• Sarah G

    I had a lot of hip wiggling with that very last move, and I’m almost positive I did those outer thigh things wrong? New moves=new ways to screw up haha

  • Love Pilates!

    My legs whenever I do leg circles they always click and it hurts my hip (joint?) any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or anyone have any pointers????

  • Karen Rooth

    Day 25 in the bag! my legs have a mind of their own :D

  • Hollee

    DAY 25 finishheeeddd yaya!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 25 done! Some of the moves esp the leg circles were really hard – but I tried my best!

  • Laura

    I loved this day! Cardio was easy enough (for someone who hates cardio) and even though those next two videos were pretty hard, I managed to do them! :)) I feel like my legs are so strong and that feeling is the best <3

  • Lily

    Those leg circles killed me! And I modified the clam ones by propping myself on one shoulder instead of sitting up. I guess my core isn’t strong enough to hold me up? This way I was able to focus on the burn in my thighs instead of focusing on balancing myself yet barely lifting my legs up. Day 25 done, the end is so close!

  • Aida B

    This cardio warm up is my actual fave!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    I did the second video without stopping I was so proud :D !!
    Third video, the clam thing I did skip some reps, my body was not enjoying the way I was bending…? And the leg circles well.. I did them to my own pace.
    Day 25 ovaaaaaa :)

  • Trnnie

    I was feeling pretty discouraged after the second video because I had to take a lot of breaks, and really didn’t want to continue onto the third video. I decided to blast some music and not think about the reps and was able to complete the second video without a break! Im happy I pushed though!

  • popster4life

    PLEASE do a SUPER HARD ab workout. I am really wanting to work my abs!!!

  • Unicorns

    March 2017 anyone????
    Congrats guys!!! Day 25 done!!!!
    Only 3 more days left!!!!!

  • Diana

    The first week I got my period, the second one I got sick and now I have spring fatigue and no energy at all… missed some days because of these but I won’t give up!! Almost at the finish! YAY

  • HM

    Ouch! One of my quads is really painful from yesterday. I made it through the first two, but I had to stop and do a leg stretch video instead of the final one because it just didn’t feel right. This is the first time I’ve had to stop a video completely before it was finished and I’m disappointed!

  • Kathrine

    I’m so, so, so glad that I decided to do this calendar! I’m noticing changes in my thighs and stomach. But one leg seems thinner then the other. It’s only a slight difference though and I guess I notice it because i look at them so much. Does anyone else have this problem? And could anyone give me any soultions.

  • Sthefania

    Yesterday I skipped day 25 because my day was packed so decided to do it today. Day 25 done! So close to getting it done! :D

  • lossitnow

    My legs just got murdered.

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 25 doooone!!

  • Jenna

    I am having a hard time staying motivated on a daily basis. Glad to be back in it. My goal is finish strong with the last two days. No breaks in between. Anyway, it is nice to be back. It’s funny, I started doing this so lose weight. Now I do it because it gives me a pump of energy in the morning and I feel like a slug when I don’t do it.

  • Sarah

    Today was a really great day. I took a two day break since I went away to go surfing and hiking and came back so sore! I almost didn’t do the video today my legs hurt so bad! But I was like just do it, and I really enjoyed the first and second video. The third was a bit trickier, but definitely manageable! I am so proud of myself and everyone else who had made it this far! Only a few days left!!!

  • Piper Hayworth

    I fell off the wagon with all the holiday travel (which I know Cassey would say isn’t an excuse since the workouts are “so short” but I did. I fell off the wagon. For a little over a week. And just felt terrible about myself because of it. I’m finally back on the wagon again, this is my second day in a row (small victory) and I am feeling ashamed still, but proud of myself for getting back on the wagon again. Did anyone else struggle with a fall off the wagon for a bit? I’m having trouble letting go of the feeling of shame.

    • Marie

      I felt the same way.. I have to skip some days a week because I just don’t have the time, but at least we are trying to do it when we can:))

    • Cayla

      Don’t feel ashamed, be proud of yourself! A lot of people who fall off the wagon don’t get back on, so you should be so proud of yourself for jumping right back into it, that can be a really difficult thing to do after taking a break! Stay strong and keep up the good work!

    • courtiecrunch

      Same thing happened to me! I fell off the wagon for about a week, and this is my second day in a row getting back on track too :P Don’t feel shame about it! What’s important is that you got back on track, this is really hard stuff to do! You got this!!

  • Tiphaine

    Day 25 – DONE.
    So close to the end!

  • Jackie

    I have never felt so weak until those leg circles hahaha so I am happy to hear everyone else was struggling with them too! Guys!!!! Day 25! I can’t believe I have made it this far. It really is a great feeling! I noticed I feel a lot better and have cut back on how much coffee I drink because I feel so energized during the day. Happy I made the choice to do this. What should the next stop be? Monthly calendar? Or PIIT?

  • Mitsuha

    yayy day 25 done!!!

  • cony !

    i just CANT do the side plank, i can’t,, i tried it and it hurts so much and i end up falling. This is not my day but i’l keep going

  • Esther Jo

    Wow, I totally enjoyed today’s workout!
    by the third video, my butt and legs were flexing with more strength.
    Love it!

  • Jana

    Day 25 is done! Cannot wait to do the regular calendar except I will cut back a few days cause it always takes so much time. 30min every other day is enough for me but I enjoy doing my sport at home. :)

  • Karla Kovacs

    I’m so happy! This workout was so funny and cool… I am going to do the yesterday workout cause I want extra exercises. Day 25 doooone

  • Katy <3

    yesss :))) I just died … it’s so exciting this calendar!!! :)) barely picked up from the floor

  • afarren1

    Finished day 25! Is anyone else still doing this calendar???

    Overall, I feel much more confident and capable of doing these workouts, but the first exercise in the Perfect Legs video was killer… I felt like I couldn’t hold my upper body up while holding my legs back in that position. Also I can never get my legs all the way straight when laying down no matter how much I try… Anybody else??

    • Elizabeth

      Yup I am

    • Elizabeth Allen

      Yep! Still going! To be able to completely straighten your legs you will need to increase your hamstring flexibility. Mine was pretty bad since I have a desk job, but I have been doing stretches for splits a few times a week since I started the beginner calendar and I can hold my legs a lot straighter now and I’m really close to being able to do a full split. Good luck, I hope this helps!

  • Today’s workout is much better than the previous one. Haha

  • Sara Florian

    I stopped in this day as I was really busy so know I am wondering if I should start again or just keep going >_< my body feel so bad after 2 weeks of 0 proper activity~ what do you recommend?

  • Anya.Hinota.Tekavei

    The perfect legs workout..Ouchhh..but in a good way?
    Thanks Cassey

  • Simoné Oldewage

    Really struggled to keep my hips still with the legs circles. Such a struggle.

  • Anna Gardner

    I recommend a long 20 min stretch on your legs after this day! Really loosened up my hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors and my legs feel amazing.

  • Charlotte

    This was a good exercise! I felt like it was just a little bit too hard, but not that hard that I could not do some moves, or finish the videos without a break. It was PERFECT, but now I am dead…

  • Randi Leigh Thomas

    UGHHHH are perfect legs worth that circle of hell? Are they really?! HAHA! We’re almost done! YAY!

  • Elisa

    its the last couple days, and i completely lost my motivation. i missed 4 days. I feel really bad abut it now, but im going to finish these last videos fighting. I really dont want this to happen again

    • Piper Hayworth

      Same here. I made it three weeks in and then had to travel and completely fell off the wagon for a week ish. But I got back on the wagon, and so did you! You are not alone, and I admire your drive to get back at it and not give up or let it happen again. We can do this!

  • Kellsiea

    I’m finding the workouts to go by a lot more quickly than when I started!! It really helps to focus on what Cassie is talking about or maybe the sounds of birds outside my window when I feel the burn the most. Cardio is super hard for me because my heart beats SO fast even at rest, but I just do what I can. (Does anyone else have 85-90bpm at resting?) My aim is to train my heart to slow down a bit and be more effective. It really helps to follow each day’s routine with a nice 30 minute yoga session to center myself. Good job everyone, keep it up!

    • Kim Davis

      Do you see a cardiologist?

      • Kellsiea

        A doctor did an EKG recently and said nothing irregular was found. Just an excitable heart for an excitable girlie! Thanks for the concern, Kim!

      • Kellsiea

        Thanks for the concern, Kim! I’ve had some tests done, but the doctors I saw said that everything was normal. Just fast. Maybe my heart was meant to go in a hummingbird’s body and someone got distracted. ;0]

    • Margo B

      I do! I have sinus tachycardia. My heart rate was 140 during yesterdays cardio workout! Certainly not a good feeling.

      • Kellsiea

        It isn’t!!!! And people will make fun of me when we’re working out together and I have to take a break. I’ve learned that it is much better to stop than end up on the ground. Or in the hospital. Gotta be careful and know our limits. Always follow up with a cool down routine to ease the heart back into resting mode. Or just intersperse it in whenever things get WAY too intense in the chest.

        Thanks for sharing, Margo. Maybe I’ll have to bring that condition up next time the doc’s say that everything is normal.

  • Cindy Melissa

    I missed a couple of days but I will not surrender! I suffer from PCOS and losing weight is quite difficult but will not give up.

  • Melissa Hoffman

    I never realized how heavy my legs were until I did those leg circles! #PAIN

  • Lo

    This is day five of working out and I accidentally followed the wrong calendar, but I finished 4 of 6 cardio videos and I’m feeling pretty proud.

  • Sarah

    Day25 dooooonnne?? omg i can’t believe that we have two days more and finish one month ??

  • Te’ya Mitchell

    DAY 25 DONE! AND NO BREAKS! We are halfway done with our last week. If you made it this far, congrats! It hasn’t been easy, but I can tell I am so much stronger than I was when I started. Also, it only takes 21 days to form a habit so chances are if you made it this far, you’ll keep up with working out once it’s done.