• Andrea Vizcardo

    After doing the 1,000 squat challenge, LB workout videos aren’t that much of a big deal anymore.

  • Yay, back to it after weeks off. The first video was a bit rough start off from a break with but I did them all and I’m feeling that happy sweaty glow! :)

  • Trnnie

    I ended up doing to leg challenge to Thriller by Michael Jackson, it was a good distraction from the burning and I had fun dancing around a little bit! Try it out and have fun!!

  • Trnnie

    My second time doing this calendar, I was really nervous about today because the push-up challenge killed me the first time… but I managed to push through!

  • Brooklyn Brewer

    Whoo! We are almost halfway there. My husband was in for a not-so-pleasant surprise joining me on yesterday’s workout. So hard, and we so got this people!

  • Andrea Vizcardo

    Not that you’ll ever read this Cassey but I’ll make a comment on it anyway: I’m a night workout person and I find that some of your videos have 0 consideration for downstairs neighbors. I grade them down anyway but it would be GREAT to not have to hold myself back because you don’t provide respectful workout from the start. I can find some or do some myself but…just wanted to point that out – since you put up calendars and all.

  • Sarah

    Literally passed out during the first video. Really sucks since I felt like I had made so much progress :(

    • Lily

      Awh Sarah, you got this! Your work on that first video is progress! :)

  • melloriya

    This was definitely the hardest day so far. But I’m glad I finished 2nd week. 3rd week, I am coming!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    I don’t know if it’s because I switched the cardio challenge to the one from week 6 (again, I have downstairs neighbours) but the leg challenge was easy, I’m very glad!
    Arms though, did what I could.. :)
    Yay week two over!

  • Joy

    I had to stop exercising for a long time. I’m a nurse, 46-years old and had recently just got back to exercising (I used to do yoga in the past). I have back pain problems and had to take it sliw and easy. This is my 13th day and I could actually tell difference since I first started. The videos are doable. However, the 5-minute fat burner is no way for beginners. I felt a pop and crack as soon as I started on the jump and had to stop due to pain. I wish more modifications are shown in this video. Otherwise, so far so good.

  • Caitlyn

    Actually I’m already dead! Yup I’m dead!???

  • Caitlyn

    I am actually dying

  • girlfromdenmark

    I am strongest in my legs, so it was great being able to do the last video perfectly! Especially coming from the second video where I had to take a break after every third pushup, haha.

  • João Gabriel

    I barely could do the push plank, but okay.

  • Rachel

    Thank goodness for that leg video! The first two killed me (I have NO upper body strength) but at least I felt like I could do the leg video. Really enjoying getting stronger, even though right now I think I look like a seal trying to do push ups!

  • Anis Amalina

    man i sweat a lot! WEEK 2 DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria Tambellini

    I never understood the people who say they cry during/after workouts untill I did that arm one ?

  • Ratessa

    I don’t know what are you guys talking about it was quite easy. And I’m a weakling who never worked out in my life before the begginer’s challenge so. Sure I was not able to do full push plank challenge, ‘coz my arms are weak, but still.

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    finished the last one 1out of 3 on day 13

  • Victoria Rodrigues

    failed big time where is the beginners level. ???? 3 minuts of push up shahahahha i did 5 like a loser and fell down. my arms cant do this for 3 minuts after 13 days . wher are the beginners levels because this is advanced no???? feel so like giving u this stuf. i need to find something that builds up

  • katie

    so proud of myself did the whole killer legs video without having to take a break, my legs burned so bad but i think because we switches side just as I was at my breaking point it worked well!! so proud of myself today

  • Sthefania

    I hurt my shoulders on the push plank challenge. I am still not good at pushups..I did finish the other two videos though. Please make a video for pushups and how to avoid wrists, hands, and shoulders from hurting.

  • lossitnow

    I died.

  • Umh, finally day 13 is done ♥

  • Keyla Mary Ferreras Feliz

    day 13 done!
    My legs and abs are still hurting from yesterday hhaha

  • Paige

    Day 13! This is my first time doing the Beginners Calendar, and I really only found Blogilates a few weeks ago. I’m loving doing this, it’s so much fun.
    I’ve seen so many comments about being discouraged because the workouts are too hard, Cassey hasn’t set any beginner videos… Guys, if you went to a gym they wouldn’t give you beginner stuff constantly, they would make you work hard and keep pushing you til you literally can’t move – that’s a good thing. Don’t feel discouraged because you can’t do something, do it at your own pace! But, if Cassey doesn’t give us harder videos we’ll never improve. It’s about pushing yourself, even as a beginner. That is how you improve the most. You won’t fast results? Doing beginner stuff for months isn’t going to do that. I’m not being rude, I just wanted to explain it to you all. You can take breaks! I do, all the time, but I don’t feel bad. I’m still pushing myself, it still hurts, but I’m going at my own pace. And, I love the fact she includes harder videos, because then I can try harder levels, then go back to the simple ones!
    And I know a lot of you say she doesn’t offer enough easy varations to do – guys, I make my own. If I can’t keep my legs in the air I bend them. If I can’t stay up in a blank I’ll go on my knees. You just slowly take it down a notch, or if it really is too hard(because I know i struggle with weak wrists) swap the move out for another one targeting the same areas! With the second video I only kept up half way because my wrists hurt too much Instead I did a plank on my knees and elbows, and as much as I probably wasn’t working my arms it still did my abs. I know it’s going to take time to strengthen my wrists, so I’m not pushing myself into the break, I take it at my own pace and am slowly building that up.
    I don’t know if this helps, or makes you feel better, but you guys will get this, and if you give up now you’ll never do it. So keep going, be strong. Take it at your own pace but challenge yourself — you won’t get anywhere if you don’t.

    • Carolin

      Really good comment! This helped me a lot, because I tend to do the moves slower and I always think that’s not good enough. So, thank you so much!! :)

    • Nessi

      Also, it is not necessarily a bad thing to completely mess up the first (or second or third :D) run through of a video since some of them come back later on in the calendar again.
      I am always incredibly proud of myself when I can compare the progress I made to the first (or second or third XD) fail. You will get stronger with each day, just keep going :) ♥

  • Jenna

    Whew this was all hard for me today. I really enjoyed the 5 minute fat burner. It was fast paced and right when I was about to quit they would change the exercise. The arm challenge plank was really hard. I kept waiting for the next exercise and it wouldn’t come so I would take breaks along the way, The Killer leg one was fun though I am not sure I was doing it right. I kept my weight in my front toes instead of my back heels. It would be nice to have a how to do a squat video…. my partner says that that should be easy. But I keep feeling like my form is off. On the positive side. I feel my abs today.

  • EmmaFV

    Ugh.. Had to take breaks in the in the plank challenge, because my wrists hurt.. :/ They are so weak..
    So didn’t get to feel my core or arms really burn or anything..

  • Mayra Cerda

    I kinda regret giving up so easily in the Push plank challenge once I noticed how long it actually took. However, Im so excited to go back at it when I get stronger and push thru! Last video was definitely fun! I kinda started doing ballerina moves with my arms lol.

  • Keziah

    This was aweful! I had trouble with everything, and had to stop like every other second. It made me feel so bad about myself. I don’t know why this is part of the beginner calander, it was so out of place. Every other day has been getting more challenging, yes, but this felt like being dumped in cold water. But I did finish, and that’s what counts.

    • Tori Tarantino

      You’re 100% right, that IS what counts! I think since the last day on the calendar is a “rest day” she just wants to push us to our extremes. I plan on doing the calendar and I mark the workouts I struggle with (as well as the times that the more difficult parts start) so I can challenge myself once it’s all day. I had the hardest time ever with the Abs & Butt workout she did with Ro because my thighs constantly felt like if I kept working them I was going to pull a muscle but I got so much better at it the second time than the first. Don’t let it get you down and keep trying! We’ll get there!

  • eloise

    This was….random…or fading…The first one was the worst, Cassey was right, I got mad at her a little for putting such hard moves, but hey, if that is gonna get rid of that annoying stubborn fat on my belly, I’ll do it more often. The second was…mmmm…average hard, and the third one I thought it was gonna get heavier, I felt like I did nothing, maybe is just because I walk a lot, I dunno. However, 13th day done, second week done! This is getting tougher and I know this is nothing compared to the monthly calendar so no more funny games, let’s get tough!

  • Taylor

    I had a hard time with the first video just because I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment complex and don’t want to annoy my neighbors. :/ I couldn’t do most of the second video but I took it at half of her speed and it really helped me get through it! I was surprised that I could do all of the last video without stopping at all! Did anyone else’s lower back hurt in the last video? Mine was killing me.

  • Anja

    am i the only one who thinks the plank works the arms and not the core

    • Tori Tarantino

      Check your posture in a mirror if you can. It does work the arms, but you should feel it in your abdomen more than anything. If you’re only feeling it in your arms, you may be lifting your torso higher or lower than it should be. I didn’t notice I was doing it wrong at first until my coworker pointed it out when we went to the gym together lol.

  • Anja

    not beginners!!!!!

  • Yuna

    I agree, today was really challenging but good job to everyone who completed!! and if you couldnt just try your best! Cassie is here to push you not here to make you feel disappointed!! Today was the first day i was actually sweating so much and i usually never sweat during workouts! The first video was very hard but it was very good cardio and i felt my heart beating so fast! I suck at pushups but i tried although i took many breaks in between!! Much support and keep popping!!

  • anirosales

    what the? this is not a beginner thing at all….maybe for Cassey is easy to do, but for a person who’s just starting on all of this it’s not! :/ just made me feel sad about me

    • Tori Tarantino

      Don’t let it get you down! A LOT of us in the comments struggled badly with this one. Do what you can, continue on with the schedule and come back to it. Keep your head up, we’re all in this together :)

  • Cheriise

    couldn’t do the first two videos properly.. sucked at the last vid but managed to pull through. day13 done tho

  • Mitsuha

    I laughed at myself so hard when I was doing the first 2 videos. I had to take breaks every 5 minutes xD the third video was pretty easy for me. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t hesitate to modify the move to make it more bearable! so week 2 done :)

  • Erika

    oh man that first video was insane! I loved the song challenges though !:) happy to be done with week 2 workouts !! can’t wait for day 15 !:)

  • darcy

    i could not do the donkey thingy in the first video haha but found the rest actually fun!!
    its just so hard to push through all the reps, because im sore from yesterdays work out,
    do you guys do all the videos in one go? hahaha

  • Heather Acosta

    Aw man. The push planks were too much for me. I’m super weak in my arms anyway, but doing these moves was something else entirely. I started getting shooting pains from my wrists into my shoulders. Hopefully this is just a temporary strength issue, because this was awful!

  • mika

    day 13 done! : )



    • DDBOLT

      but I love you too <3

      • DDBOLT

        bust seriously, if you want to motivate BEGGINERS to excercise, I dont think this is the way. ;(

  • Vir

    Today I feel I’m losing all my progress… is someone else feeling the same? :(

  • Karla Kovacs

    This workout was short but I am died. Day 13 done! *oh my legs*

  • Saskia

    The second video was killer I felt like such a wimp because I suck at push-ups. I just can’t do them for some reason. I have no problem doing assisted pull-ups but can barely do one push-up on my knees. Because of how many breaks I took in the 2nd video I decided to do Cassey’s Quick Arm Burn video and pushed through the whole thing without breaks. I think it’s the pressure of holding up my whole body with push-ups that makes me arms quick on me every time.

    The third video was too bad, but I don’t think I did it that well. I finish every workout with a 45 sec plank, 15 assisted pull-ups, and 30 squats so not looking forward to those (except the squats to really work my legs). Made yesterday my skip day so gonna have to move straight into day 15 after today. Good luck everyone!