• Paula Martins

    I just finished the begginer’s calendar! And I’m so soreeee! Yesterday’s workout killed me (it’s also been really hot here, so the weather hasn’t been making it easy lol). What about now? Should I jump right into August’s calendar? And should I go right to the workout for the 9th or should I start it from day 1? Please help!

  • Sara Cardoso

    which calendar should I follow next? which do you recommend?

  • Lisa

    I just finished the Beginner’s calendar and I have to say that I’m amazed how much stronger I feel. Cassey I looooooove you too, I really do.You inspired me each & every day to keep going. I feel happier after these workouts. I did get pretty sore in the beginning and had to skip a day or two at times, I kept reminding myself at 53 I need to give myself time to be in this process and work back up. My husband is so happy to see me doing this as well. I used to body build, backpack, skate, bike, run and I’m a movement analyst/educator so this means so much to me to feel capable again of participating in workouts and regaining my strength and tone. I’m hopeful that by following your workouts in April, May, & June that this summer I can feel self- confident & look sharp in shorts & tanks again! Thanks Cassey for all you do for us & BIG congratulations on your accomplishments. You’re making the world brighter and happier.

  • Emma

    I’m so proud of myself for making it through the whole month. I want to keep working on my abs and posture during certain poses though so I’m restarting this calendar tomorrow and starting the 30 day ab challenge!!! (PSI can’t wait to try these cookies. I might add chocolate chips as a cheat)

  • Carmen

    Yay! I made it through the while month!!!! I feel so accomplished!!!!

  • Ellen

    Hi, can anybody tell my how much weight will i lose if i do this excercises whole month

    • Liz

      Hey Ellen,

      To answer your question, I would have to say it is different for everyone since we all have different types of bodies and metabolism and such. I’ve been following Cassey’s beginner calendar for the month and I lost a total of 4 pounds. It’s really hard for me to lose weight and so this is a great success for me. Pay mind that you also have to eat healthy. If you binge out on junk food and greasy foods and just foods that are bad for you in general then the workout most likely wont be as affective. However, as Cassey says, “It’s okay to have one cheat MEAL in a week,” so it doesn’t mean you have to forget about those cookies and yummy foods you love.

      I hope my answer helped. ^_^ Have fun with Cassey while working out!

      • J

        I am just finishing this calendar for the first time, and while I haven’t seen a significant difference in my weight, I’ve noticed that my muscles are much stronger. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale might not show a difference, even when changes are happening. For me, the goal isn’t changing my weight so much as getting stronger, and Cassey’s videos are a great, fun way to do that!

    • PinkPanther

      I*’m just starting but I measuser myself thats more reliable then the scale

  • I was just wondering how much would I lose if I do this

  • Barb Peters

    I just clicked on day 28 to see what the easiest cookie to make is and it is blank. It just says Beginner’s 2.0 day 28 and that is it. Would you please help me to know what i am missing? Do i need a password or something to be able to see it?
    Thanks in advance for your help, Barb.

  • Chiara

    Hi! I haven’t the password for the monthly plan, can someone send it to me please? thanks!

  • Zoe

    I wonder if it would be good if i added my protein powder to it. Then I could have little protein cookies for after my workout.

  • Defanelia

    I’m going to steal my roomate’s banana to try it right now ;)

  • Ann

    I should have watched this before I made mine. Mine aren’t as pretty, but they taste great. :)