• Shauna Garcia

    I just started myself. Im on day 2!

  • Leonella Rudiy

    Just finished day 2 and so far I love all the workouts! Keep it up Cassey

  • Jeiness D

    I wonder if I should do these videos together or can do in different times. Like in the morning I woke up,did sit ups and evening I’ll do the videos?

    • Emma

      i think the only thing that matters is that you do them. split it up as much as you need. :)

  • Kate

    This is my second time through the beginners calendar, and I remember this day nearly made me quit the first time around. I ranted for ages about how Cassie expected us to hold a plank for over a minute and a half, and I was already dead so I could barely do the 2nd video at all.

    This time I did all of it – I even held the plank the whole time instead of collapsing after 10 seconds.


  • Rosheen

    October 2017 and finished day 2. I feel lit.

    • Cheriise

      woo me too! just finished day2

  • Francesca

    I just started today ( October 2, 2017) I have done the whole calendar is the past but after a few days doing the monthly calendar I gave up and did nothing for almost 4 months, i’m determined to start again

  • Vammi

    Why do the tops of my thighs hurt so much?

  • Karina Kovacic

    I had a csection 14 weeks ago and this video was very hard for me! I can barely lay on my back and pick my head up, but I modified every move and kept going through the whole video 👍🏻

  • Anna

    I have started to work it out again after the year.I hope I will keep to do it longer this time.

  • Wendy

    Day 2 of Beginner calendar 2017. All I can say is, WOW. Thank you for your encouragement, Cassey! I can’t do everything yet but I’m trying! Hugs, one of your older POPsters :)

  • geez

    Just did both as I am getting ready to go on a business trip to vegas (goodness help me I know I am bound to get off track while I’m down there.) The second video made me feel THAT SWEAT! I’m so impressed by you Cassey. Thank you.

  • Kristen

    Day 2 is complete!

  • Maddie

    Honestly I feel like the second video is a little too advanced for the second day of the beginner’s calendar, it’s more discouraging than anything not being able to do half of the moves and only being shown a modified version for a couple of them.

  • meruniatko

    Day 2 -Done! It was sooo hard for me. I had to help myself with breaks and modifications, but I’m sure I pushed my limits. And I love how you said – Sore muscles, happy face!

  • Jessie

    I don’t think that second video should be for day 2 of the beginner’s calendar! Eesh, that was really tough! My abs are non-existent and I worry that an easier workout would have been a more effective use of my time :( Either way, hoping to see this entire thing through! :) <3

  • Rio Joy Cruz

    I’m doing the beginner’s calendar right now and just wanted to know this…
    How do you do the V sit up? I couldn’t lift my legs and my torso at the same time :(
    (sorry for my english)


    Day 2 complete and let me tell you ughhhhh the 10 min ab killed me lol! INSANITYYYYYY

  • Greta

    Finished Day 2 too :)
    Second video was super hard and I had to rest once during the last set :/, but still! Super excited for Day 3 and I’m really determinate to finish the whole calendar, no excuses.

  • Zee

    Day 2 and i already feel really drained, but i wont give up

  • Tina

    Second time doing the calendar. While the 2nd video was still hard (did adore the core, 30 day flat abs, and the Kendall Jenner abs before doing the 2 videos), I could actually do a few of the advanced straight crunch cross! Never could do that the first time around