• Sarah G

    Good modification for the windshield wiper is to just leave your butt on the ground and only work your leg.

    • kuumelon

      I just did that and it still burned. So Im glad I still got a workout out of it. But yeah that last video was def not for beginners.

  • Aneesha Prasad

    How is that last move for beginners Cassey?? whoa!! :'(

  • Tara Drake

    that last one was killer I could barely do it

  • Tara Drake

    wow reading the comments before I start is encouraging…

  • meruniatko

    Day 11 – Done. Today was really hard for me. I woke up and I was so sleepy, didn’t feel like exercising, but somehow I managed to – now fast shower and off to work…

  • Elise van Overeem

    Day 11 done !! :)

  • Hisme

    I read all the comments saying the thigh video was rough but…. MAN. It was worse than I expected! Those windshield wipers are what got me!

    But Cassie is supposed to challenge us, and she says in many of her vids to do the best that you can at the time. The first time I do any of her moves I never make it through the whole set. It takes a few repeats of the vid over time to make it through the set at all. Totally appreciate the thigh workout!

  • iHolly

    I felt stronger because the first two videos were good. Then the last video killed me. It hurts for me to sneeze haha

  • Zee

    i literally couldn’t do half of the workouts in the first video, but the other two were pretty okay

  • Yuki Kouno

    when I first started this, I struggled to do the 100s without dropping to the ground every time but today I was able to it without dropping the pilates stance! :D

  • Tina

    Windshield wipers are still the worst the second time around, but I’m proud of myself for improving so much.

  • Elizabeth

    I hate windshield wipers.

  • Jessa

    What the thigh video!! Those windshield wipers! I had to keep my butt down and move my legs in and out something to work towards now
    I’m going to feel this tomorrow!

  • firemay101

    Day 11 done wow !! Am dead

  • tinyshinycello

    I’m always daunted by the length of time for all the videos, but then they fly by!

  • Jasmine Khatri

    Day 11 complete! Some of the moves where a little difficult haha – the thigh workout burned wow! I still sometimes lift my heels when doing a roll-up and on occasion need to hold my thighs but still! The boat teasers were hard wow! – when I do the leg lifts I’m not sure if my back arches or not, I think I arch my back. Room to get better!

  • Marina Kaitlyn

    day 11 and i can FINALLY do a roll up without lifting myself up with my arms! woohoo!!

  • Laura

    felt really great about myslef.. until the thigh video! That was super-though. But we are all going to get there eventually. :))

  • Kyra Wyllie

    I pulled my thigh muscle with the windshield wiper thing! I heard like this click and had to stop the exercise!

  • Tammy Winters

    apparently i have no thigh muscles! that was soooooo hard! just getting back from not exerciseingfor about a week. sick and too many hours at work .

  • Reyna

    Today i wanted to put the videos on my tv instead of my computer…did the wrong body slimming video…both for beginners though!

  • saraf


  • saraf

    I can’t believe I survived through that thigh video! :) Day 11 complete!

  • Olivia

    Read the comments before I did these! Just finished the first two and now going to the thigh video… o.o

    Wish me luck and pray for my legs :(