• Shannon McLain

    So excited that I’m getting better at the roll-ups! I still have to have my hands beneath my low back and bend my legs going up, but I’m improving! The leg lift/V part toward the end is also getting easier for me. Yay!! Now on to ABC Abs… yikes! Ha!

  • Ria

    Is anyone else struggling with the beginner’s videos legs bit? I literally can’t do five seconds of the circles without my legs/butt totally cramping. Any suggestions? Could it be lack of muscle…?

  • tinyshinycello

    Very very sore today. 1st video was a struggle to get through. I promise I’ll come back to do the ABC video today.

    • tinyshinycello

      As promised, I returned for the ABC video. *pats back*

      • Emily Hassett

        good job!!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 9 done! the beginner workout went a bit more smoothly this time! Hope it means I’m progressing! The second video worked my legs more then my abs – could hardly keep my legs straight! Also my hands hurt so much trying to keep them under my torso – don’t think my abs worked that much in the second one haha.

    • Marti

      Day 9 done here too :) You’re first as always haha :D My legs were shaking like jelly :P But they will be strong one day!

      • Jasmine Khatri

        Haha mine too! We’ll keep working hard!