• Tara Drake

    the stretches at the end were difficult

  • Tamara Ellingson Mills

    Its always so hard to do the cardio because my boobs and fat flop everywhere and hurts so bad.

    • Hisme

      You need to invest in a good sports bra, then. Depending on your size you may need better support.

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Day 20 complete! I really enjoyed the today, especially the cardio workout! I can’t believe how much stronger I feel and how much more stamina I have. It feels amazing! =D

  • Karen Rooth

    Woo hoo! day 20 done! I nearly fell over during the cardio video though…lunge kicks take a bit of balance and I found it really hard but I kept my arms and legs flailing in some sort or order for the whole video! I loved the stretches but I wobbled over in that last move! I ended up propped against the sofa, still watching the vid through my legs haha :D Keep up the good work everyone – One week to go xxx

  • Elizabeth

    Since I’m on a deadline I have to do day 20 AND day 22 today before I leave on a trip to India so wish me luck guys

  • Elizabeth

    I am starting to count my calories and doing these exercises even though I’ve only counted for a day I already feel sooooo much healthier ๐Ÿ’•

  • Emm

    Day 20 wahoo!! ;)

  • tinyshinycello

    Loved the Air music in the stretching video today.

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 20 down! Loved the cardio video – though I had to take mini breaks haha! Couldn’t do quite a few of the stretches in the last video but the first video was easy!

  • Marina Kaitlyn

    when youve been sick the last 9 hours so you flip flop days 19 and 20…. at least im getting it done right?

  • Laura

    I cannot believe my improvement! I am so much stronger and more confident about my body and, honestly, happier in general. Thanks Cassey – see you in our last week <3

  • Trnnie

    One of my least favourite cardio videos. Have to take breaks basically every minute and it makes me feel like I’m cheating or aren’t getting the full workout :( Pushed through regardless, and will work to get that video down with little to no breaks! 3 weeks done, one more to go!

  • Isa

    I was so sore from an intense field hockey game I had yesterday, that I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the first video, because my butt and thighs were hurting so much. But I did it!!!! I feel so good now. And everytime I do the stretching workout videos it’s a reality check for me, because I am so not flexible hahaha, but hopefully I’ll get there :) Love it that I have made it to day 20 ! 3 weeks completed !!! Hang in there guys, we can do this

  • Laura Moore

    Omg you know if Cassey can barely talk through a video it’s hard!! Good job getting to day 20 y’all!

  • Lettwen Nic


    • Ren


  • Anis Amalina

    Today I finally realize that I actually have gotten stronger. Omg!! So proud of myself. Week 3 done!!!

  • Liv

    At the second video i was sweating like a pig and wanted to give up, but pushed through and I’m happy I did. I see how much I improved and it really motivates me. Honestly, I had a two laid backs in this calendar but after asking myself if I really don’t want to change my lifestyle I got back up and workout again. I’m really proud of myself (and others too), because it’s farthest I’ve gotten with any (challenge) calendar :)

    Anyway, day 20 done!!

  • Ratessa

    I’m doing the begginer’s calendar now, but I consider doing normal one in March, but I have a question:

    I’m rock climbing for more than an hour (including warmup) on Mondays, so it’s like full workout by itself. What workout day can I cross out due to that? Arm day or smth else?

    • Hillary Farley

      I’d make it your rest day activity

      • Ratessa

        But shouldn’t rest day be a… rest day Xvx? And during that day I sure am not resting :/ +I have classes non stop 8am-8pm, so uh, including the 1,5h rock climbing.

    • Bethany

      Have you considered alternating what day you “cross” out. For example, cross out arms one week, and then legs the next…that way you can balance out.

  • James

    The last video was stupid – only did one move and then gave up. Stretches SHOULD NOT be in the calendar. This day was so stupid, kys. If you are reading this YOU SUCK and you cannot do anything, you are not flexible and you are not fit – but most of all you are FAT ;) I can see your flab from here. HAhhahahahahahahahahsahah. Have a nice day.

    • Joanna

      I dont know you in person but from what you wrote I assume that you must be a very sad person and I feel really sorry for you… I was always wondering what people like you get from insulting others? Did it make you feel better about yourself? Do you talk to people like this in real life too or you are just so “strong” in front of the screen? You should really go out, try to make some friends and maybe one day you will see how pathetic comments like yours are…

      Anyways… Day 20 done! ????

    • Joanna

      I dont know you in person but from what you wrote I assume that you must be a very sad person and I feel really sorry for you… I was always wondering what people like you get from insulting others? Did it make you feel better about yourself? Do you talk to people like this in real life too or you are just so “strong” in front of the screen? You should really go out, try to make some friends and maybe one day you will see how pathetic comments like yours are…

      Anyways… Day 20 done! ????

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    day 20 whoop whoop and did all the moves not the same reps but I did what I could and felt great after not realy during hahaha
    pilates is what keeps my heart going after my breakup thanks for that

  • lossitnow

    Day 20 done!! I can’t believe I’m still going! This is very unlike me.. ?

  • Jenna

    Yay! Made it to day 20. Definitely feeling stronger. Feeling a little bummed because I gained 2 lbs this week and feeling like I have to go back to calorie counting and making a point to drink more water. Still feeling good though that I made it through the work out. Cardio had some hard points. Like any time there is a plank type move that is a real struggle, but I simply modify and take breaks to make my way through it. I am just happy that it is pushing me to get into a full plank position instead of planking on the knees.

  • Sarah

    Week 3 finished! Yay! Good work to everyone for making it so far! First video was really great, and the second was trickier but I still pushed through with small drink breaks when I needed them. What I will say is I feel way less motivated to stretch than I did before… I know I should and that it is important but I get so bored holding them and not doing much else. Anyway, ONE MORE WEEK!!!! (Well, before I join the regular monthly calendar!) :)

  • eloise

    Day 20 all done. Week 3 all done. One more week to reincorporate to the monthly calendar and let me tell you, the monthly calendar is hard, so give your all next week!

  • Tiphaine

    Feeling amazing (and tired), but happy to have a rest day tomorrow.
    Going to feel so proud at the end of next week.

  • Caitlin

    I just want to say I remember why I stopped doing the calendar

  • MarinasDiamond

    I’m really pleased with how much my flexibility is increasing! I always do my own stretches after Cassey’s workouts, and I am seeing a lot of progress there. Similarly, things are still hard for me but definitely not as hard. Cardio isn’t my favorite form of exercise but I am able to keep my energy up more than in the beginning. I’m seeing small improvements and that’s what I am here for.

    • Caitlin

      I love your profile pic and name

  • Sami

    That moment when the second video is over and all you can say is “That was it?” Progress! That was progress! The second video was difficult but overall today was a successful day!

  • Cheriise

    had to take a two day break, returned and couldn’t do the last two videos bcus i live in an apartment and my neighbours have complained before, didn’t have that strap thing too… feeling super unmotivated and i have to finish the last week in 3 days.. sigh hopefully it works

  • Mitsuha

    OMG week 3 done!!! This is the first time that I sticked so long with a plan!!

  • Karla Kovacs

    I didn’t do the streches cause I don’t have that thing but I’m on fire… :). Day 20 done. I am so happy

  • Saskia

    I took a two day break and I was afraid I was never going to want to come back to doing the calendar. But I woke up this morning desperate to do some Pilates! It’s insane, it’s been a lifestyle change as well as a body change these last 3 weeks!

    • Tara Drake

      Same, but I had to because I’ve taken up ultimate Frisbee and holy damn is that difficult.

  • Kira Voiceless

    30/8/2016 I had to take a break for a week since a friend came over.
    Today was one of the most horrible days ever. First I gained back so much weight even before the break for a week started. I had to literally kick myself out of bed today, because I just didn’t saw a purpose of continuing. I feel so bad. Like crying. During the cardio I had to take a break after 2 minutes in and take my asthma spray. And I almost had a breakdown, because I pushed myself too much. I just want it so bad…

    I can’t move on anymore. I am done. Just completely done. My energy and motivation aren’t there anymore. I even thought about just ending this calender and stop trying. I gained 2 pounds back. Why? Just why..? I tried so hard.. So goddamn hard.. And this is what I got.. I knew it.. Nothing works for me anymore..

    Day 20 done.. Like me..

    • Leslie

      Don’t give up! You can just pick your self up again it’s okay to take a break, as long as you keep going. Just keep trying I know u can make it.

      • Kira Voiceless

        Thank you so much!.. I took a break though.. In the end I just pushed myself way too hard. A lot of stress was building up during that time too.

    • Cayla

      Muscle weighs heavier than fat so the 2 pounds you gained could actually be muscle. I really hope you give yourself another chance!

    • Jenna

      Love yourself and take it slow. As long as you show up to the mat and do pilates, you are successful. Hope things are calming down for you!

  • Nailed it!

  • Holly83

    Love love LOVE the first video. Think i may make it an every night one. Fantastic. Really struggled with the second one though.

  • Sara Florian

    I coukd not do the last leg stretching when I lifted both legs I feel on y back ใ… ใ… . . .

  • Anna Adler

    I know, that i’ll never miss training day, because i just don’t want that pain in musculs in the next day. Just cant stop now. Newerr. Too scary

  • Thea

    The fat destroyer omg. More like lung destroyer.

    • Tori Tarantino

      Right?! I did about 1/3 of the reps of each move. I’m definitely not suited for cardio yet, but I guess it’s better than how I would’ve been prior to starting this lol

  • Cassidy

    Oh my god! 3/4 done! I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far when I started, I am super proud of myself! Also, my sister came into the room while I was doing the cardio video and she was chuckling a little, so I said, “okay, I know I look ridiculous,” and she said, “no, that’s actually not why I was laughing, I was laughing at how freaking cheerful that lady sounds.” So true! Without Cassey’s never ending pep I don’t think I could make it through these videos!

    • zoรซ

      Same, before I started her calendar I tried a few other people but never got motivated enough but now I wake up and can’t wait to hear Cassie pushing me on to get further, try my best and get it done :D

  • Anya.Hinota.Tekavei

    Wow I really like today’s workout…can’t wait for week 4….
    Good luck…

  • Randi Leigh Thomas

    Negative: I do not know what was wrong with me today but I just stayed so agitated and tight during that stretching sequence. My upper back and arms feel worse than they did before because my arms are too short to do leg extensions (causing me to not be able to open my chest or shoulders).
    Positive: WE FINISHED THREE WEEKS. WEEK 4 HERE WE COME AND THEN ON TO THE MONTHLIES! I think I am going to do the July monthly calendar and then perhaps move into PIIT 28 (if I don’t die first). I know I’m proud of us, I hope y’all are too!

    • Charlotte

      Yeah, that is also my plan exactly :D

  • lijjjiia


  • Sarah

    Hey guys. Does anybody know the reasoning behind why my hips click/crack while I’m working out? I’m wondering if it’s a common problem or if it’s potentially related to some kind of problem in my form? Anybody have a similar problem or have found a way to lessen it?

    • Namsorama

      From a dance point of view, it sounds like you might need to just warm up your hip flexors a bit more before doing all those upper thigh moves Cassey does (the ones where you’re on your side and you bring your leg up and down). That’s what I do when I find my hips clicking or getting “stuck.” I hope that helps! I’m finding it hard to describe those warmups here, but you can definitely look some up! :)

    • Tori Tarantino

      My adductors do this especially for the movements when you do the moves on the side where you lift one leg up and flex it down. They like move/pop every single time and it’s only on one side. Not painful or anything, just feels very very awkward lol.

  • Summer

    Anyone else live in a third floor apartment and can’t do most of the cardio moves ;-;

    • Kellsiea

      Me me me!!! I just look for other videos or do it later in the day. Always a bummer though. I want to be jumping around like crazy!!

    • Hisme

      Hah, yep! I had to move into my living room and do cardio near a wall where I feel like it’s more stable and (hopefully) doesn’t make as much noise.

  • Kelsey Cohn

    Wow, that second video man…

    Awesome job to all of you guys who are reading this right now, because that means you didn’t give up! Can’t believe it’s day 20 already, Cassey makes time on the mat go so fast so you don’t really realize you’ve been working out until you realize sweat is in your eyes.

  • Nessa

    I had to do Days 19 & 20 together as I was sick yesterday! Feels so good to have made it through 3 weeks of this. Slowly starting to see improvement, but not a lot. <3 how Cassey is always so positive and keeps saying to smile. It helps, even when I feel like I cannot do the move due to lack of strength or flexibility.

  • Jana

    I am so happy I managed the last excersice to lift both of my legs up!! wow…. cant wait to finnish last week. who is with me???:-))

    • Isabella Marchese

      I failed to perform last 20 days, in fact I’ll do it now !!!! missing only a week: D

      • Sarah

        I miss two days but i didn’t stop i keep doing it every single day …….. Yah by the way is it save to do the workouts while my period on?! A stopped those two day because of my period

        • Isabella Marchese

          Important thing is not to give up. I now begin the fourth week …

        • Kellsiea

          It’s safe to work out during your period, and it’s actually good for you. Sometimes certain exercises can help ease cramps. Might be a little messy if you don’t take extra precautions, but just be aware of your limits (and be near a bathroom!)

        • Tori Tarantino

          I agree with Kellsiea. It definitely helps with cramps (I had to push myself to do it but once I got going, I was fine!) and it definitely helps if you use a menstrual cup rather than a pad/tampon. It’s much less likely to leak and when I wore tampons while stretching, my muscles would “push” it out lol.

  • Nameera

    I don’t even know how the hell did I even managed to made it to day 20! But I did!!!!!!!! Casey is seriously motivating and inspiring your videos make it easier to hold onto that last second!!! <333

  • UNexpected

    I really liked todays workout :) especially the fat destroyer! It feels so good to finally come that far, the other times I started the beginners calendar I was taken ill :/