• nandini srirambhatla

    how about making them without eggs, because we won’t eat egg

  • Matylda Krasoczko

    Okay, so I cheated and made those on the 6th day as an instant reward for completing the 1st week. :D
    Also, I complicated the recipe a little bit, my style. :D Turned out great, so I’m sharing:
    Only whisked the eggs and left the bananas in chunks (so the sweetness is not distributed evenly on the whole batter, but the sweet bits are intensive!). Added a spoon of coconut flour, a spoon of shredded coconut, half an apple (grated), a pinch of salt, and a pinch of cinnamon. The result = amazing. :D

  • Jessica Robert

    I couldn’t possibly post a pic of my pancakes. It’s a sad sad story.

    • Bridget Donnelly

      I like to use a blender on a low setting. It helps with the mixing, at least!

  • Octavia De Lemos Robalo

    ok, but eggs are dairy :) just saying

  • Juliana

    I love this recipe!

  • Giani

    day 7 done 7/14/16 tasty recipe

  • Holly83

    I loved week one Cassie! Really looking forward to next week. I’m a little scared the break day will throw me, having a day off has always been a demotivator for me. Fingers crossed I keep it up. Thank you for keeping it interesting.

  • Victoria Morgan

    Week one done! I am so sore and feel absolutely great! Cassey thank you so much. Week 2 here I come!

  • Ashley

    Does anyone have an alternative recipe for this substituting the bananas with something else? I’m allergic to them. Thanks!

  • Fashionista SG

    day 7 I’m coming ! it’s 00:35 so technically it’s sunday already but I just finished my Day 6 workout I couldn’t just skip it, the split was hard I really need to practice ! and the sexy arms was AWESOME ! I didn’t stop (or just one sec to adjust the screen of my laptop) BUT IM SO HAPPY โ™ฅ My shoulder are hard and killing me YES !

  • Boel

    I’m so excited to have taken me to day 7!
    When I started I was like “i can try this” and now after 6 day of working out with your videos I’m feeling so happy!

  • First week is down….and tomorrow is making the pancakes! I am so excited with my results so far! Along with your beginners calendar, I am also doing your ABs, Butt Lift, and Arm’s challenges. I love your workouts and they work so well with me healing with a broken leg. The only things I can’t do are your burpees and cardio workouts — I do my bike trainer in place of them for cardio. Thank you for what you do! xo

  • Lindsay

    I find that her revised recipe (2 eggs and 2 bananas) works best. The first 3 turn out well but then they start to burn really easily so I’d suggest turning down the heat midway.

  • Lindsay

    I made these on Day 5! I added cinnamon which made it even better :) I think blueberries or strawberries on top would be amazing. So proud of finishing the first week! I’ve never been able to finish a regular calendar so I thought starting off small would be a good idea and I was right. Thanks Cassey! Love from South Africa xx

  • Dani

    Week 1 done!!!

    I’ve been making these pancakes for ages, however I add a bit of cinnamon and a tiny bit of vanilla to them to spice them up a bit. :)

    Looking forward to tomorrows workout after a full day of work!

  • Becki

    Cassey is so adorable and I want to like these pancakes so bad! But the egg flavor with the banana somehow did not make my stomach or tastebuds happy D: I tried adding honey but I still could not get into it. I feel like the only one tho! :(

    Cassey I still love you <3

    • Deborah Sรผsser

      Unfortunately it isn’t Mine, either.. I absolutely dislike bananas.. They are just so overpowering in Taste.. And, since i am an extreme Texture-Type of Person, they are way too smushy and Kind of..slimy.
      I just cant eat them :(

      Only almost Green ones, when they’re definetely not ripe Enough to make such a recipe.. But i just Switch this one out to the microwave muffin.. It’s okay i think :D

  • Katie

    I have loved this week. I am also making sure to walk at least 30 minutes a day. My puppy appreciates it too! Thanks for inspiring me everyday to be consistent and work hard.

  • Frida

    I know this is a rest day for the workouts, but I’ve been supplementing every day with 30 minutes on the elliptical. Should I take a break from everything today, to give my muscles a chance to relax? Or can I just keep going?

  • Burgandy

    WEEK ONE DOWN!!!! YAY! I’m so proud of myself. Thank Cassey for making me want to be a better me!

  • samantha

    Finally finished week one but had to rest a couple days because I went to the river. Though I hiked and rafted and got a bit of a work out both days lol. So happy to be a part of this and hopefully make some friends on here.

  • Maia

    Pretty sure I did something wrong in making these. How do her pancakes look so pretty and golden while mine turned out looking like black scrambled eggs? It’s so weird not having a workout, I might find some stretches to do because I’m starting to enjoy this so much!

    • Diedre

      I made these for the first time today. I think maybe yours turned out black because your pan was too hot. And they look like scrambled eggs because that’s pretty much what these are. They taste okay, but the texture was just too weird for me to get past. I ended up throwing the whole mess away.

  • Smitha Sharaf


    Is there any alternative for Banana? I don’t eat bananas, so i want to know if there is any replacement for Banana?

    • Heidi

      You can use a mango, or another fruit with the same texture or consistency.

  • Stephanie

    So excited to make these tomorrow (I like to peak ahead). I have blueberries in the house and was thinking of adding them. Anyone think they will be a positive addition or a negative one?

  • Lizzie

    Suprisingly delicious!

  • Sarah G.

    Unfortunately I have an egg allergy and won’t be able to make these. ):
    But holy cow, are my glutes burning from yesterday. Must have been those lunges in the cardio video. Yeowzah!

  • Brooke

    Just got dressed and ready to workout and THEN read that it is rest day!!! haha going to go for a walk or do a cardio video I guess.

  • Katie

    Just finished making these! So excited to finally finish week one!

  • Lesa

    These banana pancakes are a favorite of mine! No bananas in the house today, so I won’t be able to make them. But I’m so proud of myself for finishing the first week of the new beginners schedule! Woot woot! Looking forward to starting week 2 tomorrow. :)

  • Natasha

    Took a break in b/w so no resting for me

    Jumping to Day 8 Video

  • it feels amazing to actually complete a week of exercise feeling amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cy

    Is there a vegan version of this?

  • My body is totally exhausted since day6 exercise! It’s such a great time to rest!
    BTW I did my very first HANDSTAND after training from the video!!!!
    I am so look forward to do the next workout!

  • Anyone knows a way to do 2 ingredients pancakes but WITHOUT banana? I just hate it. I can not even smell bananas that I get sick.
    Keep smiling, Alexandra.

  • Talia Ann

    i literally just ate the last banana…..

  • Maiva

    Made this today – with the addition of 3 tbsp of quick oats – and it was delicious! My 2-year-old loved them too, so I’ll definitely make them in the future as a healthy snack! Thank you Cassey! :)

  • Jenn

    Awesome! I just tried these and they are delicious and so easy to make.

  • Monica B

    YUMMY Quick and oh so easy!

  • Mary

    Day 7! The added a little bit of chia seeds and 1 1/2 tablespoon of ginger syrup on top! Yummy! Week 1 is complete! Super excited to start me second week!!! <3

  • Pamela

    Day 7 complete! Shared these banana pancakes with my BF for breakfast, along with yoghurt, a couple of tangerines, and cold green tea. :)

    I can’t believe I’ve actually completed a whole week! I always have good intentions but never manage to stick with it when I try to exercise, but Cassey makes it fun and easy to follow. And I’m feeling good results already! I don’t get much muscle pain the next morning anymore, even though the first 3 days nearly killed me and it hurt just to get out of bed in the morning, haha. Definitely motivated to keep this up. Thanks, Cassey!! xx

    • Jody

      Haha. Same for me the first 3 days I wanted to die.

  • Milly

    you are the best! easy and cheap, always! thanks!

  • pooja

    day 7 done..! hahaha…..

  • OMG! their so delicious, I will definitely definitely make them again :)

  • Kimberly

    OMG! their so delicious i will definitely make them again :)

  • Judy Martin

    I am completely addicted to banana pancakes.The taste is GREA!
    I feel energized
    Thank you

  • Karli

    Day 7 done! Haha. Those pancakes were so good with a little bit of pure honey on top

  • Daniรซlla

    I wasn’t expecting for this to taste so good! Gonna make these much more…

  • Charlotte

    Can you use frozen banana?

    • Maria

      Hi Charlotte!
      I had frozen bananas in the freezer and used one of them and the pancakes came out fantastic!
      I let it thaw first of course :)

  • leah

    cant wait to have these tomorrow morning, they look so yummy x

  • Laurence

    Can i eat those as a breakfast before i go to school? Or maybe i need to eat something like a yogurt with it…?

    • Magda

      Ofcourse you can! :) But in school you must be able to think and have a lot of energy so i would be etter if you add a little bit of yogurt or sth like that, but trust me- you’re gonna be full after eating all these pancakes so don’t put too much of yogurt on it! xx