• Victoria C.

    Anybody knows how to crunch without actually straining your neck? Like the first move of the second video, I feel like I strained my neck to get up, it makes my neck kinda hurt and I know you need to lift up your shoulder so you won’t feel hurt on your neck but I can’t or haven’t been able to do it. Any suggestion on how to make it like I don’t choke on my own neck?

    • Kate

      I had this same problem – I had to stop doing that first move on the ab video because it was hurting my neck too much, and I was already consciously using my abs as much as I could.

  • meruniatko

    Day 16 – Done today :) The video with basics is easier every time, even though I do not manage to exercise every day. One day it will be no problem to go through it ;)

  • Hisme

    This is the first time I’ve gotten through the Total Body Workout doing all the moves. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this! The Hundred just killed me the first time I did this video and today they… well, they weren’t super easy, but I made it all the way through, and I even started a little bit before Cassie did. Progress!!

    • Hisme

      And then the abs one destroyed me! hahaha, man, I was seriously groaning and unable to get my body to move during some of those moves. Phew!

  • Siobhan Walker

    I used a one quart jar of pickles for a weight :) I am feeling stronger these days, but finding myself craning my neck all the time to watch the moves since I still am not familiar with. Hopefully I don’t injure my neck just trying to learn pilates….lol! Seriously though…this has been a great kick in the pants and my hubby is doing all of the workouts along with me, so we are getting in a routine together. Both of us are much stronger now than we were when we began the calendar, but oh wow…the crisscross move kills! I was tapped before she even started the half time and the triples…hahaha. New goals…crisscrosses without stopping to rest!

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Day 16 complete! I was able to keep my shoulders lifted for all of the workouts today! The total body workout was so much easier and I am really proud of my progress. :)

  • Zee

    Day 16 yassssss!!!! the total body workout was super easy, so happy i was able to do them non stop
    but the last exercise in the second video was a no no
    i literally couldnt do it :(

  • Elizabeth

    I have gotten SOOOOO much better at that total body workout!! With my first leg I could go through all the leg exercises even the pyramids!!! My second leg was harder had to take a few breaks but I still did it!!!:D I am gonna start eating healthy today I thought I couldn’t so for these first few weeks but now I’m gonna try it!! No (less) sugar, more protein, more veggies and less carbs!!! YAAAY

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 16 done! I admit I didn’t do the second video perfectly but I tried my best! I wonder if I do the moves correctly… Also does this help to get rid of like belly fat/fat in general?

  • Laura

    I am SO FREAKING HAPPY about the results I have got so far. My abs are so much stronger. And also my legs! I did every move in these two videos, I did it at beginners level, but I am totaly okay with it. After all, I am doing beginner´s calendar :D DAY 16 DONE !!

  • Aida B

    I feel like I’m the only one doing this right now! please reply if I’m not alone

    • Ashley Kunesh

      I’m currenty doing the calendar as well!! I’m happy to see someone else is too because I was feeling lonely. (:

      • Marijke Van Haecke

        I’m doing it as well right now! How is it going?

        • Ashley Kunesh

          It’s going well! I’m surprised I’ve made it this far since I’ve tried before and always given up around the halfway point… but I feel myself getting stronger with the repeat videos! How about you??

          • Marijke Van Haecke

            Omg… The first days were so hard- It’s the fourth time in my life I start all over again, but now, being in my 30s, it was a huge confrontation with my own body! But… It goes so fast so much better and I feel so much stronger. I just love it!

    • Tanya Joseph

      heyyy im here

  • Ryn

    I’ve been working through this at my own pace. I stopped a week or two ago for about 4 days because I was super stressed with Uni and exams, and doing the workouts just made me super frustrated and upset, and the day after my exam was done I got straight back into it. It’s been a month of me doing these videos, and I’ve just been working through the days at my own pace. I’m doing an average of 3-5 days a week, instead of the 6 she recommends. I’m still seeing progress, and this is the furthest I’ve gotten (it’s probably the 10th time i’ve started this calendar), so i’m super happy with that. I haven’t done a workout in 4 days, but even today, the beginners workout was the easiest its ever been, so i’m super happy with that. Fingers crossed i’ll finish and move onto her monthly calendar soon. :D

  • Madalina Cocos

    I love thiiis. Today was so good!. I was also a little unmotivated but determined to do it all anyway and I’m glad I did find some enthusiasm for it along the way. That first one was definitely <3 better and easier this time. Kept form 99% of the time as opposite to before. Some abs were killer and I couldn't keep the best form but I loved it all :D

  • Trnnie

    Phew! Last video was tough but I managed to push through! I can see my improvements while doing the first video, which is really great :) Day 16 done!

  • Lucia Gutierrez

    Day 16 done! Can’t do the hollow rock right, seems impossible to me :(

  • Lieke

    Wow! I really didn’t have motivation to excercise today, but I did it anyway, and boy am I happy I did! This was the first time I could do the Total Body Work Out video without resting at the legcircles! It makes me feel so happy to actually feel and see improvement in the 3rd week, cannot wait to see the endresults!

  • Douaa The Queen

    Am I crazy if I want to be sore the next day? day 16 done and feeling never better

  • Helen Foot

    Day 16 complete!!! Finally managed to do the total body beginners’ workout legs section without needing to take a break! (especially when it gets to the mini circle part, that’s killer) I used to be bummed when I re-did old videos because I can predict what moves are coming, but now I realised by re-doing them I can see how much progress I’ve achieved and it feels awesome! Roll on day 17 :D

  • Lily

    I’ve been losing motivation because I feel like I can power through the ab workouts but my lower back hurts when I do them so I have to rest so much. It’s so frustrating. :( I’m a few days delayed, but day 16 done.

    • Lucia Gutierrez

      Hey Lily, my low back also hurts so much with the ab workout, and I also stop! Dont worry, the important thing is that we keep doing it :):)

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Those damn circles! One day I’ll go through them. For me it’s behind my knee that hurts too much?
    Day 16 over!

  • Joy

    Tiny leg circles and these abs for days 16 are killer moves. I had to stop in between. Never giving up though.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Holman

    There is no feeling like when you can go into the triangles right after the leg circles.

    • Olivia

      You go girl <3

  • girlfromdenmark

    I only had a 5 kg weight – not optimal! Not. Optimal. 😂

  • Gigi

    I’m having a stressful time at work and thinking of giving up; but somehow I still manage to roll out my mat as soon as I come home. Doing this videos helps me to forget about everything for 30 mins.

  • Anis Amalina

    Man I skipped for a few days again. But I’m back! I still can’t do the double leg lift. It hurts my back so much even after I put my hands behind it. Whatever it is, I’m glad I didn’t give up and decide to come back. Day 16 done!

  • teagreen

    damn hollow rock… gets me every time. Day 16 done!

  • Joan

    LOVE THE WORKOUT! I have a question though, I have arthritis in my right shoulder and right elbow, when I do the leg exercises my shoulder kills me! this is not the case on my left side – my shoulder is fine so I don’t think it is how I am positioning my shoulder. do you know a way to help me?

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    belgium saying yes at least i finished some beginners but i finished whoop whoop belly is burning

  • Kasey Megan Kelley

    I’m pretty sure that this was the furthest I made it the first time I attempted to do this calendar. I had a really hard time with the weighted roll up in the second video. With the weight in my left hand, I couldn’t do anything! Shows that my left side needs to be stronger. Feeling great!