• Huma

    Hi everyone, I’m back as i had baby bod and he going to be one so i need to go back to my previous weight. I used to be 60kg now im 75 i need to loos around 40 pounds so I’m on cassy hope it helps me. Lots of hopes. Good luck everyone and good luck to me too😉

  • nebinebi

    how many times should i did this on one day? only 1 rep whole video or should i do the rep all by myself? somebody please help me

  • Ichigo

    It was so hard for me maybe cause i’m 15 and i’m a home person. I rarely go out and rarely do some exercise. I jelaous of my friends nice body. I want to be able to have a fit body too.

  • Shauna Garcia

    Just starting today! Wish me luck!

  • Janie

    just finished! i’m excited for the future i’m in college so i’m gonna try to use this to stay healthy and strong <3