• martha daniel

    Yup it’s official I suck at this.. I literally couldn’t keep up. #thisisharderthanitlooks

  • Alexa

    After a fabulous summer, time to work on that beachbody again. haha! I am definitely not as strong as I thought I was. So this is a challenge that is going to be hard, sweaty and most of all: fun! Love it!

  • Vammi

    Well that my have been a little pathetic. So many stops, so much pain, so hard to make self breath. ughhh. Why do my hips/thighs feel like they gonna have a seizure during the leg lifts.

  • Vammi

    Starting at a weird time because its not the beginning of the month or January. Hope I can finish!

  • Sparkle_Bunny93

    Just finished this video… clearly not as flexible and fit as I thought I was…

  • Tiffany

    After turning 40 (two years ago….) my metabolism came to a screeching halt. Just hitting the gym isn’t cutting it. Trying something new and just finished day 1!

  • OMG! Just started for the first time and I felt my legs burning >___< I had to take a few brakes but, I am looking forward for finishing this plan!

  • Gigi

    Here I go again! I had great changes in my life this year (I got married, moved overseas, enrolled in grad school) and so far so good! On the other hand, I adopted a REALLY unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Thank you Cassey, for not being like other fitness bloggers and giving me the energy to start over and over again. Popsters, you guys are also amazing!

  • Binar

    I wanna join your calender and i’m begginer thnx

  • Zee T Luvv

    Re starting the ‘Beginners 2.0’ calendar again 🤦🏽‍♀️ Been following the Sept calendar but thought I should I get back to basics 1st to get my form right – who’s starting this month?? Day 1 about to be complete 🙌🏼💯

    • Erin Stanteen

      ME. TOO. I did the first couple of days of September’s and thought uuhhh….going back to the beginning!

  • Beginning today!!! I’ve a muscle weakness and my physiotherapist said me to do pilates. I’m in love with Cassey videos!! In this first video, I had problems in breathe properly and I had to stop the exercises sometimes and rest a little more than her. but I’m feeling so wel!!! More willing and happy than ever! I’ll keep trying ^^

  • Dina Smith

    i start tomorrow and I have to admit im alittle scared. oh what im not quite sure.

  • Kenny Wang

    DAY 1: done ✔💯💦

  • Kenny Wang

    DAY 1: DONE. 💯✔💦

  • At least i tried

    Tried it for the first time and i realised there’s so much i cant do :( any advice for beginner beginner?

    • Karen Rooth

      Keep trying :) I was hopeless at the start of the beginners calendar, I looked like an upturned turtle!! 4 weeks later and I can passably do all the moves – you’ll be surprised how quickly you progress xx

  • Samantha

    The leg part of the workout hurt my hips a lot. Is there any way to prevent this pain? (My hips always pop out of place and give me issues when I run)

  • meruniatko

    Day 1 – Done :) I am 29 years old, I have two kids and after my daughter was born 6 years ago I was not able to find my way to practicing regularly. My favorite exercise is swimming and dancing, but I still find it hard to find time to go somewhere to exercise, because when I come from work, I feel like I want to spend time with my children. So this and 3 years of job in the office, sitting all days have taken its toll. I wouldn’t say I’m fat, even though I would like to be slimmer, but more importantly fitter and stronger. I feel there is not enough energy in me and in the end of the day I feel so tired and my problematic area is core that seems like it does not have strenght in it at all and my body posture – simply affected by sitting and not moving for years. Working out like this, on a mat, pilates, it is so hard for me, but now I’m in and I am determined not to stop until I’m strong and fit and I believe this what Casey has done here for us, is perfect. She is positive and motivating and true professional. I like the calendar thing and even though this first beginners exercise was hard for me, I had to make breaks, I got through it and I will continue on :) I am sure some days I won’t make it, but I will just continue the next day when I can. Anything is better than nothing and better slowly, little step at a time, than nothing. I used to swim 7 times a week and I can’t believe that body and this body is the same body. I am excited, because I know I can get there, I know I will feel better, look better and have more strenght for my days :) Thanks Casey, for all your advices and positivity :)

  • Frida

    Hi im new to the community and was wondering if I should do the calendar for begginers 2.0 or should just go straight to the monthly calendar?

  • Ghaida Chan

    i just started this today, i’m not fat but i’m seeking for toned body and flexibility <3 i hope i get that by the end of these 28 days! :(

  • Valeria

    Just started today and this actually made me feel really bad about myself. It’s a beginners video and I found it more than hard. It was so difficult for me to think of the breathing, tucking the navel in and repeating the moves all at ones. Actually I kind of failed at this, especially the navel part. Also I couldn’t keep my legs up that long and had to pause the video several time. I really have to start working out, but my body must be in really really bad shape if i couldnt manage to go through the first beginner video. It’s like my 24 year old mind is trapped in an 80s year old body :(
    Also my tailbone really hurt and I had to put a pillow underneath my lower back…

    • A,

      Don’t worry about it :) That’s what this calendar is for. I just finished it for the first time and tomorrow I’m going to start it again. I was in the same place you were on my first day but I swear by the second week you’ll improve. You are going to do this workout every week of the calendar. Trust me, it’ll get better. :) everyone has different bodies! It might be easier for some on their first day while others will have a hard time, but that’s completely normal.

  • Anuka

    I can’t get my lower back to touch the ground. ;(



  • Hisme

    Starting this for the first time. Have been sick and super unfit for SO LONG! Can’t wait to be strong and healthy!

  • Jazzy

    Picking this back up again. Didn’t die too much on the first day.
    Now, on to the second! :)

  • Elizabeth Allen

    I haven’t done Popilates in soooo long. Its been well over a year, maybe two now since I’ve done it on a regular basis. I’m so glad I’m getting back to it!

  • Tori

    day 1 done! wasn’t the easiest for me but I felt really good afterwards <3

  • Lindsay Riley

    I did this for the first time and it was even too advanced for me but i did my best

  • Zee

    omg i just finished the workout and my legs were killing me, but i kept on and now i feel more energized

  • Funto Akindona

    Doing this again because I gave up on myself :( but this time I WILL FINISH!

  • Tricia Kinnebrew

    I start tomorrow! I’m so excited! I also just got the fit journal!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01a8428bf80618697e4d11dd1f8f682eb8ac72840d4bf2c3a6967be0180fcd7e.jpg

  • Tina

    I finished the beginners calendar a few days ago and decided to do it again (along with Adore the Core, 30 day flat abs, and The stretch project). Excited to see what new goals can be accomplished these next 28 days!

    Best of luck everyone.

  • Evi

    I just started this today! I never tried it before because is was sure that it would be to difficult for me considering I don’t really excercise. But it was actually pretty okay, it was kind of hard especially the part with the legs. I could feel it burning so hard. But it actually kind of felt good!

  • Natasha

    I did this today and it was soo good, I felt burning in my entire body, especially when these crazy leg moves came out :D And finally somethng what made my ab burning! <3 Thank you Cassey!

  • Sana

    Hi, I’m 13 and I’m so excited to try this out.

  • Emm

    Wow that just kicked my butt! Haven’t done Pilates in years. Time to do some serious catch-up. Thank Casey for being an inspiration! ;)

  • Hayley

    Day 1 Done!! Hopefully I can stick to it this time as it is my third time returning. I am determined to get through this calender so I can be healthier and happier in myself. Wish me luck!!!

  • diavian

    how do I get my mom on the same page of buying healthier foods because we eat take out food on weekends and on week days she doesn’t cook or bring us food because she has a 12hr work schedule please help I’m only 15 but I weigh 200 pounds and want to lose weight fast

    • Funto Akindona

      I would suggest try and help in cooking. I’m 19 and just recently started controlling my own meals and how much I eat. I would say try asking her if she needs help doing groceries and you can whip up some of Cassey’s recipes or go online. There are plenty of sites with different recipes that are easy to follow if you’re not much of a cook. I think your mom would be happy that you want to help out and also eat healthier! I hope that helps!

  • Jessa

    Finished day 1. I am coming back and starting this again after some time off and excited to begin this journey again. Starting back over day 1 was tough. But persistence paid off last time and pushing through is the key. We are capable of anything. Just have to believe we can do this! LETS GO!

  • Funto Akindona

    I just finished Day 1! I am so late to Cassey and Blogilates but I’m determined! I didn’t expect this much burn but I won’t give up. Everybody on here are such inspirations!

  • Sabrina

    I wanna start

  • Madalina Cocos

    Restarted after doing this last month and having to quit on week 3 ,and I thought all my strength would be gone even on the easy stuff but it seems it’s not! I’m super thankful to these!! They help so much in getting stronger and healthier

  • Brianna Bean

    Ive never worked out a day in my life so I am very unfit and I’m very skinny but I’ve always wanted more muscle and after doing this first day I feel so good! defiantly going to be doing the whole thing!!

  • Hannah Yan

    I don’t how many times i’ve done this calendar for only 3 weeks and then given up. I’m determined to finish the calendar this time through completely without stopping!