• meruniatko

    Day 3 – Done. I am happy to say that today it was easier for me that yesterday. Even though challenging, the first video was not crazy hard for me. The second one still had very hard parts, but it seems I’m progressing already. And I felt very sad in the morning, I even thought I will skip my exercise today because I was not feeling good, but now I feel so much better. I’m glad for it.

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Day 3 done! I was so tired from yesterday’s videos that I slept 11 hours last night, but I know that is just my body repairing itself and getting stronger! My abs are sore in such a good way. I hope my booty isn’t too sore tomorrow, I have a lot of walking to do!.

  • Zee

    the song is called “clenching my booty” by nigahiga ft D-Trix

  • Tina

    Done with Day 3! Anyone else doing the calendar right now?

    • Sanehi B

      Me! This is my fifth attempt at completing this calendar. I was only able to finish the first week like four times but I am going to push to finish all 4 weeks! Doing Day 3 today :)

  • peopleoeeee

    Hey guys, anyone here? I’m doing this and I think I’m the latest ever. i have intense cramps from day 2 but i’m comitted!!

    • Tina

      Hey! I just started the beginners calendar again after finishing it at the end of July.

      For the cramps, make sure to stretch and move around. If they’re in the abs, stand up, place your hands above your head and breath in and out. Hope that helps.

  • Emm

    Hahaha yeah my banana was a little split!

  • Rebekah

    Just finished day 3! Anyone currently doing the beginner’s calendar?

    • Jill Hoye

      Yes ! I have just finished day 3 too. The full body work out killed my abs as they were sore from yesterday !

  • Jessa

    I am so proud of myself! Today I was able to do a full roll up. it’s so amazing to see such progress in three days!! Keep at it everyone!

  • Funto Akindona

    Day 3 done and my abs are still on fire from the previous days! Anyone doing this still or am I the only one? 😁

    • Dolapo

      Hey. I’m on day 10 today. You’re not alone. Doing great keep going!!

  • Martina

    Hello everyone!
    I’m doing day 3 today, is there anyone doing it today? :)

  • Hollee

    yay!! Day 3 finished!!!!

  • Stacy Marie

    Day 3.2 (meaning second time around) is about to begin! Let me know if you’re doing the calendar now ^-^

  • Katrina

    Day 3 down! :D

  • Emily Hassett

    woo day 3 done! anyone else doing the calendar June 2017??

    • Nadia

      Yeah! Just finished Day 3! :)))

      • Emily Hassett

        woo good job! keep it up!

  • tinyshinycello

    What I’m noticing in a lot of the leg movements is that my hips start hurting pretty bad causing me to stop a beat and rejoin…

  • MG

    just finished day 3 yay!!

  • Samkele

    Just finished Day 3!! I only recently discovered Blogilates, so I’m trying pilates for the very first time and man….I did not realise just how weak I was! Like….woah….it’s kinda frightening! I mean, the workouts are quite challenging, but still! So anyway, I was sort of dreading today, because I found I was having a hard time already and I had only just begun, however after today’s workout I didn’t feel quite as useless as I did yesterday and I’m actually feeling kinda pumped for the rest of this calendar. I’ve tried the gym thing…..didn’t work out too well for me (really could’ve saved me some money actually), but I feel like Cassey is really onto something here and I am here for it! Here’s to hoping that I continue to push through and that I stick to this ’cause I am determined to make 2017 the year in which I commence my GLOW-UP!! Best of luck to everyone trying to do the same :) :)

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 3 done! Tried my best but couldn’t extend my legs very well. Roll-ups were easier this time! Although I think I may have gone down too fast. With the leg lifts – is it better to start with your legs extended at the top or down on the floor?

  • Vanessa

    Day 3 done even though I traveled! I didn’t think I’d fit it in or be awake enough to do it but I did! Today was definitely hard but I’m excited for tomorrow!

  • Nikki

    Day 3 anyone? Restarting her beginners calendar and man i forgot how tough it is when you haven’t worked out in quite awhile. Rediscovering some muscles i forgot i had lol :)

  • Laura

    Day 3 is done. :) I am beyond happy about the fact that IΒ΄m again falling in love with fitness. IΒ΄ve found myself looking forward excercising today :)) thanks Cassey <3

  • Cristina

    So I know it’s only day 3 but I couldn’t do some excercises today whereas I could do everything of the past 2 days so… that’s pretty discouraging..

  • Alivia

    So sad I couldn’t finish the side kicks. Anyone else has an old injury that acts up when working out? And any tips to help strengthen it?

  • breanna

    omg I could not do half of the ab exercises because of how tough day 2 was!!! Still tried some but when she did that banana-teaser thing I was like LOL NOPE :)

  • csq

    Hey everyone! its my first time trying out pilates and so far i’ve got bruises on one of my knee and above my tailbone. Could it be that my postures are incorrect or is this normal? Thanks!

  • nicolebrown

    hey so I can’t do the move in the second video where you are on one knee and the other leg is extended because my hips don’t allow that movement does anyone know any good alternatives I could use thanks :) :)

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Hey guys! I don’t know if any of you are just starting out, but I just wanted to say: It’s my second time around doing the calendar (I’m actually doing the 6 week body toning challenge so the days where I’d have “nothing to do” I do this calendar instead).
    And it’s so crazy! I could do those videos at 97% and I remember the first time around where I couldn’t. Don’t stop, you’ll become stronger I swear!

  • Tammy Winters

    I did the banana ok lying on my left side but lying on my right side, no go! Eeek! Hopefully I’ll get better!

  • Francesca Fernandez

    It’s my first day and i’m already tired.

  • sasha

    who is that other girl? she hasnt a clue on beginners i couldnt do a single move she said i could do casseys moves of course

  • Jasmen Marie Galvan

    Day 3 DONE & DONE last night!

    The bubble butt video was SOOO GOOD. The Total Pilates one…not so much. I struggled through that one and took more than one break, but I pushed through it to the end. :)

  • Ruth

    Just completed Day 3 and I am not a good bananaπŸ™€πŸ™€

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 3:
    Today, I was feeling pretty good, despite feeling sore all over! The ‘Bubble Butt’ video was awesome! The ‘Total Body Pilates Workout’ video, though, was such a challenge for me towards the end. Especially, when it came to the Teaser Twist! I’m determined to finish this calendar for once!

  • Am I the only one who’s butt is getting kicked by these videos?! Day 3 complete!

  • Trnnie

    Love-Love-Loved todays workout!

  • Chris Michelle Peralta Frias

    Just finished day 3… !!! I feel amazing…

  • Evelina Nilsson

    The Butt workout was less hard than I thought it would be, it was actually really fun and I could really feel my butt working. The second one was also really fun and the rollups where much easier than they where the first time. The banana thing though was tough! Apologize for my English, it isn’t my native language.

  • Tammy Winters

    Fun trying to exercise with chihuahuas who want to play since you ARE on the floor!

  • Abby

    I just finished day 3! I started this calendar about a week ago, but then I got busy again with school… hopefully I will be able to be consistent with the days now. I’m so bad at these workouts

    • Tammy Winters

      Hi Abby! Glad to see you back. I did 2 days then took the weekend off. I just can’t do it in front of my husband. Doing the 2nd video for today now! It’s tough. I imagine it will eventually get easier!

  • Ro

    Day 3 done! That was actually a lot easier than i expected :) but the twist was very hard, logistics wise lmao

  • Tania JB

    I’m really enjoying this videos, so far :3

  • Monica Cuartero

    Okay, I kinda finished this calendar today. Keyword: kind of. I skipped the whole banana crunches from the second video cause I am too weak to do it still. I’ll be able to do it someday. It was a fun workout though for sure.

  • Balsam

    Doing this calender all over again ??

  • Amanda Pieslak

    just did day 3 again. This is my 4th time starting over.. This time I plan to keep with it. I can’t make excuses anymore.. Blogilates did wonders for me 2 years ago, not its time to get real again and go hard. The first time I did this, I did great but then my husband and I moved, and work got stressful and man did I gain weight. Time to loose and get healthy again!

  • Kate

    Love it. It was difficult, but I did it!!!