• meruniatko

    Ok, so 22 days ago I completed my day 16, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to exercise every day, but I did not know it would take me 22 days until I finish day 17. Kids were sick, we had visitors staying over weekend and as I usually only get to exercise on weekend(as I’m not able to wake up at 5AM and in the evening I’m too tired). But here I am, I will finish this 30 day calendar, in a longer period of time, but I will. And then I will go on, as often as possible.

  • geez

    I feel strong but OWWWW

  • Hisme

    Oh no, the abs one two days in a row?! NOOOOOOOO!!

  • Zee

    DAY 17 COMPLETE !!!!!

    • Karen Rooth

      Well done!! I’m just about to do mine – I read the comments first to check if anyone died :D

      • Hisme

        I do that, too, Karen, but I really shouldn’t because when people say a workout is hard I go into it with a sense of dread! I try to just read them afterward haha

        • Karen Rooth

          Day 24 has been a wee bit sweaty – fortunately this takes place behind closed doors…so not to worry :D!!

  • Beth

    I am so proud of myself today! I did NOT want to do the workouts today. I turned the first one on planning to just stand and stare at it in defiance, and then i just stArted moving and before i knew it i was clicking the next video, and then the third. I am s o proud of myself for pushing through and getting it done!

  • tinyshinycello

    Did the muffin top one first so I wouldn’t be tired for it. Seemed to be a good call. Still have hips hurting whenever we do an exercise on our sides though :(

  • Inge

    I think I did all the moves in the muffin top massacre wrong.. It was just my arms and legs hurting. But the lower ab moves were amazing! It burned like hell and I loved it! Day 17: DONE!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 17 done! The muffin top massacre was pretty hard as were the rockets! Definitely need to be more flexible – but I tried my best!

  • Laura

    Day 17 done. I worked out in anger. I was furious during the whole workout. It wasn´t because of Cassey – it doesn´t have nothing to do with Blogilates. I was angry because of my personal life. But what I´m trying to say is that the anger helped me. I did everything. And I did it very well. I felt very strong. So, if you cannot do some workout, just get angry. It will help. A lot (with your workout).

  • Madalina Cocos

    This is starting to actually be Super funn! Could do almost everything :D

  • Tammy Winters

    i about killed everything except my obliques on those exercises. that was hard!still going though! day 18, here i come!

  • Nishat

    Done with day 17!!! Yay

  • Sivan Baruch

    Anyone who is reading the comments before doing the workout (I always do), thinking that the Muffintop Massacre doesn’t do anything… That is a lie! The workout feels fine, maybe except for the last move, but the day after…

    • Lily

      I’m on day 18 right now, and my obliques are burning from yesterday!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Whoa the obliques I couldn’t do at the end, the rest of my body didn’t want to. It’s weird because I didn’t feel like I was working them at all, I hope I feel them a little bit tomorrow…
    Day 17 done :)