• Ratessa

    What if I don’t have microwave?

    • Hisme

      I was thinking the same thing! I don’t have one! I need alternate oven instructions :)

      • Hisme

        I ended up cooking it in the oven in a mug. I had to play with the temperature and time a little, so I don’t have a totally accurate measure, but it was about 400F for about 20 min. I used a potholder to get the mug out of the oven so it wouldn’t be too hot. I think it actually looked better “set” than the microwave version Cassie had. It was really tasty.

  • Sigma

    i’ve had migraine for a few days and i couldn’t do the workouts so today i took the chance to catch up on them, in the past i would have skipped those workouts completely or probably give up but now that i’ve seen that i actually can do this, that i’m becoming stronger and can endure it gives me strength to keep on going!

  • Sameen

    Week 2 done! I’ve been so caught up with working out and keeping with it that i didn’t even notice that today was a rest day :”D i’m gonna move on to day 15 though just because i feel good :”D

  • Cassidy

    Two weeks! Woohoo, half way there!

  • Idunn

    made this today, and it was quite good! I should probably have stirred a little better though, ’cause some of the bites tasted like scrambled eggs!
    But cool idea, and wasn’t bad :)

  • Skye Vos

    Hey Cassey, I was wondering if its okay to not add the sweetener? I would rather drizzle honey over the muffin after as the ‘sweetener’.

  • Totally like it! Tried it with some honey and blueberries and it was very good! I smashed the oatmeal before using it.

  • Mary

    I love it! I’ve posted the result here.
    I’ve replace berries by raspberries. In france we can’t find berries easily :S

    • Hisme

      I also used raspberries, and they were DELICIOUS. I’m definitely doing this again.

  • Natalia

    Instead of blueberries I used bananas and it was delicius!
    I like this better than the banana pancakes.

  • Karl

    I made mine with 1/4 cup of cinnamon apple sauce instead of the egg. I also used a little under 1/8 cup of strawberries instead of blue berries. They were like thick oatmeal but it was better than my first attempt, which came out like a strawberry omlette :/