• Tara Drake

    I’m doing this all on top of my fitness class for PE. PE is killer

  • I couldn’t do the rainbow butt because my arms were giving in :(
    But, good news! I worked hard enough for my arms to give in!

  • Lily

    Oh my gosh I can’t believe I powered through that first video!!!!! I did rest a few times but only for about 5 seconds, if that. I didn’t stop during the arm one, so I’m really proud of myself!!! One thing that got me really motivated was being excited about working out. It gave me a huge adrenaline rush that allowed me to go faster and stronger!! For any girls out there still struggling, try being super excited about the body you’ll have after working out and it should give you the motivation it gave me :)

  • tinyshinycello

    Uhhhh… I still can’t figure out grasshoppers…

  • Inge

    That first video was the first Blogilates video I ever did like 6 months ago. Then I couldn’t finish one of the moves. Now I could do almost everything! Just missed a few raps of the eagle abs and I wasn’t able to strech my legs the whole time during the Criss Crosses (?). I am SO proud of myself :)

  • Marina Kaitlyn

    whwn you just sort of collapse and stay there after the first video. cry when you see there is still 2 more videos to do. power through them and feel fantastic at the end

  • Gabriela Campolina

    6 DAYS LEFT!

  • Laura

    Wow, this day was extra-hard. Maybe I just had a bad day or something, but for me, this day was hard. The first video was killer and I was able to do like half of reps from the first move and than the socond video was objectively easier but my butt hurt from previous video sooo I couldn´t do the second video properly either. Nevermind, though, I´ll try again tomorrow. :)

  • Balsam

    That eagle abs move is my worst enemy.

  • Ana Maria Mejia

    So proud of my self today. I only stopped the first video once halfway during the arms section and then powered through the end.

    The second video was tough only because my lower body was already tired from all those bridges and then we did MORE bridges! But I did it all and I have never felt so powerful during a workout!

    LAST WEEK Y’ALL! It doesn’t matter how hard or impossible a move is! Modify, give effort, and results WILL come! We can all do this!!!

  • Sivan

    I couldn’t finish the first one because it was so boring! Usually the workouts are fun with fun music in the background, and the time flies by, but this time I was just so bored!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    It’s getting so hot in my living room when I do these x)
    Had to take lots of breaks during the first video, but I feel like my body worked out so I’m happy.
    I do think at the end of the calendar I’ll just do it again though, because I don’t think I’m ready for the regular ones ._.

  • Anis Amalina

    So sad. I fractured my foot so I had to rest. Now when I resume to the final week of the calendar i cant do it. I think I have to restart the calendar :(

    • Lucia Gutierrez

      Dont worry! Keep in mind you will do it again! We’ll be here for you

  • Caitlyn

    Did anyone feel their lower back in the butt exercise in the first video???

  • Abigail

    I couldn’t even make it through the first video…. I’m in so much pain from the last week that I can’t seem to do much of anything. I don’t know if I should just give up for this month and give it another go in April, or if I will even be able to do it then….
    I can feel that I’m physically stronger in the arms, but that is the the only place in which I’ve seen improvement.
    If anyone has advice, that’d be great. Otherwise… I’ll be back next month.

  • Nessi

    So day 22 done..BUT XD I kinda just watched her do the grasshopper … I just cannot find the right muscles to lift up there :/

  • Anis Amalina

    gosh the first video. I notice that I have more will power for butt and thigh moves but when it comes to my arms and abs I have trouble pushing through. I definitely improved a lot though so it’s okay. DAY 22 DONE!

  • Bethany

    The last one, rainbow was a bit hard for me. I was only able to do a few, but all the other moves were actually kinda easy for me this time!

    I am so proud of myself, I was actually able to keep up in the first video!

  • Lauriann

    in the 2nd move in the first video, i really feel it in my lower back, and not my butt or thighs…anyone know how to change this?

  • lossitnow

    Today was not so bad! I did better that I thought I would on that first video! Yay me!

  • Heena Karir

    No matter how much I try, I am not able to do the Grasshopper. My knees just don’t get up. I keep pushing myself but I fail :-(

  • elimag

    i don’t know why but when i did the grasshopper exercise (i think it’s call like that ) the bones that i have on my waste (i don’t know how they are claaed sorry i’m not fluetn in english) where furting wile i was on the flour and every time i reach my nee up it like rubbes on the flour and hurts. Am i doing something wrong? i don’t get why it hurts. Anyway it was a great workout i’m so proud of being on day 22 already yeay

  • Sammy

    I am sorry for the mean things I said during the 2nd video. :)

    Damn bridge pulses!!

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 22 done!
    I skipped the last move on the second video bc my arms were shaking so much!

  • Sameen

    Only 6 days left! YAAAAAASSSSS! Well….technically 5 but still! I loved todays vids, didn’t do the butt one though, cuz i love ma booty! As usual, good luck! Keep Going!

  • Cayla

    I found the first video kinda tough because we had to do so many reps, so I had to take breaks once in a while. But the fact that it was hurting and exhausting enough that I had to take breaks means it was working! WOOO!

  • Jenna

    Whew! I didnt want to wake up today, but I did. Glad I did! First one was killer. first time the splitz came up , I did not even look at the video. Today, I did and now I realize there are some good stretches in there. Anyway, have to start getting ready for work!

  • Sarah

    Today was probably my most unmotivated day yet. I had gone for a long run in the morning and since then I just don’t feel like doing anything. I did a couple of reps of each of the moves but I really just felt so tired and lazy. Still not really feeling the stretching. I think that having a rest day yesterday and going to sleep late has made me feel super slow. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight and hope that I will feel more motivated tomorrow!

  • Tori Tarantino

    Also, heads up. The last move of the first video is NOT carpal tunnel friendly lol.

  • Tori Tarantino

    Has anyone pulled a butt muscle while (or shortly after) doing the exercises on these videos?? Weird question, I know, but I’ve pulled my right one three times since I’ve started and it heals up and goes back to normal very quickly, but as soon as I do another “glute” video, it seems to happen all over again. Any tips on how to prevent this or soothe it once it occurs? I don’t keep going once I know something’s off, so no worries, I know my limits :)

    • Julia

      Hey Tori,
      I think your butt may need more time to recover! If you start when your muscle isn’t fully healed (and if you don’t feel it anymore, it is not yet healed) and strain it again, it will take an even longer time to fully heal. Also, warm-ups and cooling-downs will help ;)

  • Tiphaine

    Day 22 done!
    I always find it hard to get motivated the day after a rest day, but I never regret forcing myself to keep going. Excited do week 4!

  • Caitlin

    The fact that the first video is still relevant since its Jan 1 2017

  • Emily

    My hip flexors always cause trouble on booty days ;_; I skipped a few days but I’m back at it and I’m so happy. I can’t quit when I’m finally so close to finishing the calendar!

  • Anne Engelhardt

    Pretty good day today. The first video was a little difficult with the ab move especially. I still am having to make some modifications. HOWEVER. Even though I’m not even close to being able to do a complete splits, I’m WAY closer than I was the first time I tried. I’m definitely making it a goal. Day 22 complete!

  • Mitsuha

    I prefer this version on how to do the splits to the previous one

  • Caitlin

    I am so surprised at how close I am to being able to do the splits after one try. I definitely going to work on getting to the full splits.
    Today was such an awesome set of videos I powered through the first two with minimal struggle definitely gave me lift in spirit since I was so down of my self the last few days.

    • Caitlin

      I don’t know if I commented this or if someone just has the same name as me

  • Heather Acosta

    Omg. After the first video, my muscles were totally cramping on the second. I had to modify the crap out of the last two exercises because my hip flexors were not having it. Day 22 done!

  • Karla Kovacs

    The 1st video wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy… The last video was funny, that people who looked at you like: wtf is she doing there ? day 22 done lol.

    • Sammy

      I couldn’t stop giggling at that either!!

  • Kira Voiceless

    27/9/16 (german date format.)
    I’m back!

    After I completely stopped working out, because of all the stress I was putting myself into, I started over again! Well.. not from day 1, but from the last day I stopped.

    This time I decided to do my workouts every 2 days. Since I have a lot of busy stuff going on and I don’t want to pressure myself like this again. I’ll work out if I can. Period.

    Gotta start small to become big.

    Day 22 done! Can’t believe I motivated myself to continue though..

  • Aisha

    I am like “wow”, I did the split when I was a teenager all the time. But meanwhile I got birth to five children and put on a lot of weight….I just did the split!!!!

  • Esther Jo


  • maria

    I’m so discouraged. I haven’t lost any weight at all. My stomach looks exactly the same as when I started. I didn’t expect it to be instant, but I thought I’d have lost at least a little bit by now. The videos are exhausting and I barely finish most days so it’s not like I’m not getting a workout. I thought by now there’d be at least a little change.

    • Anna

      If losing weight is your ultimate goal you should be working in at least 20 minutes of cardio a day, but 30 to 40 is even better. And of course, as Cassey has said losing weight is 80% what you eat so make sure to eat clean! I’ve added 20-30 minutes of cardio a day + I’ve been eating clean and I’ve lost 9 pounds. :)