• Michelle Raj

    I haven’t done any serious physical activity since i graduated high school (which was 3 years ago, yikes!) The beginner’s calendar is absolutely amazing; I feel like I’m being pushed, while not being too hard on myself. I was more physically fit before and now it feels like I’m starting from square one, but this is a nice way to ease myself back to the grind. Day 6 complete – and I feel so much stronger! Can’t wait to finish the calendar! Best of luck to everyone!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Best thing about the arm workout is you can sit and do it!!!

  • TSP

    I did not like the first video at all. I am a true beginner trying to lose weight (a lot) and I can not do a normal plank. I need to plank on knees and elbows, but the first video has no modifications for these. I also can not do jumping jacks due to bad knees and jumping with this much weight on me is a no go. it felt like I could only do one or two minutes out of the first video which really frustrates me and kinda makes me angry.

  • Zach ‘n Carolyn Hansen

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the plank exercises on the cardio due to my stinky carpal tunnel. Sigh….

  • Vammi

    Today was okay. I can only do low impact cardio so I had to modify a lot. ex jumping jacks into stepping side to sides with arms. My “girls” are in the way for the arms so I grabbed light weights and did bicep curls. Today was a really different workout from before. I wish she had actually done all the stretches with us instead of just telling people what to do.

  • Mariska

    The exercise that works ‘the girls’ where you have tot keep your elbows together. I am not able tot keep them togheter BECAUSE of ‘the girls’ … Oh well

  • Gemma

    The arms workout was manageable for me but the cardio ‘warmup’ made me so nauseous after that it’s putting me off working out again.

    • Gemma

      Update: I ended up actually puking from it. Is that bad?

      • Victoria C.

        Maybe you should take a break after every moves so you don’t feel so drained.. Idk though, but I felt a bit nauseous too and immediately paused the video and rest a bit :)

      • tayusuki

        Also make sure you’re not dehydrated.

  • Zee

    DAY 6 CHECK !!!! my arms are killing me, but had to take rests cause my arms were practically falling

  • Tina

    Getting better and better each day. I’ve always loved the arm video because it was the first I could actually do without stopping (though I have to walk around my living room XD).

  • Elizabeth

    THAT WAS INTENSE. the arms my gosh like I looked at you doing the workout and I was like oh that’s not hard then I did it and I WAS DYYYYYIN. that cardio stuff was gooood too! I had to take breaks mostly in the planks and the last jumping jack set caz I hate cardio and planks but I did it!!! I respect ANYONE who can do that cardio routine before their calendar workout!!!! That was insane!!

  • Jessa

    We did it guys!!!! Week one check!! I was so thankful today was arms my legs are still sore! But I made it through! I can’t wait for next week

  • tinyshinycello

    Still can’t keep up all the time or do everything, but Cassey still makes me believe in myself! Still sticking to it…

  • Kayleigh Shettleworth

    Day 6 complete which means week 1 done! I bought myself a new pilates/yoga mat for some extra motivation. My muscles are burning, but I’ve learned to love the burn. I’ve noticed myself so much more motivated and happy as the days go on…. I love this program!

  • Seolmin Lim

    wow~ day6 completed~~so hard~ but i want to do this Beginner’s 2.0 every day.

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 6 completed! The warm-up was intense – definitely felt worked out! Also the arm video burned haha! Couldn’t do the splits though – still not flexible enough! I’m also doing the flat abs challenge – the roll-ups are easier now – if I am doing them right – and I can definitely feel my abs being worked out in the leg lifts! Still have a soft tummy though :)

  • Laura

    That warm-up was pretty intense but great for cardio days :) also, I am very proud of myself for making it all the way through the arms workout. and the splits… :D well, let´s just say I am NOT Miss Flexible :DD

  • Madalina Cocos

    Heck yes! Week 1 done minus Sunday nutrition. I m in love with this calendar. Cannot tweet tomorrow but everything is so good. I m burning and challenging myself a lot as a beginner and I appreciate that. I did the arms by mistake also once before even starting the calendar but I’m glad to see it’s already a bit easier to do this. I could do today without giving anything up :D

  • Tammy Winters

    Anybody else just finished day 6? Couldn’t believe these were beginner exercises. Love the way she described how to do the splits. Maybe one day! I love not having to use weights. I can’t do all the exercises but I’m going to keep at it!

  • Katerina28

    Day 6 completed!!! I can’t wait until Day 8!!!! :))))

  • Anya

    Day 6 done ! This was haaard but I didn’t stop. By the way I’m surpised because I thought I would never be able to continue and find motivation because before Cassey I didn’t really liked workout but I really needed to be stronger so I puched myself into it and now workout is like a game. I am hurry every day to practise !

  • Allie

    Did it! Even though I’m a bit late in the game, I’m happy that I am able to do this. :)

  • Evelina Nilsson

    This warmup was harder than the one yesterday, but it was also really fun. I’m amazed how Cassey can make working out fun, because I have never liked it. The arm exercises were so hard and I can really feel the burn!

  • fee

    Honestly I never thought I could feel my arms like this, WITHOUT anything on weights. This workout was on fire I think I never suffered that much (in a great way) like I did in that video. My Arms are burning and I probably even missed a few reps because I just couldn’t take it. But hey, this was the first time doing this video and next time I am going to be stronger already, so. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Juanita Hughes

    Yay! I finally completed a whole week of something! The organized format of the videos being lined up in a link for each day really helped. I’m ready for week 2! Is anybody else doing the beginner calendar now?

  • ber

    the single chest pulses are not for big breasted women

  • Abigail

    Day 6 done! I only did the first few stretches for the splits video (for both sides, of course). I will be going back and writing down all the stretches and exercises she has listed, and do them in my own later.

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    First week done :D anyone else doing it same time as me?

    • Laura Moore

      Me! Today is my day 6!

      • Raphaelle Cantin

        Yay! I’m at Day 10! Keep going!! :)

  • Rebecca

    I couldn’t manage the cardio very well at all, many of those moves are difficult or impossible for me, or take a long time. By contrast, the arm video was entirely doable: I felt it, but it wasn’t that bad. I skipped the splits because of hypermobility, and because those ligaments are bendy for me anyway.

  • Monica Cuartero

    Yay! Finished Day 6, finally finished a week of working out. It might be a bit overkill but I also did Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga cause I felt it was a little too short but it was an awesome workout as always.

  • Rookowl55

    With the arms the second to last move reminded me a lot of breaststroke. I used to be a swimmer in high school and it made me realize just how much I’ve lost from not working out for three years. I used to be able to do a whole hour and a half of just breaststroke. When I got tired of the movement, I just followed thorugh as if I were still in the pool and then continued on.

  • Casi

    Ive never hated circles so much!!!

  • April Jimenez


  • Ioana Constantinescu

    day 6 done!!! so proud! let me know if i got other girls doing it! <3 love! anddd don't give up! CAUSE WE CAN DO THIS!!! <3

    • Bridget Donnelly

      I’m a little behind you but working through it too! This is probably my third attempt at the beginner’s calendar…. Life keeps getting in the way, but hopefully this time I’ll make it!

  • americanfreak

    week one done. YESSS!

  • Anis Amalina

    DAY 6 DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    this is my second or third time coming back to the beginners calendar after a long break from exercising at all. Week 1 finished. SO HARD, but it´s done.

  • Adrienne

    Loved the arm workout!!!

  • Lauriann

    can someone explain how the arm video actually works the muscles in your arms besides your shoulders? specifically the triceps, i guess i can see how it would work the biceps and forearms…

  • Angie PF22

    I got through the arms workout and the cardio pretty good, and I could do most of the exercises for the splits, except the splits :( Whatever, I’m really happy I finished these week’s workouts <3

  • Omggg finally the day 6 is done
    idk why but for me today’s workout was really difficult
    but yayy I’m happy I did it ♥

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    Day 6 complete!
    Everyday is harder to me :( i don’t know if I’m doing the exercises right and that’s why is hard

  • Jayce

    Hi, just wondering if the shoes make a difference in the exercises… Especially when we’re doing jumping jacks, does wearing shoes reduce the likelihood of injuring the knees?

  • Rosemary Onyeka Okeke Ugoji

    Day 6 completed woo!!!! My arms r killing me but did dem all. Had to stop at some point doe but so far am good. Cudnt do d splits lol buh I no am getting dere.

  • eloise

    My second time of the first beginners week is aaaall done! It has been a lot easier because I didn’t leave work out for a suuuuper long time (maybe like 7 months) so I guess I didn’t loose that much of a strenght. I thought it would be harder since I’m vegetarian now and also working on having a balanced diet, but I just feel great! I think this is gonna be my year and I wish for all the popsters to be too <3 Blessings for everybody, especially for you dear Cassie, you are the reason I love working out and most of my work out I'm just sending you my best wishes. Thank you for everything

  • Anja

    boy am i inflexible lol