• Elizabeth

    I just did the ab video. I was so happy caz I could do the hundred with my legs straight but the SEE SAW ABS OMG I DIED

  • Elizabeth


  • Teresa J

    I didn’t think I could do that new move in the second video, but was very excited when I actually could! Not perfectly, but way better than I thought I could, just watching her demonstrate! yay!

  • Patrice Tomis

    First time I did the song challange from start to end! Just because I played my own song that I knew lyrics to and that kept me distracted the whole time. Thanks Rihanna!

  • Muskan

    I guess my form wasn’t right in the second video. The region around my ribs hurt a lot, while I didn’t feel my lower belly area at all

  • Tina

    Day 19 complete! This is my second time doing the beginners calendar and I can tell how much stronger I am this time around than last year :)

  • Tammy Winters

    I forgot that this week is HARD ! I compleated the calendar once then kinda sporadically here and there since then. I did day 18 yesterday. Just did day 19 then looked at my previous comments. In spite of my psoriatic exercising, I actually did better this time! Just to encourage everyone else, keep going, you will improve!

  • tinyshinycello

    I like that these videos are just hard enough where of course I can’t do it right the first time, but they are totally achievable in due time. Gives me something to work for.

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Could not do the seesaw abs at all haha! I enjoyed the cardio video – the last video was hard to do continuously – had to take breaks but my thighs felt it for sure!

  • Laura

    Honestly, this is the first time I was able to finish a challenge (the last video). THIS FEELING IS PRICELESS!!

  • Tanya Joseph

    Today was absolutely horrible, but I pushed through! Took a lot of breaks and felt discouraged at first but I did it!

  • Tammy Winters

    Day 19 after a 2 day break. Maybe it was so hard because I did not have time to do for the past 2 days! I feel like I want to quit. Cardio was a little challenging but the other 2 videos killed me. Ugh! I wish my abs would get stronger. I feel like they’re not. I’ll keep going though!

  • Trnnie

    I somehow completely skipped over the cardio workout yesterday without even realizing ! Tacked it onto the beginning of today’s workout and felt really good by the end. Can’t believe it’s my second time doing this calendar and I’m almost finished !

  • Ana Maria Mejia

    The second video was super discouraging today, couldn’t do her “exciting new move” I ended up just doing crunches because at least I could DO them and they still worked my abs :(
    I really liked the third video, a doable move that still targeted my abs.

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Oh Lord. Am a big hungover this morning, forced myself to do it. Was not my best, wasn’t too bad either but it made me feel so much better! And I made it through :)

  • Gigi

    I definitely couldn’t do most of the stuff but I was able to do the advanced hundreds so yay!

    • Raphaelle Cantin

      Same :D Was so glad. I actually saw your comment beforehand and I thought I’d try them out :)

  • Matylda Krasoczko

    Guys! The “hundred” was like NOTHING to me today, and it used to kill me in the beginning! I definitely feel an improvement. I kind of died during the last exercise though, but I’m proud of myself for persisting!

  • melli

    i couldn`t do the last video. I just couldnt. I just rolled around like a potato but my abs are burning anyway. I hope that I will rock this video after the calender

  • Anis Amalina

    Done with day 19!! I feel like I’m doing something wrong because my body doesn’t ache after doing the exercises so far. Am I not pushing myself hard enough?

  • Caroline

    So I don’t know why but today I did the third video in jeans. I only realised how toned my thighs and calfs are after becoming! I’m so proud of myself for getting to the third week! We can do this guys!

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    feeling better than the last few days…proud i did not give up and pushed true. day 20 yeey

  • Rayann

    My abs are killing me, and my obliques are sore from yesterday too!

  • Lauriann

    the cardio video in the beginning was so hard for me that i just can’t complete the second video :( :( :( i think i’m going to have to re-do day 19 tomorrow…

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    dAY 19 done!

  • Cayla

    I love the cardio videos, they’re so much fun! The last video killed me, but all I could think was “Someday I’m going to be able to do this perfectly, and it’s going to be awesome when I can!”

  • Jenna

    Done with day 19! Any pop pilates people doing this please post even if you don’t usually post. It helps motivate me when I see a community of people. Today Cassie asked “How you feeling?” during a workout. I said “aaarrrgggggg”. Loved cardio had so much fun with it. The rocking ab workout was crazy! The past few days I have really been feeling it in my obliques (See day 17?). I also have been having so much pain in my legs with all the leg lifts. I am trying to insert more stretching into my after workout and into my evening. I can tell you stretching before bed last night really helped my obliques and hips this morning. Despite the pain and the bended knees and all the adjustments. I know I am getting stronger. I know that one day I will be able to straighten my legs. Just getting up this morning and doing it is another step closer. For me its not about perfect, its about trying my best each day. Especially for all those beginners out there. We got this!

  • Sarah

    The second video was so difficult, but when I got through it the best I could I felt so great! I can really see an improvement in my ab strength since day one and I can’t wait to see what day twenty has in store!

  • Andra

    I can feel such a difference in my abs now!! When I first started, I could barely feel anything because my abs were so non-existant I couldn’t get the moves to target them and rather my back kept hurting when I did anything more than a few basic moves… Now, while I cannot do every move like Casey and have to make adjustments to the hardest ones, at least I can actually get my abs literally burning and screaming! It’s weird that i’m happy my abs are hurting now when in the beginning they would not at all haha but it’s all a sign of improvement!

    • Jenna

      I agree! I feel like I am improving too!

  • Keziah

    Bugger, that was hard, but I did it!!! I really didn’t think I was going to be able to finish, but I took a lot of breaks, took my time and was able to finish strong. IN the last one, I alternated between having my legs straight and bending them, mostly cause my outter thighs were dying. I finshed tho!! Yeah! Day 19 done, come at me day 20!! If you are reading this, know that you can do it! If you have to take breaks, take breaks! Just do what is best for you and to the best of your abilities and you will be killing it!

  • Mary

    Today was very discouraging, because I couldn’t do most of the moves. However, I’ve made it this far, so hopefully it was just an off day. day 19 done, bring on day 20!

    • Jenna

      You got this! Little by little. My knees were super bent the whole time and definitely did not look perfect.

  • Tiphaine

    Every day, before I start doing the videos, I always scroll through and read the comments. It helps me get motivated and feel like I can do this (and provides useful warning about really hard videos).
    I don’t know if anyone is out there also doing the videos, but if you are, way to go!! Congratulations on making it this far!
    I’m starting to feel stronger and better with each video that I do. I didn’t want to wait for the beginning of the month, so I just started on a random day. I’ve stuck with it and now I’m on day 19!! I feel really proud. I honestly thought I would give up sometime during the second week.
    My goal is finish this beginner’s calendar and then jump into the January 2017 calendar on whichever day it is. I think I’m also going to start jogging a few days a week to add to the cardio.

    • Jenna

      Thats funny! I always read comments after. I feel like its my reward for completing!

  • Mitsuha

    this is the first time That sweat that much xD honestly I had to put my hands behind my neck half way through the third video

  • Erika

    I feel kinda disapointed in today’s workout… I took so many breaks and i felt that I didn’t give it my all this time:( But tomorrow is a new day so hopefully I can do better. With that being said I at least have day 19 done :)

  • Heather Acosta

    Am I dead? I think I’m dead. Day 19 killed me. Looking forward to dying again tomorrow.

  • Anna

    am I the only one who hast problem getting the legs up and staying at 90 decree? Just cant get them that high and so all this 90 decree things are even more evl than normal…

  • Karla Kovacs

    Day 19 done

  • Kristyn S.

    I have started this calendar so many times over, but today I finished DAY 19!!! I am so proud of myself and everyone else that has come this far!! Cannot wait to see what lies ahead. So inspired and motivated everyday!!! <3

  • Maddie

    Anytime I do lower ab exercises my lower back gets tense and painful. I’m keeping my back on the floor. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Esther Jo

    back! it feels good to work out!

  • I skipped yesterday’s workout but today’s workout was so much fun! :D

  • Kira Voiceless

    First video got my heart racing already. Didn’t know the rest would be even harder.
    I felt so discouraged during the last two videos, because I couldn’t do some moves properly and I needed to take a lot of breaks…
    Ugh… I hope I wont stay discouraged like this… It’s horrible.. I pushed myself mentally way too far today..

    Day 19 done. I’m still proud I made it this far.

  • Ambika Varma

    Hi guys, I was wondering what to do if you have a cold? I have one and I am trying my best but I SERIOUSLY cannot get through a lot of it and I also cant breathe through my nose so agh. Any tips for how to maybe substitute a workout when you have a cold?

  • Patrycja

    Day 19 done ! Also I’m doing 30 Day Abs Challenge,Waist Trainer and Butt Lift and is just combo level but I’m super happy and positive like I can do this :D

  • Mariame Taoufik

    God the last video killed me I couldn’t do it all but I did my best!

  • Alessia

    am i the only one who doesn’t feel sore anymore??

    • Mitsuha

      no you’re not the only one…it probably means that we are getting stronger ;)

  • Rissa

    Day 19 finally done!! Today was a lot harder for Meghan the last few days!

  • Shannon

    The most recent comment is from almost a month ago, in the earlier videos there were new posts every few days! So congrats to everyone who has made it this far, hoorah!! How does Cassey look so graceful doing that cardio, I can’t help but laugh at myself the whole time. That last video was hard, but I am soooo much stronger! Two weeks ago I was barely able to keep my shoulders off the mat and I was bitching about how badly ab exercises hurt my neck.

  • Anne Cathrine

    I couldn’t do the last video;(((( My neck hurt to much, and i felt like I was going to throw up…