• Kate

    Can anyone else not see the beginners modifications for the first video? I had to just imagine what I thought they would be and do that!

  • Elizabeth

    I was so discouraged, I’ve been worrying that I haven’t been getting stronger. I did this first video. I did it, but with breaks and modifications and then I looked at the comments. They all said they did it with no breaks and with no/little modifications. Then I broke into a sob because I thought, “Why am I not getting stronger but these people are? It’s so not fair I’m working just as hard!” Then I realized that I did freaking BURPEES! I could barely do a burpee before I started this calendar. And I did like ten of them (the last few modified lol) and I became happy. I realized, sure they may be stronger than me, but I’m stronger than I was before, and my only competitor in this workout calendar should be me.

  • tinyshinycello

    I’m sort of getting more flexible. So close to being done with this calander. I hope I can jump right into the normal calander….

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 26 done! The second video went so much quicker than I expected – the first video was difficult – had to do all beginner poses but I got a good sweat going!

  • Lily

    The first video killed me, I had to take more than 10 seconds in between to catch my breath. I really have to work on my cardio. Day 26 done!

  • Laura

    Well, after this day, it is safe to say that I am beginner. I did every move in beginner´s position. At least I am a good beginner right? :D

  • Balsam

    I’m on that time of the month man this is tough for a first day lol, i’m glad i didn’t skip thought.
    I did all begginers movements for the first video because i’m avoiding a disatster xD
    It’s all good though stay strong guys.

  • Tammy Winters

    Finished day 26! Whew! Still can’t do those stretches very well, but I’m trying! Can’t believe only 1 more day and I will have actually finished something!

  • melloriya

    I almost can’t believe it. One more day and I’m done with the beginner calendar. The first video was hard and I had to take a couple of breaks, but still I’m proud of myself.

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    I didn’t know if we were supposed to do the first video 4 times ? So I feel like I’ve “cheated”?
    The rest went okay but … not satisfied about that question :/ One day left, hope I still did this one justice.

    • Teresa J

      I figured since we were doing the other videos, once was good.

  • Debs G

    Thanks for this series, Cassey. After 3 kids and a lifetime of avoiding physical activity whenever possible, being able to finish this calendar this week will mark the first achievement of my “healthy midlife crisis”. I already feel stronger mentally and more energetic (and more physically able to chase down my toddler). #100days

  • Joy

    Hope Cassey would come up with alternatives for those who have knee problems like me. Those stretches were a challenge coz I have to put pressure on my knees and I have to stop as not to injure myself…

  • popster4life

    I only did the beginner variations because I had dance today and track and field at school

  • Sthefania

    Day 26 done!!! TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY!! Good job to all of us who kept going and pushing ourselves! Even if we skipped a day or two! The important thing is that we did not give up!!

  • lossitnow

    The second video was easy in a weird way. I felt nothing. Maybe I did it wrong? /:

  • Mikayla

    It sucks because every time we have cardio I can’t finish it. It’s not because of my body either. I know my body is fully capable. I just have the worst sneakers.

    • lola

      Try it without sneakers maybe? I do all of my blogilates videos without shoes. Makes it feel a little less like I’m preparing to “workout”

  • Jenna

    Back! This week I was battling a cold so have been taking some days off and on. Anyway, first one was hard, but I liked it. I was considering doing to for a second time. I was really happy that she inserted beginner poses in the corner. Starting to challenge myself to not do the beginner modifications. Always love when we do stretching in the end. Anyway, One more day. I am debating about doing this calendar again or going right into february. I don’t feel very confident in going directly to the non beginner workout.

    • Jill Hoye

      I’m debating the same thing !! I think I’m going to try the non begginer and if it’s too hard I’ll go back to the begginers probably just the last two weeks. :)
      Let me know if you did the febuary one or back to the begginers! It’s really good that you’re pushing your self congrats!!!

      • Jenna

        I am sticking with beginner. I skipped the first week and started with the second week. I am taking days though to jog instead (my dog has been anxious with my move and needs more exercise)

        • Jill Hoye

          I’m doing the same thing because while I was doing the begginers I would take breaks between days and I’m going to try to do it right this time! Hope you well :) Have fun doing the callender and good call for the jogging I usually go on hikes with my dog she loves them. See you at day 27 in a month ! :)

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 26 done!!
    omg reptile jumps almost kill me!

  • Jemimah A

    These last few days got me so emotional. I cry almost every time I finish, not because of the pain but because of the strength I gainedThis is my first time finish the beginners calendar. I used to always fall off the wagon but this is the first time I finish. I feel proud of myself, just myself and how much I can push my body. It’s a wonderful feeling

  • Sarah

    One more day left! I am super excited to be finished with the beginner calendar and to move on to the regular monthly calendars. I found the first video hard in some parts and easy in others. I did end up taking a thirty second break near the end because I needed to catch my breath, but I made it through making modifications where needed. The second video was much easier and I always love having stretching videos at the end! One day left everyone!!!

  • Cayla

    In the first video I had to do a lot of the variations because I live in an apartment and most of the regular versions involved jumping. Still got a good workout from it though!

  • Tiphaine

    If you’re looking for a happy medium during the HIIT video, you can do the beginner modification for one exercise and then push yourself to the regular version for the next exercise and then alternate. I did it and it felt good to push myself without pushing myself past my limits. Good luck!

  • Caitlin

    January 8, 2017

    I felt really discouraged after the first video, I had to do all the beginner variations. I saw all these comments about how everyone was so proud to finish the video without breaks or variations, and I literally wanted to cry. But then I decided, I didn’t spend the last 25 days working out and eating clean to stay the same, I did it to make changes and have that feeling of accomplishment. I went back and did the video again, this time only a variation on the jumping reptile and I was so proud of myself, and I never thought I could do that. If you’re feeling discouraged, I strongly encourage you to do it again and push yourself as hard as you can… the other two videos are a breeze so don’t worry about those.

  • Ligia Clarine Adao

    You kill me Cassey! The first video was quickly end hard. On the second I didn’t fill may obliques, like other girls. Let’s see tomorrow. I love you calendar, and I’m finishing! I’m Brazilian, maybe writing wrong , I’m sorry for that! Kisses!!!

  • Mitsuha

    one more day to go!!

  • Esther Jo

    I like the first video!

  • RJ Cash

    One more day to go!! Whoo! This has been a super fun mouth and really I am glad I did it! If you feel down don’t be! So many people do this over again! I personally am pumped up to start the monthly calendar but I was already exercising before this! Yep plus the fact I am quite slender just trying to tone up on those fats around my abs and thighs! So even though u might me really overweight u CAN DO IT!! I know u can! Just DO NOT GIVE UP.
    Oh and I am 13 yrs old for those who are wondering if younger girls can do it! Go Girls!!!

  • Karla Kovacs

    Day 26 done! I want to do the splits so the streches helped me a lot :)

  • Holly83

    All i can say in regards to the first video is thank god for the beginner modification. No way i could have done it without them.

  • Sara

    am i the only one who doesn’t feel sore anymore??

  • Kim Davis

    Update one day after doing these workouts; my obliques are actually on fire. I was worried I didn’t get a good enough workout, but boy did I. Make sure to stretch your sides!

  • Bruna Duarte

    Hey guys I just wanna say that on the second video i tried to go for the ‘advanced’ stance with my hands above my head and I guess I didn’t have enough core strength to support me because I pulled a muscle on my back and it was horrible, I fell to the ground and I couldn’t move my body at all and I had no strength to get up. Thankfully my boyfriend was by my side and he helped me to stay calm (because I was panicking a little, and also laughing from embarrassment). It took me 2 hours to finally get up and I’ve been bed-bound for a couple of days. So yeah, cautionary tale over here. But I love Blogilates so much I’m just waiting to get better so I can keep going!
    Be careful everyone!

    • Sara

      That sounds so painful wow, its a good thing your boyfriend was there! take your time recovering, stay strong and get well soon <3

  • Randi Leigh Thomas

    I had to do some HIIT variations thanks to weak wrists but it is done! ONE MORE DAY TO GO!

    • courtiecrunch

      Me too, I have a wrist injury so I always have to do the variations, which makes it less of a challenge for me :( but we’re almost there! wooo!

  • lijjjiia

    Can’t believe I’m only one day away from finishing the beginner’s calendar!!!! Never thought I’d be able to make it. I suck at sticking to routines