• Nicky

    OMG I did a handstand!! I’m so happy :D Thank you Cassey for talking in the background comforting!

  • meruniatko

    My alarm did not ring, and when I finally woke up, I had to rush for work & came back in the late evening cause after work I went longboarding with my husband next to the lake. It was great and I simply completed the Day 4 exercise on the next day(yesterday). I feel a little progress already…

  • Elizabeth

    Guys, if you can’t do the headstand, don’t fret. If you were able, congratulations!
    When I did this day’s exercises, I couldn’t do the wall headstand and I was pretty disappointed. I am now on day 16, and I decided to try it again. I was SO surprised. When I raised one leg in the air I just felt more stronger and flexible, no doubt because of this calendar. So then I propped one foot onto my bed frame, and touched the wall with the other. Then I felt confident enough to take my other foot off of my bed and onto the wall. I remember that my butt slammed against the wall and I straightened out my legs and there I was doing a wall headstand😂😂😂for those who couldn’t do it, just keep exercising. You will get stronger and you will do a headstand one day!!!!

    • Victoria C.

      Thank you for this! I wasn’t able to do the headstand and I was really disappointed of myself but your words really encourage me to try it again

  • Qwerty

    how can all her movement are so beautifull :’

  • Zee

    ahhh i cant do the headstand, literally when ever i try to kick up my legs they fall back down, but im sure ill be able to do it

    • Rafaela Ferreira

      ARMY!!!!! :D I asked my mom for help… hehheh

  • Greta

    I’m super determinate to go on with this calendar, I really am! But oh, it has been days now of such a hot weather, 40 C’ with 89% humidity, it’s impossible to sleep or eat properly and I really feel like fainting all the time. Though, I haven’t skipped a single exercise until today, but I feel horrible today and I’m probably going to skip day 4: god, I feel so guilty! Is it that bad? Is that okay if I do two days in one tomorrow?

  • Isha

    i finally did it! I thought I was never gonna do a headstand! I might have to practice more though because I was only able to do it two times today.

  • Tina

    Wish I could do the headstand, but there’s no walls here without pictures or other items XD

  • Ana

    I have to work this night but I still did my forth training day…..
    It was as always nice, but >((( I din’t feel my inner thights with those legs moves., I felt only my gluteus and my abs. Feet flexed and in supination, right?! So what did I do wrong?

    • Tina

      Knowing from experience, you may not feel it now, but you will feel it tomorrow (same goes for when you’re doing oblique videos later in the calendar).

  • Elizabeth

    Omg day four and I HATE cardio, running…anything that says cardio I don’t like. But that workout was efficient, it burned me, and it was SOOO FUN I got carried away with one move to the beat that I wasn’t paying attention that I kept doing it and realized you were already at the next move!!!!😂

  • Vickie HF Lim

    omg! I never thought that I CAN do a headstand.

  • Jessa

    Is any one else’s legs on fire? Woooo! I live in a apartment so I found another apartment friendly workout I could do instead of the cardio on listed. But I am sweating and my heart rate is up. Day 4 check!!!!

  • Annika

    Was it just me or was it really hard to keep your foot facing down in the Inner Thigh Side Raises and the inner Thigh Lifts?

    • IM

      it was hard!

  • Sanehi B

    Second attempt at finishing this calendar. I quit last time after the first week but I am determined to finish it this time! Day 4 done but I am still sore from yesterday!! Can anyone tell me if they do cardio along with these videos? I want to rely on the calendar only but I know that only using these three videos as exercise isn’t enough to loose weight!

  • MG

    just finished day 4!!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 4 complete! Could not do the headstand due to lack of available flat wall space (also limited flexibility) but the others were good!

    • Elena Morales

      same here, dont have much space for the headstand..
      but i took some other video instead (stretching) and it went fine :)
      easy day.

  • Laura

    Yay this day was great. I did´nt struggle that much. Well, besides the headstand. I am too worried, lol. Nevermind though, I will probably continue until I can do it :)

  • Aja Korče

    I cannot make a headstand. I dont know if im doing this wrong or that im just soooo fat

  • Fiona Sophia

    In the second video when you’re supposed to have your leg straight and heel up, toes facing the mat, I didn’t really feel my inner thighs and didn’t feel a burn. Does anyone else relate or have suggestions? I have a feeling that I’m doing something incorrectly, but I’m not sure what so I don’t know how to fix it.

    And WOW. Just like so many others I couldn’t believe I could ever do a headstand (even if it’s just off the wall) and I did!!! Feel so proud of myself!!:)

    • Mélodie

      Hello! me neither :) I felt my butt burning and my abs, not my inner thighs, more the outter thighs… I suppose these are my much weaker places that I have to work much harder before my inner thighs are working…

  • Tammy Winters

    Did everyone else drop out? I see my post from 22 days ago! I think this was the last day I did, but I’m going all the way this time! Inner thigh for beginners! Pooh! Hopefully I’ll get better!

    • Mélodie

      Hello! I did not drop out but I have a pretty busy life and I do the beginner calendar the days I d’ont have yoga, so I’m doing sports every single day eventually, but I’m not following the beginner calendar the way I should, because I have yoga from monday to thursday, and I do the calendar form friday to sunday, and so on. But it works all the same :)

      • Tammy Winters

        That’s good you are exercising! Keep at it!

  • Ruth

    My legs kept falling back to the mat, but I’m sure I’ll get better. More practice on my headstand. But I’m sweating so much.

  • Jasmen Marie Galvan

    Guys, I DID A FREAKIN’ HEADSTAND!! It was against the wall, but still! That’s total progress for someone who is SCARED of being upside!!! ♥

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 4:
    These last few days have left me feeling so sore! So, the amount of burning I felt, today, while working out was crazy! I LOVED it though! Feeling pumped for tomorrow’s workout and the new body I’ll achieve in the near future with all my hard work :) Sadly, I didn’t attempt the headstand because I’m afraid that I’ll end up hurting myself bad by falling onto something or falling on my neck. Maybe, one day, I will be able to do it with some guidance from someone who will be ready to catch me.

  • Evelina Nilsson

    I’m to scared to even try the headstand by myself, but I would consider it if I had anyone with me who could watch me. The workouts were really fun and the warm-up was so good. Can’t wait for day 5!

  • Tammy Winters

    It was good! First time for a heads stands in years! Don’t think I can leave the wall right now! I’ll keep at it!

  • Ravs

    I just finished day 4 and woW that is the first time i felt that burnnnn and i love doing cardio so this is def a good workout for me :)) and i love the inner thigh workout cause i can feel the burnnnnn 😂😭

  • Maria Lia Malandrino

    I can’t believe it, I just did a headstand! I am SO proud of myself :)

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Alright so I could not aaaall of the legs, I would stop for 2 and then start again, but I’d stay I did 90% of the workout this time!!
    I am not sooo tired though, I hope it still did something to my muscles.
    Love love love doing these videos. :)