• tinyshinycello

    Oh my abs are not what the used to be back when I was athletic…. That much is evident after today.

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 12 done! The on-fire abs video was definitely very difficult – I could not hold much of the positions for long and as a result did not feel like I exercised my abs very well – did a cardio video to make up for that!

  • Laura

    Day 12 was pretty though. But I think I handled it quite well. Being proud of myself is nice feeling :) I can definitely FEEL (also see) the difference. Thank you, Cassey <3

  • Lacey

    I used to have these things called abs…now it is a swirling core of pain and fire. If pain is weakness leaving the body, tomorrow I should be able to crack a brazilnut with my and tomorrow. Yowza.

  • Nora

    I don’t know why but my back kept hurting me so much all along the second video. at the first move my lower back and middle of my spinal column hurt so much through out the other moves. I did not complete any of the moves correctly =_=
    I have a curved back And I usually feel little pain but today was so much. of course I tried standing my back but it doesn’t seem to work.
    anyway I know I am not strong or flexible enough yet. I will try and maybe one day I will be satisfied with me strength flexibility and my body as well.

  • Madalina Cocos

    Was already tired from this week and I hadn’t started this one in the best mood and couldn’t keep form ,especially with the second. Even so,it’s better to work out then not to do it at all definitely :D I feel a bit disappointed but will keep persevering. I’m sure we’ll all get it in time. I’ve seen the other comments and glad I’m not alone with this. Sticking with it :D week 2 almost done

  • Tammy Winters

    Oh man! That was something else! I missed 2 days. Gotta get back to doing it every day and maybe it was get easier! Maybe one day the an exercises will get easier! Ugh!

  • Lucia Gutierrez

    Feeling great! My lower back was hurting so much in some movements, but day 12 is over!!!

  • Lily

    I really wanna do all the ab moves but my lower back hurts so much :( The stretch video felt amazing though! Day 12 done!

  • emilie

    I don’t know if I have been going too hard on the last few workouts but my abs were seriously killing me from the start lol! Usually I’m pretty good with the abs workouts but today it was not happening, oh man…

    I ended up going for a bike ride because I just couldn’t keep up with the workout at all. Better luck and maybe a little less sore abs tomorrow I guess. *^-^/*

  • Those abs!!

  • Abigail

    Wow, that was really something. Definitely felt that last video! My hip flexors are hurting from that earthquake though, any ideas why?
    Day 12 done! :)

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    Omg I was shaking doing the stretches after all the other videos, I couldn’t do them properly. It was hard today!! The first one I could do well, better than last time :) The abs on fire woh, that was something else. But I looked at the comments below beforehand and so I know that I’m not alone and that it’s ok :) Day 12 done!

  • Jenna :)

    Oh, I was sooo mad today and those workouts didn’t make it any better, haha. But, I did it! And I really hope that I’m gonna feel the abs burning tomorrow. Day 12 finish!

    • Raphaelle Cantin

      Go girl, you still doing it? :)

      • Jenna :)

        Yep, I just finished day 19!!

  • Caitlyn

    I cried during the abs on fire! I am not joking I literally cried!