• Vammi

    Today was very doable. I forced myself to do it all though. My boyfriend broke up with me last night and I’m feeling very sad. Thank you for making me do something that is good for me today, Casey.

  • meruniatko

    Day 18 – Done!

  • Hisme

    This was a pretty easy day. I can tell I’m getting stronger :)

  • Siobhan Walker

    I can’t figure out my flexibility. I think I’m just really tight in some areas and super flexible in other areas. Like the butterfly stretch, my knees go all the way to the floor with my feet all the way in to my bottom and I can lay flat on my legs and it barely hurts, but then, when we move to the next stretch with the legs spread open I can not spread my legs very far (maybe 5 feet and I can hardly lean forward at all…super inflexible in the inner thighs. And then the cobra! I can do the half cobra, but when Cassey has us push up into full cobra, it’s like my back doesn’t want to curve enough for me to stretch my arms all the way out. I am now going to add this video into my daily routine because I am determined to get my flexibility back like I had when I was younger, before I leave my thirties! I want to be able to do a full split again and a bridge too. I had to modify by supporting on my head. I felt like my arms just weren’t strong enough to lift myself into a full bridge, but I used to do it all the time as a teenager. I know, I’m 37 and not a teenager anymore, but I really think I can be flexible again. I KNOW I can! Just gotta work work work!

  • Elizabeth

    I can never finish the stretching videos I always start hurting in the middle:/

  • Ces Cheung

    I got sick for 3 days and haven’t followed in the calendar during that time, and you just really feel that difference! Exercising daily (or not) DOES make all the difference in your energy levels and body posture.

  • Inge

    And that was day 18 as well! Had to catch up so two days in one. Feeling tired but feeling strong!

  • Gabriela

    My obliques are KILLING ME after yesterday. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder, but I love the challenge. I only have 10 more days until I finish the calendar and I’m feeling super happy and excited about it!

  • Tammy Winters

    day 18 and i’m stillt it!i hope one day to be able to do all the exercises!

  • Trnnie

    it’s 1:30 in the morning and I only just finished my homework, and was going to skip todays workout, but decided to push myself to finish it. wouldn’t want to throw my schedule off !

  • Olivia

    It isn’t much but I have lost 4 pounds so far! I am so happy!!!

  • Lily

    Day 18 done! :)

  • Sivan Baruch

    That thigh one… I hated it last time, but now I had no problem doing it with out stopping…