• Diana

    Day 5 done!! It really was harder than on first day but I suppose it’s normal… Only 5 days doing Bloguilates and I can already see a change in my measurements! Do you know those tight pants that are already ready to go to the trash just because they are no longer use? Yeah, now they’re large!! I’m very motivated to start the second week!
    I only have one question that I hope someone can clarify for me: is it supposed to lose weight? Because even though I realize that my measures are changing, I remain at the same weight! It’s normal? I’m 1.77 and I weigh 69kg. I’m already eating healthy at 3 weeks and doing exercise at 2 (but I only started this week with the bloguilates), should I do another type of supplementary exercise? (I hate running).
    XOXO from Portugal.

  • tinyshinycello

    Doing the 1st day video was a little easier this time, but I definitely keep straining my neck and I don’t know how to stop that!