• Constance

    I think it’s my… 3rd time beginning this calendar (I never finished it… gotta find motivation !)
    This time I decided to carry on with the next day even when I don’t do it for several days… I just restart where I left it ! Last time I forced myself to do it every day and it stopped being a pleasure to do it. Hope I’ll stick to it :)

  • Kate

    This is really not very beginner-y. The first video includes a 1 min 25 sec long plank, I can only do about 10 seconds and my abs were already sore from day 1 yesterday! If I go ahead and do the second video now I probably literally won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow. And I’m an active, healthy weight 26 year old so there must be people out there who would find this much, much harder than I am.

    • Caitlin

      Take breaks

  • Katrina

    Day 2 down! I had to take breaks, but I finished! Woo!

  • Tania

    Hey, are you supposed to complete two videos for each day or just one ?

    • Caitlin

      Complete all the videos listed

  • tinyshinycello

    Trying this now after being a casual follower of blogilates. Every work out thing I try I end up getting bored or burnt out or I dread it and stop. I found myself trying Casseys videos every once and a while, so I figured it was time to try and go all in. Day 2 and I’m dying, but so far in a good way.

    • Nadia

      Just finished Day 2 over here ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Erika

    yay day 2 complete:) I have to say that the V- sit ups were my favorite!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    I am doing my best to follow these moves – but it does feel like I am straining my neck/arms sometimes and not doing these properly – not the abs! I have just started these – and am not flexible at all – in particular I am having difficulty with the roll-ups! Is this just something that will develop with practice?

    • Marti

      Jasmine remember that you’re beginner :) There are muscles on neck too and they will get stronger and stronger if you will keep working. But if it hurt you badly, try to suck your belly in as hard as you can. Try to practise raising yourself up only with abs and you will find that angle that won’t include your neck. Try to look up straight not up when you rise, you can try looking at belly button too. When I started exercising for the first time I was holding my head with hands (as gently as I can, just to support it) and I was still focusing as hard as I can on my abs. I used my hands to support head only when I really needed to and it helped me a lot :) After some time I get used to use only abs and my neck was strong enough. Listen to all Cassey’s advices and try to use them in practise. She had some videos that will help you to get more flexible so you can do them after exercises. I’ve returned to exercising after very looong break and today is my second day. We can do that together if you want :D See you tomorrow under 3rd day videos ;) (Sorry for my English I’m not native speaker)

      • Jasmine Khatri

        I will still continue yes – see you tomorrow! Thank you for your kind advice – your English is perfect! I will try the roll-ups with my hands supporting my neck – when I do them my legs usually tense up and then I end up falling back down onto my elbows when I am halfway through a roll-up! Because I am not so flexible I can’t really stretch my legs out all the way and hold them during exercises. Also – I am trying to eat healthily too but I am a university student so I do not have the equipment like a blender or the ingredients. What else can I do? I eat lots of fruit every day.

        • Marti

          Thank you :) I can’t stretch my legs too ;) You can pick one video from that playlist and do it after workout https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCcAGyv98ie1vVLwBTq4HgNMqrv3Aini
          If you want to loose weight quicker, after workout from schedule do one from cardio playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCcAGyv98ifqvxq8Xtb0gs4X0K2erfsT ( of course if you have enough energy ;) be gently for yourself) I am student too so I know the struggle ;( But try to eat proteins and carbohydrates before and after exercise (eggs, meat, wholemeal rice/pasta/bread, vegetables). After workout remember to eat meal as fast as you can – it should contain fruit like banana to fill you with energy again ;) Try to aviod sugar and saturated fat in your diet. Try to move as much as you can and eat clean. Effects will appear faster than you think. Good luck!

          • Jasmine Khatri

            Thank you! I will take your advice on board – I think I should also try and improve my lateral breathing – I often forget to do this in exercises. I will try to cut my saturated fat down / but often things like sandwiches are the easiest when eating on the go. I will try to increase the amount of vegetables I eat as well! :)

          • Jasmine Khatri

            I also have some trouble knowing if I am doing lateral breathing correct

  • Alexandra Popa

    I absolutely love โค these workouts !!! I have knee problems and these exercises don’t bother my knees at all, but in the same time I feel that I’m loosing weight and getting stronger. Shout out to Cassey and the team ๐ŸŽŠ

    • Marti

      I have knee problems too and i love her videos so much :))
      Day 2 completed :D

  • Aysu

    Day 2 done! 5.30 am in the morning and i am dying already! :D

    • Marti

      Same here! :D

      • Aysu

        How are you now ? Did you complete the other days ?

  • Amjad

    I can’t do V SET UP :(

    • Marti

      Keep trying! I’ve returned after long break and I can’t do them neither but it motivates me to exercise harder so I will do them one day :))

  • Mรฉlodie

    I could not do any of the movements of the second vid T-T

  • Vanessa

    Second day done and it burns but I’m excited and very motivated to continue! I love that she has the modifications so we can eventually build up to the hard stuff. Good luck everyone! :D

    • Marti

      My second day today, I’m so happy :) Good luck!

  • Laura

    Wow day 2 is pretty savage ! Love it though. :D also, itยดs Friday soo all I could think about was that glass of wine standing on my table waiting for me to finish. :DD

  • Kate

    Just started again. Anyone else on day 2?

    • Mรฉlodie

      Day 2 for me tomorrow :)

      • Marti

        I’ve done day 2 today ;)

  • Brooke

    I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until doing those 10 minute abs!

    • Marti

      Same here! :D

  • Vi Nguyen

    So we also have to the day 1 work out on day 2 cus she was telling that we have to do the first one for the basics? I’m lil bit confused here :’)

  • Andrea Z

    second video killed my abs so much! :P

  • Kaylee

    Okay, so it’s been a year since i haven’t work out… It’s gonna be a long month!

  • Judy

    Im just about to start tomorrow.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Noorie<3

    Me first vid — “Oh this isn’t bad, not bad at all!!”

    Me second vid — “OHHHH IT’S BADD, IT’S REALLY BAAAD!!”

  • Robert Kleinert
  • Tammy Winters

    Oh boy! I hope that by the end of the month this gets easier!

  • mickeyxminnie

    Day 2 done! Definitely not easy for me, hopefully I can improve

  • Elsemieke

    Day two, check! Gosh this was soo hard and I totally sucked but I did it!

  • Ana

    Thanks Cassey!
    I am from Brazil and I love Blogilates!

  • I just finished. I sucked big time but oh my god I already feel so much more energized!

  • Jasmen Marie Galvan

    Good morning, lovelies!

    Day 2 was finished late last night and I was feeling good! I’m sore this morning, but not TOO much. Haha. Let’s keep kicking ass together! โ™ฅ

  • faydilla

    hai, when I was doing the corkscrew.my lower back was hurt so much, so I couldn’t continue that move. does anyone here know what should I do with it?

    • Melissa Callander

      Maybe you could put your hands under your tailbone like she suggested during planks? That seems to help me.

  • Praelux

    The happy pain ain’t so happy XD

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 2:
    If you haven’t seen my post for day one, I mentioned that I was experiencing some pain in my neck while doing The Hundreds. The pain has definitely seemed to have carried on until today because, whenever I move my neck in a certain way, I keep getting these really uncomfortable feeling. Regardless, I persevered through today’s workout and I feel great! I found that my tailbone feels extremely painful, when I’m doing The Corkscrew. So, I had to do the modified version of it. As well, as I’ve seen many people comment before, I thought that the V Sit Up was way to advanced for a “Beginner’s Calendar”. Hopefully, tomorrow’s workout will be even better. I have to remind myself to do the little morning workout though because I’m prone to forgetting.

  • Andrea_calder

    Second day done! My abs are not strong enough to complete the second video and my neck hurts u.u but I wonยดt give up. My new meta is to do the video again and get it throw right lml

  • Sophie

    It’s my second day and im so unfit i cant even do a sit up….embarrassing! Completed day 2 though! Can only get better from here

  • Trnnie

    After just finishing this calendar and starting it again, I can feel a distinct difference between how it felt doing these workout the first time versus now :) I loved day 2 the first time, and I loved it again!

  • Olivia

    Lol I can’t “squeeze”. I have too much fat XD

  • Olivia

    The last one tho

  • ร„zร f Yรดรนssrร 

    each day you do a video ? not each day you need to do the first one then do the video of day

  • silvia

    I’m starting again: today first day…

  • Anouk

    Omg, that was intense! I run and play squash, but never really focus on the abs. Especially doing the 10minute workout after the beginner video was super intense haha! I think I will die tomorrow o.o.

    BUT, finished second day of the Beginner calender! Super excited to finally loose that 10KG and get fit again! <3