• Sarah G

    I don’t know if this will help anyone else feel better but I realized that to get my lardy butt to jump I actually probably have to exert more force than Cassey does =P also my thighs feel like bricks after these last few days

  • Federica

    I’m so “glad” to see I wasn’t the only one who thought today was horrible. I’m doing Blogilates because I suffer from chronic pain and it helps me for the muscles and nerves inflamation and also to detox my body from the stress. I have done the first beginners calendar and now I’m almost finishing this one. I thought I was in good shape now and that my body was strong enough but today was really bad. And not “bad in a good way” as usual. In the middle of the first video I lost all of my strenght, I felt nauseous and did like the 70% of it, pushing myself to my fullest. After, I felt so sick that I threw up … I decided to rest for half an hour before doing the second video, but same thing: basically after two minutes I lost my strenght and I thought it was really TOO MUCH, especially after the first video. I thought it was just because of me but I see I’m not alone and that other people puked after the first video, so it’s possible that the sequence of the moves wasn’t well balanced to do everything with the right amount of strenght, energy and Equilibrium. I adore Cassey and I’m so grateful to her, but today was a big NO for me. I didn’t even have the strenght to do the third video that was “just” stretching because of how the first two made me feel … and I had to stay in bed all day to recover..I don’t know what went wrong today … I just don’t know ..

  • Maddie

    Today was terrible!! omg, but I did it. Not as good at cassey. I didnt workout at all before, so this is better than that

  • Karen Rooth

    Phew!! I’m a bit sweaty!! feel like I’ve done something though :D Get stuck in folks – it’s not that bad!!

  • Elizabeth

    I had to take SOO many breaks in the first cardio I kinda feel discouraged because I don’t know if my arms are getting stronger :(

  • Teresa J

    Yay, all done! The one legged burpies weren’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated!

  • A

    I replaced the first video with some the Fitness Marshall Videos. I did three songs to warm up and when I saw the second video I felt really discouraged because I have arthritis and almost all of the moves were high impact, which really affect my joints so I couldn’t do any of them :( I’m still sweating thanks to the warm-up cardio but didn’t work on my strength at all. Usually I do some variants for high impact moves that I learned in high school but I had no idea how to replace these ones so I just sat on the floor waiting. Any suggestions?

  • Shauna Paulson

    This was really rough, had a really hard time with it and felt really discouraged. Thanks commenters for making me feel better. I almost hurt myself a bunch because these moves seem really advanced….. Single leeged burpees are a noooo gooo.

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 24 done! Second video was difficult but I tried my best! And I sweated a lot haha

  • Gabriela Campolina

    I don’t know why but I feel like this was my worst day so far. I didn’t like the videos, they seemed way too advanced for me. When the single legged burpee appeared I just laughed and went to get some water because I knew I couldn’t do it. I also have knee problems, so some of the exercises are REALLY painfull for me. I’m sad. :/

    • Tanya Joseph

      Definitely, they were super hard, but go at your pace and do the beginners version. Don’t be upset if you can’t do em all! You did them still and that’s what matters!

  • Laura

    Am I still at the Beginner´s workout? Because this felt REALLY advanced. :/ Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

  • Lacey

    For those discouraged: Remember, what Cassey is doing is the goal. I’m 5’4 and 250 lbs so I am not anywhere near able to do the things on her videos sometimes. If you can’t do, modify. There’s been times I’ve done moves that were supposed to be on hands and knees while laying on the floor, or had to hold onto a chair, or sub another move we’ve learned that works the same muscles. Also, if you can’t go her speed, slow down for goodness sake! I’ve done 1 move to 3 of hers sometimes and I still feel like dying. The key is to do what you can and remember the videos that kicked your butt! Let them be your measuring stick. Do it again next week and see how much better you do. Finally, remember that theoretically we should be getting ready to go to her regular calendar at the end of this week. So it makes sense that the workouts are getting more intense. There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating the beginner calendar if you aren’t ready. Heck I may be doing that myself. Love the progress you’ve made, and see each ‘hell no’ today as a goal for tomorrow.

  • Tammy Winters

    Day 24 done! I feel like the cardio the last week has been extremely hard. I’m sore from the previous days. The 2nd video was brutal! Ugh! So glad I made it to day 24! Never thought I’d make it this far!

  • Ana Maria Mejia

    Today sucked, the first video was at an appropriate level of difficulty. The second video? Forget it. Modified all but like 2 moves.

    Also, I love Cassey and all, but am I the only one that grows to really HATE the sound of her voice by end of a work out? In a STOP MAKING ME DO THINGS I CANT kind of way…

  • Joo Diels

    Oh hell No that I’m doing these video’s todayI have a horrible pms day so FU for this video’s so I just going to do the beginner Total body workout instead. I want to work out so I do 😁

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Alright so all the comments below scared me… The first video I did get lazy at some point and stopped trying. But the second one I think I did well! I was so happy to see I was able to do all the ballerina legouts! Made me proud :)
    Motivation in the last week has been hard to get but all in all this was a good day!

    • Teresa J

      I agree! I read the comments and was just dreading today! But, I found it wasn’t as hard as I had feared.

  • Gigi

    I coulnd’t do most of the stuff, I think they are too advanced for me. But it doesn’t really matter, I feel great in general! Starting this Pilates journey changed A LOT of things in my life. I feel very energetic, more sociable and happy! It’s extremely good for my social anxiety. So, to everybody who are discourage by today’s workout: Don’t be down, do it for yourself.

    If I ever see my own comment again, note to self: Remember how happy and full of life right now and start over!

    • Raphaelle Cantin

      I hope you are still doing well :) !!

  • Andrea Vizcardo

    May I suggest REMOVING and GRADING DOWN the second video (Flat Stomach Fat Melter!) to something that’s more appropriate for beginners? I’m only suggesting this because of what you typed in your blog (http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2016/01/25/why-i-will-never-diet-again/). I understand you were going through hard times but…seriously, SINGLE LEGGED burpees? That will scare any beginner away. Remember your audience! for this calendar, please! Maybe teach/do some regular burpees instead? I mean…as a beginner, I still don’t have the hang of regular burpees and, honestly, regular burpees are enough of a challenge to keep me going without making me want to give up and run away. Just a thought.

    • Gabriela Campolina

      Completely agree. I can barely do a burpee, and Cassey herself said she’s not very fond of burpees either. It was way too crazy for a beginners video.

  • Unicorns

    Guys!!! Day 24 done!!! Don’t get discouraged and definitely do NOT give up!! It’s ok if you can’t do most of these moves. It’s ok if you can’t do any of them! Just try and do your best and persevere!! WE CAN DO IT!!! WE ARE POPSTERS!!!!!!

  • Nessi

    I was super proud of myself for finally pushing through all those reps until she started doing single legged burpees o.O
    Think I’d better go through the whole calendar again before actually daring to try the monthly calendars :D

  • Anis Amalina

    It was difficult. Skipped some. But I still complete it. Yeay! Day 24 done!

  • Alexis Brownlee

    Hey guys!! Does anyone else get down about not being able to do most of the reps? Or even most of the moves? I give myself credit for trying, but I just feel like the moves are so hard I am constantly pausing the video or stopping halfway through the reps to catch my breath. I don’t struggle with the strength training, but I find cardio so hard! Let me know how you guys feel <3 Keep it up! Only a few days left!

    • Bethany

      I feel you. I struggle with the cardio videos, esp. the 2nd one because of all the jumping around.
      I can’t jump around so much (I get so worn out, plus I live in apartment) so I tend to swap out for other cardio videos she has so I am still doing the cardio portion. Sometimes I’ll go running instead too. Not sure if that is okay, but I am working out so I think that is good enough!

      Great work finishing up today!

  • Rayann

    The cardio was hard stuff! lol. I legit died, I honestly had to pause some times, because I legit couldn’t breathe, but I worked through it. With tons of encouragement. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought on when I reach what I want, and working out makes me happy so thats a plus. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be are hard as today, but if it is a BRING IT ON! lol

  • lossitnow

    I HATED today’s workout. Jumping is no friend of mine.

  • courtiecrunch

    Not sure if anyone here has any advice, but I’ve just started using My Fitness Pal and I don’t know how to figure out the calories I’ve burned from doing these videos so I can log it!

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    I finish the first and second video as I could haha
    day 24 done!!!!

  • Jenna

    Whew! Took a 3 day Hiatus and finally made it back in. Can’t stop now so close to finishing the calendar. it’s amazing how much stronger I am . I mean those roll ups couldnt do one and now I am at 15. Had a lot of fun today. A lot of time I modify, so whenever there is planking, I go on my knees. If there is a one legged plank thing, I stick with my knees. One day I will get there.

  • Jemimah A

    This really kicked my butt! I feel a little discouraged but im gonna keep doing this! I tried to do the burpees as easily but my neighbors were not happy lol

  • Sarah

    Day 24 done! I was really happy that it was a cardio day because I personally really love the upbeat nature of cardio and often go for runs and things. Some of the movements were quite tricky but I just took breaks where needed and tried my best. The knee crazies were so much fun! I know a lot of people found today hard but take your time and try your best, taking breaks and making modifications where needed. Amazing work everyone, only a few days left!

  • Tori Tarantino

    A lot of these moves I definitely wasn’t “quick” enough for. Could only do some of the first video and for the second I only made it up until the single-legged burpees. Like……a SINGLE-LEGGED BURPEE?! What?! I can’t even do a normal burpee! lol glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t take well to the videos though.

    • Jenna

      Yeah.. I modified that one. and did like one burpee with my knees while she did like six single legged burpees.

  • BW Oreo

    Is it just me or did anyone else fall doing that knee hop or jump in the first video? I literally fell flat on my face ^_/^

    • Jenna

      At least you gave the hopping a try!

  • Denise Parker

    Today was really hard. I barely made it, and skipped/paused a lot. I was expecting that because, whenever I see FAT in a video title, I assume it’s cardio and I don’t love cardio…even a little bit…hence favoring pilates. I’m starting off pretty heavy and out of shape so that makes everything harder because of all the weight I have to lift to do all that jumping around. BUT even with what I was able to do, I’m still sweating and out of breath so I must have done something right. AND at least today is over! I’m Glad I’m not the only one who had trouble with day 24.

  • Tiphaine

    I had an off day yesterday, so I did day 23 and 24 this morning. All I can say is… thank god for beginner modifications!

    Reminder to anyone who might struggling right now: it’s okay to mess up or miss a day. You can just keep going the next day. Don’t let it discourage you or stop you from moving forward.

  • Ash

    I decided to do the beginners modifications for the moves in the first video, and managed to do a couple of those advanced knee crazies at the end which I’m kinda proud of myself for. I pause for a few seconds before any high-intensity moves like the jumping reptiles or one-legged burpees, I find that a brief break helps a lot in building up the strength to do those moves.

  • Jackie

    Could not do the single leg burpees haha so I just focused on improving a regular burpee because I have trouble with it anyway. The second video I could only do the first half (will try to finish it with my workout tomorrow). These videos keep challenging me and every day I am some sort of discouraged but I am aware of how much stronger I have gotten since day one and that is what I think about to move forward. If we didn’t have bad days we wouldn’t know what a good day was. ;)

  • Anne Engelhardt

    I’m back to finishing up my beginner’s calendar after almost two weeks away after having a terrible tooth infection that knocked me on my butt and required surgery. I was dreading starting again because I knew I was bound to have lost a lot of the strength I had built up over the three weeks previously and sure enough I could barely make it through these workouts! I did it, though, and I feel better now that I’m back on track.

  • cant-do-anything-right

    the only video i was able to accomplish was the stretching one. during the one legged burpees, my leg felt like it was going to break and i had no strength. my leg ended up failing and i fell. totally notttt funnnnn

  • Gabby

    The 2 first videos were a bit hard on my body so I did variations, but the low back stretch was soooo good and now I feel like i’m floating on a cloud lol :D

    Thank you Cassie, I think these are the first workout series I’ve ever stuck until the end!! <33 Love U

  • Mitsuha

    the first two videos are the hardest for me so far. I had to modify most of the moves but at least I was able to finish the video