    Please help!

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  97. That was each attention-grabbing likewise as insightful!
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

  98. AnushehNavAsh says:

    Yes Please Cassey make a beginners workout plan. I just started exercising with you today and I couldn’t do most of the workouts on the calender. Makes me realize how awful a state my body is in. Beginners like me need your help cassey. Save us with a beginner workout calender. <3

  99. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice,
    keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road. All the best

  100. Excellent blog here! Also your site loads up very fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  101. I would love to have a beginners calender! Pretty please

  102. Yeeeees pleeeaseee !!! A BEGINNERS CALENDAR! <3 <3 <3

  103. Betty Pittman says:

    Yes!!! I agree!! I would love a beginners calendar!!!

  104. i second you!! well third. please make one please

  105. Did this & my butt/hammies/lower back are on FIREEE! Lol. (p.s. is my lower back supposed to be getting a workout from this as well?)

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    Hi! As many sugest, a beginners calendar would be great! *-*
    The normal calendar is too hard for me – even the beginner videos are quite hard because I haven’t worked out for a loooong looong time ^^’ But I’m trying! :)
    That’s why I ask you – pleeease, do a beginners calendar! It would be so much encouraging to have goals to achieve.
    Kiss! :) ***

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  109. Patrícia says:

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  120. I just did the beginner but workout and it felt great!

  121. Just did my first video and I feel so good! :) I had to pause a lot because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right but tomorrow, I’ll be doing the whole thing with you cassie! :) Thanks so much!

  122. I’m new to your site and going through all the vids. Thank you soooo much. I had abdominal surgery last year and have had a slow recovery. Your workouts are helping me get back in shape. My goal is to return to the bootcamp fitness classes I did before surgery….and I am hoping with the strength I am gaining from your vids that in another 4 months I may be able to return. Yeah…thanks a million! I love you!

  123. Christine says:

    Just started working out again. These beginner workouts are a great way to get back into it and build up to more. Plus my 3 year old runs over and does them with me. Hopefully we’ll build good workout habits young!

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    I really want to start sport and so I am a newbie.
    I don’t know how to start or what exercises I can do or how much (each day?).
    Is there any beginnner’s calendar? That would do great! I could not find it on the web.

    Please help me!

  125. hey Cassey, i was just wondering, what are you suppose to do after the pilates workouts? and is it normal that i don’t sweat that much?

  126. Dear Casey
    Thanks for your awesome video. I have a little embracing question. I was OK doing the 2 first workouts, but the last one….. It caused me to feel strange in my internal genitalia organs. Its like feeling extremely weak there, and it made mo to feel exhausted and enabled me to continue. I have had same problem with any other workouts which targeted the same area! what can I do? How can I make myself stronger?

  127. Have a read of Cassey’s FAQ’s, it says in there.

  128. How long and how often you you have to repeat this video to see results? Weeks? Months?

  129. rowan gostovich says:

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    I wish you did more beginners videos. Whenever I try one of your regular ones I fail half-way and then am discouraged to work out for another few months. I think lots of my friends would also take up blogilates if there were more begginer vids and they could keep up!
    thanks for the vids :)


  138. Hi Cassey-

    Do you have a workout for saddlebags? Help!

  139. Hi,
    I THINK you might want to try to angle your knees, this made it much easier for me when I started. I have two young children and although I wasn’t in terrible shape either I just couldn’t do it at the beginning. But hey, I can do the roll-ups now!
    Wonder what Cassey will say.

  140. Thanks for these easy to follow Pilates for beginners video! I look forward to doing this every morning before making my fruit smoothies. I also found this information to be helpful too. I find that working out in the beginning can be intimidating, but if you keep at it, you’ll see results.

  141. (This is referring to the abs video, BTW)

  142. I can’t do the very first moves in the video: if I do the roll down, my legs come off the floor near the end and my back sorta hits the ground with a whump. And in terms of the roll up with my legs flat: no. My shoulders come off the ground and I shake and shake and don’t get anywhere. I’m not strong but I’m not in terrible shape or anything. Is there a video even more beginner than this one? How do I get where I can roll up? At this point I’m pretty sure I’m just straining my neck.

  143. This was such a useful video I tried a more advanced one and kind of new what todo but this cleared up all that I was struggling with : D

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  145. Alexandra says:

    Great video! I’ve tried some of your regular videos, and they just frustrated me because I’ve never done pilates before and it is really challenging. So offering a beginner option is fantastic, thank you! I love how you keep talking throughout the video – reminds me of exactly the kind of banter I try to keep up with my elementary students when I’m trying to distract them from something they don’t want to be doing! Haha.

    I would love to see beginner videos for inner thighs. I’ve tried one of your regular videos for inner thighs and couldn’t complete even half of it!

  146. how long should i do it to get body like eleanor

  147. Should I be doing an hour on the treadmill or elliptical in conjunction with pilates? This might be a dumb question but honestly I’m going from couch to this so I have no idea.

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  150. im only 11 so i guess u can do it too, Delany

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    workout with different excercises for people who have completed and/or are confident with the one-thousand workout.
    thankyou for your time

  152. Im only 13 is it ok to do any of these excersises or should i wait till im a little bit older?

  153. As long as u love me justin bieber

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  159. Can you do more Beginner things? A beginner meal plan, beginner workout calendar, and more beginner videos? I love your blog, but sometimes they are intimidating because of how out of shape I am. Ive done your beginner total body many times. Love it. Would just love some variety :)

  160. I started on your beginners Ab Time workout last night, & just finished the Beginners Total Body Workout then. Love your blog! I am just getting back into pilates after having my baby & am so happy to have found you! I can fit in a workout while my daughter naps or even when she’s crawling around during playtime. Keep up the great work!!!

  161. Hey Cass,

    love your beginners workouts,was wondering if you can perhaps make more beginner workouts (like your beginners:ab workout)but which targets other body parts?e.g:arm,legs,etc

    will be very much appreciated:)

  162. I hurt so much but feel so good!! Thank you Cassie! Until tomorrow :D x

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    Love, love, love your videos! I think it would be great if you were to offer your POP pilates videos for sale on Amazon or Itunes!! I live in a rural area with spotty internet service at best so oftentimes I’m not able to watch your videos without quite a bit of lag time sometimes I’m not able to get them to play at all due to the horrible internet service. I would be more than happy to pay to download your videos so I would be able to play them from my Kindle or PC without having to be hooked up to internet. Do you think this could be an option in the future? Thanks!!

  164. I have tendonitis and can’t do a lot of cardio on my ankle and was desperate to find another workout. These beginner videos are absolutely great! I definitely feel my core improving! the roll ups are a bit hard for me! Will keep on doing them until I can fully do one! Hopefully I’ll be able to do your other videos soon! This has totally helped me!! Now I’m addicted!

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  169. I found your video on youtube by accident and I am happy I did! I tried the pop pilates for beginners and 6 words … love it! That video led me to your fb and then here. I have to say.. I am now addicted! Thanks! :)

  170. Oh and it would be wonderful if you can upload more beginner videos for other body parts, just like you did with the abs.

    I realize when I do videos that I am definitely beginner level when it comes to my upper body and abs/ core..I really struggle with planks…my gosh I really suck at those.

    I even find the pilates stance really hard…

  171. lori gregory says:

    Hi, i lost 32 lbs since March 1st, and now i have lots of fat on my stomach and underarms. what do you suggest i do to make it go away? i’m not active at all. thank you, Lori

  172. Omg! I’m so sore after just two days of working out with ur vids! I’m so glad there are other newbies here too! After having twins and all the body changes that came with it, I’m having a difficult time adjusting to my more, uhmm, hippy self lol anyway thanks so much for ur encouragement during the vids and for ur email reminders! :) much appreciated!

  173. I just did the total body workout for beginners. It felt amazing. I felt really good afterwards. I am new to Pilates and I already like it!
    I am very out of shape so it was hard at first but like you said, “it will become easier once the body gets stronger.”
    I feel like I could actually continue with this, and I hope to be strong, lean, and fit in the future.
    I was hoping you could make more beginner level workouts? Like beginner pop cardio or something. I am grateful to have found this website.
    Thank you so much Cassie. You are a total inspiration!

  174. I love yout workouts for beginners. I tryed them yesterday and I felt great when I finished. It was a bit hard for me since I am a complete beginner but I will try to do those exercises from 4-7 times a week and I know it will gets better.

  175. I agree, I love these beginner workouts and would enjoy one for legs or arms. I am still unsteady on the plank but have seen a major improvement from when I first started. Thank you so much Cassey!

  176. Hi Angie! I also have a mac and I can watch all videos, so maybe your problem is related to any extension needed to watch the videos in this website.. Anyway, you can watch the videos from Youtube directly!

  177. I believe your exercises are great. While I am not horrifically out of shape I am not happy with where I am right. While my body still looks great I feel sluggish and out of shape. I use to work out all the time and found it to be quite enjoyable and a great stress reliever. I have always been active but currently have had to tamper down on my more active lifestyle. I am currently attending graduate school, doing an internship, and still working so my time is limited. I love how accessibly of your workouts and appreciate that they can be done just about anywhere. Your videos have definitely challenged me and encouraged me thus far. Keep up the great work!

  178. I can’t see the video from my mac is there something i can do to view the video? Or does anyone else have this problem?

  179. I love this workout. Suits me best as a beginner!

  180. I totally agree!! We need more beginner videos :)

  181. Hi Cassey! I love these beginner videos! POP Pilates is the first exercise program I’ve ever actually wanted to stick with and I think I’m doing pretty well with it. Do you have printables for the Total Body Workout and Ab Time videos? I really like them, but sometimes I have to share my computer and can’t always watch the videos.

  182. I would love it if you could make more beginner videos. Pretty please :) :)

  183. I have been doing your Challenges for a couple of weeks and just discovered the beginner ones! They are great! I was having a hard time balancing and I realized it was because I wasn’t breathing properly. Any chance you’ll make more beginner videos? Please?

  184. Hi sooo..
    I just discovered about this site and your youtube and I feel that I can stay healthy and fit with your workouts. I hope you can keep me motivated(;

  185. Loved the abs for beginners workout – simple to follow – I can really feel it on my Obliques today, but not so much on the lower abs – I will keep at it though, I don’t think I’m doing the Corkscrew right, I have to keep lying down to do it, not because my quads are at me, more because I can’t keep the small of my back on the mat!!!!! Keep the beginners vids coming!!! Gutted I missed out on winning one the ‘ Train like a beast, look like a Beauty’ tops!!!!!

  186. jamie-lynn Doll says:

    haha, SAME HERE! iam so glad theres no one around me besides my son, whos 8months and could careless what iam doing.

  187. Hi everyone. As a beginner which core workout to you all use?

    Thank you. Love this site

  188. Hey Cassie.

    These two videos are perfect, but please make some more arms and abs for sure. I’m not strong enough to do your arm and abs work-outs yet, but I’d like to do more Pilates.

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    This is the first time I have ever tried pilates and wow. I could barely get through the beginners workout. I will continue to try six days a week hopefully I will get better because today I was pathetic

  191. Jaclyn Garza says:

    I felt the same way. Doing pilates is a lot harder than it looks. I keep pushing myself because I want to get into shape

  192. dejonge says:

    zo leuk dat er nog mensen uit belgië zijn die deze video’s doen!
    is er zo geen forum waar je medegenoten kan vinden?

    mvg ! x

  193. just tried this pilates ab video! It was my 2nd time doing pilates (i took one class something like 2 years ago) and i looooved it! I’m gonna try soon the 1st video for a total body workout!

  194. Kaitlyn says:

    I love your videos. My boyfriend is currently at basic training right now and I wanted to get in shape for him when he returns. Your videos are inspiring me to keep up with my goal. Thanks so much!

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    love you Cassey! <33

  196. Wow, i really love you, but this video makes me feels like loser, i couldn’t stand 10 minutes and i had to stop. but i will keep trying, i know in the end it’s going to worth it

  197. Cassey, I just wanted to say that I have been very very overweight for most of my life. I started eating clean a few months ago, and last week, I began doing this Pilates beginners video. It kicked my butt at first but I’m getting stronger. Today I discovered that for the first time since I was in elementary school, I can touch my toes! So I wanted to say thank you for your help! You’ve definitely changed how I think about working out! :)

  198. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I absolutely love your videos. I decided I wanted to start doing pilates so I googled “pilates for beginners” and this was the first thing that came up, and I’m really thankful for it. One quick question. When I do the point up and flex down for my right foot, I feel a sort of popping in my toes. Is this normal? It sort of feels like when you run a rubber band across your fingers and it snaps back into place (not hard or painful, just really weird). I don’t get this feeling on my left side, however. Is there any way that you can think of to prevent this?
    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work and these amazing videos!

  199. Hey Cassey! I just have a quick question. I’m new to your videos and I did the beginner ab video today for the 3rd time. I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m doing the moves wrong but in moves like the plank and the elbow to knee plank that it was my shoulder and back that were hurting and feeling strain rather than my abs. Do you know what I may be doing wrong for this to happen?
    Thanks :)

  200. Samantha says:

    Hi Cassey – Is there any way we could get some more beginner videos? I love them!

  201. I love it please post some more vids for beginners.

  202. I liked the Caplet! It’s so pretty, never seen ahntying like it before :)I feel extra beautiful after a post-workout bath- especially if I’m having to dress up and head out with friends/family! The sense of accomplishment after completing an exercise, the natural blush on my cheeks, and the gratefulness for the love shown by my friends and family.. it gives me a sense of belonging, and I will be feeling beautiful no matter how the world defines beauty :)

  203. Please make more beginners videos! I like to switch it up so I just put on the advanced and it’s too much for me. Please please please!

  204. Hi Micmic,

    I was just reading in the blog for the 90 Day Meal plan + workout plan, Cass has a really nice workout plan set up you might like to take a look at.

  205. Hi Bek,
    When the exercises start getting easier, that is usually a good indicator that you are ready to move on to more advanced/difficult videos. Good luck and have fun! Remember to do the stretching video before and after!

  206. Hi! First of all, I wanna say I love your website and your pilates videos. I started following the Beginners – Total Body Workout, but I have an issue. Whenever I do the side lift legs, the joints in my hip hurt me really bad. I know it’s not muscular pain, I’ve always had issues with my joints and my knees (I’m hiperflexible) so I was wondering if you had any advice for this, because I want to continue working out, but I don’t want to hurt myself in the process. Thank you very much!

  207. Can I ask for some advice? I’ve been doing these beginners workouts for a little over a month now and have found that my core/abs aren’t getting as fatigued as they initially were. Should I move on to different workouts or keep going with these ones??

  208. Deanna C says:

    Me too!

  209. Deanna C says:

    You are an inspiration! Thank you so much! I used to make excuses for myself not to workout.. But when I started watching your videos, your enthusiasm rubbed off on me. :) Now I’ve been doing the beginners videos once a day or every other day for a few weeks. And I can feel a difference in my muscles, and in my attitude.
    Thanks again! <3

  210. Oh love your site and blogs! but would love to see some more beginner videos!

  211. Tatiana says:

    hej i’m from belgium and i love your pilates workout videos, i’m gonna try to do pilates 4 times a week, i love to do it and your video’s are the best to begin and to continue with poppilates.

    Thank you!

  212. Micmic says:

    Hello! Your videos are so cool! I want to do everything so can you suggest a schedule for me to follow. Like monday i’m gonna follow this video. Please suggest something that will help me get toned easily. thanks!

  213. hey i loved this begginers video but as soon as i started doing it my stomach got tighter and usually its really flabby so is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  214. This is amazing! I’ve only been working on this for two weeks (3x week) but I can already feel myself improving so I can move onto more advanced stuff!
    Do you have how many reps of each exercise anywhere? I’d love to have it in my head/written down somewhere for days I can’t get to youtube.

  215. whoops sorry am excited about it bit didnt mean to spam it! :P
    (guess the computer was excited too! :P)

  216. love these workouts – and just found this little trick to help with my hamstring flexibility i dont know why it works but a few inches gained in reach instantly (my toes are in sight hehehe)

    but thought id share the link with the girls struggling like me

    anyway great stuff!, am starting the 90 day diet next week – quite excited! :)

  217. love these workouts – and just found this little trick to help with my hamstring flexibility i dont know why it works but a few inches gained in reach (my toes are in sight hehehe)

    but thought id share the link with the girls struggling like me

    anyway great stuff!, am starting the 90 day diet next week – quite excited! :)

  218. Hi Cassey,

    I feel kinda lonely in this womens world but pilates is also for men so i just have to try this!

    I’ll start today with your beginner video’s and let all my muscles burn so i can’t walk properly tomorrow haha

    Greetings from holland

  219. Cassey, thanks so much for everything you do. I did ballet most of my life and stopped after college…after just doing 2 hours of your videos for the first time..I can honestly say I feel the same sweat and tears, if not more…I want to workout all day with you XD …

  220. Hi Cassey,

    I’m doing the workout for beginners and I love it!
    It’s nice way for good shape. You made great job!
    Thank you for your videos.

    Greetings from Poland

  221. Josephine says:

    Hi! I want to start doing your videos, and I just want to know how often a week I should do them to see results? Or do I have to do some other videos than the beginner ones to get wanted results?
    They all look really great, and I am really hoping to get a flatter tummy and more toned legs etc :)

  222. Sorry, now, as I posted it I can see your videos!! :)

  223. Hey Cassey,
    I just did your POP Pilates Summer Slimdown Videos and realized that I have to start with some beginner videos… :-/ But i have a problem finding them. When I open this side it says connection time out..and I can’t find it on youtube either. Could you be so nice and post a link to the beginner videos?? I need to get in shape for the summer figure and I’d love to do it with your videos!! I really love your energy!!
    So please help me ;-)
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  224. Hi, i love the workout!
    I’m doing the workout for beginners and I don’t know if my breathing is correct, I’m a singer so I automatically do the abdominal breahing. Do you have any video just for breathin practice? This is my first time with pilates workouts and I want to get in shape .. I’m doing the 20 minutes workout everyday that ok?
    Than you for your videos and stay awsome!!

    Greetings from Slovenia

    Luise :)

  225. Hey!
    When I do the for beginner’s workout, my hips get so tight when doing the circles that I can’t seem to stretch them out. This especially happens when you are saying I should feel it in my butt, which I don’t. Any suggestions?

  226. Wait, what are lunch ladies!?!?

  227. Hello Cassey!
    I am 58 years old and I have started with your beginners videos and although I have not exercised in quite a while I am really not feeling the pain I think I should be the next day. Am I doing something wrong?
    I would love some videos for beginners that target the upper legs. I’m beginning to see “lunch ladies” form in the inner upper thigh area that need to go…YUCK!

  228. Hey Cassey! I love your videos. How should we know when we are ready to move on from the beginners pilates moves? Is there a way to know? :P Thanks for everything you do!!!!


  229. How often would you recommend doing this, daily or thrice a week or weekly? And do you have any tea preferences? haha (:

  230. laura chistine says:

    if you have the youtube app on your iPhone/iDevice you can watch her videos that way!
    That’s what I do! haha

  231. Hi Cassey ! :)

    I’ve recently started your videos – actually on Sunday , but even though I know I’m a fool to expect results in three days , but I do feel stronger. I used to be fit , but I let my self- go so its hard to gain all that muscle back yet easy to push myself ; I want to lose 20 lbs for prom in JUNE! I’ve told myself constantly to lose weight all year , but now I feel like I’m actually trying with POP Pilates I’m able to go up and down the stairs without heavy breathing nor tiredness. I’ll let you know if I fit into my dream dress :)

  232. Hi Cassey

    Thanks so much for these videos, they’re just what i’m after. I tried moving on to the advanced ones and they’re still a bit tricky for me. Are you going to do some more beginners vids?

    Thanks again,

  233. Thank you so much for these videos! I did the one for the back and I thought. “Oh this is so easy.” But then I was SO sore the next day! I just did the abs for beginners and am soaked in sweat! I guess I’m way more outta shape than I thought. Keep up the good work!

  234. I love all your workouts Cassey! …
    But I still come back and do this beginners’ one on days when I am sore :P

  235. Hi Cassey,

    Thank you soooooo much for this video!
    I just finished it for the first time and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I must admit, though, the legs exercises totally did me in! (although I was ok for the abs or arms).

    Thanks again!

  236. Hi Cassey!:-)
    Thank you for doing such a awesome job. I would like to ask you a question. I would like to start with pilates to loose some weight but I need to watch my blood pressure (it’s not dangerous, I just need to start very slowly), especially I wasn’t doing so much sport or anything before.

    Do you have any tipps for me? Thank you very much.


  237. yes!

  238. Hi Cassie!
    You doing an excellent job!
    I need to ask you, I don’t want to lose my weight, I am very skinny, I need to increase muscle mass, but I don’t want fat..Are these exercises good for me? Thanks dear!

  239. Just until you want to try the others! If you can’t finish, just take a break!

  240. hey cassie,
    i just started doing your workouts today. I can’t wait to see results!

  241. OMG, Just did this for the first time, it was sooooo hard! lol I thought I was pretty strong, but I guess not, definitely gonna start doing this everyday!

    I was wondering how long should I do the beginners workouts before I move up to the other ones??

  242. I swear I can’t suck my belly button in when I’m in Pilates position, I try to suck it in all during the day though.. It’s so weird. do you think I’m just not strong enough yet?

  243. Hi cassey I’m really overweight and I’m 13 I really think my mom dose not even care I just started doing this today and I really feel it working lol but I love this and I’ll keep doing it in till I start seeing results u really inspire me <3

  244. hi cassey!
    i’m new here and i just started pop pilates for beginners! You make look that so easy!! but it’s not ;)
    I ‘ll do that again tomorrow and the day after! i think it will be easier in a few weeks!
    thanks for your wonderful blog and videos!

  245. Does pilates built the kind of muscle that will be significant to burn fat and boost metabolism? I have been trying to lose some stubborn body fat and have hit a plateau. Thanks! :)

  246. You just gotta practice breathing laterally. Deep breaths to the sides of your rib cage.

  247. You make exercise interesting and worth wild!

  248. love the vids! When I do 100s I use my abs to pull me up as far as I can, not my neck, but I still always feel like I can’t breathe because my lung space is restricted. Normal?

  249. check to see that your wrist and knees or toes are in line in parallel with the edge of the mat!

  250. Hey Cassey, love the workout! With the oblique dippers, I dont seem to engage my obliques at all, just my wrist and shoulder. what should I do? Thank you for all your videos and posts – I adore them!

  251. yes start with the beginner vids!

  252. Hey Cassie, I’ve been trying to commit myself to work out more regularly and get in shape. I’ve started going to the gym for some cardio and a little bit of weight training as well. And I was wondering if it’s alright to do both pilates and gym workouts on the same day (will it be too much exercising for someone who’s not used to regular exercising?) Also, I was wondering, because I’ve never done pilates before, if I should start with these beginner videos before any other ones?

    Finally, I wanted to say thank you so much for making such encouraging website and videos.

  253. I’ve been doing these about 3 times a week for a fornight now, and my god! The difference to my upper body strength is amazing. My posture seems to be getting better too. :)

  254. Hi!
    I really enjoy your video “pilates gor beginners”!
    I was wonderring which video to do after that…
    …I mean which one is suitable for a not beginner but not yet advanced!

  255. Hi Cassey!

    I have done your total body pilates work out (abs, leg and arms) and I hurt everywhere! IT’S AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting all your routines. I can’t quite make it through just yet without looking ridiculous but I plan on working at it til I can!


  256. Glad to have u on board!

  257. Hi!

    I’m really just a beginner in Pilates and damn girl, you made my legs hurt ;) But I loved it and I will keep doing it four times a week because I feel better al ready. Thanks for this and keep doing what you do. You have changed my life :)
    Greeting frot Belgium

  258. Hi Cassey, i was wondering can u make some butt and thights targeted videos for beginners?

  259. I just found your website after recommendations from friends, and I just finished this workout. Whew! Way to show me how out of shape I really am! I loved it though–I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I can tell that I worked on muscles that really need to be strengthened.

    Thank you so much for your awesome website!

  260. hi
    ive just watched your beginner video and got through okay but im really unfit i was just wondering how long i should do the beginners vid before moving on to next step ???


  261. I loved the beginner video! I could do it all the way through without stopping, thanks so much for providing this type of video, it was awesome!

  262. Please stay!!! You will find everything you need, I promise.

  263. I have been exploring for a little bit for any high-quality articles or weblog posts in this sort of area . Exploring in Yahoo I eventually stumbled upon this web site. Studying this information So i am satisfied to show that I’ve a very excellent uncanny feeling I came upon exactly what I needed. I most indisputably will make certain to do not overlook this site and provides it a look regularly.

  264. it’s true…i started working out about two weeks ago and my neck was killing me, I couldnt sleep at night.But after few days it stoped and i wasnt doing anything diffrent :)

  265. it takes time to adjust. just do the best u can to use ur abs to lift, not ur neck. ur neck muscle will strengthen over time. rest ur head if and when it gets too heavy.

  266. Hey, I’ve just discovered your videos after recommendations from friends. I’m 18 years old and quite fit, but I have a very weak core so your videos are amazing (but tough!)
    When I go into pilates stance my head feels like it weighs a heap though! Even though my abs are killing me, my neck is also killing me. Any idea what I’m doing wrong??
    Thanks so much, your videos are fantastic! Love from New Zealand!!

  267. you are welcome!

  268. Hey Cassey,
    Hello from Australia. I’ve just recently discovered your blog (where have I been?) and just done your beginners pilates video. I think it killed me and I consider myself a fit person.
    Just wanted to say thanks for making these. I’ll definitely be adding these to my weekly routines.
    Thanks again :D

  269. thank u!

  270. I just wrote a post on my blog about this workout! Thanks for your great videos Cassey :)

    Check it out here:

  271. Ah yes, please subscribe to – those workouts don’t have music! OK, and will keep more beg. vids in mind :)

  272. I came across your site in my searching for ways of getting more fit during my team’s roller derby off-season time. I’ve even recommended your site to my team mates. :) I’m a rank beginner with this concept of pilates.

    One issue I’m having is in some of your videos there seems to be some background music that I find a bit distracting. It makes it slightly difficult to follow along when I’m playing your video on my desktop computer and I’m down on the floor.

    Oh, and I second the request for more beginner videos, please! *heart*

  273. Yea I should make more!

  274. Hi cassey!

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful videos and also for the 90 Day Challenge, I really love them!
    I do have a hard time with most of your videos though and I was wondering if there will be more beginner videos? I can’t get enough of those! :D

  275. Hold onto your legs! And pull yourself up!

  276. Hi Cassey,

    Hello from Australia!!
    I’m new to pilates and have really loved your blog so far – it’s great for my pre-wedding work outs! But no matter what, I can’t do that thing how you peel yourself off the ground like a sticker! Have you got any tips for me so I can slowly get better? Thanks!

  277. no not yet!

  278. Hi Cassey, thanks for your blog, it’s great.
    Is there any way to download your videos (itunes, etc). Thank you so much.

  279. Hallo Cassey, ich finde deine Workouts super! Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

  280. GREAT!

  281. when i sow this video for 1 time i thouth that it is very easy…today i tried and is not so easy but i am happy becouse i feel that my mouscules are working and this make me happy…thank you very much for your videos

  282. Try to keep your knees bent and press your lower back into the mat.

  283. I really like this workout but everytime i move my legs my hips and knees crack and it hurts. Is there anyway i can still workout without the pain?

  284. Hey, Cassey. Thanks so much for your videos. I am from Brazil and I am trying to get back into shape with you. I had a baby three years ago, need desperately to like my body again. Since I never seem to be able to go to a gym, detached from my role as a mother, your videos came up as the most perfect solution. Certainly my little Julia gets in the way, but it has been very good! I hope I can write back to tell you about my progress!!!

  285. Don’t worry it will come to you quicker thant you think. I started up with this video like 2 months ago and now the first thing in the morning is thinking of doing my Cassey Ho’s pilates. And I was the laziest girl in the world !

  286. hey cassey ,
    I just started woking out and I just can’t keep up with you am I being lazy or it takes time to be able to do all the those work outs


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