• Vammi

    Today was easy b/c I had to modify everything and coulden’t do all the push ups because the hurt my wrists. :( but i like trying to do the push ups. Maybe if I didn’t do so many at once it woulden’t hurt my wrists.

  • Sarah G

    Well, took me 22 days to do 13 days of this calendar (got sick, went on vacation) but so far so good.

  • Kate

    I know my push ups don’t really count because I don’t go low enough, but I did the whole push up video without stopping and I’m really proud of that.

  • geez

    Omg when she put in the burpees and then went on to mountain climbers, I DIED. As serious as I am about committing myself to this challenge, I have to remember to laugh and not beat myself up about being a beginner and having a difficult time. The first video was hard, the second was killer, and the third was kind difficult because of my runners knee. On the arms video, I actually yelled, “Cassey, ugh how many are we gonna do this?! Why won’t this end already AGHH” hehe so difficult but it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back for trying even when you don’t get all the way through.

  • meruniatko

    It was not easy to ‘start again’ after break, but I was looking forward to it too, knowing that when I did exercise, I felt better, I had more energy – what is probably the most important for me – and my body has already started changing – what was a bit surprising for me (after only 12 days of exercise? wow!). Now after the exercise I’m so happy, because I feel great – it is great to exercise opposed to not exercise :)

  • meruniatko

    Ok, so the school year started and with preparing my two kids to school and myself to work in the morning I had to get a break(I thought I will not make a break, and I will wake up at 5:00 AM to be able to exercise every day, but it is too big challenge for me now). I will not be able to exercise every day, i know, but I will try to manage it three to four times a week(twice during weekend and twice when I’m working from home – when I’m going to the office, it’s just not possible for me right now). So little by little. One day at time. Something is better than nothing. Going forward. Day 13 – Done!

  • Tanya

    Could not make it even halfway through the pushups video because my wrists were in so much pain. Does anyone have any tips on avoiding wrist pain, or should I just not do pushups?

    I liked the leg video though!

  • Tara Drake

    I had to pause a lot during the first two but I have surprisingly strong legs…
    Sweating a lot though :D

  • Jasmine

    My room is upstairs, so everything I do will be noisy. The burpees caused me to do one leg at a time and to use my knees to pushup. The second video, I had to use my knees again and elbows to side plank. I did a little after getting out of bed and my energy wasn’t too low, but my arms are the only thing that’s weak at the time. I usually do these exercises before going to bed, I might be more sluggish at night tbh. Doing it in the morning made me work a little harder

  • Hisme

    My cardio is awful and my arms are still too weak for me to even do a knee push-up, but I kept going! Went slow and tried to get the form correct. I’m pleased I could keep up with the legs one, though!

    • xtph

      I feel you! that cardio was the death of me… thank god my legs aren´t as weak as the rest of my fisique! day 12th, checked! (sort of XD)

  • Qwerty

    my heart beat so fast and i throw up with this day. i dont know why this day really hard for me :( but i did 3 video tho :(

  • hollie

    it was definitely a good idea doing the top video last! I wouldn’t have been able to do the other two If id started with the 5 min ab burner!!

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Day 13 complete! I definitely need to improve on my squats. I used to be really good at them back in college but my desk job happened and I stopped working out for awhile. It’s always dis-heartening for me to struggle at something that I used to be good at, but perseverance is the only way to break through that barrier. If it’s something I could do before than I know I will be able to do it again as long as I keep working at it!

  • Karen Rooth

    Haha I’m so glad I’m not doing this in public!! I’m sooo sweaty and pink :D

  • Moe

    Oh man! This was a great work out. The cardio was intense! I struggled with the second video. I have no upper body strength, and can barely do a push up. So, that video was challenging. I mostly moved at my own pace. The other videos were great though!

  • Emm

    Thanks for the encouragement, that’s a great idea to go through the beginners calendar a second time! I think I will try the advanced, but I will come back to the beg if need be. That push up plank is a toughie, eek!

  • tinyshinycello

    Today kicked my ass but I feel good!

  • Lauren

    When I do push-ups, even on my knees, my elbows do this weird clicking thing and it feels kind of uncomfortable. Is this normal?

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 13 done! I definitely sweat this day haha – first video was really intense! Second one I had to take quite a few breaks but I managed to do the third one the whole way without stopping!

  • Laura

    I am not even gonna start about that first video. I have done approximetly half of the reps of each move. BUT I was very nicely suprised how strong my legs are :) Also, my arms are weak but that is no suprise. :D