• Marie

    Hey guys! This is like my 7th time doing this calender because I always ended up being too lazy to do it so I only finished it onces with a lot of cheating ahah. So this time I have decided to go trough with it all and if I don’t have the time to do it I’ll just to it instead of sleeping. But the thing is. This time I don’t really feel like I’m getting any stronger. Maybe I am but I just can’t feel it? I’m not sure but I’ll see in a week maybe. I’m planning on starting to bike some more on a bicycle again a few times a week to get some extra.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been dealing with so many insecurities and when I did the first and second vid badly, not meeting my expectations, i felt so bad and miserable that it feels like my whole world is falling on me and I’m buried underneath the rubble. I need help 😔

    • Emma

      Don’t feel bad! These exercises are hard and definitely a good bit less beginner than they should be. Just know that and modify the moves for beginners. That’s what I’m trying to do. You don’t need to push yourself as hard as you possibly can. You just need to keep going and you will get better. It’s the keep going part that matters. Eventually the exercises will feel more effortless.

  • Jihane Khazen

    Day 8! Done .

  • Cheriise

    UGH didn’t do anything for a week but I’m trying to start again and finish by the end of nov. hopefully I can start the dec calendar otherwise ill just redo this again. determined to actually lose weight or at least finish the calendar this time after 3 years of failing and procrastinating lol.

  • Vammi

    OMG yass stretching. I wish we had a little bit of stretching everyday! OMG that cardio video it was great! I had to modify to make it low impact, but I haven’t done squats in forever. I think I pulled some muscles in my inner thighs. Tomorrows my rest day, so great timing!

  • Lis N

    Omg i got a couple of cracks doing the stretching video. Felt AMAZING

  • geez

    Completed these Day 8 videos + an extra stretching vid at around 7am this morning (the cardio was hard to keep with because I am not so great at footwork hehe )and then really felt like doing another video when I got home from work around 5pm. Is that too much? I just feel so energized and excited and so, I wanted to give my core another beating. Then I rewarded myself with a protein drink and of course WATER:)

    My only concern is my knee. I have a reoccurring thing of runners knee and had trouble with some parts of the video. Are there knee problem-friendly video recommendations?

  • Amy

    I love this calender! Thank you so much Cassie! I feel so much stronger and I am only on day eight!
    Anybody else feel like this?

  • Su

    Hello everybody! So whenever I do the leg raises for the abs, my back keeps on arching, even though I have my hands in a triangle position underneath my tailbone. Am I positioning something wrong, or is it just my body? I have scoliosis, though I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    • tayusuki

      Make sure your whole hand is under the tailbone. And picture a weight on your tummy. You might have to take the leg raises really slowly to watch your form. It gets easier as your abs get stronger.

  • Constance

    After not doing any Blogilates for the past few weeks, I expected this to be soooo hard ! In the end, I think Iost a little muscle and heart strenght but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be ^^ YAY !

  • Sara :)

    I love the second video! When I skimmed through it before I did it I thought it would be a piece of cake. NOPE.

  • Tina

    Start of week 2 done! Really improving on the cardio :)

  • Sanehi B

    Day 8 done! So proud I actually pushed through to week 2. I usually quit at the end of week 1 lol.

  • Camille Erbstein

    Day 8 done, so proud of myself !!! I actually enjoyed it ;) Thanks Cassey !

  • Jessa

    Week two! How is everybody feeling!?!? I am so happy I started this and am so excited for week two. I can see changes already and I feel do much stronger.
    Today I did the apartment cardio work out because I just same jump around in my place, by didn’t want to skip a workout. Those bridges woah. My booty was talking. I am so in love with this calendar. We got this!!!!

    • Dolapo

      Yes Jessa. We can do it!!!

  • Dolapo

    Oh my gosh! These tips in the comment section are amazing. Apart from making you feel like you’re really part of a community, you actually get tips before your workout. I would advice reading the comments before you workout. It is another source of major motivation.

  • Manal

    Day 8 and I am so excited to complete the whole calendar! I usually stop during the month but not this time :)

  • Haley

    My period started yesterday. SO glad that it just happened to be my off day yesterday. I didn’t want to exercise earlier today but as it got later, I knew I hadn’t come this far to give up now. I hope I feel the same this coming Friday. I’ll have to wake up EARLY to get the work out in due to a 12 hour car ride. My diet is kind of failing (period cravings)…however I will be ready and able to transition to a 100% clean diet after the car trip. As long as I don’t give up on the work out right?

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 8 complete! I do think I felt just that bit stronger here and it was nice to just make sure I was doing things like roll-ups and leg lifts correctly!

    • Marti

      Day 8 done ;) We go girl :DD !

      • Jasmine Khatri

        Yes! Bring on day 9!

    • Dieh

      yes indeed, I can do the the roll-ups without hovering legs xD

      • Jasmine Khatri

        That’s great!

  • Vanessa

    I really enjoyed the body slimming today! I didn’t enjoy the cardio warmup as much but still pushed through!

  • Frenny

    I love these workouts eventhough Im not that flexible and loosing weight, but Ive noticed that when I went back to running I get A LOT of side stitches!! Anything I could do get rid of it (after many attempts of remedies 😂)???

  • Laura

    Wow, I reaaaly enjoyed this workout. Cardio at the beginning was hard enough to feel it but not too hard (that would make me quit, lol). I also love the beginners serie that Cassey have done for us. And the lower back stretching was sooo relaxing. Ideal end of workout. :))

  • Diana Lopez

    This is the first day that my heels didn’t come off the ground when I was doing a roll-up! Well, the first set of roll-ups, anyway. There was a roll-up near the middle and by that time I was tired. But still, small victories!

  • Stacy Marie

    Oh gosh. That first cardio video doesn’t seem downstairs neighbors friendly, haha!

  • Anna M

    First day of the second week! I just gotta say, thank you Cassey for having this beginner plan. It helps me with two of the major reasons why until now I pretty much never exercised. The plan gives me a sense of obligation and satisfaction with checking things off, and because they’re videos and don’t need equipment, I can exercise without the fear of anyone watching me! I’ve got a pretty big problem with the whole exhibitionism of gyms, and while I know it’s fine to be a beginner, I don’t like the idea of people watching me struggle at beginner level workouts. These are so great because I can just sneak away to an empty practice room during my lunch break and nobody can even hear my jumping and heavy breathing over the sound of pianos and crying music kids! Congratulations on getting the scrawniest, laziest, most exercise hating girl in the world to actually feel good about doing your workouts.

    • Karen Rooth

      Totally agree. No way would I like to be sweating, grunting and huffing in public. Everyone would be scarred by the experience :D

  • Tammy Winters

    Day 8 done! Yay!

  • Ana Maria Mejia

    Felt really strong today during the second video! Cardio kicked my butt but I’m starting to feel better in my Pilates stance!
    Day 8 done, who else is doing this with me?!

    • Megan Cannon LeVan

      I’m 8 days behind you Ana Maria! :-)

      • Tammy Winters

        I’m a day behind you!

  • Evelina Nilsson

    I have like no cardio but this video was a bit easier than the cardio yesterday. I think as long as you do it at your pace and don’t give up your gonna get results. The streches were really nice too.

  • Piper Hayworth

    I did this calendar once before and then the holidays happened and I fell completely off the wagon in the new year, even though I did it in the living room surrounded by extended family on Christmas. I really enjoyed how I felt when I did it the first time, and I am probably the most out of shape I have ever been now, or at least the chubbiest. I don’t want to focus on weight loss, I want to focus on the lifestyle change and how exercise benefits my body, mind, and life. I really really want to succeed this time. I’m hoping to do it again and then join the May calendar.

  • Brooklyn Brewer

    Yay Cassey! Thank you so much for providing us with motivation and a great work out!
    Finally got to day 8 after two tries of starting the calendar! Hooray.
    I don’t know about y’all, but there is no way I can see through my thighs if my toes are together.

  • Manike Pipkin

    first time doing some exercises w/o needing neck support!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Had to do the cardio video from day 6 instead of this one since I have downstairs neighbours… I feel like I cheated -_- The workout went ok but I’m not 100% satisfied with my efforts. Tomorrow is another day!

  • Monica Cuartero

    Day 8 doneee! Can’t believe I finally started week 2 after starting this calendar for the nth time. It feels so good to workout, it actually feels bad now when I don’t get any movements for the day. Yay for me!

  • Nienie

    Massey where can we find those amazing pink & purple shorts? Would love to get those, so cute!

  • Michelle Hale

    I absolutely love your videos! I’m a Civil Engineering student who loves to exercise, but I can’t always make the 15 min walk (one way) to our gym on campus, so these videos are awesome workouts that I can do in my dorm room! I just take my yoga mat out of my closet and get it done! They are also short enough where even with my busy schedule I can make time for them! I also travel for work a lot, so if I need to stay in a hotel where they don’t have a gym I can just bring up the calendar on my laptop and do it right on the carpet! I also have a chronic back problem that I see a chiropractor for, and he suggested picking up pilates because it really strengthens your core and helps with posture! Day 8 is done and I’ve never felt so good <3 Thank you so much Cassey!

  • Matylda Krasoczko

    I feel amazing! :D

  • João Gabriel

    That was awesome! I’m feeling really good!

  • Lianne

    Cassey is so great. I love the way she talks during the reps. It really takes my mind of it for a moment. Day 8 is done!!

  • Cátia

    It’s my first time doing the begginer calendar and I struggle a lot with my low back pain when I try to do abs exercises. I put my hands in a triangle under my tailbone but it just doesn’t work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    But I feel stronger everyday and I am able to keep you with her so that’s nice. (Sorry about my english, I’m portuguese)

    • Lian

      I’m experiencing the same thing! Even if I put my hands in a triangle under my tailbone, my back still arches

  • Anis Amalina

    This is my second time doing Cassey’s beginner’s calendar. I always do up until 2 weeks and stop. For now, the workouts are not really that hard for me. But still, I completed 8th day!

    • Bridget Donnelly

      I tend to do the same thing, make it part of the way through then just drop off. This is my third attempt on the beginner’s calendar. Keep going– let’s do it this time!

      • Anis Amalina


      • Anis Amalina

        WE CAN DO THIS

  • Jenna

    Just finished the beginners Calendar and decided to go through it again. I am definitely not picture perfect pilates by a long run and want some extra time as a beginner. Skipped the workouts for the first week because they don’t seem to have as many videos as the rest of the weeks. Anyway, today was great.

  • Claire

    Oh my gosh, I started my period today and I was super unmotivated to work out, I honestly just wanted to curl up in bed, but I’m so glad I did the Pilates today cause now I feel so good!!

  • Day 8 is done ♥
    actually I feel that I’ve become a little bit stronger and it was a great surprise for me
    thank you!
    Oh, about yesterday. I cooked those delicious pancakes you showed us. It was incredibly wonderful. I also decided to add a pear, coconut cubes, almonds and pumpkin seeds and put it on the pancakes when they were done. it was really good :)

  • Sigma

    after 1 day of resting it was a bit more difficult but comparing it to the 1st day i see that i can endure the workouts much better!

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 8 done!

  • Kasey Megan Kelley

    So awesome to actually be able to feel myself getting stronger. I never finished the calendar the first time, but I’m going to finish it this time. It’s happening!

  • Jenna

    Yay~! End of Day 8. It was weird not working out yesterday. Today I feel it in my butt. Working on sucking it in because I am feeling the lower back pain. I was really appreciative of the stretching video at the end.

  • Monica

    Anyone having trouble with clicking hips?
    And it’s hard to find room for the cardio in this house unfortunately.
    Love how I already feel a bit stonger though!

    • geez

      My right hip definitely pops a bit during the “switch-pull-pull” move but it helps to turn my feet out

      • CoastalJustice

        Mine too, do that litle ‘pop’, but I know is because a have hip dysplasia. So, I know is normal, but to you is important to know if you have it or is just because you’re doing it wrong the excercise. If you have it, like me, you need to take care of yourself with some moves and that.