• Jihane Khazen

    Day 9 👍

  • Vammi

    Still having to stop frequently for a few breaths, or to relax my neck/butt. Don’t know if I’m getting stronger. Tip for the lower abs if your back is arching a lot, at the end of every letter I pulled into table top for a second and then started the next letter. Hope I’m getting stronger :(

  • Kate

    Xigua – it’s a type of melon!

  • geez

    done and dead for today but …now the endorphins are hitting and I’m alive again! yayyy day 9!

  • Su

    When I was doing the second exercise for the ABC abs, my back kept on arching when I tried to go down low, even though I had my hands under my tailbone and my belly sucked in. My tailbone also hurt a lot during the second exercise, though that may be because of my scoliosis on my spine (I’m not sure though). Do any of you experience the same problem? And how do you fix your position?

    • Isabel

      Same thing happens to me! I cannot get my back to not arch, and I also have slight scoliosis. When I do leg lifts, it’s really hard to position myself where my tailbone doesn’t hurt or my hands from being in a weird spot. I have these thin chair cushions that I put under my butt which help out, since my hands don’t really do much. Maybe we’re putting our hands in the wrong spot?

      • Su

        Chair cushions seems like a good idea, I’ll try that! As for the hands, I don’t really know ^^; I tried experimenting but everything feels the same and gets the same effect (back arching).

  • Me

    You should really stop talking so much during the workout!!!

  • Irina Noor

    I feel like I’m doing these exercises wrong because I’m not sore the next day. I’m I the only one?

  • Tina

    The first half of ABC was a lot easier the second time around. Lower abs are still tough.

  • Sanehi B

    Couldn’t do the ABC abs at all and I feel so discouraged. Might try and do it again later during the day. Day 9 was ://

  • Elizabeth

    So my friend recommended this calendar and I’m proud to say I finished day 9! I remember she said that you are gonna die at ABC abs and she said nothing more. I usually love ab workouts so I was like Nah it’ll be a piece of cake ESPECIALLY since I love your ab workouts 😂But I hate this one I still luv ya CASSEY!

  • Emm

    I was totally the same my legs were killer and abs not as much, maybe it was the first video wearing out those legs. First video was way better than at the beginning, but those darn pyramids after all those other moves are like my kryptonite!

  • Emm

    Same! Strawberries, strawberries, omg make it stop ;) hahahaha

  • Teresa Maria González

    Anyone else having problems with neck pain during abs workouts?

  • Jessa

    Wow!! Those ABC s were hard!! I made it through video one without stopping . I love feeling that! Getting stronger!

  • Hollee

    Day 9 finished!! I can already tell that I’ve gotten stronger and my back flexibility has increased as well!!! yayy!!!

  • Shannon McLain

    So excited that I’m getting better at the roll-ups! I still have to have my hands beneath my low back and bend my legs going up, but I’m improving! The leg lift/V part toward the end is also getting easier for me. Yay!! Now on to ABC Abs… yikes! Ha!

  • Ria

    Is anyone else struggling with the beginner’s videos legs bit? I literally can’t do five seconds of the circles without my legs/butt totally cramping. Any suggestions? Could it be lack of muscle…?

  • tinyshinycello

    Very very sore today. 1st video was a struggle to get through. I promise I’ll come back to do the ABC video today.

    • tinyshinycello

      As promised, I returned for the ABC video. *pats back*

      • Emily Hassett

        good job!!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 9 done! the beginner workout went a bit more smoothly this time! Hope it means I’m progressing! The second video worked my legs more then my abs – could hardly keep my legs straight! Also my hands hurt so much trying to keep them under my torso – don’t think my abs worked that much in the second one haha.

    • Marti

      Day 9 done here too :) You’re first as always haha :D My legs were shaking like jelly :P But they will be strong one day!

      • Jasmine Khatri

        Haha mine too! We’ll keep working hard!