• Vammi

    Today was great! I coulden’t do the first exercise because my stomach got in the way and sometimes I had to lie down and catch my breath, but it was so short that it wasn’t discouraging. We need more stretches!

  • Fatema Zahra

    Day 15 is my best and most relaxing day so far! Absolutely loved it! <3

  • geez

    good way to come into week three. I have been sick for three days and all I could think about was how hard it would be to come back to the calendar but IT WAS SO NICE!

  • Jo~! Mi abs are burning >____< I couldn't keep up your pace but I did my best and almost did all the rep you did :) That means I'm getting stronger, so exited!

  • Tara Drake

    Well that was pretty mellow

  • Zee

    OMG !!!!! soooo happy i made it to DAY 15 non stop even though i got my period and the cramps were killer, but the stretches helped ease the pain.

    everyone keep it up

  • Elizabeth


  • Caitlyn Kern

    Super excited to have gotten this far. I did miss Thursday and Friday of last week because of work conflicts. Does anyone have any advice on what you do when you miss days? Today I’m just skipping over them, but do you go back and do those workouts? Or do you just stick to the schedule? Thanks! xx

    • Cara Davies

      What I tend to do is just pick up where I left off. So technically I will be “behind” but it doesn’t matter too much as there’s no deadline for completion so!

    • Victoria C.

      I usually ‘redeem’ them on my rest day idk whether it’s a good idea cuz I’ve gone one week full of exercise without any rest day but sometimes if I skipped a day and that day has like 2-3 videos I just gradually add one more video for my next day until I do all the video I’ve skipped.

  • Judith Perfler

    The music in the background is so motivating. It helps me to give my best. There should be music in all of he videos. 😊

  • Hollee

    Day 15 done!! yayy!!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 15 done! The ab video killed slightly because I’m already doing the 30 day abs challenge! But it was great!

  • Aysu

    Tomorrow i will be quite busy so thats why i finished day 15 today. Is the first time ever i do the beginner´s challenge and till now i am doing pretty good. There were some exercise i could´t manage but i try it my way anyway and push me as hard as i can. :)

  • Laura

    Finally, I cought up with these videos. I was 1 day behinde and it bothered me so much. Now, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. :))

  • Trnnie

    Today was definitely a more relaxed day, which my body highly appreciated ! Next two weeks are going to be challenging, but we’re halfway there guys!

  • Trnnie

    Half way through! Keep going you’re nearly there!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    pretty smooth today, but hey, day 15 and i’m still here!

  • Anis Amalina

    YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I skipped 2 days but now I’m back to start week 3. I always stop after 2 weeks but now I’m back people!

  • marina

    it’s day 15 and I can finally put my palms on the floor! feeling great

  • Eileen

    Is it normal if I can’t keep my balance at all for the second video? x_x I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I just keep shifting over.

  • katie

    i could almost do all these moves properly I’m so proud of my improvement !!

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 15 done!

  • Jenna

    What a nice start to the week! My legs were so tight that I have a problem doing the ab workout. So I took 5 minutes and stretched and could do a better job. Thanks so much for adding the stretching in. My body was so tight that this was great. I really need to add stretching in every day. Its always easier when it is already there. I did some modifications to the ab workouts. I will happy when I don’t have to do modifications any more. Feeling awake!

  • eloise

    Day 15 done: I gotta say, I didn’t feel like working out today, but I did it anyway

  • Cheriise

    day15 done. not feeling good as I’ve been noticing my body more, I’m also not getting stronger.

    • Caitlin

      I notice that today is probably your last day with the calendar if you did it all, and if so did you notice any changes?

      • eloise

        Since you haven’t heard from Cheriise (not that I can see anyway) I’ll tell you that I’ve gained nice muscular tone and strenght in my whole body, it’s still not visible but I can feel it. There is no effort that is useless, I hope that you´re noticing your own progress now. Blessings for you :)

  • Mitsuha

    today was pretty relaxing :)

  • Mitsuha

    I don’t know but my knees were cracking today. It didn’t hurt but it was annoying

  • darcy

    i started seeing a PT yesterday with a friend, and we had to do a fitness test, and when i first started this calendar i couldnt even do one push up now i can do 21!!!!
    thanks to this calendar i have started getting stronger, and i got told by my room mate im starting to get a bootie aswell :D hahhahaha

  • Isabelle Riches

    I have been doing this beginner’s calendar for 15 days now and I have found that over the past 5 or so days my lower back becomes very sore when ever I do most of the ab excises and sometimes only my back is hurting, not my abs. On some the excises I place my hands under my butt but I find this doesn’t work out my abs to the full extent. I was wondering
    if anyone had any advise or tips to help solve this problem. xx

    • Piper Hayworth

      This is probably due to improper form during the ab workouts. I know it’s so hard (for me too) to keep your lower back on the mat for the leg raises and things, but it truly is so important to keep you from injuring your back. Try her trick of putting your hands in a triangle under your tail bone and really sucking in your belly button on the inhale, and even more on the exhale. And make sure you are exhaling when it’s the hardest part of the movement. Don’t feel alone in the back pain, the proper form is hard. But I’ve found it’s getting easier the more I practice and the stronger my abs become. I hope that helps!

    • Jenna

      I have this same problem. A lot of times I try to stick my gut in and still have a hard time with ab workouts. What I do is try to figure out how to modify the exercise until I am stronger. So for instance the one leg lift, I left on leg on the ground and focused on sucking in my gut. Its hard to do these things when you (I) don’t have any ab muscles. I figure keep going and slowly over time I will get it.

  • zoë

    Loved that abs video. So proud to get past two weeks!

  • The stretches feel so good indeed! And the first video was fun :D

  • Kira Voiceless

    17/8/2016 (German date format..) I had two days of break because I had a little trip with my family. So.. I had my “weight check” day two days ago.. And as I expected.. I’m back at 14lbs. It ALWAYS happends to me.

    I start working out. I lose perfectly. And after 2 weeks I’m back at the start.. I lost all my hope and motivation and I feel just like crying tbh.. No matter how healthy I eat and how much I drink water.. I will always be back at 145lbs…

    Today was a horrible day and it took me a lot to even get up to do anything.. I’m happy todays videos weren’t that long..

    Day 15 done..

    • Saskia

      Just keep pushing through it! If there’s one thing I learned from watching dozens of weight lose journey videos it’s to not give up because sometimes you’ll gain and sometimes you’ll lose, but you have to keep going.

      Also keep in mind that these workouts are often designed to build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So your 145lbs today could mean that your body fat % still went down and you gained weight in muscle!

      Just keeping pushing through, we’re all on this journey together. I’ve had a couple cheat days the past couple days and felt super down until I realized that I could try and workout to burn off the cheat days or wallow in self-pity for messing up, and you can guess which option I chose ;)

      • Kira Voiceless

        I’m doing a break, because I pushed myself wayyyy too hard. Plus a lot of stress was getting to me too.

  • sara

    i really love this im going to have a great workout routine today !!!!!!!!!

  • Alaina

    tbh i was completely motivated in the stretching video bc one direction little things was playing in the background

  • Anne Cathrine

    I loved this workout!<3 I feel like my body and soul is better. I quit the calendar for a week because of school stuff, but now I'm back on track. Keep going everybody!:*