• Tara Drake

    DAY 23!!!!! I don’t know if I’m getting any better :D

  • Karen Rooth

    Day 23 in the bag! – even if I did spend most of the last video flailing like an upturned tortoise :D

  • Shannon

    Unfortunately I have a quick stop through this workout x thank you so much I am improving my body slowly with the help of your beginner workout plan 😊

  • Elizabeth

    My god that hurt
    Edit: in a good way!

  • Hollee

    skipped a week and a half due to work and stuff but im back to finish strong!!!!! day 23!

  • ngoc nguyen

    Lord. I yelled weird things by the third video.

  • tinyshinycello

    My legs hurt so much today I almost skipped today. But I did it, even though it was TOUGH. Especially those leg circles!!!! But I made it…

  • je suis désolé

    oh my god im reading all the comments to motivate myself but theyre only making me more and more sad… why am i not progressing at all? its the forth week and i do everything as badly as with the first video of the calendar. i might stop because it really makes me feel like shit. anyone else not seeing any progress at all? i want to improve so much!

    • tinyshinycello

      That first video… I still can’t do half of the moves correctly, and I take a lot of breaks, and I haven’t mastered even breathing correctly yet. So that one didn’t motivate me today. What did was the 3rd video. Yeah I missed some reps, but I was able to mostly keep up and not just resign to laying on the floor and feeling like crap. Yeah, that first video was a downer for me today because I didn’t have that “wow this is super easy” moment at all. But I hope, like me, you can go on and try the other videos and come across even ONE move were you can go “hey, I actually didn’t curl up and die for that one!” and just feel good that you kept going… even if there are moments where you are just laying there listening to Cassey telling you to not stop but you know you’ll jump back in soon.

      • tinyshinycello

        I try and take Casseys comment that all bodies are built different to heart. What’s easy for others still is not easy for me (looking at you, my dear inflexible legs) and there might be things that I can with relative ease that may be tough for others. This is honestly the longest I’ve stuck with a workout, not because of immediate results really, but mostly because I love the positivity, and I love that Cassey knows we are on all different levels and I can see she tries hard to accommodate that, without dropping her standards. I hope you don’t quit and I hope there is something that motivates you still that had gotten you this far!!!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Done! The first video I felt was progressively easier – I had little trouble with it! The last two had some hard parts though haha

  • Gabriela Campolina

    My inner thighs are so sore from yesterday they kept me from doing all the motion in some exercises (especially in the second video) but overall i thought it went great. I’m really happy!

  • Laura

    I am enjoying the first workout SO much rn :D I really feel like it is not my level anymore. I (of course) could not do the last video in advanced mode, but I still did it so I feel great anyway. Day 23 DONE :))

  • Milena

    It’s been nearly a month and I still can’t do those fu**ing leg circles. I HATE them.

    • Mantaradio

      omg me too!! The circles! They are cursed!

  • Tanya Joseph

    Anyone else gets massive back pain while doing this? The main thing stopping me from doing these videos without a break or doing the more advanced stuff is my back pain… Any solution guys?

    • Lily

      I was so discouraged back then due to the same problem especially for ab workouts, but it gets better! You can probably see tons of my complaint comments regarding this on the earlier days of the calendar haha. What I did was strengthen my back muscles a little bit. You can look for her back workout videos and try those out. I did them about twice a week, replacing 2 videos from the calendar each week. Now I barely experience any lower back pain. But for the meanwhile, you can take short rests when your back hurts. I hope that helps!

      • Tanya Joseph

        Thank you Lily! I just finished the begginers calendar, but Im gonna do the last two weeks again amd incorporate the back workouts as well!
        You’re amazing!! ❤❤❤

        • Lily

          You’re welcome, and congrats for finishing the calendar!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    First video I was a beast, other two videos well… did them but broke at the end of both…. #itried..

  • Caitlyn

    Anyone else’s hips clicking real bad in the double leg lift or the pull pull switch thing???

  • popster4life

    day 23 done!

  • Hillary Farley

    Waist wittlers?!?! Oh my goooooosh! I redid it twice and still couldn’t keep it going! Guess I’ll do that one a few more times. Hoping I’m muffin top cries tomorrow. It’ll make up for me crying my way thru the exercise. ?

  • lossitnow

    I wonder what to do when the beginner calendar is over. I was thinking about jumping into the February one.

    • Leolin

      Yup! I think that is what you are supposed to do :-)

  • Haley

    Okay, so I can tell I’m definitely getting stronger on some of the moves, but I still can’t do a roll up without a little push with my elbow to get my started. Anyone else?

  • Dora

    Today was such a bad day,though. I was feeling great about the first video and I got to do it with ease, but I HATED the second one. I couldn’t do any of the moves right! I kept falling in the first one, and unable to find equilibrium, I thought I was doing the second one right but I wasn’t feeling anything on my muffin tops and the last one kept hurting my elbows, even after I put a towel (I don’t think I’m strong enough to put myself in that position yet). This is the first time I don’t finish something and is such a bummer! ):

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 23 done!

  • Cayla

    It’s crazy how much I’ve improved on the first video! I like that Cassey puts the very first video of the calendar at the end as well, and throughout the middle so we can use it to see how we are progressing. Definitely feeling stronger!

  • Jenna

    Wow its amazing to get through the first video. Legs still hard but I made it through without breaks. During the last video during leg lifts my quads really hurt. This reminds me to stretch at night and before workouts. Another great workout can’t believe we are almost done.

  • Sarah

    Yay! Today was really great. I think it is always good to do videos later and see how you have improved since you first did them. I can see a massive improvement from when I first started especially in the beginner lower body workout. The second video was pretty good too, and I could actually feel my obliques working. What I will say though, is that the rainbows really hurt my hips (as I have minor hip and back problems) and they kept clicking, so I only did a few of those. Other than that I loved the last video as well! Nice and short and intense! Only a few more days to go, keep up the amazing work!

  • EmmaFV

    Ugh.. I can feel that I am generally getting stronger.. Now I have to stop or take breaks because my lower back hurts. I have a swayback and even when pushing my stomach as much to the ground as possible, there is still some space.. Others have the same problem and found a way around it?
    The roll up is hard, when my back is not touching the ground completely unless I bend my knees.

  • Andra

    The first video is now so easy! Especially the leg part! My arms, on the other hand… I should really start concentrating on those xD

  • Anne Engelhardt

    By the time I got to the third video, I was in so much pain, but I was happy with the fact that I can now get through the first video fairly easily. Day 23 done and on Thanksgiving too!

  • Mitsuha

    Day 23 done :D

  • Karla Kovacs

    Day 23 done.. just 4 days… ?

  • Kira Voiceless

    3/10/16 (german date format~)

    I’m definitely noticing that one month break I took. I am so weak I can’t even.. Ugh.
    Gotta work my way up again.

    I couldn’t do all the videos, cause I was shaking after halfway through the second vid and I think I even hurt my muscle pretty bad..

    Well then.. Day 23.. 50% done? Hey, at least I tried!

  • Amanda

    this is actually my second time doing the beginners calendar (because I could barely keep up with her first time around). So I have been doing Pilates for 52 days now (minus Sundays). Even though I have been able to complete all her moves and keep up, sometimes there are just certain areas I am not up to speed in. (this one!) haha. It is hard to persist through the entire video at her speed. I had to take 2 breaks and come back to it. Point being, its hard. it is. but don’t give up. :)

  • Rae

    Finally I managed to do the leg lift things, circles, and pyramids without stopping once!! I can remember my first time doing that video I absolutely died during the leg part. I just paused and lied on the floor for a while lol. So proud of myself and feeling pretty motivated to see how I’ve grown!!

    • Tori Tarantino

      Me too! I always either got too exhausted or my hips would feel like a muscle was going to be pulled if I kept going and this is the first time I didn the Total Body Workout without stopping :)

      • lossitnow

        Yay! Me too! I actually did the entire video without stopping!

    • Elizabeth

      Me toooo! Well I had to take a break on my second leg during the circles but that’s it 😂

  • Shannon

    Lol waist whittlers… I need to practice you. And get a new yoga mat. Mine like stretches underneath my feet and my feet slide back!

  • Alexandra

    Whoooo! That was killer! The last video really got me. I could hardly stand the pain of the bicycles and admittedly had to go for the beginner leg lifts! Phhhheewwww! xD

  • Rachel

    Does anyone know why the front of my lower legs hurt (like cramping feeling) during the mini circles/ triangles during the first video? every time I’m done this move I’m almost crying for the pain it causes and its definitely not the same as feel the burn pain. Really would like to know if I’m doing something wrong, I’ve had my partner check my posture against cassies and he says it looks the same.

    • Jen

      I have the same issue! I haven’t figured out what’s the problem :( I’d love to hear if anyone has a fix for this.

      • sandofagun

        You could maybe try extending your leg more back, maybe you have it a bit more in the front of your body instead of the middle of it! :) I purposely have my legs pointing a little bit to the back so I can feel more burn in my butt ;)

  • Kellsiea

    Song challenges of DOOM. My workout clothes and mat are soaked. Could never do these in public without having to apologize for the gigantic puddle forming around me!

  • Elisa

    sweated really hard on waist whittlers in the second video, and in the third video overall XD

  • Cindy Melissa

    last video was a killer for me. Great workout. Really happy that I will finish this calendar so I can start doing the new ones.

  • Candy

    had to take tons of breaks in the last 2 videos. im so sore from yesterday!

  • Emma

    I finally did the roll-up without holding onto my legs on the way up :D so proud of myself!! Also absolutely loved the last video, such a great combination, I can feel my core strengthening more every day :3

    • Sarah

      Thats awesome! Me too!

  • Isabel

    It feels so good to finally workout again! I’ve been in airports and airplanes for over 30 hours. Now that I’m in my hotel room, I finally have the space and time to do Day 23!

    I have no idea if I was doing the rainbow obliques right :(

    • Elisa

      Same about the rainbows

  • Rachel

    I am starting to notice a difference on most of the moves! Makes me feel good. =] Some of them are still pretty challenging though, and I’m not even sure that I am doing them right. The rainbow obliques in particular felt like my shoulders and legs were getting crazy sore, but I hardly felt it in my obliques at all. And my shoulder felt kind of crunchy as I moved it – little bit like the hip flexors clicking maybe? Anybody have any tips on how to avoid that?

    • Emma

      I felt the exact same way with that video! I think any time my hips start clicking it’s because I’m shifting it forward or back rather than keeping it still in the proper position (if that makes sense) also I often find myself having to do these moves with my back slightly against a wall for more stability – hope that helps!

      • Audrey Noelle Arnold

        Rainbows always hurt my neck! A little scary for sure. I may try it against a wall next time and see if that helps!

  • Nameera

    YAY DAY 23 DONE FOR ME!!! I’m seriously amazed at myself for sticking through till today. Really crazy how fast time has pass and I a few days till I complete this beginner’s challenge. I can’t wait for more!!!

  • Noemie

    I only had to take breaks for the last video. I did the first and second one without stopping. I am so proud ! Thank you Cassey Day 23 done !

  • silvia

    Thank you Cassey…. I’m doing it

  • Janine

    Day 23 done! Getting stronger and happier every day! I will finish this challenge on my first year brain surgery anniversary, I can’t be happier that almost after a difficult year, now I can push a bit myself to do some excercise and be happier. Thanks Cassey

  • Solenne

    The second video was awful. I couldn’t do the last move and it seemed to last for ages. I couldn’t do the third video either. My back hurts so bad when I do the criss cross. I was happy for the first video because I can really feel the difference. When I began I couldn’t do it and now it’s almost easy. Anyway I sometimes feel the difference between the videos is too important for beginners. I really feel dismotivated. :(

  • Anniina

    Felt really weak and dismotivated today :(

    • Emy

      Me too… I’m so sad, and I don’t feel proud at all.. I give up during the second video, it was too hard, and I was too tired..

      • Holly83

        hope you stuck with it anyway guys. Good luck :)