• Tammy Winters

    That was rough! I think I must’ve been using something other than my abs to get through those ABC abs! I think my whole body is going to be sore tomorrow!

  • Rosana Ruiz

    Somebody, please, bring me a wheelchair…

  • Evelina Nilsson

    My abs are dead!The first one gets a bit easier every time but ABC was really hard and I had to make it easier. But I did it!

  • Emma

    The ABC abs hurt my back a lot! did anybody else have this problem?

  • Lian

    Ab workouts make my lower back hurt, I have to pause so often. :( Is it because I don’t have that strong enough of a core yet that my back is doing most of the job? What should I do?

  • Joo Diels

    For the yolo x I was thinking Xtra bacon XTra mayo Xtra everything

  • I’m not sure if I did ABC abs properly because my legs hurt more than my abs!! :)

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    first video gets easier every time :) still struggle doing the legs though, I always have to stop at some point. one day!
    ABC video was hell because I would never know when we’d be over ._. stopped a couple times for sure!

  • Monica Cuartero

    Not in the best condition today :( Only did the first video but it’s still better than nothing for sure. I’ll get to finish the alphabet abs someday. For now, just get some rest I guess. Still awesome though cause I got to actually finish the first video without stopping.

  • Caitlyn

    I was screaming Spinach in my room and my brother thinks im insane now!!?

  • Sal

    Help! I cannot keep my back on the mat while I’m lying down because my bum is too big :S

    • Anna Gress

      Try sucking in your stomach. Curve your back in. The most important part of Pilates is form. If you don’t have proper form you can end up doing more harm than good.

  • Caroline

    I was like: please say salad, come on say salad, it hurts so much, say salad!

  • riddikkulus

    Day 9 and I’m still not able to do those fudging roll-ups but 8 days ago I would’ve never been able to guess what kind of joy the words “now it’s time for some arms” bring to me. Abs are hell, but I kinda enjoy the arms exercises

  • Anis Amalina

    9th day DONE!!! i cheated on the second video. I didn;t draw any alphabets lol

    • Lian

      I drew tiny ones lol. I can’t bring my legs all the way down without arching my back!

  • Jenna

    Good morning popsters! On my second time around with the beginner calendar and the abcs made me grateful that I am doing the beginners calendar again. I really struggled (like basically took more breaks than actual workout with the upper ab part. In the low ab part my hips really hurt. Finally, super excited to get through the leg portion of the beginners workout! Does anyone else feel it more in their shins than their thighs?

  • Alexis Brownlee

    I was able to go through the whole beginners video without stopping!! :D Definitely feeling the improvement. However, I’m not sure what I was doing wrong in the ABC videos, my legs hurt so much in both moves but I didn’t feel my abs hurting at all. I think other ab moves work far better for me, but let me know if anyone else is having this problem and if they figured out what the issue is!! :) Keep crushing it ladies! <3

    • Jenna

      I literally felt the same thing

  • Pauline Seghers

    I was literally screaming Mango and Salmon to her! Haha

  • Cristy

    Day 9 complete but i only managed to do the first video. I hate working out my abs so the second video was like impossible. Ready to day 10

  • tctflower

    The first part of ABC abs had me wanting to scream but I couldnt beacuse I couldn’t stop shaking! This was one of the first times I really really had to stop. I was hardly leaning back and oh my goshhhh I was burning! I wasn’t sweating though, just shaking and burning. Not Ideal, but I will take the burn. Don’t know how i can get through this week!

  • Kalina

    I don’t know why but while doing the second video the second exercise my hands hurted like crazy and I couldn’t do it till the end. My abs weren’t that burning but my handsstarted vibrating. How can I do it differently so I won’t have that problem?

  • Sthefania

    During the ABC workout the nail part of my thumbs hurt a lot at the end from having to keep a straight back and every now and then my hips pop. Well at least I’m done with day 9! :D

  • I thought I’m gonna die on the secnd one :D it was like “gosh, I can’t an…HAMBURGER!!!”
    day 9 is done ♥ thank youuu

  • Jessi

    day 9 done! ABCs killed me and those leg circles kill me every time

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 9 done!
    I’m literally exhausted!

  • Chloé

    Guys I don’t know what to do, I felt behind on day 9 and this is day 10 for me but it’s late already and I’d like to do day 9 and 10 in a row, but I feel like I’d better get enough sleep, what do you suggest?? Skipping a day or two?? I feel like I’ll feel soo guilty if I let that happen!

    • Bethany

      Hey Chloe,
      Don’t worry about the timing! It’s super awesome that you’re so driven to keep up with the calendar, but you’re totally right to value and respect your body by getting enough rest. I have a feeling you’re a pretty goal-oriented person who likes to achieve things – I am too! What I’ve learned is that I need to give myself grace for the times that working out just doesn’t happen. For example, I missed day 6 or something…no big deal, I just did day 6 the next day and moved on :) And that made working out healthy for me – it’s not something I do to fulfill a requirement, but something I do to cherish, respect, and care for my body when working out (over getting rest, or taking a break to be with friends or have a chill night and play music) is the healthiest thing I can do. That’s certainly meant that once I started working out, I did so more and more often, and I held myself to an expectation of how often I’d work out because I enjoyed how it made me feel! But I never feel guilty if I don’t do it, because I know that at the end of the day, working out is about feeling good, not feeling bad. I learned that I deserve to invest my time in things that build me up, not cut me down, so if exercising cuts me down I need to stop and come back to it later. You deserve to always build yourself up too! Good luck, girl! <3

    • Jenna

      honestly, i missed a couple days here and there and I just started back up where I left off. I would just do day 9 and tomorrow do day 10. Don’t beat yourself up. I want to feel happy about exercise so I will do it tomorrow, not stressed about it. I mean it’s not like we are all doing it at the same time anyway.

  • Jenna

    man this was tough today! First one the legs killed me. I was happy to make it through the first leg without putting my leg down and then the second leg was so sore! Today I tried focusing on my breathing and sucking it in. I am definitely having trouble using my abs. ABCs were so hard. The first Upper abs I had to keep putting down my legs because my legs and butt hurt. Second one I could barely get through. I think doing ABCs right is a new goal of mine.

  • Noelle Brake

    Had to cut my workout short today because I woke up with a headache :( I still gave it my all for what I did! I was literally screaming SPINACH, CASSEY, SPINACH!

  • eloise

    So, being the secondt time I do the beginners calendar and several of Cassey’s other routines I was like: “so, what’s for today? ABC abs….oh, I remember this one, it is a screamer (meaning those vids so hard they make you scream)…it’s still a screamer for me, but it was a lotta fun, I loled so hard when Cassey came up with ” Your momma’s cookiiiiing!!!” that was so funny…ok, 9th day done!

  • Jennie

    Day 9 done!

  • Abigail

    Died halfway through second video. But at least I got through the upper abs!
    Also, I have noticed that I have really bad knees, and it hurts to plank, or do pushups, or anything else that puts stress on them, but I’m not strong enough to do the more advanced versions. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Piper Hayworth

      Look up modified moves for them. There are versions where you can be on your knees. Unless that is the problem… My right knee is trouble too, and it seems to help.

      • Abigail

        Yeah, thats the problem. Im not strong enough yet to do anything but the modified versions, and yet it hurts my knees terribly to do them. But thank you anyway! :)

  • cher

    sounded like an idiot, screaming out food names. day9 done tho, Super tough but I’m still gonna do the cardio and arm videos!

  • Mitsuha

    For me it wasnÀ’t abc abs, it was abc legs xD

    • Teresa

      Me too! My legs were cramping so bad :(

      • Mitsuha

        Same here!! I had to pause between the moves. But that’s okay we’ll get stronger! I just finished day 12 today and man its getting harder but it’s also fun :)

  • Giselle de la Fuente

    I had previously signed up for blogilates and then I unsubscribed a while aftern. Ive started with it again and tried resubscribing, but I still dont receive any emails from her and I really want the passwords for the normal calendar. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Mahtab

    Day 9 done! I was hard cause my boby is super tired. I realize that I’m better when I do the video at night vs in the morning!

  • Angie F.

    ABC Abs is the worst. Anyone else start yelling SPINACH at their screen?! :P

  • Erika

    omg that ABC ab video killed me!!! I have gotten better at the first video though:) I still need to take breaks but not as often as I did in the beginning :D

  • mika

    the ABC abs was a killer! but it was fun naming any food that comes to my mind xD i have gotten better at doing the first vid : ) day 9 done! :D

  • Ellen Tournier

    Getting much better at the first video every time! ABC abs was very very hard but I can notice my improvement on the ab work outs already. I’m also practicing my head stand and split every day and my split has gotten sooo much better, very surprising! I can also do my head stand almost without any help from a wall. So exciting!

  • Karla Kovacs

    Abc abs was so hard! But funny…

  • Jin

    The first video went pretty well; though my legs were burning during the leg circles and were shaking the whole time, even while doing the pyramids! I’m pretty sure they were more tired than the rest of body because of cross country, though.
    ABC Abs killed me! Especially the upper ab ones. Did anyone experience their back feeling more tired than their abs? Maybe I was arching my back more, but I was too preoccupied with trying not to take a break to notice if my posture was correct. In any case, I tried sucking in my abs but I still didn’t really feel a lot in my abs, more in my back.
    The lower ab ones went pretty well, even though my legs were shaking… My hips were tired as well as my abs, is that normal? Were they just tired from keeping up the weight of my legs?
    Anyway, Day 9, finished! Love doing these workouts so far.

  • Anna

    I’m surprised by how much I’ve improved! I was able to get through the first video without stopping once. I remember the first day doing the 100s I had to take around 3 breaks but this time I did them all the way through. The second video was torture, but fun! I had to take some breaks during the first round but the second round I got through without any breaks (although my knees were slightly bent and I didn’t go as far down as Cassey). Overall, I really enjoyed todays workouts! :)

  • The second workout was fun! I enjoyed it even though I was definitely not doing so good haha

  • Malu Endlein

    Does someone now another video to replace the first one? I mean we all have done that many times and I now feel like is to slow..
    And let’s keep strong everybody!!! I feel so happy I’m doing this!!! :******

    • I wrote down all the moves she does and approx. how many reps so I can just do it to my own playlist instead of watching the explanations every time it’s on the calendar :)

      • Piper Hayworth

        Smart. Think I’ll take a page out of your book and do the same.

  • Lorenza

    I just love this workout and my muscles burn aaaall the time!!! that’s a torture, but it’s definitely worth it!! Love u Cassey <3

  • Kira Voiceless

    9/8/2016 (German date format heh.)
    I noticed how much stronger I’ve become redoing the first video. Just.. dang.
    I had to stop sooo many times in the second video.. motivation is just flying out my window.. Still tried my best..

    Day 9 done. I’m not feeling well.. I need my motivation back.. Hopefully I can make it through tomorrows workouts easier..

  • Barbara

    The first video I had no problem in doing it, but the second one I had to stop all the time:(

    • La Française

      same… I was dying the entire workout

  • Razan Abdulmuniem

    god my legs and abs are killing me i did day 8 and 9 both today cause i missed a day !!!! man the abc abs video is sooo hard !! but proud that I did it <3 see you tmw

  • Hrishita

    Almost did the abc abs and omg it was so so intense i am sweating like a pig right now guys don’t give up see you all on day 10