• Kat Harris

    I can already feel a huge difference in my posture doing this, it’s great~

  • Cat

    Oh… man! I couldn’t do the elbow push up at Day 1. It was way too difficult on the arms. Day 5 and I managed to do almost all the repetitions O_O. I couldn’t believe it myself while doing it!

  • Tammy Winters

    Beginners! Ha! I can’t do the circle front and back with my leg in the air, just won’t do circles. Maybe 1 day! Wow boy! It’s tough!

  • Francesca Fernandez

    no matter how hard i tried i could not do the total body workout

  • Elsemieke

    Omg today was so hard! These two videos together totally killed me lol. I do have some pains in my left hip when I lie on it with the first video, even a pillow underneath it didnt help.. Anyone have any tips?

  • Light

    when I do the exercise at 5:15 my back hurt. Is that normal?

  • sh

    hey! lots of times when i do things that are supposed to work my thighs like the little circles in the first video i end up with pain in my calves instead and have to take many breaks, does anyone know why this is happening or have any advice please?

  • Helen

    Day 5 done!
    But does anyone of you guys also get a pain in the lower back while doing all t he stuff where the abs are included?

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 5:
    I found that I could do the ‘Total Body Workout’ way smoother and easier than on the first day! I did notice that my legs were cramping up when doing the leg portion and it made so I had to stop ever so often. The second video totally kicked my ass! I feel really good now though and super sweaty!

  • Äzàf Yôùssrà

    is it okay if I switched day 5 with 6 I forgot

  • Evelina Nilsson

    The first video was a bit easier this time, the second video was really fun and hard to do. I really like the butt workout though! The ending with the planking was really hard and when you had to lift your legs I almost died a little! But I really like that I can feel the burn, it means that I get results too.

  • Lian

    Anyone here on their first week of Beginner’s Calendar?

    • Äzàf Yôùssrà


      • Lian

        Hiiii! I’m on day 9 currently :)

        • Äzàf Yôùssrà

          I’m on 8 yayyy

  • Abigail

    I don’t have more than 30 minutes to workout in the mornings, so I only did the first video. However, I may be able to do the other one after work.

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Day 5 over! The beginners video was so much easier this time around (i’d actually use my abs instead of my neck, which hut a lot last time). I almost finished all the leg rep the first side but the pyramid i just couldnt do at that point x) maybe next time!!!

  • Monica Cuartero

    Yay! I can’t believe I am on Day 5 now, I thought I would quit before that. I guess I just love blogilates. Also surprised that the total body workout was way easier for me now than the first day, which means it’s working and I’m stronger! Can’t wait to finish my first week tomorrow!

  • иглика 77

    The first edition of the begginers calendar is harder to me … before i begin the mountly calendars i’ll try the second beginners calendar. There ABC abs video is the first days, but when i done this for first time that was very hard to me. I’m addicted to theese workout series.

  • Christy

    That was so hard! Hard but good :)

  • Sivan Baruch

    Day 5 was so hard! The total body workout was harder for me than the first day, and I could only do half of the second video

    • иглика 77

      I’m doing this workout plan for second, and at the same time i try random from the other videos. Now when i’m doing this, all exersises looks easy to me.This workout plan really works combined with the blogilates meal plan. For a month i was 10 kg. less weight. My muscles are toned and for a few months i havn’t done nothing my fit form doesn’t lost at all.

  • Alyson

    Was I the only one like actually jealous at this girl? It was like Cassey pay attention to me, tell me i’m doing good, love me haha

  • Matylda Krasoczko

    Done!! Might be my imagination… but I feel like the first video was a
    little bit easier this time. :) I have a feeling that my core balance is
    better, cause now I don’t fall outside my mat during the leg excersises.
    :D Yay for progress!!

  • João Gabriel

    Ohh, gods. I’m feeling very well!

  • Berdien

    Wow, that plank twist at the end, I couldn’t keep myself in plank.. Need to train a bit more I guess. Working towards a goal!

  • Anis Amalina

    DAY 5 DONE!!

  • Pelin

    Day 5 is done and thank u for motivating me everyday to live healthier <3

  • Raisin Bread

    day 5 complete <3

  • Emily

    Today was the first day that I had no motivation, but when I started the first video I felt so great so my advice to you reading this is to remember how good it feels when you start all the workouts and that it is all worth it :)

  • Rina

    i have hard time doing the leg thing..i barely feel anything in my butt because my hips are hurting and the side of my thigh is hurting..and my ankle areas… it feels like it’s burning… and my hip keeps clicking.. am i doing this completely wrong or… do i just have hip issues?

  • katie

    i can really start feeling this now !!

  • oh my God, I thought I’m gonna die :’D
    it was amazing, my abs and butt burn but I really love it
    day 5 is done ♥

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 5 done :)

  • Jenna

    Whew! First time I did this my abs killed me. This times my legs thighs and butt did. Those little leg circles hurt so much! Feel myself growing stronger.

  • Mayra Cerda

    This is the 1st time! I ever follow thru a workout. I have attempted the beginners calendar maybe 3 or 4 times and I always seem to give up on myself around the first week. I always tend to just lay down in the mat and stop as soon as it hurts. So I have “done” this video many times but it is the first time I am able to follow along. I hope its my last time trying this calendar and my first time actually completing it! Dont give up! it is better to keep going with the pain and giving it your all. Then trying over and over again.

  • eloise

    Madame! I did it all, but not like super perfect, still, I’m very proud of my work out today

  • Rachael

    I could do the first video without hurting my neck so bad this time, woo!

  • Sam

    I am still sore from the Bubble Butt video, so this one burned so good!

  • Claire

    The second video was ridiculously hard and i had to rest in the middle of moves but just feeling exhausted was so encouraging because I know the burning pain means my muscles are slowly but surely developing! I am so excited to become super strong!

  • Mollie

    I would totally recommend following these excercises with some Yoga with Adrienne videos. They definitely help to cool down and lessen sore muscles! It’s helped me anyway ☺️

    • Jas

      Crazy, that’s exactly my routine as well! I’m glad someone else has heard of Adriene :)

    • Anna

      That’s what I’ve been doing too!

  • Kaelah S

    Day 5 done!

  • Sophie

    Is it too bad that i do this day on the morning of day 6? And then do day 6 at night like always..

  • Piper Hayworth

    I am doing the calendar for the first time, and it’s been great so far. A struggle, especially since I have never been one to stick to an exercise schedule when I have tried in the past. This is the first time someone has laid out a schedule for me and I’ve been aware of an encouraging community. I think having Cassey and the community to encourage me has been super helpful. I’m trying to be in a mindset where this is part of my self care routine, not just to lose weight. I’m trying to take care of my body and mind. I must say though, it is challenging! I still haven’t done a real roll up yet… I am trying not to get down on myself about it.

  • Macie Hill

    Ughhh the leg circles are so hard I had to keep stopping :( but my abs felt amazing after both workouts wew

  • sarah

    Do you have to do every exercise what on that day is or can you choose one of them? Because each day i do one exercise. Is that okay?

    • cher

      this is Super late so I apologise but you are supposed to do everything that is stated in the calendar so you have to do all the videos.

      • sarah

        Haha its okay. Thank you for answer my question.

  • shima

    D5 – done