• Jasmine Khatri

    Day 10 done! I feel like I might be coming up too fast on the roll-ups haha. The stretches were pretty good – first quad one a killer – but I can only get better! Hopefully I’ll get better doing the moves – especially in the ab workout!

    • Marti

      Day 10 done too! :) Bubble butt workout was amazing :D

  • tonia theod

    wow the stretches were amazing! thank you!
    day 10 is done!!

  • Madalina Cocos

    I’m in love with those stretches. Can’t do them perfectly yet but I love them. Day 10 done :D

  • Tammy Winters

    All done! Stretching almost impossible. Just not that bendy!

  • Lucia Gutierrez

    Absolutely LOVE the stretches!
    Cant do the grasshopers, my knees wont come up :( any ideas?

  • Evelina Nilsson

    I really like the butt workouts and I love the feeling after. The stretches were kind of hard, but on the other hand i’m not a flexible person.

  • Divya

    For the bubble but i’m struggling a bit as my arms hurt rather than my quads or hamstrings. Is there any way to solve this? I don’t know if i’m doing it wrong or if I just have weak arms.

  • 8o8hunnie

    I tried to push myself by doing one of the last stretches where you put your back to the mat with your legs bent and….I got stuck lol…luckily my hubby was there to pull me back up from the ground lol….but I feel good doing these workouts and actually look forward to doing them everyday…so happy I found this site

  • Finished another day! Yay :) I was not keen this afternoon as I did nothing on Saturday Sunday, and only walked on Monday with Mum. But I did it and I’m super glad. It was a nice easy back into it as I love butt videos! And the stretches were ones I have never done before, but super fun, especially the last two!! See y’all on Friday probably! I’ll have a day off as I’ll be at pole, but then I’ll be exercising on Good Friday. I hope everyone has a good Easter!! :) <3

  • Brooklyn Brewer

    Loved that stretch video! We can do it friends!!

  • Raphaelle Cantin

    I had too much wine and not enough sleep yesterday (plus started my period, it was an amazing morning) but I still got up and did the training and it went well!
    So if you’re reading this and hesitating in working out, go ahead!!! you’ll feel happy after :)