• Andrea Z

    done! :D

  • chloé sudre

    Just start the program from France ! Objectif number 1 : lose weight !!! It’s been super hard and it is just the first day but if I feel my muscles, it mean that’s working !!!! and cassey you are super motivating !!!

  • camila88

    I discovered blogilates less than a month ago! I just did my first day! I have already done some of her videos, but wanted a clear understanding on posture, etc. I just finished and can feel everything she said. So excited to finish this schedule. Better start late, than never start!

  • Leanne

    So ive just started and im currently 163lbs and 5’8.I really want to be 140 or less by the end of this.I hope this works! Good luck to everyone.

  • Peggy Kyle

    I STILL find it very hard to do a roll up even with the
    modifications. The only way I’m able to get up is by using momentum from my arms.

  • Noorie<3

    Hey, you here zpatni?

    • Noorie<3

      I’m waiting!!

    • Noorie<3

      Lol, just finished DAY 1!! I always kept forgetting to breathe in tho!! :P Come on guys, don’t give up, we can do this!!


      Noorie <3

  • Emily Ott

    Just did the first day again (haven’t done the videos in about 2 years and am trying to start again) and during all of the leg exercises, my calves burn. My butt and thighs are fine, but my calves hurt until i bend my leg back up towards my torso. Anyone else run into this? How can I make it stop so I can do the leg exercises?! It’s not a “sore from the workout” pain, it’s definitely more like I’m pulling or turning something the wrong way…

  • Tammy Winters

    Here we go again! I’m going to get through it this time!

  • Julia Marren

    I did the full calendar last year but school got in the way so I hardly worked on my fitness. This is my attempt at starting over and working towards becoming more fit again. I love you Cassey!

  • ghizlane

    i will start from today

  • Dreamer

    Dayyy onee!! This time I’m really motivatedd hope i will make it to the end:)

  • mickeyxminnie

    I really enjoyed it! I struggled a bit at the end but it was a good workout. Thank goodness for Cassey’s positivity and encouragement, it really kept me going. Can’t wait for Day 2!

  • Melanie Sigrid

    Hello everyone! I just started today and I’m so excited. I am 5’4 ans 117 lbs. I am already thin but would like to be more fit. I hope this can help me achieve a fantastic body.

  • Akari

    Was anything else like dying?! My legs hurt so bad! My gosh! ♥

  • Akari

    Day 1 complete! :) Dang that was hard!

  • Jasmen Marie Galvan

    Day 1 was completed yesterday. I struggled, but I managed to keep it up until the end. Now on to Day 2!! ♥♥

    • Akari

      Yeah it was tough haha

  • T

    okay third time’s the charm, this time I’ll get the whole way through

  • Lauren Salz

    Day 1:
    Decided to try out this calendar again, after numerous failed attempts. Hopefully, this time I can actually finish it! I found that ‘The Hundred’ put a lot of stress on my neck, even though I was trying my best to use my abs to pull myself up. I assume as I get stronger in my abdomen, I’ll be able to pull myself up more efficiently and the pain will eventually subside. The leg portion of the video killed me! So painful, but yet it felt so good afterwards. I know I’m definitely in for a lot of soreness tomorrow. I’m determined not to give up this time :)

  • Sara.

    I don’t know if it happens to anyone else but when i start doing the leg circles it all starts to burn, the entire legs hurts, my foot too! Is that normal? Or i’m doing it wrong in some way i’m not understanding? Help me please! :)

    • Jasmen Marie Galvan

      I think it’s normal for people who are just starting to work out. Our bodies aren’t used to concentrated movements, so it’s going to hurt and burn while we get used to it. Take as many breaks as you need, just keep going. :)

  • Kinsey Chapman

    day 1 done can not wait for day 2

  • Andrea_calder

    OMG! That was amazing. I feel my legs about to burn but doing it all to the end makes me feel stronger. Just the begining throw a stronger body 6n.n9

  • Angelica Grant

    So excited to start this w my accountability group May 1st ! We are looking forward to doing it !

  • Trn

    I’ve got a little story…
    So, two weeks ago I finished the beginner calendar, and I was very excited to start the monthly calendars. On the last day of the beginning calendar, I had been feeling very ill all day, but I didn’t want to postpone the last day, so I decided to work out regardless. During the last workout, I began feeling very dizzy and weak, but I didn’t want to give up. Once the video ended, I couldn’t even stand up, I was so dizzy, and ended up passing out. I had to take a week off until I felt better, meaning I would be starting the April calendar late:( Once I was feeling better, I was too scared to work out because my brain was telling me I was going to pass out again. Finally, nearly three weeks later, I’ve decided to do the beginner calendar again until I feel ready to do the monthly calendars. I almost gave up on working out, but summer is coming up and I want to feel confident :)
    Honestly guys, never give up! But don’t push yourself to the point where you are causing more harm then benefit. I learned my lesson!

  • Rali

    Just starting it up for the second time, I got to day 26 last time but got a really bad flu and had to stop and then there were uni exams … the thing I can say is that the videos are like a ladder , each one is harder then the one before. But so are you even if you dont notice at first. If you keep doing the calender you will soon be able to do things you didnt think you could. Or at least thats what happened with me. Good luck :)

  • katie

    I just was searching on YouTube on how to get abs quick for the summer. I have always had trouble staying with a program or finishing one out. I stumbled across blogilates and I am in love with it! The calendars, the recipes and so much more. I am determined to finish this beginners calendar out and planning afterwards to purchase the different plans! Day 1 complete!!

  • Sharon

    Ready to start Blogilates once again about the third time. Wish me luck everybody!

  • LoveM

    Yay Yay! Day 1 completed!! I feeling so good!!

  • Dominika

    First time for me with this workout,but I did some others. I have a really good feeling, that I will complete it. Best of luck to you all :)

  • Annie

    Did this calendar about a year ago, but then I slacked off and totally got out of shape. Gonna try again and this time make it a lifestyle change rather than just something to do because I hate my body.

  • Ro

    I completed the beginners calendar like two years ago and then stopped doing pilates until now. I’m so out of shape! I decided to start again, let’s see if i can complete this and not stop afterwards! I really wanna be strong.
    Day 1 completed!

  • Tammy Winters

    Day one. Wanted to start april1 but here I a m a few days late. Oh my! Didn’t know if I could make it through! Is anyone else doing this in april?

    • Abby

      Me! I was going to start on April first too but I didn’t get to it… I’m so glad to find someone who’s doing this at the same time!

  • On a Journey

    Hey Everybody,

    I was wondering how many times you repeat each video for a full exercise. Is it just once? And how many lbs have you guys lost doing this calendar? I’m 14 and 145 lbs (sooo bad I know lol), and by the end of my journey wanna be 90 lbs. Oh, and I’m only 5″2′ haha even worse so yeah. It would mean a lot to me if you could answer at least one of my questions. Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!! ;)


    My very first day, Im badly out of shape almost 50 and 250 lbs. However Im determined to get fit, get healthy and stick with this! Feel surprisingly good after first workout! Wish me luck! Need all I can get!!!! lol

  • Flighty

    Im a longtime follower that has gotten too lazy and quite stressed and unhappy over the past year and so Ive decided to go back to the very beginning and start off easy. Seeing as I have gotten high blood pressure i didnt want to push it too hard, lest I am discouraged by my lack of fitness etc. Am trying to change my mindset to be a bit happier than I have been so I just wanted to thank the community and Cassie for being an inspiration :)

  • Renata Ch

    Done! Good start!

  • nada Mutasim

    wooooow that was amaaaizing …finally i did it ..n the leg part was the hardest for me but am so happy ..n i am committed to the 28 reset challenge :D