• Piper Hayworth

    Finding it hard to stay on the workout
    wagon. I missed a couple days again, but I’m here and I’m trying. Two days in a row. One day at a time. I promise myself I’ll be here tomorrow.

  • tayusuki

    Started this late into 2017. I am SORE! Redoing the first video was both easier and also a challenge.

    • Sinta

      I’m with you! I was surprised at how much easier the first video was this time. Still burned though!

  • Sarah G

    Really appreciated having a modification built in for beginners (says the lone voice in 2017 :,) )

    • kuumelon

      ayee im with you. But you’re ahead of me xD

  • Vammi

    Ahh the videos are already getting harder. I think I’m getting stronger though, not as fast as the videos are progressing. Gonna keep at it!

  • Liz

    Gosh I swear my abs were on strike or something today. Don’t know why but every exercise felt extra hard today. Also i couldn’t even manage one straight roll-up. I’ve always sucked at them but the first day i managed a few of them with a lot of effort so i was feeling really proud and motivated and so today was very dissapointing. I hope tomorrow i feel up again because i all these past few days I finished the videos feeling really motivated and today I’m kind of low.

  • Bo

    Hi guys, I have a question. Everytime we have to do the leg movements like the first video, my knees hurt! I’m pushing through the pain but I’m starting to think that that might not be the smart move. Do you guys experience the same thing? And how should I handle it? I love that I’m much more in control of my body now compared to day 1!

  • meruniatko

    Day 5 – Done! It’s still hard, but I’m starting to look forward to it. I still make breaks, but I feel I have more strenght than I had on day 1.

  • Me

    Can you please stop talking so much during the video? I end up holding the position too long and then resting before it even started.

    • Kate

      Absolutely agree! I’m sure sometimes she forgets what she’s doing and we end up doing about 20 extra reps on one side as well.

  • Gemma

    Day 5 done, not consecutively but I’m still proud of myself. Little disheartened about how many of these moves I can’t do yet but I gave it my all even if my all isn’t very much. I’m going to be soooore tomorrow

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Day 5 complete and I am really happy how fast my body is remembering proper pilates form even though it has been ages! I definitely felt like the first video was easier but the second one kicked my booty. That’s ok, that just means I have something to work towards! Also, Ro is super adorable. I’m definitely going to have her baking channel out.

  • Zee

    day 5 and im so happy i made it this far yassssss, but i dont feel as hype as i did in to previous days

  • Tina

    Still have to put my leg down for the scissor crunches, but I have improved so much this second time around.

  • Beginner

    The second video’s plank twists were insane! My elbows kept slipping off the mat cause of all the sweat. Day 5 of the calendar so I’m quite excited for a good week streak :)

  • charmaine ong

    i’m just looking through the comments just to know that i’m not the only one doing this and gain more motivation :’)

  • Elizabeth

    Oh mah gah that second video KILLED ME but I’m glad to say I have improved from the first time I did that first video!! THANK YA CASSEY

  • Emm

    Wow the first video was so much better the second time around – until the pyramids, flippin pyramids, my legs were spent by then! Still so good to be getting stronger!

  • Jessa

    Day 5 complete! Today was tough I am so sore all over but in a good way!I hope every is k keeping with it and having fun. Is all going to be worth it in the end!!!

  • Funto Akindona

    Day 5 done! It was really difficult but I can already see the changes! I am getting stronger by the day!!

  • Nayy

    OMG! Day 5 was pretty hard especially the second video !! There are some exercises that I just couldn’t do at all :'(

  • Diana

    Day 5 done!! It really was harder than on first day but I suppose it’s normal… Only 5 days doing Bloguilates and I can already see a change in my measurements! Do you know those tight pants that are already ready to go to the trash just because they are no longer use? Yeah, now they’re large!! I’m very motivated to start the second week!
    I only have one question that I hope someone can clarify for me: is it supposed to lose weight? Because even though I realize that my measures are changing, I remain at the same weight! It’s normal? I’m 1.77 and I weigh 69kg. I’m already eating healthy at 3 weeks and doing exercise at 2 (but I only started this week with the bloguilates), should I do another type of supplementary exercise? (I hate running).
    XOXO from Portugal.

    • Constance

      I’m not a professional but I think it’s normal you’re not losing weight yet. Blogilates is mostly musculation exercices so you’re going to lose fat and muscle (you’ll win more muscles than doing cardio). And muscles weigh more than fat.
      You can add cardio to lose weight (maybe cardio videos on youtube, like zumba for example ? Cardio is just anything that makes your heart rate go up and sweat a lot :p )
      But I suggest not overdoing it because it will be difficult to keep on training every day if you do too much. (Unless you have the best motivation ever :) )
      Do as you feel !

  • tinyshinycello

    Doing the 1st day video was a little easier this time, but I definitely keep straining my neck and I don’t know how to stop that!

    • Caitlin

      I had the same problem when I first started (this is my third time doing this calendar, note I stopped working out due to school purposes) and it just means you might need to lift yourself more, or you’re looking up instead of forward. Example: Don’t look at the ceiling/sky, tilt your head and look in front of you.

  • Aysu

    After day 2 i had to stop cause my whole body was sore and i also was a little sick but today i did Day 3 to 5 and i feel good.