• tinyshinycello

    I’m always daunted by the length of time for all the videos, but then they fly by!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 11 complete! Some of the moves where a little difficult haha – the thigh workout burned wow! I still sometimes lift my heels when doing a roll-up and on occasion need to hold my thighs but still! The boat teasers were hard wow! – when I do the leg lifts I’m not sure if my back arches or not, I think I arch my back. Room to get better!

  • Marina Kaitlyn

    day 11 and i can FINALLY do a roll up without lifting myself up with my arms! woohoo!!

  • Laura

    felt really great about myslef.. until the thigh video! That was super-though. But we are all going to get there eventually. :))

  • Kyra Wyllie

    I pulled my thigh muscle with the windshield wiper thing! I heard like this click and had to stop the exercise!

  • Tammy Winters

    apparently i have no thigh muscles! that was soooooo hard! just getting back from not exerciseingfor about a week. sick and too many hours at work .

  • Reyna

    Today i wanted to put the videos on my tv instead of my computer…did the wrong body slimming video…both for beginners though!

  • saraf


  • saraf

    I can’t believe I survived through that thigh video! :) Day 11 complete!