• Vi Nguyen

    So we also have to the day 1 work out on day 2 cus she was telling that we have to do the first one for the basics? I’m lil bit confused here :’)

  • Andrea Z

    second video killed my abs so much! :P

  • Kaylee

    Okay, so it’s been a year since i haven’t work out… It’s gonna be a long month!

  • Judy

    Im just about to start tomorrow.. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Noorie<3

    Me first vid — “Oh this isn’t bad, not bad at all!!”

    Me second vid — “OHHHH IT’S BADD, IT’S REALLY BAAAD!!”

  • Robert Kleinert
  • Tammy Winters

    Oh boy! I hope that by the end of the month this gets easier!

  • mickeyxminnie

    Day 2 done! Definitely not easy for me, hopefully I can improve

  • Elsemieke

    Day two, check! Gosh this was soo hard and I totally sucked but I did it!

  • Ana

    Thanks Cassey!
    I am from Brazil and I love Blogilates!

  • I just finished. I sucked big time but oh my god I already feel so much more energized!

  • Jasmen Marie Galvan

    Good morning, lovelies!

    Day 2 was finished late last night and I was feeling good! I’m sore this morning, but not TOO much. Haha. Let’s keep kicking ass together! โ™ฅ

  • faydilla

    hai, when I was doing the corkscrew.my lower back was hurt so much, so I couldn’t continue that move. does anyone here know what should I do with it?

    • Melissa Callander

      Maybe you could put your hands under your tailbone like she suggested during planks? That seems to help me.

  • Praelux

    The happy pain ain’t so happy XD

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 2:
    If you haven’t seen my post for day one, I mentioned that I was experiencing some pain in my neck while doing The Hundreds. The pain has definitely seemed to have carried on until today because, whenever I move my neck in a certain way, I keep getting these really uncomfortable feeling. Regardless, I persevered through today’s workout and I feel great! I found that my tailbone feels extremely painful, when I’m doing The Corkscrew. So, I had to do the modified version of it. As well, as I’ve seen many people comment before, I thought that the V Sit Up was way to advanced for a “Beginner’s Calendar”. Hopefully, tomorrow’s workout will be even better. I have to remind myself to do the little morning workout though because I’m prone to forgetting.

  • Andrea_calder

    Second day done! My abs are not strong enough to complete the second video and my neck hurts u.u but I wonยดt give up. My new meta is to do the video again and get it throw right lml

  • Sophie

    It’s my second day and im so unfit i cant even do a sit up….embarrassing! Completed day 2 though! Can only get better from here

  • Trnnie

    After just finishing this calendar and starting it again, I can feel a distinct difference between how it felt doing these workout the first time versus now :) I loved day 2 the first time, and I loved it again!

  • Olivia

    Lol I can’t “squeeze”. I have too much fat XD

  • Olivia

    The last one tho

  • ร„zร f Yรดรนssrร 

    each day you do a video ? not each day you need to do the first one then do the video of day

  • silvia

    I’m starting again: today first day…

  • Anouk

    Omg, that was intense! I run and play squash, but never really focus on the abs. Especially doing the 10minute workout after the beginner video was super intense haha! I think I will die tomorrow o.o.

    BUT, finished second day of the Beginner calender! Super excited to finally loose that 10KG and get fit again! <3